Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, November 26, 1912, Image 3

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    Porto Rko’s New Wonder.
Grass Seed
All Orders Promptly Filled for
all kin Is of Fresi, New Crop Grass
Central Warehouse, Phone 142
Equipped with Wireless
The governnmnt m<>M i-seop
•Tate with the farmer to make
the farm snore productive There
must tie u<> aklnning of tlie aotl
Tiie farm should be left to tlie
farmer's non In twtter and not
worse condition tie< nuae of its
cultivation Moreover, every In­
vent I. »n and Improvement, every
dis<-over.v and ecououiy. should
be nt tlie service of the farmer
in the work of production. and.
In addition, he should be tiel|ied
to co-operate in business fash­
ion with his fellows so that the
money paid by the consumer for
the product of the soil shall to
na large a d<*grre a# possible go
into the pocket« of tin» man who
raised that product from the soil
So long a* the farmer leaves co
O|»erative activities wltti their
profit sharing to the city man of
business, ho long will the foun­
dations of wealth tie undermined
nnd the comforts of enlighten­
ment be impossible in the coun­
try communities. In every re­
spect this nation has to learn the
lessons of efficiency in produc­
tion ami distribution and of
avoidance of waste. We must
develop and Improve Instead of
exhausting our resources. It is
entirely possible by Improve­
ments Iti production, in tlie avoid-
mice of waste and iu business
methods on tlie purt of the farm
er to give Idin nn inereaxt'd In-
cotne from his farm, while nt the
same time reducing to the con
stimer the price of the article
raised on tlie farm.—Theodore
From far away F<rto Rs'o corn
report« of a wonderful n<« discovery
' tint M believed will vastly benefit th«'
people. Ramon r. Mitch tn. of
B.trcclonei.1, write« “Dr. K 114 s
New Discovery is doing splendid
work here. It cured mt about five
times oi terrible coughs and cjld-r,
al*o iny brother of a severe cold in
his chests and more than 20 others.
, who used it on my advice, We hope
| this great medicine will yet be so d
1 m every drug store in Pott Rico.'
For throat and lung troubles there
j is nothing better. A trial will con­
vince you of its merit.
50c and
$1.00. Trial bottle tree. Guai-
! anteed by all druggists.
Social opinion is like a sharp
knife. There are foolish people'
who regard it only wilh terror and
dare not touch or meddle with it;
there are more foolish people who,
in rashness or defiance, seize it by
the blade and get cut and mangled
for their pains, and there are wse
people who grasp it discreetly and
boldly by the handle and use it to
carve out their own purposes.—
Mrs. Jameson.
Sails from Portland Wednesdays.
Sails from Coos Bay Saturdays.
Confirm Sailing* Through M. F. H JZ MAKER, Agent Bandon
Phone 142
Where You Get the Hardware
A Great Building Falls.
When its foundation is under-
mined, and if the foundation of
health—good digestion—is attacked,
quick collapse follows, On the first
signs of indigestion, Dr. King’s
New Life Pills should be taken to
tone the stomach and regulate the
liver, kidneys and bowels. Pleasant,
easy, safe ami only 25 cents at al
If you arc looking for anything in light and heavy
hardware, this is the place to get it.
We also do plumbing and guarantee satisfaction.
Our chief aim is to please.
A. McNAIR, The Hardware Man
Floor Stains,
Oils, Varnishes
when purchased of us always
give the best satisfaction. That
is because we sell only the
best. We carry in stock
nothing but the highest qual­
ity and as they don't cost the
consumer any more than in­
ferior grades, there is no ex­
cuse for not using them.
Life is a mission.
Every other
definition of life is false and leads
all those who accept it astray. Re­
science and philosophy,
though still at vanance on very
many »points, all agree in this one,
that every existence is an aim.—
¡Ifw7 £. Steinho/f I
The Harness Man
The Finest Line in Coos County.
Prices right. Call and see.
a savings account with this
A few <1 »’Jars will
start it. And once you get
the habit you’ll find savingas
easy as spending is now anti
much more satistaci ry. Start
your account tod?.) or next
pay day. The :> »oner you
begin saving the so >ncr you
will be in a positihun to laugh
at misfortunes winch would
overwhelm others.
Birds Big Eater*.
Baby robins have been observed to
eat half their own weight of beef
scraps, digest all tills within three
hours aud then tie ready for another
A pair of red eyed vireos were noted
by a naturalist to feist their offspring
over n hundred times in ten hours.
Groslieaks. sworn enemies of the Color­
ado potato beetle, have been seen to
assimilate almost a hundred caterpil­
lars or larvae nn hour. Over 3,000
aphids have |>erished by tlie bills of the
insect loving yellow throats in the
same period of time. - Suburban Life
No Chestnrfield.
•’.Muggins has made 11 pile of money,
urn] now lie's trying to get into society,
lint the question of milliners conies up.
lias lie got nn.v?’’ queried Boliviir.
••Muggins? Manners? Well I should
s:iy not," retorted Slithers. "Why. that
man wouldn't give up his seat in a
Suspicion is n heavy armor, nnd with demist'« chair to a Lady.”—Ilariier’s.
its own weight Impedes more than it
(S teamer FIFIELDj
J Means Speed, Safety and .Comfort :
Twin Screws. Wireless Equipment,
Hot anti Cold Water. When you
Tratel Have the Best. It costs you
no more.
Up Freight $3.00 per Ton. See us
for Rates on Down Freight.
Freight and Passenger Agents
J • tar ger . W
t » • • ■ *
Only a Fire Hero.
But the crowd cheered, as with
burned hands, he held up a small
round box. “Fellows,’’ he shouted,
“this Bucklen’s Arnica Salve I bold,
has everything beat lor burns. ’
Right! also for boils, ulcers, sores
sores, pimples, eczema, cuts, sprains,
bruises. Surest pile cure. It
1 sub*
dues inllamalion, kills pain.
25 cents at all druggists.
Large Two Berth Outside State Rooms with Running Water
Eight Day Service Between the Coquille River and
San Francisco
First Class Passenger Fare,
Freight Rates,
$3 on Up Freight
Planning Hi* Future.
J. E. WALSTROM, Agent. Bandon. Oregon.
E. k E.
T. Kruse, owners an, .Manager*. 24 California St.. San Francisco.
Fuhrman’* Pharmacy. Coquille;
Perkin*' Pha.macy. Myrtle
To Cure Snoring.
“At n banquet.” mi hl nn editor, “I
iu wheat form Is lead light»—! on th«» on «• bean! Jerome K. Jerome make n
mailes? A British scientist has at­ speech on snoring, I remember that it
tempted to tell how to make the proof, ended with these words: ’To cure snor­
but It Isn't the easiest tiling In the ing It Is advised Hint n piece of soap
world either to pre|aire the |M»uml of be dropped Into th«» mouth of th«» «nor
lend or place It In position for the er 'I'lie oil in the soap will lubrtente
proof He says that making l.utm aninll
balls of the pound of tend the weight the pharynx nnd other Latin parts of
remains tlie same though the surface Is the throat. This remedy must tie np
greatly Increiiseil
Then reduce the plied with caution; otherwise the snor
small bulls into l.iMHt.tNM* balls, with er will arts«» and lubricate the floor
the surface enormously Increased, but with the person who drop|>ed in tllH
tlie Imlls still weigh the one |s>und In soup ’
the scales But this si-ientist says that
Too Much For Har.
if these shot |>artleles further
qucriisl little Lola, who
are redm-ed to one twenty thousandth
of nn ln< li each, they will rest in the examining n pl«s-e of sliver ore, “how
atmosphere Just where they are do they get the silver out of this
placed. This for the reason that, that rock?"
pressure of light from the sun exactly
“They smelt It. dear," was the reply
oieri-omes the tones of gravitation
“Well, I don’t understand It nt all,"
To make the lend bits smaller, how
•aid Tails n moment Inter. “I smelt it,
ever, tlie scientist -ays that the sun­
light seizes them and burl«* them Into too. but none of the silver came out."—
Reducing • Pound to Nothing.
Flagged Train With Shirt.
First Class Passage F ire. $7 50. Freight per Ton, $3.00. Makes
Regular Eight Day Trips between San F1.1nci.sco and Bandon.
CIIRIS I F.NSEN, Owners and Operators
San Francisco, Calif.
J. E. WALSTROM, Agent, Bandon, Ore.
Mm. Daaba way—Your husband com-
pin Ins that you never allow him to ex­
ercise his own Judgment Mrs. Hcn-
peckle— Nonsense! I let him sew on
nil his own buttons!—Philadelphia Rec­
Th* Gama of Lifa.
“Do you always play fair, my little
“Not alwnys. If I can get the ad­
vantage of Jimmy I take it. But I al­
ways make Jimmy play fair with ax’,
though."—I»étroit Free I’ress.
I ' I
The Bandon House
E. G. CASSIDY, Proprietor
Look Beyond the Frames.
We should laugh if a man said he
went to an art gallery to see the pic­
ture frames Yet that is how many
go through life and it lx little wonder
that they are soon tired.
Thoroughly Remodeled.
Time appears long only to those who
don’t know how to use it
Cafe in Connection.
“noward," said the visitor, “are you
going to tie a minister, like your father,
when you grow up?”
“No. ma’am.” answered Howard Sale of Real Property for Un­
"I’m going to tie a waiter."
“Why?” queried the surprised vis
paid Street Assessment.
1st or.
“’Cause papa says that all things
come to him w ho a ¡¡its." was the reply
Whereas on the 2Xt.i day of July, ‘|911
Chliitgo News
there was entered in the docket of Citv
Tearing his shirt from his back an
Ohio man flagged a train and saved
it from a wreck, but H. T. Alston,
Raleigh, N. C., once prevented a
wreck with Electric Bitters, “I was
n a terrible plight when 1 began to
use them.’’ he writes, “tny stomach
head, back and kidneys were all
badly affected and my liver was tn
bad condition, but four Ixitlles of
Electric Bitters made me feel like a
new man.” A till convince
you of their matchless merit for any
¡stomach, liver or kidney tn uble.
Price 50 cents at all druggists.
Newly Remodeled, Modern Equipment Throughout
Carries Passengers and Freight
“He him a lot of good ideas, of course,
but then some of them lire utterly im­
“For instance?”
“Well, one of his sctiemes is to re­
form politics so that those who hold
public offices will have to work.”—l>e-
troit Free i’ress.
Liens of the City of Bandon, Coox County,
Oregon, delinquent a»><- aments as assessed
by Ordinance No. 180 of the City of Ban­
don lot the improvement of Spruce street in
said city in front of Lot No. 11, Block No.
9, Azalea Park, Citv of Bandon, in the sum
of #11.43 and assessed to T. B. Weeeler.
Sai»I aasessment has never been paid nor the
lien discharged nor satisfied.
Now therefore notice is hereby given that
by virtue ami in pursunace of Section 122 of
the Charter of the City of Bandon, Coo-
County, Oregon, directing me to collect
the said unpaid assessment by sale of the
said property to satisfy said lien of J51.41
with interest thereon at the rate of 6 per
cent per annum from the 28th day of July,
1911, and penalty together with costs of
advertising and sale thereof, I will on Mon­
day the 2nd day of December, A, D. 1911,
at the hour of 2 o’clock I’ M of said day
at the front door of the City Hall in the
Citv of Bandon, Coos County, Oregon,
sell at public auction to the bidder offering
the least amount of penalty and interest all
of the right, title, interest and estate which
the said T. B. Wheeler and all perxon.
claiming under or through him, may have
in the said described property mentioned
which is described as follows!
Lot No. 11, in Block No 9, Azalea
Park, to Bandon, Coos County, Oregon,
according to the plat thereof on file and of
record in the office of the County Clerk of
said Coos County, Oregon. Said sale l»e-
ing made subject to redemption in the man­
ner provided bv the Charter of the City of
Dated this loth day of October A. D
Treasurer of the City of Bandon.
Nov. 1, I, IS, 22, 29.
American Plan.
Rates $1 .IM) to 52.01) per Day.
First Class
Special Rates by Week or Month
Home Hand Laundry
Fourth and Spruce’Sts.
Family Washing a Specialty. Make a
Specialty of Rough Dry.
Phone 722