The Beaverton review. (Beaverton, Washington County, Or.) 192?-1941, October 12, 1928, Image 2

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Friday. Oot. 12, 1028
Roosevelt’s Rida
The famous rhle mode hy Theodor*
Rooarvt4t w n on January IS. I’.*kk
4 0 a 11 ' Ike" M e a t * 1'» A s m « ■'"!» "W
T iT
d ^ L n r \ » a * I»M
m lk s f i l e s iq t d p .u t # 4 0 #1 11a and
rwdWMf at htetgi,, ni. the aunt« flay,
lljhpptnf 01
»m k-l,n,‘»h .ir or »Wnirs
M \\ at#, ntm m hbnr* t»r ten mlMutea
in each place horse* were changed.
Relay* of horse* were ready at fair-
fa i courthouse, a farmhouse near Hull
Run and Bucklaod. going uud return­
Makes Life
K e lt time a coated tongue, fetid
breath, or acrid skin gire« evidence
o f sour stomach—try Phillip* Milk of
Magnesia !
Uet acquainted with thla perfect an­
ti-acid that help* the system keep
sound and sweet. That every stomach
needs at times. Take it whenever a
hearty meal brings any discomfort.
Phillips Milk of Magnesia has won
medical endorsement. And convinced
millions of men and women they didn't
have “ indigestion.’* Don’t diet, and
don’t suffer; just remember Phillip*.
Pleasant to take, and always effective.
The name Phillips Is important ; It
Identifies the genuine product. “ Milk
o f Magnesia” ha« been the U. 8. regis­
tered trade mark of the »’baric* H.
Phillips Chemical Co. and Its pre­
decessor Charles H. Phillips since PCS.
P hillips
r . M ilk .
o f M agnesia
Shaken Out
A happy family o f twelve arriied at
an Indianapolis hotel, touring from
Texas In two automobiles. After the
doorman had assisted each one from
the car the mother looked anxiously
around to see whether she had an
even dozen but counted only eleven
“ Mlstnh Potah." she said to the col­
ored doorman, “please shake those
blankets In the bottom o f that cah
again; one o f the children Is missln’.”
The “ potah" did as he was requested
and sure enough, out rolled the last
youngster.— Indianapolis News.
Fish Coloration
Protective coloration Is well devel
oped In fishes. Fish that come out <*(
«Jeep water with sandy t>r rocky bot­
tom* are silvery lo color. Thoae that
come from mud bottom or from dark
waters are dark In color. Young fry
in hatcheries quickly assume tit* color
o f their surroundings. Those that are
placed In white troughs become almost
Must Remove Crease
I f the rifle barrel has been thorough­
ly greased (as It ahould bet to pre­
vent rust, don't forget to remove thta
gre»tse before commencing shooting,
otherwise the barrel is bound to get
“ all messed up” from the resulting
powder debris, gas and the Intense
heat of tbe explosion.
Never Too Old to Marry
Marriage statistics issued by the
Union of South Africa record the wed­
ding of one centenarian and four other
men each more than ninety-live years
o f age. Three hundred bridegrooms
of eighty-five or over are also men­
tioned. and three centenarian brides.
“ Passing the Buck”
This phrase means “ to shift the re­
sponsibility; from the practice in
card-playing of laying an object on
the table before a player as a remind­
er o f his turn to deal, then passing It
to the next dealer.” —literary Digest.
Not Mentioning Names
He Got Them A ll In
The teacher was giving the flftb
grade a test. She wrote on the board:
“ Use the words see. saw. seen In sen
tences." One child handed In the fol­
lowing answer: ” 1 seen a seesaw!"—
Youth's Companion.
A in’t It Funny?
Dr. Caldwell watched the results of
constipation for 47 year*, and believed
that no matter how'careful people are
of their health, diet and exercise, con­
stipation will occur from time to time.
Of next importance, then, is how to treat
it when it cornea Dr. Caldwell always
was in favor of getting as close to nature
as possible, hence his remedy for consti­
pation is a mild vegetable compound. It
ran not harm the most delicate system
and is not habit forming.
The Doctor never did approve of dras­
tic physics and purges. He did Dot believe
they were good for human beings to put
into their system. Use Syrup Pepsin for
yourself snd members of the family in
constipation, biliousness, sour and crampr
stomach, bad breath, no appetite, head­
aches, and to break up fevers snd colds.
Get a bottle today, at any drugstore and
observe these three rules of health: Keep
the head cool, the feet warm, the bowels
open. For a free trial bottle, just write
“ Syrup Pepsin,” Dept. BB, Monti cello.
Jud Junkfns says its funny how a
bunch of men In a penny ante giiuie
talk more about high finance than
the big boys who regard a million dol
lars as merely the price of a white
The Pity of It!
What vast addition* to the
and ctmvenien.'e of life might
have acquired. If the money
wars had been employed In
utility !— Benjamin franklin.
*t>ent In
works of
Mixture of Grains
Tbe word “ pulse” Is translated to
mean any of the leguminous grains
such as lieans. peas or > diU or as «
mixture of euch grains in a meal or
flour to lie made into cakes.
Ceremonial Songs
fo r practically all occasion* Indians
had specia< songs.
Hunting songs
were sung only In hunting seasons,
visiting songs sung only when payin’
visits, and so on.
Birds K ill Rattler
Memory of Animals
Attracted by the repeated swooping*
o f two pheasants, a farmer's wife
■topped her car by the rondside near
Miller, S. D.. and watched them buttle
with a rattlesnake. She saw the rat
tier strike many times at the phea*
ants, which had no difficulty In keep
Ing out of its reach. As it struck at
one bird the oilier would dive down
and give it a vicious peck uutil at
length it was dispatched.
It Is said that the memories of cer-
talL animals are longer and more
trust worthy than those of humiiDS.—
Woman's Home Companion.
Good Advice
“ Keep your troubles scattered."
“ Heh?”
“ Don't let 'em hold a convention.”—
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Home Is the place where the eus
plcious eggs are not “ fried anyway.”
They're sent back.
l>* dirsi t*d ami g o v ein s d by tbs In­
“ It Is tbs spirit of Ih» sa* which
r*l>«la «asín«» lbs d id st«* of Hi*
Individual, but «ubmll« frwly <••
tb* d««potl«m of an orsanlsallon."
Traffic Through Sues
The Suez canal is 1»U miles long.
147 feet wide and Ò0 feet deep. It ia
a sea level canal, and slti|ia pus*
through It under their own power.
The average time of transit Is 10
hours and 11 minutes. The mavimuiu
speed permitted is 0 1-3 nautical miles
per hour. At night vessel* carry four
lights and n strong searchlight capable
of sending a beam 4.UW feet ahead.
Live volcaio-es are a terrible men
ace. And now and then are hideous
ly destructive. Rut at that, every na
tion has a “shoot tnouth statesman i”
who causes more destruction than any
volcano.—Atchison Gh-be.
“ In a tap*, perl the
Hen uf
art«** Treid 'fli*'
of ilrvmnls
s' •»hi* s»n«s cl unw illing«»«» to
The Pastor Says:
All tic things that man makes con­
stitute on!, the raw material out of
which woman makes the home.—John
Andrew Ho|mes.
A rt’s Origin
Tbe Inspiration of much of the art
of the jasl. say* the sculptor writing
In Farm and fireside, came from the
Only Real Test
The virtue of a man ought to he
men«ured not hy his extraordinary ex
ertlons hut by his everyday conduct.—
Supreme Defeatism
Tbe supremely selfish man defeats
Ills own purjiose and that quickly.—
farm and fireside.
C H A P T E R X III— Continued
Bui It was Stella In very truth—not
the Bob that he had truv»>lcd with and
fought with and lived with for ages
in the thirty hours that had elapsed
since he had first met her In the liv­
ing room at the J/B ranch. Gone was
the rough clothing, the broad-brimmed
sombrero, the high Nads, the belt and
revolver: gone In fuel was everything
that had distinguished the Bob whom
he had known, everything ex»vpt the
smooth sun-burned cheeks, the appeal­
ing eyes, the curly hair.
By some
magic the slim short boy had become
a slim, tall girl.
But Go Ahead knew her. Not for
an Instant did lie bother over strange
resemblances and all such stock-in
trade foollshm-ss. He knew her he
neath a hundred disguises he would
have known her. “ Bob 1“ he cried
flinging off his hat. And again "B ob!1'
And with the going of his hat Stel
la knew him
“Go Ahead 1“ she
gasped. Then abruptly her color fad
ed and she crumpled »town.
Go Ahead dropped his gun and
caught her as she fell. He forgot all
about Barker. But Barker did not
forget him. He sprang to bia feet,
and put his hands on the table to Jump
over It.
But he did not jump; Caesar had
jumped, too. and ha.) snatched up Go
Ahead's pistol as It fell.
“ HoT on there, white man!“ he
gasped. “ IloB on there. You Jes' stay
where you Is till Mr. George git*
ready to receive congratulations. You
hear me?*'
And Barker stayed. Stella opened
her eyes, and Go Ahead looked up
“ Pretty near. Barker.” he commented
"Pretty near. But not quite. Just
about i * o Jumps behind ns usual.“
Then Go Ahead looked at Caesar
•Thank you. old man.” he said. “ You
doggoned old skeeslcks. you !**
“ You's welcome. Mr. George, suh
You’* welcome. I Jes' natu'ly had to
butt lo. suh. Couldn't no ornery white
trash pussoo disturb yo' love makln’
“ Good enough!" Go Ahead reached
out and took the revolver from
Caesar's uncertain flngera. “ Now you
Sit down. Caesar, and get all the rest
you can." he ordered. "You'll need It
We’re going to get out of here.
Bob, dear, will yon see how many
horses are outside?"
Go Ahead knew perfectly well how
many horses were there, but he want
ed to give Stella something to do She
was still shaking from head to foot.
But his request brought her to her
feet Instantly.
To the door she
“ Five. Go-ey." site said
“One of them has a man tied to It
Oh. I thought it was you!”
“ It was—once.” Go Ahead grinned
“ But that little knife o f yours did the
trick. It made a bully spur to bring
on a III ot buck Jumping, and It cut the
ropes enough for the bmne to throw
me off; and It finished the Job on the
mpe* before unsuspicious Tony came
hark to put them up—and then tonk
my place— after
had traded
Stella did not speak, but her eyes
were adoring.
Go Ahead blushed beneath them
“ Oh, yes. the horses!” he muttere»l
“ Well, we won’t need but four. Think
yna can hang no to one of them
“ Yessuh! Sure can.”
Go Ahead shifted his gaze to Bar
ker. “ Now Barker," he said, "you're
going to e*»-ort us r.ut of this valley
past the machine guns and all. And
you're going to do It without—**
“ Walt (•’ Stella broke In “ Make him
»1« It pleasantly, Go-ey.” she liegged
“ He threatened to kill you If I didn't
marry him In your presence, pleasant­
Stella's intonation was some
what vixenish.
“ —You're going lo do It pleasantly
Rnrk«»i.” amended Go Ahead “ In re-
turn I'll Aet yon free as soon a* It's
entirely safe to do It; and I wont re
port oo your—er—activities, until—
well, say until I And soineliody to re
|K»rt them to. Now I l,et'* go. And
heaven help you If you make any frou
ble on tbe way out."
Barker made no trouble. The prom
Ise of freedom, however qualified,
plucked film out of the pit of despair
He was not pleasant as he rode hy
Go Abend's side out of the valley;
be could n»it be pleasant.
But he
tried hard to be. and neither the
groups of bandits who scowled af the
party a* It [M is s e d nor the machine
gun sentinels hy the waterfall pa*
sage questioned his friendliness, and
none of them were quite ready to try
lo «top him from going.
Aftei tie and the other three had
passed out of sight some of the men
iM-gan to mutter that he was walking
off with the girl to obtain whom he
had brought them Into all Hits trouble
mid was leaving them to bold Hie bug
But they «e r e not sure of their
ground, no Immediate peril seemed to
threaten them, and they had n. lead
era; as a result, the suggestion that
they go after him and bring him and
Ills eiimpunlon* back fell to the
A mile south ot the waterfall Go
Ahead halted lie hud noticed sundry
dust trail* rising along the horizon
"Barker" he saul. “ I'll keep my
promise It a entirely safe to set yon
free n..w so I’ll do It Beat I t !”
And Barker I mmi II promptly with
• •in an Instant’* hesitation
The three stood looking aftei him
with curious expression*, no two alike,
As our season* are so varluhle It la
bard to Ut'tcrmlu« when summer end*
and Dill begin« \V*
usually have as un-
b o I
days late In Hi#
sen m ' ii as any time
on their face«.
And at last Stella
during llie summer.
It la uol wise lo re-
“ Are—are you quite sure you arc t
\~Var f l
lire all the auimner
right In letting him go. Go-ey?” sli*
J dishes, for they may
H o w many people you kn»>w en»l their cold* with Bayer Aspirin 1
asked, hesitatingly.
be much needed dur­
And how often you’ve heard o f its pn>tn|< relief o f aore throat or
“tjutte . . . Not Hint I think he'll ing the full month*. This year cu­
tonsilitis. N o wonder millions take it for colds, neuralgia,
go very far.
See those dust trull* cumbers seeut to he especially good
there— and there—ami there?"
He and abundutit. Try putting up tome
rheumatism; an»l tlie adíes and pain* tliat go with them. The won­
pointed "That’e Uncle Sam’s cavalry
In this simple w a y;
der is that anyone still worries through a winter without tliesn
The flying men spotted Robbers' Boost
Cucumber and Calaiy Pickl**.— Fill
tablets I They relieve quickly, yet have no effect whatever »>n the
from an airplane day before vester- quart or two-quart glasa Jura with
heart. Friends la ve told you Bayer Aspirin is marvelous ; doctora
day. and the troop* are closing In all small sited cucumber* or If lurg# cut
have declared it harmlea*. Every druggist lax it, with proven direc­
around. Barker way get out of the them lengthwise into
finger sized
ring, hut I «lout think he will
He'll pieces, arrange tlv* to six rtalk* of
tions. W hy not put it to the test ?
probably be forced hack to Hie It is « i t ; celery and one or two small »inloiis
A«|>tria M lb# trwvW mark of It»for lltNftdir#
and from what I liearit the men say ; In each Jar; when well filled with (lie
ot MwDMcotk'ftrtvWotor of »»ti(rltf»*M
after I traded places with Antonio I f*
vegetables nil with Hie boiling hot
dollars to doughnuts that they'll hang vinegar, using one quart of vinegar
jiitn the minute they know they're i (If very acid dilute with water), »me
tra p|»ed."
cupful of sugar *nd one half cupful of
“ And II he gels out?"
Salt. Seal Hie can* and pul away for
"H e w ool gel very far even then
use In a week or two. Onions a* well
lie's too well known. No, It'a good hy as cucumbers may be »lived. If too
to Sheriff Barker."
Hen’s Long Service
, large to serve.
Hyena Evidently Felt
Stella’* eye* clouded. " I t —It—was
A In i-ti»jr four year old hen, believed
Here Is a simple mustard pickle
Solitude Had Charms to have »el a record for longevity for
good night for poor dad. too." she
which Is especially gno»l for thus#
breathed. “ He’s dead. Did you know
The cage of (h# «polled hyenu ut chlcketis, recently died at llie farm of
who can add llie cuccumiiera dally to
(bo Wnshlngluu sou la empty. Not Charles Wllrhey. of Reuver Valley,
the pickl« Use one gallon of vinegar,
that visitor» car# much, they never
Wade shot him last night
I'u. The hen had heeu (he property
. one-half cupful o f mustard, one cupful
saw the animal anyway, hul It mark* of Wttchey all her life and laid egg*
I heard the men saying six They
of salt, two cupful* of brown sugar.
the pasting of tlie only hermit liead,
wanted him buck when It was too lute.
until about two months before death.
Mix cold and put Into a large Jar add­
says the Pathfinder Mngaxlne, In l!w
But. Iielleve me. Boh. dear. It hat alt
In recent years the hen had been rath­
ing a quart or two of small cucumbers
grant animal rollectltin. The hyena er feeble and lost her sense of bal­
turned out a* he would have chosen
as they grow. Cover with horseradish
had n- name. Neither had he a laugh
He wouhl have taken death rather leaves and set away.
ance. hut continued laying.
Longing for the South Africa rock*
than the alternative*“
French Potato Salad.—Cut a large
where he spent Ids ruh days deprived
Several hours inter, ns the tired
onion Into illres and pul to cook In a him of Ids reputed sense uf humor.
home» plodded Into Muslin. Go Ahead
suiicepun with two to three tahle*|MMm-
On the day of Ills arrival at the too.
turned to Stella
“ Boh. dear." lie
fuls of butter. Cook until very soft.
as If In fulfillment o f a vow that he
asked, "what time doe* llie train for
In another saucepan rook four nieilliim
wouldn't expose himself to the guse
the fast go through?’*
U n H A N F O R D ’S
sized potatoes cut Into hlta; while they o f (lie curious, be crept Into Die box
“ Why, In—lo about an hour.
are cooking add a little of the potato shelter lu the corner of Ills pen and
thought I told you "
wuter occasionally to Hie onion to tin
never voluntarily left ll, »lay or night
"You did And I was Just thinking
So« *•«*• 9 «N •
Ish conking until tender. Mash llie po- They tried lo starve Idm out and they
that an hour was Just about long
tato, add Hie onion and one quart of
forcibly dragged him out, but It was
enough to gel married. You know I
good milk, season well with salt and no use, the auinml always ran hark.
love you. Bob?"
pepper and nerve very hot. Thl* make* So they left him alone, ami he dla»»t
“ And I love you too. Go Ahead
i a nice »upper dish for a cool night.
after twelve years of self enforced
But—hut fro a —a—criminal. I’ve
Stuffed Lettucf Hearts— Take sn ail
a a
head* of lettuce, remove the center*
“ forget It. Bob dear."
C a i n s lito * llvw I
; and till with chopped chicken. niu«h-
Nlli, don't I waul lo forget It I j room*, shredded nimonds anti tender '
Don’t I waul to furgel III And I wuut celery, all moistened with a good may- i Cane cream, a new augnr by product
r«lN ««J unt'l*«,«nl «ft#«
to marry you. fcul —hut I won’t un
onnnlse. Serve garnished wltlli a devrlo[ied hy the bureau of chemistry,
• I « « . T h a ? s i i . » ih » n M a a t caasslea-
rtM potara« —hah at*av !»•— <•— |H—»U l.
less—unless you take all that money bright rc»l struwlierry.
has proved to be such a popular deli­
H , » ■ ■ ! ■ » « «!• • » «ra a J— « o r « w a n * » »
cacy In the S imi lh (hut the government
that I Inherited and lhat Barker want
• a# caa ba « « « « a b « <k« « a l l o U m ilt.
Chestnut Tim*.
AU I>«u#S»«** P i «»'I 7t< H. I 1'ft.baa««.
ed to marry uie to get. You will lake
Is now Introducing It lo North«*ru
The chestnut is one of the most cwikrrjf expert«
II. won’t you. Go-cy?"
A deep brown lu
Go Abend smiled “ I'll do whatever popular fall nuts and Hallow. >n color, the new offering Is more or less
would lack most of a medium In fluvor between Che
you want me lo do. Boh.” tie said
i 'A K K L . K '8
of Ita charm if (’ anndlan maple crrnm, a thick spread
“ But—well, there's the county clerks
lli«S favorite nut made from maple sugar, nnd the ant-
lH # u «e * liM > d r «r
office In the courthouse where we enn
»lid not appear. la**«» sirup popular for use on pan
K w l e f t e Cesine « a d
gel a license; nml there* llie cliurrh
m m i * • • G r a y s e d f s d s d H okd
It* delicacy of . cake« Kxpert a any llie flavor ratulne
M s an d |l fl» s i I t > i i I « u
and parsonage alongside ll ; uml If we
H l u v t O r « U h e N ir h .q i. » Y
flavor blends so lo an unusual degree the taste of the
waul lo catch that IruiD we've got no
R O IK 9 T O N
L W iI fo r —
I n
well with others original sugar Juice. Molasses I* the
time lo spare. So—“
c o n n e c t io n w i t k P a r k e r * » U n ir I » » earn M a k e « t b o
that it Is a gen ! Juice remaining after the making of
h a ir » o f t a n d A o 0 y
fto r e n t e L y m o ti o r »1 d r n g -
But as they gut <.n llie ¡ruin three-
eral f a v o r i t e ' sugar hy crystallisation of the enne
quarters of au lioui later. Go Ahead
toasted or served in combination with sap. but cane cream Is the whole
was wondering uneasily how he was
l oilier foods. As a soup, nothing could Julcc— thick, creamy nnd alrupy.
ever going to tell Bob that It was no
T l«*«» I - » usimi u. HADIS . n o m i tosi
he more delicious than one of clmst
Karoll any Ilia* HaaU fu« lit»r *iu r «
other girl altngelhei who liud Inlier
, nut«
Ited Hail fortune and Hint she herself
Want War on Moose
C. A . IllU g.
l-ortlaa u . O r
Chestnut Soup.—Cook a quart of
had mulling “ She ahull never know
The Swedish wild moose Is threat
It It I can prevent It." he decided uf chestnuts In boiling water, slip off ening the country's match Industry hy
tlie brown skins nnd drop them Into
fdff < a ll) rnla l l « m «
Hm «f is hm I mvmths |r|«|
feeding too generously on llie ns|>en
«ci* «r Pipe MW. QgMrtkaetg arssw.»#.) tire l im* fa r ««
cold water. Drain and add to boiling
ttees from which matches are made
au«***«. m »r—w, Aeeaoe. L« A m «*«. C ah T
wilier with a small onion, three stalk*
Thus the Vnealervlk Match company
of celery, a bit of hay leaf. When
W. N. U . P O R T L A N D . N O 40 1921.
In the central province of Smnalund.
Paragrapher Akin to
the nuta are tender, mash through a
It asking llie government for permis
Ancient Court Jestei sieve, add white stock, s tablespoon »Ion lo kII* the moose, regardless of
Consolidated Operations
This republican counterpart ot Hie fill of butter, salt and pepper to taste existing gome la w « For some year*
At Worcesler. Mass., says the B o«
nnd one pint of hot milk
Wlten holt
king's jester Is the newit|uiper [Mina
the factory hat tried to raise thcac ton Globe, three generations of Fred
lug hot remove to the hack of the Ire«**. hut the attempt# have been frit*
graplier and paragriiplier.mrl<M>filat
Halstead» Inst their tonsil» within th«
His development, and the privileged
trnted hy the “ monarrh of the 8we»l
spare of 45 mlnulew Fred Halstead,
and one half cupful of m m
Serve Ish forests.”
character of Ids (sisIHon In our sys
fifty-seven; his son. Fred, Jr., twenty-
hot In bouillon cup*.
tent, constitute one of the iiiosi I in
nine. and Id* grandson, Fred lit, four
presslve curiosities ot modi rn |»ur
nnd one half, were the three wliw
Gave Name to Fabric
mi Its in. Allied Jay Nock writes. In cupful of blnnchcd chestnuts wllli one '
made n family event of what might
Ratlate Is said to gel Its name from
cupful of celery and one cupful of
llariier's Magazine.
huse heim srallered Incident*.
Baptiste, a linen wenier of Cnmtirnl
diced apple, mix with mayonnulee and
No more exact parallel to ttie prim
Hire Inaliliirion could I«* devised The i aerve with water cress.
kind of cambric, frequently dyed or
paragrapher ha* Inheriled all the
Chestnuts with Brussels Sprout«— printed.
The Fan—Did you notice that un-
Jester's privileges, neither more nor . Thl* is a dish which Is considered.
»Jerlmnd throw hy the pitcher?
fewer, and exactly Hie *nrne set ol I very cholre.
fook Hie nut* and
Ilia W ife (at her first bust-hull
P. 8.—The business end of n worn-
expectations are pul u|sin him
| sprouts and serve In a rich white nn'* Idler.
gam e)—Why do they aland for It?
The freer lit* speech to the *i*v | sauce.
erelgn lord the closer and ahrewder
Deviled Chastnuts.—Pill a teaspoon
his approach lr the pluln. naiura'
tul ot olive oil Into a pan. sdd I wo ;
truth ot things. Hie more he It sp \ cupfnia of blanched chestnut« stir
predated and applauded. The wliler
and cook tint II well browned, dust
III* ex|ierlehee ot human nature and with salt and cayenne und serve In
llie cliMU-r tils InterpreliiHnn* come In 1 nut cup«
the rislduul common sense ot limn
Dsssert. — Prepare a
kind, llie more tlrmly. hy common custard hy sibling a tcuspoonful of
consent, lie Is fixed In hi* J»ib The softened jp'lutln and a little lemon
more profound and subversive hit Ira
rind to a pint ol milk, iwr eggs nnd
plication*. Hie stronger hi* posIHnn one-halt cupful ol augur; odd a pint .
at Hie republican sovereign's court
of conked and mashed chestnuts j
Moreover, there Is no one lo conies» I Pour Into a mold and chill
Serve |
or to share hi* privilege*; he Is s surrounded with wlil|i|M-d cream.
unique figure In a unique funiiion If
Glactd Chestnuts.— Boll sugar and
Nina out o f ten cs » m o f D E A F N E S S snd H E A D N O IS E S are
the prophet, the puhlhdsl. the pro
water until a heavy straw colored
caused by catarrhal mucus (m a tte r) in the Eustaehirn Tubes, which
f»***<>r. lecturer, or so-colled puhllp sirup result*, dip blanched chestnuts
connects the nose end the ears. Leonard Ear O il removes the MUCUS,
servant undertook to assume til* llh
In the sirup and put to drain on wnxetl
ertle* and prerogative* he «m ild nt pa[>er. Dip again when cool. Keep
TH E HEAD, and the result is improved Hearing and relief from Head
nme come to grief In nn avalanche of
Noises. It is not put in the ears, but is "IN S E R TE D IN TH E NOS­
the sirup hot over hot water while
general disapproval.
T R ILS ’* and "RUBBED in BACK OF TH E EARS” end special in­
dipping. Keep covered from the air,
structions by a noted Ear Specialist in each package for different
or the nuts will soften.
hinds of Deafness and Head Noises tell you oaactly how to taka cere
Chsstnute.— Prepare
of your own case. Leonard Ear Oil ie not an experiment but has had
Churches Not Always
augur sirup using two cupfuls of
a very large and constantly growing sale since 1907, end every year it
of Steel and Stone sugar, one of wilier, the Juice and
hee relieved thousands of people o f their Ear Trouble« No matter
how long you bevo been deaf, nor how deaf you ere, or what reused
A missionary to llie Arctic regions rind of a lemon, ('ook until thick,
then strain and drop In the rooked
your deafness, or how many things you have already tried which have
recently found llie world's queerew
When thoroughly tmated
failed to relieve you, Leonard Ear Oil has relieved many such cases
This stands on Bluckleud chestnut*.
as your own. Why not you? The price ie $1.2S. Leonard Oil is
[■our Into glass cans and seal. Tl la
Island. <'umbel lurid sound and I* con
for sale at Druggists, or direct postpaid upon raceipl of price.
■Iruiled entirely ot sealskin* Wood preserve I* nice to serve with any
Ice cream or to accompany a light
and other building tiinlerlal not he
/nfereefr'ng f o l J t r tro t on requ««t
Irig available. Hie missionary responsi
A . O. Leonard, Inc., 70 Fifth Ave., New York
file for ll* predion sened the «kins
together and stretched them ovet
" H c L L m /
v r ttfl
wluilelsitte "girder»."
Another missionary oncp built *
Maimed by Explosive
church of snow with seni a. altar and
Hudson Maxim narrowly escaped
pulpit complete
He *tnte<l that Iti*
snow Intlll edifice was warmer pian death ninny times arid Ills left hand
was blown off during Id* experiments
most rlondie* lie hud vlslti-d In nthet
wllli iniixlinlle
In spile of Ida bent
count rles
Among culla drain, probably the toward Invention of war materials
Bathe the affected parts freely with
Hudson **uxlm was au advocate ol
iman curious Is to lie found In t'gaiela
Cuticura Soap and hot water, dry with­
»lowed from a tifatane* It lisiks Ise arbitration
out rubbing, and anoint with Cuticura
a giant lui» alack hut «I eh aie quar
O in tm e n t This treatment not only
ter* ll Is seen lo lie lutili o| ara«* aurt
soothes and heals rsshes snd irritations
mild Till* strange building sent* 4.
but tends to prevent such conditions.
• ssi |M*rsous
To Cool a Burn
Balaam of Myrrh
Improves Hearing, Relieves Head Noises
C u ticu ra H e a ls
Annoying Rashes