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    Illinois Valley News, Thursday, A pril 29, 1948
Immunity From Law Listed
As English King’s Privilege
Easily Ruilt Children’s
G iraffe’s Neck Slide
Do you fe e l tire d , jit t e r y . In need
o f a vacation? I f the news on th s
fro n t page s ta rts to get you down,
it 's tim e to re la x . Y o u ’ll be agree­
a b ly s u rp r -d to see how fa r aw ay
fro m the w o rrie s o f the w o rld you
can get by w o rk in g w ith wood. Saw­
in g wood and then p u ttin g the pie­
ces to g eth e r has trem endous th e ra ­
p e u tic va le s. I t ’ s a g ra n d w a y to
keep y o u rs e lf c o m p le te ly occupied
w h ile
a cco m p lish in g
som ething
v o rth w h ile .
If the king of England chose to shoot one of his ministers tie
could not even be brought to trial, since no court lawfully may sit in
judgment on the monarch. Although modern day kings probably
would not resort to such tactics, immunity from the law is among
Three Diseases Take the
wide privileges enjoyed by a reigning monarch of Britain a study
the statutes reveals.
H’gh Toll of Turkeys of His
majesty can, if he so de­
sires, refuse to sign any bill sub­ to do so would be considered a
Heaviest Loss Occurs
mitted by any minister, e v e n fall from majestic grace.
Suring Growing Peiicd I though it has been passed by both One privilege accorded nearly
houses of parliament.
all citizens of the United States is
i a rly a th ird o f a ll tu rke ys
Throws Seals Away
England’s king in that he
hatched are lost d u rin g the g ro w ing
cannot record a vote at an
per ,d. This statem ent i . ^ s e d on
fin d in g . o f Utah A g ric u ltu ra l col
J “ “ 1 election.
Oddly enough, the king cannot
lege survey
1 y seals lnto the Thames, thus
O f considerable Im p o rta n c e to a S h J i T o / I 1* goiernment of ignore the playing of the national
co n tro l p ro g ra m is the fa c t th a t the n . ? i i n ' -mn I
i> 863 *S| Fe' anthem. His value as a king is
th ree diseases know n to be the
to Stamp legality on orders. considered to be an impersonal
Among his major privileges, thing, but as an individual he
W A S H IN G T O N ’S D IT C H - . . • . G re a t D ■ •«>
is 11 m u a ■ l a sw
gre a te st k ille rs o f p o u lts—p a ra ty -
v r u a
i i m
ip p v c
a a
i i n
a a
l , l, I I f I ir
3 s
L t i l s
l u
I “ r-
veyed by George Washington, here goes through the forbidding phoid in fe ctio n, p u llo ru m disease and King George VI has power to put shows his respect for the state like
an end to participation in wars; other individuals.
swamp which has piqued the curiosity of men for generations.
in fe ctio us sin u sitis, w h ich m a y be
he can sell all his country's war-
In return for this assortment
tra n s m itte d through the egg fro m
i ships; put all fighting men out of of privileges, the king receives an
pare n t to the o ffs p rin g —cause 51
B u ild in g th is slide fro m the paU
; uniform, and disband every male income of 410,000 pounds (ap­
p e r cent o f the brooder loss.
te rn isn’t at a ll d iffic u lt. A ll you do
I f a g ro w e r sta rts w ith a h e a lth y , and female unit of the armed proximately §1,640,000) a year.
Is cu t each p a rt a cco rd in g to the
Out of this, however, he must pay p a tte rn . Then fasten each piefce to ­
vigorous poult, the jo b o f keeping
the b ird h e a lth y is re la tiv e ly sim ple.
g e th e r e x a c tly in p o sitio n in d ica te d
Thus the fir s t p ro b le m fo r a pros- powers, he has several smaller, pounds for household salaries and
on the p rin te d p a p er p a tte rn . No
By WNU Feature»
1 everyday privileges. For example, 132,000 pounds for running ex* spe
cia l tools o r s k ill are re q u ire d .
I be can send his letters without penses of the household.
The p a tte rn specifies m a te ria ls to
Oldest man-made waterway in the United States again will carry
; stamps and claim priority for his
buy and w here to use each piece.
pleasure and business traffic through one of the mo«t fascinating
I telegrams. He can drive about
A ll lu m b e r is stock size and re a d ily
with no number plate on his ear
ureas in the world with restoration of the Great Dismal swamp canal,
o b ta in a b le at lu m b e r ya rd s e v e ry ­
and ignore police regulations re­
often referred to as ‘‘George Washington's ditch," to its standard
nine-foot channel depth. Work will be dons under direction of
Send 50 cents fo r Slide P a tte rn
Cannot Rent House
army engineers.
-» . " - t m c» w
No. 63 to E a si-G ild P a tte rn -C om ­
anecting th e EIiz- --»Wt—
pany, D cpt. W, P le a s a n tv ille , N. Y.
king has the power to requisition
abeth river in Virginia with Al-
any property is the fact that he
bcrmarle sound in North Carolina,
cannot rent a subject's house, as DEM ONSTRATE A IR M IG H T
is in use today but lack of engi­
Designed as all-embracing pub­
neering attention in recent years
lic demonstrations of America's
has prevented full use of its
Birth of poult at Tim m erm an
air might, two National Aircraft
Relig’.ous Names
farm , Jefferson county, N. Y .
Shows will be staged annually,
The nickname, ‘‘Georgs
Photo shows baby turkey off to a
commencing at Cleveland in No­
W ashington’s ditch,” sterns
good start.
vember, under auspices of the
from the fact that Washing­
aircraft industry in conjunction
ton himself surveyed the
with military and naval services,
o u lts - fro
hatcheries th
at —
canal in 1763 and later in­
- m
- - a
Ludicrous misunderstandings air lines, recognized aviation or­
re p u ta tio n fo r p roducing h e a lth y I frequently have arisen as a result ganizations and foreign manufac­
vested in a company which
poults. As it m ay be im possible fo r o f the practice of Latin-Ameri- turers. West coast edition of the
proposed to drain the Great
//a rs 6 ¿aKtrfSres
a single g ro w e r to know the p o u lt cans of giving their children show will be presented in Los An­
Dismal in an ambitious land
ri/0 f necessary
source, cooperative e ffo rt m a y be religious names in honor of Chris- geles next April.
development scheme.
h e lp fu l in In ve stig a tin g the bre e d e r tia n saints and martyrs,
The canal, dug by slave labor, M l
It is common knowledge that
fb r m o s f peep/e
Was not navigable, however, until
and ha tche r.
Maria is a popular favorite for aircraft have all but eliminated
T he ju ic e o f a lem on in a g la ss o f
P ro p e r housing and p ro p e r use ' girls while Jose and Jesus (pro­
the land-geared symbols of time
w a te r, when taken firs t th in g on a ris ­
o f brooding equ ip m e n t are essential nounced Heh-SOOS) are favored
Drainage Cuts Area
and space and the mountain-
ing, is all th a t most people need to
The canal originally cut through I f l
to h ealth o f the poults.
Basis of for boys. To foreigners, however, ocean-desert definition of security
insure p ro m p t, norm al e lim in a tio n .
s a n ita ry procedures is to p re v e n t these mortal Jesuses can cause
one of the most famous swamps I ¡US
b e h i n d geographical barriers. : N o m o r e h a r s h l a x a t i v e s th a t ir r ita te
h e a lth y in d iv id u a ls fro m co m ing in seriou3 grief since the Spanish
In the world—one which has 11
Air-borne action of war years has the d ig e stive tra c t and im p a ir n u tr i­
piqued the curiosity of men ever
co n tact w ith the in fe ctio us agents pronunciation suggests to the
demonstrated the destructive and tio n ! Lemon in w a te r is good fo r yo u !
since they first came to its green M
o f disease. A ll w eak-looking poults ¿u.; ..cun cur neitner the correct
s o m e w h a t negative side of G e n e r a t io n » o t A m e r ic a n s have taken
should be kept separate fro m the spelling nor meaning,
edge and were repelled by its p « » ,., ,
lem ons fo r health — and gen era tio n s
desolate defenses. But now drain- CANAL LOCKS _ . . . One of h e a lth y fow ls and s tr ic t s a n ita ry J A South American rancher in aviation.
o f doctors have recommended them.
hey are rich in v ita m in C; supply
age has shrunk
the area from
p ra ctice s m ust be m a in ta in e d d u rin g Mexico who was entertaining a
-------- —
Shows is to demonstrate in peace valuable am ounts o f B i and P. They
rooding period.
! U. S. friend was called
away un- years
2,200 to 750 miles and the canal swamp canal, which take care of the b brooding
the positive force of avia­
itself leads through considerable a nine-foot drop in the terrain.
expectedly overnight. He left a tion and to interpret those forces a lk a lin iz e , aid d ig e stio n.
N o t to o s h a r p o r s o a r , lemon in w a te r
cultivated land.
Early Spraying Advised
in constructive dramatiz a ti o n s
a re fre s h in g ta n g — clears the
The canal is fed by the “feeder
plaining his absence and ending, portraying air commerce and air has
m o u th , w a ke s you up. I t ’s not s
ditch," a straight canal which
j "If you need anything while I industry at peace as a means to
p u rg a tiv e — sim p ly helps yo u r sys­
brings water from gloomy Lake
tem regulate its e lf. T ry i t 10 days.
Sprays applied before the buds am away, ask Jesus." The guest air power in time of war.
Drummond in the very heart of | t ANON CITY. Co - Because b reak, say insect specialists, are left in a huff at what he consid­
U S f C A L IF O R N IA S U N K IS 1 L i M O N S
the swamp. Navigable for small | he "just got a bug on owning a m ore consistent in c o n tro llin g the ered an inhospitable joke. Jesus,
boats, the feeder ditch is the ghost town," Cecil R. Miller, Cin- b la ck ch e rry aphid th a n sprays of course, was the host's mozo,
For the first time in history
usual entry for explorers and curi­ , ' cinnati
or houseboy.
of the eye bank, a pair of
electrician, bought one at m ade a fte r the buds are open.
osity seekers.
Another yanqui, wholly ignor­
Feeding o f the b la ck c h e rry aphid,
tax sale here.
eyes removed from a patient
George Moore, the poet, was a delinquent
If present in la rge num bers, affects ant of Spanish, had a Mexican
who died in a Shreveport, La.,
among literary lights who have
hospital were flown to New
Cn- nnatl newspaper, saw the
been fascinated by the Great Dis­ former
mining town of White- a secretion known as "h o n e y d e w "
York for use by the Eye Bank
mal. He visited the lake in 1804
-» o h . m
a m
for Sight Restoration, Inc.
60 mi es northwest of Canon produces a s tic k y and u n a ttra c tiv e inviLriion to visit
and while there wrote his “Lady City, n, during
his summer vacation. appearance o f the fr u it, especially sugar plantation, he was non-
The eyes, offered by an un­
ot the Dismal Swamp."
if it-is to be sold as fresh fru it. De- plussed to get a note reading: “Be
identified donor prior to his
Probably the first white man Alter persuading the county to velopm ent o f a sooty fungus in the u ca d y. I come for you tomorrow
death to restore the sight of
to penetrate the swamp was Wil­ offer it for sale, he returned here honeydew m ay co n trib u te fu rth e r morning. Jesus."
a blind person, were used in
liam Byrd, who named it. In his by plane to purchase the 332 to the u n sig h tly appearance o f the
two “cornea - graft” opera­
Dividing Line History, Byrd re­ acres for $1,55(1.
cherries. Sweet ch e rrie s are m ore A rm y M a n ’s Plight
tions at a New York hospital.
lates that his party often could 1
commonly infested than sour chcr>
progress at the rate of only one 1
In Housing Problem
mile n day. He adds that he "liked Into Poor House
Brings N e w O rders
A Kansas boy who drifted into
no part of it."
Neglected Farm Forest
... III.
Even the the glamorous aviation business
M O N TR O SE, C o lo .—
Subsequent expeditions have re-
r ditionally hard-boiled army 20 years ago has returned to his
House-hunting World War
vealed the swamp rich m flora and
Termed Valuable Asset
takes cognizance of the dire plight home town, bringing a new indus-
fauna. Owned mostly by him- I II veterans here are trying
The fa rm woodland is p a yin g o ff o. .. i.i..i e.h'ected by the nation- ' trial plant into the community
boring interests, the swamp has ' to get into the poor house.
T h a t long neglected group o f trees w • l ousing shortage.
, with him. Harry M. McKay claims
yielded large harvests of gum, j
Long a b a n d o n e d , the
a t •••I'»»
stands mi
on u
r t y " ana
.i- u
at, " f e o riy
Capt. Addison W. McLintock, two home towns, having been
cypress and other timber. It now'
county farm and poor house
which nice was eyed with a resent- who was assigned to University born in Arkansas City, Kans., and
Is proposed to preserve it as a
recently was sold for $10.-
ful attitude because it occupied land of Illinois in 1920 when the Re- \ being raised in nearby Winfield,
national forest.
000 and the new owners plan
that could far better be devoted to serve Officers Training Corps was Now, as general manager of per-
Ik*er and bear still abound in
to use it for veterans’
tiwitcd here, recently decided eonnl plans division of Fairchild
Some portions although not in as
valual ie asset
his location might be permanent Engine and Airplane corporation.
large numbers as previously. At
It is one ttia! , in be quickly con- and bought a house. A few days he was charged with finding per-
one time a hunter killed 30 bears
verted into cash To the owner has later the army ordered him trans- manent quarters for his division,
In a single year. Birds which nest ! irritated by Tickets,
come the re a liza tio n th a t the fa rm
erred overseas.
What did he select as best spot in
on the ground are scarce but 1 Motorist Sends Bill
produce something more than
Publicity given his plight re- the U. S. for an aircraft plant? * M CKESSON A BO BBIN S PBOPLCT
Lake Drummond and tributaries ' PORTLAND, Ore. — Irritated
are considered g o o d fishing with tin* way traffic officers gave grain, root croj - pasture o r d a iry suited in the army rescinding his Strother Field, site of a former
— plant,
----- —v
i-v . , is . between
waters. Copperhead snakes also him parking tickets. Carl A. Pe­ produ-l.-t. I rces also are a crop, and orders, for six months at least. army
« p ym g crop, even on the p o orer The army officer was elated—but Arkansas City and Winfield.
are prevalent and are re|»orted to terson decided to do something ty,
« o f soil whei
tensive a g ricul- not so were the dozens of people
have fallen into boats from over about it. So he mailed City turc is an im po s e ib in ility
who had been trying to rent or
hanging boughs.
Auditor W. E. Gibson a bill
buy the McLintock house.
Juniper water flowing out
1 • r repair* on h it |
of Lake Drummond is a deep
windshield wiper, which he con-
M o d e rn Si
Last W ild B u ffalo
red and is considered by most
tended had been broken three I ______ ________
“swampers” to have tonic
times by patrolmen attaching the
Arc you going th ro u g h th e fu n c­
On O regon Ranges
values. At one time it was
tional 'm iddle age' period peculiar
w omen (38 to 52 yrs I ? Does th is
K ille d by Horsemen
taken aboard ships for drink­
m ake you suffer from hot flashes,
ing water, since it rcnutcdly
feel so nervous, hlghatrung, tired»
O ld W oy o f M ilkin g
T hen do try Lydia E P lnkham 's
would not grow stale, In
the deer and the antelope still
t egetable Com pound to relieve such
fact, one enterprising
play in Oregon, the wild buffalo
sym ptom s. P lnkham 's Com pound
bottled it in Baltimore or
also has w h at Doctors call a sto­
no longer will roam this great
M IL W A U K E E . Wis. The old-
achic tonic effect!
s a l e as a healthgi ag
western state.
I: sliionc I wav of m ilk in g cows
E. PINKHAM’S 3 2 »
" • h -t I . , f ,st but it gets the
Oregon was killed recently by
t urlou: y, Lake Drummond
same r. salts, Milwaukee police
eiipies a <1. pression which is <
members of the Sisters Rodeo as­
R ead the A d s
r. I ;e hig' r than the rest of
sociation at request of Roland
1 in ,ii ; a power failure a woman
,r th is reason
ra ed police headquarters to com
:he old animal had been damaging N EW TRANSPORT
kely that the SW;
plain she was unable to milk
ranch property. The animal was ^ 7 k rs" w h i? iin i"th e 'h u g e new
claimed entir lv
!• ;-l ot cattle because there wa
1 do this sever
I 1-? ? h^ hack l?-y
four-engined transport produced
War-born quonsets hare been
no power to operate her milking
protests from
Wakefield and Vernon Peck, who at Montreal for the Canadian gov-
adapted to manv farm a*ea. \bove
ra. hine and asked what to do.
who claimed
used 30-30 rifles.
‘ ernment starts down the runway
how a Rrichton,
I. dy, said ths desk man, "I photo
R ben.-fl ,1 ,ff
The buffalo was brought into on lts test
, t is developeJ
M ay U a m o f I>i«ordered
guess you II have to do what you M ich., farm er utilized a quonset.
K id ney A ction
did before you had that machine.” Note the improved window a r­ Dregon « years ago after original from the famous wartime Douglas
species had been exterminated.
hurry and worry,
Army To Restore Canal
Through Famous Swamp
Easterner’s Yen
Realized at Sa’e
.( LIFE?- -
Rajah Pslurned from ‘Dead* Wins Domain
LONDON Cl um of a "dead"
*;.ih to a vast Indian domain that
ad I ccn contested in Indian
ourts for a quarter of a centurv
■ as upheld by ths privy council,
ighest judicial authority in the
iritlsh empire.
Victor in ths protracted legal
a t ' e was Ramendra Narayan
toy, second son of the rajah of
Ihowal, who claimed he was re­
ived by a rainstorm and res­
ued from a funeral pyre in 1909.
He sc id he had lr xl with beggars
for 1 2 years,
Th - council’s ruling dismissed
the i I'pcal of Rance Bibhabati,
who Raid she was the widow o f
the claimant. She insisted her hus-
1 and died nt D arjeeling in l!k>9
and was cremated.
• be privy council decision was
ag inst a m ajority de-1-ion of th s
ugh court of Calcutta granting
ii.c to the
tates, w hich yield
Sflkl.OOO a year.
Prompt Action Required
To Relieve Cattle Bloat
R e m ova l o f the gases fro m the
rum e n Is the p rim a ry object In
tre a tm e n t o f b lo a t In ca ttle I f b lo a t­
in g has Just started, the a n im a l
should be fo rc ib ly exercised and the
distended abdom en massaged o r
kneaded w ith the clenched fis t to
b rin g ab u t b e lch in g o f the gases
f r - m the stom ach. A wooden gag
can be placed in. and across, the
r uth o f the bloated an im a l.
Gets Divorce after
Explaining 'Cruelty'
PHOENIX, Ariz Hearing a di­
vorce action on a charge of physi­
cal cruelty. Judge Dudley W.
Windes asked the plaintiff for
"Five times she hit me on the
head with an ax,” the man re­
plied. "If that keeps up someone
is going to get hurt.”
The man was grant'd a decree.
Actor Reginald Denny, who
helped develop d r o n e target
planes for the army and navy dur­
ing the war, has incorporated a
new company to adapt radio con­
trol o f aircraft to civilian uses.
Landing of planes by remote con­
trol from an airport tower with­
out he!p of the pilot is one of the
main principles of the new plan.
This would enable blind landing
of passenger planes in thief
trryriilar habits. Improper eating and
drinking—Ita riak ol expowura and infec-
Hk L ? ”
otra.n on the work
of the kidneys. Thoy are apt to become
over-taxed and fail to filter excess acid
iloodth<r ,napuriti** from tb* Mo-firing
You may »uffer nagging backache
neadaebs, dixxineaa, getting up nights,
Irg pains, swelling—feel constantly
‘‘/ • y . nrrvoua. all worn out. Other signs
®‘ Sidney or bladder disorder are aom»
llmea burning, acanty or too frequen*
Poa" ’t
Do««’» help the
kidneys to pass off harmful excess bodv
waste. They have had mors than half a
of public approval. Ars reeom
■ended by grateful users everywhere
4 s < pour neighbor!