Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 15, 1908, Image 10

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Edlt.S Bf
IB. H. . riKHAM
B. r. .., " ror tkli S.part
t iksal aMnsse.
YOU can be umpire in our good-clothes match if
you'd like to; and we know we'll get the decision
as soon as you look
Stawberries daily
Will soon have those
that are home grown
Front Street,
Cranti Pus, Oregon
Buildlntf Barge, and Will Work
Bed of River the Latter
Pari of Jurta.
Tlio Oilman Bod Rock Mining Co
the president of which, L. F. Oilman
ba Id vented a machine especially da
slirned for securing the gold from
river bed, received a cr load of lom
bar yesterday from the Willitnai Broa.
mill near Reuben, and are now bmy
at tlieir catnp on the banks of the river
went of town building the two large
AO-foot barges to ba used In 0erat1ng
thin new mnclilne. Tba Brit machine
according to Mr. Uilmin'a model, i
now being built at Sacramento, Cal
and will ba completed the middle or
latter part of next month when It will
be ihlpped to Uranta Pari after which
it will be act In operation in Rogna
river a short distance below the city,
Mr. Oilman a Invention la built on
n entirely new theory for bed rock
miuiug and Its sucoci'sful operation
promiief to revolutloulss thia claaa of
liiluing beside, giving great Impetus
to the industry throughout the stato
I he ooiupauy haa been organized ou
the basil of practical operation and not
merely ft scheme to tmodwltik the pub
lie. However, a limited aiuuont
stock is being sold tiie proceeds
which are to be utilized in the ci tiftruo
tlun of bara.eM,and skiffs and foroperat
Ing expenses. The principal part
thin stock lias been purchased by real
dents of Grants Pass and vicinity
There are still a few mora hundred
shares to be had at the low rate of 2.1
cents per share, but Intending pur
chatters will do well to commit Mr,
Oilman at ouoa as the stock will soou
be sold.
The officers of the company have
had a small working model on display
at Hursliiier A Mitchell's ral estate
office and have also demount rated ita
operation on the river bed.
The machine will ba in ojieratiou
ou Rogue river neiir town about
the flint of July, when it is confidently
predicted thai the company's stock
will go to an enormous premium.
SaJmort AgtWn Scare.
Ton days of saluinu flshiug in the
Columbia River show the salmon sup
ply still on the wane. This is the sea
aon of the finest salmon of the river
the bout in the world. Soon these fish
will lie an eitiuct breed. They are
the Bah that made the Columbia River
famous. The few remaiuing speci
mens should be protected with closed
neason. The open season should be
pot off from April 15 to May 13.
After that there should tie th closed
Sunday and rigid regulation of all
kinds of gear gilluets, trapa, seines
and wheels.
Msstor Fish Warden Van Pnsen
qntt his his office Mav 1, leaving the
industry in a bad plight. It is too
much to say that be is wholly to blame
for this condition of affair. Bnt the
fad leu with which he haa been
allied is as much to blame as any
other, and is more grasping and nous
has defeated as much remedial legis
lation. Oregoniau, April 37th.
The United States Batvea of Fish
eries has fur a loug time been endeav.
orlug to secure Just such reuisdial
legislation as ia being objected to by
the lower river Interests. A short time
ago Secretary Strauss, of the United
States Department of Commerce and
Labor, set forth a list of thing uecea
aary to save the industry. Initiative
bill No. 818 yes was framed to carry
out their ideas. We commend it to
your favorable consideration.
Going Camping thia Summer.
Try Newport or Ye,ulna. Roand
trip ticket from Qraute Pass for flO
good ai months. Immaterially; after
June 1st. Ak me fur further infor
auati.Hi iXlK MONTGOMERY, r
- Local Agent
Believing in tha purpoae of the
Orange and tbe power that the order
can eiert In the development of the
agricultural resources of Josephine
county and of raising the standard of
farming and the bettering of life on
the farm, the poblislier of the Courier,
A. E. Voorhles, has given the free
use of space in bis paper for a county
Orange colsmn. Mrs. H. M. Par-
bam, county organizer, has been se
cured to lake editorial management of
this column and all the Oranges of
the county have been requested to
Ppoint reporters to write up the
proceeding of tbe Oranges tiiat are of
publio nature. Space will be given
in this department to any member of
tb order who wishes to contribute a
short, concise article on any topio of
iQter-t to tha farmers.
It is txperted to make the Oranga
column a strong factor Id the buildiug
of the order in Josephine county and
of bringing about a higher standard
of farmioir and a betterment of the
educational, social and other condi
tions of farm life and of enabling the
farmers to attain a greater dergse of
Preparations are now well under
way for the county Orange ptonio that
is to be held at Wilderville on the
Fonrtb of July. Thia celebration is
to be under tbe auspices of the five
Oranges lu Josephine county, through
an eieootive committee that will have
general super-vialou of arrangements.
This committee haa been appointed
by tbe various Oranges, the members
being Charles Mserve lor Dimick
Orange, H. C. Batbam. for Frultdale
Orange, 0. F. Lovelace for Wilder
ville Orange, M. F. Crook for Deer
Creek Orange and M. M. Kohler for
Illinois Valley Orange. This commit
tee will meet with Wilderville on
Saturday afternoon. May 33, when the
various local committees will be ap
pointed and plans outlined for mak
ing the pionio the splendid suooess
that it is certain to be.
A. T. Shoemake, master of Deer
Creek Orange, aud Mrs. Shoemske,
who were recently elected delegates
from the Josephine oounty Graugea
to tbe State Oranire, were in Grunts
Pans Monday on their way to Eugene
where the State Grange convened
Tuesday. Mr. Shoemake is one of the
strong workers in the Orange as is also
his wife aud they will make rapuble
deli-gate who will well reprenent the
O.ange interests of Josephine county iu
Gtlie State range.
Wildervilln Grunge, Reporter O. L.
WoellTle: Regular meeting was held
last Saturday evening with a good
attendance and much interest was
manifested iu the program. A part
of the evening was taken iu discus
sion of some of the ID messnr 'S that
are tube voted on at the Jane electiou.
J. 12. Robineou gave a talk on the
proposed tax law amendment in
winch he opposed the measure. Tbe
sentiment of those preient was
aKRiimt the new tax law, increasing
the pay of members of the legislature,
aud the armory appropriation aud the
Reddy saloon lioens) measures were
severaly denounced and onauimouily
voted agaliiat Equal suffrage, the
recall act, to permit state institutions
to be located at other places than
Salem, changing state election from
June to November were favored aud a
unanimous vote was giveu iu favor of
Statement No. 1
The propoaltiou of holding a county
grange picnic at v llcierviue on the
Fourth of July was considered and it
was decided that this Orange would
do all possible to make the celebration
a splendid success. C. F. Iovelare
was appointed to represent this
Orauge on the oounty Orauge ex
ecutive committee that Is to have
general charge of the picnic. A
special uieetiug was authoriird to be
hold ou Saturday afternoon of May
33 when this Orange will nivet with
the county Orauge execntiv commit
tee to appoint the local committees
and to arrange the details for the
Fourth of July celebration.
The next regular meeting of this
Orange will be on Saturdy evening,
Jane IS. No regular calendar date is
observed but the regular meeting for
each mouth held on or before tbe full
at the score we're
making. Every point
is honestly earned.
clothes are making
good with every man
who knows them;
they're getting the
decisions of every
body who can judge
of clothes quality,
style, fit, tailoring.
They're all-wool
respond with a bright oniia saying,
that they have heard. The roll call
is one of the most interesting and
profitable features of our exeroise
The special oomml'teea reporrea
encouraging prorgess wun me uuuer
Ukinga they bad in band. O. A.
Hamilton, chairman ol the telepnone
committee, reported that subscrlDers
bad been secured for 10 telephones
and that an order for their purchase
had been placed and a contract secured
with the Pacific States Telephone
Company for free switching with the
Grants Pass city system and the
connectiog of regular lines. An order
for five miles of wire had been placed
and it was expected to have the tele
phone system installed within two
weeks. H. U. Bateham, chairman of
the road committee, reported that the
committee had bad good success in
getting all the land owners in Fruit
dale to si en no an assessment of 10
oenU an acre on their holdings for the
road Improvement fund and they bad
had the best of success in securing
contributions for the road fund from
the real etsate dealers and automo
bile owners 'of . Grants Pass. Con
siderable worx had been done in
blasting stomps and otherwise clear
ing the right of way on the Grants
Pass-Fruitdale-Luther Gap road and
so sooo as more raios fell to sot ten the
ground grading would be undertaken
Only the worst places will be at
tended to this spring, owing to the
dry weather making the grade into a
dust bank, the principal work being
Dostooued until fall when some four
mile of turnpike will be built E.
H. Wise, chairmm of the committee
on roral mail, reported that 68 aigna
tores had been secured to the petition
for a rural mail route that is to leave
Grants Pass and go by way of Fruit
dale, Murphy, New Hope, Jerome
Prairie, and the road on the south
bank of Rogue river to the place of
beginning. Jerome Prairie and the
River road settlements are yet to be
canvassed and a few settler that were
missed in tha other settlemenBt when
the full 100 names is expected to be
secured and tbe approval of the Post-! I . , .
office Department had for tbe es-1 tat t,,e Grange had accomplished in attorney was authorized to draw an nf th. rvip national ana state wgisiauuu
G. A. Hamiltou outlined the sood was proof of the power
aud tad features of several of tne order in law
ineHaurR that rn to hn vntwd on in ' reudered
June aud a xeueral discussion was
had, but no vote was takeu to show ,on' Marie
how the nimitwrri Htnod nn th fiiaiui. OoldS. The
ures. Ttiis will be done at tbe nxt
Copyright 1908 by Hart Schaffner & Marx
can be.
as good as
how you'll look in one of the Varsity models.
This store is the home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes,
and all the other good things to go with them. .
Geo. S. Calhoun Co.
uieetiug, which will be held on Sat
urday afteruoou, May 25.
Dimick Orange lit Id an open sessiou
lact Saturday afternoon that was well
aiteuded, for school i-eats
as well as a row of benches about the
wall aud 60 chairs that had been
hired for the occasion. A program
of special iulerest had been prepared
under the supervision of a special
1 committee consisting of Mrs. H. M.
1'arham, Mrs. Ada Morrison, Mis.
H. B. Alversou. Mrs. T. J. Cook and
Misi Emily Lawton, and it was well
rendsred nndur the direction of Mrs.
Parham. An opening soug was well
given by a double quartette with Mrs.
H R. Atkin aooompani.t on the or
gan. Aa address of welcome was
then given by H. B. Alversou
which he gave a br.ef statement
what Dimmick Grange had accoui-
of this great
making matters. Well
recitations were given by
! Graudma "Reynolds, Virginia Mom-
Edwards, Archie Rey
guitar selections and
comic songs by R. G. Scott that were
(nfprmwrced in the DroKram, so
pleased the audience that Mr
Soott was (riven repeatd eucores to
which he consented to respond. A
number of Dleasiug selections were
.. . . 1 crivnn hv f.liA ntiartatte.
were n Ilea , 0 . ' . ' : . ..
At tue close 01 tne literary exer
cises ice cream and cake were served
and a delightful social hour was
speut by those present, and the oppor
tunity was taken by the membership
committee to secure a number of ap
pliactions for membership in the
Grange. The next meeting of Dim
mick Grange will be on Saturday
eveniug, May 16.
in I
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pliahed and hoped to accomplish that
was a coaiplimeut to the energy of
the members of this Orauge. Of
other addresses there were several and
they were on timely topics and to the
point aud they were listened to with
much attention by the audience.
Ordinance 8H establishing grades
and providing for the construction of
granite sidewalks on Tenth, between
I H aud I, was read the first and second
times and referred to tl4 street com
mittee. Ordinacne 315 is a similar
( measure providing for granite walk
along the north side of I for a distance
JConnty Judge Stephen Jewell spoke 0f 100 feet east of Tenth, and was like-
iv-au pryuiem wl80 reaj twice and reftrred to the
and his plan of work aud statement l lwt committee
of what bad been accomplished aset j Ordinance 816 provides for the ex-
. . .. ",,'mT"' 01 n0M Pfwut. ; tension of a lateral sewer in the
11. . naieimio, masier or fruit.Iale of hlm-k 44
Frultdale Orange, reporter Mr.
Robert Hnck ; This Orange met Satur
day evening al the Fruitdalo school
house with all the officer present
aud a good attendance of members
In response to the roll call had by the
lecturer, Mr. H. C. Bateham. th.
member responded with a two-minute
talk on some important event of
which they had heard or read. K01
roll call al the next meeting the men
will respond with a brief sutemeut
regarding om problem pertaioin lo
fruit growing, and tb women will
vii.oiio nuu lately rum uwi Kitrr,
gave au interesting account of the
work of the Orange iu the develop
meut of the famous Hood River val
Uy. Charle Meserve spoke of the
purpose of the Orauge, which is to do
for the farm communities what the
commercial club dees for the town. '
There are now five Orauges in Jose-1
phiue coonty and when there is aj
Orange in every neighborhood in the j
county then would a more tapid ad-1
vancemeut be made in the beltermPnt j
of the roads, schools, social and moral
oonditiou. every farm home supplied
with rural telephone and mail more
comfortable farm home, and more at
tractive farm life, J higher stand
ards iu fruit Ernwin
stock raising and the other branches
of agriculture. Mr. Ada Morrinon !
It wag read twice and
referred to the sewer oommiltee.
Councilman J Kinney reported that
in the matter of lighting the arches
across Sixth strtet, that the Rogue
River tlectrio Co. would furnish the
lights free for all special occasions,
whereupon thenigbt warshall was
authorized to turn on the lights when
ever so instructed by the mayor. The
council then adjourned.
j The city oouncil convened In regn
I lar session Thursday night of last
, week, Mayor Smith and all member
I except Fetscli being present. The
, petition of Luke Lilly and others pray
I ing tot the placing of a street light at
, the corner of Rogue River avenue and
, Pine street was referred to the light
. 1 i-....uu vi d. ji. juiiee ana
.r mm.c. wrauge. read other, remonstrating against "any
''t wmprehen. change in th. width of th. sidewalk
sive sutemeut of the Orangeove- 1 v. as laid on the table
T?-? th! QTDS too4for' Onmotionlthe petitio. of Ed IBar
of n,l r "tnd,ulufi.-j;ker. asking for th. extension a
riJ. - fr-?1- fl -wsr through block .of th.
read a jiaper giving .rtatement of old townsit. was granted and th. city
ordinance to cover the same,
In the matter of the petition of A.
Richard aud others asking that parts
of Tenth and Second streets be graded
and granite Bide walks be constructed
on the east Bide of Tenth Btreet be
tween H and I streets and on tbe
north side of I street from Tenth to
the eant liue of Boundary Line ad
dition, the committee on streets re
commended tbe granting of that part
of the petition providing for granite
sidewalk on Tenth and 100 fett eaBt
from Tenth on the north side of I.
The balance of the petition was re
jected and the city attorney was in
structed to draft the necessary ordi
The health committee reported re
lative to complaints made by residents
in the vicinity of the county property
occupied by Iudian Mary, that the
couuty court refused to ocmpjl her
to vacate the property and that the
only thing the city council could do
in the matter was to exercise police
The following bills were favorably
reported by the finance committee:
Mrs L W Smith, board of city
prisoners f 9 88
F O Wilcox, labor 17 00
Geo W Lewis team work 10 00
H Couehteam work 10 00
L K Robinson labor on grader.. 60 75
J H Ward, labor on street 62 00
W. F. Woodsoh, labor ou street 53 00
K O Wilcox, labor 00 grader... 163 00
J C Wflls, special police 3 00
W Capp, sp cial police 8 00
J A SI vei, recording d -eds 3 65
O H Clements, compiling or
dinances 103 0
W R Rannie, repair 3 25
Williams Bros. Sash, & Door &
Lumber Co 24 86
J R Wells sect of fire May 6th 5 00
H Hudion, acct tire Mav 6th.. 2 60
F Co k. acct fire May 6th 2 50
W Riggs, acct fire May 6th.... 3 60
F Kills, acct Are May 6th .... 3 60
Jarvis, acct fir. May 6th.... 3 60
K Weriz, acct tire Ma; 6th 3 60
A Johnson, acct fire May fl'h.. 3 60
K McOrew, acct fire May 6th.. 8 60
H Croisant, acct fire May 6th.. 3 60
H Shade, aoct fire May 6th.. 3 60
L Weiland, acct fire May 6th.. 2 50
On account of tb. fir. of May 2, there
was also paid ont tb. sum $13.75 and
on account of the fire of April 80th.
12 50. The bill for fir. of April 3d of
113.75 was rejected. On motion th.
committee' report 00 th. foregoing
bijs was accepted and warrants or
dered drawn in payment of the same.
Ordinance No. 813 treating sewer
district No. 1 and declaring ao emer
gency was read first time in full and
on motion read th. second tim. by
title and third time in full and finally
passed, all members present voting
Ordinance No. 307, relative to the
construction of gran it. sidewalk on J
s:reet was read in fall th. third time
and on motion placed upon its final
passage, all present Toting aye.
Ordinance No. 308 relating to build
ing;granite walks on I street was read
in full th. third time and passed, all
voting aye.
Ordinance 809 relating to the licens
ing of roller skating riukg was taken
up and after seme debate the license
was fixed a $50 per quarter. The or
dinance was then read tbe third time
and finally peased.
Ordinance 801, known as the automo
bile speed ordinance, provides for a
speed limit for automobiles and motor
cycles of not to exceed 13 miles per
hour for Btraight away and six hours
while turning street corners.
The city engineer was authorized to
change the established street grade of
Fifth street at the rear of the First
National bank. This change, bow
ever, is only clerioal, and no changs
will be made in the contour of the
ground. The ohange ia merely a cor
rection in the figures of the records.
The note for $150 held by Mrs. S hall
horn, and being the final payment 00
the city park across the river, was or
dered paid.
The oouncil then adjourned to Moo
day night. Call and Settle.
All those knowing themsevles indebt
ed to me on account will please call
and settle the same at as early a date
as possible. My residence aud the most
of my furniture .having been totally
destroyed by fire Wednesday, May 6th,
I shall need the money now due with
which to rebuild. Please do not de
lay. J. C. SMITH.
Independent Candidate for Sen
ator. Editor of the Courier:
Dear Sir: Since I have consented
to be an independent candiate for Stat.
Senator for Josephine County, many
inquiries have com. to me as to my
position regarding the election of
United State Senator. ;.I desire to say
thro your columns, to those voters who
may be intersted to know that I be
liev in the election of United States
Senator by the people direct, and if
elected I will at all times daring my
tsrra of office support and vote for the
candidate for United States Senator
who receives the highest vote of the
electors of the State of Oregon at any
electioo in which tbe matter may be
submitted to them, regardless of who
that person may be, or what political
party be may represent
By so doing, the legislature would
become free daring the forty days al
loted to it, to legislature on matters
pertaining to tbe welfare of th. State
and thus avoid the oostomary hold-ups
of tbe past Tours respectfully.
W. make a specialty of Friendship,
Engagement and Wedding Rings '
Letcher's. 5. 15 tt