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Semi-W eelcly
Early Morning Fire, Wednes­ Harbor Improvements There Supreme Court Says Stan­ Dry Season Will Soon Be Rodney Farm Put on by Ban- Lost The Debate at Grants
day, Consumes the
Delayed by Coos Bay
dard Oil Guilty of Re­
Here and Precaution Must
Pass, But By Small
donians, Made Hit at Grand
Big Plant
Port Case
straint of Trade
Be Taken
Last Night
The Bandon Broom Handle mi?
F. K. Getting, who returned fro n
Washington, May 15. The gov­
Although May has been a very
was totally destroyed by tire early Florence yesterday reports th it there ernment to day won its case in the wet month to date, yet the dry sea­
Wednesday morning with a loss of is consternation there as a result of United States Supreme Gomt (gainst son is approaching and every pre­
al> rut $2000 and no -nsurance.
the Standard (>il Company of New- caution sheuld be taken to prevent
1 the Port of Siuslaw harbor improve
The mill was owned by A. McNair meats being held up bvtlie litigation Jersey, in that it is a conspiracy and forest tires during the dry season.
and O. A. I row-bridge, and was be­ involving the Port of Coos B.iv. monopoly in res taint of trade. The
1 he Coos County Fire Patrol As­
ing operated bv Harold Nelson and Practically the same questions that decree of the lower court was affirm- sociation is doing all in Us power to
Charles Lock wood.
were left undecided by the recent i ed, being modified in particulars get the residents of the county in­
The origin of the fire is unknown, supreme court decision and which I which Chief Justice White said were terested in this proposition, so that
but it is believed to have been set as are involved in the suit begun by the ' slight.
the coming dry season may not be a
some say it started in the barn in State of Oregon vs. the Port of (Joos
Justice Harlan announced a dis- repetition ot last year in regard to
the rear end of the building
Bay as in the latter case.
j senting opinion.
forest fires.
Besides the consuming of
In consequence of this, the buyers
The de-ree of the lower court was
While there was not so very much
broom handle mill with all its
of the last bond issue now refuse to modified so that there need not be damage to the Coos county forests
tents, a horse belonging to the Ban­ take the bonds until the case is de “an absolute cessation of interstate last year, yet this is no assurance
don Steam Laundry and one belong cided. The money was all ready commerce in petroleum and iis pro­ that there would not be great dam­
ing to Garoutte Bros, were burned, for delivery to the Siuslaw l\.:t ducts bv such vast agencies as are age done this year providing the fo<-
also the delivery wagon of C. A. Commission when the last question embraced in the combination, a re­ est fires should get started.
Son, and the laundry was raised and it will now he belìi sult which might arise from that por­
I11 this connection it might be in­
tion of the decree which enjoined teresting to Coos county people to
The broom handle mill was being
All of the previous bond money carrying on of interstate commerce know just where the boundaries of
operated by Harold Nelson and lias been expended and the work, it J not only by the New' Jersey corpo­ the Coos County Fire Patrol Associ­
Charles Lockwood, and they had is claimed, will have to conte to a ration. but by all of the subsidiary ation extend, consequently we give
quite a large stock of handles on halt, The contractors say the delay companies under the dissolution of them herewith.
hand which was a total loss. Smith will mean a loss of $50,000 Coos the combin ition by the transfer of
The district is bounded on the
Bros, who had formerly operated the Bay Times.
tlie stocks in accordance with the rorth by the county line between
mill, also had some squares in stock
Douglas and Lane comities; thence
that were burned.
Dancing School.
The court also extended the lime running west to the corner ol secs.
Fites have occurred with great
from one to six months 111 which the 2, 3, to and 1 1, twp 19 south, range
frequency in Bandon lately, and it
M. W. Byrne has started a danc dissolution must take place
9 west; thence south 2 miles to the
would seem that the e must be some ing school in Bandon, having enrolled
¡southwest corner of section 14, twp.
L ight 01 R eason .
tire fiend around town, and if such ! his- first pupils Tuesday night, and
Probably the most important plop 19 south, range 9 west. thence east
person is evei caught it will go pret­ | will return next Monday evening,
osition of law laid down m the opin- 2 miles between the range line of 8
ty hard with him.
j May 22nd. when he will give his first ' ion was that the words in the statute and 9. thence south r mile on the
, lesson in Bank hall, beginning at 8:00 “Every restraint of trade,’’ are riot range line between .8 and 9; thence
Facts About Bandon’s Water p.m. A large class is expected to to be literally construed, but are to east I mile on south side of section
enrol) on this date. Special attention be construed in the light of reason. 19, twp. 19 south, range 8 west;
is given to children. Mr. Byrne also
On this point the court held that thence south 2 miles to south side
teaches the little folks to dance, and the position of the government that twp. 19 south, range 8 west; thence
Editor R ecorder :—As there has on Monday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock the Supreme Court had decided tbit eest 4 miles to southwest corner of
been much discussion, pro and con, 1 a class for children will be arranged any qualification of this phase was section 36; thence south 1 mile to
recently about the water system and 1 at the hall.
precluded by previous decisions ot southw<- t corner of section 1, twp.
Mt. Byrne will give ten lessons the Supreme Court was erroneous 20 south, range 8 west; thence east
supply of Bandon, and as I have
come in for a good deal of censure for six dollars to ail who join the
John I). Archbold ar.d William { 3 miles to southwest corner of sec­
Rockefeller, vice presidents of th.- "on »• ,WP 20 south, range 7 west;
by certain parties, which 1 believe to
be wholly unwarranted, I desire to 1 give special rates to advance pupils. Standard Oil Company, had g me Ilhence soul1' 1 n,ile to ’«
All ladies who can dance will be home when the decision came down. | corn,r of section 9; thence east 4
take a little space in your paper to
free season tickets, and chil­
explain the situation, so that theI
Mr. Archbold said recently that no | miles to range line between 6 and 7;
public will better understand the true
i plans had been made by the com thence south 4 miles to twp. corners
condition of affairs, and may know given tickets for half price for after I pany in anticipation of an unfavora 'of 20 and 2t, ranges 6 and 7; thence
that the fact that Bandon has no bet­ noon classes only.
ble verdict, because it would be im- J south 8 miles to Elk creek; thence
Don't lorget the date and place—
ter fire protection at the present time,
i possible to act with any foresight west on Elk creek to the Umpqua
is the fault of the City Council and Bank Hall, Monday, May 22nd.
until the text of the decision was [ river; '.hence follow the course of the
I Umpqua river up the stream until it
not mine.
in its entirety.
1 to the Council for their approval.
strikes section line between 2o and
In the fust place, about two yeats
At the first meeting it was pre­
21. in twp. 25 s<
south, range 7 west;
ago, the contract between the Ban­ sented and passed to the second Cake Contest for Benefit o|- ~-
1 20 miles to section
don Light Ct Water Co. and the City r.-ading, but when it was brought up
4 on north side of
of Bandon, expired. At that tiine 1 for final passage it was voted down
7, thence east
went before the Council and told and members ot the committee who
28 and 29.
them that the water supply was get helped to draft the contract voted
IL A. B. Sneve, traveling repre­ ranges 6 and 7; thence south 12
ing low and that I'd-d not feel justi­ .»gainst it.
sentative of the N. K. Fairbank Co., miles to intersection of railtoad;
fied in going to the expense of en
After this action, I then notified arrived in Bandon Wednesay, and
thence follow lomseof railioad routh
larging the plant, unless I could get the Council that the water rent would
will spend about two weeks in and to intersection of twp. line of 31 and
a new contract with the city or elim­ be raised to the rate cf $3 50 a
around Bandon in the interests o' 32; thence west on twp. line to twpt
inate the clause in the old contiact month for each hydrant in use by
Cottolene, and while here will assist corner ot 32 b» tween ranges 9 and
which gave the city the right to pur the city, and that they would have to
in conducting a Cake Baking Con to; theme south 6 miles to twp.
chase the plant at a figure which, if pay extra for a 1 water used for other
test for the benefit of the Im >1 corners <4 32 and 33, ranges 9 and
put at 8 per cent would yield an purposes than tire protection. 'Lite
chprches. For full see to; thence west to the Pacific coast.
amount equal to the income of the Council then ordered all hydrants
half page ad in this issue of the It i
---- OCX'----
plant. I made them a proposition taj;en o)|t Ot> the hill, and the sub­
that if they would pay $75 a month mission of a bond issue to put in an
-- ------- CMK>----- —
for fire protection, that I would firing opposition plant was put up to the
Is there anything in all tin- world
Decorat irn Day will be o| saved
in a 16 incli main under a 171 foot people.
that is of more importam <■ to you a-t usual by Bandoo Post, G A. R.
head at the intake, and wou'd build
1 then saw that the town would be than good digestion? Food must be
this yeai, and the public is invited
a 3 »-foot dam which would make a w ithout an adequate supply of water,
eaten to sustain life and must be di to join in making this event a suc­
200-foot head, and would build a so I went to work at once to enlarge
gested and converted into blood. cess
The program will be an­
reservoir covering seven acres of the system to meet the growing de
When the digestion fails the who' - nounced late r.
ground at an average of to-feet deep mands of the city, and within 90
Ixnly suiters. Chamberlain's Tablets
with water. The Council turned this days had a supply three tunes as
are a rational and reliable cure for
Foley Kidney Pills are a true
proposition down.
great as was needed, and the town indigestion They increase the flow
medicine. They are strengthening, |
Then, after several months par­ now uses al»out too gallons of water
of bile, purity the blood. strengthen healing, antiseptic and tonic. Foley •
leying they finally ap|»ointed a com­ per minute, while the plant will sup
the stoma» h. and tone up tIn whole Kidney Pills take hold of your sys-
mittee to cooler with me on the prop­ ply
gallons per minute in the digestive apparatus to a natural and
osition. I met with this committee driest time of jhe year, so it can be healthy action. For sale by C. Y. , tem and help you to rid yourself of
your < ragging tackache, dull hold
and an agreement was made to elim­ seen that the supply will be ample
nervousness, impaired eye­
inate the clause regarding the pur­ tor some time to come.
When you want travel right, re­ sight, and of all the ill-« resulting
chase of the plant, and a rate for
from to to 12 pounds more pressure member that the steamer I-meld H from the impaired action of your
fire protection was agreed ujton, and in the entire system, but I do not
38 tf
kidneys and bladder. Remember it
the committee had the contract pre­ care to go to very much more ex­ the best and only way.
H is Foley Kidney Pills thit do this.
pared by the city attorney according pense under the present conditions.
| For sale by Bandon Drug Co.
E lbert D yer . , a Marshfield visitor this week.
to their own dictations and presented ,
. The home talent play entitled
‘‘Rodney Farm’ which was put on
at the (¡rand Theatre last night un­
der the auspices of the Pythian Sis­
ters Lodge was a big success in
every particular, and the young peo.
pie who took part in tiie play made
a great hit with the audience. To
make a thorough review ol the play
and tell all the good points of each
individual actor or actresses would
almost fill a volume, but suffice to
say that eich one was as nearly per­
fect as is possible to be, and the
large audience present was in a con­
stant uproar, as there was a laugh
from start to finish.
Taken all in all the plav was of a
high class, and the young people are
certainly to be congratulated on
their effort.
------ OQO
Arrivals at Hotel Gallier
T uesday , M ay i 6.
Miss Letta Bell, Norway
Chas Hill, Eugene
R M McMnriay, Spokane
W H Appleton,
Guy C Lattin, Marshfield
W W Byrne,
A B Serge mt,
Charles Miller,
L A Cruikshank, Portland
F II Horton, •
| F Flanagan, San Francisco
J R Law,
Geo H Hathaway, Coquille
Edwin Ellingson,
11 E Shelley,
S S Sherwood,
< 4
A W Cope,
Mrs M Wagner and family,
North Bend
Jack Wayne, Bridge
L R Wells, Seattle
John McCesa, Bullards
Miss E Carlson, Prosper
Blanche Fogle,
• 4
4 •
4 «
4 «
A C Gibson,
John Hurst. Port Orford
W ednesday , M ay 17.
Edward E Dyer. Marshfield
W E Folsom,
4 4
T Mehl,
C If Greene,
Mrs Mae Yates, Coptille
• 4
B Falconer,
Fred Kerrigan,
HAB Sneve, Seattle
C W Woodruff, Langlois
E Holmberg, Portland
A B Daly,
C Anderson, sehr Lizzie Prien
A Jones, Bear Creek
J A Stankiewicz, f.ampa
H Radabaugh,
I. S Stewart,
J T Holmes. Myrtle Cr>--
C T Walker, Gold Beach
T hursday , M ay 18.
E (» Kushner, Seattle
I M Moomaw and wife, Pot tlaiid
4 4
Jack Wiight,
4 4
C R Divis,
C Winters,
M J Wolfe. L ikeport
J P Lewis and wife, Castella, Cali*.
4 4
C B Homer,
Miss B Cut-r, Gold Hill
W C K ihleu, Ceirial I* »mt
P N Rchbiirg, Co >•> B ly
Paul Johnson 1 ¡ol-1 B>- < h
S P Bartlett. R hi oolpli
A Jones,
H Radatiaugh, Lam pa
L Stewart,
» 4
W W Coy,
The Bandon High debat­
ing team, comp -sed of Tlios. Laird,
Earl Watkins and Harry Crain, re­
turned today from Grants Pass, and
report a \ery pleasant nip, even
though they did lose the debate,
wh'ch was lost only by a s nail mar­
gin, and though the decision of the
judges was unanimous, tnanv in the
audience said that Bandon sin uld
have lx > n given the decision, and
even the chaiimanof the meeting
said that he did not see how it nap­
pe <ed as he thought ’hat Bandon
had the best ol the argument,
The boys ->av t In x w- re Ire ited
They were
royally while there
given a line reception after the de­
bate and tin- most pleasant relations
existed ill the lime, and th ugh the
boys lost, the fact that they were in
the big contest was a good adver­
tisement for Bandon in an education­
al as well as other ways
---- ooo----
Along the Wharf.
The Bandon sailed Wednesday
with a hill raigii of lumber.
t he Anvil sailed Tuesday for Port­
land with passengers and reight.
The I-lizabeth will arrive from San
Francisco tomorrow and sail again
The I'ilield will sail from San
Francisco this evening and will sail
from here Tuesday.
Pasa lena, Cal., Mart'll 9, 1911.
Foley & Co., Gentlemen: We
have sold and recommended Foley’s
I l.mey and Tar ('(impound lor veins.
We believe it to be one of the most
efficient expectorants on the market.
Containing no opiates or narcotics it
can be given freely to children.
Enough of the remedy can be taken
to relieve a cold, as it has no nau­
seating results, and does not inter­
fere with digestion, Yours very truly,
C. If. Ward Drug Co.. C. L. Par­
sons, See. and I reas. Get the orig­
inal Foley’s Honey and Tar Com­
pound in the yellow package. For
sale by by Bandon Drug Co.
S W Latz. Sail Francisco
C W Rollins, St. Louis
T Hamilton, New York
John Linton, Bridge
Mr Newman, Corbin
B C Jackson, Marshfield
Herman Hickman, Randolph
Earl Steele,
. 4
11 B Lenev •,
D Pomeroy,
■> ■>
>*«.««< :•
:■ <• >
v 4 .■
C Wk money ai d not t<» hide
not for a trained attend­
ant, but for the glorious prtvt-
lege of bemg independent.
11RS I
State Depositary