Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 15, 1909, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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    FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1800.
You wibh (he purest, frenh-
cut groceries procurable to-jW aml prosperous life.
Li a I The people of Frultdale are re-
eeuier w th reasonab o cost,1 , , , . . .
fe ivunuimuiv " eelvlng au unexpected visit from an
prompt HOrvice and Courteous
trnstt. merit. I.
I. li
liy plaefiig a trial order
here, either in person or by
'phone you will be convinced
of the fact that thin is the
establishment to purchase
your grocery supplies of.
J. Pardee
VAt Front Street Grocer
The Southern Oregon weather has
broken Its record for being change
able in the last few days. It began
with a heavy rain and flood which
caused the creeks to sheer from
their courses In several places, after
which there was quite a severe snow
storm and freeze which has lasted
for four days. The snow Is at
present four inches deep on the level.
Neatsfoot Oil at Hair-Riddle
Hdwe. Go's.
The cold weather Is causing the
farmers to worry some as It Is
drawing quite heavily upon their
feed for their stock.
All the placer mines are now
closed as the freezing weather has
robbed them of the water.
Died Grandma Laws, the foster
mother of Mrs. Wm. Lltchenberger,
agd 84 years. The deceased was
an old pioneer of Jackson county.
The body was Interred In the Wood
vllle c-tmotery last Sunday.
Died At Golden, Friday, Jan. 8,
Grandma Dennett, aged 81 years, 2
months and 17 days. The do
ceased leaves a son, C. Dennett and
daughter Mrs. C. Mcintosh, both
of Golden also several grandchild
ren and groat grandchildren to
mourn her. She was an old pio
neer of Josephine county. The
body was Intorrid In the Wolf
Creek cemetery last 8uuday. Many
friends extend their sympathy to the
bereaved ones.
Sole Leuther at Halr-ltlddle
IMwe. Co's.
Miss Mabel Mcintosh Is homo for
few days during examination days.
H. ('. Ilateham, fruit Inspector
for Josephine county punned throiiKh
the country and seems pleased with
the conditions of the orchards.
The pnstor of the M. K. church
South of (linn: Pass, will preach at
Krultdale Sunday afternoon at 3:30.
There was a fine attendance at
Sunday School last Sunday after
noon. Nice Things
Nice Homes
We not only carry tin
SUplCli in UrOCeneS, but I money and skill can produce and
we have some of the nicer ilh"y Hr" ",,ld f"r "" more u",n "n11-
I , ... . 'l"rv wagons Ask Hair Kiddle
things which tempt the u.ue tv to show them to ,.
appetite, atld make you fed' Kd Friday, master mechanic at
like eating also make youith, v!m,,,lrt 'eiter. ws surprised
feel like vou had vour 2" T?. h" Uh 'Mrth"
money's worth. The way i
to buy is to buy the bent
and then you will not be
disappointed. You can!
find the best at
C. F. Dixon's
303 f ront Street.
j It. L. Huck Is serving on the grand
! Jui this weel'
I A'. 3. Couiant lias 1j n appointed
deputy road commissioner for the
: Fitiitdale. district.
; i'rof. II. R. Turner has a fine
i new team.
' SAMPSON Spray In any quaMty at
j Halr-Klddle Hdwe. Co. l-H-l't
j On last Sunday afternoon, at the
. home of il. Huck, occurred the mar-
lias''-' of Kdgar I-aiman and Miss
i Khoda Mansfield. Ilro. Newman
pronounced the words which united
I the happy couple. Their many
: friends join In winding them a nap
'old Eastern acquaintance, Winter,
wearing his familiar mantel of snow.
Like most people , while on a visit,
he Is showing only his best side.
Sole Leather at, Hair-Kiddle
Hdwe. t'o's.
The heavy load of snow on the
trees caused many breaks in the
telephone wire, making it very diffi
cult to collect newB this week.
Everyone is enjoying the snow while
It lasts, though, and very likely we
will be picking wild flower a month
.Ml'KI'H Y
Snow, snow everywhe-e, which Is
something unusual for this part of
the country, as It hfs been several
years since we have had enough
snow to lay on the ground ha:? a
With half the telephone poles
down and everybody snowed !n,
news Is scarce this week, as the
proverbial hens teeth.
The telephone llnemei are out
repairing the line and the phones
will soon be ringing again, for
which we will all be thankful.
Roy McAfee departed for North
Bond Thursday to work In a saw
mill a that place.
A -few people braved the storm
Saturday night, to attend literary.
It was decided to have no more
mock trials and substiute some
thing more uplifting and beneficial
Sole Leather at Hair-Riddle
Hdwe. Co's.
The quarterly meeting of the
Free Methodist church, will be held
at the Murphy school house, begin
ning on Friday evening, the 16th,
and continuing over Sunday.
At the annual meeting of the Ap
plegate Telephone Co. held at Pro-
volt .Monday, January 11th, the fol
lowing directors were elected to
serve during the year. O. E. Hose, J
Pernoll. II. D. Kubll, McKeel. W. I)
York, C. O. Dlgelow, Kd. Swlnden
Fred Knox and I. K. Hayes.
A pleasant surprise party was
given our popular R F. D. man, L.
M. Mltcholl, Thursday evening, it
being the occasion of his th birth
day well really we don't think he
would like to have mentioned Just
how many summers he has seen, so
we leave our readers to Imagine the
exact number. After an cvonluK
spent In music and games all de
parted, wishing Mr. M. many happy
returns of the day.
Neatsfoot Oil at Halr-ltlddle
Hdwe. Co's.
In regard Jo the proposed change
of names of places mentioned In the
Courier of Jan. 1st, I have (Ms to
sav: "Crayb'ick mountain w,.s
never named after any gtaylmcks,
tint because Its summit was crowned
ny perpetual snow and ii would lie a
great pity to try to change Its name
now after It has been known for f
years by Its present name.
ni'STKK HliOWN. K.
Haven't seen
from our
camp lately.
Christmas made things lively here
as many of the people from (he Hand
were hero and target and turkey
shooting were Indulged In. The
New Year was also celebrated by tur- j
key filled dinner pails. There was i
a leap year dance at Hand which
was attended hy all of Gallce.
Weber Wagons are the tumi i
mmj. I'UUUllIUI S!'I'! .T WMtl
ve,l ny the llallre ladies and the even
ing was enjoyed with games Hut
to wind i.p the festivities, four big
men carried Kd to the hydrant, and
Kd can tell the rest.
Many prospectors are at work
here and assessment work Is being
done en n, nin
Work at
th smelter It going
ahead at
t a good rate and It will be In
ready t
o "bio i" ,n h. a
"I 1 '
f.ipi. i.. i roucn is running
blast with a Urge force of men.
All the placer mines are running
again and the echo of giant pow-
jer can be beard through the
The Gallce Consolidated is run
ning three giants.
Dob Jackson Is out with his cam
era and is looking for a cook. Bob
says he Is 35 and has never been
kissed. So get busy, ye bashful
Noah Jones is very sad now;
(Jallee is a dry town except when
it rains or an express package from
Portland shows up.
Our school, under the efficient
management of Prof. Wells, Is a
refutation of the charges that ours
is a bad school.
Sole Leather at Hair-Riddle
Hdwe. Co's.
Tucker Is attending strictly to
business over at the copper mines.
J. T. Robertson, writing to the Ob
server, says that he has seen coyotes
running Jack rabbits and lying on
the ground watching the holes of
digger squirrels, and that he Is op
posed to a bounty on coyote scalps.
I suspicion that be has so many rab
bits and squirrel pensioners that he
wants the coyotes left alone to catch
them. Is that it, Rob? No panthers
catch deer near html; while it is a
well-known fact that one of them
has caught as high as two full grown
deer in a day, eating but a mouthful
catch deer near him, while it Is a
as much as kill the little cringing
fawn on Slate creek,
out of each of them. They do not
The writer has recently been
greatly flattered by a wlde-Bpread
yarn about him and his 31 years'
business In this valley, and would
publicly thank the busy originator j
of the tale If he could trace It back. 1
Oarnum once said he cared not what j
people said about him Just so they
mentioned his name, but he had a
show. I am thinking of getting me
a show so that I can profit off of my
portion of the silly gossip that goes
about this country of ours. I hesi
tate only at the thought that envy
would be disarmed and the main
Item that sustains the nerve force i
of a large percentage of our people '
would be so flattened out at the idea !
of my ' prosperity that they would
lose all Interest in both me and my
NeatBfoot Oil at Halr-Rlddle
Hdwe. Co'b.
You know, Mr. Kdltor, In your
business the hardest lick you can hit
any one is to say nothing at all
about them: and that the man who
throwB his hat and coat In the gut
ter and walks the cement In front
of your office licking his fingers
while the policeman has gone around
the block, Is a factor In your behalf
for he is doing his part to prove
that you are making a live paper.
Since I have no paper I am going
to get me a show, If It Is nothing
but a monkey climbing a pole and a
Hilly goat on the dead level. I
could name a half dozen liars in
this valley who Imitate to a nlcelty
either or both of these animals down
to the Infinitesimal fraction of a
hairs breadth.
If when I began the organization
oi my snow monkeys and goats are
scarce in the market I shall sub
stitute the imitative in full confi
dence that the public will never
know the difference
The snow Just covers the ground
over Here and the thermometer
stands at :'( degrees above zero.
If the people of our valley knew
the Importance of the work the
State Grange Is doing for the mid
dle classe?, for the schools, for the
proper raising of our young people,
for good laws and against bad ones
and for a general and wide-spread
moral uplift, they would not be so
shy of the dollar and twenty cents
It takes to belong to a grange a '
whole year. A r.niwpo
Buriil PI,CII Should B. Mad. Park
lik. and Beautiful.
While we have cemeteries we should
make and keep them as ornate .
slble. To this end the miserable so
called monument should be excluded
and none but works of art allowed
In nearly all l.urlal grounds may be
found reunions of cheap and poor
designs which add both monotony and
poverty to what Is already too gloomy
and conventional. All cemetery assort-
"n'ld so control the lots sold
ai to prevent any work of a low order
' lv"r design, ys a correspondent of
the I.os Angeles Times While the
writer does not visit cemeteries, he has
a certain amount of compassion for
the who do, and as many consider
these places In the same llcht m,hii
parkj thej should be kept up to a hlch
.rZ ' " J, ' 'mtnUttlr
. r"""" W,T- wm
'tioi.r3 S"On c
come wnen i-.m..i ..-I-.
will be abolished by law. but those
who faror them may stay the march
or enlightenment somewhat by selng
that the enttr tract I. reslly mJe
Prkllk. and ths monuments kept
Would you give us 50c or 75c if we give you $1.00?
We are doing this; the change is merchandise just as
good as the coin.
Over 500 pairs of extra Trousers; 75c buys a dollars
worth of them.
l-4th off on all Men's and Boys' suits and overcoats.
Boys' Rain coats just one-half price.
Big discounts on our complete line of Wool Under
wear, Flannel Shirts, Sweaters and Sweater-Coats,
Trunks and Suit Cases, Umbrellas, Duck and Corduroy
Clothing, Wool Blankets. Comforts, etc.
You make money by spending it now.
Geo. S. Calhoun Co.
small and unobtrusive in size and slra
pie In design. The whole effect should
be of a garden, not of a stone yard.
Many stnnll towns have no tract re
served for park purposes, and the peo
ple hare been used to regard their lo
cal burying ground somewhat lu the
light of a public square. This Idea
should be kept In mind hy those In
charge even where a park or parks are
present and unusually attractive. A
bonrd uf lntellleent directors should be
elected who will exercise powers some
what akin to those of a park commis
sion and see that much of the same
class of wor'; Is carried out.
I Farm j
!w anted
If you have one for
sale, send full par
ticulars to
Anaconda, Mont.
See Our Modern Style
Call and we will explain
their advantages
Pacific Outlook Window
(Conklin Bldg.)
Wc Charge no Royal
tiesNo extras
utfitters to Boy and
Misery frrom an pmt Stomuch
does Ik-fore You Kealize it.
Every family here ought to keep
some dyspepsia In the house as any
one of you may have an attack of In
digestion or stomach trouble at any
time, day or night.
This harmless preparation will di
gest anything you eat and overcme a
sour stomach five minutes after
If your mealB don't tempt you, or
wnai nine you do eat seems to fill
you, or lays like a lump of lead in
your stomach, or if you have heart-
uurn, that is a sign of indigestion.
Ask your pharmacist for a 50-
cent case of Pane's Dinnensln mil
take one triangule after supper to
night. There will be no sour riB
lugs, no belching of undigested food
mixed with acid, no stomach gas or
heartburn, fullness or heavv feeling
in the stomach, Nausea, Debilitating
irnuatuus, mzziness or intestinal
griping. This will all go, besides
there will be no sour food left over
in the stomach to poison your breath
with nauseous odors.
Tape's Diapepsln is a certain
cure for all stomach misery, because
it will take hold of your food and di-
kcsi u just the same as if your
stomach wasn't there. j
Actual, prompt relief for all vm.r
stomach misery is at your pharma- ,
cist, waiting for you. !
These large 50-eent cases contain 1
more than sufficient to cure a case
of Dyspepsia or indigestion.
Prefer Peaoe.
"Jnpao Is catching up with the
world in every other line at on auto
mobile pace, but It doesn't appear to
take to football."
"Perhaps the Japanese got all of
that kind of exercise they want for
while and Uo not enre to fight the
Husslau war over aguln."
Of Course She Had Been Shopping.
What Is the first thing that a mar
rled man says when he gets home at
"Good evening, dear."
"No; that Isn't It."
"Well, what does he sayT
"tT.ow mu.-b did It cost?"
Liked the Color,
"noircs wss visiting Scroggs, and
came away green with envy."
"n account of what?"
"Levi green."
be !
No Frills.
duke."'" ,r SOlD t0
"Not much. A plain American dd-
en Is good enough for me."
"How plain?"
"About a million dollar. ...
da - -vuiu
Without the Tintsl.
Th actor on the stage of life .
He has to play his part
With no one In th wings to prompt
Or signal htm to start
He slowly blunders on his war
Without the printed text
To tell him what to do or say
And what to tackle next
Mo manager la standing back
To criticise hts art
Or order him to hit the track
And from the scene depart
He has to work It out alone
With patience, toll and skill.
His sole reward a cruet or bone
Or just a bitter pill.
No spangled garments clothe his form.
No royal robes are made
To keep him sheltered from the atom
Or to his shape lend aid.
He picks up In the marts of trad
Such clothing as he can
At bargain prices ready made
On the Installment plan.
The actor cn the stage of life
Must softly come and go
And feed his children and his wife
Without the footllght's glow.
And when he aids a noble cause
Without the hope of pay
He has no thunders of applause
To cheer him on his way.
Picture Framing
Are to be found at Hall's
Art Store. This is the store
where you can' have your
wants satisfied in any of the
above wares, and you
should not fail to come in
nd look the lines over.
This store is becoming
more popular every day.
Blore Telephone lufl
Residence Telephone 1063
I i