Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, November 03, 1911, Image 4

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COMES TO US FREQUENTLY. We seldom have the judgment and foresight to grasp it, and thereby many
of us remain in poverty and mediocrity, when we might otherwise acquire a competence. An opportunity
to become prosperous is offered you today for a little money, at
There is probably only a small percentage of people who will take advantage of it, as there is likewise only a
small percentage of the people who get beyond their day’s labor.
Remember, it is not what you earn that your future success depends upon, but what you save. The amount of
money which you accumulate depends wholly upon the manner in which you invest these savings.
Real estate investments have created more fortunes than all other sources combined, and the wealthy men of
your community today are the land owners.
When you buy well selected real estate in or near a growing city you are buying an inheritance. A lot pur­
chased in RICHMOND 5 years ago for $500, recently sold for $8500. The only way to gauge the future
is in comparison with the past, and a RICHMOND lot bought today may net you as large a return.
$25 cash and $5 a month is all that you need; there is no interest, no taxes; every city street improvement is
put in free, and if you are sick or out of work your payments are suspended.
Be not concerned with the things of yesterday, nor tomorrow but ACT TO-DAY.
by securins a
C. R. WILCOX, B andon R epresentative
See Fred Mehl at the Acme Plan­
For a furnished or unfurnished
Take Witter Water for it. C. M.
ing mill for apple boxes.
84-tf . house, see Spencer.
Spencer, Agent.
i I “Rough House'' „ Charley Burns,
Sheriff Gage is in the city looking
| W F. Dish *r leaves on the Eliza
of our tailoring you will at
| beth tomorrow morning for his home the light weight pugilist, is training after his fishing interests as well as
once feel the dressy superior­
in Bandon for a 20 round go with an other business.
W anted —Watches to repair. H. j in California.
ity of the garments. They
Miss Ethel E. Clark of Marshfield
Sabro, Atwater St.
76-tf i P. M. Hall-Lewis was over from Alameda boy.
have a hang, a swing and a
A. J. Mendel, proprietor of the is a guest at the Pressey ranch,
The regular meeting of the Ban- | Marshfield Tuesday and will return
fit all over that only first
southeast of the city.
don Fire Department will be held in ! again Saturday for the purpose of
class tailoring to measure can
Fire hall next Tuesday night. A full . organizing a Bandon Horticultural
Yesterday Mr. and Mrs.
If you want a first-class meal go ■ Below, of Lakeport, were Bandon
attendance is desired, as important Society.
produce. Have you seen our
Competent ' visitors.
business will be transacted.
Sheriff W. W. Gage was a Ban Ito the Vienna Cafe
new fabrics? If not call in
i lady cook, and everything neat and I Forty head of sheep were driven
Mr. and Mis. Kenneth Perkins ol don visitor Tuesday.
and get samples. They are
' clean
Two Mile are prouil parents of a 14
up from Dairyville today and added
W. F. Disher will soon commence
kind you’ll want to wear.
pound boy, born Wednesday morn­ the erection of a new five room I Judge Harlocker of Coquille was to Reskey & Ford’s available sup-
house, with pantty and bath, on his I down Tuesday and attended the , ply of butcher stock.
banquet in honor of Congressman
Delphi Lodge, No. 64, K. of I’., lots on Pioneer street.
Yesterday Tom Bennett and A. J.
Hawley Tuesday night.
will give their annual ball in Orien­
drove.over iroiii Marshfield
Finest line of Alfalfa Hay ever
Clint Malehorn, formerly of Lang­ in their auto.
Novelties in Jewelry
Agates Cut and Mounted
tal Hall, Saturday evening, Novem­ brought to Bandon at $r 90. Cen-
ber 18th. Supper will be served by tral Feed Co.
8 |-12 lois, but now of Portland, is in the
Just Received—A Nice Line of Hamilton Watches
the Pythian Sisters in the hall be­
Ned C. Kelly of Coquille was a
The Devil Will Visit Bandon.
Orvil Dodge was down from Myr­
83-tf Bandon visitor yesterday.
Don’t Miss Him.
tle Point Tuesday and attended the
A. J. Irwin and family arriveil
Dr Straw, 1 arshrield’s mayor,
here yesterday from Caldwell, Idaho was in the city Thursday returning banquet in honor of Congressman
Hawley Tuesday night.
and will make Bandon their future home on today's noon boat.
On November 10th and nth the
Remember the K. of P. ball at the
members of the Baudon High School
Wednesday, A. Davis, of New
Made to Order Jewelry a Specialty
Oriental Hall, Saturday evening,
At a meeting cf the school board Lake, was a guest at the Gallier.
Athletic Association will present, at I
Expert Watchmaker
Eye Lerne» Duplicated
November 18th.
last night Miss Vivian Hutchins who
Dr. S. C. Endicott, dentist, Ras­ The Elizabeth arrived Wednesday the Orpheum Theatre in this city,
I !■ I
— ,
has the eighth grade at present was
mussen Bldg. Phone 71.
85-tf night with 195 tons of freight and ‘ The Cloven Hoof ’ The proceeds
elected to a position in the high
oi the play will help defray the ex­ although there have been events in
The members ol the Guild of St. 14 passengers. She sails again to­
school, to begin her work after the
pense cf building a gymnasium for real life so nearly as strange that one
midyear. There are now about 75 John’s Episcopal church will hold a morrow morning.
t'e High School. The urgent need might be tempted to call the work­
The Grand Ball given in Bank ol t e building has become more and
pupils in the high school, which is Food and Fancy Work Sale com­
ing out of the story logical after all.
mote than three instructors can han­ bined on the last Tuesday of this Hall Tuesdiy night by the Ladies’ mine evident in the past year, ar.d
Besides the main theme ol the play
Aid Society of the Catholic church tin- Associati- n is taking this step
dle and do justice to all concerned. month.
are also two distinct stories.
W. E Dungan has been over from was a grand success in every partic ti ward satisfying that need.
Another teacher will lie secured to
the indefatigable ef­
take Miss Hutchins' pine ill the Coos Bay a few days calling on his ular. The hall was beautifully dec­
F r several weeks the members of forts of Delilah Spinks who is after
eighth grade.
custome s in this city.
orated, the music was good, and the the Association have been rehe irsing
subscriptions for the Wailer-Canter-
Lulies certainly did themselves proud “TheCloven Hoot" described by C,
The Jolly Jack O’Lantern Novelty
wo >d Magazine, a periodical devoted
Co. ot the Presbyterian church, had from California Tuesday after a m making every one feel at home. R Moore, its author, as,"An Utter
to the person.d interests of whomso­
It was one of the nicest soc al affairs bepossibility,
a * rip roaring rambunctious" time pleasant visit with relatives.
'ility, with more or less mu-
mu­ ever she happens to importune. The
held in Bandon.
at their Halloween party Tuesday
S trawberry P lants —I have a
sh " In reality, (if that word can other tells of Rosie, a romantic four­
evening in the old school house lot oi Oregon Ever Bearing straw­
To E xchange —Team, harness, I <■ used as descriptive of an “utter teen year old, and her four Beaux
Lunch was served and the bill of berry plants for sale, of the variety and forty acres of land to exchange in>p< ss.biLty ') “The Cioven Hoot »
her engagement, elopement, mar­
fare was written in numbers. The which took prize at Bandon Carnival. for town properly. ). L. Foster, is a three act musical comedy with
riage and divorce, introducing a
spook room is said to have been tin W. W. Filter, Font mile.
77-if an unusually original plot. The novel ¡»arody on the divorce ques­
84-tax Two-tnile.
canny and unique.
At a meeting of the City Council story concerns Bandon characters tion.
S. B. Anderson of Prosper was in
The Best All Around Family Sew­
Monday, Conti actor l ied Leeper B udon today and says that while Wednesday night, M. G. Pohl in and the action takes place in this
The twenty one musical numbers
Machine that can be produced.
commences the erection of a collage the seiners have had one of the best behalf of the farmers and gardeners city. June election is supposed to are perhaps the best yet composed
Hade in both Rotary and Vibrator
24x24 feet in size lor Rollie I’uckn seasons this year for fishing in the of this vicinity, petitioned the Coun­ lie just over and the cows summarily or the High School operattas. All Sty les
in the southeast p.irt of town
Iriatory of the river, it has also I een cil to allow fanners to sell produce voted out of the corporation. A are pleasing to the ear and not a few
The Rot try makes both Loi k md
Murphy ami his dogs left this one of the poorest seasons for the at the corner of First and Spruce wiseacre of a town otheid ini-takes seem destined to be whistled and Chain Stitch. I he latest up to-the-
morning for Myrtle Point where gill netters. Mr. Anderson says, streets, on Saturday from 8.00 to some peculiar cow tracks for those of hummed in Bandon during the com­ minute steel attachment with each
ma hine. Sold <n easy payments.
they play a 1 eturn engagement to­ however, that if there should be 10:00 p.m. The petition was grant­ Satan who is popularly supposed to ing winter.
Send name an I address for < or
morrow night.
some heavy rains within the next ed on the condition that all debris sport a cloven hoof: hence the Dt'e
All the seats w ill be res« rved and bemiiful H. T. catalogue tree.
For Sale.—Fine ranch ol 190 week or ten days, that the gill net­ made by any person be cleared The events which folio* arc so riilic the pricts fifty and twenty-five cenLs, 1 WHITE SEWING M ACH1NECO.
__ z_____
__ . Wednes-
will be __ on ___
sale _ next
acres, 3 1-2 miles xouth ol Bandon. ters would stand a chance yet of away by the parties before they leave ulousiy improbable that the term They
1460 Marku Stieet
“utter impossibility” is well earned,(day at .Mars’ Confectionery.
the ground.
making some money.
Sc« C, M. Speocer.
San Francisco
Caldei nia
When You Try On Clothing
Lore j
The White