Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 20, 1908, Image 2

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l, C. F1NDLEY, M. D.
Practice limited to
Glasses fitted and furnished.
Gffloe hours tt to 12; 2 to 6; and on ap
pointment. Telephones 261 and 77.
0 Hants Pass, Ok0 m
Ros. Phone 714
Cita- or oountry calls attended night
or da auMb ann u, iuihuuuuw,,
Ulhoe Phono 261.
Ghaut Pass . Okbook,
Graduate American Hchool ofOsteopatby
Kirksville. Ik'.
ChroiilcJDiaea'.eH and IH.-eases of Women
aim liimrcii o
Koouis 1. 2.'.3, Firnt National Hank llldg.
Phones: OIllce.TTl, Ken. IX
CaAHTB Pass ObkuoS
J) F. DeVore, M. D.
City and Country culls promptly an
awered. Office hours 9 to 12 a. m
and 2 to 6 p. m.
Res. Phone. Main 478, Office. 841
Rooms 1, 2, 8 HhiiUliorn Bldg.
On ants Pass. - - OfcE.
Practice In all SUteand Federal Courts,
Offlce In Opera House llulldlng.
Gbantb Pass. Obeoon
Office over Dixons Store
Grants Pass. Orkgon
Ctrl 1 and criminal matters attended to
In all the courts.
Real estate and Insurance.
Offloe, 6tb street, opposite Poatoffloe,
Attornky-at-Law "
Practice In all State and Federal
courts. Banking and Truat Co. Bldg.
Grants Pass: - Oregon
6th Bt., north ol Joauptiine Hotel.
UaaNTH Pass, - Oregon.
The Popular Barber Shop
Get your tonsoriul woik done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
ltath Room In connection
,nTe. McGRliW,
Furniture and I'lano
National BatTk
Southern Oregon
Cirants Puss, Oregon
Some of the Service that a Bank
Reudora the Public
Tlii sid'.il anil amplest
way of k wiiik your
money is hy rit'poaiUng
it in a Uelialile Hank.
This Hank rtifin' I'e
puMlK ."Ul'jtVl to 'litvk,
or on demand IVrlillcales
ol ilepomt or on tune
t erlitirlc of Dcpoaita.
On time deposits we pay
The lest anil cheapest
wa to tran-ler money
is ly Hank Drail. i
sell frafl payable in all
parts of the country.
One of the most linpor
lant (unctions of the
llvik. We endeavor to
supply all reasonable
needs of our customers.
Capital and Surplus $71,000
Stockholders' Additional
Responsibility $50,000
L. B. Hli, President
J. I'. I iaritu, Vice-I'rea.
II L. Uti.KST, t'aaluer
K. K. lUiiurr, A,t..Ca.ihir
New York World Estimates On
Million Men Returning
to Work.
Closely following the election, the
New York World printed an exhaus
tive review of the revival of industry,
showing that 1,000,000 men are march
ing brixklv forward to roopened fac
tories, basy whirling looms ana
RDindlei. to railroads and other
branches which go to make up the
industrial highway of the United
Fruin every section the wheels of
hops and factories are shrieking a
running welcome to batallious of em
ployes who are responding promptly
to the call for mora lielp to man the
plants which have been ent rely closed
or practically out of commission
pending tlie result of the natiouaal
lo each qcarter of the nation smoke
nnurs from the chimneys of establish
ments which have been ' work i re
duced forces of men at half lime.
Hush orders for additional equipment
buve poured into the ollicis of ma
chinery builders In volume and
s . indent to ewamp them and creatiug
at once a tremendous demand for ad
ditional employes.
All along the line word has beeu
parsed that prosperity has arrived
simultaneously with the election of
William II. Taft, and, like a giant,
business and manufacturing interests
have roused from lethargy, and.
baking off the shackles of nncertalnty
and distrust of radical changes in
eoooomio conditions, have ordered
fires rekindled and forces doubled.
Every barometer of trade changed
utterly within a week. The first
news from the polls sent the glass to
the "fair weather" mark, and with
in a week business conditions from
coast to coast hare become wonder
fully settled.
From financial headquarters the
signal bas been flashed to business
firms to hurry the building of delayed
railroad lluei. Contracts involving
expenditures of hoge sums for equip
ment and labor and which contained
clausal conditioned upon the election
results, have been put into effect by
telegraph. In many mannfacturing
oenteis of the east and west and lo
the south the full strength of the labor
army is practically 'called into action.
There is Dot an industrial captaiu but
bas lignalled the magic slogan, "Get
Busy" From all parts of the country
come details of a revival of industries
aud business.
The Woild tbeu follows with ulna
ooluuius of dispatches from all in
dustrial oeuters in all parts of tne
United States showing unosoat
activity and quotes bankers and busi
ness men as predicting the greatest
spasm of prosperity the country has
experienced in years. The trend of
all the interviews is that the country
feels firm ground nudur its feet, with
no obstacles in the way of progress.
Nothing docs more for
a grocer, one way or the
other, than coffee. He
must sell poor; (he needn't
sell it to you) it is good
that makes him.
Your trowel rfturrfs your mner II roa don'l
Ills StliiUum'i bt: wt rr Inm.
The Sphinx and Success.
Tilt- m nihil lous viuiiij; iniiii appronch
cd tlie sphinx ami muM. "Oh, tell me.
nm' ",;,Kl,s ,or "U'veas:
i win, nit. hiiiii i nc npmux, wun a
Ulll.llt MlttM.k "Vik tllitll iu a Bl,...,aua
alone. He must have his associates,
. ,
assistants. Select a capable general
iiiiiuaKcr and make I1I111 responsible to
you fur everything. I'lUHme for him a
lieutenant, holding htm responsible to
your general manager. For the lleu
tenuut get a division superintendent
under command of the lieutenant, un
der him au assistant, ami under him
nu assistant, and under ,llu asslstant-
assistant a helper, each Iu turn respou-
slble to the one above. Follow this to
the last and lowest man. You your
self have no worry, no frets, am! need
only to draw the dividends. You may
even live In Europe."
"Hut." asle.l the ambitious young
man, puzzled, "how am 1 to be able to
select the rluht men?"
And then the sphinx smiled broadly.
LI' E. O. DWltt ft Co. , Chicago,
Oeutleuieu Iu 1SW7 I had a disease
of the stomach and bowels. In the
spriug of 103 I bought a bottle of
Kodol aud the benefit I received all
the gold in Georgia could not buy.
May you liveloug; aud prosper, j
Your very truly, O. N. Cornell. Rod- j
ing, Ga.,j;Aug. 27, ;1W." Sold by
Model Drug Store. 8 4 tf 1
Fine commercial
Courier office.
printing it the
In response to a resolution of ooo
grosa a copy of correspondence from
diplomatic offloers in regard to the
operation of postal savings banks was
recently transmitted to that bodv by
the department of commerce aod labor.
The report shows tbat postil savings
banks are successfully operated in the
Mlowlng oouotries: England, Japan,
Franon, Belgium, Italy, Holland,
Austria, Hungary, Sweden. Russia,
Egypt, Bulgaria and Canada. En
gland's postal savingg bank hai 65,
877.137 depositors, who have deposited
$721,81l).29. Japan's 907,1'fl deposi
tors have 10,503,387 In the banks.
The movement for the establishment
of postal savings bancs in this country
has gained a considerbale impetus,
and there is an organized effort being
made to educate the publio upon tne
advantage of the system as affording
an absolutely secure depository for the
funds of the people while at the same
time the government has the use of
the vast amount of money at a low
rate of interest.
Telia You How to Overcome
Rheumatism With Simple Ks
clpe, Which la Etxaily Mixed.
A well-known authority on Rheuma
tism gives the following valuable,
though simple and harmless, prescrip
tion, which anyone can easily prepare
at home : Fluid Extract Dandelion,
one-half ounoe; Compound Kargon,
one ounce ; ; Compound Syrup Sarspa
rilla, three ounoes. Mix by shaking
well in a bottle apd take a teaspoonful
after each meal and at bedtime. He
states that the lugieJients can be ob
tained from any good presorlption
pharmacy at small cost, and, being of
vegetable extraction) are harmless to
This pleasant mixture, if taken reg
ularly for a few days, is said to over
come almost any case of Rheumatism.
The pain and swelling, if any, dimin
ishes with each dose, until permanent
results are obtained, and without
Injuring the stomach. While the.e
are many so-called Rhenmtism reme
dies, patent medioioes, etc, some of
which do give relief, few really give
permanent results, and the above will,
no doubt, be greatly appreciated by
many sufferers here at this time.
Inquiry at the drug stores of this
neighborhood elicits the information
that these diugs are harmless aud
can be brought separately, or the
druggists here will mix the prescrip
tion for onr readers if ankuil to.
11-20 2t
American Mining Congreaa.
The official call for the 11th annual
session of the Americin Mining Con
gress his been issued to meet at
Pittsburg Pa. Deo. 2 3, 4 aud 5. Rep
resentation is provided a follows: The
president may appoiut 10 delegates at E B and E V Ingles to A E Church
lariie; the Chief Executive of foreign j ill half int in 8W4' of SE', seo
nations may appoint 10 delegate ; 28, twp 38 S of R 6, 40 acres.
governors of States and territories
limy each appoint 10 delegates ;!
Mayors of cities am! towns, two dele- j
gates each and one additional delegate
lor each 25,000 of population ; Boards
of County Commissioners, two dele-
sates each j Boards of County Super- ' 26, twp 36 S of U 6 V, $1200.
visors, two delegates eaeh ; Boards of ; Mary M and J E Hair to Marto
Trade, two delegates each ; Chambers Lucsett, land in twp 86 S.
of Commerce, two delegutes each; D W Siguor et ux to James R Bo
Mining Bureaus and Exchanges, two land in twp 36.
delegates each; Mining Organizations, Agnes aud Paul H.mseu to D W
two delegates ea.-h ; Scientific So- Siguor laud in two 36.
i cleties, I wo delegates eaoh ; Engineers
Associations, two
delegates each ;
State Mining Schools, two delegates
W ho W ill Ce.rrv the Vole?
Who will carry Oregon's four votes
for Taft aud Sherman to the Electoral
At least two of the four electors
would appreciate the hotior. R. R.
Buttler of Condon would like to be the
j messenger aud his friends are urging
! that he is entitled to the privilege by
reasou of his effective three weeks'
campaign. J. D. Lee of Portland
and other of the electors is an active
aspirant for the place. Mr. Lae also
did serviceable work for the Repub
lican ticket and toured Eastern Oregon
for his party and its nominee. The
wishes of State Senator F. J. Miller of
Albauy and A. C. Marsters of Rose
burg the other two electors bave not
been learned. i
IThe four successful electors are re
quired to assemble at Salem"earlyin
Jauuary aud select-oue of their" uum
tier to delWer the""vote"attbeeleo" .
torial Collgewnichnjet77uVastr
ington'the second Monday iu Jaunarv.
CcngTf ss canvasses thevote of the
electorial College on the second Wed
j needay in February. .
J C Johnson et ox to 0" E Woolfolk
XX of NW4 seo 86, twp 86 S ol R
6 W.
L A Hennigar to M C Ament, lots
6 aod 6 and. NX of SW of seo 20.
twp 36 IS of R 5 W ; also strip 30x670
adjoining; also of NW, of seo
26, twp 36 8 of R 6 W.
Ablert 8 Reitz to E E Blaocbard,
HWi; of see 8, twp 87 S twp 36 S of
R 6 W, 160 acres.
E E Blanchard to Albert S Reitz
S'A of NJ-j' of the NE'i of seo 82, twp
36 S of R 5 W, 20 acres.
E V Ingles et ux to DO rlsney,
NWifof the SE,y of sec 33, twp 36
Sol K 5 , 40 acres.
James T Morrison et ux to Carrie
O Liudholtn SE4' of the Sfc-M of sec
32, twp 35 S of R 5 W, 40 acres, 12500.
O and O R R Co to William wnoie,
NWW of NEW of sec 25, twp 33 8 of
R W. 1100.
Lewis W Smith to Rose A Smitb
NE4 of SEij and government lots
No. 1 and 2. all in sea 12 twp 88, S of
R 5 W, also a part of government lot
No 1 in seo 17, twp 36 S of R 6 W ;
also Government lot No. 2, seo 14,
twp 36 S of R 6 W aud water right,
Ruse A Smith to Lewis W Smith,
Dart of government lot No 1 sec 14,
twp 88 S of R 6 W j also all of govern
nient lot No. 2 in seo 14. twp 88 S, of
ROW, 3000.
Marcia B and A W Silsby to Har
riette Slliby Kellogg, lot No. 1, block
49, R R add.
Caroline A Ladd at al to Ladd Es
tate Co property in Colutnb a, Gil
Ham. Tillamook. Washington, Uina
tilla counties and the following in
Josephine Co: lots 1 to 12 both in
clusive in block H ; lots 1 to 12 both
iuclusive in block I; lots 4, 5, 7 and
8 in block J; all in Jodsou's add to
Grants Pass.
Cbas T Ross et nx to A J Dodson,
SX of lota 11 and 12, block 70 of Or
iginal towosite, f3G0.
Jas. T Morrison to Carrie O Liad
holm NE of NE, of seo 5, twp 36
S of R S with water right, t'J500.
Portland Trust Co to J .Christie
west 3 acres of the SW of SE4 of
seo 13, twp 86 S of R 6 W.
Harry C Stoddard et ax to John
Rawley, tract of land off west side of
lot 7, seo 24 twp 36 8 of R 6 W, 35
O J Wells et ax to E B McKee, lots
8 and 4, block 62 in R R add, tlOO.
Augelina T Hoyt et al to Herman
Heitmau, lots 1, li, 3 aod block 8, Jud
son add and lots 1 and 2, block C,
same add, $1500.
George E Duun, et ox to Mrs. M
H Lott, one-half interest in aud W$
of SE. aud E of SW.l4 of sec 2, twp
34 S of R 7 W.
Samuel H Dufflnld et ux to Mrs.
A Edgar E,'' of NWJ and N' of
SW4 of sec 3 and EJg of thegJerome
Dyer Donation claim in sec 3 and 4 all
in twp 87 S of R 6 W, coutaiuing 320
acres, $3000.
E V lugles et ux to A E Churchill
half intttrtHt in NE' of'SE of sec,
3 Ivrn M S of It A W. 4(1 nrru tt.tlin
A E auu E L Churohill to
Ingles, half iuterest iu NW4'
SK,' sec 28, twp 36 S of R 8 W,
; George L Houghton et ux to J
Johnston, all of SEW of NWW
Cause for Excitement.
The Port Orford Tribune comments
tliusly en the actions of one of our
citizens recently :
ine people or urants fass were
startled on November 1st by seeing
Harvey Cook rnnning in his shirt
sleeves bareheaded toward the weft.
And a cop tniuking something very
wrong had happened, bad a hard time
to stop him, and when be asked what
was the matter, Harvey exclaimed:
'Let me go. I'm Dad and most tell
Papa and Mamma. It's a girl and
weighs 8 pouuds. ' And on he went
much faster than ever he ran a foot
race aud soon Grandpa aud Grandma
Cook were seen to pass going to see
their little granddaughter. The
mother aud daughter are doing fine
aud we hope time will quiet Harvey's
nerves. "
Snakes' Ear.
Snakes have no external ears, but In
side the bead the ear bones are very
crude. Suakes "hear," however, by
feeling vibration of sound on their del
icate scaly covering and searching for
sound vibrations by protruding the
wonderfully sensitive tongue which Is
Oiled with thousands of microscopic
nerves. Their sight is very keen in dis
tinguishing moving obJects.-St. Nicholas.
1PHE man who appoints his
JL breeches pocket as
and bookkeeper
cousin to the man in the nursery
rhyme who attempted to accumu
late water in his mother's sieve.
s j, y, HFFS, rresiaeni,
I G. P. Jester,
for the Buyers of
Does it run easy
Doea it look good.
Does it make a good stitch.
Doea it sew fast.
Is it well made.
Is it easy to operate.
Is it simple in construction.
Does the manufacturer put hi
name on it.
6ewine machine recently
placea on the market by the
Free Sewing Machine Co.
combines the best qualities
of all other machines. It is
the latest, best and most com
plete achievement in building
of a 6ewing machine. Com
pare it with all other ma
chines in anything in which
hey claim to excel and you
vill find "CFREB easily
he best.
0 KE Ml.
304 South Sixth St.
Jliamberlaln'g Cough Ilrmedy the
Moat Popular Because it
is the IU-Ht.
"I have sold ('liiiiiilwrlain'ii CoiieIi Rem
edy for the it ei((ht yenni niul tiuj it to be
duo of the hel HelliiiK medicines on the mar
ket. For haliim and Young children there
is nothing lietter in t lie line of cough
ys Paul Allen, Plain Healing, La.' This
remedy not only cures the coukIih, colds and
(roup so common among vming children, hut
is pleasant and wife for tl'iem to take. For
sale by M. Clemens.
are but outward signs of the evil
done in secret by myriads of dan
druff terms sapping the life blood
of the hair. Micro kills the para
site, soothes the itching scalp,
gives lustre to the hair and stops
it falling oat A single application
gives relief aod proves its worth.
Save your hair before too late.
Micro prevents baldness. It Is a
delightful dressing for the nair,
free from grease and sticky oils.
PORTIA- on Lao 11
R. H. Gilfillan
Grants Pass, Oregon.
a first
a. t. ijaub, v icsiucni,
Assistant Cashier.
To Furnish House
or Barn.
New or
Second Hand
All kinds of Stoves to
selecr from Heaters
and Cook Stoves, new
and second hand.
Now Is the Time to Bay
Grants Pass, Ore.
Now is the time
to visit
Wbn Kumruer haa passed
in these northern elates,
the sun is only mild under
the bright hlim ekies of
Southern California. This
18 one) of nature's happy
provisions eternal mill
iner for tlione who cannot
endure a more severe cli
mate. California has been called
the "Mecca of the winter
tourist." Its hotels and
lopping places are s .
vaild ks thnpe of a'l w.'ll
regulated cities. Visitors
can always find suitable
accomodations, rongenial
companions, and varied,
pleasing recreailuns.
Southern Pacific Co.
Will be glad to supply some
very attractive literature, dn
scribing in detail the man'1 de
lights of winter in California.
Verv low round trip excursion
tickets are on sale to California.
The rate from Grants P- t
Los Angeles and return is
Limit six months, allowing
stop over in either direction.
Similar excursion rates are in
elfect lo all California points.
For full information, sleeping r4,rM)
vations and tickets, call on, telegrapa o
It. K. Montgomery, Agent S. P. Co.
Wm. McHnrray, Gen. Pass. Ag
Portland, Oregon
Kennedya Laxative Coogh Syrop
aota gently upon the bowela aud wrt
bydrivaattaa cold oat of fie syiten
Sold by Model Drag tore. ...