Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 01, 1909, Image 5

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Mrs. Catherine Gray went to
Roseburg -Monday to visit her sister,
Mrs. Grimes, (or several days.
R. B. Baber and son Grafton left
Saturday morning for San Francisco
on a business trip.
Oldlng, the Maxwell Automobile
man, Is at the San Francisco headquarters.
James Morgan of Chatam, Mon
treal, arrived last Thursday to visit
bis brother-in-law, J. i. burke.
G. E. Howard and Ellis Imbler
left the first of the week for a short
prospecting trip to the Chetco sec
Mrs. Sarah Jennings, of Roseville,
Cal., who for the past week has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. W. E. Ever
ton, returned to her home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Harth returned
today from Portland where they have
been visiting for a couple of weeks,
They were acompanled on their re'
turn by Mrs. Roy Wilson and baby.
Miss Nina Paddock spent the holi
days in this city with her parents,
and returns in a day or two to Mc
Minnvllle, where she Is attending col
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Ellison of
tls city spent Christmas at Medford
visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. B. Ellison, and other frleends
and relatives.
S. O. Peabody and wife left Mon
day morning for San Diego, Cal.,
where they go to spend the winter
on account of Mrs. Peabody's health
They have been residents of Grants
Pass for the past 14 months.
Dan Jordan, who lives eight miles
below Grants Pass on the onl Going
ranch, returned last week from Vlr
glnla, bringing with him his sister
Uwit, veigk and measure everything you Marguerite, who will visit with her
L. L. Jewell made a business trip
to Portland this week.
Claud Cheshire is enjoying a two
weeks vacation with his parents. He
SABIN, the Druggist
To all Knights of Pythias There
will be a meeting of the order of
Knights of Pythias cm Tuesday even
ing, January 6, 1S09, at which all
members are requested to be present.
There will be Important business to
transact. P. P. PROCTOR, C. C.
By Lincoln Savage, K.R.S.
Miss Lucy George Is In Ashland
visiting friends during the holidays.
buy American Grocer.
White House
"This would make anybody smile:
Holiday prices on Nuts and Candies.
Nuts much lower In price over last
A good soft shell English Walnut,
our special, per pound 15c,
A good soft shell Almond, per
pound 13c.
7 pounds of either $1.00
These are new crop 1908 nuts.
Our own mixed nuts, per poundl2Hc
No doughnuts.
Los Netos No. 1 soft shell Walnuts,
per pound 20c.
A fine paper shell Almond 20c.
Our Very Best, the King-Pin of Wal
nuts, Oregon's Franquette, a
meaty nut only a limited quan
tity, per pound SOc.
Generally sell for 25c in Portland.
Braill Nuts (Nigger Toes) lb 20o
rilbers, the large smooth kind SOct
Italian Chestnuts . . .20c.
good plain mixed candy,
Lamps and Drops, a bright, pure
candy lc
Chocolate Creams very good..25.
Peanut chews will please the child
ren. Special per pound... ..20c.
Jelly Beans, mint and wlntergreen ested in the Northwest Mines Co.,
losengers 20c whose property is on Silver creek in
A, fine French Mixed Candy, per
mother and brother for the winter,
W. H. Kinkald and family left
last week for Pasco, Wash., where
Mr. Kinkatd will engage in the
butcher business with his father-in
law. Kind wishes of many friends
go with them to their new home.
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Hill and daugh
ter Esther of Kansas City, stopped
over at Grants Pass one day to visit
the A. E. Voorhies family, resuming
their Journey south Friday afternoon,
Mrs. Hill and Mrs. voorhies are
The Doctors, O. A. Martin came
fromPortland Saturday to pack up
their belongings which they will ship
to Portland. Even though they are
removing their goods, they, will not
dispose of their farm pioperty here
hoping some day to return.
Henry Schubert, who this Bum
mer bought 14 acres on Tokay
Heights, is building a house and fix
lng up for a home. The 14 acres I
to be planted to Tokays, the land
having been plowed, laid out and
the vines ordered. Mr. Schubert
came here from Wenatchee, where
he Btill has large holdings.
Miss Agnes Condon, of Medfora
has rented the seceond floor of the
L B. Hall building of North Sixth
street and January 1, opened
boarding nouse Miss Condon has
had a successful experience In con
ducting boarding bouses and can
guarantee good meals and service.
S. S. Hamlin, who recently pur
chased the Chas. Kingwell place on
Iowa street between 9th and 10th, Is
making Improvements to the place
The house Is to be remodelled, paint
ed, and otherwise beautified; a gas
oline engine will be installed to fur
nish water for the four acres, and
every inch of available land will be
planted with fruit trees and grapes.
This is one of the best small tracts
to be found and being within the
city limits is very valuable.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Wllg, arrived
Christmas Day trom Sioux City, Iowa,
to spend several weeks here looking
over the country. They are inter-
iimn 1 1 n in- n n 1
employed with the Marshall-Wells
Hardware Co., Portland.
Misses Mary and Augusta Parker
spent the Christmas holidays with
their parents here. Miss Mary is
stenographer for a McMinnvllle at
torney and Miss Augusta teaches at
Mrs. R. B. Baber and daughter.
Miss Myrtle left Saturday for Harris-
burg, in answer to a summons stat
ing the serious Illness of Mrs.
Baber's sister, who died at her home
at that place Wednesday morning.
W. F. Horn went to Portland Mon
day on business for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Voegele and
daughter spent Christmas with Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Andrews. Mrs. An
drews is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Voegele.
O. E. McLean, of Albany, is visit
ing his parents In this city, C. E. Mc
Lean and family. The young man Is
fireman on the Southern Pacific,
running out of Albany.
S. R. Bristow of Portland spent
part of Monday and Tuesday with
his mother here, who is confined to
her bed with paralysis. Mr. Bristow
Is S. P. gateman at Hawthorne and
East First streetB, Portland, and was
unable to get away trom his work
for a longer time.
Mrs. A. J. WMmer is very low, suf
fering from ptomaine poisoning. A
week ago Wednesday she was cook
ing some ham, and while preparing It
ate a small amount of the raw meat
Sickness soon followed and seveeral
times since It has been thought that
she could not live. Relatives were
telegraphed for and her sister, Mrs.
S. D. Chapman, of Roseburg, and
sisters-in-law Mrs. J. H. Barker, of
Bend, and Mrs. W. N. Campbell, of
Waldo, arrived a few days ago o be
with her during her sickness
M-H-H-MI 1111 -H-H-M-
Students Home for Holidays.
Nearly all the hoys and girls from
Grants Pass who are attending the
various educational Institutions ot
the state were home for the holidays.
From the Agricultural college at Cor
vallls there were Herbert Gilkey ,Ver-
nlce Gilkey, George Harper, George
Parker and Jennie Coffman. John
Durham came down from Portland
Business College and trom the State
University at Eugene there were
Blanche Ferdlne, Addle Robinson
Alice McFarland, Randall Hood and
Harold O'Neill. Most of them will
return Saturday so as to be on hand
for classes the first day after the va
cation. .
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Surgeon.
Go to Coron for Plumbing.
J. E.Peterson, PioneerlnsuranccMan. 4
M.Clemens, Prescription Druggist.
A splendid line ot Royal Charter
Oak Ranges at Coron's.
Alfred Letcher, Registered Opto
metrist and Jeweler in Dixon's old
stand, Front St. Eyes tested free.
An up-to-date line ot ladles shoes
at Qardner ft Co's.
Co-operative prices on new and
second hand goois at the "Head
quarters," City Hall building.
"Headquarters" for bargains in
new and second-hand goods City
Hall building, 6th St. 12-11-tt
We are having a sale now on the
foll wing goods: Men's and Boys
Sweaters at cost. Blankets and Oom-
10. kr and a few odd numbers in
Shoes, at Gardner ft Co's.
All trimmed hats at 50 per cent
discount at Mrs. Waughtal's.
Page Fence Is erected without ex
tra cost ask J. D. irankltn.
The newly-elected council will
hold their first meeting on January
The Golden Rule store is having
an addition built on to their room to
accommodate their Increasing busi
ness. The new part will be on H
sreet 14x50 feet, and be provided
with a plate glass store front.
The Grants Pass Tenls Club ex
pect soon to improve their court on
D Btreet, between Third and Fourth,
by the apllcatlon of a coat ot as
phalt. On Christmas day members
ot the club were on hand and en
joyed a game, the weather being
fine and the court in perfect condl
tlon. There are several shares of the
club stock for sale, advertised in the
Courier Classified column.
The state railroad commission will
have a hearing at Wolf Creek, Ore.,
January 4 In the matter ot the S. P
providing a spur track for a man
who has cordwood he wished taken to
railroad. On January 5 the com
mission will have a hearing at Med
ford on the question of regulating
tne service of the Rogue River Val
ley railroad between Medford and
Jacksonville. Better station facll
ltles and regulations of trains is de
For 20 years "Roney's Boys" of
Chicago, have been traveling arouud
the United States elvlnc concerts
n.i for th nrrt ttme in 20 vears. Mr- Mrs. R. K. Montgomery
they have been prevented from ap- entertained at Christmas dinner,
pearlng by the Oregon child labor
jH"l"l'H"H"H"I'ii'I I I WJ
r ence
Juwt Ity Way of Comparison.
Oregonlan, 17th: Some of yes
terday's prices: Butter, Portland,
36 to 37 cents; Elgin, 111., 30 cents;
hogs, Portland, best,S6 to $6.25;
Chicago, S.20 to $5.80; grass green
in Oregon, snow on the ground in
Thefence'that hiiscome T
X to stay is the wovenwire
fence made of galvanized -.
wire.1! g It's advantages '. !
over board or rail fences '
are apparent to; every t
man that thinkft We I
talk about Pittsburgh T
t Pertcct elect r il a 1 1 y I
welded fence because we
believe it is the best
I '. fence ton the market to-
day.jjjlt is made on the
"latest scientific princi-
pies from the best grade
4. of wire, and every ioa oi
4 the fence is Guaran
teed. We have this fence 4
4" in stock in Field Fence,
Razorback and Improved
Poultry Fence. Yon
T ought to know the good
points of Pittsbnrg Per
A feet before you plaoo I
your orders
nnnnd 25c.
Fancy Cluster Raisins in one and
two pound pkgs, per lb... .20c.
California Black Figs 08c.
California Mission, extra good.. 10c.
California White Figs in pkgs 05c.
New Seeded Raisins, Currants, Seed
less Sultanas, Etc.
"Parson Browns" 80c.
Southern Navels Oc.
Waahinetons 80c
Bananas, Cocoanuts and the celebrat
ed "Howe" Cranberries.
Lettuce to arrive for the last of the
Fresh Oysters, 60 cents. Regular
quart cans to arrlvo the 23rd.
Leave your ordors early.
W hite House
charge of F. V. Mets, and they left
for the Mine Monday, expecting to be
gone a week or more. Mr. Wllg
is in the dairy business in Iowa.
He has been a constant reader ot the
Courier for some time past and has
become Interested in this sctlon.
H. V. Meade, formerly foreman
of the Courier office for several
years, but for the past year on duty
with the Copper Outlook at Kennet,
Cal. .spent several days with his fam
ily here. Mr. Meade terminates his
services at Kennett on the 1st and
will then open a Job printing office
In Medford. The family will remain
In Grant Pass, at least until school
closes. Mr. Meade Is a capable
printer and a thoroughly reliable
man and we hope be will build up a
successful business In Medford.
Miss Christie McLean spent Christ
mas at Portland. She will return
Saturday to take up her duties in
the city schooL
The January session of the Cir
cult court Is the next attraction for
Grants Pass.
The Coron Hardware store Is mov
lng Into the building formerly occu
pied by Fred Gumpert.
Frederick D. Elsmann has been
helping out in Ahlf's meat market
for the past week and may possibly
take an interest in the business at
ter the new year.
The lumber mills have been closed
during the past week taking stock.
Many who have been accustomed to
getting up with the whistle have
been late owing to the failure of
the whistle to blow.
The supply of turkeys offered for
New Years were entirely exhausted
and many families were obliged to
substitute chicken for that day.
Looks as though the turkey busi
ness would be a profitable one In
this section.
R. R. Gould, a well-dressed young
man, came In trom Roseburg early in
the week and shortly after his ar
rival was arrested by City Marshall
McGrew on a warrant from Roseburg
on the charge ot stealing an over
coat. When Marshall Norman ar
rived from Roseburg to take- him
back for trial he had the Btolen over
coat on, bo there Is little doubt hut
that the right man was caught.
Work on the new bridge across
Rogue River at the foot ot Sixth
street is progressing very slowly.
In Binklng the center pltTS the tim
bers of the former bridge were en
countered in the bed of the stream,
making headway difficult. Consid
erable tear Is felt that high water
will come before the bridge men are
ready for it and that much damage to
to the work done will result.
The home of E. C. Dixon, on 6th
street, occupied by Mrs. Dixon's
mother, Mrs. Crockett, was entered
by a burglar Wednesday night and
her purse, watch and about $15 in
money stolen. During the night she
awoke and thought she heard some
one in the house, and getting up
found the door open. She then con
cluded that she had left the door
open herself, closed It and returned
to bed. In the morning, however,
she discovered that there had been
a imrglar there and the above arti
cles were missing.
law. The child Labor Commission
has notified Henry B. Rooney, the
trainer and manager, that he cannot
present his musical attraction In this
state and for It days the company
will have to cancel dates In Oregon.
C. W. Git tings of Albany, a cap
italist, has purchased the entire de
linquent tax list as It appears on the
assessment rolls la Linn county for
1907. This covers the entire tax
list with the exception ot a tew
tracts purchased by the Eastern In
vestment Company of Portland. His
total purhases aggregated about
$1(00. Certificates of delinquency
have been issued htm and under the
provision of the new laws regulating
the sale ot property for delinquent
taxes these will hear Interest at the
rate ot 16 per cent per annum and
the tax lien can be foreclosed the
same as a chattel mortgage at the ex
piration of three years, should the
lands not be redeemed.
The Unlversly of Oregon and
Agricultural College students from
Grants Pass will all return the last
of the week to again take up their
duties after spending the holidays
with thelf parents and ' friends.
Those from the University at Eugene
are Alice McFarland, Blanche Fer
dlne, Addie Robinson, Harold
O'Neill and Randlo Hood, and those
from the Agricultural College at
Corvallls are Vernlce Gilkey, Jennie
Coffman, Herbert Gilkey, George
Harper, George Parker and Kester
Chapman. Gene and Ruth Scovllle
are also attending at Corvallls but
did not come home to spend Christ
mas. Page Fence over 827,000 rods In
use In So. Oregon Ask J. D. Frank
lin. 12-18-tf
E. L. Churchill has 20 acres In
Frultdale, ready for Tokay grapes
and they will be put In at once. The
vines are well rooted and In splen
did conation and Mr. Churchill will
have them planted In the very boat
manner. Mr. J. Lletha a fruit
grower and landscape gardener of
large experience has been engaged to
do the work and he will commence
the Job next week. Mr. Leltha has
had large experience la fruit grow
ing Knd Grants Pass is fortunate In
having him to look after Us
orchards. We learn that hs will
remain here and do planting no 4
pruning tor those who have need t
his tervlces
On Saturday evening last the beau
tiful home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Churchill, on Manzanlta Avenue, was
the scene of a Jolly dinner party, at
which Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Gillette,
formerly of this city, but now of
Portland, were the guests of honor.
Other guests were: Mr. and Mrs. J.
O. Rlggs. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bur
roughs, Miss Hazel Gillette and Mrs.
Chas. Halt After a most appetizing
dinner the friends spent a very en
joyable evening.
i Cramer i
Odd Fellows Blk.
t PLOWS, Post HolMygM
Now is the time for you
to commence think
. ing of your
. needs in
At the home of 8. J. Rigga.k
Christmas dinner was enjoyed by
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Blanchard and
son Paul, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bur
roughs, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Blasslns;
and Arthur Dunn.
A new bicycle, machine and gener
al repali' shop is being opened this)
week at M. Mclntyre's old stand oa
South Sixth street, under the nam
of the Southern Oregoa Wheal
Works, by Mr. Mclntyre's brothex,
Fred G., who is an experienced re
pair man and looks after th busi
ness. He extends a cordial Invita
tion for everybody to call on him.
You can always find
what you want at
Phone 61
oppo Depot
Xxsmn.F I
Just received a large lot of
Cook's Linoleum
in two, two and a half and four yard
widths, new and desirable patterns at
lowest price, also a large shipment of
Ostermore Mattresses
at Factory Prices. Stock of furniture
is largo and complete and you will lose
monoy if you fail to see it and get
prices before you buy.
P7 1
. . . . M