Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, August 13, 1912, Image 4

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Milady’s Jewel Case.
is her pride and delight. Es­
pecially when it contains or­
naments and trinkets that
have been chosen from our
superb display.
If you are a
lover of good jewelry, artisti­
cally designed and executed
come and see our exhibit. It
contains gift suggestions ga­
lore for every taste and every
Window Sill Rack For Airing
Bandon, Oregon.
| Local
S t . J ohn ’ s E piscopal C hurch .
Services 2nd 4th and 51I1 Sundays
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in. Sunday
School on all Sundays at Io a. m.
Wm. Horsfall, Archdeacon.
Sabbath school to a. in.
Sunday morning s-rmon —“The
Call of Duty.”
Junior League, 3 p.m.
Epworth League 6:45 p. m.
Evening service, S o'clock, subject
— “Don’t Sleep but Watch.”
Everyone welcome.
— Rev. Harry Lee, Pastor.
B rethren C hurch
Two live young men I 1 do solicit-
jig in this city. A good oppoi tnnity.
Ralph Moore left on the b¡field ^pply '*1
today after spending the summer
K e it res N T hornton ,
here. Mr. Moore is returning to
( are of Gallier I iotel,
Berkeley to continue his college ' 6s-t2x
Bandon, Ore.
course at tin University of California.
One of tlie first things to consider if
you would have sanitation in your
Home is proper airing of the bedcloth­
ing For tills purpose an Illinois wo­
man has devised the apparatus shown
in the illustration. A pair of side bars
with a cross bar at one end have strips
i of canvas between them. thus forming
n broad rack. There are rings at the
open end of the frame, and they slip
over spikes in the corners of the win­
Edgar McDaniel, editor
Don t forget that Fire Insurance
dow sill, while chains attached to the
side bars near their outer ends are fas­
Policy. Phone 582 or call on Don­ Coos Bay Harbor, with a
ald M.icKintosh
Opposite Grand North Benders, passed »hr* > di !’.<• - tened ou Jiooks above to suspend the
shelf. On this broad surface a woman
don Friday night on th*-u w. . to can put all the beddiug anil give it good
George H. Baxter, editor of the t ort Orford to attend the Agate sum Ing. This device is especially
haijily for apartments where the bed­
Creswell Chronicle, and family are in Carnival.
room has only one window.
Willet Water tor your liver, Rid
Bandon visiting al the Chas, Lorenz
Cream of Turnip Soup.
home Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Lorenz neys and rheumatism. C. M. Spen­
Melt three tablcspiMiufuls blitter,
are sisters, and the Baxters are will cer
blend in three tablespoonfuls [lour, one
ami favorably known in this city.
Go to the Orphenm, Wednesday, teaspoenful salt and one quarter tea­
spoonful white pepper Stir in slowly
I he Naval Mililia have moved Aug. Ijtll, .in>l see th,- Mi'Cloys
one pint white stock and cook until
their quarters from Concrete 11 ill to who come highly recommended.
thick Mash enough boiled white tnr
the bit; hall over Lorenz’store. Dis
Giles of Roseburg is in nips to make two cupfuls and add one
cupful mashed potato Stir in one pint
will give them more room and wil Bindon this week attending the Nor­
of scalding milk, combine the two
be excellent quarters
mal Irstitute. Mr. Giles taught the. mixtures and cook ten minutes, si ir-
Flavor with a few
W anted W itches to repair— ¡ Piosper school last year ami expects ring constantly
drops onion juice and add more season­
Sabro Bros.
ing if necessary. Strain and serve.
Miss Leta Mast of Coquille was At present he is living on his ranch
Cheese Fondu.
one of a party that visited the beach near Roseburg, and teaching near
One and one third cupfuls ot hot
his ranch.
I milk, one and one-third cupfuls of soft,
W anted —To rent a dairy ranch stiile breadcrumbs, one tablespoonful
Bill Rackleff and Allison Roberts I
ol Putter, four eggs, one and one tl.ird
came down from Myrtle Point Sun , State terms. Ref* 1 cnees given. Ad­ cupfuls of grated cheese, one half ten-
day to join the Rackletl family who I dress Lock Box 141, Brockway. ' spoonful salt. Mix the milk, bread
I Ore.
63—12—x crumbs, salt and cheese and add the
are ramping here.
yokes thoroughly beaten into this mix­
an I ture. Cut end fold tlie whites of eggs
li you want to hunt, fish, or get
i babv left today for Los Angeles. beaten stiff. Pour into buttered bilk
married, go to Oakes for applic 1-
Calif., for a visit with Mr. Strauhal’s Ing dish and bake in moderate oven
lions for license.
thirty minutes. Serve at once.
’ father.
Miss Blanche Radley returned
Fish Souffle.
Logan berry culture is giowing to
Friday front Hare wlmre she has
Mak*' a cream sauce of one large
been leaching school. Miss Radies luge proportions in this stale. At I tenspoonful of butter, one tablespoon­
will visit about three weeks al home 1 . Biooks alone 14.000 crates were' ful of flour and one cup 01' milk Have'
: shipped to a Portland cannery, net­ ready one cup of cold fish tanv kind!
and then goes up river to ea .11.
In small pieces, beaten yolks of two
ting the growers $¿1 000. A total eggs, salt
After making sauce add
Outing the past week there ha.e
of 37 cars of log an berri* s was shipped tlsli and eggs Add a drop or two of
been seven camping parties come tn
from Biooks this vear. The auieage table sauce Let it cook a minute, let
in automobiles. Who says tin- into
cool and fold in whites beaten stiff.
given to this fruit is constantly on Have ramekins or butter dish ready,
is not taking the pl ice of the hor-e?
th*- increase. One man will set 200 place in hot water In a pan mid bake
[Io yon need a lamp, bell or other
acres in Polk county during the fall twenty minutes
bicycle supplies? Il so, see S. I).
a id plans to install '•aiming, drying
To Wash Lace.
Barr* W", the bicycle man
ami bottling in icliinery.
Put the Ince In n basin containing
Mi ami Mrs. Cost. 1 ot Coquille
Mis. J K. Baker, Winifred Mc- soapy water, with one teaspoonful of
auinionln. and let it remain for one
weie Bandon visions Friday.
N 111, Kntie MeNair, Kate ( hatburn, hour Squeeze out and place in an­
Robert Slagle of Coquille was in li I Hopkins, R.fy Watkins, Fa
other basin repeating the operation
Bandon Sunday.
ne-t \\ ilkms and C h velaml M* Al three times or more If required. Final­
ly rinse in warm water, with a little
Emil Lee ba I the misfortune Io gel list* r formed a jolly camping parti blue for white lace For cream lace a
his hand badly n ashed yeshtdav that spent two weeks on Hall ami fen tnbles|s>»nfiils of cold coffeeshoiild
morning by a lank of oil wliii li ** II Rock creeks fishing and hunting be added to water Poll up in a dry
towel and iron on wrong side while
on the hand. II«' was given medical Mrs Watkins, Velma Klepfer. Lail still wet
attention ami is gelling along .»swell Watkins, Sidwell and Walter
Care of Earthenware.
Salim joined the parly Slim In amt
as could be expected
Many housewives itelieve in boiling
new eiirthenwnre before using it. 11«
For correct stenographic *\,oik all relumed Monday morning
Illis eflr<*ctnalli touulicus and harden»
and copying, phot *• ,Sj, <n addtess
it. This is particularly ettlcacloii« in
Bi* '>16, Bandon. Or.
<>.’ tf
tlie case of ordinary brown kitchen
ware, the article* Is'ing placed in a
Heit Dici cm his lout with an 4V
large pan ot cold water which is then
'I'll*' election of 11 president of
brought slowly to a boll. After being
Amerieti .some years hetn «> will
at Cox's mill last Friday, miking a
illowed to Isiil for ten minutes remove
be mm li more intel esting to cor
very uglv wound, so that ii was nec­
tlie pan and allow tlie water to cool
mln nations of F.iirots* than ever
essary to tak l | slit lies lo sew it
liefore taking out the war«'.
the election of 11 king of I’olnnd
was ItetliH 1 on all th*' Instam-i's
Strawberry Cream Pie
ill history, ancient and modern, a deep pic tin with rich paste,
of elective monarchies and say If
prick several times with a fork ami
they do not give foundation for
latke until lightly browned Bert tile
my fears the ltomun emperors,
Ci*»k Road Io I M < Miksn .1 ne«
alale of one egg tu a fiotti add one
the poll's wtiile they were of any
comer here
The p opi ttv w is for­
half pint of heavy crollili. beat until
importance, the German emper­
stilT. sweeten slightly and flavor w tth
ors till they Iwnme beiedltiirv
merly owned by Elbert Ih’i’t ami is
lemon or orange Fill the pastry shell
In practice, the kings of Poland,
a tme piece of * os<‘ It ac**ag»'. Mt.
with tine ripe strawberries which have
the days *." the ottonmn di'is-nd-
C'Hiksie will inipmve the property
las'ii cut In halves and sweetened, then
em les It may tie said that if
corei with tlie cream and serve ut
elections are to lie attemhsl with
Last Salind.iV evening was the
tin's,* disorders tla* less frequent
régulai st itvd communication of the
ly they are re|ieat,'d the lietter
Orange Icing.
But experience says that to free
Eastern Star Lodge, at which lime a
Ihit one cupful of powdered sugar in
th«tn from disorder they must be
large alt nil.nice w a present and the
a small Isiwl. add the gratis! rind ■f
render«'d less Interesting by a ne
«me orange mix thoroughly with the
lodge was greeted with a number *>•
ccwdty of change. No foreign
rilgiir ami then add sutliileut orange
|xiwer, no domestic party, .w ill
visitors as follows
luiec to thoroughly moisten Spread
lvl.fc.ul d and
lul ■««•Xllt'V
Its bl."
money to
Longster <>’ Muskogii O<*i Mrs.
this on the tofl and stand away Io
elect a IxTsoii who taust go out
F. A M Iishall of Cherokee. K ins ,
at the end of a short period, The
power ot removing every fourth
Geo. Ritcr <>• Roseburg. L. F Hill
To Provont Ho«o Tearing.
year by the vol«' of the |ss>ple
«'lit n rntltwl pie fr<ini mi ol.l wtock I
, I Portland anil Mi .mil Mis Hoy
is a power which they will not
inc. whip the edge« to prevent any
ot .Coquille
The local lodge mem
exercise, ami If they are disposed
mvellnit and sew it on the wrong side I
to even Ise It they would not tie
bers were pleased to have so many
of tlie •;!•« king when' yon catch the I
permitted - Thomas JetTersou
hose attp|H>rter This will keep the fin­
visitors and hope they m»y come
est hose froth being turn a nil if duue
neatly is not at all uusl<btly.
Mr. ind Mis. F. 1.. Greenough
Dr. S. J Mann and wife returned
Monday from their automobile trip and ■ iss Spedden w-nt to Port (>i
to Salem.
The doctor is highly- ford Saturday morning to attend the
pleased with the work of his E. M 1-. Agate Carnival.
F or S ai e —Good horse, weight
Archie Johnson, the hardware 1300 pounds, price $75.00. See j
L. Long.
salesman, is in town on business.
Be up-to-date and have the new
Auto Truck do your hauling. Fast
-conveyance and no jar.
M. E. C hurch
SABRO BROS., Manufacturing Jewelers
Regular Service—Preaching r 1 'oo Sunday school 10:00 a m.
Fvening service, 7:45.
All are cordially invited to attend
each service.
J. W. Barnett, Pastor.
B aptist .
Cor. Sixth Street and Coquille Ave
W. E. Steinhoffl
The Harness Man
Full supply of suit cases
and ladies’ shopping bags
at a low figure.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Preaching every Sunday at 11 a m.
Young People’s Meeting at 6:30
p. m.
A gen-ral invitation extended to
T. J. O wen , Pastor.
S am S ays
L atter D ay S aints .
Reorganized Church of Jesus
Christ ot Latter Day Saints, Colum­
bia Avenue.
Meeting every Sunday.
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.
Preaching at 11:00 a. m. Religio
at 7:00 p. m. and preaching at 8:00
p. m. Prayer meeting at 8:00 p. m.
Wednesday evenings.
All are cordially invited to attend.
H J. T hurman , President.
Steer the crank on lum­
ber our way; he needs the
optimism that fairly exudes
from G. W. M. brands.
P resbyterian .
Services will be as follows:
Quiet Hour, 9:45
Preaching at 11 :oo.
Sunday school at to o’clock.
Christian Endeavor will convene
at 7 :oo p. in.
Preaching at 7130.
H. C. H artranft , Pastor.
M ethodist C hurch , S outh .
Preaching services on Second and
Fourth Sundays regularly.
month preaching Sunday, June 30th
Sunday School to a. m.
Rev. S. R. S teei . e , Pastor.
M ethodist E piscopal church ,
S outh , Cor, 4th and Spruce.
Pleaching on Second and Fourth
Sunday, 11 a. m. ami 8 p m , Sun­
day School at 10 a. m , every Sun­
S R. S teele , Pastor.
Do you want to build an up-to-
date apaitment house, flat, dwelling
or cottage? See one w ho knows
how to do it Tight, quick and cheap.
Z C. S afi ell , cor. Riverside ave.
and Washington st
Everything in this Store is
Phone 171.
—■■■ ■
care to
secure the very
style. This is a well known
fact and greatly enhances
My Closing Out Sale
I las Materially Reduced my Stock, vet there are many
Genuine Bargains
left in many lines. Call and investigate and if you find
what you want the price will be made to fit your
pocket book. Remember the place, Lorenz Bldg.
Electric Light Users
Big Cut in Lamp Prices
115,20,25 w att Mazda Tungsten lamps,MearS .50, frosted $ .55
.55, ”
.75, ••
I 100
1.00, “
1.50, ••
2.00, “
i 16 candle power and smaller, old style carbon lamps, 20c.
I Get three times the light for the same meter bill b\ using
the Mazda lamp. Note the two new sizes, viz., 15
ami 20 watt, which will bum 66 and 50 hours respectively
for 15c. Stop at our office and take some home.
X «
4 4
selected with the greatest
Orders taken for delivery
4 Í
X »
4 4
the value of a gift from
The cost is no more
and usually it is much less.
For Sale.
Boyle’s Jewelry
A live young man during the
320 acre stock or dairy ranch, 12 month of August as an assistant in
! miles from town. 125 Angora goats, promoting Christian woik
Address Marshfield. Ore .
j Good h*>use and barn, good fences,
Care of Coos Hotel, Room 309.
j plenty of water.
Price $to per
I acre. Terms.—Stillwell it Turner,
W anted — : o o o empty sacks at
agents, Bandon, Ore.
Central Warehouse.