Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 18, 1908, Image 4

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The Rogue Itiver Courier
Pcilishid EyitT Fbidat Br
A. K. VOORHIE8, Proprietor
Entered t the Post Office t Grants Pus
Oregon s second-elms mU matter.
Subscription Rati
Biz Month), .W
Three Monthi, .
Single Copies, u
on Friday, December 11, 1908,
Henry M. Bland to Mrs. Anna Mar
tin, Judge Steven Jewell officiating.
Advertising Racaa
Koraiahed on application t toe of Bee, or
by mlL
Obituaries and resolution! of con
dolence will be charged lor at 6o per line;
card o( thanks 60c.
6j7o 9Wlifl
Fllmer At Gloversvllle, N. Y., No
vember 28th, 1908, Mrs. Fannie
(Hale) Fllmer.
Deceased was a former resident of
Independence, Iowa, her old home,
and later ot Grants Pass, Oregon,
where she resided with her brother,
the late John Hale. She was an art
ist ot rare ability and she leaves
many (Mends who will be sad to
bear ot ber death.
Miller Albany, Oregon, Peter M.
Miller, Saturday, December 12,
1908, aged 81 years.
'Deceased was a resident of Kerby
i.nd Grants Pass from 1882 until
1 f0&, when he moved to Albany.
The sending of an exhibit to the
National Apple Show has resulted In
great good to this community and
once more apples from this part of
Rogue River Valley have been
awarded prizes. This Bhould be a
' lesson to us and should result In
greater activity being displayed by
our people In advertising and exhib
iting our fruit. There Is room for
many a thousand families In this sec
tion of the Rogue River Valley and
there are many thousand looking for
homes. A good, live advertising
campaign will bring people here, and
nothing else will.
The Deputy Inspector of Dairies
for Coos county, who by the way Is
a woman, created a mild sensation
the other duy at the meeting of the
Oregon Dairy Association, by stating
that on her rounds she visited one
dairyman who kept his separator In
the cow shod and after piitting the
milk through, and not having a rag
handy, took off a sock to wash the
sepurator with. That's the trouble
with having women Inspectors
they're apt to be particular about
some things. Suppose the man
hadu't any socks on?
Some of the newcomers accuse
some of the roHldonts of Grants Pass
of bolug knockers. Well, there are
a few of thut undesirable. claHS here
not us numerous aa they used to bo,
and Homo duy wo won't have any
and some, day wo won't have any
thing but boosters.
Nuw people coming everyday to
Grants Puhs will soon make it neces
nor for someone to get In and build
some hotiMMx; tlin old ones are get
ting pretty near full.
A good game of bluff is going on
down In Washington between Pres
ident RooBevolt and Congress, and if
the matter turus out as it bids fair
to, a few members of tho House and
Setuito will be shown up In tholr
true colors. Tho trouble all started
over the president's niessuge, in
which he crlticlHed the uniendment
made to tliu measure providing for
tho secret service last year prohib
iting details or transfers from that
department, tho president Intimat
ing that the amendment was made
In order to prevent Investigation of
the records of Congressmen. Con
gress threatens to retaliate by pass
ing a resolution censuring the presi
dent, and In return President Roose
velt Bays that Bhould they do so ho
will, by way of justification, pub
lish a few facts concerning the re
cords of various members of Con
gress which he lias secured by the
uso of tho secret service men. It
may be that there will be a severe
BhaKo-up of the members of Con
gress, for there Is no doubt but that
there are some men there whoso re
cords will not bear the light of day.
No one tloulits, however, when Presi
dent llooscvoit says he will show
them up, that he will hesitate to
make good, find In the present case
the presldeut has all to win and
nothing to lose.
I'd dash
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist
Go to Oorua (or Plumblnt.
J. E. Petersoa, Pioneer Insurance Man
M. Clemens. Prescription DroMist.
Claus shears and razors at Cra
mer Bros.' 12-18-lt
A splendid Una of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Ooron's
An up-to-date line of ladles shoes
at Gardner Co'b.
All trimmed hats at 25 per cent
discount at Mrs. Waughtal's.
Alfred Letcher, Registered Optora
trist and Jeweler in Dlxoa sold stand,
Front street. Eyes tested free.
Co-operative prices on new and
second hand goods at the "Head
quarters," City Hall building.
Prices always the lowest. Qual
ities always the highest, at O'Neill's,
the bouse turnlsher. 12-18-2t
Closing out at 25 per cent dis
count a line ot granite ware at Cra
mer Bros 12-18-lt
Special sale of extra wide, all silk
ribbon this week.; 30 oeot ribbons go
at 18 cent at Gardener & Co. 11-18 tt
Bert Barber, of Elton, Wis., say
"I have only taken fonr doses of D
Witts Kidney and Bladder Pill and
they bave does for uie more than any
other medicine lias ever done. Sold
by Model Drug Store.
Universal bread and cake makers
at Cramer Bros.' 12-18-lt
We are having a aale now on the
following goods: Men's aad Boys'
Sweaters at coBt, Blankets and Com
ton- and a few odd numbers In
Shoes, at Gardner & Co'b.
We are making atractlve prices on
Ladies' Hand Bags C. H. Demaray,
A Welcome
The public is cordially
invited to call and in
spect our stock of Holi
day Goods. Whether
you wish to buy or not,
we would like to have
the people of Grants
Pass and vicinity . call
and look our store over.
Our store is filled with
many things that would
make Suitable Presents
for any member of the
Levi Strauss
ft Co s
llir two hoijc
l TV
t I .v-
Lands for Sale.
Ten acres fin alfalfa, frnil aid
berry lnd, Ave acre in celtiva
lljn, three aore ia alfalfa. Small
boose, quarter of a mils from aloe
little tewn sohool, church and R. R.
station. Must be sold ia 16 day.
Address Box SIT, Wooeville, Ore.
11-20 4t
Christian Church.
The thome at the Christian church
Sunday morning Dec. 20, at 11 a
in., will be "Tho Delight in Unity.'
At 7:30 the sermon will be "The One
Whom Wlso Men Seek." A Chrlst
nias meditation. All are most wel
come. Austin J. llolllngsworn.
Newman M. K. Church.
At the morning hour the pastor
will continue the series ot discourses
on the"Churches of Asia." He will
also preach at night. The choir will
sing an authem at both services and
Prof. M. Murray will Blng "The Lost
Chord" at tho evening service.
Sunday school at 10, 11. L. Gllkey,
superintendent. Junior League at 3
Mrs. M. C. Ftndley, superintendent
Epworth League at 6:30, D. H. Sto
vail, president. A cordial Invlta
Hon extended to all.
I'li-M lluptixt Church.
Sunday, December 20, the mes
sages ami music will be especially
sultcil to the return of Christmas.
At 10:30 the pastor preaches on tin
ioplc: "The Visit of the nay Spring."
llil'le school at 1 1 : 4 r in charge of
Supt. Koy llackett. Young People's
meeting at 6:30, led by Leila Cald
well. Subject: "Why was the King
Horn?" Evening sermon at 7:30,
topic: "Crowded Out." You are cor
dially Invited.
Pictures, Statuary,
and Japanese Goods
Remember, you are wel
come, whether you buy
or not. Just come in
and look.
Store open every srsninf,
from now until after
Hall's Art Store
Store Telephone 1061
Residence Telephone 1053
1 1 , t c c .tn, riiinljin Straw
berry plant. 5 per thousand, 75
nupir hondred. J. O. CaUioon.
4 -ROOM Bungalew and one acre
ground, young family orchard,
well, windmill and large tank giv
ing water for domestic and Irriga
tion purposes. Desirable locatlou.
The above property, Including all
household Goods, for 11.300,
half cash, balance to suit. B.w.
Smalley, 725 N 10th St., City.
DESIGNS, Cat flower, potted plant,
bulb. Medford Oreenho, phone
806. 11
rOR SALE-Alroost new Stndebaker
Top boy and single haroee. a half
prica. Addres Box 336 11-0 tf
WANTED Students"to prepare for
stenographic work, day or evening.
Address Mrs. P. RItner, City. . .
12-li 3t
PIANO Pnpila'wanUd-H) rear ex
perience in teaching. Address Mrs.
H. B. Foster J, N flth St., next to
9. Coroa. 7-17 tf,.
FOR RENT Everitt Gallery on HT
St., east of Layton hotel. Suitable
for gallery or dwelling. Inquire
of R. K. Hackett at First National
Bank. 11-27-tf
WILL rent too a good farm, aeven
mlUa nt nifrr. Best term riven.
Write Box 28. or e me, residence
corner Oak and Park streets. J. ta..
Aden. .
One of the Finest
ig'hts in Town
WANTED A good solicitor to work
in Grants Pass; good pay and
cash very night; give reference
and tell where you can be found;
no hobo wanted; for right man a
good, long job. Address X. Y. Z.,
General Delivery, Grants Pass,
Oregon. 12-18-lt
PAGE FENCE The, larges single
order of absolutely rabbit proof
fence In this country. See J. D.
Franklin. 12-18-tf
FIVE-ROOM cottage, $16 N 7th st.
for rent. Inquire 850 N. 7th.
GRIP One small hand grip lost
Tuesday between Applegate store
and Murphy Return to this office
and receive reward. 12-18-2t
WANTED To purchase good milk
cow; must be fresh. Inquire, at
this office or address P. O. box
682. 12-18-3t
tween 30 and 40 years, who has
some money and is matrimonially
Inclined. All letters answered.
Address P. O. box 85, Merlin, Or.
OFFICE Manager wanted for Den
ver, Colo. Liberal salary. $590
required; $250 cash. Address A.
D. Co., care Courier. 12-1 8-2t
bull REN f A new bungalo; 7
rooms; electric light, bath and
toilet. Inquire 412 Clark and
H streets. 12-18-tf
LOCAL Solicitor wanted; good com
mission; the best proposition of
its kind on the market today. Ad
dress A. D. Co., care Courier.
Wiudow gla at Hair-Kiddle's.
FOR SALE 10 2 head ot sheep, 40
head goats, all flrst-class. Will
take $4 per head all round. P.
F. Swayne, Phone 506 Farmers
Grants Puss, R F D No. 2.
12-11 tf.
LOST 6-ln. Gurley compass on the
Merlin road. Finder leave at this
office and receive $5 reward.
LOST ladies' neck fnr between the
post office and the WMlnrn Hotel or
the hotel and L. B. Hall's residence
on Fourth street. Finder leave at
office ol Oillette Rims Land Com
pan. 1 1.-27-tf
are the
Beautiful Christmas Gifts
at the Jewelry Store of Curtis & Co.
Everything in Watches, gold filled and solid
gold, from $10.00 up. A large assortment of Lockets
and Chains, up from $1.00. x
An elegant line of Rich Cut Glass, Clocks
Sterling Silver, and Silver Plated Ware
Let us suggest, buy him an Umbrella for Xmag.
Just think what a useful present for either lady or
gentleman friend. Our stock will fulfill every de
sire, with handles of Sterling Silver, Gold Tips,
Pearl Mountings in all Btyles for ladies -and gentle-
Curtis & Company
F. A. PIERCE Registered Angoras, I
Flock headed br one of the famous
bocks of the "Kin; Arthar" also
other bucks of different strains of I
breeding. Doe of the noted strains.
Bucks for sale. Merlin, Ore. 8-37 tf
Dependable Goods
In Watches and Jewelry go to
THE Oregon Fire Relief (McMinvllle
Mutual) Association and the
Queen City" (Standard Co.) are
banner companies none better.
Have reduced their rates try
them. II. B. Hendricks, Agt,
6th Street.offlce ground floor op
posite P. O., Grauts Pass, Oregon,
Phone 1093. 12-4 tf
You can't afford to buy Jewelry from
anyone that is not reliable because a
cheap article in Jewelry looks when
NEW like a first-class one so you
must depend upon the Jeweler you
buy from. Nuf tSedL
I will sell intil January 1st all silver
ware at bed-rock prices.
MONEY to loan on real estate. Mort
gages bought and sold. Marcus
W. Robbins, lawyer. ll-27-4t
FRANK BURN UTT Upholstering,
mission furniture made to order.
TWO two years old Jersoy Bulls,
last seen near Miller ranch, lost
September, brand, plaiu H on left
hip. Reward pivrn for information
leading to their recovery. Hydra
Close, Wilderville. Phone 887.
11-20 tf
1'lrst Christian Science Society.
Christian Science service will he
held In the V. O. W. hall Sunday.
IVcember -0. 1 SOS. ;'t 11 a. in.
Subject: "1 the I'nlverso, Including
Man, Evolved by Automatic Force?"
Wednesday evening service at T ;!0
p. m. in the reading room lu the op
era house block, room 5, north hall
All are cordially Invited to intend.
FOR SALE Two flrst-clnss milk
cows, horse, buggy and harness
and one economy cream separator.
Inquire this office or W. H. Kln
caid, 71 1 7th St., 12-11 2t
T1M11KK claim for sale. The SK"-
of Sec. IS Tp. 3a S, It I V, sit
uated In Jackson county, 15 miles
frjin Grunts Pass. For informa
tion address Mario E. Hall, State
Normal, Chlco, Cal. 12-4-5t
A FF.W choice aud selected Brown
Leghorn cockerels from prize
winning stock for sale at $1..'.0
each, by A. P. Cramer. 12-11 2t
WHITE Leghorn cockerels, prize
stock of Berkshire pigs for sale.
Inquire of G. A. Hamilton, Grants
Pass, Phone s 1 1 . 12-4 3 1
Planting Rallread Station Grounds.
The planting of railroad station
grounds Is a very Important part of
making a town or city beautiful, and
each year more consideration is given
the subject. Finely plunted grounds
glvo a good first Impression of a place
l lut r tha observing traveler Is not flow
to appreciate. On tho other hand,
slovenly, dirty or ill cured for grounds
give a bad first Impression, aud the
lack of improvements or care Is quick
ly noticed by the experienced travel
er, fur be bus seeu aud noted stutlou
grounds highly embellished. Time
was wbeu railroad gardening was a
mere Incidental und the material used
was regarded us such, consisting large
ly of seasonal bds of flowers. This
style ot work U rapidly belug super
seded by pertnaueut all the year round
effects. Today the demand Is for ex
perienced ptirk builders, and spacious
grounds are belug reserved along new
line of travel. Towu and city otil
clala should lead all potwlbla encour
agement and ski to this work, for It is
the only gllmpee the traveler gets of
some points, even of considerable size
and Importance.
The kind of values that aud
qualities that will last nt O'Neil; s.
the llousef u. aisher.
FOK SALE - Good top phaeton bug
gy. Address P O. Pox 52,Grants
Pass. 12-4-tf
FOK SALE- Gasoline engine, Work
harness, plow, cultivators, spring
wagon, carpenters tools. No.
Stasley plane, log chain, small
healing stove, bed steals and
springs, seme r hairs and oilier
houscheld articles. V. C. Ood-'e
"1 N l'.Hli St. H.:7-tf
Getting After the Octopus.
There is a general movement
throughout tho Uultcd States lu the di
rection of gvttiiig ufter tho mall order
octopus with a big stick. It Is a
movement born of tho law of self pres
ervation s applied to Individual enter
prise aud community Interest People
lu the districts far removed from the
overgrown clt les have discovered that
i the mammoth coucerns that advertise
for sale pretty nearly everything
through catalogues aud mail order
1 publications are sapping the prosperi
ty of tho smaller cltUu aud towns and
tholr outlying communities. The cru
sade agabist tha mall order proposi
tion Is becoming national In Its ssope.
aud for good reason. Either the tend
ency toward mail order buying must
bo checked er the Pulled States will
become a nation ef trade ccntrnll-cd
la the chics and 'nothing doing" iu
the coiimry Anybidy can Ugure out
easily what that will mean to the rural
communities of America. Those who, taken the tl"ie to tignre it out-n
ml-. nr.' i r s. are the per-sotis who are
p ing :i:":er the mail order octopus with
the b!g s i t hereinbefore mentioned
Rogers 1847 knives and
forks from $3.75 to
6 Piece Tea Set regular Aa
price $22.00, now
Xmas Eatables
AVe sell groceries that are fresh and the
best to be had. All our goods are guar
anteed to comply with the pure food
law, and to suit the housewife as well.
For The Holidays
We have made a special effort to get
a full supply of all delicacies as well as
a complete line of staples. A trial or
der will convince you that the place to
trade is
Outfitter for Outer and Inner Men.
I .-i'y.4 fVJWl
e- m. .1 k. J m ... JCMBM
C "The School that Haccs Tou in " od jVntfjg
. , u: .