Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, January 13, 1911, Image 2

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Lipk liver is the connection be- speeded on with my remarkable team
re-tored me so far that I thought of
I —with radiant face.
Where, among the kingdoms anil making myself useful. One pleasant It.’.een theL'pper and Lower Klamath and vehicle.
Published Every Tuesday and Friday by the
1 empire* anil monarchies ol the w orld, div I was a<coi'panied by one of j Lake; This I crossed on a ferry Tire
Medicines that aid nature are al-
could such a scene have been possi­ lhe neighbors who »islied to limk people here had been fishing anil
Recorder Fvitoishing Company.
way- most effectual. Chamber Iain’s
ble? Nowhere beneath the stars, lor some horses; we went into a can had .iplnreil a gon supply of
C01 gh Remedy acts on this plan.
T. Fl. KREAMER, Business Manager
C E. KOPF. Eduo.
j And the thinking people of other Von not fur ,41ft and there, in a well whit' fish weighing trom five to ten It allavs the cough, relieves the lungs,
Subscription, i l 5tt per Year in Advance. Adveitiaing Kate« Made
I nations are not unm'ndful of tjre fact. sheltered place, with sufficient grass, pounds apiece with excellent taste opens the secretions and aids nature
Known 011 Application. Job Printing a Specialty
When Mathew Arnold returned to we found them, and among them,
Tin- country around s low and in restoring lire system to a ht-alrliv
hnieieii hi tlie Bnndoii
office hh Second (’I hh . s Mutter.
his British home after an extended ir.y mule; instill t hail caused it to marshv. summers short and winters condition. Thousands have testified
io its superior excellence. Sold by
January 13, 1911 sojourn in this country, some one leave me when tire storm in October seven-; still, the 11 eadows gave pas C. Y. Lowe.
asked him the question: •'What did began; here it found companions lure to many cattle and much hay is
---- 000 —
I you see in America which made the and I found it well and in a good cut.
or elderly lady, lat­
When There Is No Coal
j most lasting impression upon your condition.
Passing now through a timbered ter preferred, to do house work.
during the three months commencing
After returning to the house I in­ district mvsell and horses weie badly Apply at this office.
mind?" He immediately replied: "A
with September.
Dr. Charles P. Steinmetz, profes
1 ragged newsboy curled up in a big quired for employment: I received 1 annexed fix- thousands of 1 lack tiles:
sor of electrical engineering at Union
1 chair in the Boston Library, reading it, lint to do such work 1 had to re­ wherever they bit the wound would
Railroads Spend Millions on
College, Schenectady, and consult
the Life of George Washington!" turn to the mountains, splitting rails. I bleed | rofusely. ,
ing engineer of the General l-.lectri.
Here tire great English writer and The price for doing it was much be­ The next morning I reached the
(Incorporated t
Company, predicts the present
philosopher beheld the prophecy of yond my expectations; six dollars 1 lava beds; this particular spot was
generation will see the exhau.-tion ol
Home Ollier: Dallas, Texas. Cap­
Hill system of railroads has ex eminence. The boy in tatters who per hundred.
ital Stock, $100,000: Surplus, $50.
The grove of yellow pines in which
our supply of anthracite coal
I he pen ed during the past four years in could forget the a.luring game ol
Rocks nothing but rocks—not a 000. We.'ern Division, Oakland,
natural course then will be to rely Oregon and Washington no less cards or mat bits in yonder alley and I commenced operations was in a tree, not a spear of glass, nor a drop California.
upon our deposits of soft coal for than $80,000,000, according tocom- lose himself in the story of George narrow deep canyon, and so high of water; no mistake—this must fir Instructions on l\mo. Organ. Vio­
lin, Mandolin, Guitar and all Win I
pro eclion against freezing; but the pilations ji st made, in extensions. Washington, was already catching and steep weie the wails on the south llie garden spot where Iris Satanic
Bum Instruments.
government. in Mr. Steinmetzs betterments, acquisitions of hold­ something of the vision, which, if side that during lhe whole day the Majesty goes promenading, taking
opinion, will be obliged Io prohibit ings and equipment, exclusive of f .Hoard, would lead him out event- sun could only be seen lor not longer along perhaps an unfortunate soul
at home. You get special instrui -
this or the air we breathe will be­ fixed charges and operating ex ually into a field of usefulness and than an hour from two ta three, then for his enjoyment and the torture of
tions when needed
You get
■'boiled down" results,H the study
come permeated with poisonous p< uses. 1 he North Bank road alone power.
the pleasant sight came straight the other. Torture! indeed, nro; •
of the best professors in tiie uni-
As a people we have our weak­ down the canyon.
cost nearly $53,000,000, anil $27,-
I quitoes by the millions, hungry .mil
The hope of tile future generations o 0,000 was spent on Hill proper­ nesses and foibles and short comings,
My work proceeded well. The lean, then fell upon us in sheets; References: Dunn or Bradstreet,
or your local banker. If inter­
of lite, as Dr. Steinmetz sees it, lies ties in this state, over half during but stronger than the greed for gold, trees were frozen, and in this condi­ and worst, no avoiding tli in by any
ested. drop me a card and I wiil
in electricity. The rivers of the the past year.
and causing us to forget the rancor tion splitting them was not hard device; but all lias an end upon this
gladly call and demonstrate our
couisesto you. I also solic.t your
future will lie merely a succession ol
Construction work mapped out for and the turmoil of partisan strife, work. More orders came from earth, so with this notable garden.
ord< rs for sheet music and mu­
sluggish lakes, with electrical power properties in Oregon in 1911 in shines forth the inspiring truth that another man who was willing to We entered a very wide valley near­
sical instruments.
stations in between.
voices the expenditure of $15,000, here the door of opportunity is open come up with me- The pay earned ly level 'and excellent to travel.
L A FINLEY,, Bandon, Ore.
But even the husbanding of all 000. Coupled with the big expen- to the humblest, and that the truly I was so much that we could buy even Leaving all tormentors behind us I P. O. Box tit
Phone 275
our water power won’t be sufficient dilures the Harriman system is mak great are those who are the most luxuries.
The energy of Old Sol himself must ing in building new lines and exten- ready to confess willingness to stand
At the end of April the contracts
be trapped and saved
Building ions, ant the effort both big rail upon a common level with those in were filled; I was in possession of
methods will have to undergo a roads are putting into exploitation the most lowly walks of life. — Des I several hundred dollars, with a part
change. Provision will have to be work to advertise the slate, Oregi n Moines Capital.
dl this I bought an extra horse, dou­
made, possibly with glass roofs, for lias a great asset in its railroads.
ble harness, ami a light spring wagon
Do you know that fullv nine out witll a sufficient outfit to begin the
tire utilization of the sun’s rays in
Ashland will hold a mining con
of every ten cases of rheumatism are
the heating of homes.
gress on January 17th. The rich simply rheumatism of the muscles finishing trip for tile Coquille valley.
Dr. Steinmetz also sees in his mining region extending from (.rants due to cold or damp, or chronic
May had arrived. Sealed in a
mind's eye the city of the future a Pass to Yreka, Cd., will be repre­ rheumatism, and require no interna! comfortable wagon, I had reason to
collection of office buildings, facto sented by delegates, and it is ex­ treatment whatever? Apply Cham be pleased when I set out. Th s
ries and bachelor apartment. All pected to form a petinanent organi­ berlun’s Liniment freely and see how time I knew where to turn off.
For sale by
the married men, with their families zation that will assist in the develop quickly it gives relief.
Rear hing the summit of the Rocky
will have moved to the country.
Mountains a gr ind panorama spread
m< nt < f the mineral resources of
---- OOO----
Electricity will be used to draw this district, says a report from Port
rpHE RECORDER management has
out before me; towering mountains
from elements of the air fertilizer for land, but all this will not help out
made arrangements with the
exhausted soils.
glistening with the reflection of the
the situation in Coos county very
much unless they condescend to give ■ 1 >
♦ sun upon the crystals of snow and
San Francisco Bulletin whereby we
* «■ *♦’*
♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ t <•
Oregon Start« Prosperous us .1 lilt in the way of railroad de- I ¡T
| ... hhoigh T he D evii . s G arden ice; to the northwest the great Goose
can give subscribers the advantage of
velopment; but there is so much i So, as cold increased, so increased I.ake; beyond this, large expanses
New Year
railroad talk for us at present, that tire trouble I had with bands of tiin
a gigantic combination offer that will
surely some of it will bring results | her wolves; they had not sufficient marker! by outlines of Mount Shasta, I
Baker County Iras an irrigation
sooner or later.
game to kill and became bolder with which an inexperienced eye easily
furnish them all the news of the
project on loot involving the expen- j
would have taken for a heavy cloud.
each night; their howling at times
diture of $4,000,1x10.
Unlike any Other Nation on
country in a metropolitan daily and
At the foot of the mountains in
became maddening to hear: for se­
About 21 0,000 apple trees are be-I
curity's sake I made a strong, high
ing planted in Douglas County this
all the news of Bandon and vicinity in
log fence around my hut and thereby camp. The road, next morning, if
An oat meal mill is to be estab­
On Monday last occurred the an- [ had nothing to fear while I was it could Ire called so, passed me over
the Recorder at marvelous low price
nual New Year’s reception at the ' asleep The bitter cold day-, accom- different spurs of the Rockies; large
lished at Baker.
one " good _____
filling . fo me, it and small rocks, (alien trees, and
Eugene is to have a match fac- White House. President Tait shook 1 , j _____
1 plished _________
It was a I froze the snow and covered the same brush obstructed the advance; in a
hands with 5,625 " ’ people.
The Daily San Francisco Bulletin,
$3.00 per year
number of places 1 had to clear the
with a strong crust.
Polk County will have the largest great day.
The Bandon Recorder,
1.50 per year
There was one incident, however, I Thus enabled to travel all my ef- track or lilt ore wheel or the other
English walnut on hard in < Iregon
Recent purchasers ol the 11 art ranch which was given only the most minor ' forts concentrated on the trip to the over such obstructions. At one of
near Falls City will plant 0,000 notice in the report of the day's pro- . valley.
ceedings. which to our thought 1 With the aid of a roughly con- loo quick; oxer went the wagon,
walnut trees.
Both papers through
Oregon produced thi- year 61 5,- comes neater to attesting to the structed sleigh with long runners, breaking one ol the forewheels.
Conservatory of Music
The only thing for me to do was
034 bushels of corn and 17,000,000 true grandeur of the American nation upon which I placed my blankets, a
take off the front axle and with
than anything else transpiring while i few clothes and rille, I started; al
bushels of wheat.
Oregon shipped green fruit dur the public a d social function -vas in went will; several crossings of diffi- rhe l.'ir.d axle form a cart; fastening
cult passes the ice carried the the tongue to this axle, then short
ing the past season amounting to progress.
3,500 cars.
It was not the fart that so many weight. The last hill with a steep ening the box, anil in less than an
Orchards in the Ontario district men and women were richly dressed; incline was leached, with houses hour I was ready to proceed. Later
produced at the rate of 1,000 boxes lor that the diplomatic corps was so si altered along in the distance; ; hope on I found that such a xehide an-
I resplendent; or that the-e was such was restored, down, down I glided I swered mv purpose better than a
of apples to the acre.
The Columbia River output ol < universality of good feeling and a over the snow at what rate I could t ur wheeled wagon.
Two days I travelled along the
salmon for the season was 290,000 1 unanimity of sentiment that the oc­ not measure, but >t was only a short
of Goose Lake passing only
cases, valued at $3,500,000.
casion was a success. It was this:
one house: by rounding tire upper
The value of traffic on the Cohrm In this long line of people composed ine.
Mv condition of health was badly end I overtook a 'detachment of U
bia River increased $3.x»o,ooo in m.I only of the high officials of Wash­
1910 over the same permd ol 1909. ington and lhe representatives of all I shattered, as the diet of most miser­ S. cavalry eu route to Fort Klamath
< begun grows more hops than any ilher countries there was a liberal able meat, seasoned with gunpow- I The soldiers cracked many a joke
other state. 90,000 biles prixluced percenlagr of what we «uppose would der after the salt gaxe out, had about my cart: as i.ipiJIy as possible
I be called the "common people." weakened me greatly; my throat J 1 passed them
in 1910, valued al $3.000,000.
For days I had no noteworthy ad
Eugene reports that 3,000 people Among the number was a little ccj. w is swollen, I coukl only whisper.
The people were astonished to see venture, except the meeting with a
have been brought into that illy loud boy. who, when biought into
«gain as 1 was nearly forgotten party of Indians out on a hunt: I
during the past year
. .
A sale of Southern Oregon sugar lion, offered the president a sack of by them. Very quickly they asked i had a good rifle they invited me to
pine covering 40,000 acres, is re 1 ' peanuts a- 1 of friendly * me to step in and did everything to ; go with them and kill plenty ol
ported from Medford to an Eastern feeling. And the president of the relieve me ol my 'Utleinig — both in game, but I knewlretter: they want-
syndicate. The purchase price was ■ United Stales took one out of the the throat, and my feet, which were 1 ed the horses and the rifle; perhaps
they would not have stood back to
sack, shook hand, with the little wrapped in parts of a blanket.
In two weeks their kmdnesj to me shoot me.
The Hood River Apple Growers’ | black boy and sent hnn on hrs way .
this office if paid in
advance, per year
Success is Yours
Give lightness to your heart, freedom to your thought, com­
mon sense to your whims, caution to everyday life and that which
loll »ws must be a success.
Caution is earning some, spending less, having a bank account,
keeping a check on expenditures, asking the banker's advice in
doubtful business transactions. This bank can so serve you.
A V PA I I L. Po >|.i letor
Heavy and Light Braying, also dealer m Drv Fir Wood and . c
Gee’s Coal.
B*rn» r.mniMu1 Old Caanary