Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 18, 1908, Image 9

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    GasoRne Engines.
Two cylinder four cycle; cheapest
to fcoj cheapest to run. Just the
thing for Irrigation, also pumps
11,000 gallons per hour See Cahlll,
West C St., foot of reservoir hill
12-4 4t
Continuous Performance
Every Night This Week
Except Sunday at the
Eeet Front Street
Doors Open at
" Change of Pictures
. rfi v
inree times each Week
Admission 10c
1 The Development of the 'fl
The Development of the
is the History of the Writing Machine
New Models 10 .nd 1 1 Now Ready
Model 10
with Column Selector
Remington Typewriter Company
New York and Every where
1 F S 1
REMARKABLE event in the history of automobiledom was the tour of
more than thirty Tourist can from Los Angeles to San Francisco and return,
Aucust 12th to 22d, 1908, canying 94 men, women and children.
This tour differs radically from any previous automobile run in that practically
every car was operated by its owner instead of a professional driver, thus demonstrating
simplicity and ease of operation, and proving forcibly that the Tourist is an owner's
car-so simple in operation and mecnanism as to enable the novice to negotiate the
severest test to which an automobile could be put.
This more-than-a-thousand-raile-run was successfully accomplished without mishap
or accident, and will live long in the annals of automobiledom as a glowing testimonial
to mechanical genius and constructional ability.
"TT3 Model Model 1
The Type "K" Tew C
Teere rM wfcidi -eh -
the peal lew ytmn. ia a twmkmia
"l-e eri i. w- verv ec-e a
i-i - l J im M
uwuivianiHni mmvm '
Tkw cat, beeorihilly DiueKed
oi (oar eelt- . r.-
tu (lesHiiiir reasonable aaaeeem.
$1300 at Lee A-felea.
7ewrM Can an eoered by a very
there! awarantra, end wah
I ail sea
W. C. T. V.
Crusade day will be observed by
the W. C. T. V. Wednesday after
noon, December -23, In the W.O.W
V 1 . . .
uau, on stxtn street. A program of
interest will be rendered and all are
The L.T.L. will meet at the same
place, W. O. W. Hall, at 4 o'clock.
Wednesday, December 23.
This change has been made be
cause of Friday being Christmas
The children of the L.V.L. are
requested to bring their offerings
for the poor at this time and thus
learn t he truth, "It is more blessed
to give than to receive." Our sup
erintendent has planned to make of
our L. T. L. band a ray of sunshine
to some less fortunate than they.
Let everyone help to make some
Christmas Joy for those who other
wise might miss entirely the glad
ness of the Yule-tide.
The "Mercy and Rescue" meeting
held last Friday was one of the best
we have yet held, and those of our
band who were not present missed a
means of uplift which came to those
Entertaining reports from Super
intendent and vices came in from
all the churches, showing that
Christian people are alive to the
importance of active temperance
On motion a committee was ap
pointed to present through our
state organization, a petition to our
bers to patronize only the publica
tions containing no liquor advertise
ments. Mrs. Graham spoke for a short
time on "The Christian's At
titude Toward Sinners," and
brought out forcibly the beauty of
Model 1 1
With Built-in Tabulator
S 1
of the Tourist
TUTrpe - O -
- f
eanahle '
cat el mi
.iieplirirr. -al a.
ataa pea
AS ! es U
Ueewed waa ate
auai a-nde
R. S. WILSON Agt.,
Grants Pass
the . Christian life In rescue work.
Too often is the sinner repulsed by
the Christian'! attitude toward htm.
Let ub, dear sisters, put on Christ
that we may be able to bring sin
ners to a knowledge of Him who
woula that all men might be saved.
A son whose father Is obtaining
liquor at one of the dens In our
city was heard to say, "I hope that
Mr . Kinney will shut up these
loons so tight that even the Devil
can't get in, let alone a man."
In view of the tragedy Just enact
ed is it any wonder our boys are
hoping that a new order of govern
ment may be instituted; who
knows who may be the neit victim
to their utter defiance of law?
Not alone was their bar tender
guilty of violation of law, but every
one who has aided or abetted such
desecration of law and order. Net
ther is the man who fired the fatal
shot alone guilty of murder. God
alone knows how many are impli
cated In this last terrlbe event
brought about directly by the liquor
Another incident of the diabolical
deeds of men under the Influence of
liquor rule is known to the writer
A young man from the country came
to town on business and something
railing himself a man, meeting him
Insisted on his going into this dive
where so many dark deeds are done,
and being treated. The young man
hesitated, knowing the reputation of
the place, but finally, through rid
icule, was induced to enter and con
sented to accept a glass of soda.
Th Devil who got him to the ba
hid no trouble in enlisting the ser
vices of the agent behind the bar
and his soda was drugged and he
was made drunk.
Surely an aroused people with
Gcd to lead, will triumph over th-Mr
ei.emy who is killing our best man
1 ood and clouding with sorrow the
v-omenhood of our land.
Don't lall to Keep your eye on the
south window of the Hair-Riddle
Hdwe Co. where the automatic auc
tion sale Is going on.
A Oosamoa Cold.
We claim that if catching cold oould be
voided sou of the niiwt dangerout and
fatal would never be heard of. A
cold often forna a culture bed for germa el
infectious diseases. Contusnptinn, pneu
monia, diphtheria and acarlet fever, four of
the most dangerous and fatal diaeeeea, are ol
ihia claaa. The culture bed formed by the
wild favors the development of the genua o
ihee dieeeeea, that would not other ie finrl
tod,,jent. There la little danger, however
f any of tbeae diaeaaea being contract?)
when a good eipertnrant couth nieHiciie
ike t'hamberlain a Cough Kenedy ia ui-ei'
U cleans out theee culture beda that tuv
he. development of the germs of thew
". That ia why thia remedy has pr
o universally euoretuful in preventing
ii'mia. It not onNVurea your cohl nn
ut minimi've the ri of eontractini; iU
inpenm disaasse. Kor sale bv M. dense-
The lime lumen. I -oiitrovi r.-y tomb
lug the lUll.ti'i.,' M.MI of a fellow's
mother ami his ik-w tvl:o la lavKi-Iy.
though not Hlwa tr:i' vtb!e to the
fait t tut t la the bitter une tii.le nf
the edge hai been worn ff tie stuVI
lior's n;inet'i"
mam tm
aa. 4 awaa d mm heji mnmi
we ta "I
TU ee. a fe ft"
a-rekea sea sate let llrfeX Vft
a-t, eaafcWeeat ee. twsK I'fttS,
4WH AaVeA etktfr4Va(
wllM. r.atVUa Asaal t.
Them's My Sentiments. Too.
Lewis M. Mitchell, the obliging
carrier on R.K.D.No. 1, which serves
the people of Murphy, was reading
the magazine published at Washing'
ton, , D. C. caled the R. F. D. News
and found a piece of poetry which
lilted him so well that he was
heard to remark, "Them's my sent!
ments. too." The verses follow, and
the patrons of rural routes will un-
dubtnly find, should they Inquire,
that they voice the sentiments of all
the carriers:
I'm Uncle Sam's most favored pet
I'm hearty and I'm hale;
I've nothing in this world to do
But glide 'round with the mail;
out one ining almost breaks my
And my nervous system shocks;
It's the everlasting pennies
That I'm fishing from the box.
I carry stamps and envelopes.
And postal cards and such;
And I would like to Bell a few
Twould please me very much:
But a man can't sell unless you buy,
No matter how he talks;
So I have to keep on diving
After the pennies In the box.
It's alright in the springtime,
Or when summer breezes blow;
But a different proposition
lee It's thirty-two below;
When all your fingers and your toes
Are frozen hard as rocks,
It's most anything but funny -
Scratching pennies from the box.
And now. quite confidentially.
I'll tell you something more;
A rural carrier (way out west)
Forgot himself and swore;
Says he: "I can stand the snow
I can stand the frozen locks,
But blast the measly pennies
In the blasted measly box."
When the "roll is called up yonder,"
And we all shall gather there.
They wouldn't let a mall man In
If they knew he'd learned to
If you want St. Peter to open the
When your rural carrier knocks,
Buy stamps and don't be guilty
Of putting pennies In the box.
R F. D. News.
WM)d Wanted.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Board of Education of School Dis
trict No. 7, Josephine county, Oregon
at Its regular meetin g on the even-
ng of Tuesday, the 5th day of Janu
ary, A. D. 1909. will receive bids to
upply said district with 125 cords of
wo-foot wood, half fir and hnlf oak
and other hard woods, ash or laurel,
together with 15 cords of pine In
two- foot lengths; said wood to be
delivered at the respective school
buildings of said district In such
quantities as said board shall Indi
cate on or before first duy of Septem
ber, 1909. All bids must be ac
companied by a certified check of 10
per cent of said contract price. The
Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids at said meeting.
12-11 2t District Clerk.
Rennedva Laxative Oonb Hyrop
ants sently apnn the bowels and there
lv drives the wild out of Vie syetem
Seld by Moeel Drag Store.
Department of the Interior,
U. 8. Land Office at
llnseliniK, Oreegon, Sept. 8, 19UX.
ci 1 1 y given t hut
of Gil Sliirlilun St., Spokane, Wash,
who, on September K, 1908, made
Sworn Statement No. 01174, tor
SWV; N W Vi , WVi SW'4 and SE 4
SW' Sec. 34 Tp. 34 8., it. 7 Went,
Willamette Meridian, and han filed
nut lie of Intention to make flntil
proof to establish claim to the hind
above described, before Register uml
Receiver at Rosehurg, Oregon, on
the 24th day of February, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Almon l.awler, of Leland, Oregon,
Frank l.awler, of Leland, Oregon,
John I'enner, of Heron, Montana,
Louis Fades, of Merlin, Oregon.
Department of the Interior,
U. S Land OfhVn
Rosebnrg. Ore.. Kept. 80, IMS.
Notice is hereby given tliat
of Portland, Maltnninah (Vmnty,
Oregon, who, on SO. if)H,
made Timber and Htoun Application
No. 01.W7, for V'V of the (-EW and
the E1 of the SW'4, s:tion I, Town
ship 41 Kooth, Rauge 9 VYeH, Willa
mette Meridian, has Died notice of In
t'ut'on to make Final Timber and
Ktone Proof, to ewtubliah claim to the
land shove d-srribxl1 before Jotepb
M ma, U. H. Commissioner, at Grant)
Paa, Oregon, on the 19th day of De
cember, 1W)S.
Claimant names as witnesses: Car
ltoo E. Harmon, of Grant" Paaa, Jose
phine O.. O'e., Frank M. Houth, of
Grants Paaa, Josephine Co., Ore.,
Jsnres fewearlnger of (irants Pass.
iJneepbine Co., Ore., Kzra M. Al
' bricbt, of Waldo, Jrphins (Jo.. Ore.
I Keg ietar.
In ths circuit court of th state of
Oregon, for Josephne County.
Leroy A. Palmer, Plaintiff ,)
Lucy J. Palmer Defendant. )
To Lucy J. lalmer. defendant:
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby summoned
and required to appear In the above
entitled court and cause on or be
fore six weeks from the date of
the first publication of this sum
mons, which first date of euMIci
tion Is Friday. December 4. 1908,
and the last date of said publlcaclon
and the last day for your annear-
ance and answer is Wednesday, Jan
uary is, 1909. ana If you fail to ap
pear ana answer within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff will bddIv
to the court for the relief prayed
ror in the complaint, via: for a de
cree aissolvlng the bonds of mat
rimony now and heretofore existing
oeiween me plaintiff and defend
am, ana gramme me Plaintiff an
absolute divorce against the defend
ant , and for such other and further
relief as is equitable..
Ihls summons is published In the
Rogue River Courier, a newsnaner
of general circulation published at
urants rasa, Josephine County. Or
egon, by order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county Judge for Josephine
ccouniy, uregon, made and dated
December. 3. A. D. 1908. reaulrina-
puoiication or tnis summons in said
newspaper for a period of six sue
cesstve weeks, and the matllna- of
me summons ana copy of the com'
plaint to the defendant at your res
aenoe ana post office address at
irlnldaa, Humboldt county, Cali
fornia. H. D. NORTON.
torney for Plaintiff.
Lvlna Nahnor. Plaintiff, )
vs. )
JosephNahbor. Defendant)
in tne circuit Court of the State of
uregon. for Josephine C nalv.
In the name of the atate of Ore
gon, you are nereby summoned and
requlrea to appear In the circuit
court or the atate of Oregon for Jo
sephlne county In the above en.
tltlea suit, on or before six weeks
from the date of the first publica
tion of this sumons, and before the
expiration of the time of said pub
lication thereof, which date of first
publication is Friday, November 27,
A. D. 1908, and which last date of
publication is Friday. January 8. A.
D. 1909, and then and there answer
or otherwise plead in said suit.
And If you fall to answer or other
wise plead within the time afore
said, the plaintiff will apply to tne
court for the relief prayed for In
the complaint, vis.: for a decree dis
solving the bonds of matrimony now
and heretofore existing between the
plaintiff and defendant, and for such
other and further relief as It equlta-
This summons Is published In the
Rogue River Courier, a newspaper
of general circulation published at
Grants Pass in Josephine county.
Oregon, by order of Hon. Stephen
ewcll, county Judge for said county.
atea November 27. 1908. and re-
ulrlng publication of said summons
for a period of six successive weeks.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Department of the I t ri'r.
U. 8. Land Omo.
Ro ebttrg. Ore., Jnly 24, 19o8.
Notice ia hereby alven that
Ashland, Jackson tloonly, Oregon,
who en July 2 1U08, made T'niber
anrt HUmti Application, No. 0-187, for
N s; of N W "4 sort aWtf of NWV( and
NVV 14 of SVSlj Section 22, Towusihp
H4 Snath, Range 6 west Willamette,
Meridian, baa llled notice of intention
10 mae Final Timlwr and Htnne
t'mef, to establish claim to the laud
alxiv described, before Register and
Receiver at Roseburg, Oregon, on the
30th day of January lvuv.
Ha witnesses:
Uaorge Shearer of Anil land, Jackson
Countr, Oregon, Louis Steinbacb, of
Kosrburg, Douglas rotiuty, Oregon.
Thoiuaa Luster, ol Rise burg. Douglas
county, Or gon, Thomas Tapllu, of
Rosehurg, Douglas ooonty, Oregnn.
Department of the Interior.
I'. S. Land Office.
Rosehurg, Ore., Nov. 19, 1908.
Notice la hereby given that
of Winter, Oregon, who, on October
22, 1907, 111 ml 11 Homestead Entry
No. 14611. 8. R. 02377, for HE '
of SK'i, Section 34, Township 34,
South, Range 3 West, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of Inten
tion to make Dual five year proof
to establish claim to the land Lb ive
described, before Joseph Moss, U. 8.
Commissioner, at Grants Pass, Ore
gon, on the 2'ilh duy of January,
Claimant names as "fitneKses.
Jumes Neatharner of Wlmer, Ore
gon; Cleveland Neatharner of Wl
mer, Oregon; Alfred Davlu of Wl
mer, Oregon; Lewis C. Slvera of
Wlmer, Oregon.
'E. O. DeWltt & Ce.. Chicago. Ill
Gentlemen In 1897 I bad a disease
of tbe stomach aud bowels. In the
string of 13 I bought a bottle of
Kodol and the benefit I received all
ths gold in Georgia 00 old not buy.
May you live long and prosper.
Yonrs very truly, O. N. Cornell. Bod
ing, (ia., Ang. 87, 1908." Hold by
Model Drug Store. 8 4 tf
Umt Brioolilrr.
Thia Is s wimmiifi form of miiarular rheu
sialism. No internal treatment if needed.
Apply Chamberlain a Liniment freelf 1 1, re
times a risv and a rtuirk cure is eerfain. 1'liif
tiriinierit iiss prrven e,riall valuable fur
musriilar ami chronic rheumatism. H4J b
y. Clenreaa.
Tinner Land, Act Jose I, 1878.
Roseburt. Ore., Hay 8. 1908.
Netloe is kereby gives. That in
oessplieacce) with the provisions of
the Act of Contraes, ef Jnse 3, 178,
entitled "An Act for ths sale of Tim.
bor Leeds ia the State ef Califo nia,
Oreceo, Nevada aoe Washioglon Ter
riiorT," as extended te all Pnbllo
Land B sates by u act of August 4,
of Aahlaed, county ef Jeokseo, Srate
ef Oregon filed in this effloe on May
9, 190ft, her sworn statsnient No.
10083 fer the pnrchaae ef the North-
east e, earter of Section No. S3 in Town
ship No. 84 Sooth of Range No. S
west W. M.. Ore., anl will offee
poof te show that the land sought le
more valuable ror its limber or stone
than for airioaltoal DurocxuM. ami m
establish his claim lo said laud be
fore tbe Retister and Kwnivar of thia
office at Koeeburs , Oregon, on Thnrs
day, the 7th day of Jaanary, 190W.
tiha aatnea ai ritesese: George K.
Shearer, ef Ashland. Ore , Thomas
a. Linater, of Hoeeoorg. Ore., Loo is
Sleinbaob, of Rueeburg. trre.,
Louis Stsinbaoh. of Roseburg, Ore.,
BenjaaaiD O. McGea.ef Roseborg, Ore.
Aov and ali persons clatailug ad
versely the above described lauds are
requested te file their claims in this
office on or before said 7th day of
Janaary, 1909.
Timber Land. Act Jane 8, 1878.
Roeeuorg, Ore.. May U, IIW8
Notice I, herebr aiven thai in
pllance with the croviilona of the ana
of Congress ef June 8, 18.8, entitled
"An aol fer the sale ef timber lauds
in tne Mates ef Oallfornla. Oregon,
Nevada aod Waehletton Territorv."
asexUnded to all tbe Peblio Land
Skates by aot of Aagest 4, 18U9,
ef Portland, county of Malnomah,
Slate of Oregon, filed in this office,
febroary 1, 1908, his sworn statement
Ne C8N9. for- the narrhase ef the Hit
at SEW. the NBU of HKU mnd NRW
ef NE4 of Section No. SO. In Town
ship No. 40 8, Range No. 8 West, VY.
M. and will offer proof to show that
the land sooght ie wore valuable for
its timber er stone than for agricul
tural purposes, aud to establish hie
claim to said land before Rnuiat.Hr
and Receiver at Hoeebnrg, Oregon. 01
rnnay, me 410 aav or December, 1D0H.
He names as witnesses: JmnlM
Bailey of Ashland. Oregon, Harry
Silver, of Ashland, Oregon, David
Knralli of Portland. Oreuon. Ira A.
Maftln, of Portland, Oregon.
Anv aud all na'enn nl.lnilnn . .1
Tersely the above-described lands aie
reqoeat-d file their clainia in thia
ofrine on or before said 4th day of De
cember, 1908.
Timber Land, Aot June 8, 1878.
Roaeburg, Ore., May 8, 1908.
Notice Is herebv etven that I n mm.
pllance with the provisions of the aot
of Oougreas of June 8, 1878. entiled
An ai t or the aale or timber lands
in the HI atea of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washington Territorv."
ss extended to all the Poblto Laud
States by sot of August 4, IBM,
of Roaeburg. ooonty oi Douglas, Stale
ef Oregon, filed to Ibis office April 14,
iv"o, nia sworn statement No. IOOH7,
for the nnrohase of the 8K. NWi,
ncy4 nvvi ana 4 nr.S) 01 hectlou
No. 29 in Towoshlu No K4 Rauae No.
5 WeatV. M. and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and lo establish
111 claim to aald land before Register
aud Receiver at Roaeb'irg, Ore., on
Friday, tbe 8th day of Jauoary, 1909.
lit names as wilnssaes B. W.
HtMng, of Riiseborg, Ore., W. D.
Bell of Roeuborg, Ore., Arthur L.
Roadman or Rosehurg, Ore., U. A.
Hanford, or Roaeburg, Ore
Any ami all peraons olaimlug ad
versely the atsive diwcrilied lamia are
requested to die thstr claims In tnis
oflloe on or before ssld H(h day of Jan
Department of the interior.
L". 8. land OMIce at Hoeibin-?, Or
August 4, lJDX.
Notlte Is hereby given that
of Spokane, Wasn , who, on
At'g'Ht 3d, 1908, made JwW.i State
ment No. 0f,6, for the AS
and WVi SE'-. See. ;!n. Tp. 31 8
R. 7 W., Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of his Intention to make
final proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Regis
ter and Receiver, at Rosehurg, Ore
Ion, on the 7th day of February,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Alpheue N. Crouch, of (irants Pass.
Ore., Almon Iwler, of Leland, Ore.,
John Maloney of Spokane, Wash.,
John I'eiiinir, of Heron. Mont.
- Register
Department of the tut jrlor.
U. 8. I-and Office at Roi'titiri?. Ore.
August 13, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that
of Portland, Oregon, who, on August
12, 1908, made sworn statitnv.t No.
0761, for Northwest quartr(NW lA )
Sec. 26, Tp. 40 8. H. i . W. ?.; ,
has filed notice of Intention to niiike
final proof to eatabllsb claim to the
land above described, before Regis
ter and Receiver at Rosehurg, Ore ,
on the 11th Day of February, 1909,
Claimant names as
Frank Cain, of Riddle, Ore., Will A.
Leonard, of Portland, Ore., Cassle J.
Freeman, of Holland, Ore., Frank J.
Leonard, of Kerby, Ore.
1 BENJAMIN I j. r-D".