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    Illinois Valley News, Thursday, January 12, 1950
’ W ife ly Rebellion
' Lower Education
By W ill Bernard, LL B
w ritin g “ 30” to a successful
• * •
and PU PILS beaming over th eir
new plant.
* * •
The ABERNATHYS looking
sorta wilted a fte r puttin g their
first edition of the NEW S to
bed— about 3:00 A. M.
* •
Reader's Courtroom
People w ondering w hat has
happened to
S ta te la w s v a ry . F o r personal
gu id a n c e , see your lo ca l a tto rn e y .
Moy a Pedestrian Collect
Damages if Bumped
By a Fire Escape?
A t the end o f a m o vie m atin ee
several o f the pa trons in the balcony
decided to m ake th e ir e x it by way
o f the fir e escape. They stepped out
onto the p la tfo rm — and the d ro p la d ­
der swung slo w ly down to the street.
The end o f the la d d e r stru c k an un­
suspecting wom an passerby, kn o ck­
in g he r down. When she la te r sued
the the ater fo r dam ages, the pro prie -
* * •
LOLA SM ITH’S eyes reflec­
tin g the sparkle of the stone on
Congrats, AMOS.
• •
The VALLEY rallying to the aid
o f the ROY HOWARDS— nice
OZZI — more
Jr. Womens’ Club Meeting
The Ju n io r W omen’s club held
its reg u lar m eeting a t the home
of Dorene I’erry last Friday night
when installation of officers for
the ensuing year took place. Daisy
Nassen, a form er mem ber, acted as
installation officer. A g ift from
the club was presented to Maude
Lackey, retirin g president, in ap­
preciation of her untirin g e ffo rts
in m aking the club a success d u r­
ing the past year.
A fte r a short business meeting,
w ith the new officers presiding,
u social hour was enjoyed, re fre sh ­
m ents being served by hostesses
M eredith Mock, E tn a Doney and
Je a n Nichols.
The next m eeting will be held
a t the home of the new president,
A nna Nelson, Friday, Jan . 20.
At the lust m eeting in Decom­
ber the J r. W omen's Club en­
joyed a combined business m eet­
ing and Christm as party a t the
home of Roberta Boyd, with
A udrey Lemon and Anna Nelson
as assistant hostesses.
The club wishes to extend
thanks to Cham pion’s V ariety and
the Illinois Valley Cleaners for
their donations tow ard the C hrist­
mas basket th at was prepared at
this meeting.
to r in sisted th a t he was not respon­
sible fo r the m is b e h a v io r o f the p a t­
rons. H ow ever, he a d m itte d th a t cus­
tom ers often had used th is same
e x it in the past. F o r th is reason the
c o u rt held h im lia b le , saying th a t
it was up to the th e a te r m anage­
m en t to take reasonable pre cau tions
against such a dangerous p ra ctice .
• • •
May a W ife Refuse to Live
With Her Mother-in-Law?
A ne w lyw ed couple m oved in w ith
the b rid e g ro o m ’s w idow ed m othe r,
who p ro m p tly took com plete charge
o f the
household— in c lu d in g
strin g s.
d isg ru n tle d
b rid e d id n 't lik e th is a rra n g e m e n t
a t a ll, b u t h e r husband f la tly re ­
fused to fin d separate qu a rte rs. At
last she le ft by herself, la te r suing
h im fo r separate m ainten ance . He
Insisted th a t a husband has the ex­
clusive rig h t to decide w here the
fa m ily should live , but the court
disagreed and gra nted the w ife 's
p e titio n . Said the ju d g e : “ W hatever
his du ty as a son m ay be. a m an
m a y not b rin g his m o th e r to p re ­
side in his new home. T h a t place
belongs to his w ife ! ”
• • •
May a W ife Get an Annulment
Because Her Husband Doesn't
Have a College Degree?
A fte r se ve ra l ye a rs o f m a rrie d
life , a w ife w ent to c o u rt fo r an
a n nu lm en t on the grounds o f fraud .
She to ld the ju r y : B efore the w ed­
ding. her husband-to-be said he had
a m e d ic a l degree and was p lan nin g
to ap ply fo r a license to p ra c tic e .
B ut a fte rw a rd he kept postponing
the a p p lica tio n , and fin a lly ad­
m itte d th a t he had ne ver fin ish e d
Walter Burger Marries
Darlene Nimmis
W a lte r B u ig e r of Cave Ju n c ­
tion, and Darlene N im m is of Au­
burn, California, were m arried at
the Gospel T abernacle, Jan u ary
The groom 's fath er, Rev.
D elbert B urger, officiating.
The bride was accom panied to
this city by her fath er and m other,
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Nimmis. Miss
N im m is
form erly attended the
P e n te c o s ta l B ib le I n s t it u t e in Gil­
roy, C alifornia where she met Mr.
B urger.
The church was beautifully dec­
orated foi a W inter W edding with
large w hite bells, fir bows and
stream ers.
The bride wore a
gown of pale blue satin.
bridesm aid, Miss Joan Yandell
wore a gown of light blue with .
b la c k v e lv e t bodice. I he best m an ,
w a s the g ro o m s b r o th e r G eo rg e
B u rg e r.
Rev. D on W a n tla n d sang "A t
D aw n".
The cerem ony was at
tended by many friends of the
valley. A shower and reception
followed with the newlyweds r e ­
ceiving many lovely gifts. They
will reside in Q uartz Valley, Cal­
ifo rn ia, where Mr. Burger and his
w ife will pastor a church.
Roy Scouts Have
Overnight Party
his m e d ica l studies. The co u rt,
however, decided th is deception
w asn't bad enough basis fo r an an­
nulm ent. He com p are d the w ife 's
situ a tio n to th a t o f a b rid e w ho
discovers th a t her b rid e g ro o m 's
teeth are fa ls e —o r a b rid e g ro o m
who discove rs th a t his b rid e 's
blonde h a ir is dyed. In a ll these
cases, said the judge, the deception
is not serious enough to ju s tify an
annulm ent.
• • •
Is o Man Guilty of
Aggravated Assault if He
Pinches a Girl’s Ankle?
T w o g irls w ent to a m ovie, s ittin g
behind a young m an and an e m p ty
seat. M id w a y th ro u g h the show,
tj,e n la n ' s hand s te a lth ily reached
under the em p ty seat and pinched
the ankle o f the g ir l d ir e c tly be-
hind A fte r a b rie f council o f war.
Ihe g irls exchanged seats w ith each
other. A g a in the hand—again the
pinch ! T h is tim e they got up and
went to the m anager, te llin g h im
of this "a n n o y a n c e ." H ow ever, the
g irls seemed a n y th in g but annoyed!
As they talke d, they joked, giggled
and slapped each oth er on the back.
Die youth was la te r arrested fo r
"aggravated a s s a u lt," but a fte r the
judge he ard the whole story he held
the defendant innocent He cou ld n’ t
be g u ilty o f such a heinous crim e ,
said the Judge, since it seemed tha t
a good tim e was had by a ll!
• • •
T roop No. 20, Boy Scouts of
A m erica enjoyed an overnight May a Husband Annul
party at the Redwood Rnnger Sta
A Marriage After 28 Years?
tion S aturday Ja n u a ry 7.
A husband w ent to c o u rt fo r an
evening was spent in instructions annulm ent. 28 yea rs a fte r his w ed­
on subjects necessary for the ding He c la im e d he had ju s t found
boys advancem ent. A d em onstra­ out tha t at the tim e o f the m a rria g e
tion on use and care of firearm s cerem ony his b rid e was a lre a d y
which included all angles of safety the com m o n-la w w ife o f another
was given.
Ten of the Scouts m an ! To m ake the sto ry s t ill m ore
passed the first aid requirem ents re m a rk a b le , he alleged th a t the
oth er m an was no one else b u t his
and three passed safety.
ow n b ro th e r! H ow ever, the c o u rt
R efreshm ents for the party refused to g ra n t an a n nu lm en t. The
w ere furnished by Dave White.
ju dg e said he d id n 't be lie ve i t
"and thus in one city you may
find a Dodge-Plymouth dealer,
a Chrysler-Plym outh dealer and
able m ajority of the Democrat
a DeSoto-Plymouth dealer, all
members and practically all of the
independent of one another, and
Republican m em bers “ sat on their
of course independent of the
hands” as th e a te r people say.
Chrysler Corporation except th at
Lest you m ight think I mention
; they handle its products."
this lack of applause fo r the mes­
Thus all of the corporation’s
sage in a sp irit of hide-bound par­
dealers are given an opportunity
tisanship, I m ust point out th a t my
I to handle this popular car in addi-
com m ents rep resen t accurate ob­
! tion to their other slightly higher-
servation and rep o rtin g as anyone
, priced lines.
The dealers agreed
who was present would testify. On
th a t this is an advantage in a city
the other hand, I consider the na­
serving large ru ral areas, where
tu re and extend o f the applaus-
the rugged service and dependa­
an im portant and seldom obtained
bility of the Plymouth has be­
indication of the general attitu d e
come a tradition.
o f th e m e m b e rs o f C o n g re ss to -
I All three dealers have received
ward the P resid en t’s requests for
word th at th eir Plym ouths are on
legislation. In o ther words, I am
the way, but they adm itted there
now convinced th a t most of the
is a possibility they may be de­
D em ocrat m em bers of the House
layed fo r a day or two.
do not, in th eir hearts, approve of
“ Like a lot of other things, a
the P resident’s program but it will
deal depends on the wea­
be surprising indeed if they vote
th e r,” explained Tyrell C arner,
against it. The adm inistration in
pioneer Dodge-Plymouth dealer.
power can wield a disciplinary lash
“ If the Plym ouths are arriving by
which its p a rty m em bers are in­
rail, they will probably be here on
clined to fear,
time, but if they are being trucked
A lthough much more wordy, the
in, bad w eather and adverse high­
mesage itself w as but a rehash
way conditions m ay delay them
of the last several speeches Mr.
until M onday.”
Trum an has made. A bout the only
The dealers w ere em phatic in
thing missing was his form er re f ­
their assertions th a t the 1950
erence to all opponents of his
P lym o u th , fam ous fo r com fort, has wide, deep chair-height seats in
views as representatives of the sel­ the nin e new models. L u x u rio u s in te rio r has b e a u tifu lly ta ilo re d fa b ric Plym outh is the c a r to see, even if
fish and greedy interests. He was u p h o lste ry and handsome appointm ents. T here is am ple head and leg room. it is a few days late to its own
coming-out party.
apparently holding out a slightly
---------------- o----------------
wilted olive branch to those who
disagree w ith him. The re st of
in the same city. They are not
it was the same.
He asks for EXPECTED IN
connected in any way, beyond the
m easures which would increase
fact th a t they all handle the prod­
governm ent spending. He says he
ucts of the same company, one
will ask fo r m ore taxes. Many
This is the date se t by the m anu­ dealer explained, and added th a t
of his proposals would increase fa c tu re r for the “ official un­ the situation arises out of the
his executive control. Summed up, veiling" of the 1950 Plym outh, Chrysler C orporation’s policy of
Mr. Trum an and his ad m in istra­ and three G rants Pass autom obile allowing all, or nearly all, its
tion w ant to collect more money dealers have been m aking prep­ dealers to handle Plym ouths in
W a tc h m a k e r a n d J e w e le r
from the people and spend it for arations to put this popular low- addition to other Chrysler Corpor­
them ra th e r th an let the people priced ear on display.
ation automobiles.
520 E ast H S treet
spend their own m oney fo r them ­
The dealers said yesterday th at
"T he
C orporation
selves as they see fit. In othqr they are often asked if they are m anufactures Chryslers, Dodges,
G rants Pass, Oregon
words, w hat he proposes is noth­ not branehes of the same firm , DeSotos and Plym ouths,” he said,
ing more nor less than a con­
trolled socialist state.
Plymouth Interior Is Luxurious
(Continued from P age One)
* Fire Escapists
adorning back yards and trash
Washington Letter
Watch Repairing
D o n 't M in im iz e D izzin e s s ;
It M a y Be S erious Sym ptom
D o n 't m in im iz e th a t fe e lin g of
dizziness and b la m e it on an o v e r­
dose o f h a m b u rg e rs and re s ta u ra n t
pie. The cause m ig h t be m o re ser­
ious, ra n g in g fro m in fe c tio n to tu ­
m o r o f the b ra in .
T he causes and types o f dizziness
w ere discussed b y D r. P a u l A
C a m pb ell, assista nt p ro fe ssor cf
o to la ryn g o lo g y in the N o rth w e ste rn
U n iv e rs ity
m e d ic a l
spoke a t the V eterans A d m in is tra ­
tion ho sp ita l at Downey, 111.
"T h e sym p to m , ‘dizziness.’ is
one o f the m ore com m on hum an
co m p la in ts. When a p a tie n t states
th a t he is dizzy, he m a y re fe r to
any o f several su b je ctive sensa­
tion s, ra n g in g fro m a fe e lin g of
w h ir lin g to one o f m e n ta l b e w ild e r­
m e n t," D r. C a m pb ell said.
“ I f the c o m p la in t is th a t of a
sensation o f w h irlin g , o r th a t the
e n viro n m e n t is w h irlin g about the
pa tie n t, the source of the d is tu r­
bance u su a lly lies in the s m a ll b a l­
ance canals associated w ith the
ear, o r w ith the nerve connections
o f the balance canals w ith the
b ra in .
I f the c o m p la in t does not
con tain a ro ta tio n a l elem ent, then
the sensation is p ro b a b ly o rig in a t­
in g in the h ig h e r centers of the
b r a in ."
I f the dizziness o f w h ich the pa ­
tie n t com p la ins is ro ta tio n a l in n a ­
ture, the com m o ne r causes are too
m uch flu id o r sa lt consum ption,
a lle rg y , in fe ctio n , n e u riti o r tu m o r
of the nerve w h ich connects the
balance organs w ith the b ra in .
Am ong the com m oner causes o f
n o n ro ta tio n a l dizziness are blood
pressure disturbances,
changes such as those of the meno-
6au c. disord ers o f the eye, rem o te
infections, and b ra in concussion.
“ Because tu m o r o f the balance
nerve m ay be one o f the com m o ne r
•vpes o f b ra in tu m o r, a ll instances
of dizziness in w h ich there is a
ro ta tio n a l elem e nt m ust be v e ry
c a re fu lly studied by the p h y s ic ia n ,"
D r C a m pb ell concluded.
New Plymouth Special DeLuxe Four-Door Sedan
• ■
The Plymouth Special DeLuxe four-door sedan, one of nine new models, is shown above.
The ear contains important styling changes and improvements for safety and comfort. Its high
compression engine and many mechanical features provide lively, economical performance.
Will Be On Display at the Following
Dealers on Thursday, January 12
A. K. Wilson Motor Co.
D ingy F u rn itu re Im proved
Gy S ham pooing w ith Soap
When upholstered fu rn itu re looks
s lig h tly ding y. It's tim e to t r y a
tre a tm e n t.
S ham pooing
w ith soap je lly is the tre a tm e n t
recom m ended fo r fa b ric th a t is
color fast
Home m anagem ent specialists at
the U n iv e rs ity o f Illin o is college of
a g ric u ltu re give this recipe fo r
m a k in g soap Jelly: P our 1 cup o f
hot w a te r ove r 2 cups of m ild soap
flakes. T h a t p ro p o rtio n o f 1 to 2
is easy to re m e m b e r Now beat the
m ix tu re to a je lly w ith a ro ta ry
You w ill w ant to test fa b ric s to
m ake sure they w o n 't change co lo r
Do It in a place th a t w o n 't show, 1
using th is m ethod: D ip a clo th in
lu k e w a rm w a te r, w rin g it out d ry
and then d ip it in soap je lly Rub •
the Jelly on the spot Then rinse
w ith a clo th w ru ng d ry out of cle a r
lu k e w a rm w a te r.
I f the color is n 't affected, proceed
w ith the sham pooing
A p p ly the
soap je lly to only a sm all area at a
tim e , and rinse it out th o ro u g h ly.
And be c a re fu l not to dam pen the
a tu ffin g in the fu rn itu re
Hall-Millers Motors
Carner's Automotive