Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 08, 1908, Image 5

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Omni, iceigk and wuanrt cwryOtnf
bun American Oncer.
Ws always like to meet with Bra .Brown,
She has the cosiest home there is in town,
A " Homey " kind of home, you know, a
Where yon can tit and tort of rest your
I know of hem see f ewgawd to with style,
That when yon enter yon pnt en a smile
A sort of social shine, aa yon might say,
So that you'll harmonize and be au fait.
But oh, how dreadful tired I should get
If I should train forever with that set.
Ifo, (ive me Mrs. Brown whose happy
Can just lounge down and rest, and rest,
and rest.
Ber rooms are low and broad, and quiet
That restful green, and all the picture
At comfortable angles, and you chat
In low and cosey tones and there's a cat,
Of course a cat, that yawns there In the sua
A picture or content, like ereryone.
tmd. Mrs. urown Dringsoux neraainty set
Of t things, and we know that we shall
The very nicest, dearest cup of tea
TU CHASE SASBO&H 'S brand, ytm
' know, and we
Bare all of us been using it 'round town,
It's always aaf to copy Mrs. Brows. '
Our first
for the season
are here
has again declined
Sugar is higher
Home grown
Arriving Daily
White House
H-H II I I I I I I Mil 'II !
S. M. Campbell was in from Leland
Jas. McFadden of Marphy was in
town last Saturday.
Jos. Schmitt was in from Selma
last Sunday.
L. K. Tidball of Eugene was in
! Grants Pasi Saturday.
J. A. Will and E. E. Bertsoh of
Crescent City were in town last Son
day. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Buell of Eu
yene were legistered at the Josephine
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ireland left
Sunday for Sau Francisco to see the
naval fleet enter San Francisco bay.
Mrs. J. A. Dean of Riddles, but
formerly a resident of Grants Pass,
was a guest of her brother-in-law and
family, T. T. Deau and Mrs. Dean
last week.
D. S. Mascall, the cigar store man,
left Tuesday for an extended visit in
Chicago and the east. He went via
San Francisco in order to view the
naval fleet
L F. Sparlin and John Miller of
Williams came in from Williams last
Friday and left Saturday morning
for Frisco to see the Atlantio fleet
oome in.
C. C. Clark of the Oilman Bed
Bock Mining Co., went np to Ashland
Monday morning in the interest of his
company, and will be absent for a
H. V. Meade returned to Kennel t,
CaL, Monday morning to resume his
work oa the cop Outlook. He was
hM y tf
his wife, who is now improving.
H. H. Hinsley went np to Ashland
Sunday and from fiere to Sacramen
to, CaL, where be will spend a few
days before returning to Grants Pass
to make this a permanent home.
M. J. Anderson, supervisor of the
forest reserve, returned home Monday
morning from Portland where he had
been for a few days in the disobsrge
of official business.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Collins of Colombia
county stopped off here last Friday
to visit with their nephew H. V.
Meade and family. They left Monday
for San Bsrnadino, Cal., where they
have purchased an orange farm.
P. A. DeFries of Merlin was in
Grants Pass Monday on a brief busi
ness errand. Mr. DeFries and two
other practical 'miners are engaged
in prospecting in Josephine county
and west" Of here and expect to open
ud some good properties before the
season is over.
William M. Richards of Merlin was
in Grants Pass last week and while
here told the Courier of the largest
apple tree in this section. He says.
that this tree ia now growing on the
olaza near the FBooth residence and
measures T6 inches in circumference.
It measures 651 feetin diameter across
the limbs.
J. H. Colby left the latter part of
last week for Vancouver, Wash., to
look op a new location. Mr. Colby
and family have been residents of
this section for the past 23 years
Mrs. Colbv, and dangntar left Sat
urday for San Francisco to witness the
fleet oeremonies and to visit her sister
at Oakalnd.
Mrs. Frank B. Brown and son
Buster the original "Buster,"
whom Mr. Outcault, the cartoonist,
has so often presented in such felicity,
and mischief arrived in the city
last week from Portland and will spend
a few weeks in the city the goests of
Mr. an1 Mrs. A. U Holinan
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Emerson left
last Saturday for their homo in Seattle
after having spent the winter at their
mine near Merlin, the Flaooagan &
Emrson mine, foroierly known as the
Dutch Johnnie. It has been the de
light of Mr. ,aud Mrs. Emerson to
visit the mine at semi-occasional in
tervals for the past six years.
.T H. Kincaid and family came in
from Williams last week to attend the
circus aud patronize the local mer
chants. Mr. Kiucaid has burn in "re
gon long enough to be folly arclamat
ed, in faot he hauled the first load of
shingles to this city from Lome creek
for the roof which oovers the Courier
office on Sixth street and the structure
opposite, corner of Sixth and G. For
twenty years past he has also acted as
guide,during the tourist season, to the
Oregon caves in the 'south part of the
L. F. Giluian, president 'ot ltlle
Gilman Bed Rock Mining Co., re
turned home Monday from Eugene
orkoru ht had been su'ndnig a few
days '.with his family. Mr. Gilman
wore an usual smile on bis return it
was a girl born last Thursday. H was
accoruDanied here Iby his little
daughter, Lillian. Mr. Giman will
move his family here In a few weks
th will make their permanent
home in this city. . ;I ii
A. C. Hough was in Medford Tuesday.
Louis Conger of Ashland was bare
last Monday.
Geo. Ingram of Central Point was
in Grants Pass Sunday.
Harry Sitera of Ashland was reg
istered at the Jcsephioe Monday.
Miss Agnes George returned from
Oakland, Ore., Sunday morning.
W. M. Pendleton of Medford, visit
ed Josephine county's capital Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Clemens left last
Saturday for Sau Francisco to view
the fleet.
C. D. Welter was in from his saw
mill at Selma to spend Sunday with
bis family.
N. Bates and family went to Glen-
dale Wednesday for a month's camping
Geo. C. Henry of Elgin. 111., has
been attracted to Grants Pass and may
decide to locate.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Eton are among
the newest acquisitions to the popula
tion of Grants Pass.
Chas. Crow ot Merun was in the
oity Mjnday after haviug spent the
winter in the hills.
Otto Taubert of Critmle Creek.
Colo., was viewing the exhibit at the
Commercial Club room Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Johnson of
Oregon City, were in the oity the first
of the week looking for a location.
Mrs. T. B. Cornell was called t Jeff
erson last Saturday by the illness of, a
nephew who is suffering from pneu
J. W. Walton and I. W. Wallaoe of
Wichita, Kau., arrived here Tues
day and expect to invest in Josephine
H. C. Smith of White Water, Wia,
has been looking about Grants Pass
this week with a view to locating
Mrs.AnnaHorn started for San Fran
cisco Sunday to view Uncle Sams' big
war vessels, which will arrive at the
bay city to-day.
O. S. Sharp went to Frisco Monday
to visit friends and incidentally to see
Uncle Sam's fighting fleet from the
east side.
G. H. Durham.acoompanied by Mrs.
E. F. Berger of Seattle, returned home
from Portland Wednesday Mrs. Breger
will visit here for a fortnight or more.
D. A. Carson and wife of Chicago,
were in the city last Friday looking
over the town and country with a
view to locating permanently. '
B. F. Bull of Widerville left a slab of
slate at the Commercial Cub rooms
last Tuesday from his quarries. It is
a spendid specimen of commercial
Mrs. A. S. Moore, wife of, Ex
State Treasurer Moore of Klamath
Falls, who had been spending a month
here with her sister Mrs. Hale, left
for her home Monday morning.
S. J. Hawkins, wbo has been spend
ing the past ten days in the oity left
Wednesday for Indian creek, just over
the line in California, where he Is
operting a mine.
C. H. Brown and J. E. Ingersoll,
mining men of Colorado Springs,
Colo., were in Grants Pass Tuesday
looking over this section of the
G. H. Carner returned Thursday
morning from Baker city. He reports
that crops in that section are much
moore backward than they are here,
aud said that he was glad to get back
to Grants Pass.
Mies Myrtle Sherman, who had been
spending the week in the city with
tier father, returned to Portland
Monday night where she is attending
St. Helen's Academy. She was ac
compained as far as Roseburg by her
Among the new arrivals who visited
the Commecrlal Club rooms Tuesday,
were Will Scoville and wife of Des
Moines Iowa, Prof. J. R. Campbell
of Weitherford, Oklahoma, aud J. H.
Ameiy of Pliilipslmrg, N. J.
Dr. DeArnioud of Medford was in
Josephine's metropolis Tuesday.
Z Lee Naney, one of the barbers at
the JoM-phino tonsorial parlor, lift
Sunday night for Portland for an
n nerat inn nn his
left eye, which tins
been bothering him strioosly for some
Emil Iiurk of Cambridge, 111. is
among the "new arrivals in this sec
tion. He came Monday morning with
a view to locating in Grants Pass,
provided he ran find anything that
suits bim. He recently disjosed of
his interests at Cambridge, where he
had been engaged in the drug business
for a number of years.
T. O. Burrows of Kerby was in the
capital of Josephine county last Satur
day. Mr. Borrows is one of the'prom
inent ranch men in bis vioiuity and is
sanguine in bis predictions that Grants
Pas and Kerby will shortly have free
aoresH to a trolly line lietwefu the two
places.and this should be a good geese.
Geo. H. Keiley of Eogane is in the.
! city this week looking after bosint-aa
'.in titers. Mr Keiley was formerly a
r.-Hid''Ut of this citv, being identified ,
I with the Uooth-Kelley Lumber Co.
! I I I I I I I I-H-M-
I"I"I-I"M- 'I-H-M Mil! H
Quite a number of new houses are
being erected throughout the oity.
A gentle shower Wednesday night
laid the dost nicely and freshened np
the gardens.
R. C. Goodwin of San Francisco
addressed a crowd on the street Mon
day evening on Socialism.
Orohardista throughout the county
are after the codling moth this week
with the sprayiug machine.
City Enigneer Hobson began Wed
nesday a preliminary survey for the
etxension ot the Third street sewer.
The coufectionery store just south of
the postoffloe formerly operated bv D.
A. Harmon has been sold to H. M.
Miss Ethel Palmer, assisted by a
number of ber pupils, will give a piano
recital at Redmen's hall next Tues
day evening, May 12th. There are 19
numbers on the program.
C J. Barton, while down at Big
Falls, on the Rogue river, Sunday
killed a Urge eagle, measuring seven
feet from tip to tip. He also killed
one rattle snake.
The automobile fever is still epidem
ic and Mayor Smith is the latest victim
in the hub of Josphine county, and
now visits his patients in a new Cad
ilac car.
A joint ooonty teachers institute for
the teachers of Jackson and Josephine
counties will be held at Gold Hill to
morrow. Ooonty Supt. Savage will
be in attendance.
L. M. Appleagte sold his 6-acre fruit
farm on the Merlin road at the edge
of town this week to a Mr. Walker,
who came here' last Saturday from
Washington. Consideration $1,200.
Frank Calkins, official oourt reporter
for Judge Hanna,oamedowo from Ash
land Tuesday to tame testimony in the
case of the Blglow estate, in wnicn
some of the heirs are asking for
another administrator.
H. L. Andrews reports that he haa
received proofs of the printed pagei
of the Grants Pass booklet and it is
expected thatlthe first of these b oks
will be delivered about the . ISth of
this month. The work is being
done through the Sunset Magazine
bureau of ,the Southern Pacific Ry.
Tbe construction of several hand
some residences has begun in Lincoln
Park addition. E. S. VsnDyke is
building an elegant cottage; Attorney
O. B. Blanchard, has lt the contract
for a modern bnngalow. The new resi
dence of Arthar Edgerton is about
ready or occupancy.
"Jud" PernoL tbe crack pitcher
with the Portland team this season,
passed through Grants Pass Monday
night on No. IS, enronte from San
Francisco, where be had played the
previous day. Many of his Grants
Pans friends were at the train and
gave him a hearty greeting.
Mr. and Mrs fJ. A. Hubbard and Mr,
and Mrs. Elmer Day returned last
week from Walla Walla, atfer having
spent the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Hub
bard have left Grants Pass four times
with the intention of making their
borne elsewhere, but are unatil- to stay
away from Its alluring sceuic g audeur
and its health rejuvenating climate.
S. W. Phillips of Wenatchee, Wash.,
arrived hero this morning and will
spenJ some days looking ahont with a
view of investing. Mr. Phillips has
been engaged extensively in -apple
raising at Wenatchee for the past 18
years, 'and has just disposeo of his
holdings there.
Mrs J. R. Williamson returned
home last Monday from Portland
where she had been making an ex
tended visit with relatives. A few
days ago she bad a stroke cf pratial
! paralysis, but subsequently rallied and
: was able to oomehonae, though she is
' yet far from well. She whs accom
panied dome by her dangh'nr, Mrs.
' Smith, and twin children, who will
remain for a few weeks or until her
1 mother Is greatly Improved
i Inadvertantly a report of t1 o Jack-
' snnvlle game a week ago
crowded out of last wee
mi'Kiay was
k's i-ue by
pressure or other matter. urantH
Pass won the game by a score of 8 to 6.
Your summer outing can be
enjoyed during the entire
year if you take a Kodak
We have a fine line of New
Kodaks, Mounts, films, Pa
pers, Plates, Chemicals, etc.,
now on hand.
Prices From $1 Up
Many new bicycle riders this year and we again offer the weir
known and standard
Columbia and Stearns
lines. The prices range from $25 to $7.50, acccrdiag to
equipment, but every wheel is guaranteed. Our new stock, is
now on hand.
Bicycle Repair Shop General Repairing"
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist.
Go to Oorun (or Plumbing.
J. E. PetersoB, Pioneer Insurance Man.
M. Ulemeni. prescription Druiigist.
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges atOoron'i
See the new Chlnaware at Bnell's.
Tea and Coffee Store Front Street
You will find Sammon's Vegetable
Wonder Soap at Alfred Snyder's res
taurant on G stieet. 4-17 tf
Cash paid for Green and Dry Hides,
Furs and Wool, J. U. Ahlf. at City
Market. . 8-28 tt
DeWltfs Carboliieo Witch Hazel
Salve. It is especially good for piles
Sold by Model Drug Store. 4-8 18.
You will find Saymon's Vegetable
Wonder SoaD at Alfred Schneider's
restaurant on G tweet. 4-24 tf
Get prices on the Alamo Gasoline
Engines and Woodaaws before baylug.
J. D. Franklin, agent. Office in Ran
nie'a Plumbing Shop. II street, be
tween 6th aud 7th. 4-34 tf
J. D. Franklin has the agency for
the Alamo Gasoline Engines. Office
in Rannie's Plumbing shop. H.
street, between 6h and 7th. 4-S4 tf
Get the Snperior Buckeye Extracts at
Bell's en Front Street. 6-8-lt
Canvaalng Without a License
Frits Schumann, local representative
of the Grand Union Tea Co. of New
York City, with a western branch
office at Portland, wbo has been here
the past couple of months taking or
ders for lea coffee and spices was taken
befere Police Judge tilover Wednesday
moroing on a charge of canvassing
without a license. On application ot
counsel for the defense the hearing was
continued to 10 o'clock yesterday
morning when the case was again
continued to 10 o'clock this morning.
The ordinance under which Mr. Scho
manw aa arrested provides that any
person who purposes either selling or
taking orders for future delivery and
later delivering the same must first
procure a lioense to do so from the oity
clerk. Mr. Schumann is a very courte
ous gentleman and careful in all his
dealings and as the provisions of the
ordinance relative to canvassing in
this oity are broader than in most
other places he was not aware that
he was infringing on tbe laws of the
Kerby Will Dedicate New Masonic
Dr. Flanagan of this oity has lieen
deputized by tbe grand master to cou
duct the dedicatory fervices at the op
en ng or tbe new Masonic lemple
which will be formally dedicated at
Kerby, Saturday, May Mth.
A number of the brethren here and
from other poiuts in this section ex
pect to participate in the ceremonies
and the banquet.
Kerhy is fortunate in having so
splendid a lodge room and the Masons
of Kerby themselves are to be con
gratulated in view of the new acquis
ition. Prize Winners at Mnsquerada,
Iu'the mssqaernde at the Coliseum
rink last Friday night the first prize
I was awarded to Miss Hazel Horlkinion
1 and II. L. Keiley. The former was
! atired in the stars and stripes ami the
I latter in the regulation nniform of the
i Oregoa National Guard. The prize was
a batidiouis pair of roller skates.
I Mrs. Aug. Ooeltiehe and J. H. Mock
I won the sceono prize, season tickets
i to the rink. lbs event closed with
the serving of refreshments.
Cevshed a Forged Check,
Sheriff Russell left here Tuesday
evening for Foots Creek, in search of
a man )y the name of Chas. Winhnrst,
alias Kd ards who had cashed a forged
check for at the White House gro
cery. I he sherttT visited roots (J reck,
Gold Hill, Medford, Jacksonville,
I and Talent, where he lost track
of his man, and it is supposed
I that he is now souswbere in Califor
nia. WinhtirHt is thirty-five or forty
I years old and from his actions it ap
I pears that he is somewhat mentally
I deranged, as at Foots Creek he had
! contracted to purchase a number of
I ranches and then disappeared.
May 9, Saturday Meet log of Fraitdalo
i .... .. . i?ni.i..iA
at 8 p. m.
May 9. Saturday. Meeting of Wilder-
ville Grange at Wilderville couroti
at 8 p. m.
May 13, Tuesday. Regular Monthly
msetiug of the Commercial Club'
at club rooms, .8 o'clock.
May 1ft, Friday Box Supper and dance
at savage ureek Hall. Every lauy
bring a box with her name and
supper for two. Dancing free. 8-1 at-
Mav IS, Friday Registration books
close for eleotlon.
May 16, Saturday, dedication ot new
Mosonio Temple at Kerby.
Mav 21st. Thursday, Jndge W. S. Mo
Fadden will address the people of
Grants Pass on Temperance. Place,
to be annoonoed later.
May 29, Friday Commencement ex
ercise for Grants Pass High sohool
at Opera Houae at 8 p. to.
June 1, Monday, General eleotlon.
June IS, Monday Annual school
meetiog in d istriots In Josephine
Mayor Matlock on Local Option
If any who attended the metings at
whloh Matlock of Eogeae spoke, had .
any doubts about the results of local
option In that oity, ha surely musk
have beeu oonvinoed of his mistake.
Both in the opera hoose on Friday
evening and In the Christian uhurobv
on Sunday afternoon, ha made it very
, plain that in every aspect or ttie case
Eugene has been the gainer. Tho'oity
0 ' is a hive of indoatry aud the financial
returns are just as great as the
moral. Not only is the city pros
perous from tbe standpoint of her
citizens, but every traveling man who
baa Eugene in his territory will tell
yon of the "good town" which Eugene--has
become, and how much business
has increased in the last two years.
Eugene has about doobled in popula
tion and aa Mayor Matlock salt, there
is no reason why Grants Pass with her
advantages and resources, should not
show the same increase after two years
of loot I option.
SMITH Monday, May 4th, 1U08, at
Dallas, Or , to Mr and Mrs. Lee
Smith, daughter. The mother will
be better remembered here as Mist
Bertha Barrie.
night at the home of the bride, at
8 o'clock, Wm.M. Wiley of Glendala
and Mrs. Rhoda Martiudaln, Hev.
A. J. HollingHWortti of the Christian
Church ofilciating.
The newly married couple left here
for Walla Walla, Wasii., where they
will make their nermanent home.
lilGGS-Krldny, May 1st, 1908, at
Oalic" -'r"nk, Win. Higgs.of cere
bral apoplexey, iitfod 78 years.
Funeral m r vices were coudurtod at
(ialicil Sht'inlnv.
INMAX -r.iday, May 1st, 19U8 at
Greenback, of heart failure, Mnralt
A. Iiiinh'i, 1X1 years 1 month
and 18 days.
Interment .it Pleasant Valley Sun
day. Fred Curry of LaGrande, formerly a
resident of Grants Pass, arrived in the
city Wednesday night for h brief visit.
Mr. Corry with his brother George
wre in the earlier days publishers
of the Courier, but are now publish
ing a daily aud weekly paper, th
Observer, at La Grande. He stopped
off here on his way home froinAhlatid
where he hail been in attendance at
the meeting of the state camp of the
Modern Woodmen of America. Ho
was elected a delegate to the Supreme
Camp which meets at Peoria Illinois
June 17.
The Grants Pass Irrigation Co., with
a capitalisation of (J.r,(iO0,fllsl articles
of incorporaton wi'h the county clerk
last Saturday. M , , ; .