Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 15, 1909, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    FRIDAT, JAIfCART 15, 1900.
i-i-i-r-i-i-i-i-t i-i-i-i -m : 1 1 m i n 1 1 1 1 1 1 n im
Studebaker Vehicles
Are the very best that money can buy. That's the
reason we handle them.
Harness is the most important article there is for
the horse owner. The largest and best stock ever
shown in Southern Oregon will be found at our
store. Harness of all kinds and at all prices.
Farm Implements A complete line of farm
implements always on hand.
Everything that an up-to-date store should have,
we have.
Come and See our saddles, bridles, lariats,
whips, spurs, halters, lap robes.
Jewell Hardware Co.
11 I II IMIlll 1 -.11 Ml ! I I H-M-H 1 II Ml 1 1 1
The Rogue River Nurseries
Are strong on TOKAY GRAPES, having about 250,000
fancy cuttings that are rooting nicely in the reddest of
lands. We are ready to contract forfall delivery at prices
that will surprise yon. We are as well prepared to fur
nish you with anything in line of trees and g general
nursery stock.
Conklin Building Grants Pass Or.
"Old Reliable Albany Nurseries"
and you are sure of getting just what you order. We grow
our trees for quality not cheap prices.
GEO. H. PARKER, - Agent
Office with J. E. PETERSON
rltM IM A fWf sMlMM
Touarist Cars
Constructed along correct lines, not too heavy
not too light, built just right
1st Low First Cost
2d Cheap Maintenance
3d Simplicity in Construction
4th Ease of Operation
5th BEST of ALL Manufactured and
Guaraiteed for One Year by a
Factory on the Coast
Tourist Line For 1909
Type "IT Two Cylinder 22-24 H. P. Passenger Touring Car $1300.00
- "O M - 22-24 - 4- Roadster 1350.00
" "V" " M 22-24 4- Special ' Double
Chain Drive Desert Car.., 1650.00
Type "G" Four Cylinder 25-30 H. P. Touring Car or Roadster 1660.00
"S" " " 35-40 - 2150.00
" H-40 " - 35-40 or Roadster 2250.00
11-50 " " 45-50 " 2500.00
L" " M 35-40 Limousine 3800.00
N .w'Two " Com'l Delivery Car, Platform' or Double
Deck Body 1600.00
.. y' Two Cylinder Com! Delivery Car, Closed Panel Body 1700.00
Our Factory is always open to Visitors
R. S. WILSON, Agent
Grants Pass,
1. 1.
Ukj MMmI. Cm.
IrMUarlMdKealrT la.
IMM la OwiMi Writ
r UlMntW. elmlac.
Corner Tenth & Main Sts.,
Holiday and Other Kates.
Retail Hardware and Implement
Dealers' Association, Portland, Jan
uary 19-20.
Tarring of Road.
Road tarring Is becoming a habit in
the automobile districts of England.
The old method of applying with hand
brushes is now being abandoned In fa
vor of the use of an apparatus which
is nothing more or less than a Riant
air brush. The tar is in a large tank,
and two men pump air Into It, while a
third goes about the road with a pipe
having four ouUets through which the
air throws the tar in fine spray. This
rapidly and thoroughly coats the road.
Sand is then sprinkled, and the dust
is laid for good.
Kodol digests all the food you eat.
If you will take Kodol for a little
while you will no longer hare Indi
gestion. It Is pleasant to take, acts
promptly. Sold by Sabtn's drag
New Stock of Groceries,
rivcrything Clean and
Canned Goods
Tea and Coffee .
310 SOUTH 6th ST.
6th St., Between J & K
Pkoae 513. wits Centner Garage
Lou Antrlpa Ca
r. 1
Much Business Done and targe
Number of Hills Or
dered Paid
Final report of the following
named road supervisors examined
and approved:
Supervisor Dlst No.
W. A. Hogue 14
E. F. Tycer 15
J. J. Brown i
D. 8. Shaffer 16
W. C. Fry 8
F. A. Topping 11
Sidney A. Andrews 17
A. Morris 1
Oliver Ward .- 9
George Gebers i
C. F. Centner 10
Henry Oross ' I
George Duncan 13
William Light 7
In the matter of the petition of
W. A. Love, et al for County road
In sections 7, 8, 9 and 15, town
ship 39 S, R 7 W, viewers ordered
to meet January 25, 1909 and sur
vey and view said road and riort at
next term of court.
Lucky Queen voting precinct set
apart as a separate road district
designated as district No. 9.
All that part of Road Dlst. No. 9
lying outside Lucky Queen voting
precinct or west of township lines
between township 5 and 6 west and
all that part of said Dlst. No. 8, lying
north of South line of Sections 1, 2,
3, 4, 5,and 6, township 35 S R 6
West and sections 1 and 2, township
35 S, R 7 W, set apart as a separate
road district, designated as Road
Dlstrct No. 5.
I.oe Sill appointed stock Inspector
for 1909.
Dr. Cora B. Lemon appointed
County Physician for 1909 at salary
of $40 per month.
Report of W. J. Russell, sheriff of
Josephine county, upon 1907 tax
roll, showing amount of tax collect
ed, amount delinquent, amount re
mitted, charged and rebated and
amount of penalties and sheriff's
assessment charged, filed which re
port Is examined and approved by
the court.
License to operate ferry on Rogue
River In Sec. 4, township 36, S, R7
West, granted to W. A. Massle tor a
period of 12 months he bavin;
i.iiJ Into the hands of the county
treasurer, the sum of $24 therefor,
rates of charge to be as folljws:
Single persons, 6c each way.
Man and 2-horse team, 4 tic each
way and 10c extra for each horso
Man and single horse rig, 25c
each way.
Man and saddle horse, 15c each
Stock and pack animals, IPe each
Appropriation of (2500 made to
the High School for year of 1909,
"vv made on 1908 assessment to
cover same.
Road districts Nos. 17 and 1 con
solidated to form one road 'ItstrU-f.
designated as road district No. 1.
All that part of Road Dlst. No.
12 lying north of the south line of
Sue. 30, Tp. 36 S, R. 6 W. and Sees.
25, 26 ft 27, Tp 86 S, R 7 W, and Is
hereby Bet apart as a separate road
district, to be designated as Road
District No. 17.
All that part of Road District No.
2 lying east of the east line of sec.
19, 30 and 31, Tp. 36 S., R. 5 W.,
and all that part of Road District
No. 10 lying east of the east line of
Sees. 8 and 7, and north of the south
line of Sect. 8, , 10, 11, 12. Tp. 37
3.. K. 5 W., set apart creating Road
District No. 18.
All that part of Road District No.
12 lying north of township Una be
tween Tp. l and 37, south and
east of the Applegate river la added
to and made a part ofRoad District
No. 2.
The following tax levies are here
by made:
To cover county tax for gen
eral purposes 5V4K
To cover state tat 1
: ivr High School appro
priation 1-4
To cover school tax Including
library fund 2 2-3
Roada ... 2
Total 11M
N. B. Meade and J. N Jonea ap
pointed as members of the county
board of road viewers for year 1909,
to act with county surveyor consti
tuting said board.
In the matter of drawing a Jury
Hat for 1909. the Court proceeds to
I select from the 1908 assessment roll
i sit as Jurors, which list la ordered to
' be placed on file by the county clerk,
j a list of 200 tax payers qualified to
placed on file by the eounty clerk.
In the matter of appointing a coun
ty official paper for 1909 comes now
A.E. Voorbles In behalf of the Rogue
River Courier and J. F. Oalbralth In
behalf of the Oregon Observer, and
. the hearing of said petitions having
Ueen lixed by the court at 1 o'clock
P. M. on this day all parties being
notified and A. E. Voorhles failing to
appear at said lime In support of
his petition and the Court having
postponed the hearing of said mat
ter until 6:45 P. M. at which time
the said A. E. Voorhles failed to ap
pear, and being In default. It is
ordered that the Oregon Observer
be and ib hereby appointed and des
ignated as such official paper for
the year 1909.
In the matter of the applntment
of road supervisors, the following
parties were appointed for 1909,
No. 1 A. Morris.
No. 2 Geeorge Gebers.
No. 3 Lewis Lucke.
No. 4 Henry Gross.
No. 5 S. V. Grou.
No. 6 H. L. Lewis.
No. 7 George H. Farlelgh.
No. 8 Jas. Neeley.
No 9 E. A. Rathbone.
No. 10 C. F. Centner.
No. 11 F. A. Toping.
No. 12 J. J. Brown.
No. 13 Geo. Duncan.
No. 14 Geo. Klphart.
No. 15 E. F. Tycer.
No. 16 D. 8. Shaffer.
No.17 Sherman Jess.
No 18 W. S. Coutant.
Oliver Ward, road work ..$177 63
B. C. Bearss, road work... 9 00
Geo. Mattlson, road work . . 63 00
John Johnson road work.. J5 00
Arthur Houck, road work . 9 00
Chas. Taylor, road work... 11 00
Chas. Johnson, road work.. 9 75
Ed. Moore, road work 23 00
Jno. Wlltrout, rond work.. 40 00
Jim Brlngar, road worl:.. 12 00
John Flndley, road work.. 11 00
J. J. Brawn, road work.... 60 00
T. A. Pollard, road work.. 17 00
Gus Llnd, road work 10 00
1.. J. Steward, road work.. 27 00
Harvey Murray, road work 13 00
Will Leonard, road work.. 16 00
T. B. Elliott,, road work.. 10 00
James Elliott, road work.. 10 00
Robert Jewell, road work.. 22 00
Dan Wlltrout, road work.. 40 00
Phil Brown, road work.... 34 00
John Schorl, road work. 51 00
R. Alnsworth, road work.. 23 00
A. Oilman, road work.,.. 39 00
J. B. Burrougb, road work. 41 00
C. Foster, road work 4 00
L. Palmer, road work.... 1 00
George Gebers, road work.. 68 20
A. Morris, road work.... 84 00
Frank Houck, road work.. 7 00
R. McAfee, road work.... 8 00
Dan Lelth, road work.... 16 00
A. Osborn, road work.... 60 60
V. McColm, road work.... 00
Dan Osborn, road work. ... 24 00
E. Oilman, road work.... 28 50
W. W. Alnsworb, road work 24 60
C. F. Centner, road work.. 69 35
J. T. Cook, road work.... 16 00
Fred Brock ley, road work.. 6 00
Wood Jeter, road work. ... 11 00
Lee Sill, sal stork tnsp.... 25 00
R. R. Hlec,.Co., lights for Dec.
08 20 08
R. R. W. Co, water for Dec
08 4 19
W. J. Russell, stamps 5 00
S. L. Jewell, brd paupers for
Dec. 08 91 &')
Lincoln Savsve. traveling Exp
supplies, stamps, etc 79 60
W. A. Hogue, road work.. 7 f.O
Eclua Pollock, cruising timber
lands lift 00
Wm. Rutherford, road work IS 60
F. B. 8hippey, road work.. 2 00
L. McColm, road work.,.. H 00
Sidney Andrews, road work 3 75
Molse-KIInkner Co, suplies l 90
F. A. Topping, road work.. 30 00
E. Bumgardner, tending ferry
on Rogue River, Dec. 08 1.5 CO
T. C. Booth, wood Co. hos 2 00
C. H. Hall, wood Co. hos.. 4 00
II, C. Bateham, Co fruit lus
Doc, 1908 . . 19 OD
H. C. Bateham,' Co. fruit las
Nov. 1908 45 (10
M. E. Moore, mdse for Co. h.nrt
James Trimble, blacksmith
for roads 00
W. J. Ott, mdse for road . . 5 6'i
H. C. Bobiien, mdse Co. homo
.15 06
Grants Pass Hdw Co., mde
for Co roada 31 95
McGowan ft Co., mdse for
paupers 19 00
Sam Egger, road work.... 71 15
J. W. Powell, road work.. 25 00
Charles Vass, road work.. 10 CO
R. C. Churchill, 62 reg.... 5 20
Nat'l Drug Co. mdse paupa.. 6 76
0 P Feed Co mdse Co home 90
A. L. Edgerton, lumber rds 4 93
Irwin Hodson Co, sup.... 11 75
Lee Sill, disposing of diseased
animals 60
W. M. Cheshire, constable
state va. Penwell II 85
W. M. Cheshire, constable .
state vs. Sain 6 20
W. M. Cheshire, constable
state va. Rodgers 2 00
H . 8. Woodcock, lumber rds 10 66
Cramer Bros, mdse rds.... 10 40
Knox & Angel, lura rds 6 20
R. H. O'Neill, mdse crt hse 1 40
J. M. 8moek, ball rent for elec
tions 2 60
J. C. K. McCann, h!l r.ut for
elections 00
W C. Fry road work IS 00
DeArmond Bros, lumber for
roads 2 15
W. R. Colby, road work... 19 25
Frank Taney, road work.. 7 00
O P Laundry, laundry Jail 1 40
H. M. Chapln, road work.. 12 60
Oscar Sandburg, road work 6 00
N. B. McGrew, drayage Co.
home 2 25
Glass ft Prudhomme, sup.. 15 50
Burkhalter ft Parker, manure
for Co. home 13 00
Joseph Moss, rent treaa. of
fice to Jan. 1, 1909.... 26 00
T. J. Mackln, road work.... 4 00
Samuel Alderson, road work 4 00
J. C. Randle, Jurors cor Inq 1 00
A. H. Gunnell, Jur cor Inq 1 00
John Patrick, Jur cor Inq.. 1 00
J. C. Taylor, Jur cor inq.. 1 00
George Cronk, Jur cor Inq 1 00
G. B. Brtstow, jur cor Inq 1 00
T. J. Foshay, wit cor Inq . . 1 60
The aroma-tight can protects
It against impurities and deteri
oration never sold in bulk.
Your grocer will grind it
better if ground at home not
too flue.
J. C. Smith, post mortem Ex
Inq Miles Carter 10 00
F. W. VanDyke, post mortem
Ex. Inq Miles Carter. ... 10 00
F. O. Burns, wit cor Inq.. 1 60
J. F. Brown, wit cor Inq.. 1 0
W. J. Kussell, wit cor Inq.. 1 60
F. D. Strieker, cor fees Mllea
Carter n 60
J. N. Johnston, taking deposi
tions cor Inq 6 00
M. E. Moore, mdse co home. 16 00
Geo. T. McCormick. work
on roads 2 00
R. W. Colby, conveyance of
prisoner li 90
J.M. John, making election
booth an registrations... 6 40
Jasper Darnellle, building
fence, Reed road 87 18
R. Gentry, road work.... 21 60
Riley Murray, road work.. S 00
J. O. Wertx, road work.... 8 00
M. Clemens, supplies ct. ho 26 90
J.G. Sowell, drawing Jury list
Kerby J 00
John W. K raus, asta drawing
Jury list Kerby 2 00
B. F. George, asst. drawing
Jury Kerby J 00
J. E. Hodgdon, drawing Jury
list Althouse, pre 8 00
Roy Wells, asst above 2 00
George Wells, asst. above. . I 00
Pacific Outlook, printing... 11 76
Henry Gross, road dlst.... 186 90
L. B. Halt, mdse Co home. . , ,3 20
W. M. Cheshire, brd prison 83 60
Geo Duncan, road work. ... 5 00
Pac. States T ft T Co, tele. . 1170
Ilalr-Klddle Hdwe Co, mdse 82 27
Wilson Mar Co, mdse roads 40 60
National Dray Co, Drayage. 2 00
B. F. Sexton, Juror cor Inq . 1 00
J. H. Bacher, coroner Jury. . 1 00
Ed Reynolds cor Jury 1 00
W.A.McGalllard, cor Jury.. 1 00
Chas Thompson, cor Jury. . 1 00
E. T. Keep, cor Jury 1 00
L. R. Harris, cor witness.,. 1 60
Jas Wagonblast, as above.. 1 60
A. Schaffer, as above 1 60
W. C. Fry, as above 1 60
Frank Yancy as above .... 160
F. D.8tricker, coroner fee Inq.
Melvln Culp 12 00
J. N. Jehnson, reporting tes
timony 6 00
F. D. Btrlcker, cor fee, Inq
Noah I,ebo 5 00
T. J. Cook, wood for ct hous 16 00
P. V. Proctor, printing.. .. 53 26
Jas Holman, Justice fee state
vs. Mack 8 20
Jas Holman, as above 4 95
Zimmerman-Wells Browa Co
mdHe for roads 22 80
Jas Holman, draw Jury list 3 00
John Patrick, assist above. 2 00
W. M. Cheshire, assist above 2 00
Jas Holman, Justice fee State
vs Sain 6 80
Geo Calhoun, Jury Justice ct 1 00
IX5U Haneriia, as above.... 1 no
W. I. Sweetland, aa above.. 1 00
Theo Mott, aa above 1 00
Albert Hood, aa above . . . 100
A. Bartlett, as above 1 00
Jas Holman, fees, State vs.
Rogers 0 10
Dan Johnson, witness Justice
court 1 00
J. H. Pears, as above 1 00
Jas Holman, Justice fee State
vs Penwell It
Ray Harris, wltnesa Jas ct.. 1 0
M. Osborne, aa above 1 00
Fred Teal, aa above ...... 1 00
W. J. Russell, conveyance of
prisoners tl It
C. R. Flfleld, care pauper. . S II
Mrs. L. Ellis, board pauper. 40
Orvtlle Frits, care panpef.. 14 00
O. Karg, road work 8 TO
W. L. Tuttle, mdse roada.. 16 10
Oeo. C. Sabln, mdse paapar I 4f
Dr. Flanagan, atend quaran-
the case II Tl
Wilson Mer. Co., mdse pan.. I TO
L. A. Lucas, mdse road.... 14 19
Take DeWitt's Kidney and Blad
der Pills. They are for weak back,
backache, rheumatlo pales and all
kidney and bladder trouble. Sooth
ing and antiseptic. Regular size 50 o.
Bold by Babln's drug tie re.
A Ooaamoa CoWL
We claiai that if catohiaf celd eoald be
avoided mbs ef the stoat eaagtroot and
fatal diaeaaas vttili sever be heard ef. A
oold often fermu a culture sad for lrme ef
infectious diimm. Ceseumption, pneu
monia, diphtheria and scarlet fever, four of
the Dirnt (langervtu aail fatal diimn, are of
tl ta elate. The culture bed forages' BT the
oold fevers tbe developaaeal ef the jrerma of
thee diieaeee, that would net otherwiee Buil
lofl.ent There la little lUnfer, however,
of any ef these diaeeeea being ontri'lrl
when a good expertoraal couth niliri:. i
like Chamberlain i (Vuigk Reaiedr in Hffl.
Itclram out theee eulture bed tlibt tv..r
the development of the gtmn of thru' !'
eaiu. That is wby thia remedy bai m .' I
no iinivemiiltr BUcrfunful in preveiitini; ; n
tnnnia. It not only-ure yourcM '"i 1
lint mininiifH the ri-. of ountninii
iiniucniiin ilirthMM. For ale by U. Civil