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Fresh and Clean
Nov Fancy
Comb Honey
readies, Ap
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Be.d Fire in British Columbia.
Vancouver, B. 0., August 8, A
special to the World from Ferula says
that various eaiiniaefl are given of the
lot of lifo in the awful disaster la
th'i Crow's Nest pas. A Tliuuiaa
Biggn, Hrrtar of tbe Fernie Miners'
nnion. id uc eg the fatalities at 170
and the property loss at fW.OOO.OOO.
Tbe towns of Hosmer and Michel, for
which great anxiety was felt Holiday
In lloffiuer buildings wore dynamited
to Hop the flames. Tbe Elk cow
jinny's lumber camp, No. 2, ituated
about fire tulles from Fernie, was
surrounded by fire and all roads of
esote were cat off. Sixty men and
four women were In the camp. Tbey
have undoubtedly bnrned to death.
Not single per sou eioapod.
In Fernie tbe Western Canadian
Wholesale Houb, occupying the oou
retd building which was saTed from
the flames, has stored within its walls
some fiO.OOO worth of groceries and
provisions, which proved lo be a
great bleating to the ooinmnnity, and
the wholesale house has been traus
foruind luto a retail grocery store and
groceries are being delivered to all
parties who are entitled to them.
Iloudreds are sleeping in the open,
without blankets or covering of any
sort. Relief oouimitties have beu
organized and food is being supplied
to all.
Chrs KlsmauD
went to Kerby last
The greatest tea-drinkers
are full - bottom Dutch
men. There isn't much,
nervous prostration in
Yoai frwrcr retvrot roar mni M t Aoa't
Uks Scbllllas't But: ftj aim
l'aiut, Palut, at Cramer
ChriHtinn Science Heading room,
117 K street, near Second. Services
11 a. in. Wednesday meeting 8 p. ui.
O. ( Presley and family of your
city pawd throuirh hereto ht oii their
way to Orescent City.
Meannt. O. W. Parker and J. T).
Hindi of Eugene were seen iu Scluia
ou Friday last.
Mr. B. F. Hogne of Kerby, who
has lieeu sojourning In California for a
mouth pant, rettirued lo hi home
yestreday. He panned through here iu
company with Ills wife wlo went to
Urauta Paae to meet him.
Ioa Cream Freezers at Cramer Bros.
A. P. Phillips wh' report '
sick a we k ago has retrained l"n
beil li and with his w I ,,n,l,l. 1,1
ren t x ect to start to I a-tum O iim
in a few d us. tie goes vt itb the iu
teutiou of locating O'ere permanently.
A. F. Shoemake is alowly improving
iu health.
Camp stove, three tires at Cramer
f U. C Churchill is Tcontlued to his
bed with an attack of Lumbago,
W. H. Wimer aud wife made a trip
o Grants Past last week, taking with
theiu two beef cows for market
Mrs. 11. O. Churchill aud two child
ren made a flying trip to Urantt Pas
last Ihurnday, rttturnlug on Friday.
"Rev. D. Slle of Waldo, is visiting
friandt at Solina this week, lie, iu
company with Mr. aud Mrs. Hale ex
pect to hul.t a series of meetings at
Sviuia till Sunday.
''Mr. D. W. Audcrsou of Olene ar
rived here todity on his way to visit
his son aud daughter. Oeo. K. An
derson and Mrs. Oeneve llxir of
' Kauohere" creek.
Boat wishes to the, "Courier."
" FlowerJ Pots
(Jast iu) at Cramer
J. H. Roblneon One of the Most
Successful In the
J. . H. Robinson fr m over on the
Applegate rivrr, who is president of
the Grants Pass Frnit Orowirs' As
sociation was in the city last Friday
afternoon looking after business mat
ters aud to confer wito Chan Me
nerve, seceretary of the association,
relative to' fruit boxes for this sea
son's pack, and other fruit matters.
Mr. Robinson is one of the miny
who have made money out of fruit in
the Kogue River Valley. A few
veirs ago he wan teaching sdiool
at a small t-alarv and finally went
into fruit raisiwig and diversified
farming. He now has a small orchard
of api'h s, peaches and pears, benideg
thn small fruits.' In addition he
laises thoroii hired Shntthcrn rattle,
Poland China bogs and Marumo'h
Bronze tuikeys. As an iiidicttion
of bis succeHs with fruit he sold la-t
year off of HO ll-yer old peach trees
$124.25 net. Hiese tree) occupy
about eight-tcnihs of an acre of
ground and at this rate an acr
would net about ffiOO. This fruit
was raised without the aid of ir
rigation and tho trees are on sidehill
clay laud. The Incline is so steep,
too, that it cannot be plowed up and
down the hill but must be tilled cross
wise. Mr. Robinson was among the largest
premium takers at last full's Rogue
River Valley Industrial Mr, held iu
Orants Pass. Besides premiums taken
on apple and ether frails he landed a
number on cattle, hogs aud poultry,
in all augregating $80. Mr. Robinson
now has 1800 acres of laud on the Ap-
plegate with good improvements.
He fays he bas niado the most money
out of fruit and will add tnaterilly
to the acreage of his reach orchard
this fall. ,
Miss Maude Kenworthy, who has
been visiting her cousin, Mrs. O. A.
Hamilton, returned to Portland last
Messrs. H. II. Wardirp and D.
Ward.iD. have returned from their
trip to the Josephine caves.
II. O. Bateham aud O. A. Hamil
ton and their families picuicked over
ou Applegate river list Thursday and
visited V H. Carsou's vineyard.
Brother Newman took dinner aud
spent the afternoon at tbe O. A.
Hamilton home last Sunday.
O. A. Hamilton was on the sick
list during the past week.
Elmer Shank, Mr. and Mrs. Kays
aud Mrs. Kincaid took a trip over to
Applegate last Saturday iu Mr.Shank's
There will be preaching after Sun-
diiy school next Sunday by tbe pastor
of the M. E. church, south. Come
out aud hear Brother Obaver,
For nearly a week every able bodied
nan iu Fruitdalc. has been occupying
more or less of tiis time, in the pleat
aut( T) duty oy tire fighting.
10 Per cent discount on refugirato s
at Hair-Riddle's.
Beginning ou the mountain west of
II. II. Wardrip, and ou the hill slopes
south of the Jones farm, then ltter it
showed up ou thn ''south end of the
ridge which runs down to the powder
houe. The think of tin; community
are due to Forest Ranger AndiVson
aud his two afairdauts, also to Mr.
Churchill who several times brought
out auto loads witn tools and water
bags. The tire is considered under
control at present uulesa a south wind
hniild luing it back over Luther Mool
tain. So far the only buMing de
stroyed are the Petersou barn, aud the
baru and outbuildings on the Holmes
place on the main Applegate road just
beyond Mr. Uethiiiga f irm. If onl
we old turn m the water aa e:ieily as
tire is u-eil i i back tiring, what a pros
petous comuiuulty we would have.
Fruit picking ladders at Hair-Riddle's.
Our teliipbones have been a great
help since tbe forest' fires breke out.
The ladle have been doing their
part during the afire by furniushiug
meals for the men who were at work
fighting fire.
For flue apples for eating or evoking
telephone to either 817 or 811 on the
Fruitdale Hue.
Don't forget to attend the Grange
meeting at the school boose on Satur
day, Auuaat 8. Regular Orange
meeting In the fureuoon, picnic din
ner at noon, good programme and so
ial time iu the afternoou. Everyone
H. C. Bateham has been doing
orchard work lor Robert Heury Hook
daring the last week.
FWhlng Tackle at Cramer
Consequence of Ivliher C reln
nk or Malicious Fire-Set-
ting Are Grave.
la view of the unosaal number of
forest fires and the rat timber
losies and other property damaie re
sulting ther-froin, heiewith is(pre-:
seuted extracts from Chapter 131, i
Se-sion law of 1907, an aot to provide :
protection against forest fires in the j
state of Oregon, etc., the provisioos
of which defiue the duties of citizsnsj
aud others rolative to forest firs and,
penalties for setting out fri-s. The
various truvisions of this law should
be rigidly adhered to by the people, j
Section 4 of this fire measure reads: ;
Section 4. S ate fire wardi.ns shall
t ke proper Bteps for the prevention i
and extinguishment of fire within
the localites in which they exercUe
their fuuetions, assist iu apprehend
ing and convicting offenders auainst
the lire laws, control the use of fire
for cleamg land iu the close season as
irovided by section sii (6) of this act,
and roiki such reports upon their
work and conditions within their
localities as way be requested by
the Board of Forestry. They shall
have the power of peace officers to
make arre.ts for violations of forest
laws They shall have power to
enter upon the lands of any person or
o'wner in the discharge of their duties;
provided, that in so entering they
shall exntcise due care to avoid doing
damage. Any fire warden who has
information which would show, with
reasonable cerainty, that any perton
bad violated any provision of the
forest laws, shall immediaely take
act. on against the offender, either by
using his own power as a peace officer
or 'by making complaint before the
proper magistrate tt by the filing of
information with the district attor
ney, and shall obtain all possible
evidence thereto. Failure on the part
of any fire warden receiving compen
sation to comply with the duties pre
scibed by this act shall be a iniide
meanor aud punishable by a fine not
Ies than twenty dollars (t'-'O 00) nor
more than two hundred and fifty dol
lars (t260.00), or by imprisonment in
the county jail for uot less than ten
days nor nice than three mouths, or
both Buch fine and imprisoument.
Seo. 6. During the period between
June 1st and October 1-t, which is
hereby designated tbe close season, it
shall be unlawful for any person or
persons to set on fire or caose to be
set on fire, any slashing, chopping,
woodland or brash laud, either his
or their own or the property of an
other, wirhout written or rrinted per
mirsion foui a State fire warden aud
compliance with the terms thereof.
This restriction shall not apply to
the burning of log piles, stamps, or
brash heaps, iu small quantities, at
a safe distancs from other iuflamma
bls material and under adequate pre
cautions aud personal control, and in
accordance with regulations adopted
by said board; hot if auy such turn
ing without permissiou shall result in
thn escape of fire and injury to the
property of another, this hall be held
prima fa.'ie evidence that such burn
ing was not fafe and was a violation
of this sectiou. Violation of these
provisions shall be punished by a(fiue
of not lest than twenty-five dollars
($25.00), nnr more than five hundred
dollars (,'i(K) 00), or by imprisonment
of not less than ten days nor more
than three mouths. Permits to burn,
as provided by this section, may be
issued by auy State fire wadeu, aud
shall contain such restriction as to
time of burning aud precaution to
be taken as miy bo fixed by he State
Bnard of Fonstry or left by said
board to the discretion of firewar
dens. Any fire wardens shall have
the right to refuse, revoke or postpone
pemits when it is cl a ly uc,eairy
from pnbilo safte. u applicant
dissuttfled with i-iou of a
State fire wardeu sha'l have the right
of appeal to the State Biard of
Forestry. Any permit obtained
through wilful misrprereuttinn shall
be invalid and give no exemption
from liability of any kind.
Seo. 6. Any person who sets ou
fire or causes to be set ou fire any
woods, brush, grass, graiu, stubble, or
other mateiial beiug or growing on
any lauds not his own without per
mission from the owner, or who will
folly or negligently allows fire to es
cape from his own laud, or anyone
who accidentally sets any fire on his
own land or auother's and allows it to
escape from his contrel without ex
tinguishing it, orusing every effort to
do so, punished by a fine of
not leas than fifty dollars ($o0.00),
nor mole than one thousand dollars
($1,000.00), or imprisoument for not
less than one month not more than oue
year; provided, that it shall be law
ful to build. In a careful wanner,
camp fire on any uninclosed lands.
Wait" a
! lay
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the owner of which has not forbiden
such building of camp firts thereon by
personal notice or by posting such pro
hibition in conspicuous places or other
wise, if, before departing from the
plaoe whee suoh ramp fire has been
built the builder of such fire totally
extinguishes the same; aud, p'ovided,
fuither, that uothiug in this sectiou
shall apply to the setting of a back
fire, in good fa'th, te prevent the pro
gieea of a fire th u bu ning.
Seo. 7. Any person who builds a
camp fire upon lands withiu this
State, uot bis own, without cleariug
the ground Immediately around it free
from material which will carry fire,
or who leaves thereon a camp file
burning aud unattended, or who per
mits a camp fire to spread thereon, or
who uses auy firearms discharged
thereon other than incombustible gnu
wadding, thill be punished by a flue
of not less than twenty five dollars
(25.00), nor more than five hun
dred dollars ($.VX) 00), and upon re
fusal or neglect to pay the fine and
costs imposed shall be imprisoned
for a period not to exceed one day
for every two dollrs thereof, or may
be subject to both s.ieb fine aud im
prisonment at the dlscretiou of the
Seo 11. Any person who shall nn- I
lawfully or maliciously set fire to j
any woods, forest, timber, brush or '
any vegetable matter whatever with
iutent that the property of another
"hall be injured therebv, shsll be
guiltv of a felony, and upon oouvic
tion thereof shall be punished by im
prisonment in tbe State penitentiary
for not less-than one nor more than
ten years.
Sec. 13. In addition to the penal
ties provided in this act, the United
States, State, county, or private
owner whose property is injured or
destroyed by such fires, may recover
in a civil action tbe fnll amount of
damages suffered if the firee occurred
through willfulness, malice or negli
gence, as determined by the value of
the property Injured or destroyed, and
tbe detriment .to the land aud the
vegetation tbeeof.
Sec 13. Any person whoshall de
teot any ooe violating any of the
provision of this act, and shall fur
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tt tt tt 1 tt tt 2
nish information leading to the ar
rest and conviction of such person,
shall upon conviction receive one
half of the fine paid by jsnch person
so convicted, and the balance shill go
iuto the general fund of the county.
Sick Headache Cured.
Sick headache is caused by derangement
of the stomach. Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets will correct the disorder
and fleet a cure. By taking these tablets
as soon as the first indications of the disease
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sale by M. Clemens.
Twelve Soft Drink Places.
Before the saloons closed in Grants
Pass there were six places where soft
drinks were sold. Bu since nrohibi-
tiou went into effect, there are 12
places where one may slake hie
thirst without intoxication. Of the
seven new places added. to the list
siuoe the town went drv. fonr were
formerly saloons. The last of tbe two
new ones to be opened is one by Mrs.
Keinleu in her large building at the
ooruer of Fifth and and G streets.
opposite the Palaoe hotel.
The places formerly operated as
shIoous are the brewery, th Layton
bar, Williams Bros, aud ce &
Hull. Of tbe 10 former saloon
buildinit.8 but three are now unpeo
pled, tbe Bank and the Josephine bar
on Sixth street and the Schallhorn on
Q. With the possible exception of
the Josephine har mm fhaca nnnM
. . v. j nuw iu
be immediately occupied if they could
be rented. The "Bank" was sold last
week aid the Schallhorn is' still held
by the former lessees. The August
Fetach building, corner of Sixth and
Q, is being fitted op for Dr. Flana
gan's ding store and the Coborn &
Hawkins saloon building is occupied
by a new moving picture show.
V. B. Swinney and family arrived
in the city tbe latter part of last
week from San Bernardino, and have
rented a dwelling on West I street.
His son, O. W. Swinney has been here
the past three years and finally suc
ceeded in induolng his parents to
move here. George was formerly
employed at the pumping plant lot
the Rogue River Water Co.
Hose, Hose and more Bom at
Oramer Bros,
illl i
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Build up a savings accout it
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