Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, July 31, 1908, Image 4

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Talk of the
The crowds cannot un
derstand why we are al
most giving things away,
but that is not the ques
tion. Gan you stand
the Savings?
Hurry-Dont Wait-Hurry
Grants Pass,
The earth may rock
from center to circum
ference and the bells
may toll but we are go
ing to sell every dollar's
worth of this vast stock
before we quit.
After being out just five days the verdict of the people of Southern Oregon has been that
the prices on the vast stock of P. H. HARTH & SON'S CLOTHING AND FURNISH
INGS are lower than the law allows. Enormous crowds still throng the store daily, and the
miraculous values and sensational closing out prices are the talk of the country. Nothing
like it has ever been seen before in the town, and all tongues are wagging at the gigan--rocon-i.A
wiimTi : .n viaciT Vitt t.Vnc nnmprfni ait ah t. "Rival mprchants have been attempt-
jX O UX VUg UU a- WW 7 ws vv v a vs.. w v. - - g
ing co undersell this store since the commencement of this tremendous sale, but trivial!
affairs of this kind cannot stop us, as but a glance at our prices below will attest
35c Summer Hats 25c Boys Knee Pants 50c off Canvas Gloves 3 cents
Boss of the Pass Overalls BostQn Garters 15 cents President Suspenders 25c
fiie Northwestern Brokerage & Sales Co
MR. R. W. SMALL, Special Sales Expert in Charge
Brief Summary of the) Game
Lkwilor Various Counties
of the State.
The deer season opened July to and
will continue until Oetolier 1. The
law gives hunter having licenses the
right to shoot op to five buck deir
between these dates, except in linker,
Oooi, Curry, Grant, Harney. Mal
heur, Umatilla, Union aud Wallowa
comities. In Coos and Curry counties
the open soasou fur buck deer is froui
July 16 to October 15
Th season for female doer does not
0ieu outil September 1 aud closes
October hi. Does may be hunted
during this time, except in Baker,
Ooos, Curry, Grant, Harney, Mal
heur, Umatilla, Uniou and Wallowa
The open season fur elk In between
September 13 aud October 15. Only
tme may be killed by any hunter in a
China pheasant, native pheasauU,
grouse and quail may be'nhot between
October 1 and November 30. In
Clateop, Coos, Carry, Joseph Ins aud
Tillamook counties, however, the
season for these birds opeui September
16 aud cleses November 30. Bine
grouse may be shot in Tillamook
county front August 1 to October 35.
East of the Cascade mountains the
of July oration at that place, says of
our "Bob": "We all appreoiate R.
G. Smitli'of Grants Pass as an orator,
but Eugene hardly expeoted him to
make a polltloal speech instead of a
patriotic one on July Fourth as the
orator of the day. "
Bad Attack of Dysentery Cared,
"An honored citizen of this town was suf-
open season extends from August 151. "An nonoreu citizen oi inis town was sui
. x, . t i i , i fering from a sevese attack of dvseutery. He
to November 80. Prairie chickens tod friem, h, obu- , , of
may be hunted in Wanoo county
from August 1 to October 15. The
opsujieason tor the sage hen and sage
cock, east of the Cascades, is from
Augutit 15 to November 30. Ducks
geese aud swans may be shut, except
iu Coos and Lake counties, from Sep
tember 1 to January 31, Iu 'Cooa
county the openjueason is from August
1 to January ,81, and in Lake county
from August 15 ti March 31. Water
rail and nplaud plover may be hunted
from August 1 to December 31. The
bag limit for ducks is 60 in one week,
for uplau4 bird?, 1(1 iu oneday, while
for geese and swaus there is no
limit. The silver gray squirrel may
only be hunted between October 1
and December 31.
It Is always unlawful to offer for
sale, barter, exchange, transport or
shipment beyond the boundaries of the
state of Or'gou any deer, moose,
mountain sheep, elk, silver gray
squirrel, swnn, prairie chicken,
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
ltemedy, he felt confident of being cured, ha
having used this remedy in the Went. He
was told that I kept it in stock and lost no
time in obtaining it, and was promptly
cured," says M. J. IiCach, druggist, of Vol
eott, Vt For sals by M. Clemens.
I W. C. T. U. NOTES t
I was at one time a gnest for a
week in the home of one of our moat
earnest W. O. T. U. workers. At
breakfast I was offered coffee, and at
dinner and supper tea, all of which I
declined. The second morning, as I
refused coffee, uiy hostess said to me,
with some sharpness "Are you goiug
to rreacu to me at every meal in
regard to the use of tea and coffee?"
"Preach to you!" I said. "Why, I
haven't said a word."
"I know it," she replied, "but yoa
form of morning dram; that thny are
relying upon stimulation to enable
them to get through with their day's
work. ' I 2 ouce beard a phjsician
refuse a cop of coffee with the words
'Mo, ludeed, I am too wise to begin
the day with a stimulant. "
It i9 quite evident that the beigu
ning of a species of intemperance
may be made in very early lufancy.
Iu Germany mothers 'give their bubieii
beer and because the baby Miiacks its
lips, the mothers claim that beer is
the normul drink "for babies. But
otl er kinds of intemperance are be
gun in early childhood. The baby
who is fed every time it cries, is be
iug taught to put something '. intofits
mouth for the alleviation of pain or
discomfort The same child, doubt
leas a little older grown, will be
soothed, wheu hnrt, by apples, cake
three weeks, after which he felt sure
that it had becrmc deteriou through
fermentation. The makers of apple
ji-llies tell us that in three days 'time
ferine utation of apple Juice has
proceeded to such an extent that it
will not jell. Therefore, if older is
to be used as a temperance drink, it
uiust be taken as Boon as pressed,
for if it remains standing open to the
air, ferine ntatiou begins immediately.
Physicians who live iu communities
where cider forms a daily beverage,
tell us that the most ill-tempered aud
ungovernable druukards are cider
drunkards, aud the most unmanage
able caes of delirium tremeug come
from those who are habituated to the
use of hard cider. Home made beers
are supposed by mauy to be eutirely
innocent. As one good W. C. T . U.
woman said "I know this has no al-
or candy; aud so the good Christian i rono1 in if- for 1 1118,16 il myself, and
mother who prays so earnestly that I pot none into it."
her child be not led iuto evil, is iu "How did you make it?" asked,
reality, teaching the child self in- "Why, I bought a package of roots
dulgeuce, aud to look to the pleasures and put them to soak in water with
of taste as a solace for physical dis-' sugar aud a little yeast."
comfort. It will not be surprising if a
child so educated, later in life turns
to some form of gustatory pltasure in
order to forget auxieties.
"Why did you add the yeast?"
"Because the directions said so,
"Aud do you know," I inquired,
that the yeast was added to produce
preach every time you refuse a cup.
grouse, aud all kinds f upland bird snpdose you think temperance workers
and ducks., It Is uulawful to huut should not use tea or coffee; but I
without a license, to kill lieaver or could not begin to do ror work with-j
spotted fawn, or to ruu deer with out it. and just think what it would
The most easily obtainable of these ; fermmeiitation, aud fermentation is
narcotics is tobacco and the next is tue process of miking alcohol and
alcohol. So, through the mother's ,llat J"our root beer has itself pro
own teaching, the boy may be led to din ed alcohol, so that you are for
visit a saloon, or find that which will ! uishlng your family with an alcoholic,
temporarily drown his discomfort or beverage ?
TYttSiu' OlIT
JJI Dandruff and Itv
are but outward signs of the oil
done In secret by orjriads of dan
Jrutf (trots sapping the life bloo4
ol the hair. Micro kills the para
site, sootbea the ltchln( scalp,
(Ives lustre to tbc balr and stops
It falling ant A single application
fives reliel atd proves Its worth.
Save your hair before too late.
Micro prevents baldness. It Is a
dclighUul dressing lor the bair,
free Irom pease and sticky oils.
Ask your druggist (or free booklet
dogs. Night hunting is also prohi
bited by the Oregon law.
Cbiua pheasaut may not be killed
' in Jacksou count r at any time.
! Female deer may not If killed iu Coos
' and Curry counties, and it is against
the law to kill quail or Mongolian
' pheant in Grant, Harney, Gilliam,
Umatilla and Wheeler couuties until
January I, l'-TJ. it is also unlawful
i to trap or destroy the ueets of protec
ted game birds. Shooting on enclosed
lands without peraiissiou is unlawful,
mean to go through the strain of a
state national cenveution without
these drinks. "
I Miiiled as I replied "Yes, aud
think what it would mean to a mau
to go through the strain of a political
couvetniou without alcoholic drinks !"
"You don't mean to compare ta '
and iMffoe with alcohol?" She ex-1
plained. j
"I believe science plices them quite
iu the same category. " I answered,
"as nerve poison aud narcotic, I
quiet his pain. The use of highly
seasoned foods produces an irritation
iiie nome medicine chest very
generally coutains brandy, whisky,
of mucous membrane, which calls for! or some form of alcohol aud the good
alleviation, aud this tlnrn provoked
by home coi.kery may find its qietus
in the saloon. The root of the tem
perance question may be found in the
home kitchen. The use of alcohol
as if also the shipment or sale of Ar er j fear if the truth were told, we should
kitis unle-s they are properly tagget. ' find that we tomperace women are a
, Tags may be obtained of any justice gieat deal mor auxio is to take the
I of the peace cr of the county clerk. bottle from our neighbors lips than
A hunter's license i good auywher the cup from our own. No doubt the
iu Oregon. A hunter must have his great majority of meu and women
licvuae with him while hunting. jwbo brace themselves up for the day's
The Eugene Daily Kegister in j work with their cop of coffee cr tea.
speaking ot Kobert Smith's Fourth fail to reooguixe that this is their
mother feels that this is an absolute
necessity iu the treatment of diseases
although not allowable as a drink.
The governmut has now issued an
edict tliHt certain medicines that nrA
m home cookery may also be the IIianifestIv alcoholic, that tbey are
origin of a love fo alcohol beerags 8, jootor,.(1 with any drug cr
later iu. life. The I ranched I iMdings, ! h,,rh matt bftre ljt.ense8 tftKe30nt
the wine sances aud jellies a:id the j for ,ht,ir S!tk g venders of alcohol,
mince pies flavored with brandy, are U,, England the law compels manu
all lesions in the love for alcohol. fai.tllr,rs t f medicines whi- h are pois
But many a aiottier who has discarded mms Ul their UHtunSi to priut tne
as she supposed, all alcohol from her j flK.t ,. le ,aln,L Und,r this law
Ilirillues U IO llir Vr Win.l.itr
ilietury, still funii-hes it to
family ia the shape cf c'der or home
made beers. I know an ardmt pro
hibitionist who said that he was iu
the habit cf putting a barrel of cider
in bis cellar in the fall, aud allowing
his boys to driuk freely of it, for
s Soothing StruD is
n arked us poisonous. There are,
however, many other forms of Intam-pcranc-j
indulged in by those who are
absolutely total abstaimrs from all
alcohol iu evry form. The modern
business man is intemperate in his
haste to be rioh. He gives himself
the smallest possible inon ent of time
for his mid day meal and every
waking moment is absorbed in the
thought of business. He has no timo
for companionship with bis wife snd
family and, io fact, many business
men are almost unacquainted with
their own children.
Womeo are equally intemperate in
their forms of work, not realizing
that they may be dissipated to the
adornment of themselves or their
homes as if they were indulging in
People ara intemperate in sreH h
not ouly in the matter, but in the
manner. We talk loud aud fbst and
nee op a great deal of nervoos powir
in needless gesticulations. We wear
ourselves out by our own emotions.
We are destorbel by little things
and use many needless words in
fretting over infinitesimal annoyances.
It wonld be well if we would give the
word "temperance" a broader signi
ficance than we are apt to do. The
real meaning of the word, according
to the Standard Dictionary is "Sup
pression of any tendency to passiouate
action this spirit and practice of
rational self control. Good Hea!th.
Eugene W. Chafin, who was se
lected as the standard bearer of the
prohibition party at Columbus, 0,
signifies his intention of visiting
every state in the unioa during the
camps ign.
Lnte in August he will start west
ward lecturing and campaigning
through Minnesota, the Dakota!,
Montana and the Paoifio Coast States.
He expects to reach Spokane, Seattle,
Tacoma and Portland by the middle of
By order of Press Cor.
Good Liniment,
You Will hunt ft actm whit kafnr. VOU
find a preparatioq that is equal to Chamber
lain's Liniment as a curs for muscuUr snd
rheumatic pains, for the curs of sprains snd
soreness of the muscle. In fmm of rheum
atism and sciatica it relieves the intense psin
and makes sleep snd rest possible. I n cs
of sprains it relieves the soreness snd restores
ins parts to a healthy condition in one-third
the time reouired h thm uan.l tpMtment
It is equal It Valuable for l.m. hark and all
deep seated muscular pains. 25 and 60 cent
sixes for sale by M. Clemens.
If yoa waut to enjoy a fishing trip.
get one of those split bamboo rods at
Hair Riddles.
I, A