The Beaverton review. (Beaverton, Washington County, Or.) 192?-1941, August 10, 1928, Image 6

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    ' If elected I pledge myself that planks carried in by voters. Any­
5. ’’Our plank on
Mr. Mel R am ni of Wataon Street
Three cases of small pox aro now '
Mr». K. A Keeling left T hursday Mi». L. D. Rhelleiibergar.
•» reported a< being aariously ill.
I under quarantine near tV dnr Milla mornlnir for u few dux» vl.-.|t with
Mis. It J. I\noli |in,| t MI| , hlldrvn
Alw* Gambelln of Kinton foil off
Kngleke spent the h rr ,,OB- J,,h "-
h* A»"»*1* "« s «' of p o rtisi d More lune In oli guesla ut
a hora» Monday, fracturing her right | week end
with his faintly at Seaside.
thè homo of Mr». C. M. Hall, T uea­
, Mra. Musa Dyar returned S unday1 „ Mr
“ ra lllrani Pavla and day, The little daiightor, Isabolle,
Th# Bert hold Feed Store »hipped front a week'» vacation at Naw- M rt' ^ red Krotch left S aturday to rvmalned fur a aeveral dnys vla-
* carload to Tillamook during th# port, Ora,
| raauma Oudr work at Knanpa Ora. It.
«M k
I w . «
I Norman l>»vla left for th# aatoo
Mra. George Tltcomh left Momlay,
1 c -. , *
Mra- S. Mapca and aon, Vcrncn,
instim i of Thursday aa per form er
* G* : r r 90* ! r ny
Monday tV spend a week a t ' "
sales and deliveries
V . Ocean Lake. . Mlaa Claire
Scldniore, who hns p'nns, for her homo In llollywuod,
th* Nelscot Beach, - near
month of July.
linen spending li, i i ......... m ill iv. Calti, a fte r apcndlng severul weeka
Sunday guests at the K. W. Wood- lalivea In Portland spent « few days at Ih» lumia of hvr sister, Mrs. L u r-
The Chamber of Commerce meets
ruff home were Mr. and Mra. J. F. with her parents. Mr and Mrs W. itida Davla.
next Tuesday evening at the Odd- Brooks and daughters of Portland, i | | Sr Id more.
fellows Hall.
Mr. ami Mr». V. C. Peck and
Mia* Helen Clarka and b ro th er,' Mra. L. C. Norton, form erly of dnughtora Itorothy and
llolon of
( Mr. and Mrs. 0 . P arker of P ort-
Hill of I ortland are spending a few Beaverton, but at ¡resen t making her Nampn Iduho arrlvvil Sunduy to vla-
'and were Sunday guests of Mrs M.
[ Santa.
£ r f r l i U I days at the E, W, Woodruff home, konie with her daughters, in Port- It at thè F. C. and F’. D. IVek homo»
Mrs. Grace Stone of P ort Town- land. »I*»»»* several days last week In Beavorton and thè R. L- Tucker
Mr. W iliam Raynard left Tues­ send. Wash Is spending two week» w*th h*r »later, Mrs. H attie Suver home In llillsboro,
day for a short business trip to at the home of her aunt Mra. Julia
Mr. and Mia. N. W. Gorhani and
4 * 4 S lls
| The Misses Dorothy and Vivian thelr house guest, Mrs. John H.
Dr. and Mra. George T. Darland
Dr. L. P. Waidt ae,t Miaa Gladys Harr»» left Ins' week for Stockton, Browning of Indlnnnpolla, Imi. and
of Hillsboro spent Tuesday evening Young of Portland spent Monday * a Ilf. where they will visit their Mrs. (ìraee Stono of i'o rt Townsond,
at the home of her daughter, Mra. evening with Mis» Prances Ester- *'»ter. Mra. V. M. McCrary and fam
Wa». enjoyeil a mwtor trip over thè
> Willis Cady and family.
ily ar.d aunt, Mr» A Jack mid fam ­ Mount llood Loop, Tuesduy, They
X .*
ily of Milton. Calif.
also visite,! at C'nud C'ap Inn.
Mrs. Lutie Boring, who is spend­
Mr and Mr». F. H. Svimene were
ing the sum m er at Lake Lytle visit­ Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W al­
Mrs. H. C Courtney and Miss H<-
Mi a, !.. F. Il limimi g beg» to an-
ed a t her home in B-avertnn fur a ter Scott in Laurelhuret Park, P ort­ h-n Courtney of Molina Ore. are nounre Mie opening of a Beauty l ’a r -
few day» th is week.
spending the week at the home of lor a t hor homo oli Franklin Ave-
the fnnncr's parents, Mr. and Mre.
Mss Bessia Patterson of Eugene.
Mra. A. G. Field« of Lewrtaton, w , | vVarren. Mr. Courtney via- nue, Your patronage la kindly sol
Ore. is visiting this week at the
a,Tlv*d Thursday for an ex- ttffJ ov„ , hc w„ k
Adv. c-96-30
home of her slater, Mrs. H attie Su­ ?*■*>.
tended visit with her son, Mr. L.
ver on Lombard Street.
F. Fields.
I Mr. and Mrs. Jam es Chinn and
How good new « doe* sp re a d .
J daughter, Glcnnys of Portland and
..M r , Ruth N'evil'e of Corvallis O re­
Mra. Charles Eaterley
returned M iu U i , t hi„ n
of ,,ol... Idaho G ENERAL G A SO LIN E la
a lili
gon. a form er schoolmate of Mr». Tueaday from Devil» Iaike, Ore. wcck,
to Vellowatone th e B eat.
Adv 3 Í tf
, C. E. Allen, spent the week end in whore she has been visiting Incm ls , |p n t Sl„ „,liy nl tll,. hmo ,,f
the la tte r’» home at W estdalc.
for the past t»n day*.
cousin, A. C. Chinn and family.
Mr. and Mr» R. C. ?>oty and
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brown and
Mr, WMbur Wpw,
ho. trRa „
daughter, Lourame were dinner guests Mr«. B row n. parents Mr. and Mrs. . | Um.h, on W«dnes<|ay at the home
Wednesday evening at the home of I. L. Morolock returned Sunday from c{ her moth,.r . Mri- W eller In Port*
her brother, George Janin of Portland their vacation a t Ocean Lake-
Th, gui, „ , w rrc th(,
Mr. and Mr». R. D. Young and
Mr. and Mra. C C. Beach and Carl dames Guy C arr and J. R T.vlbcr
son, Jack, who have been visiting in Curtiss were dinner gueita Wcdnes- of Beaverton and ft. 0 Gould of
Vancouver B. C- for the past week, day evening of Mr. and Mr#. G. b'. Portland. They atten '».I the Duffy
left Saturday fo r a trip to C rater Huston, Portland.
I Player» In the afternoon.
The Misses Cathryn Deaainger and
Mr. and Mra. H urry
Mr ar.d Mr». George B. Haynes ar- Merle Davies left Monday for a two laughters, Betty
and IVggv
of M i l ) »nd Saliirdav, Aug. 10-12
rved Sunday from Chcago to spend week'« vacation to be spent a t Wall- Lindsay Ca'if. visited from Friday
two weeks a t the W. C. MeKell home. owa Lake in E astern Oregon.
until Tuesday a t the home of Mis Dorothy Revier and A ll-star Cast
Mrs, H aynes and Mrs M ckell ara
, Pennett'« sister Mrs. F. J Diet.-eh.
Mr. and Mra. L. B. V an Kleek Th
w r„ n .tu rn lng from « 1«
lis te n .
Sun-, Mon., Tues.. Aug. 12. 13-14
hit mother Mrs Helen Van Meek Wl.(l||#. m„tor lri
Rln-Tin-Tin, The Wonder Dog In
Mr. and Mr» Howard llughson and and Mr Tom Denm. of Portland N. tlonft, Pnrk
Th, , wo
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. .McFarland were ^ « ited at the W. R. Van Eleek home
n, SumUy p, , nlrklnj| „ Fennln-
dinner guest» Thursday evening at Monday evening.
j „ ¡ £ P, rk> Portland.
W ednesday, Thursday. Aug. IS-lti
th r home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl llu g h ­
A , urpriM
w« , gjvcn Mrs
son, Portland.
Mrs. M E Mahoney returned to j
KrUh, r by lh .
, |. n,|i,V
S tarring J e tta Coudai
Mise C am a Peterson, accompanied w attle, Friday (today) afte r spend - ( Aj(J of , h(.
Congregational Church Comedy: “ 46 Minute» F'rom Holly­
by the Mia«es E ld i'a and Jcasie Pool ii-g several day» at the W. F. Des- on Thllr„ , „ y .fte rn o n .1 the ho.,., of
w ood"
of Hillsboro and iKiris Zook of Mil­ singer home,
waukee. motored to Falls City, Ore
Mrs. Samuel B. I.uwretie« of R a -
for the week end.
eigh, and sister Mra. Louise C arter
Recent guests at the home of Dr. of Seattla were
ar.d Mrs. K S. Welsh were Mr. and Tuesday a t the hon\e of Mrs. E P.
Mrs. E. S tratfo rd and daughter of Perkins on Lake Road.
C algary and Mr. and Mrs. L. Stew art
Mre Charles Dunham and Mis»|
of Plato, Saskatchewan.
Vera Henderson of Portland visit- j
Mr and Mrs, L L, Lassweil and d several days th ii week at th e.
son. Lewis Lee, Jr. atWmU-d the 'home of Misa Henderson's parents,
wedding of Mrs L assw ells sister. Mr. and Mr». Gs-o|rge P. Henderson. !
Dolly Leal, and Mr. John Forbes at
T h e B e a v e rto n G ra n g e m e e ts B at-1
Portland, Saturday evening.
urday of this week. Miss Oma Km-1
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ja rk a and
mons will tell of her trip to the lla- j
daughter, Charlotte and Mr. and Mrs. waiian Islands, during the ufternoon
Paul Ringle and »on Richard of
lecture hour.
Hillsboro, spent $undny w llh Mr. and
Meal In A Hurry
Mr* Law rence L’arnes at Monmouth,
I v ill not have any (Jrtuial >poke*- body with ten votes can have a question is: 'Wine for the rich,
ptao. "
Another ringing declaration of
fsm piign pt »ncrpics hac been
n i r b\ 5\ iM Kcger». in the lore-
g rg uo r t» b'arir.g on hi.« race
t..r .' -endrut a* the candidate of
t'-e Amt-Bunk Patty, lor which
he eas recently nominated by
i ■'< 'lie humor run weekly, and
(: rerr d 'ttm fu b h ed Americana,
dirg Henry lo rd , Nicholas
Mu-ray Bu'ler. Ring Lardner.
Harold L ’cyd. William Allen
V.liite and .tudee Ben Lindsey.
In hta e e -k 'y appeal for sup-
¡v-t K cge'i t«nlay says:
Preparatory to starting an a
gre«Siv» campaign — which w
carry the war right into the en­
emy tei'itory— 1 owe it to the
Anti-Sunks who have nominated
me tor President to sum up my
tia rd to date
! want it understood first off
that my platform is made out of
plank, and that policy is already
getting us a lot of support. We
are also leaving room between
planks for any wise-cracks that we
think should be inserted. So here
is my most important planks to
1. ""Our support wj II have to
come from those who want
N O T H IN G and have the assur­
ance of getting it.
2. “W hatever Hoover or Smith
promise you. we’ll raise ’em at
least 20 per cent. »
„V "W e’ve eliminated party lead­
ers. slogans, boll-weevils, luncheon
clubs, vice presidents, conventions
and golf pants. Probably we'll
eliminate a good many other so-
called political necessities before
4. "W e absolutely promise to
make no effort to get votes by sex
beer for the poor ar.d moonshine
for the drys.'
b ’’We will not only give the
tarnier relief: we will-cure him of
octng a farmer.
7. "No matter what's on our
platform now, on November 6 we
w ill have a bon tire and burn the
• —
8. “ I also pledge mysplf that, il
elected. I will not have any Offi­
cial Spokesman.
“And speaking of Spoke-men, it
looks to me like voters will begin
to get the idea that the Republican
candidate it Doc Work and the
Democratic candidate is Johnny
Ra«kob. W hat the voter really
has got to do is choose between
A1 Smith, the city slicker, and
Herb Hoover, the honest country
boy And that ju«,t naturally lines
'em up for the comedy candidate.“ !
Made to
O iíbe
-H i
— Will Roger»
N> dsjr
A c®
"T h r New York delegation is National Convention of Pcliti-
th< big attraction down here in cians.’’ says Roge>s, “and they
Houston and they are rehearsing are going to try and entertain 'em
here, while in most cities that are
0-_ y ^nd night so they won’t call used to ’em they just tolerate 'em.
it ’H \> iv . i .' These home Demo-
“Now, about Al. I am sorry
c-.ets down here want to see Dem- At is not coming down here, but
c<r*'s mat can draw salaries even he has never been abroad and he
in Republican years.”
thought it was belter to not show
\ icor »: slv pros-entinc his own himself till he had to Al is a good
Cirr-oaigu lor P.-esidcnt. Will Rog­ fellow and I want to see Him do
er; th::. • pe.n his comment on the as good as he can He is a bear
Democratic convention in Hous­ in the mud. but he never has been
ton according to today’s Life. started on a dry track.
v.i'.Kh. wilt, a "National Comniit-
T hat’s where we’r# going to
tec’’ oi fifteen distinguished citi- be sitting pretty We make our
re rs has nominated him as the platform as we go. If we get to
ca ididatc against political "bunk.” a state that wants a wet plank
'Down here they .never saw * 1 jrhy we just sfop 2nd put it in
for ’em. and if wc get to a stite
that wants (arm relief, why we
just stop and sell their farms for
em and give 'em relief.
"If we yet to a place where the
people claim they want lower
taxes, why we have 'em sell then
property and pnt the money in
tax exempt bonds just like i'ie
rich. If somebody wants food ic-
lief we move 'em to higher ground.
If somebody wants a Jam bU||f
their section, why c.c let ’rm do
it through the building md loan.
"Any time yon get ten vo'el
you can, rest assnred we will give
you wfmi ypy want You «ev *e
are meeting co n d itio n as ;!:<-y
• • -
Best Meats and
at the Right Prices
Orí. *<
Mr». Charle» Holbrook of Futuaud
visited at the home of her mother.
Mrs. A. W. Brookfield. Thursday-
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Doty and dnugh-
t. r I/ourame, motored to Salem Sun-
Automobile Tax Repeal
Received With Great Joy
Y o u r L aw n s
U Itll A
F ail B anks
T he repeal of the 3 per cent
automobile tu x , one of the m ea­
sures in the tax reduction bill ju st
Dr. and Mrs. C. K M»» om ^nd
signed by President Coolidgc, will
w ate r sy stem
sons, left Sunday morning to spend
cause an imm ediate drop in the
two weeks’ vacation at Cannon Beach.
Come |n
price of all automobiles, win g rea t­
S a| u,r d a y ! I ” r ' » " f M*s
Boring spent '¿T j ' w Brand''of" Portland is ta-
ly stim ulate autom otive business all for“ ASs h i a n d " o r e T
aud let us
or ^ r o
re l.t.v e s last week at S e Jfd a .
uin(f „ r e of Dr. Mason’s p a te n ts
over the count r - and is one of the for a t S
demons! rate
I ^ r - Mike Pienovi is spendng th# during Al« ^ .- n c e .
biggest booms to cne industry in
what they
recent yearn, leaders in motor car
’ Kline and son Frank were week a t \\ ilhoit Springs.
. u ’ M ^ hnuuou» ai.d
circle, sav
* '”'* * F n d a >' « 'en in g a t th e ' Mr. ar.d Mrs. W. R. Van Kieck v is-
„ , J
w r! do.
C ongratulary w in s, lettem ^
H M- Barnes home.
| ited with Portland relatives Sunday, children. Mr and^M" L
telephone m essages from all sec­
Mr. and Mrs. G- B. Houston of! 71,6 Johnnie Summers residence and Mr8‘ Sadlc Sm ,th and dau*h ter'
tions of this territo ry w-ere receiv­ Portland were
S aturday
evening '• being beautified with a new coat Miss Eleanor of Corvallis spent Sun-
ï*hone 7702, Beaverton
ed during th e week by Otto Erick­ guests at the C. C. Beat* home.
ith Mr. and Mrs. " R. ~
G. Kelley
‘ day w ............................
Dewey, The Plumber.
son, D urant dealer here.
Mr J. W. Raynard is enjoying i
Ground, Waah.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Allen and Mr.
statem ent made public
yesterday, and Mrs. G. W. Hael* - ' Hillsboro visit from «.u
who lives a t
Otto Erickson said: "A lthough the motored to Neskowin Sunday a f te r ­ Pacific City.
full force of the tax reduction bill noon.
•will not be felt until the next fis­
Miss Elm# K rause of
Portland Mrs. Mosier spent Tuesday
w ith 2
cal vear, a few of them will be
noted im m ediately.
The automo­ spent Monday and Tuesday with her Portland friends
bile tax repeal is one of the la tte r ister, Mrs. C. M. Hall on Lombard , Mrs. N. Talbot left Friday for a (j
and will mean an instant gain by Street.
m onth’s visit with a daughter a t» «
m otorists of $6fi,000,(H>.
Mr. and Mrs L. W arner, who have F recw ater, Wash.
“ Concerning D urant Silver Anni- been_ living in the Wjlliamsip home
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Erick- \
v ersary Sixes and the D urat S ta r j on Tuckpr S treet moved to Portland
son of Oswego, S aturday A ugust 5
Fours, the
m easure means th a t S aturday.
4th, a daughter.
th e re will be a noticeable reduc­
Mr. and Mra. M. W Manning and
,;, .,rge G arrett >nd ^
tion in price.
The reduction will
fu rth e r enable
m aintain son Maurice spent Sunday at Camas sons r e tu r n ^ Sunday from . tw
> V S
the Durant policy of g rea ter auto­ Mash, vis,ting at the home of her week’s trip to New York
m other Mrs. R. Jaehn.
mobile values a t the lowest pos-
' Miss Carna Pptpr«on U r a a a l««s> K
sib’e Drice. M otorists will be able
Mr and Mrs. Phillip Petrequin o f ’ . : '
Ca™aL.,r e te 1raon w»* * lun- J
E f f e c tiv e F r i d i ,v A t tfu s t l O l h 1 9 2 8 the currant isrue
al e Grove and
P etriquin’s L L , ^
Thursday at th . home i
C .»ecD V e P r i d o y , A l g U i t 1U ID . IJXO,
to buy these cars, which, since Lai
sren ts of Orenco picnicked at R i p - j” M'®* Dorothy Dixon, in Portland. 8
o f $ 6 . 0 0 F ir s t P r e f e r r e d S t o c k o f t h e Forllard Electric
th e :r 1928 debut, have met an over­ parents
whelming enthusiasm and demand, pling
ling W aters on Sunday.
| Mrs. J. H. Yeager and children re - 4.
P o w e r C o m p a n y , w ill b e a advanced
in price
and have garnered a coveted place
Mr. and Mrs, Henry Jones and *urned Sunday from a week's visit 4
among the nation’s leading motor son. Johnnie of Oakland Calif, a r - " ‘‘l* rel»‘' ves at Grand Mound Wash. 4
cars, a t a still lower figure.
Mr. and Mrs. I. K M«Uler and i
"D u ran t Motors Inc., will con­ rivrd Friday to visit at the horn« of
Marion, returned Sunday
tinue to offer "The Largest Closed
Mrs. John S Frowning of Indian- e' eninff from a week epent a t N e- i
Car fo r the W orld’s Lowest Price,'
autom obi'es th a t are
r e ­ apolis, Ind. arrived S aturday for an ^a r ^a-
nowned fo r their
power, extended visit at the home of her
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Lassiter and 4
perform ance, comfort and econo­ brother, N. W. Gorham and family. Mrs. E. A. K eelirg visited Sunday 9
my. and m otor cars th a t are the
Miss Maxine Schannep, who has 1 at tha Frank J. Tibbetts homo in A
standard of automobile values.”
been musical instructor for the past
two years at Vosh.sha U niversity,
W ilbur Weed left Monday for Van-
J5 £
a t th Y 0UV,' r Wa«h- » h ere he win attend
th . Officers' T
for two
TISING DEPARTMENT W ,l,e Cady home. Saturday.
T raining
raining Camp
Camp for
Special R ates F or The Summer
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Alexander and
daughter. Eve'yn left S aturday to g
For Sale— B ul'drg; will eat any­
by Howard Boyd
•pend two weeks at Pacific City and g
thin,*: very fond of children.
various beache«.
W anted— A lady to
outside and partly
behind the
m » ( M a g i. .
p .c k -
¡ 5 X
« “ S
* ,,« 6 ’ °S *'er> > P3C *. ^0m*. - f ^ Parpnt». Mr. and Mrs. j Al the new pr ce of $98.00 per share, this flock yields 4
Personal Widow
, u
. 1C. W. Allen.
circum stances wishes
m arry * mi'’?
T h at ' a . telephone
pom never . lilt
a net return of 6. 12 per cent
two sons.
an auto except
For Sale— Piano, owner going a -
T hat tru th
broad in a strong, iron frame.
why cosmetics
T hat the quickest
For S .le— sîravenrtein and Waxen
p e a l Happenings
Come hero ami cet thj fixin’s. Wo have all
these little delicacies that turn u meal into
a royal repast.
We have a full line of meats, groceries and
fresh vegetables, aif aiS|H.'li/.jiij» am!
things your palate maycrave at the lowest pos­
sible prices.
D R U V K R Y SKRVICK: Wrst Side 2 p m
Fast Side J p. m
We lielivcf Fatui,lay At 10;.'i0 a m.
Farmers: We pay cash for your eggs and produce
¡"Silve r G r a y s ”
T o The Public!
i From $96.00 to $96.00 per share i
Portland Electric Tower Company 4
and Bradshaw and Damson plums.
_ i
W. B Emmons, Phone 0203. c-3
Mr. and Mr*. BVeighton attended
the Three Links meeting in Banks.
Mr. and Mr«. George Soliera and
daughter C ady* of Huber, M t
W ednesday m orning fo r a motor
trip to tha beaches along the coast,
will travel m fa r aa Loa Angeles,
T hat every
the Guy C arr spent the week end a t Bay
n£ That
.k erV borrowed x . feath u ers do
and . „
not 0caan
make fine bird*.
f Mr- and Mr* J ° hn Bankus and
____ wise
___ girl*
___ ch,ldren of Portland were week end
TTiat tact is th a t which
use to make slow men blush” a t f “**1* a ‘
hom« <* t*«r mother
thelr own *P«*d-
| Mr" Fred Cady’
T hat clothes may not make the
The Congregational Sunday school
man, but a t least keeping them teachers and offic ers he'd
th eir
we,l presaed goee a long way t o - , monthly meeting a t the R. C- Doty
• ward not appearing hard presaed.^ home Tueaday evening.
g 4
a 2
Enjoy the "Silver G r a y * "- They arc built to
£ivc the utmost in comfort and safety. Individual
»cats, air cushioned, lights so that you may read
at ni^ht, air brakes and a drive r of Southern
Pacific dependability. A great network of "Silver
G rays" cover tbc Willamette Valley, providing
fact, convenient, comfortable, economical travel
to anil from valley points and Portland.
Note these Schedules to Port hind from
Forest G rove—leave 5:50,7:45,9:43 a. m and
hourly thereafter to 2:45, then 4:4?, *5:43, 6:43
and 8:45 p m,
H illsboro—leave 5:43, 8:01, 10:01 a. m. and
hourly thereafter to 3:01 then 5:01, *6:01, 7:01
and 9:01 p.m.
Beaverton—leave 6:05,8:25,10:25 a. m. and
hourly thereafter to 3:25 p.m. then 5:25, *6:23,
7:25 and 9:25 p.m.
Rail tickets arc puod on the " S ilv e r G r a y ”
motor coaches including the 10 ride tic kef
»Sunday only.
Division Offices at
Salem, Oregon City, Hillsboro
Gresham, St. Helens and St. Johns
Ore., and Vancouver, wash.
Southern P acific
C. E. Allen, General Agent
Ticket Olfiee, Heaverton I'narmacy