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    Illinois Valley News, Thursday, December 2, 1948
Industrial Expansion
Of South Is Disclosed
ydihciA VifUeif HeuA
G/RL scot/r
New industry is sprouting in the
G irl S co u t T roop No. 3 voted
An independent newspaper devoted to the development of the richeat South like spring g rass, according
valley in the world, the Illinois Valley and He surrounding districts to
the A m erican Society of P lan ­ to elect o ffic e rs ev ery tw o m onths.
O ffic e rs now se rv in g a re N orm a
ning Officials.
Published every Thursday at Cav*
1n i
R obinson,
p re s id e n t; Jo a n
R ecent reports from
several F.
Junction, Oregon, by the Illinois NATIONAL CL>i 1OP11A!---
Valley Publishing Company.
m in W
ASSOCIATION atates indicate th at m any S outheast­ Sm ith, vice p re s id e n t; B e tty J.
ern are a s are being industrialized R obinson, s e c r e ta ry ; M errill Sim-
Entered as second-class matter IM t II
/W .
rapidly through developm ent of in g to n , tr e a s u r e r ; D onna H ale,
June 11, 1937 at the Post Office ,U ,U
scores of sm all, locally-owned fac­
at Cave Junction, Oregon, under the Aot of March 3, 1879.
fla g b e a re r.
M . C . A t h e y .................................................................E d i t o r
In J o s e p h in e C o u n ty
Q n e y e a r ........................................| 2 so
0 R E C]O( n JN LW. S O P E R
Six Months .......................... $$1.25
P (J B L I S H|E R^S
A T I 0 N
O u ts id e J o s e p h in e C o u n ty
One Year ................................ $3.00
The Illinois Valley News reserves the right to reject any advertising
copy which it deems objecticnable. Advertising rates upon application
tories. Much of the new industry is
In ru ra l areas.
In Tennessee, m ore than 250 new
m anufacturing concerns have s ta rt­
ed business this year. Investm ents
in each range from $25,000 to $20.-
000,000, according to the state plan­
ning com mission. New industry cen­
ters on wood products, food process­
ing and textiles One of the biggest
new factories will m anufacture
The Missouri division of resources
and developm ent rep o rts th a t 288
new industries sta rted operations in
th at state last y ear in ru ra l areas
alone. Sixty-one new industries were
added to this net increase during
the first half of 1947. The 288 indus­
tries created 10,506 new jobs with a
total annual payroll of m ore than
A recent study by the state plan­
ning board in Virginia disclosed that
287 m anufacturing businesses have
been established in the sta te since
1940 and still are operating. Of
these, 246 are active all y ea r around
and employ some 14,000 persons
T extile and wood m anufacturing
bulk la rg e st in the total of new de­
New Truck Production
Reaches Highest Level
In co n trast to passenger ca r pro­
duction, output of trucks is at a new
record level, according to N orthern
T ru st com pany.
"While slightly m ore than one
million units were produced in
1941,“ the com pany said, “ the war
was an im portant influence, as 21
per cent of production consisted of
m ilitary vehicles. L ast y ea r m ili­
ta ry truck production fell to only
about 2,000, a negligible precentage
of total truck production."
D uring 1946, 5,700,000 trucks were
reg istered in the United States,
about 900,000 above any previous
year, with cu rren t estim ates ru n ­
ning to 6 500.000 reg istratio n s for
1947. Because of lack of civilian
production during the w ar years,
ho-vever, scrapping of trucks was
held at a m inim um , av erag in g 150,-
000 annually com pared with a p re­
w ar ra te of 400,000 units.
tu m n an d ea rly w in te r, Dr. T h o m p ­
son p o in ted out. C ooler w e a th e r
in v a riab ly resu lts in d ecreased in ­
cidence in o th e r a re a s, and D r.
Eye Bank Working
T hom pson said th a t th e o p p o site
The E ye Bank has a three-fold
A dded im p o rtan ce w as given tre n d in n o rth w e ste rn O reg o n purpose: It collects p erfect corneal
O re g o n 's 1949 M arch of Dimes by " m e rits a g re a t deal o f stu d y .”
tissue from the eyes of deceased
persons and d istributes it to quali­
a s ta te board of h ea lth p rediction
fied surgeons who tran sp lan t it to
th a t th e to ta l n u m b e r o f polio cases
the eyes of individuals who have lost
- l a t e ill 1948 will be 100 Dairymen Annual Meeting
th eir sight because of corneal de­
per ce n t above the fig u re fo r th e
E lm er M eadows, Field R e p re ­ fects, It prom otes the training of
previous year.
surgeons to perform the delicate
tativ e fo r th e A m erican G u e rn ­ grafting operation, and it furthers
“ T h e re is every indicatio n th a t
we will have tw ice as m any cases sey C a ttle Club, will hold a m e e t­ research and study. The A m erican
a e
h ad ill 1 9 1 7 " , H l
< !.
I) ing an d show a new film p u t o u t Red Cross m otor corps has been the
official tran sp o rtatio n agency of the
C arlyle T hom pson, s ta te d ire c to r by the A m erican G u ern sey C a ttle
Eye Bank since it was sta rted in
o f p re v e n ta tiv e m edicine, in fo rm ed
May, 1945. Eyes which have been
helix M ontes, s ta te re p re se n ta tiv e
donated to the Eye Bank m ust be
fo r the N ational F o u n d atio n fo r on th e ev e n in g o f D ecem b er 7 th , rem oved at the hospital within one
a t 7 :3 0 o ’clock. Cecil Jo h n so n , th e hour after death, and the tran sp lan t­
In fa n tile Paralysis.
P re sid e n t o f th e local C o u n ty ing m ust be done within 36 to 72
“ As o f this tim e last y e a r a p ­
G u ern sey A ssociation, sta te d th a t hours im m ediately following.
proxim ately 90 cases had been r e ­
this w ould also be th e occasion of
p orted as com pared to o u r p rese n t
the an n u a l g u ern se y m e etin g and
to ta l fo r 1948 o f 185 cases,” Dr.
Color Tricks the Eyes
th e electio n o f o ffic e rs will ta k e
One way in which color tricks the
T hom pson said. “ T h a t m e a n t th a t
place fo r th e com ing y ear. E v e ry ­ eyes is known as successive con­
1948 a lre a d y is O re g o n 's fo u rth
one in te re ste d in d a iry in g is w el­ trast. or after im agery. When a per­
h ighest y e a r both in nu m b er of
come to a tte n d , as w ell as people son gazes for a period of tim e at an I
oases and ratio in resp ect to pop­
who a re raisin g g u ern sies.
object, as a book, and turns his
u la tio n , and th e re is a slim pos­
eyes to a blank wall, he is likely to
■ 1 ■ -
■ Q ... ■
sibility th a t it may end as th e th ird
see the im age of the book to r a short
highest y e a r.”
tim e. In resp ect to colors these after
Otto von Guericke, G erm an physi­
T he final fig u re on D ecem ber cist, in 1650, m ade the first ele c tri­ Im ages a re of two kinds. In what
are called positive after im ages, the
91 may exceed 200 cases, a c c o rd ­ cal m achine. It consisted of a sul­
colors are the sam e as those in the
ing to Dr. T hom pson who em p h a­ phur ball turned by a crank on an original. But In negative after im ­
sized, how ever, th a t 250 cases axis and excited by the friction of ages, which are the m ost common,
would have had to o cc u rre d to e s­ the hand This crude ap p aratu s was the color Is the com plem entary
tab lish 1948 as an epidem ic y e a r the m eans by which the first electric color of the original. For exam ple,
light was produced, or first recog­ red becom es a greenish blue. The
in the s ta te as a w hole. O ne case
nized By its m eans he established im portance of understanding these
o r m ore p er 5000 p o p u latio n is definitely the principle of electrical
trick s of color is readily apparent
co n sid ered epidem ic incidence.
repulsion The principle of electrifi­ for artists, interior decorators and
T he m edical m an said, though, cation by induction was observed fabric designers.
th a t th e re have been epidem ics in but not established. Von G uericke's
O regon 1948 “ w hen you consider nam e is m ost closely associated
Typewriter That Talks
the d e fin itio n in te rm s o f th e ex- with the discovery of producing
light from electricity. Upon draw ing
T ypew riters th a t talk now are
perien - s of c e rta in co u n ties." lie
a piece of am ber swiftly through a being made. G eorge Coffey. 59. a
listed th ese as Polk,
Ik, B enton, and
a n t i j woo| en d o th and exerting pressure
tool m achinist of Providence, R. I ,
Y am hill, d ec la rin g th a t P olk’s 24 [ on it with his hand, cracklings w ere has invented a typew riter which he
cases this y ea r re p re se n t a 1-1000 heard, and every one of these pro- also believes will prove of value to
ratio and adding th a t " i f Polk I duced a little flash of light; draw ing the blind. The talking typew riter
w ere M ultnom ah co u n ty we w ould I the am b er gently through the cloth works this way: Through an a r ­
| produced only light, no sound, but rangem ent of electrical contact and
be up to o u r necks in tro u b le ."
by holding his finger at a little d is­
O regon is u n u su al in th a t polio tance from the am ber, a large phonograph, recorder and repro­
a tta c k s m any p ersons in th e n o rth ­ , crackling was produced with a ducer, when the operator strikes the
letter “W” for exam ple, the m a­
w est p a rt o f the s ta te in la te a u ­ i larg er flush of light succeeding IL
chine announce* “doubleyou.” It re ­
peats through a radio am plifier the
nam e of w hatever letter or num ber
1* struck. The idea of a talking type­
w riter, Coffey said, sta rted back in
1917, but it w asn't until 1937 that he
began serious work on i t
Bridgeview Grange Hall
Saturday, December 11th
Good Music by Langworthy’s Orchestra
Lunch Served at Midnight by the Ladies
$1.50 per couple
T he T ro o p m ade le a th e re tte
w rist p u rses.
E d y th a S c o tt be­
cam e a new m em b er. P la n s w ere
discussed fo r a new co m m u n ity (
p ro je c t in D ecem ber.
T h e n ex t
m e etin g w ili be second F rid a y in
D ecem ber a t 7 p. m.
T he C h ristm a s window display’
of th e V alley V a rie ty sto re will
be d e c o ra te d as a co m m u n ity p ro ­
je c t of G irl S cout T ro o p No. 3,
w ith th e J u n io r ch o ir o f th e Com ­
m u n ity c h u rc h sin g in g c a ro ls each
S a tu rd a y fro m 1 to 2 p. m. u n til I
C hristm as.
T he public is in v ited to a tte n d j
th e u n v eilin g o f th e w indow De­
cem b er 11 a t one o ’clock. S cout
T ro o p an d ch o ir a re u n d e r th e di­
rec tio n of M rs. A. M. C arson.
D on’t let y o u r ju n k s it o u t and
ru st. B rin g it to us an d w e’ll sell
it or b u st! C o m m u n ity A u ctio n
ev ery S a tu rd a y a t 1 p. m. L ee’s I
B arg ain S p o t, Cave Ju n c tio n .
Survey Shows Prevalence
Of Dental Decay in Italy
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NOW . . .
Two out of five children and nearly j
every adult over 50 y ears of age in I
Italy is suffering from gingivitis, a
disease of the gum tissue, dental
scentists rep o rted to A m erican
D ental association.
A postw ar d ental survey of resi­
and your old battery
dents of Italian cities showed an
incidence of gingival disease ran g ­
ing from 40 per cent for children 6
to 10 years of age to as high as 98
per cent for persons 51 to 60 years
of age.
The findings w ere in m a rk ed con­
Cave Junction
tra st to an e a rlie r rep o rt on dental
decay in Italy. In th at rep o rt it was
found th a t Italian children had from
A dvertitem en l
two to seven tim es less d ental decay
than did A m erican children. At all
age levels the incidence
severity of gingival disease w ere
much higher in Naples than in Chi­
P rew ar studies of A m erican chil­
dren showed only from 3 to 8 per
cent afflicted with gingival disease.
The prevalence and degree of gingi­
vitis appeared to be higher in the
lower nourished groups. The acute
settled, and the die is cast, they
That beard on Dutch M iller’s
form of the disease is m ore com ­
chin doesn’t mean th at he’s getting
accept the verdict in a spirit of
mon in the younger age groups and
ready to play Santa Claus. He’s
good humor.
the chronic form predom inates in
simply paying off th e election bet
the older age groups.
And th a t’s as it should be when
he lost to Cappy Swanson.
it comes to any difference of opin­
Kennedy's Associated Station
From where I s it... Z / Jo e M arsh
Why Dutch is
Growing a Beard
the Classified Ads in The
They pay dividends.
A nd while some folks allow i t ’s
all a lot of nonsense — like th e
w heelbarrow rid e th a t Cappy had
to give D utch a f te r last election
d ay —from w here I s it ,i t ’s a m ighty
wholesome a fte rm a th to a differ­
ence of opinion.
ion. Some folks vote for beer as
t h e ir f a v o r ite b e v e r a g e —o th e r s
vote for cider. In fact, we all have
differences of ta ste in alm ost every­
thing! But th a t doesn't mean th a t
we can’t live to g eth er in a sp irit of
good fellowship.
Because good A m ericans all tak e
th e ir, politics and voting m ighty
seriously. B ut when the issue’s
Copyright, 1948, United States Brewers Foundation
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8 2 2 P a c ific B ld g ., P o rtla n d 4, O re .
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