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A Live Wire Newspaper Published in the Interes ts of the Illinois Valley and Surrounding Districts
Volume XI.
No. 45
Giants Pass
Lodge Visits
Belt No. 18
(From the G rants Pass Courier)
Away back in 1885 when G iants
Pass lodge No. 84, AF & AM was
g etting started, Belt lodge No. 18
of Kerby came to their assistance
and presented the new officers
with collars denoting their office,
and made them a loan of $75.
Last Saturday evening a dele­
gation of more than 30 members
and officers of G rants Pass lodge
journeyed to Kerby and presented
Belt lodge with a new set of col­
The delegation was headed by
D istrict Deputy Grand Master
Frank. Boardman and W orshipful
M aster Clifford Gilbert. The pre­
sentation was under the direction
of P ast M aster II. S. Bullock. The
oldest living past m aster, George
Riddle, made the presentation
speech. Riddle was secretary of
the local lodge the year it was o r­
Jam es Chinnock, also a past
m aster, gave an interesting talk
on the history of the lodges and
the history and romance of South­
ern Oregon, beginning with the
first lodge meeting in Josephine
county at Kerby on July 19, 1858.
M. M. Williams was m aster, and
their first meeting place was a
barn loft. He also traced the be­
ginning of the Browntown lodge
when that town was a thriving
community situated on Althouse
creek with a population of 1500.
Today there is not one rem inder
th at a bustling mining camp wa3
once there.
The first meeting of Brown­
town lodge was held on March 14,
1859. Gusta Wilson was the first
m aster o f this lodge.
Chinnock told of the migration
of a large part of the population
of Browntown to F ra ser River, B.
C., and the subsequent consolida­
tion of the Browntown and Kerby
The regular m eetings of the
lodge in the old days were called
for the first Friday a fte r the full
of the moon each month. This was
done to allow the members who
had to travel distances on horse­
back the benefit of the moonlight
returning home.
An indication of the primitive
conditions prevailing was told by
Freeling Sawyer, present treas­
u rer of Belt lodge, when he recal­
led his first impression of the
members coming to lodge w ith a
rifle over one shoulder and an um­
brella over the other.
In the Masonic archives, it is re­
corded that Josephine county's
first courthouse at Kerby was pu r­
chased for the sum of $100.
The officers of Belt lodge were
very g rateful to G rants Pass lodge
fo r their presentation and also for
making them such a splendid visit.
------------- o-------------
Cave Junction, Oregon, Thursday, March 4, 1948
“ T h at’s My Man,” a racing pic­
ture and rom antic story of a man
who rises from an inconspicuous
beginning to attain the pinnacle of
tu rf success, comes F riday and
Saturday. It is an entertaining
picture carrying the audience
from laughter to tears, from ex
citem ent and suspense to sym­
pathy with the frailties of human
Sunday and Monday a love story
with Henry Fonda and Barbara
Bel Geddes, in “ The Long N ight”
with plenty of melodrama is rec­
ommended for adult en tertain ­
W ednesday and Thursday a big
double feature, “ Sis Hopkins,”
with Judy Canova in a m irthful
comedy depicting the story of a
country cousin coming to live with
a rich uncle to the consternation
of a socially-minded wife ami
The second feature, “ I Cover
Big Town,” is an exciting adven­
turous story with Phillip Reed and
Hillary Brooke co-starring. Phil
as the battling newspaperman who
uses the power of the press and
his fists to combat crime and Hil­
lary as an ace reporter. There is
murder, blackmail and in the end
clearing of innocent parties in­
volved. For thrills it is a must.
Consummating a large tran sac­
tion the first of the week, Dave
White of W hite's Photographic
Studios, purchased the Johnson
Drug store from Mr. and Mrs
Paul Johnson.
Mr. White moved his photo shop
from the Drews hotel building to
his new location, and took pos­
session W ednesday morning. He
will continue to make a specialty
of his photographic studio and has
a full line of kodaks and film sup­
plies and has a nice room fo r ta k ­
ing pictures.
M 1. and Mis. Johnson are ju st
going to take a rest for a while.
They still have their two story
building to look after, and Paul
says it will take most of his time
finishing it and making improve­
m ents planned.
------------- o
Crescent City
Wharf Plan
Is Given Okay
From the Crescent City American
At a meeting of the Crescent
City H arbor Commission here on
Tuesday night, (last week) the di­
rectors gave their approval to the
erection of a w harf extending in­
to Fish Boat Basin from the foot
of Kent street, to the W est Coast
Steamship company. The company
was being represented by Capt. O.
J. Olson of San Francisco, who
was accompanied by Capt. Benson,
Illinois Valley Jaycees were
form erly in command of the
obligee! to change their meeting Steamship Mandalay which made
place from the Woodland Inn this port some 30 years ago.
where it was scheduled to he held,,
The new company plans the
to the Legion hall last Monday building of a w harf for the opera­
tion of LST barges which will be
A fter a short business meeting lumber carriers and will be tow­
in which Ralph H uber gave a re­ ed by tugboats operating between
port on the S tate Board meeting
Crescent City and Los Angeles. It
in G rants Pass, the session was
is said that this company will han
adjourned and indoor sports were
die the output of the new plain­
pursued the rest of the evening. ing mill being erected at the ea t j
Twelve members attended and
end of this city.
the following were guests. Bob G.
By resolution the Board of H ar
Smith and Clyde Hinds of Cave [ bor commissioners granted per
Ju nction; Dan Piper and Merle
mission fo r the erection of the
O’Dell of K erby,--and Darrall
dock which will be approxim ate!’.
Brown and Lawrence Rahberger
1400 feet long. The facilities to
of Selma.
be constructed will consist of a
[ roadway, fill, mats and pontoon*,
[or a combination thereof, together
with two 200-foot steel barges at
American buyers receive 18 out the sea end. These barges will be
of every 20 passenger cars pro­ sunk in the sand.
duced in this country during 1947
The commissioneis have requir­
the Oregon S tate Motor associ­ ed the company to post a $10,00<> |
ation announces. Only 7 '2 per surety bond to secuie the removal I
cent of the car production in this of the sunken barges if and when
country went to foreign countries. operations should cease
The association also says that
The company indicated that
pistons of an average car travel they will begin construction with­
more than 120 miles per hour in the next 30 days
when the car is cruising at 40.
------------o -...... —
The association cited this fact in
Clyde K ettering will leave this i
emphasizing the im portance of
good m aintenance of cars to keep week fo r Los Angeles where he [
will visit for a short time
them in good running order.
Bond Issue
To Teachers
Charter Is
Presented to
Cub Scouts
Junior Class
Did You Know?
To Present
Play, March 12
Illinois Valley Chamber
of Commerce Activities
A joint meeting of Troop 20
To F u rst College, a co-ed school
Members of the Illinois Valley
Teachers' association met at Ced­ Boy Scouts of America and the in a small town, comes one Prince
ar Haven, Tuesday evening, Marcn Cub Pack was held on Thursday Michaels, a tall, gangling young
2, at 7:30 p. m. for their regular evening, February 19 in the Amer­ fellow from down A rkansas way.
ican Legion hall.
When the news of his arrival is
A program consisting of the announced, the girls immediately
A fter a bounteous dinner, the
president, Mrs. A rthur Cribb, cal­ presentation of the Cub Scouts mistake his given name of Prince
led the meeting to order. The us­ charter by* George Morey and cer­ for a royal title and believe that
ual routine business disposed of, tificates of office to Den Mothers, his ill-fitting clothes and his awk­
Mrs. Cribb called upon Eugene Mrs. Roy Evans, Mrs. Ira Hall and ward m anners are merely an ec­
Dove to explain the necessity for a Mrs. John Clayton.
centricity. Much to the discom­
Committeemen for the Cub fort of the bashful young hillbilly,
bond issue fo r the school district,
and what it m eant fo r this area. Pack are Ray Schrimser and the girls fawn upon him. That is
With the bond issue, Mr. Dove George Morey. V. F. W. Auxil all except one, Ethel, to whom
stated, spaced over a period of 15 iary representative, Mr. Longa Prince is immediately attracted.
years, the tax levy would be only necker.
N aturally, because of this fem­
seven mills; without it, the cost]
William Small, Cub leader pre­ inine attention. Prince is not in
of the needed school additions and sided at the m eeting and told of high favor with the boys.
improvements would increase the the history of the organization.
For a year or more, a black­
tax levy to 17 mills, going on a Bill is to be congratulated for a mail scheme has been perpetrated
job well done which required on some of the students. It has
pay-as-you-go basis.
Wm. McLean was then intro­ weeks of hard work shaping the been the custom of the blackmailer
duced by the president. He em­ Pack into a gioup that the Valley to get a snapshot of the intended
phasized Mr. Dove's statem ents, can well be proud of.
victim and then superimpose the
Mrs. Clara York, representing photograph on the background of
declaring that the bond issue was
the only practicable solution to the VFW Auxiliary presented the the school office. A letter is then
the present over-crowded, under­ Pack with an American flag.
sent to the victim, asking for five
supplied condition of the county
Ha old Bowerman gave a talk hundred dollars, and if the money
and local schools. Business dis­ on Scouting and told the boys of is not forthcoming, the photograph
posed of, the president turned the the many ways it could be of ben­ is sent to the school officials a f­
meeting over to the program chair­ efit to them and of the value the ter the offii-g has been looted.
man, Mrs. Mabel Ballard, who in­ organization was to the commun­ Thus the innocent party is ex­
troduced the guest speaker, H. C. ity. The meeting was attended pelled from school.
Obye, Forest Supervisor of G iants by over 100 Valley residents.
Believing Prince Michaels to be
of royal birth and therefore in
------------- 0-------------
Mr. Obye gave a brief and in­
command of unlimited money, he
form ative sketch of the lum bering NEW SERVE YOURSELF
becomes an immediate prey of the
industry in the U. S. A., showing 1
blackmailer. But with the help of
its progress from the far eastern I LAUNDRY TO OPEN
Fordyce Green, another intended
states, through the latke states, I A new enterprise which will be student victim, Prince sets to work
then the south, until it reached the j welcomed by many a housewife in and unravels the m ystery and to ­
far west. About two years ago the Valley, opens its door to the gether they catch the culprit. The
Oregon became the g reatest lum­ public next Monday, March 8th, crim inal turns out to be a person
ber producing state in the union, when Taylor’s Serve Yourself th a t no one would ever suspect
with Eugene, Oregon, the approx­ Laundry will be ready for busi­ and the ruse used by Prince and
imate center of the industry.
ness on Hussey avenue near the Fordyce to capture him and get
The demand of tim ber is in­ George Logan mill.
his signed confession is one of the
creasing. Mr. Obye declared, but
For the time being the laundry cleverest denouem ents ever w rit­
the supply is decreasing. At the will be only able to handle wet ten into a play.
present rate of cutting, the supply w r .’ E xtractors nnd dryers have
“ Redheaded Royalty from A r­
in Josephine county would be ex­ been ordered months ago and are kansas," is a play th at will hold
hausted in 28 years.
expected to arrive any day, these your interest from curtain to c u r­
The remedy, according to Mr. to be installed immediately.
tain. Its situations are clever, its
Obye and other forest officials,
characters youthful and whole­
Mr. Taylor had made plans for
is two fold: F irst, using tim ber
some, and the dialogue is bright,
this new service to operate last
to the best advantage, thus re ­
clean and enjoyable.
October, but due to shortages in
alizing the g reatest profit per
The play will be presented
m achinery and supplies he was
acre. For instance, tim ber ship­
March 12th.
unable to do so. At the present
ped green brings lowest possible
------------- o-------------
returns, while g reatest profit j tim e he has six machines with
tubs installed, and as increased
arises from the finished product.
business w arrants additional new
Timber men realize this, as wit­
equipm ent will be placed to make I
ness the g reater am ount of m anu­
washing facilities easier for those
facturing being done.
that desire this service.
The second, and perhaps the
Commencing next Monday and
g rea ter agent in forest conserva­
th e re afte r, hours will be from 8
tion, is the practice of forestry on
a. m. to 6 p. m., until fu rth e r no­
a long-time basis, a practice now
in force on all Federal lands and
Girl Scout Troop No. 3 held
------------- 0
on a few of the privately owned
their fourth m eeting at the Kerby
lands which constitute about three- City Council Makes Trip
school last Friday, F ebruary 27th
fourts of all tim ber area in the
To Crescent City
with a good attendance of moth­
United States.
ers and teachers present for the
Mr. Obye illustrated his talk
Last Monday Mayor Hussey
with excellent films. Guests of and councilmen W alter Freeman, program which consisted of three
the association, besides Mr. Obye, Jam es Whitehead and Wm. C Scout songs.
Awarding of pins and cards d u r­
included Mrs. Obye, and Mr. and Kennedy, made a trip to Crescent
ing the Investiture ceremony and
Mrs. Wm. McLean of Kerby.
City Monday where they were the
a drill where the girls formed the
guests of honor at the Crescetjt
letters SCOUTS to music record
Clyde Spooner, real estate City Chamber of Commerce at
of S tars and Stripes Forever.
broken of G rants Pass, and an a r ­ their noon luncheon.
Troop crests, which is the O re­
dent advocate of small farm s for
The visitors report a grand gon grape and troop num bers 3
veterans, was in the Valley this time and a very good report heard
were given each girl for her badge
week. Mr. Spooner wants a lot concerning the harbor. It was -a h. Brownie wings wpre award
o f small truck gardening produc­ tated th at in two months the har­
eii Noreen Deaton, Ivy Lou Car
ed in the county for shipment both bor will be able to accommodate
son and Ila Slack. A special
north and south when other seas­ the large barges taking lumber to aw ard of a girl scout beret was
ons are through producing.
southern markets.
given Beverly Tabor for o u tstand­
Program By
Girl Scouts
These hurricane victim,, one a cripple, the other injured when debrt,
•truck him, are explaining their nee da to a Red Cross worker. ARC
allotted more than $10,000,000 for disaster relief during the naat rear.
Rumors are flying . . . It seems
th a t it is not too clear about the
membership of the Illinois Valley
Chamber of Commerce. Any p er­
son living in the Illinois Valley,
who is interested in the fu tu re of
the Valley is eligible fo r m em ber­
ship As some people believe the
chamber is not composed of a se­
lect few residents of our com mun­
ity. We do not send out invita­
tions to join, but we do invite an y ­
one interested in the w elfare of
the Valley to join. New members
are joining every day and we are
really growing.
Instead of sitting at home next
Tuesday night,, March 9th, come
out and join us. The m eeting will
be held at 8 p. m and the place,
Cedar Haven, ju st S. of O’Brien.
Again we wish to rem ind you
that the Kerby Union High School
will present a musical concert at
the Ivy theater, Tuesday evening,
March 23rd. This should be a
very pleasant evening’s en te rta in ­
ment and we should all support
our school. The proceeds will be
used to purchase new musical in­
strum ents, so the cause is w orthy.
Tickets for next week's Cham­
ber dinner meeting may be secured
at Al's Radio Shop, Boucher’s Rex-
all store, Cave Park Motel, R iver’s
Edge garage and Roy E van’s m ar­
ket in Kerby. Make your reserv a­
tions by Saturday please.
Remember! Money spent in the
Valley makes the Valley grow.
------------- o--------------
Don Rosenberg, dance chairm an
of the American Legion, announc­
es another dance for next S atu r­
day, March 6th, with the 4-plece
orchestra from G rants Pass again
to furnish the music.
The orchestra made a h it with
th eir rhythmic music at the last
Legion dance, and in order to
m aintain this standard o f music
fo r fu tu re occasions, a good a t ­
tendance must be assured.
There will be fun for all and
eats as usual at midnight by the
A uxiliary ladies. This being Leap
Year, it could be suggested th at
“gals bring th eir guys.” E very­
one is invited to attend this dance
which promises to be outstanding.
A group of leaders m et with
Eugene Dove at the school W ed­
nesday to make definite plans to
organize a 4-II club in the Valley.
The organization is open to girls
and boys between the ages of 9
and 17. Classes will be tau g h t in
sewing, cooking, health, livestock,
forestry and gardening.
The first m eeting will be held
at the school on Monday from 1
to 3 p. m. D efinite announce­
m ent will be made a t th a t tim e
statin g w hat tim e each class will
meet and in w hat room. In the
m eantime leaders who consist of
Mrs. Marvin Cross, Mrs. Robt.
Chase, Mrs. C liff Lackey, Mrs.
Ted B urnette, Mrs. Carothers,
Mrs. Harold Bowerman, Mrs. E s­
th er P atton, Mrs. Milburn, Paul
Chase, and If O. Smith would like
parents to be thinking about this
organization and should any ques­
tions arise contact one of the lead­
ers and they will gladly give fu r­
th er inform ation.
ing work on a special assignment.
Mis. A. M. ( arson, leader, in­
troduced the Scout District Chair­
man, Mrs. A rth u r Kellert, who
gave a short talk on the accom­
plishments of the girls.
Girl Scouts served decorated
cookies, tea, coffee and punch,
• ach present receiving a piece of]
cake baked by Betty Joyce Robin­ To Meet Next Tuesday
son for the occasion.
The March meeting of the Il­
There are now 21 registered in
the Troop and any others wishing linois Valley HEU will meet next
to join may have their name an ­ Tuesday, March 9th at 11 a. m ,
at the home of Mrs C. V. la ck e y
te ed on the faiting list.
ut O’Brien, the first house on !,one
Mt. Valley road on the right hand
Alice Colby, Realtor
The subject will be “ Associate
Adds To Office Staff
Country Women of the W orld,”
Alice Colby, real estate broker with special emphasis given to
of Cave Ju n ctio n M otor C o u rt, has A ustralia
Mrs. Sam Bunch and
added to her ta ff, Ted B urnette, Mrs. Chris Wendt will lead the
who will i a m k in the capacity of discussion.
real estate salesman from her local
Bill Rainbolt of Bill's Ba- < r
Mr. Bu r n f t e has lived in the Shop, was making arrangem ents
valley for sometime, and has gain- to move to Cave Junction this
ed many friends here who will week, and consequently his shop
wish him success in his new ven- has been closed for a day or so.
He will be open this week end.