Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 23, 1908, Image 1

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    VOL. XXIV.
NO. 30
Must Get at the Cause
and Then Act.
Supervisor Anderson Talks In
terestingly on the Subject of
Fires and the Prevention,
Tbe disastrous timber fires of the
present J ear both on tbia coast sad in
the East, with tbe great work under
taken by tbe commission appointed to
plan for tbe conservation of the
natural resources, has awakened an
interest that will bring important
changes in the protection of oar
forests and waterways.
Tbe Courier bas from time to time
published interviews, and contribu
tions from practical men in this lo
cality wbo have given attention to
tbe eubject of protecting the magnifi
cent timber laud of Oregon from
destruction by file, and from the
interest taken believes the time ripe
to do something that will materially
lessen the annnal loss by fire.
To get in tench with the various
ideas on the subject, our representa
tive interviewed Forest Supervisor
Anderson of the Qoveronieut Forest
Service in this city and this Is bis
opinion on the subject:
"Tbe first thing to get at la the
cause of the fires, and then a law
tbat will (each tbe oanse effectively.
My experience is that in different
parts of the stats tbe cause differs
greatly. In the higher latitudes of
the Cascades in Eastern Oregon tbe
main cause of forest fires is lightning,
aud this is bard to reach by law,
nothing bnt a well oraganized patrol
system will protect under such condi
tions, and with tbe National Foretts
this is doing effective work though in
such a season as we have just exper
ienced (fortunately rare) fins will get
beyoud control of even the most ex
. perienoed men. So far as being
educated to the importance of avoid
lug' carelesB, or wilfal fires. Easter
and Middle Oregon are years ahead ol
Southern Oregon. I leuieuiber well
tbe time when tbe same conditions
existed there as do here: bat now fires
ftotn camper, or huuters, am com
paratively rare, while of approxi
mately 80 flies above five acres in area
(besides more tinn th-it nnmber small
ones), withiu tie forest under my
charge, fully !'0er cent were teportad
as set br hunters, or cinipers, aud the
other 10 per cant suppo-ei to be
malicious. Outida the Forest and
iu settled districts the ureal majoriiy
were from Blishiugs burned iu direct
violation of law.
Ores n has a flie law though its
proposed there was an attempt to en
list the timber interests of the State
In a way to provide fuuds to carry ont
its provisions; but. si range tossy,
I the heavy timber interests opposed
! anything that more than requested
the "firebug fj be good." (Since that
time enough valuable timber bas been
destroyed in Oregon to put a well
paid and efficient fire wardeu in
every timbered townsite in the state
during fire seawn. Now the case
lools more hopeful, timber owuers are
ready to get together aud it is proba
ble a law will be enacted at the com
ing segs;ou that will provide for a
State Forester, with assistants in dis
tricts throughout the state, and an
appropriation to make the law effec
tive. "Getting back to the hunter ques
tion; which is certaiuly THE fire
question iu Southern Oregou, we have
a hard problem. I am an enthusias
tic hunter myself and anything that
would interfere with the sport, would
be extiemely bitter to take; but the
time for sentiment is rapidly passing;
timber la becoming too valuable aud
too mauy people becoming interested
in it, and the time is approaching
when we must by law, or education,
cnt down the percentage of hunters
fires it the woods, or haug up
our rifle during the danger
period. I will be surprised if the
timber organizations, smarting nnder
tbe heavy losses from this can Be
during tba present year, do not make
an effort to out down'the open season
for deer.
"This might be avoided by making
a good fire law with money to furnish
sufficient paid help to make it effect
ive, and have a provision therein that
a hunter forfeit bis license, on proof
of haviDg left an uncart d for fire,' as
well as suffer a severe peualty ; bnt
this without a Rood, well paid, patrol
force would be useless
"I am not making any law to cover
tbe matter; only picking out the
snags for tbe other fellow. No mat
ter how good a firs law is enacted,
we will never get nearly its possible
benefits until the people (not only
timbermen) are educated to its
importance, never until the seutitnont
of the people la snch that they wll
feel the snme toward a man caught
setting fire in a 150,000 tract of tim
ber, as they do now on catching one
setting fire to his neighbor's 25
woodshed. When they realize that it
is just as much criminal carelessness
for a huntar to leave bis cainpflre
burning close to au old log (though
safe at the time) in the uiidst of a
magnificent forest, as it is to leae his
candle burniug in his bedroom on a
mass of papers; then we will begin to
get effect of a forest fire law; beoauae
then we will ouly have tbe criminal
to deal with, and he is easy.
"But all men wbo are i-arelesa. or
thoughtless about fires are not criini
lal, and this is particularly true in
Sonfiern Ong'n, where unny of the
hett citizens convitire themselves tbat
t' e ld, traditional. Indian way of
seeping down fires by burning oot t'-e
seedlings was the roper way to pro
tct the mature tiuiler. 1 m not
findmc fault with biiv honest nun's
theory and I have met some mighty
mpn whom I know tiling a uiau
Boys and Girls Throughout
the County are Start
ing in to Work.
Did you read about tbe Courier's
Qolden Eagle ooutest mentioned in
last week's paper? It not you had
better look up tbe paper and get posted
for you will hear about it cent noally
for nine weeks. Most of tbe boys aud
gills know about it and have started
in to work. One girl came to tbe
office Saturday moroiag aud spoke
for tbe t0 and has started in workiug
for it She has a good start and will
try to keep ahead. Bat there te
others who wast tbe (60 just as moon.
Did you ever stop to think what you
oould do with $60. Stop for a few
moments and think the money - will
be awarded jost before Christmas the
very time of all the year when " yo a
need money. Isn't it worth a little
effort? Bettor get in the race with a
determination to win.
The contest is free and pn to
anyone under 30 years of age. There
are no strings snd any young man or
woman may enter this great popu
larity race by clipping tba coupon and
lending or mailing it to tbe Courier
The candidate who receives the
highest vote will be presented abso
lutely free with Six Golden Eagle.
Tbe candidate leceiviug the next
highest nnmber of votes w'll receive
Two Golden Eagles. Other cash
prizes to tbe amount of 120 will be
offered, doring the contest, which
closes Tuesday. December 22. Now
young people, .if yon have any o4 (or
60 in a lump sum, this is your e im
portunity to secure it. The question
is, who is the most popular boy or
girl in this county?
We have a good number of candi
dates alreadv hot will wa t nnlil next
week before we tell you wbo they are
and in the meantime, we want uior
candidates. We want one from Wll
liams snd one from Leliud and
another from Placer. We will give
100 po nta free to every person nomi
nated before Octobt-r 24. To nomi
nate write a name in th coupon
which follows this article and bring
or send
you pay
it to the Courier office. If
your subscription at that
time it adds
300 more votes. Do it
nrnvi loin are iil Hm inown to 'be i who's- ts fire t) a thicket or seeuing
people in Ihe p rt cnlar regims where i j,iueg or dri in a scattering of
n,n.t in Southern t renon, a a mture tre-ts l a twwwoior. .uj
wlinrn tnown it is freely ignored. .,f the older settlers can point lo a bill
Tl, main c.U!.e of this is tbe fact that gi.le and truthtfully say: 'Ikuew
then is n incney provided to mase that placi wbeu yon couiu
half a mile.' Encourage.l lie win men
(Continued on ast page)
it ambodys bu-in-ss ti enforce it.
Wh-n Orion's fire law was first
Rules of Golden Eagle Contest.
1. The Qolden Eagle Contest shall
close Tuesday, December 23, at 10 :80
o'clock p. m. and no coupons will
be received after that hour, except
those sent by mail, which must show
evidence by postmark that they were
mailed before that hour.
8. Contestants shall be young men
and women under 20 years of age.
The contestant receiving the highest
number of points will receive 60 in
Golden Eagles. The one receiving
the next highest Dumber of points
will receive $20 in Golden Eagles.
Awards will be made as soon as possi
ble after the contest doses.
8. A coupon good for five points
will be printed in eaob issue of the
Courier during the coolest. These
shall be clipped out and cast at
this offioe pinned together in bunohes.
4. Coupons will be issued from
this office as follows: Three hundred
poiuts for each fl.50 received on sub
scription, or two points for each one
cent received on subscription. A
special 600 point Yellow Certificate
will be issued for each new subscrip
tion accompanied by $1.60 in cash.
8. Cast all eon poos at the ballot
box at this office before the date there
on expires. Yellow Certificates must
not be cast nntil the contest is four
weeks old.
6. All candidates give receipts for
money paid thorn.
Get into tbe contest aud then get
your friends, neighbors and acquaint
ancea working for you. You will
need all the assistance you can get.
But, boys and girls, don't euter un
less you intend to ttick.
There Is room for hustlers and those
who inteud to work.
We will mail coupons fi r all sub
scriptions received since October 1,
on appliottions of free deltvey, and it
is quits likely that all of the towns
except Medford will be given delivery
this wiuter. At Ashland eveytbing
was satisfactory, at Medford the
houses had unt been numbered and of
course until this is done the depart
ment wll notoonsider an application
for delivety. At Roseburg everything
is satisfactory except that the number
ing has not been quite completed but
will be in a day or two. It can safely
be said that Grauts Pass will be the
first to receive' the free delivery of
mails with Ashland and Koselmrg
Thomas J. Flavin of Spokane was
the inspector . who visited the Rogue
River towns.
Taken for a Bear Near
Riddle Tuesday
Inquest avt Riddle Finds Shooting
Accldenlal-Funere.1 Thure
at Roseburg.
The Southern Paolflo Railroad Com.
pany has announced Its determination
to expend a million dollars in the near
future in the oonitrnotlon of plants
for pre-cooling fruit aud vegetables,
according to tbe Roy Spragne system,
the objeot being to permit long hauls
of perishable freight with little risk of
decay. The company has been expert,
menting with the Sprague device
for a year, and bas fonnd it satis
fatory. Two large plants, oue at
Roseville and one at Colton, Cal , will
be erected, the first capable of chilling
20 cat loads in four hours and the
latter having a capacity of 40 carloads
in the same time. To aooompliah the
same result iu an ordinary ice plant
would require four days. Tbe ooiu-
party a scientists nave demonstateu
tbat the sudden chilling of vegetable
matter causes an absolute suspen
sion of Ihs process of decay, and the
company announces that the new
methdd pratically will do away with
the loss of time and consequent loss
by decay in shipments of fruits and
vegetables to Eastern markets
The Sprague devioe, consists of a
plant equipped to force through" the
loaded cars nnder vacuum press ore
blasts of air tbat have been previously
passed over ice. The vacuum re
moves the warm air, thereby remov
ing the Immediate cause of decay
1 he plants will be operated Id oon
juuutioo with the new refrlgrator rare
adopted by the company recently.
Heaters, Heaters,
Cramer Bros.
and Heaters at
This Coupon li Void if Not Voted by Novtmber I
Courier's Golden Eagle Contest
Exclusive Agent for
The Globe Wernicke Co.
Book Gases
I? iv your case s your
books increase in number
every time one section is
filled, order another.
Made in Weathered Quartered
Oak and Polished Quartered
Golden Oak
Call n i Lxainme ihcm at
The IIoussefVrnller
Edwarl H. Martin was tried this
week for the murder of Nathan Wollf,
a Portland pawnbroker. j'm
found him guilty of manslaughter,
and presiding judge Jol.u B. Cleland
SMitenced h m to serve !ft yais t
hard labor in th ix-nitem iarr a d to
pay a fine of $1000 The li'iit ould
have ben 15 years aud f " 0 tine.
Martin bas Bled a motion for a new
trial and will take the r,ae to the su
preme court.
H. C. Mackey, the new p'nprietnr
of the Branch Studio, lias hold
of his work in this city and is eu joy
ing a rush of business. Mr. Mae-key
Is well known in this valley h a
photographer, having for many years
conducted a studio at Medford where
bis excellent work drew much atten
tion. He has made a study of the
newest and best methods employed in
bis profession and io puttmg these
methods into practice is able to pro
duoe pbetograpbs which are not ex
.celled anywhere. Those wishing
photos wiib ths pose jost right aod
tbe workmanship perfect? will be
I pleased with tbe results of a visit
to bis Btodte on Sixth kitreet. 10-28 It
Three Kogue R-lver Towns
Enter City List In Near
Alexander A. Franks, a Southern
Paoifio Brakeman running between
Grants Pass and Roseburg, was killed
by his hunting oonipauion, Oscar
Webber, a Southern Pacific fireman.
The shooting ooourred at Biddle Tues
day aud oeath was Instantaneous.
The two men, aoooini aniea ny ineir
wives left Roseburg last Bunuay tor
an outing and on Tuesday tns two
men went after game. They separated
and shortly afterward, weuoer
thought he saw a bear and fired,
but the bear turned out to be bis best
friend and the first sbot prooaoiy
caused Instant death and as tbe Doay
rolled down the side of the canyon
two more shots were fired, and both
hitting tbelr mark. When Webler
followed np to see the result of his
shooting he discovered the body of
Franks, two bullets bavlog pierced me
region of tbe stomach and a urn a
through the breast Webber was
about 60 yards away when he shot
and need a 80-80.
Immediately alter ths shooting
Webber took the body of bis friend to
camp, which was about a anile away,
and as soon as the authorities were
notified an Inquest was held at Kid
dle. The verdlot of the jury was ac
cidental shooting. The funeral was
held at Roseburg Thnrsday morning
under the direction of the Brother
hood of Local tralumon, aod Interment
took place In the Masoulo cemetery.
Aleiander A. Franks was n years
of age and leaves a brida of 86 days,
formerly Miss Blidis Worley of Can
yonvllle. They resided in Roseburg.
Webber aod Franks were cousins
and fart friends. Both young men
were well known Iu Grants Pass aud
have many frleuds here to w!:om tbe
accident brings sorrow.
A United Stats foetal Inspect' r
w8 in UmuU Pass tbe past week
iofe'tigaiing couditioue to determine
as to whether or not this city is en
ti'lHd to a free mall delivery sysiein
No one learnrd I mm the limie'tor ex
actlr what h s retort w 11 be as it i
agiin-t the policy of tba Postolllce De-
itujni to make public such re ports
onli ss it be from headquarters, bat
eno'igb was learned from him to lead
to tbe rooclus oo tbat the actual free
delivery of jnail will be ibaogoratt-d
in this city in tbe very near future,
as tbe postal rece pU have conhider-
ably passed ths $10,000 mark required,
our streets aod sidewalks are In good
condition, the numbering of ths
bouses has been oomp'eted and li fact
everything dons which tbe depart-'
ment suggested would bsve to be done
before the free delivery could be
given us.
Tbis earns agent bas visited the
other towns In the valley to report
During tbe past week tbe Irrigation
Committee has organized a promoting
or holding company. Tbe articles of
incorporation wers signed by H. L.
Uilkey, Johu Christie, U. H. Carusr,
E. E. lilanchard, O. H. Blaucbard,
K. Thomas aud (Jeo. A. Humiltou,
special committee chosen for Ibe
purpose. Ihls company nas ine
powir to make surveys, purchase
water pi mi Is or sites, build the
ditrhes ana do asy and all other
things In connection with the business
of irrigation and the furnishing of
electric power within the limits of
Joi-ephine county.
The name selected for the corpora
tion is the Josephine County Irriga
tion and Power Company and the in
corporation jiapers were signed and
sent to tbe Secretary of ritate on
Thursday and as soon as the certificate
acknowledging the tlllug of the ar
ticles of incorporation is received the
committee will proceed to scouring
subscriptions to the stock of the com
pany and when the SI per cent, re
quired by law Is subscribed snd a part
of it paid in the company will then be
fully organized by Ibe election of a
board of 14 trustoes and tbe selection
of executive officers.
After the above stps bave been
taken sn expert will be employed to
examine sll r on roes of water supply
snd make a preliminary survey to see
bow many ditcbe will be needed and
the cost of their construction aud bow
many acre ran he watered. It is now
expected tnat rred r. Uummlngs, an
expert eutguoer who has been working
on the water supply question of ths
city of Medford, will be employed to
make tbe neceaaary investigations.
Mr. Stover, while here was asked to
recommend a competent engineer and
if Mr. Cumuiings is finally engaged
it will be through such recommenda
tion. Tbe engineer will not only fur
nish tbe company with estimates of
the cost of dam and ditch construction
but the value of any properties that
may be offered for sale.
Institute Lasting Three Devye.
The Joint teachers' Annnal in
stitute of Josephine and Jackson
counties will be held October 2HU0 at
Medford, followed on the Ulst by a
school board convention. Tho in
structors aud lecturers for the occa
sion are:
J. II. Akermau, Superintendent of
Public Instruction; L. K. Traver,
Training Department Monmouth Nor
mal School; L. R. Alderman, Uni
versity of Oregon ; J. Whitnomb
Broogher, Pastor White Temple
Church, Portland; Cornelia Marvin,
Secretary Oregon Library Commis
sion; Harry M. bbuffer, Presideut
Asbluud Normal School; U. O. Smith,
Superintendent Medford Schools; R.
It. Turner, Superintendent Urauta
Pass Schools; Emma B. Wiukeraham,
Training Department Ashland Normal
School. It Is expected that all of the
teachers from both Joseph Ino and
Jackson county will be In attendance
and with the Instructors, lecturers,
snd county superintendents and
school directors there should be at
least 200 persons on hand during the
three days.
The law makes tbe chairman of tbe
board of directors of each district
tbe delegate to the convention
provides that in case of inability to
attend some other member of tbe
board shall be appointed.
W. A. Hood is supplying the market
with celery these days raised on bis
five sere tract at ths edge of the
city. lie has about 5000 bunches
which ars now neariug their best!
He has completed a new green bouse
14x24, which in addition to those al
ready in use will enable him to raise
an abandanoe of lettnoe aud other
dellcao'es for ths winter.
Now is the time to do your fencing
while the ground is wet. The '"'Amer
loan "is the best and cheapest fence ou
the market. Oet onr new prices,
Halr-Rtddl Haw Co. "