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    T he B ea verton R eview
C onsolidated, D ec em b e r 2 8 , 1 9 2 3 with
■ ■
Volume II
No. 2 3
- L "?
W orthy Cause
N E W S A R T IC L E which we publish today sets
forth some o f the main facts reKtirdiiiK the progress
o f the University of Oregon gtfl campaign. It is a
worthy movement, well deserving o f the support o f every
man and woman who believes in the University of O re­
gon and who favors giving the rising generation of boys
and girls their maximum chance in the world through the
equipment o f higher education.
The University o f Oregon has in recent years been
faced with a serious problem. Its attendance has been
growing faster than have its facilities or its maintenance
funds. In 191 3-14 there were 732 students enrolled. I o-
day there are 2,389. For this year the total will reach
2300. W ithin the ten-year period just past the enroll­
ment in Oregon's high schools has almost trebled. Ten
times as many high school graduates are going to higher
institutions of learning ns were going ten years ago. On
the basis o f all this it may be confidently predicted that at­
tendance at the University o f Oregon will double again
within the next five years.
In 1920 the University o f Oregon received from the
state under the millagc bills $806.497. In 1924 it will re­
ceive $848,620. Thus the income from the state in four
years has increased $ per cent. Attendance in that four
years K m increased 39 per cent, eight times as fast. O k
viously a 3 per cent increase in income will not take cnie
o f a 39 per cent increase in attendance. The University
.must increase its income. Oregon is tax-burdened al­
ready. and the University does not desire to go to the tax­
payers for a larger millage tax. Hence the gift campaign.
Through this gift campaign the University hopes to
raise $3.000.000 in five years. The money will be ex­
pended for new buildings and increased facilities.
University alumni have undertaken to raise $1,000.000
for three principal buildings. The current student body
will Bnance another building, the Student-L nion. Citi­
zens of Eugene have undeitaken to raise $SQO.0Q0 for a
University auditorium. Thus a very substantial begin­
ning has been made. A little later the intensive campaign
is to ramify. The whole public will be asked to partici­
pate. It is a worthy cause.
“Red Lights *1
The Story
This Masterpiece of Gasps W as
Adapted From That Famous
Drama, "The Rear Car."
which w o EaUblilhed in 1910
Beaverton, W ashington County, O regon, Friday, M ay 9 . 1 9 2 4
H 16 H S C H O O L
Th<' total receipts frulli Hin
' Henlor
play were $152.33; (lie
nel ninnimi cleared wns a little
nver *10« Tills wns very good
mill Mil* Helllnl's fei'l Well re-
I im til fur Mie Iniril work tunt was
I neri-sssry fur Mil'll! In "pul it
III'rues" In Mie way It should
I lie
Tills play eluseli Mie enter.
I h juments Mint will lie heltl Mils
year us u week frinii Friday Is
1 1 'uiuiueneeiiietit.
The Keims were ilisirilmleil
In Mmse linving einipiitis Friday
night al Mie Senior Piny. The
annuals are very good ami are
I eerlnlllly umili Mie seventy-five
• 'eiils which they rust.
ila if will have nlmiil $70 !<•
• urn nver tu Mie Student limi)
I as Mir nummi lins mure tliun
I mini fur Itself Mils year.
j luis fmaneeil itself with
' money taken in from noverile
• ing mul cimpons.
The Haeculureule sermun will
'h e lu* I il in Mu' High School Sun.
¡■lay, evening nl M:«u. The Miri»
Mlee Mitili will sing anil Mie
! speaker of Mir evening will he
Rev. Sutctiff of Portland.
The sehuul pleine will lie giv
! eu Kriilny, May V:
(lie «lu
I 'lenir will go up the Moluiiilnn
River on Mie river boni "Maile-
( line.’* Everyone will enjoy him­
self we Mre sure fur the six
weeks exams will tie nver Mien
I ami u gum) many mlmls will be
The I m i i i I
Ai I H ' i t c e W e hope.
will N' hvf Mie dock al Ihe fool
of ■\lil«*r Klreet al H 30 A M
There win a meeting he|,| at
Untibt t'.ltappel near Medur Mill-
Monday evening at which Ihe
Medal' Mills Mnmmercial
was organized. Mr K S. May
well known here In Hcavciinn.
wa* electeil President of the nun
• li*» mafterplece ai gasp» was ind Mr ll it Findley Mastot "*
adupled frulli Kdward K Ri.Se » ‘ (lie local lirange there was elec-
sun essful elagr pia)
I he Rear led SiH'relary.
Mar," wilieb
litase !
MuminiMccs were nppuinleil to
Lo* Angele* (or imaiMIs ami le i •¿outer with Ihe Beaverton Clnua-
now ime uf tti> limai jn nlitabl» J t i e r . r • '
i i ’ d r e « , d i l l i nn - shows in Mie cnuhtry.
aitnpted lo ahamlun Ihe altilnde
l.lueciicu liiiilgrr. Mie liuleil • f "ppusiMnu Ilia) has been in
•llieclor. has inaile a picture Miai ;
evidence in Mini romuiunily and
is ha ITI log, ingenious, ab»<>rh¡ilg
'o work along with this commu­
as different from any other ¡ nity in securing a tunnel thru
mystery pia) ynu rvgr saw *as! • he ridge In Purl laud.
•lay from night.
Il sels oui
Ill justice In these people il
with the frank mleiiMun of gel
ling Ihe audience all wnrkcil up must be saul Mint they are badly
and il perforine this difficult Hi need of u belter nutlet. I hey
feat hy an endless aueeessimi elaim to have a better route for
nf startling, unexpected and n a tunnel into Ihe metropolis
mazing liie.ltlenls, seasoned will) Ilian Ihe one (hat is being ran.
Their'» is a higher
laugh» ifbd made all the more «idered.
interesting hy a wonderful love pass where they travel than is
either the Manyon mail or the
.No mure Ihulling »cipicncc of I leav crlun-Itertha route
g li lull has been filmed inai Mie where (hey would liu ve the mn-
Si ene in Mie privale ear coupled nel ruii'lrurleil is a shorter lim-
l(i Ihe làutimental I,liuttfd
flu ae| than the route now being
a slee|l grade the coupling« are considered.
loosed and Ihe rear cm plunge.
Tltcsp are the claims, set out
In wlial seems like eerinfn di«- hy I hose who say limy know both
asler. And Mien mure Mu ills! routes. The writer dieclaims a
The east lie Tongs in electric knowledge uf Ihe topography nf
light«; .Injintile Walker. Marie Ihe country bul lie does know
Prelusi, Alice l.akc, Ray <• riUt11., that by working together we
haginar (iud<>wsky, and others. can get a thing done lull by
The piece has been singed vv'lh hanging back and lighting ;»n>
unsparing lavishness, with ri< h new proposition il will tie niaih home.«, beautiful gown-, • Iiftlfii11 In accomplish anything.
a stunning rabarel scene, im-
I heul je Pullman inleriors, and
beniilifnl mnunlam shot* in t te
tirami Canytiu where Mie entire
conipalty went In lake scenes.
\flrr lucuting hla long Ioni
•Isughlei Rulli in Angeles.
I (ike Mar Sun Mie ruilruad uing
unte seuils III« lrus(ei| ftieml
Mudfrey Murray tu hrlug ber
luirk tu • Hurngn In a private
l'iillman far, Shorlty after Ihe
•llseuvery nf ber llldcilllly Rulli
lierumes stihjeeleil In slrange
wnrnlugs nf denlli frinii iinmiuwii
snurres, votene eunveyed ninnigli
Ihe ali h) menu» nf a reti hall nf
lu all) Rulli s fears ber fisnee
John Mlitke, a sueressful busto-
nras , man engagé» bis frleiul
Ite»ili, ’ilio. Vrlme defleelur" In
linndlrthr r a s e. Seuil Icarn* Miai
I.uke Marsun lui- a mainai' brulli-
er Etra whu bus long barhnreil
a secret baie fnr Mie wi'iiltliy
lalIruHiI man ami is unw seek
ii>g In wreak bis vengcatiflc by
means nf a myslerimis iuvenluu.
Rulli ami ber party «lari Kant
in Mie privale ear aMaiiied In Ilo
MnnMneiiIal l.imiled l.ilke r.nrsun
lueamvbile lisa rnme un to Los-
Angeles blmself unii mlssing li,»
datiglilcr hy a few hours slnrt
after ber in a speejsl Irnin. On
honnl Mie privale car slrange
Ihjng bappen. Ape-like liands a-
A mas» meeting is called hy
ppear Miruuglt vlnl|l«tors, red
Ijglils flash, slrange sbailuw« are dlterlioii of Mayor Erickson ai d
r is i abuut— and Gudfrey Murray I Mie City Council lo lie held in
lite Irusted friend In found mur­ the Heaverlmi High tvliool Au­
ditorium Monday, May 12, fo<
ile red.
Mie purpose o f organizing a
l.ilke Marssn'a Irnin eatehea volunteer fire department for the
up with Mie l.lmlled ah,|
• ity. This is nn enterprise Miai
linards Mie privale ear, uverjuyed deserve.« Hie support of Ihe en
In ere his daughler agalli and
tire rnmiiiunity.
gr|eved al Mie fate nf hjs iriend
The principal speaker ot the
Siiddeiily while Ihe Limited i-
evening will he Mil chief o f Mie
•'Ijmjng a sleep grulle, Mie leni' fire deparlmenl of Forest Grove,
• iir enniiig Mie Marsnu mirly who luis volunleereiTto rome lo
breaks Inope. K/.rn appears, firn
Beaverton mid give instructions
■llshlly elated Mini all wjll he kjll
lo llmse who join the depart
ei| fnr righi liehlml Mie plllitgjnp
ear Comes Hit special Inno. .Itisi incili. II will I m < an opportunity
for a limited number, of people
wlien Mie lerrible eulljslon np
receive Mn» insl niel ion free
pear.s rerllan, Mie second traili
h|ls ini open swiliii and j» mir- and In become members of the
o' .'znni'’ aMon.
aeulously vvhisked uni uf Ibi'
Fzrn Marsun meels a weii ile W . 0. T . U. T O M E E T
eerved fate and Ihe h.-ippitv re-
unlle,| party continuo« ils jour-
ney un (he special Irnin wliieh
The regtilnr meeting nf Ihe
nnw heenines cnnveiiod inin a W. C. T. U. will he held at the
hniieymnnn expresa.
home of Mr nnil Mrs. Mel Barnes
K'rom Mie momenl after ynu on Watson street Wednesday of
pali with Mie admisslnn priee next week. May Mill al 2:30 P.
Our lesson
will he:"Our
In Mie mnnienl ynu loave our M.
Miealer "Red l.ighls" |s gnlng Mothers, Or in Memory of Our
lu keep ynu Muilled, Mekleil, de- M'dhei's". All are welcome to
come lo these meetings.
- 1
- L - L - l — .' ! " g j j
T H E B A N K S H E R A LD , Volum e X IV , N o. 25
The Navy Department desires
lo afford an opportunity for s
Interesting Little Notes from the Surrounding Country ss
number o f engineering students
old j f Our Active Special Correspondents W eekly
frop, selected colleges and uni­
versities to study engineering
installstons on board naval ves­
with friends at Huber and vi­
sels »ay» the Lieutenant Com­
cinity have returned to Seattle.
mander I). K. Iiarbey of the Navy
Reerultln Station, Portland, Ora-
Mesdames N. Andrews, Nei-
The Rcofield Bake Ball team
gon. letters have been sent to
W. Anderson, N. Jackson,
played at Banks Sunday.
Clark, and Miss Nancy Lar-
questing that two Junior » t u - 1 Mrs. W. Burnell, has her »la­ •on attended the quarterly meet­
den!« from each one be hum - 1 ter visiting hers this week.
ing o f the Federated clubs o f
mate«} to take a cruise or shout
Fred Irwin and wife motored Washington County at Metzger
two weeks duration during the to Banks on Rsturday afternoon. on April 30.
coming summer.
'The Social Improvement club
Mr. and Mrs. Neusorn attended
The period from July t »o
their second meeting in
July 15 ha« been
April at the new home o f Mrs.
selected as the most suilahkr Banks.
Neipert on Blanten Ave. There
l im e . Hludenl« on the we»t e«»a»t
Mrs. R. Beneiel made s bus­
were eixteen members and three
will be assigned lo vessel» of iness trip to Banks on Thursday
visitors prssent.
Mrs. Walter
Ihe Hnltleahip divisions and the morning.
students on Ihe east (oast will
I.. A. Cutright and family was
be assigned io the Destroyer at Buxton on Sunday morning ing paper on early settlers and
Indians o f Oregon. This dale,
Squadron« o f the Scouting Fleet. on business.
April 24, wa» also the birthday
Jack Irwin o f Portland was o f Miss Nancy Larson, who was
a Sunday viator here with bis nicely remembered by the mem­
In Ihese bright spring days Brother Fred.
bers with an appropriate gift.
feeling« nf wanderlust or lan­
guor, called by some
fever," affect many persons. The spent Ihe week end here with her
persou who has plugged away son Fred Irwin.
at work all winter feels a re-
Charley Carlson and family
The Harding
i vulsinn from its bonds. He longs o f Burrvitle, was ip Camp on
their regular monthly meeting
l to get out along some trout Sunday evening, visiting.
Saturday. The large number in
| brook, or wander in wild coun­
The Roy Base Ball team will attendance especially enjoyed a
try in vagran! fashion, free from
play the Scofield team at Roy talk given by one o f the faculty
es re.
Cregon, on Sunday nexL
from O. A. C. on “ Canning.
Is it just laziness* Or is it
some debilitating effect o f war­
Mrs. Kenneth Benefield, is ill
The lete frosty night* togeth­
mer weather?
Probably there at this wrling in the wrltng a er with the hail storms we have
i» somelhing o f holli elements the Forest Grove Hospital.
been subjected to in this lacal-
in it. The system of civilized
Mr. and Mrs. V. Richly and ity recently has to a certain
s o c ie ty , by which we get the
family motored to Hillsboro and extent damaged the early cne»-
highly complicated blessings of Portland on Saturday afternoon ry crop and the first blossoms
modern life, in return for reg­
o f the strawberries.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gratton
ularity o f toil, goes against ihe
Arrangements are in progre-s
grain once in a while. A bright returned home on Tuesday morn
to organize a Parent-Teacher
sunny spring day is so beautiful
Association at the upper Logan
that one longs io get out and Los Angeles California.
school. By this aid in tAe tali
just enjoy Ihe season. But recent The L. G. C. meet last Thursday
we hope lo be able to accom­
Alice Kay to M C. Smith el industrial c h a n g e « have abridged
and elected new officers for this plish ihe necessary requirements
in : 16.71 an. J. H Walker D. L. Ih«. hours o f labor a good deal,
year. They have layed new plans to become a standard school.
C., $10.00.
olid most p e o p le gel considerable for a Club House here.
I.cvi E. Keck to Annie S. ehanre for out door life in this
Mrs. P. J. Darby had what
D. R. Dounell, was in Hills »he farms a hundred per cent
Colvin: Tract ni Sec. 3«. T. I N.. lovely lime of year.
born on Saturday morning be­ hatch in turkdy eggs. The set­
it. t w .. $ 10 . 00 .
tween trains to bring bis wife ting was fen egg* hatched by a
I John Halitwin >lo l.evi K. Keck: O. A. G. A G R IC U L T U R A L
home from the hospital.
(Tract in Blk. ft. S. Park A<ld.
Rhode Island Red Pullet who is
V’ i > rrst Drove. MAS .00.
When Oregon invoiced Us
M r. and M r«. Joe B ritis h took as er..uq uf her ten little grey
V B Hailev et ux to Adolph rienlfure and surveyed it« mar­ I here htby lo Portland on Thurs­ turkeys as though (her were
l.eppin: Tracis m 9, to, ami I A. kets il went a step further and day morning to have its tonsil» “ fed" chicks. A former hatch
T. I N.. R. 2 W.. $10.00.
hull! a program based on the taken out by Doctor Bailey.
was almost as good being 11
Clara A. Pallcrsoa to r. F facts discovered.
The aim is The home o f Taunderson bad turkeys from twelve eggs. The
Hubbard: T ra d in Johnson Es­ to renter on produce that will a fir between Sand 9 A M
at twelfth was a fully developed
tate Add. Beaver!ow Reedville Ac yield we! I and sell well and Fri-day noon, it started from the turkey dead in the shell.
« 280 . 00 .
»lili keep up soil fertility and flue, and in a very few minutes
Wilson H. Rogers to Mary M distribute farm
That everything was burned lo the
lingers: Tract in Tualatin Car­ means more money for the faKm- small rhildrn and her sewing
dens, $1.00.
er and Ihe industries and busi­ marhine but nothing else.
U. 8 National Bank o f ,\ew- nesses that he serves.
berg to R E. Brown el ux:
Mrs. J. D .Gray and daugh-
The program has been pub­
ter, Mrs. F red Eller and two
Traci in Sec. II and 14. T. 3 lished hy the siate college in a
S . R. 2 W.. $10.00.
children, spent Thursday at the
booklet, a copy o f which has
Jennie C. Marlin et vir io S. been received hy Ihe Review.
home o f Mrs. Gray’s son, Mr.
Doy Gray.
A. K'redrirksen el nx: pari of Farmers wanting copies may In­
J. 8. Gilkey and family are
Hlk 34. Beaverton. « 3000 . 00 .
quire o f their county agent or by again living in Ryan Place.
A Surprise stork shuwer was
Ceo. W. Curtiss et ux to Mary writing direct to Ihe college at
K. G. Winstock. formerly of given for Mrs. J. J. 8ower.s at
M. Lynch: 5 ac. Henry Noland Morvaltla.
the home o f her mother Mrs.
Jr., n !.. C.
Oregon newspapers as well as Portland, have moved to Ryan G. W. T e fft with Shout thirty
A. C. Hinkle cl ux to A. R financial and trade associations Place.
guests present.
England: lt.17 a,. See. i. T. have studied and approved the
Mrs. Fred Zilly will entei-
18 R .3 W „ «10.00.
Mr. G. W . Mertz o f Forest
program In Ihe main and have tain Ihe Ladies' Embroidery elvb
C. H. Estes et ux to James S. Pledged Iheir help in carrying on May 15.
Grove was town a short time the
Royer: Tract in Sec. 31, T. 1 It out.
latter part o f Iasi week. He is a
Mrs. M. B. Moore, who has
N. R. t W „ $10.00.
canidate for sheriff on the Re­
Henry F. Bellarls et. ux lo cnee to Watts Community Club: been visiting here has returned publican ticket
M M. Fifer: pari o f nik. 3. Tract in M. M. Walts D. c. C., lo her home in Billings. MonL
Mr. Frank Horken, who has
Sherwood Acres, $¡.’ 50.00.
Mr. and Mcs. ft. W. Apdersim
transferred to
Truslces o f W alts Memorial
E. L. Keas et ux to Emma have returned to their home here
Churrh mid I'nited Evangelical Teresa MeNeal: Tract in t»eo. I after .«pending the winter
in Washington, left Thursday to
take up his work there. Mrs.
Church o f Ihe Oregon, Confer- Richardson D. L. C ... 110.00
! Portland.
Hocken left Sunday to join him.
Chas. Sherburn lias been ap­
Mr. P. Zimmerman o f Yam­
pointed a delegate to meet with
was in town a short time
oilier delegates at Tigard to dis­
cuss the location o f a union Saturday evening. Ba is a can
didale fur nomination as uon-
high school.
nressman on
M. W. Storey and family have ticket.
taken up their residence on the
Mrs. Alvin Alkins o f Aloha re­
Itonso property here. They were
formerly residents o f Westmore­ turned lo her home from Port
land. Vi ednesday. She has been
land district in Portland.
taking rare of her daughler-in-
I A large number was present law who has been operated on
at Ihe meeting o f the “ Double
for appendicitis.
Six" Odd Fellows and Rehekahs
Iasi Wednesday evening. A bas-
Mr. and Mrs. Spcnkc ttccomp-
kel luncheon and dancing werewanied Mr. Bert Hnrkin on a long
enjoyed hy everyone.
drive through Eastern Oregon
In Ihe dance recital al Lin­ Iasi week end.
coln High School April 21 and every thing drying up on the
also in Ihe music reeilal in the east side o f the Cascades.
Sherman Glay
Mr. A. G. Beals o f Tillamook
•’veiling. Miss Melanie Parke of
was in luwii a short time Tues­
Rvan Place look an active pari.
day. He is a candidate for Ihe
The last meet ing of fhe Ryan nomination o f Joint Senano lor
Place Progressive Glub was well Ihe district comprized o f Wash-
attended and Ihe meeting was ngton, Lincoln, Yamhill and Till­
very interesting.
Questions of amook counties on the Repuh
interest to the romniunity were lican ticket and asks your sup­
discussed. The next meeting o f port on a platform calling for
Ihe club will be held May 9 at fair play.
8 P. M.
The regular monthly meeting
of file Mity Council was held io
the Mity Hall Monday evening
Il was expected that, they might
lake tip Ihe matter of a new
Moon«'ilman In place uf Krank
llnekeii, who has moved from Ihe
city, hut it was noi taken up. The
evening was largely (aken up
with routine business.
Tiie mailer o f improving the
e ast end o f Sixth Street was
taken up and the Council de­
cided to have the Hnuorder pre­
pare resolutions of Intention to
Improve ll, as well as West
Street. A new petition was pre­
pared and presented «»king for
(lie Improvement of this street.
W e s t Street Is the street run­
ning from Ihe Morse Hail past
the Mily Hall. The maUer of the
improvement o f the east en,| of
Sixth Slrect has been up several
times and it 1» believed I ha!
the resident» who live on lbi>
street will lie given a mad on
which they rail travel at all -ea-
snna of Ihe year.
| Mr. W eller asked Miat a fin
hydrant be located somewhere
m the vicinity o f his residence •»
there are a ronsiderahle number
fire protection. II was decided
afler some discussion thal three
new fire hydrants be ordered and
the Council will make a lour
nf inspection to ascertain the best
location for them.
Few oilier matters which muld
he railed new came up except Ihe
decision o f the Mily Council )o
lake steps fur the organization
of the volunteer fire department.
A meeting was railed for this
purpose is lo be held al Ihe
High Sellout Auditorium Mon­
day evening. May !2.
FROM „„ .*-~:r:~viJPONDENTS
The Mirage
The Hiteon Woman's
Mrs. Ira Lynda and daughter will give a tea al the home ni
o f Rn»«burg spent a part of the Mr». George Anderson on the
month of April at the home of ifternoon. Miss RUth Llnklater
T. Cnscadden.
o f Hlllsborh will be the. prin­
Mr. and Mrs. H 8. Brink who cipal speaker o f the afternoon.
t have been spending some time Everyone is invited.