Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, August 20, 1912, Image 3

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to let the horse decide as to
the character of our feed.
Order a supply and give him
enough to permit a proper
decision. You’ll be amazed
at the eagerness with which
he will commence the job of
judging and the reluctance
u ith u hich he sees the bot­
tom of the feed box or nose
Central Warehouse, Phone 142
Equipped with Wireless
Sails from Marshfield July 31, 1 P.M., Aug. 5, 1 PM.,
10, 11 A.M., 15, 1 P.M., 20, 1 P.M., 25, 11 A.M.,
30, 11 A.M.
Confirm Sailing* Through M. F. SHOEMAKER, Agent Bandon
Paone 142
VV here You Get the Hardware
If you are looking for anything in light and heavy
hardware, this is the place to get it.
We also do plumbing and guarantee satisfaction.
Our chief aim is to please.
A. McNAIR, The Hardware Man
Painting Isn’t Work
w hen done with our ready
mixed paints. They are so
easily applied, flow so freely
and evenly that a woman
doesn’t have to depend on
mere man to do every little
job of brightning up either
inside or outside the house.
We have every kind of paint
for every purpose in every
color and tint.
Large Two Berth Outside Stato Room* with Running Water
Eight Day Service Between the Coquille River and
San Francisco
First Class Passenger Fare,
Freight Rates.
$3 on Up Freight
J. E. WALSl'ROM, Agent. Baudon. Oregon.
E flt E. T. Kruse, owner« an
nanageo, 24 California St., San Francisco.
Fuhrman'* Pharmacy, Coquille; Perkin*' Pharmacy, Myrtle
Bandon Meat Market
RESKEY & FORD, Proprietor»
‘(Successors to E. Lswinjj
Headquarters for the BEST
of Everything in the Meat
line—both salt and fresh
S. S. B rooklyn
Newly Remodeled, Modern Equipment Throughout
Carries Passengers and Freight
First Class Passage Fare. S7 50. Freight per Ton, $3 00 Makes
Regular l ight Day Trips between San Fiancisco and Bandon.
SUDDEN & CHRISTENSEN, Owners and Operators
San Francisco, Calif.
J. E. WALSTROM, Agent, Bandon. Ore.
Notice for Publication.
Honor and shame from no con
dltlou rise.
Act well your part; there all the
honor Ilea
Fortune In men has some small
difference made—
Oue daunts in rags, one flutters
tn brocude.
The cobbler uproued and the par-
sou gowned.
The friar hooded aud the mon
arch crowned
"What differ more," you cry.
"than crowu and cowl?"
I'll tell you. triend-a wise man
and a fool.
You’ll find, if once the monarch
acts the monk
Or. cobbler like, the parsou will
be drunk.
Worth makes the man and want
of it the fellow
The rest is all but leather or pru
Flying Men Fall
Are Ever at War.
for your bills w hen presented
instead of hunting around for
the ready cash, . It is far more
business-like, dignified and
time saving. We
pay spec ial
attention to ladies’ accounts
and invite them all to open
one here, They’ll learn the
advantage of doing so im-
July II. 1912.
Notice t hereby given that Arthur E. White,
of Bandon, Oregon, who on Apiil 23. l'-’O9,
made Homestead entry Serial. No. 04922, for
N I-2 S\\
Section 33, Township 28, S.
Range 14 West Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Final Proof, under
Act June 6th, |9|2, to establish claim to the
land above desetibed, before C R. Wade, at
Bandon, Oregon, on the 6th day of September,
Claimant names as witnesses: S. S. Little,
Banister Hurst, E. A. Had-all, W. A. Hoover,
all of Bandon, Oregon.
July I6-Aug 30
Notics For Publication.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon.
July 20, 1912
Notice is hereby given that Jose! Stankiewicz,
of Bandon, Oregon, who on September 1,
victims to stomach, liver and kidney 1906, made Homestead entry Serial, No. 0555, I I
troubles just like other people, with for S 1-2 NW and NE 1-4 SW 1-4, Section
like results in loss of appetite, back­ 12, Township 30, S., Range 15 West, Wil-
Ian ette Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
ache, nervousness, headache, and make
Final Three year Proof, under Act
tired, listless, run-down feeling. Bui June 6th, 1912, to establish claim to the land
there’s no need to feel like that as above described, before C. R. Wade. United
T. D. Peebles, Henry, Tenn., proved States Commissioner at Bandon, Oregon, on
“Six bottles of Electric Bitters,” he the 6th day of September, 1912.
writes, “did more to give me new Claimant names as witnesses: Phil Pearson ,
Abe Corson, John Miller, John D. Buller, all
strength and goed appet te than all of Bandon, Oregon.
other stomach remedies 1 used.” So Proof Io be made under Act June 6th, ,1912
they help everybody. Its tolly to
suffer when this great remedy wil July 23-Aug 30
help you from the first dose. Try
Special Club to Subscriber
it. Only socts at all druggists.
T he year 1912 is to be the most
Sea Level and Tides at Panama
important year 111 our history. Be­
The average sea level of the I’tulfi.
sides the great activities of the
ocean and the Caribbeau sea. nt o|>|><>
site sides of the Isthmus of I'ananui Northwest a President of the United
Is the same. This Is the mean or 11 ver State is to be elected.
age levels of the two waters during
Keep up with the news of the
all days of the year
But there is a
by taking advantage of one of
great difference In tides. The C'nrlb
bean tides are faint, rarely exceeding our special offers.
two feet, while the tides in the Pacific-
at Panama are not pacific, for they at
times rise ten feet and sink ten feet
below normal undisturbed sea level
Without tide locks, currents would al
ternately rush in the canal from south
to north entering, and from north to
■outb escaping.—New York American
Department of the Interior.
L. S. Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon.
O ur O ffer .
S team er FIF1 F LD
Means Speed, Safety and Comfort
Twin Screws, Wireless Equipment,
Hot and Cold Water. When you
Travel Have the Best. It costs you
no more.
Up f reight $3.00 per Ton. See us
for Rates on Down Freight.
Freight and Passenger Agents
Popular Hotel
N. N. JACOBOVICH, Proprietor
Rates $1.00 to $2.00 per day.
Daily and Sunday Oregonian
12 months
- . - ÿiS.oo
The Bandon Recorder 12 mo 1 50
Both may be obtained fm a limited
time only for $8 oo which is the sub­
scription price of the Oregonian
To those not desiring to take the
big Sunday Edition of the Oregon­
ian, w? have this offer to make.
Fhe Daily Oregoian 12 months $6.00
The Bandon Recorder 12 mo
1 50
meals in the city, clean beds and
everything first class
There are two things everlastingly
at war, joy and piles. But Bucklen s
Arnica Salve will banish piles in anv
form. It soon subdues the itching,
irritation, inflammation or swelling
(t gives comfort, invites joy. Great­
est healer of burns, boils, ulcers
cuts, bruises, eczema, scalds, pim­ Total
Both may be obtained for a lim­
ples, skin eruptions. Only 35 cents
ited time only for $6.00 which is the
at all druggists.
subscription price of the Oregonian
Young Amorica.
“You may be president some day, my
In other words, you ire receiving
boy,” said the patronizing old gentle­
-Oregonian and the Recorder lor
"Great Scott!” replied the sadly flip­ the price of the Oregonian
pant youth. "You’re not trying to pick
Don’t fail to take advantage ol
dark horses that far ahead, are you?”—
special offer.
Washington Star.
Send in y. lit remittance today.
Knows Better Now.
Teacher—Tommy, you should have
known better than to fight with that
Williams boy. Tommy—1 know, ma'am,
but 1 thought I could lick him.—Hearth
11 nd Home.
The Trial» of a Traveler.
“I am. a travelling salesman,’’
writes E. E. Youngs, E. Berkshire.
Vt. “and was often troubled with
constipation and indigestion till I
began to use Dr. Kings New Lift
Pills, which I have found an excel­
lent remedy.” For all stomach,
liver or kidney troubles they are un­
equaled. Only 35 cents at all dtug-
A Politic»! Pointer.
"A president hmi to eat a good
these tiiues '
’’What do you mean?"
"The chief executive bun to attend K
great many bamiueta and the like”
"Seems so. What about It?"
"1 was just thinking that the next
president ought to recognize the grow­
ing Importance of this social side of
the job and appoint an addition to the
cabinet in the shape of a toastmaster
general.”—Louisville Courier-Journal
Suppose jou have
night. Cail you afford to lose
your Dwelling, Barn, Store,
Church, School Building, Saw
Mill or Lumber? A few dol­
lars invested TO-DAY maj
Manufactured by
save you $1,000.00 to-night.
Write, Phone or Cail on
Insurance that Insures.
Real Estate
Notary Public
Fislier’s Blend Flour
“Were all medicines as meritori­
ous as Chamberlain's Col-c, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy the world
would be much better off and the
percentage of suffering greatly de­
creased,” writes Lindsay Scott, of
Temple, Ind. For sale by C. Y 16 in. Wood $2.00 per load. Split
wood $3.00. Cash on Delivery.
Older from driver or phone 171.
Home Hand Laundry
Fourth and Spruce Sts.
Real Progr»»».
“How ta father getting on with bl*
riding leaaona?"
“Very well.
We children are ■1-
lowed to watch him now.”—Fliegende
The Mfcat way of not being very
miserable ia not to expect to be very
happy»ebopou baser.
V.R.WHSON.Oph. Dr.
Defects of vision scientficallv cor­
rected. Fourteen years experience.
Absolute satisfaction guaranteed
Prices reasonable.
Family Washing a Specialty. Make a
Specialty of Rough Dry.
Phone 722
Our Job Printing is the Best!