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    University of Oregon
te the Oteycn Cafcd
A Live Wire Newspaper Published in the Interes ts of the Illinois Valley and Surrounding Districts
Volume XI.
No. 39
Cave Junction, Oregon, Thursday, January 20, 1919
100F * Rebekah IV WESTERN
New Officers
An exciting film “ Four Faces
W est” is a fast-paced w estern,
with plenty of hard riding thru
some of the most dangerous nat­
ural country ever filmed. Joe
McCrea lassos and breaks a steer,
then rides off, into the desert to
elude a posse hot on his trail. The
climax is terrific.
Sunday and Monday H enry
Fonda and Shirley Temple star
in F o rt Apache. W arfare betwe?n
restless Apaches and the U. S.
Army in Arizona is the story
against a colorful fro n tier back­
ground. The conflict between
two men is paralled in in terest by
a warm rom ance betw een the col­
onel’s dau g h ter and a young W est
F irst featu re fo r Tuesday and
W ednesday's double header is
“ A rth u r Takes O ver,” a gay ap­
pealing fam ily comedy, and offers
a highly plausible account of what
can happen when a teenage trouble
shooter takes over the fam ily woei.
F eatu re No. 2 “ A ngel’s Alley,”
sta rrin g Leo Gorcey, depicts the
fight against juvenile delinquency
and is aided by the ram bunctious
Bowery Boys.
“ On O ur M erry W ay,” a rib­
tickling smash comedy with P au ­
lette Goddard, Jim m y Stew art
and many oth er top stars will be
seen Thursday and Friday. The
play revolves around a struggling
new spaper man whose wife has
am bitions for him, as a roving re­
p o rter fo r his paper than the milk­
sop now holding the job. She fin­
ally confesses the ruse a fte r com­
plications have become almost too
serious to be rectified. It is a
film you’ll enjoy from sta rt to
------------- o--------------
Kerby High
School News
Land Owners
To Form District
Soil Conservation Service Re­
presentative, Ronald Elmes, Re­
gional D irector and Charles Wood­
ru ff, Chief Engineer, met with a
representative group of farm ers
of the Illinois Valley Tuesday.
They explained how the farm ers
and ranchers of the Valley may get
technical assistance such as Soil
Analysist, crop specialist, irrig a ­
tion engineers, surveyors and other
services, including seeding.
This service is available to the
farm ers w ithout taxation or ex­
pense through the form ing of a
Soil Conservation D istrict. The
district, when form ed, will be free
of any polities. It is run entirely
by a board of local farm ers who
are elected by a vote of every land-
owner of ten acres or more within
the district.
Any landow ner of 10 acres or
more within this district may ap-
ply to this local board for assist­
ance, which will be supplied to him
free o f cost. The funds fo r the
operation of this board are sup­
plied by the D epartm ent of A gri­
T here will be an open m eeting
at the Illinois Valley G range hall,
Monday, Ja n . 24, at 1 p. m., to
discuss the establishing of Soil
Conservation D istrict boundaries
and to elect a com m ittee to super­
vise the form ing of the district. All
landow ners of 10 acres or more
located betw een Hayes Hill ami
the C alifornia line are urgently
requested to attend this meeting.
Meeting Held
For Hospital
The Kerby high school basket­
ball team traveled over the week
Last Tuesday afternoon, a large
end to M yrtle Creek on Friday
gathering of interested citizens a t­
night and to Prospect on Saturday
tended a 1 o’clock luncheon at the
C entral Cafe to hear George M.
The boys were defeated at
Shifer, director a t hospital facili­
M yrtle Creek; they showed up well
ties section of the O regon State
defensively, but not so well on of­
Board of Health.
fense. The gam e with M yrtle
Mr. S hiffer gave a graphic
Creek was the first of the league
sketch of what was necessary for
games to be played this season.
a standard hospital and how to get
--------------o ■
The gam e was about even up
it with the help of the governm ent.
to the third q u a rte r in which K er­
A state survey shows Josephine
by did not score. In the fourth
and Jackson counties are in area
q u a rte r they caught fire but tim e
No. 4, and approxim ately 5-th in
ran out and the game ended 36-21.
priority for governm ent funds
Shirtcliffe of M yrtle Creek was
which is expected to reach $800,-
ular m onthly business meeting
high score with 14. No ju n io r v a r­
000 beginning w ith the next fiscal
Saturday, Ja n u a ry 22, a t which
sity was played.
year Ju ly 1st.
time the M aster Masons degree
On Saturday, Ja n u a ry 15, the
The Valley residents would have
will be conferred. W orshipful
K erbyites defeated the Prospect
to raise approxim ately $66,000 and
M aster Claude M asters requests
high school 38-17.
the governm ent would g ra n t $34,-
all members to he present
The Prospect boys ju st couldn’t
000 for a $100,000 hospital, which
anything w rong with the Kerby
the cost for a 10 bed hospital with
boys fo r they poured them through
all accessories.
the hoop all evening.
County Commissioner Lucius
(By Sara W ertz)
The second five of the varsity I
Robinson attended the m eeting and
played a great deal of the game .iiiiiiiliiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiii iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" while he said he would like to see
while the varsity rested on its
In the sum er of 1948 the Sun­ a rt and music appreciation th at is a hospital in the Valley, he he-
laurels. The boys played a good day Oregonian carried an account so much of Ju lia W illiams herself. lieved it would be b etter to make
game both on offense and defense.
of the conditions 40 years ago in The 7th and 8th grade is d ep art­ the County G eneral hospital a bet­
Owens of Kerby was high scorer
m entalized and Mrs. Williams te r one than to have a small hos­
with 12 points followed by K rauss Josephine county schools. The teaches Science H ealth, Social pital here. The com m issioner kept
teacher, now retired but still livin r Science to 7th graders and Soci il the floor fo r a long time try in g to
with 8 m arkers.
In the prelim inary the Ju n io r recalled her Illinois Valley experi­ Science, English and spelling to explain his point, b u t from ex­
V arsity came through with their ences with considerable tribute to 8th graders. N eatness and ord r pressions heard a fte rw a rd s; he
first win of the year with a 26-19 Valley residents of th a t day who prevails and visitors are cordially didn't reach a sym pathetic cord
win over the Prospect Ju n io r V ar­ allowed her board and room pro­ welcomed in the pleasant and a t­ among those a t the meeting.
sity. The boys really looked like vided that she would give private tractive classroom where 143 pu­
Concensus of opinions a fte r the
they had possibilities for the fu ­ music lessons to their children.
pils come and go each day.
m eeting w as: We can have a hos­
ture. M archant of Kerby was high
As a school girl Ju lia expressed pital here and le t’s go out and get
She recalled an almost forgotten
scorer with 10 points followed by but not uncommon incident of her innate talen t as a teacher by it. Two m usts for the Valley are
Hale with 8.
those early days: three little girls instructing those in the lower a hospital and a bank, and the
Saturday, Ja n u a ry 22 the Kerby encountered a m other bear and her grades, m aterially assisting the residents are determ ined to have
high basketball team will play its cubs as they came along the trail regular teacher. As soon as she both this year, or a t least a s ta rt
first home gam e against league to school, a hazardous and exciting was qualified Julia O’Brien became tow ards realization.
com petition.
C entral Point will experience.
a teacher. She graduated from
To record all the discussions
U niversity of Oregon, Eugefle, Garden Club Sponsors
come to Kerby to play. Two games
One of those homes that p ro ­ Ashland Normal school, now take up two columns of the paper.
(S p ecial)— A ccording to a survey Showing Native Flora
will be played betw een the Ju n io r vided living q u arters in exchange SOCE, with high honors in scholar­ At its conclusion Mrs. F rank Rau-
compiled by two university facul­
A m eeting th a t is open to the and Senior V arsity squads. Game fo r music education was the John ship and leadership. She was elec­ ber was appointed tem porary
ty members, O regon’s five south­
O’Brien farm stead; one of the ted bo Sigma Epsilon Pi honorary
w estern counties will experience public will be held next Monday time— 7:30.
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three little girls who m et up with scholastic fra te rn ity before g rad ­
the largest population gain in the evening, Ja n u a ry 24th, a t eight
--------------p------- --- _
The Donas, whose nationality is and outw itted the m other bear was uation, and later was invited to
o’clock in the Kerby high school
state during the next 12 years.
Julia O’Brien W illiams, a recent be a member of Delta Kappa Gam­
The estim ate was prepared by
by the N ational School Assemblies. newcomer from Colorado, in her ma, national sorority for outstand-,
Dr. E. H. Moore, head of the soci the Illinois Valley Garden club.
Injured in Jeep Crash
P ictures of native flora and They gave a rendition of Dutch second year of school.
ing teachers. Julia has taught in I
ology departm ent, and John F.
The rugged and untam ed west
Staehle, teaching fellow in educa­
Oliver Snyder of G rants Pass,
tion, fo r the Pacific Coast Board by R. T. N ithol of M edford, and in the Dutch costume. They gave called fo r m any adjustm ents for in our Valley. She attended SOCE Portland O regonian d istrib u to r in
of In terd ep artm en tal Relations a display of house plants and a r­ an exceedingly fine program and Julia, and her two sisters but her in 1946 and plans to re tu rn this the Valley, was injured Tuesday
Butcher K nife
which gathers data on the three rangem ents in charge of Mrs. Geo. th eir perform ance was greatly ap­ parents and her older sister, the sum m er for post g rad u ate work. m orning near
In 1919 a young world war Creek Lodge on the Redwood high­
west coast states. The survey will Webb and Mrs. J. J. Villair. Re­ preciated by all. The grade school late A nna O’Brien Stiw alt, made
be used for state and national gov­ freshm ents will be served by the children attended the program an 1 sure th a t Ju lia had a chance to veteran came to Illinois valley and way while on his delivery route,
following com m ittee: Mesdames a t the conclusion of the perform ­ read the best in books, to cu lti­ Julia O’Brien became Mr3. A rthur when his Jeep skidded on the icy
ernm ental directives.
combining pavem ent, overturned and a rep o rt
The five counties which will George T hrasher, A rth u r Kellert, ance, a picture, "T able M anners," vate her intense love of music, Williams.
to satisfy her love fo r natural homemaking and a career, Mrs. stated com pletely destroyed by
draw the most m igrants are Doug­ Lew H ammer, H arry Messenger, was shown to all.
beauty and help her to grow in Williams taught many term s in the fire.
las, Jackson, Josephine, Coos and B. M cFarlane, Clay Ramsey and
Many students of Kerby High knowledge and appreciation of na­ little old schoolhouse in O’Brien.
Mr. Snyder was taken to Jose­
C urry, due largely to the reg­ Ted Hooey. Everyone interested
She is an active member of the phine G eneral hospital by a Hull
ion’s large tim ber reserves and ex­ in plants and native flow ers should are w orking diligently on speeches tu re ’s gifts, lavishly bestowed.
for a contest to be held this T hurs­
Mrs. W illiams is in her fourth O’Brien W omen’s club, is In te r­ & Hull am bulance. A sim ilar ac­
cellent recreational facilities. How­ attend.
A m eeting of the executive com­ day and Friday in the gym a t 8:45 consecutive year in Kerby schools. nation Relations chairm an of the cident occurred last fall near the
ever, the 18 counties in E astern
Oregon will also see an increase in m ittee o f the club will be held at a. m. The students have prepared U nder her skilful guidance, sev­ BPW, belongs to Illinois Valley A pplegate bridge which confined
population with the completion of the home of Mrs. H. R. Floyd, speeches on the topic, “ Democracy enth and eighth grade students ex­ grange and with here husband, him to the hospital for several
president at Holland, Monday at and W hat It Means To Me.” The press the love of good literatu re, shares m any community interests weeks.
McNary dam.
2 p. m. This is to be the official contest is sponsored by the Town
------------- o--------------
visit of D istrict V ice-President, Meeting of the A ir radio program
New Service Station
com m ittee. The w inner of the
Mrs. R. T. Nicfiol.
local contest will represent the
On Caves Highway
school by having his speech sent
Mr. and Mrs. Elm er Davis re­ HENRY C. LEMING
to New York to be judged and, If
cently com pleted a new stru ctu re
F uneral services were held selected, the boy or girl will have
on the Caves highway and finally
last Thursday in the B aptist Com­ an opportunity to go to New York
decided to open a service station.
m unity church for H enry C. Lem­ to present the speech over the air |
It will be known as the W ayside
ing who died in his sleep, Novem­ on the regular Town Meeting pro­
Service & Gas Station, located 6 ’ 2
ber 14th a t his home in Brook­ gram . P arents and townspeople
miles out and will carry a com­
ings, according to a new spaper I are welcome to come hear the
plete line of tires, batteries, g as­
clipping from the Brookings paper. boys and girls speak this T hurs­
oline, in fact everything th a t a
Rev. Nick N eufeld officiated, with day and Friday.
service station requires.
The sem ester will end on J a n u ­
interm en t in Brookings cemetery.
The owners are no stran g ers in
Born in A rkansas, he was 62 ary 28th at Kerby High. All ex­
the Valley having made their home
years old a t the time of his death. am inations will he given on Wed­
here for a num ber of years. They
He came to the Brookings area in nesday and T huisday, Jan u ary 26 j
invite you to call at their service
1932 from California, and for a and 27 There will be no school on
station to give them the once over
Friday to perm it teachers to work '
time lived in Cave Junction.
and they solicit your patronage
on exam ination papers and regis­
a re : Two daughters, Mrs. Grace te r grades on rep o rt cards, per­
On Tuesday, F ebruary 1 at 1
Bladgen of P o rt O rford and Mrs. m anent record cards, etc.
p.m., a t the Kerby high school
The honor roll fo r the first i
L orraine Payne, of H arbor; two
there will be a representative of
sons. H erb ert of Brookings and sem ester will be published in the
the Wide Travel Agency of P o rt­
following issue of this paper.
Irvin of Bakersfield, Calif
land, who will give a talk on Swe­
The Kerby teachers m et with |
den, also showing films and ex­
the other Josephine county teach­
hibits This m eeting is open to the SPEAKERS TO TALK
ers a t Jerom e P rairie on Tuesday ,
public and is sponsored by the
night. It was the m onthly m eeting ;
A.C.W.W. of the Josephine Coun­
for th e county group.
ty Home Extension Service.
Mrs. Brownell, chairm an of the
Josephine County Cancer society,
The new school house at O ’Brien a warm cream color. The floor each, a small book room, a pum p­
and Miss Erm a P lett, o f the Coun­ Job's Daughters to Hold
house and a ja n ito r’s closet equip­
is rapidly nearing completion ami is green asphalt tile.
ty H ealth departm ent, will be the
Box Social January 26
A large classroom, 44 by 24, oc­ ped with sink. The building will
W eather records from the Red­ principal speakers a t the next
will be ready fo r occupancy in
wood Rangpr Station fo r the sev- reg u lar m eeting of the B. P. W
Bethel No. 36, Jo b ’s Daughter«, about a week, L. C. M offitt, county cupies one side of the building and he heated by a wood circulating
en dayis ending Jan u ary 16, 1949 of the V’alley, to be held in the will hold a box social Wednesday school superintendent told the G. will he used by first and second heater.
grade students and their teacher,
The stru c tu re is directly in fro n t
are as follows:
Science room of the high school evening, Ja n u a ry 26, in the Ma­ i’ C ju rier last week.
Rainfall Hi T Low T. T hursday, Ja n u a ry 27th a t 7:30 sonic hall at Kerby. AH Masons, 1 The fram e stru c tu re pictured Mrs. Norma Burrows.
of the old O’Brien school which
Around the walls of the class­ will be used to accom m odate chil­
p. m.
E astern S tars and fam ilies are in- . 'l ive, is 35 by 44 feet, is of mod­
....... .00
The topic will be cancer and its v’ted to attend.
ern design, with one wall of direc­ room are book suphoards and work dren in the third and fourth grades
12 .......... 00
prevention, and will be accom­
The ladies are requested to I tional glass brick in which clear tables. The children will sit at under Mrs. M argaret Love. The
. .00
13 ...
panied by a film on the subject. brir.g well filled boxes which lat , /lass panes are inserted The ex­ tsbles rath er than having tra d i­ upper grade students in O’Brien
will continue to atten d school in
4P members ar» "»Ved to bring a will be auctioned off. A musical I terior painted white, is of groove tional school desks.
14 ... ...........00
Along one side of the building Kerby.
-h fo r tb -
’-ecn prrgram v.ill be presented follow- siding, while in terio r walls and
. .' v. iil .
at 7:3.1 J e l by a social diversion of cards, j ceilings are of firta x finished in | are two restroom s 9 by 12 feet
(Cut courtesy of the Courier)
....... 00
At a special m eeting held last
W ednesday evening, the following
elective officers w ere installed:
Jack Sowell, N. G.
W alter Doney, V. G.
M. B. Cross, Secretary.
Sam Bunch, T reasurer.
Joe H udron, W arden.
Hom er Budd, Conductor.
Clarence W allace, Chaplain.
R. G. Sowell, R. S. N. G.
Jim Raldwin, L. S. N. G.
A1 H embree, L. S. V. G.
Don Zimmerman, I. S. G.
Jim Hogue, O. S. G.
O thers not p resen t will be in ­
stalled at the next meeting.
Potluck luncheon was served
a fte r installation by the Rebekahs
who held their installation prior
to the I. O. O. F.
Rebekahs installed their of­
ficer's as follows:
Ethel Sowell, P. N. G.
P earl Houck, N. G.
V irginia Steinrer, V. G.
Sophie Bunch, Secretary.
Maude Bigelow, T reasurer.
Pauline H embree, Conductress.
Ju n e Zimmerman, W arder.
Ruth W endt, Chaplain.
M attie S eyferth, I. G.
Lena Payne, O. G.
Rachel T hrasher, R. S. N. G.
E ffie Smith, L. S. N. G.
Lillie W hite, R. S. V. G.
Erna Doney, L. S. V. G.
Twyla Salvage, Musician.
Mabel Ramsey, installing officer
assisted by Clay Ramsey, Marsh »1
New, M odern School House Nearly Ready for O ’Brien