Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 01, 1908, Image 6

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Author of "For the Freedom of tbe
Bam," "Th Southrnr," Etc,
Author of "A Broken Rosary,"
The Prlncs Ch," Etc.
Cowpjht, IX, by ttufal. Tori &
' Company.
Coutinued from last wetk.
"Ob, there you are!" laughed the
financier. "Do you know, my dear,
your tiara shines out In the darkness
like a constellation on a moonless
nltrbt? Come; It's time for little ac
tresses to be In bed."
The Texan was flven' no more
chances with Miss narrlet, for the rest
of the ladles now came out. and bis
Ann I good night was spoken only by a
pretuitire of tbe band, but a pressure
Which left him bappy, for tbe girt did
aot fall to return It with something
more than more courtesy.
Itlcbard watched In silence while sbe
took the Jewels from her hair and
throat and breast and handed them to
ber father, and somehow she seemed
more beautiful still when unadorned,
for to him she was a gem more pre
cious than ber weight In glittering dia
monds. With a heart more buoyant
than his steps be bounded up tbe
stairs, for tomorrow would decide bis
fate. Tomorrow I (She bad given s
rose no more but sbe bad not re
fused when be asked for all. Tomor
row I
missing the new butler who
hnd waited for his master,
after harlng assured himself
that all the other Inmates of tbe bouse
bad retired for tbe night, carefully
placed the family diamonds In his
private asfe, which stood la a corner
of the library, set tbe burglar alarm
and went Into bis room. For years be
bad attended In person to the closing
of the bouse, eicefK upon rare oc
casions when business called htm froat
the city, at which times be left elab
orate Instructions with the trusted
and time tried major dome, whose
position on account of Illness wss be
ing temporarily filled by the new man.
The alarm one sot, not a door or a
window could be opened without a
clamorous uproar from a big brass
gong In tbe upper ball, and therefore
Restmore might repose m peace and
earn Its came. Had Mr. Renwyck
known, however, that one Woolsey
Bills bad departed earlier In tbe even
ing without consulting bis master, per
haps bis nightly prayers might net
have been put forth ta such a spirit of
Pharisaic complacency.
Therefore for an hour In tbe Reu
wyck borne reigned heavy silence,
which was broken only by the ticking
of tbe great antique clock In the hall
or Its soft melodious chime as It struck
tilt quarter hours. Outside a nlcht
win J saug fatutly as It tossed a scud
ding rack of clouds across (he moonlit
sky snd the ancient elms of Restmore
swsjed aud uodded to Its soft caress.
When Richard reached bis room be
found himself tu no mood for sleep.
He laid aside his dress coat, donned a
house Jacket. extliigulNhpil his lights
aud seated himself In the morris chair
before au open window. Ills thoughts
were In a whirl. Tomorrow, which
promised to lie a busy day for him
Just how busy even ho fortunately did
not realize-would find hlin disgraced
or blessed, according to the manner In
which Miss Harriot would afVept his
eoufotwlon. That she had ulrendy le
guti to suspect his real Identity he was
mora II) sure, and no time must be lost
In ruveullng It himself tx-fore ber doubt
was changed to a certainty. In the
morning lie would make u clean breast
of everything to her-the decoptlou and
Its righteous cause-Ills love, which
bad stooped to subterfuge to win her
heart, lu despair of other melius and
Under the stress of sudden surest loll.
Then he would hasten back to the St.
Regis, where lie knew his dad would
seek for him, tell him the whole truth
ami ruu the gantlet of parental Ire.
After that n third confession must follow-to
Jacob lieuwyck. Tills, ho felt,
would le harder thnn the other two,
for, since the episode of tliu foreign
draft, the manner of his host, while
still polite, hud undergone a decided
change A certain coolness. Hot to say
a certain suspicion, had I'ccii engen
dered In the mind of the financier. It
was unnoticed by the bulance of the
household, yet to ltlchard far more
perturbing than an open, honest
avowal of dislike.
The deep water harbor speculation,
too, run through his tangled thoughts,
but the Dual crash he was powerless
to avert It was probably too late now,
anyway. It ' ug above him like some
hideous ulglitmure, the end of which
lie could only know wbeu he wakened
to u grimmer reality thuu be dreamed.
Meantime in another wing of ltcwt
moro two fair but frightened young
womeii, who had exchanged their
evvulng gowns for comfortable louiig
lug roN. clung to one another, whis
pering In the dark. As the hands of a
tiny W-dmoiii clock slow ly crept around
toward tl.e hour of :i they Ih-i.mii to
rvullto the t:i-!ui.'ss ,,r tlirir mul. rtuk
1ns MNs the more couru
"f t' ' '. l.-s l-.i.-Mticd lha-.i
ever to in., i i ; i,,-,n n.ui in. I
but lor '.;.-r , -. U,. u . -miser
friend would have declined point blank
to take tbe risk.
"Imogens," aba murmured earnestly.
, Uii thiruijhu wart Ut a whirl.
"It la not too late to change our plans.
We still have teu minutes left Why
not let -me call rather and tell htm
everything? He and Lord Croyland
and Mr. Tan der Awe could meet tbe
man. overpower blm and get your let
ters back, and nothing would ever
coma of It."
At tbla sensible suggestion Miss
Imogen again exhibited symptoms of
"Oh, Harriet, darling, please," she
quavered, "you've promised me! And
yon can't refuse when It's nearly time.
I'm not going to faint or scream or
anything like that I'll be Just as
brav as a a lion ao, not a Hon,
maybe, but some other kind of animal
that isn't so terribly afraid. You
needn't be scared. HI take care of
you, Hattle, dear. Now, do be sensible.
Isn't it time tl for
Miss narrlet looked at the timepiece,
nodded, sljatied and took tbe other's
band. They opened tbe bedroom door,
peeped ont and listened. Nothing could
be beard but the ticking of the ball
clock, tb sound of the wind outside
and a mellow stmts that ooied from
Mr. nenwyck'a room across tbe ball.
"I-I wish he'd atop It" whispered
Imogene; "it makes oae'a hair rise np.
Don't let go my band, darling please,"
"Hush.' breathed Harriet and led
tbe way along tb sliest upper hall.
Slowly tb two gentle conspirators
tipped down tli gloomy stairs, start
ing at a cracking step beneath their
feet, fearful of danger anknown, but
manaolng, that seemed ta lurk at every
turn, la safety they reached the lower
ball at hist, paused, then drew aside
the heavy portieres which masked the
entrance to the library.
If the halt outside was gloomy, the
room which they entered was darker
still. By a sickly tight which filtered
through tb draperies of tbe window
opposite they could see tbe shadowy
outlines of the desk, the top of a silver
Inkstand and a ghostly high barked
chair, 'while, lu an angle-of the wall
they descried tbe metal disk of tbe
combination lock on Mr. Renwyck's
Tbey waited In silence till the clock
In the hall behind them boomed out
the hour of 8 In solemn, measured
codence, and as the last echo died away
they heard a cautious tapping on the
window pane.
"Oh, Lord. It's him!" gasped Inio
geno, forgetting grammar and all else.
Indeed, except tier human terror In the
situation, while she clung to Harriet's
arm and shook froui bead to heel.
"Ion't tremble so, Harriet, darling.
You you make we want to scream."
"S-ss-h:" her friend admonished.
"Don't speak above a whlser now.
Loove It to me. There; I'm not ofrald."
Miss Iteuwyck, having once keyed
her nerves to the point of meeting a
stranger in the dark, was not a woman
to fuller In the crucial moment. A
sense of calm was settling upon her,
and, though her heart K-ut faster than
was Its wont, she was now lu posses
sion of her every faculty and could
fuce the danger without a tremor of
her voice or hand.
"You keep tho purse," she vhlsH-rcd
to Imogene. "Stand where you are
and don't speak n single word. Ueally.
dear, there Isn't much danger, after
all. Yet reineinlH-r." she smiled, "you
have promised to he a little Hon, and
the man Is only 'lioddy poddyklns." "
She wondered afterward at tills flash
of humor, yet It chained to lie the
saving grace, for the terrified Miss
Imogene was crouched In the library
doorway, striving at nuce to In- the
king of U-asts and to keep her teeth
from chattering. In both efforts, alas,
she fulled.
Miss Keuwyck crossed the room, fum
bled an Instant for the e' trie switch,
then turned on the burglar alarm
She dared uot make a light, lest It v
uotlced If any one en me Into the upH-r
hall. Then, breathing au Inward pray
er, she unlatched the window, raised
the sash and stepped backward to a
polut of vantage betide the desk.
At tlrst she saw nothing, but present
ly found herself envelo-d for nu in
stunt lu a flash of light from a small
bullee lantern and heard a low e
clamatlou of surprise from the dark
ness outside. Harriet rose to the emer
gency. "Mr. I'll -."rue." slie Urau hi a
guarded un.'.crtone. "1 am Miss Kea
' - mamm.
-k Besides Miss Chlttenaon ana
myself, there Is no one here." .
There was silence for a moment
"Do you give me your word on
that?" asked tbe voice.
"I do." '
"On your honor as a IsdyT
"On my honor."
The light flashed out. and tbe head
and shoulders of a man appeared
above tbe window sill.
"Wait:" commanded Harriet "Are
you alone?"
"Sure." said tbe man; "yon can aee
for yourself. Miss Renwyck," and
thereupon he climbed cautiously Into
tb room.
He turned his bullseye carefully
about cursorily Inspected tbe hall out
side, appeared satisfied and slipped
bis lantern Into bis pocket
"Ah." said the visitor as be caught
sight of Miss Imogene's bloodless face.
"You didn't go back on me, my dear.
I didn't tblnk you would, and I am
much obliged to you."
"Stopr said Harriet "You must
conduct this transaction with m.
Imogene. Is this Mr. Fltzgeorge?"
"Y-e-s !" faltered the shivering young
lady. "It's-tt's he."
"Very well." Miss Renwyck began
again. Then we needn't waste fur
ther time. If yon have the letter you
spoke of"
JWalt a minute." the man Interrupt
ed. "W can't talk In here. It'a too
near tb front of the stairs, and I don't
want to run any unnecessary risks
either for you ladles or for myself.
What room does that door lead toT
He pointed to the left while Har
riet, following bis shadowy feature,
wondered If he were up to some crafty
"Mr. FlUgeorge," sbe said, "I pre
fer to transept this matter where we
are. I see no reason"
Again the man Interrupted ber.
"All right," he answered carelessly;
"It Isn't my risk, you know. If your
father came down those stairs sud
denly I might have to shoot; that's all
I don't waut to Injur blm, of course,
"Oh, Harriet, please!" moaned a
shrinking voice at her elbow, and Har
riet, seeing the wisdom of the move,
gave In.
That Is the billiard room," she an
swered, "but It also connects with the
hall. Stand where you are. and when
you bear me cull you may follow me.
Come, Imogeue."
This room was lighter than the li
brary, having a large transom window,
through which the sickly moonlight
forced Its way, and possessed an addi
tional advantage to th girls by rea
son of tb billiard table which could
be kept between them and their vis
itor. At Miss Renwyck' low call tho man
flashed bis lantern twice across tho li
brary window and stepped Into the
billiard room, carefully closing the
door behind him.
"Now," be began Immediately, tak
ing a packet from his pocket, "we can
get dewn to business. But before I
take the money which Miss Cblttendon
Is kindly going to lend me for a
month or two I want to make au ex
planation of my act."
"Sir." whlsiered narrlet "I do not
consider thst at all necessary. You
explained yourself In your letter, and
neither Miss Chlttcndon nor I desire
to go further Into your motives, riease
be good enough to bring your extraor
dinary business to an end."
"But, my dear Miss Renwyck," tbe
visitor persisted, lowering his voice
to match her own, "you must admit
that something Is due me. I present
myself In a very bad light before both
of you, and I want to clear myself le
fore I go. AppcarnueeH are against
me, I know, but"
"What's that?" demanded Harriet
sharply starting at a slight noise which
at tlrst she fancied was lu the hull.
"Nothing. I think," Mr. I'ltzgeorge
answered hurriedly after listening for
an Instant. "Ah. this Is It!" he went
on. swiftly stooping and apparently
picking up something from the tloor.
"1 stepped on a stray piece of billiard I
chalk. As I was saying Just now, I've
(rot to leave for the west Immediately
to Join my rt'Bluient" they could feel
his mocklne smile even If they could
not see It "and. to In- ultsolutely truth
ful, which I prefer, some of un
friends, the isillce, nre on my Hull.
That's why I urn obliged to come Ht
night. I hove I haven't frightened you
ladles, and I bee to assure yon that I
wouldn't harm a hair of your pretty
heads for any price whatever." con
tinued this et; iiordlnnrily lo.iiaclons
"Yes. yes." s:iid llapVt impatiently.
"we kn
nil tiiat. i;iv
lie lire let-
tei-s and p "
"PniMuii in.-,
lbxleil.'t, I'i.r.'
Isnv. "but I h;i
I want vo-i in
clearly, so ti
dciiU.ii; sipuir
suld the specious Mr.
:"orv. wl:li a gallant
cn't ipilte tinislu d ye!
i:udcrstund my position
t you may know t':n
ly. tho;:-h a liursli
-utslde Is iloKgiiiy my Innocent
The im
l I'lto a
tt'llt'S. VJt
::.,r or !
l--w hi-,.
li ul:-ed goi-ticnian piling
rambiiiv taV of Ills inlsfor-r-.iim
so rapidly that ncl
. a-i '.Itors at times could fob
ecu If they had not Ikvii
si.i-c bordertni: i n collapse, al
ii Harriet, the cooler of the two.
ivl why the villain did not take
-I. cy . nd
iTo 15o CVntinued)
IVYVitr Kidney and 'Madder Pills
pri ui am mcrougii ami will m
a fln-rt time strmilie-i Weakened
kidneys and allays troubles arifinjr
fri iu irfUn mat Km of the bladder.
S '. i I t V.-d. 1 I'm S(oie. 4 3 ISt
V'.iiiiu Blanks at tbe Courier office
Tb W. C. T. V. beld a basy
si on last Friday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Nellie Spaulding. Owing to
the pressure ot important work ou
hand, it wss Toted to meet every
week nntil fuither notice. This
Friday the Union will meet again
with Mrs. Spaulding. Tie next regu
lar meeting will be with Mrs. Chiles
on Front street
The medal oontest at Murphy last
Sunday wai a decided success, the ;
contestants acquitting themselves
creditably, tefore an appreciative:
aodience. Tbe .medal was awarded '
to Eail Doxsee.
Illinois now baa 35 prohibition
oounties, Michigan 11 and tbe Ne
braska election resulted in the gteatest
anti-ialoon victory ever won in tb
State soprani court of Alabama
opholds probitl ion, local option and
early clcsiog measures.
May the news of victories elsewhere
not be an earnest of the glad news
that may b hard from oar own lair
1. Tbe saloons pay a part of our
2. If the saloons were inpprei-sed
an enormous number of people would
be thrown oat of employment.
3. The liquor traffic consumes
large quantities of corn, eto
If the saloons were pat out of busi
ness, the .farmer markets for grain
would be severely injured.
4. Districts which bava gone for
local option are snffeiing from finan
cial depression.
1. Wherever a saloon pays one
dollar of our taxes, it produoes the
necessity for tbe levying of a con
siderably"Iarger amount Tb aalooo
causes the astounding 'expenseof
most of our criminal trials, divorce
suits, fills our pocrhourei, reform
schools and insane asylums for
which, the cost of maintaining in
crease onr tsies ninchj more than the
roveuoe Horn. saloooa can. potsibly
diminish them.
2. AXhnndrad dollars spent for
drink gives far Iras in employment to
labor than does an equal sum spent
for faroiture, clothing, groceries, eto.
Of 100 spent for hardware 2i.V
goes to labor.
OfflOO aptnt for furnitore, 133 77
goes to labor.
Of 100 spent for clothing, tll.ii
goes to labor.
Of 1100 spent fer liquor, 11.23 gees
to labor.
8. Only one bushel of corn in
xactly 143 ia oaed in the manufact
ure of spirits. If taloona wtrs put
down, the families of dronkards wonld
bava more J money to boy pork, corn
bread, etc. Similarly with other
grains. ,
4.' There is now on hand in all
parts of this country, and of other
countries, one of those waves of finan
cial depression which have strnck he
world periodically ever since rroney
was made. This present wave began
in New York City, and is still felt
there moet severely. Surdy no one
would say New York is without
saloons, or ever has beea. The truth
is, local option districts are, as a rule,
withstanding the depression better
than saloon districta
The above arguments are made on a
bofiueea b-sis only. Should we con
sider all the misery canted by intoxi
cants, so much the strong- r beyond
ttie ponnuility of language to express
it, would be the argument againet
How to Remedy Much of tht
Su((crlng"Ir Grams Pass.
Tbi re Is hardly a fnmily in Grnuts
Pass where there are ntt i ne cr more
members who s-itler at times froiujthe
tficts of a wuk t-tomach.
"It may to that this occurs only after
cnti'in'fcod tuut 'does "not agree, or
berate of a sniper lat ut night; or
it may be that the stomach is so weok
I but scarcely soy food can be eateu
without pain ai d distress.
The ouly way to treat conditions of
this kind suit essfully is with Mi-o-ua.
It n n.ores the cause of iudiget-tirn,
weakness of the muscles of the stomach
and boweK snd restores the whole
dig-stive ' sycte m to health and
i-trcngth so tint it takca rare cf nil
the food that is eateu.
"Uet well and otrong by using
Mi-o-na tablt-U. Take the remedy at
the first sjmi'tftus cf iudijestion,
I Whtn TOO c;in lie rnn, anvilx mitli a
f,w jos. However, uo 'cm cf
stomach trouble
is too sivere or
ibruuic for Mi oun to overcome.
.ZtJt. ( i'h U" ,lf0l,Q,eilluD-P"rtcu, the won-
t w, tril' 7 n J,rfulM' ' remedy which; cure.
m He of wr,k, M,d All do t, " other similar disease, like
i real ti an
.'rt.n boie. of the
, ordiuarv
.lmetife tablets 4-10 2t
Your Investments
In the cheapest, safest, most desirable fruit ' soils in
Jackson County, at Woodville, on Evans Creek, the
420 Acres
Ben A.
vSafe and
. Is the Man with n good Bank Account, By
systematically depositing his earnings each week, he has
Something tor a rainy day
and is prepared foi any emergency that may arise.
Are you one of the fortunates? We invite you to open
an account with us. Be it small or great, you.will
always receive courteous treatment
Interest on time deposits
If you have some surplus- cash why not have it
earning you some interest? We pay interest on time
Safety Deposit Boxes tor Rent
in which you can store your valuable papers and
treasures. You may have need for just such an accom
modation. Let us serve you,
G. P. Banking
Sipl. Saivavgo Makes Dlvialon ol
School Money to Various
County Superintendent Savage has
made the annual apportionment of the
county school funds to the various dis
tricts throughout tht cooaty. The
total amount distributed is 14,276.50,
or $1.60 per popil.
Following is the list of districts,
the amount each received, the names
of clerks and pott olfioe address of
Dist. Ami Clerk Postofflce
l..t 157 60.. JO Hiatt Selma
3.. 78 00.. J M Sevfertb,-.. Holland
23 !!
2. .
80. .
H2. .
n:i . .
106 00.. K F Meissner Kerby
7U60..W E Young Waldo
87 00.. J G MoCann. Wilderville
4S60..M F Crooks .. Dryden
1603 00.. Ed VanDykeUrants Pass
45 00..G A Dsnlap. . . . Provolt
61 60. .J S NcFaddi-n, Davidson
61 00. .M E Topping... Murphy
fc5 60..E T Furutss... Leland
19 50. .Geo Walter Mnrphv
04 50.. O E Parte Williams
43 50..Alida Swiiideu. .Mnrpliy
68 00. .Lizzie Williams. Placer
7;i50..FA Topping.. Willisms
27 00.. At- Ford RFD3
68 50. .R P. George ... . Waldo
0 00.. CN Gi'inan....R F D 2
100 50. .Sheruwn Jess..R FDJ
64 001. .Geo Wells Kerby
42 00.. Sara Hammond Hugo
4S0O..W J Satage... R F li 1
6U 50.. Frank Tliompson, Merlin
54 00. .V Colvig. . . .Grants Pa
63 0...T B Burongh.GrantBr'ass
54 00. .F E Lnbsn. .Wolt Creek
48 00.. R Huck Grants Pafs
43 50..HM Gorhaui..R F D 1
75 0i.. N Christie. .Grants Pass
f- 00.. J N Larimore.. Williams
73 50...THMav R F D 2
4!) .".0..W D Hunt Kerby
4'1 50. ,W A Khuu Loland
27 00.. E C Xeeley....R F D 1
UI50..Q Woodcock Kerby
84 50. .M C Davie Golden
81 (,0.. J L Koberteon.. Wonder
IS t0.. Mrs Baldwin.... Holland
1 50.. Sim Vgerr Waldo
51 uO .Oeo Kiphxrt S!ma
4t!50..MrH Win Light. .Grave
24 OIL. Mrs G Webb. .Deering
3S 50.. Mrs J C Cochrane, Merlin
45 00. .O L Barlow Galice
ia 50 . Mrs PlnmleyGraniteHill
83 U0..A I Hussey Merlin
I 8.V.
138. .
I - I . .
4ii. .
48. .
49. .
Eminent Physician Says This Li
quid Prescription la Certain
Cure For Eczema.
ctU another Eczema specialist
coms fotward in euthesiartio praise :
Kagic. He is-Dr. C. B. Holmes of 1
Silver City, Mise,, and in summing
solid tract, apple, pear, peach and cherry
land. J60 per acre.
135 acres in town $75 per acre.
40 acres, 1 vineyard location aud soil
$15 per acre.
Rogue River frontage $20 per acrer
& Trust Co.
op his impressions of the startlloi
cures D. O. D, has effected, he uyi: i
"I have been using yonrD. D. D.j
for four years with gratifying reiulti
l Tin a VI, , n . nnmrww
xio ao a a An a orvJiriu run
Dr. Homes is one of hundred! ol ;
physicians who use D. D. D. in their
daily practice. Tbe D. D. D. eom
pany allows pbysioians to use toil '
remedy with the understanding that
they tell their patients what it waif ,
that cared them when tbe terribly ,
itch has been wiped oat, tbs ikii
healed and tbe raw wound 'oovtnd !
over with soft white skin. - D. D. D. ;
is not a nasty paste to smear the skis ,
and elothing. but it is a clear liquid.
It is advisable to ose D. D. D. sotp
io connection with D. D. D. Prescrip-!,
tion Is any farther proof of tu !
curative powers of D.D D. prescrip
tion, necessary T That remedy iisoU
at M. Clemens.' Come in aud let
hniB inn nnnlnniM tt,.l H
D. D. .will cure yoor akin disease, f
Even if you have not deoided to as) f
D. D. D. remedy, come in and expUio t
your case anyway. 4-24 31 J
. J i vivuvAMUlUK 111 luol .1
Prof Rowell returned home SuadtT f
from a business trip to Portland, !
Olympia and other northern point) t
He was accompanied on his return bj j
his little nephew, Harold Troy, who
will spend a few weeks with Mr.
aud Mrs Rowell f
Placer blanks at the Courier offict :
To Healing Air of Hyomel,
Vnder Guarantee by
Catarrh is the mort prevalent dii
ease known to linmanity. Probably
90 per cent, of the people in tbii
country suffer at one time or anothe
with this common disease.
It is a eerm disease and hence can
be cured only by some method that '
will reach and destroy the germs.
This is beet found in Hyomel,
which may be called the direct method J
of treating catarrh, as its medication,
taken in with ths air you breathe,
goes directly to every air cell iu tne
nose, throat aud lungs ; kills all ca
tarrhal germs ; heals the irritated
mucous menbraue and vitalizes th
tissues so as to render catarrh no lon
ger poFsible.
The unique way in which Hyomel
is sold should dispel all doubt as to
its curative probities. Ifor 'Detnaray
gives his absolute guarantee to refond
the price to any catarrh sufferer tu
Hyomi falls ,to beutfit. Ton do not
risk a cent ift testiog its healing
Vwen, uld be mors
tb" ,. tb!, where tb.
:"i'l i!'",:
' leive you to be the judge 4-10 it