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f I hr **«•»*
T he B eaver to n R ev iew
The Only Newspaper Devoted Exclusively T o The Interests O f Eastern W a hington County.
Single Copy, 5 Centn
Beaverton, Washington County, Oregon.
December 7, 1928.
$1.50 Per Year
^ ,TE* ^ Short Items About
People We All Know
'ths woods of hi, Mary's, tnvy woo Hie
Attuy Horn i I m nign-ways of life;
Away tioiii tits catvs lost pursue ms,
fro m U.a cn iw i with ita turiuo.l ami siriis.
* ®
*• ■'
■M *
A IU P T 8
Harold MeMen was taken into
! custody, Nov. 2», on a noo-support
charge by Deputy Weckert.
Archie McKenxit was arrested by
Sheriff Ueevea and Deputy Hickox
J on s charge of liquor possession,
and drunk«ness.
■ - Ä:
And looaaU are iho fallara that bound nta
’lo Ilia world wild ils worries and toil,
fu r my aoul Uia peace that surrounds ma,
Milan my laat press tha cool of her »oil.
Ah! due» In liar shadowy bowera,
Witt» the aoiiK of Ina llr and the pine;
1 mourn not the heart a laded tlowara,
f o r the sweet's of contaminant ara mine,
Uere tha soul
••Vviiy the
Ah! th* heart
‘that the
In th, case „f the State „ f Ora-
gon vs. Harold Walden, the defen-
dant withdrew his plea of not guil-
ty and plead guilty on a non-sup- i
Hilda tha key lo tne wonder,
viad iielgnts » a atroVe lor ware" t
it is warnter end (under
hot tips of borrow liars alssvd.
Ah! sweat to the old haunting question,
•'V»ny sorrow so otlen is oureT ’
Comas me heeutuui, suuu* sugga.tlon,
" i ha thorn oaars tha Kit hast iioware.”
Ring out
And sou at
I hey call
the hells of St. Mary's
tnelr full chimes on the breaaa
the fond hour of vesper
to tne llstaoing trass,
A* li* .-WI,Ki *W*y* lh* 6ou* h* Wth soft motion
/u ‘< h**r‘ ot mine
Jhat the h y j t f u l »ravers of d e v o l.«,
Are intoned wit), £h, »»n g . o f ih , »;„*
Annual Homecoming
ADU f u l
: “ h * ' » - t invocation.
Like a calm
h*“ rt lurm« ‘ " f me.
A . . i, th* ‘ flu* U down e ar the ocean
Ami stills the wild wave, of the
P* ‘ " at old »orrow.,
n,y S S r H £ ! i ' i r , ° f IO,t hoUr*'
A ..i .i
nl’uW th* tomorrows.
And they w . t m, .
t n g n m with dowsr,
r ° ‘ A i T V . i i * ' - J ,001 ¿ T * »
Ah! I km ,» ihyt*
Regular .Meeting Held Be<-
ft 'M f X , 1!!;: as.
forc Program Is Given.
Hart rude Mgrijn Christensen.
Sumptuous Supper
MASY K in g s t o n s i n g s
I HiGH ar*»*'»--
Tuesday in Town Hall
Peopled Opinion On Water
QuehCion Wan Given.
284 Vote«
Otto Erick» n la Heeled Mayor Of
B / The Ci Isen»
The Town sls-tion held Tuesday
polled only about 80 percent ot the
vetes that were expected to be
breught out. Only 284 voted in all
ware cast ai d there s'nou d have
been well over three hundred fifty
\otea. Last year there were about
536 votes cast.
The water question was of much
Importance that it was expected
that this year should bring out a
greater number o f votes than any
previous year. lAit it seems that
such was not to be.
The matter which impressed us
more than anything else was that
o f the water and the means used
to defeat the purpose o f the Coun­
cil in getting of an idea i t which
water project was tiie one most peo
pis wanted. As this was only an
advisory vote, the us, of a long
IMtrsgraph at the head of the sec­
tion on tho ballot seams totally un­
necessary . Had this been a vote
which was binding on any person
or party, the longthy legal phrasing
might have been in order. A sim­
ple statement, Wsssinger Springs,
on a line, Bull Run Water on ano­
ther lint, and Tualatin Valley wa­
ter on another with instructions to
"vote tor1 ons" would Mem to be
all that was needed To get an ex­
pression o l what the voters want­
Tho upshot of the matter was
that the people read, “ Shall the
Council condemn the springs?" and
right sway the voter registered an
•*X” alongside of tht "N o".
this is by no means Idle gossip for
your sorilie sat in the election room
all that afternoon and heard tho
rend ng o f the Imllot by the voters.
Ths law allowed no insructions or
suggestions unless the voter called
for asaistonce.
Whose duty is It to prepare the
bollotaT Th# Recorder. (Not the
Council. THE RECORDER.) And
yet people tell us that all there is
to the Recorder’s duty is to leap
the record of the proceedings.
Th* vote wos as follows:
For Mayor, one yeor, Otto Erick­
son, 242, no opposition thnngh three
other names were written on the
ballot a total o f six times.
For Councllmen, two to be elect­
ed: A. E. Wilson, 244; James Lew­
is, 220, J. W. Raynard, 74.
For Recorder, one to be elected:
Gao. Thyng, 14«; F. J. Dlrtsch, 138
On the water question: Wessirg
er Springs, yes. 76; no, 108. Tuala­
tin Valley water, yes, 38, no, 112.
Bull Run watsr, yes, 100, No, 00.
SS, S '
And wa lut up our ayes to the mountain,
iho our steps neter tiead tha far height;
Our lips drink the cool ol ita (ounUtn,
And our souls are made strong in its might.
Some Interesting Facts A
- - v iiia j l N E W S )
------- ---------------------------
The basketball boys started reg­
ular practice Monday in the high
school gym. About thirty boys greet­
ed Coach Cox when he issued his
initial call. No games have boen
■•Redaled before
the first of the
ymmr so as plenty of time will be
hod to choose the first team and
get it working together in good
School was
December the third, after a vaca­
tion of four days over Thanksgiving
and Taachars institute.
Tho football boys hare turned In
their suits, closing a very succesafu
season on the grid ron.
Interrlssx basketball games w| |
be held next week to decide the
class ciximpionship for this year
Interclass debates are being held
to determine the heat class debate
cam. The Sophomore earn defeat-d
the Freshman by a unanamous ds-
ciaion of the three judges in a dt*
bate held* In the high school audi­
torium November the 28. The ques­
tion debaed on was: Resolved, that
the principals o f the Grange Export
Debenture plan be adopted by Con­
gress. The Sophomore • team wan
composed o f George Harris, Ellx-
aheth Huff and Ronald Webb. Thos
on the Freshman team were: Le-
Iwrt Wilson, Lucille Johnsons,and
Noma Brown. The juniors and sen­
iors del's tod on the sime question
Wednesday December the 6th the
Senior# winning by a 2 to 1 decisio
o f the judges. The Senior debaters
were: Lewis Poole.Milo H arris, Jim
Underwood, and Emerson Wnlkcr.
Juniors were: Richard Wilcox, G ls-
1, and Rose
s will meet
In the near
Sudents c
roll this six
weeks are:
Honor Roll
A ’s B’s
Freda Berger
Elisabeth Huff
Joy Hulet'
Esther Schraeder
Emm* Schraeder
Winifred Thoms
Howard Wilson
Richard Wilcox
A's B’s
Clarence Eou*
Kftheryn Beach
Louis Cox
Barbara Cady
* 2
MargaretU* Kauppila
Rose Sardotx
Matt Snyder
Billie Woodruff
Llsl# Walker
Very Interesting Program
The second annual Homecoming
was celebrated at Uie i. O. U. F.
Hail Tuaaiay evening by the He­
be kahs a ii«r their regular meeting.
A very interest ng program was
rendered and was enjoyed by all.
Iha program committee consisted
Of Mrs. Cijiton, Mrs. Hulett and
Doris Uan-iS.
Tiio program was
a a ful owe: “ America” was sung by
the audience; Mrs. Marjorie Lewis
gave s piano #ulo; Lucille John-
»Iona gate a reading; tne Bethel
men's quartet sang tnree number«;
a brief history of the 'odge was
given by Mrs. Waller Hat n s; Ai-
qlny Xq pa;»xduiu ae ‘Uusn-iUj piaq
Lundgrsn, gave some vionn solos;
Mary KiiiSton, acompani d by Al­
bert Erickson at the viclin and
huth Lundgren at the piano, gave
some vocal »o'ot.
Alter the pr gram deli^hlful and
sumptuoaa reirasiiment« were sarv
ed by the reireshmci.t committee,
which consisted of ¿«ra. Humburg,
Mrs. Dobbins, and Mrs. Hughson.
#$--------------------------------------------------- ai
Fred Knorr and family visited at
Goble Sunday.
The Daughters of Union Veter­
ans have organised a tent In Tea-
vsrton. Th<*y will hold their insti­
tution some time in January. Thev
met at the home o f Mrs. L. M. Tho­
mas Monday afternoon. Their next
meeting wi 1 be held at the home
of Mrs. Whitworth th* first Monday
in Jon.
r t f T_
O f T ow n
_ _ _
of six months. If he pays $150 and
_ _
costs on the non-support charge,
he will be paro'ed on the baance Many Heaver!oaia-i* Have Giles's On
of tlic penalties.
. . .
In the case of tha State of O ra-/
U .y Th.a Mack
gon vs. Edward tiealay, the defen-
;-------- -
dant plead guilty to the possession
if intoxicating liquor. He was giv-
John Grey was a Eugene visitor
en a jail santanca o f six months 1 “ »sday.
and fined $500. If he pays $150
N. G. Skea made a business trip
by Dec. 26, ha will be paroled on to Portland, Monday,
tha balance during good behavior.
. _
, '
• a»
a it. oa a
Chin and family were A -
In the case o f the State of Ore- to ha visitor*. Tuesday
Beaverton Poatoffice Building,
gon vi. Ray Desman, the defendant
* tueaday.
waa fined |600 and given a ten -1 " rm*
T- •m
tence of six months. If ha pays were Hillsboro visitors, Monday.
$600 before Dee. 15th, be may be
Mrs. Doy Gray was a luncheon
Real Estate Transfers
paroled oa the balance of penalties guest o f Portland friends. Tuesday
• ----------------------------- » a -----------------i|
Sifter serving 80 days in jail.
In the case o f the State o f Ore-
**«»>* of
Roy E. H.erly et ux to Edw. L.
gon vs. J. If. Beckwith, the de- V*cheT. W.“ h- were » « ‘ tors at tht
Cox et ux, 1 sera Schotb.
fendsnt plead gui'ty and was al- KeV’ M» cNeil home. Saturday,
Harry L. R< binson rt ux to Hilf
lowed hia liberty upon his own re-
Mrs. M. C. McKercher was a
J. Vinson, Lot 2 WdsUlule.
' luncheon guests at the home o f Mrs
Iliff J. Vinson to Mer e A. Vin-
In the case of the State o f Ore- E- A. Gilmore, Tuesday.
son, Pert of Lot 2, Westdsfe.
gon v .. ^ w ren oe Quanj. the oefen-
M r L L_ U w e e ll ha. been con-
fined fint(J * ^
ruKy *nd w
a. fined
home th
Cmnt Brown «t ux to Samuel L .1 Malter of Improving ind
Carlyle et ux. Lot 0, Blk- 8 Orenco.
*i?°- he will
.ft r be * paroled
tf t j i 1' on
rk T
I L ba-
T 1 •***» » * * * « « c w of la grippe.
Widening Of Short St.
Herman Wright et a( io E. N.
lance on goed behaviour.
. J °hn B- Hays waa a Thanksgiv­
tjuist et ux, Part o f Lot 2 Garden
ing day guest in the home of his
Is Discussed _____
In tho case o f the State of Ore-
goo“ r
L. L . " l ^
the "defendant •on* Je*s- *nd
of Aloha.
Alliert T. Errst et ux to Frank » » * n a n » . .
___ __________plead guiity. He was fined $500
John Welter of Chicago spent
i t T’l i rnS TusYsti vjfc$ MARSHALL APPOLNTED and given a ja i1 sentence o f axx the first part o f the week with his*
months. If he pays $250 he will father, M. Welter in Beaverton,
Wa'ter Harris was required to go
FK» ihi L. »Moore et al to W. H. J. H. Hulett Appoaied To Fill Va­ be paroled on the balance during
good behaviour. He may pay $25
CorTmJlu Sunday evening on a<ft
Cam|bel' et ux, S tt of Blk A Fair-
down and that much a month un- count of the retur^ of
st u d ^
cancy On Ejection Board
view Add.
.til tha fins la paid.
J. W. Anderson et ux to Henry
Th# regular m c. fng o f the town
Archie McKenxie appeared in per-|
guests at the home of Mr.
in custody
custody of
o f the
tne sheriff and aQd Mrs. A. b'utteriield Thanksgiv-
Dascher et iX, 1.42
Jt#hn»on Council wa« held at Uie Town Hall #on in
Eft. Add,
Monday evening of this weoE Ths P1**“ 1 $?liltJr 40 the po“ **»*0«» ot lng were Mr' ai‘d Mra- w - B- Fetch.
Reorder intoxicating liquor and drunkeness.
Mrs. J C. Anderson of PortUnd
Joseph W. Phillip* to Mabel C. Council men. Mayor and
Quinton, 3.81 aerea Iaase Butler CL were present and the regular rou- Ho waa given a fine of $5oC and U spending the
tine business attended to before a
jail sentence of six months. If daughter. Mrs. W. R. Van Kleek
T. I N. R. 2 W .'
your sente arrived on the scene. I* P*T» «1* he will be pero'ed on >»4
United States N atl Bank of Port
The matter inder discussion whin 'he ba' during good behavior.
land to A. H. Meir.scke et ux, Part
Sec. 81 T. 2 S. R. 1 W.
-u rtn , U . U l l e r .
KIN TON GRANGE HAS Hughson property which wUl o n - M. B. Bump is the attorney for
»» »
/ c n n . o n n n nect **»• “BV Canyon Road with 'he plaintiff.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hartwig en-
Albert Schmitt has filed suit for tertained relatives at a dinner par-
1 At present there is but an in- a divorce against Lydia Schmitt, ty, at their home Thangsgiving day.
— '
adequate cornec ion between these The coup’e were married Jan. 10, Thanksgiving day.
Kin ton, Ore., Dec, 3, 1928 tSpe- two thoroughfares.
The street at 1938 at Alb*rt" ' Canada. The charge
Maxine Soliers o f
rial) At the moetuig of the grange the Town hall is on# moans o f >»
" u e 1 an<* inhuman treatment. ^
M|sa Ada ^
held Satuiday the following officers c mnestion. That one past the St. Hare. McAlear and Peters are the
at the L ^ y htlien_
were e’ected for the ensuing year: Cccilia church is anoher and Ce­ attorneys for the plaintiff.
berger home last week.
Ida Gustin ha* filed xuft for
Master, Sarah E. YunHlevk; Over­ dar 3t. is another.
divorce from John Gustin. Thos.
Henry, son o f A. H. Martin, of
seer, Lester Snider; Lecture, Myrti
The matter abnve referred to was Tongue is the attorney
for the Leaverton, route 2,
tractured his
Hoover; Stwnrd, (Ivorge Hoover; taken under advisement and the Ci
. ._
* arm last week, when he fell from
Assistant Steward, Leisnd
FLnt; ty attorney was to be asked for
a hay loft while at play.
Chaplain, Edward L. Cox; Treasur­ bis opinion as to certain procedures.
er, T. J. Dorgau; Secretary, Ada
Mrs. M. C. McKercher and son,
The Mayor then stated that as
l ult<ng; Gat« Keeper, Josephine A. Mr. Kosenian had m o v e d S a l e m ,
The estate of James Wood, de - George returned
Cox; Ceie*, Elizabeth Kulbel; Po­ there
wrs a vacancy of the elec ceased, ha* been fi'ed for probate £rom a ueek>8 visit Wllh Mr Mo­
mona, Louise VunK eek; Flora, I- tion board and after considerable Birdie Wood « ' h* 1 * " " ° " "
Kercher in San Francisco, Calif,
Kuby Meyers. The Executive com­ discussk n, and the statement being Tft*- Tongue, the a tom e)
Gray, Myron Grey and Rol
mittee are: Chas. Ku.b 1, Geo. Sni- made
that Mr. C. E. Hedge wished estate.
.¡ j
as exe. land Main of Eugene, University of
und VanK'eek. At the re­ r man appointed. J. H. Hulett, who
J- C Beck h a. applied a.^ exe ^
were visitors at the Doy
gular bus n- ss session the third and was
present 'volunteered his ser- lj utor ° "
a few days last week,
Buck ard
ard Horcker
Horcker 8re
fourth degrees wore conferred on vices
and was appointed.
daughter of
Mrs. Pearl Toxier.
The Marshall's office being vs- th* ‘ ttorneyS taT^ *
and Mrs. Frank Reed, route 4, was
At tho regular meeting which cant, Mr. Bixby was appointed with,
operated on at St. Vincent's hospi-
will he held the first Saturday in the advice that the salary for the
Marriage licenses were issued to tal for appendicitis, Monday morn-
January there will be a joint in­ month of December should be charg­
the allowing persons doing the past mg.
stallation of the Scholls and Kin- ed to tl e Towm but after that he
w ee.:
Mr. and Mrs. A'fred Hamel of
ton granges. Mis. Ida Gustin and might he ca'led to get contributions
A . - n Trahan and Rachel Wil­
Portland, route 2, are parents of
her staff from Tigard will be the
kin» .. both of Portland, Nov. 30.
a daughter born at St. Vincent’s
occasions. The new Marshall, Mr.
V | am Putnam, Jr., of Hillsboro
;in:(ta)1ing officers.
A|1 gran ge's
hospital in Portland, Sunday morn-
Bixby, - will . read . the meters,
. . .
and Lorene Biersdorf o f Cornelius,
will want to keep this date in mind other work as is required
by the
--- -
ISOV. t>U.
as it will be a very enjoyable a f- Town.
Lawrence Movrelle of Portland,
Exiwin Sorsiine, Gaston, and Hes-
ter Plumner of Vernonia on Nov, pete and Chris Zehr, Mr. and Mrs.
21 , They were married Dec 1 by Winkler and daughter, and Miss
Rev. E. B. Iockhart.
Williams were Thanksgiving evs-
N. Mapwi
Arthur Sorenson o f Feaverton and ning visitors at the
Elizabeth Freeland of Hillsboro on home.
Nov. 27.
The were
John Gray, who has been spendin
Rev. George Marrs of A'oha, Dec. several months at Los Angeles, Ca
lif. returned to the home oi his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doy Gray,
in Regular Session
¿ r & X 'i S X
The Christmas Spirit
tr T' ck T;.Yrr
* *s
Fred», the six yesr old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. F. Knorr. had her
arm broken In two places ,u»t b_-
low her e'bow and received bruises
about the head when sh > was struck
by a Hght delivery truck owned by
forson high school and for two
years deliberately and repeatedly
her life for the sake o f the
chj,d w l oVer gra* and served in
M C A. will ta'li
trance inr le
at the Congregational church, Su,>
little girl had a nickle to spend ard
was hurrying acres« the street to
spend It. Mr. Lagerfeld' *#w h-r
on the s'dewalk and before he knew
d she w ns crossing th« _ '*•
stopped the c#r snd took her to
Dr. Msson's offle#, where the bones
[war* set and X -ray pictures taken.
her home for the winter with her
grand parents, Mr. and Mis. E.
w . Livermcre, Sr. at Huber, re-
£urned Sunday evening from a
week’s visit with her psrents, Mr. snd
Mrs. Ray Syver.on
((-.„H,»- WHIM
Guy Carr, A. Rohse, L. Dean
and L. Hughson had a very success
ful hunting
_ trip at Wamputo Lake,
near Gaston Sunday, bagging about
forty ducks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. VanKleek
apd daughter,
Thanksgiving day at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. An
in Portland,
M and Mrg
D Williams,
^ ^
daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
John Eggman and Mr. and Mrs.
charle# Wolffrun of Hillsboro were
dinner iruegtl at the Tom Allen
Kinton. Ore. Dec. 1, 1928 (Spe-
cial) Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cutting
had as their guests Thanksgiving
day the following persons; Miss
Mary Irow n, Charles Brown, EYar.-
cis Brown. Gladys Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Brown, and son, Harold,
of Trout Lake, Wash., Lloyd Brown
o f Corvallis, Mrs. Alice Cutting o f
Tigard, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown
of North Plain*. Miss Hazel HaUe
and Gottleib Sturm i f Tigard^spent
the evening at the Cuttirg home.
Mrs. Minn's Spatch was born in
Germany 75 years ago nnd passed
away at the home o f her niece,
south o f Huber, Sunday with heart
. Funeral services
held at the home at 1:30 Tuesday
afternoon with interment at Evan­
gelic cemetery at Cooper mountain.
W. F. Pegg had chnrge o f arrange­
Mr*. James Coutt# ard children
who have been visiting her sister,
Mrs. Courtney at Mllann, Ore., for
the last week returned to her home
her* Sunday.
V .t '1". i
• IJ° Ut Number Of Cit-
™&22~ jc
" 7 - an-* rr -