Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 28, 1908, Image 6

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Copriifht, 1900. by Mo
Continued from last week.
Back of them came the sprlng
wagon, drawn by mule ou the dead
run. Old Jacob Itenwyck knew enough
about cattlt to realize hit daughter
danger. lie bad also realized tbat be
could do absolutely nothing to help
lier. But, aa luck would bavt It, bla
outfit waa near at baud. . It waa tbat
be bad algoalcd ber from tbe top of
the bill. He and hla daughter bad
made a detour, aud tbe wagon, travel
ing on the chord of tbe arc, waa almost
up with him when the atampede came.
He raced down tbe bill toward It,
ahoutlng tbe terrible tldlnga. Cowboys
and guldea In hla outfit galloped up to
do exactly what bad lutn done. In a
moment they bad gathered around tbe
"Ob, father!" aald tbe girl aa Ben
wyck awung ulmsolf from bla aaddle
and dropped ou bla kneea bealde ber.
"Are you aafe, my dear I'
"Perfectly aafe, tbauka to thU gen
tleman." "Hlr," began ber father linpreaalvely,
I owe"
"Oil, It'a nothing," aald tbe cowboy
lightly, "nothing at all. It waa Just
breaking a mill. Any of tbeae boya
will tell yon bow enally It can be done.
Now, If you'll eirune me, I've got to go
after my bunch. Goodby, mlaa;
you'll le all right In no time."
He swung blinaelf Into hla aaddle.
"But, my dear air," cried Mr. Resv
wyck, "your name?"
The cowboy waa already on tbe gal
lop, lie turned and ahoutcd aometblng
that no one could understand and then
wna gone. The girl atared after him
to great disappointment, lie bad
eaTod ber life, reacued ber like a hern
but to Ira re her that way, and for
lot of wretched cattle It waa too
"Do any of you know that manT"
aked Mr. Renwyck.
-"Ain't never aeed blm afore,' i
plied their guide.
"From wot be aaya, though, be aure
knowa bla bla," aald auother. "The
cbaocea of git tin' ours tbat mllP-he
looked at the ground torn by the tram
pling bard "waa aura leaa'n notblu',
ail right"
"Father," aald the girl weakly, the
reaction aettlng In, "let'a go borne. I've
had enough of tbla terrible country
fhose awful cows."
"It breeda men, though, mlaa," aald
tbe guide, "mi well aa cattle."
"yea," aH the girl, "It certainly
bred one. I ivlsn I knew bla name."
"I'll try to find It fer ye, mlaa," aald
the guldo, "ullhougb 'taln't jeat the
thing to ax n gent's name out Here
Tlie boya guiicr'ly don't una their own
cnuiea ou n l.inge. They'vo frequently
got reusous for uot mentlouln' of Yin.
But, wotever hla name la, he'a a intui,
all right."
"He la, Imlvd." aald Mlaa Renwyck.
and then aim promptly collapsed a sec
oiid time,
RICIIAUIt V I I.I.I AM a, a ymi-.ii:
iniiii of twenty four, a t;rinl n -ate
of the I'lilvemlty f Tex
' aa, hint xnt the two year
allien he liiid won IiIm sheepskin on u
range of IiIh own, which had eouie to
blm through till mother. Foolish tllf
fereiu-cH hail nrlHcn lM-tweeii lilin nml
bin futlier, In which tliu young man
whs geiietully In the wrong. A reeou
filiation luul heeu effected, however, n
alioi't time In-fore the urrlvnl of Mr.
Heuwyck, ami Itlchiird hail combined
Tali cuttle with mime of his father's.
It wu t IiIh Joint herd w hich had near
ly ended the life of Miss Keiiw.vck.
The day lifter the departure of Ja
cob Itenwyck and the young lady Kleh
ard Williams hud waved In mo daring
-and romantic a nmuner the young man
waa summoned to the ranch tl.V a men
age from his father. Itecognl.lng that
It was war to the kulfe between him
nn 1 IiIk former partner, the Texan laid
111 plana to bring to hla feet the
BcliemcK of New oik. It waa the
wot iiimIiisI the cant, and uo mercy
van to I o Kliottii ou elllier hide.
lilt hard's experience had leen on the
practical side of the business, lte win
1:U father' son, however, anil Bill WI1
Ham had every confidence that he
could be aafely tutrustcd to look after
Ms father'. Intervale In New York. He
explained the detail of hla operation
carefully to the toy, provided blm
with the necessary credeutlala aud
Jh'M ltttu to liu-.Ho east and uot lu com
munication with a firm of broken with
whom hi father already had dealt,
who were to advise with Richard with
regard to whatever action wa re.
Of curc the fining man leu rued the
dotal! of the ipiarrvl bctnoou the two
partner, and a few tiu.-attoti put him
In iKMM-Kkton of the uame aud address
of the girl who had made ao deep lift
Impression upon hlni. With unttsual
dlM-rellun, he aald nothing whfttever
to his father aUmt the adventure
Pucb thing do haien ontxhlo of
book, aud Klchard was thoroughly In
love with the girl whom for ono brief
moment lie had held lu I I arms, Ii,
Viia luv'.c ttiaa l.:iug, tuvrvtore, to
Author of "For lh Free
doin of Hon." "Tb
hoatberiwrm." Et.,
Author of "A Broken
Uatft," "The Prlnc
Chap." KM.
(Tit. Ytrd fc Company.
carry out uhi fatber'a wlabea. In the
purault of the old man'a business 'be
waa determined that be would find
time la eome way, in aplta of tbe rup
ture, to further bla own affair. Tbe
mere fact tbat enmity bad given a
place to friendship and tbat there waa
open warfare between tbe two houses
added zeet to bla love affair. He bad
cut ber out from a berd of ateera, and
be bad faltb that he could win ber
from the Wall atreet "bunch," aa be
phrased It, or from any other group of
men who. If they bad bla appreciation
of a good thing, would aurely be stam
peding In ber direction whenever ahe
In due aeaaon, therefore, Rlcbard
William arrived In New York, where
be aettled blinaelf comfortably at the
St. Itegla. Preliminary to entrance on
bla flnoiiclal campaign, and especially
In the hope of making blinaelf out
wardly more -fit for bla role of a paa
alonate pilgrim, be discarded bla Ban
Antonio clothing. Including bla aoft felt
bat of eonibrero-llke dimensions, for an
outfit ao completely up to date tbat bin
bct friend on the range would not
bave recognized blm and then plunged
Into the hUHlneHB which bud i rought
him north. He presented himself at
the offices of Messr. Benton & Cart
well, In Wall atreet, where the prepara
tory detail looking toward the final
adjustment of his fatber'a complicat
ed lntereata wttb Mr. Kenwyck were
put In train for settlement with amaz
ing celerity. Where In Texas duula
were consummated over a pipe and
several long drinks sometime behind
the barrel of a gun, too In New York
tbe corea of the aame deala were bored
Into by snappy little gentlemen with
tbe feverish energy of a belated com
muter In the elusive hope of catching
tbe next train.
"Mr. Benton," aald Richard aa be
ahook bauds with tbe aenlor partner,
"seem to me we've branded tbla mar
erlck in record time."
Mr. Benton gave blm a hurried amile
and a hurried band. "The er calf
will grow Into beef, I troat Honored
to bavt met yon. air. Good morning."
The young man entered the elevator,
waa dropped down twenty-one stories,
mora or lea, and found himself again
In the buay, roaring atreet. With the
exception of the al of one large
batch of railroad bond, which could
not be negotiated for at leaat a month
on account of aome restriction clause,
bla father' bualnesa would require no
furthor attention from blm for the
next two weeks. Ill time waa now
hi pwn, and every energy wa bent
upon one subject-picking up the trail,
ao to apeak, of Mis llarrlrt Itenwyck.
It waa an easy task, for the "alga"
waa good and plenty, aa a cowboy
would have phrased It. Ho easily lo
cated the office of old Jacob Itenwyck
ou Broad atreet and learned without
difficulty that the family wero at pres
ent occupying their country place
near Irvlngton on the lludnon. But this
knowledge, after all, was of little
value. He could not present himself
as the son of William Williams fm
ibvlou reasons. He mulled us he pic
tured hi fiither'a apoplectic rRe at
such a proceeding and censed to smile
at the fancy t.f hi visiting card In the
band of the tartar, Jacob itenwyck.
Ho made t living trip to Irvlngton
and walked n round the extonsbe
grounds seve-nl times In the hope of
catching n cil.iipxc of his divinity, lull
fulled, even nun the vantage point of
l tuJ (or kis III f, !, rt.l.-w.ilk
.e aorrmimlliig U. to discover a
liElo Imnnt.v with the except Ion of a exervisVg , i,)nitt lu riding
with a cui.iis up ,! jown Kngllsli
motion that nearly turned the Texan
toinach returned to New York
despoil, "ei ,( .,. H 1,,,-utnl picture
ol the (.. j,. ,., u! j, (1v- i. whi.-'i
w I . . . .'. c.i.s,.i;u.ou lie
grew the more restless and unhappy
on that account He did not want
crumb; be craved the whole loaf.
He visited tbe theaters and tbe op
era, but hla thought were uot with
the painted puppet of bygone days.
Throughout the mimic tragedies he
waa in no mood for comedy be saw a
more stirring acene: A piebald bron
cho, (julverliig between his knee as It
tore through a bunch of plunging
steers, a weight In hla arms and a Hup
bead hanging backward, a cheek tbat
bad brushed bis own. With ber a ten
cent show would be a heavenly enter
tainment; without ber "Gotterdammer
ung" waa Just a noise. Others not in j
love bave thought the aame. 1
He spent bis time In wandering aim
lessly about, making and rejecting one
Idiotic plan after another. He waa en-
tlrely unknown In tbe city, lonely, mis-
erable and aa far from meeting the ou-
Ject of bla affection aa though he were
back again In tbe Lone Star State.
On tbe morning of the fifth day of
bla suspense while crossing upper
Fifth avenue be waa Dearly run down
by a coffee colored touring car wblcb
recklessly swung around ' a corner,
skidding aa It took tbe turn. He leap
ed for bla life to the aldewalk, turned
and waa about to express a candid
opinion of tbe driver when bis sulphur
ous salutation was exchanged for one
of surprise and pleasure. Tbe offend
ing automobile bad come to a atop, and
is its solitary occupant Rlcbard recog
nized a friend of former days, one
George Henry Fitz-Clarence de Courcy
Howard, earl of Croyland.
This gentleman bad spent aeveral
month with Rlcbard ou tbe ranch In
Texas, and, while the two men bad
few tastes In common, still a friend
ship knit upon tbe boundless plains Is
usually more lasting than one contract
ed In the whirl and rush of city life.
In general appearance tbe two were
not unlike, both blouds, rather tall and
marked with tbe branding Iron of vig
orous manhood, although Rlcbard waa
the younger, the fresher and tbe mora
virile. Tbe earl bad been In America
for perhapa a year, aceklng by various
schemes to rehabilitate an Impoverish
ed estate and in all hla undertakings
meeting with Indifferent success. He
bad become tbe sole owner of a "salt
ed" mine In Colorado; he bad recouped
In Birmingham real estate, only to
"drop hla pile" again in Texaa cattle.
At present his bow waa strung with
two widely differing cords one a se
cret mission, with a lucrative promise,
for an oriental government regarding
tbe surreptitious purchase of subma
rines and other war material In viola
tion of tbe neutrality lawa; the other a
somewhat hackneyed cheine of ex
changing an earl's coronet lor a seven
figured bank account the figure of the
necessarily accompanying lady being a
matter of little moment
The meeting between the two was
cordial, not to say affectionate. A
friendly face In New York to Rlcbard
waa like a water bole In the desert
To the earl he was art welcome aa a
"11' pun note when I'm atrapped, by
gild!" Lord Creyland auggeated a spin
In his motor, and Richard, who had
nothlug but leisure on hi hand an 4
Vaa glad ef any break id the dull md
notony, accepted with alficrlty. The
motof waa a four cylinder Layton,
with a vlcloua back fire and a hoarse,
wet cough, which woukl have warned
an expert to look after his Igniter and
relieve the oil vent. The auto car was
reuted, and, besides, machinery was a
detail to be looked after In the garage;
therefore the driver hiccoughed up Riv
erside drive with a charming disregard
for signs and omens.
The Englishman talked, and tbe Tex
au listened, though be adroitly kept
the conversation lu a social vein ou
the cha..ce of finding some opening for
an attack on irviugton. lu this he was
not, disappointed. The earl had se
cured letters of Introduction to Jacob
Itenwyck, but ou culling at the 1 1 rout!
atreet otllees hud found t ho geutlemau
absent. He left Ills letter, together
with a note of regret, and had prompt
ly received a cordial Invitation to Join
a kinall house party In the home of
the lienwjcks on the Hudson lie
hud accepted and Intended to ' there
on the follow ing day, where his valet
would Join Mm, bringing Ida lugae
from Washington.
Richard's heart rose ami rejoiced
Heiv was u possible chance to nuv!
Miss Renwyck, yet he must prm-ced
with caution
"ItelUNVck." he said IliitiiRhtfuMy
''tSceum to Hie I've licaid Hint name.
Well offi"
The carl I ccanie so eloquent on t: a
subject that hi companion's s:,-- '. i t -were
nt on.v aroused. ! t:i"ro so
the r.nglblr.iiau's attention a; n
eted upon a.i income lli.iu Li
stt erliig gear.
"A'VJ" daughters 111 Hit' (umilyV Ii
ed the Texan carelessly.
'1W Aw -oulte passable, 1 vtiAer
Klchard. agreed with hlin hut d' l
uot thik it necessary to 'rV-nttou the
-ld you eer meet f ' e lady?"
"No. old chap " v
"Nor any of thV 'im!!j ?"
"Net it. I m't i li - uot k(sn, how
eer. o. !i lie ir.vyekV - e'--re!attves.
dn't yell 'kV.ow." drnwlrl h1 lordship
ill hH o-t 't'nft' r-r i . t sntte; uian'.UT.
The Tcvtn's wh'ie Itv li closcl with I
an luik snap lie f.m;, not luar
his tnciid lu ) . l a l Ue put a
curb uu b'. tongue.
"Look lice. C.v; l.iiid." ittf asked us
ludlitcifiiMy as he could, "do jou mean
to tell me that you ;ire giing to Ir
vlncton tomorrow wl:ti the avowed in
tctiiloii of i i.iktu, '.o' c to a lady yon
haw lion r . ':i V"
'V;ii! I: l'.'"-',1' i.i-.' iiii:i..icil t!u
Englishman. "It'i a fair game. Isn't
"No. It Isn't" snapped the Texan.
roiling into the vernacular
plains. "It'a a dlntcy deal with a cold
deck. Where does the girl come InT'
Coronet" drawled the noble earl,
"and uot such a bad sort underwit If
she is satisfied. I am. I'm sure."
"Birthright mesa of poaee and
pig in a poke." suggested Richard
rather warmly. "But what of you?
Why, great Scott maa. you've never
seen her! She may be bumpbacked
bldeous!" "My dear old chap," sold the earl,
with a dry. indulgent smile, "you will
learn aome day that a Bradstreet re
port covers a multltuue oi ircckit:
By Jove. I've even unowu ii iu iu..
done a hump!"
Here the conversation stopped sud
deuly. The nn. bine hud done the nuio
They were far out on the Westchester
roud in the vicinity of New Itocheile.
with nothing in sight but a farmer
truck wagon approaching from uu op
posite direction, with a big yellow dog
trotting beside the wheel.
The earl drawled something about it
being "most extra wd'n'ry" aud began
to manipulate the vurlous levers, but
without result. Clearly he was un
familiar with the vagarle of this par
ticular brand of motor. He descended
from the car and turned his engine
over, being rewarded by a clattering
roar which caused him to leap back
Into hla aeat asatn. He released his
brake and inadvertently threw hla
i weight upon tbe sieed controller. Tbe
machine arose and rejoiced as a strong
man going to battle.
As Mr. Rlcbard Williams afterward
described It "tbe thing first bucked
aud then bolted for nowhere In partic
ular. It attended to tbe yellow dog
first then ate up tbe farmer's wagon,
turned over on Its back and kicked up
Its beels, hollering like a calf under tbe
branding Iron."
The giaphlc historian found himself
sailing gracefully over a barbed wire
fence until he alighted In a aoft field,
where he plowed up considerable
earth, but sustained no serious Injury.
Tbe Earl of Croyland bad fared worse.
In bis headlong plunge be bad struck
a fence post, wrenching one leg badly
and fracturing hla right collar bone.
The Irate farmer arose from tbe dust
with a bleeding nose and Immediately
put In a claim for damages, not only
for his wagon and bis valuable dog.
but for loss of time and tbe greater
portion of bis costume. Nothing
seemed to have happened to bis vocab
ulary. It waa noticed.
Rlcbard crawled under tbe barbed
wire fence back to the road and turn
ed bis attentlou to hla Injured friend
In the meantime a correctly attired
young woman driving a Panhard
topped to view the general wreck,
bile a road patrolman galloped up
and took bustling charge of every on.
"What' the gentleman' name and
nddresaV he demanded of Richard,
who waa lu the act of raising the Eng
lishman' bead.
The Texan wa about to answer
truthfully when the earl opened bis
eyes jnd dr,wr-(J out languidly, but iu
I sufficiently clear voice: "My name
la Richard Williams of San Antonio,
Texas-Hotel St. Regls-I'll pay all
dnmagea This gentleman his one of
my card lu his pocket"
The earl then closed his eyes delib
erately, a though the mutter were en
tirely dlsosed of really to shut out
Richard's surprised aud reproachful
The real Klchard Williams of San
Antonio, Tex,, was thunderstruck at
this limitless display of nerve, but hi
rigorous protest was checked by an
elaborate wink from the sufferer. Ac
coldliigly he handed the ollicer one of
his own card and stood ( forth ready
ami eager to answer nil questions.
"What I your nameV ifked the pa
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"Er Peter YViisou."
"Friend or this gentleman 1" '
"Chauffeur." iuterruptud Croyland i
t,uicMy. .
"Ah:" Ml. the petp.iltiian. "Were vou
driving;" ' j
"No." ii'iswered Itichnrd truthfullv.
"1 Rave tlie wheel to thut Idiot, atid
ou'. tliiiM.-,, ,i special dispensation of
rruid..ii.v a m t now able to answer
your quest!.,;,. Anything more?"
In n tuoitv.'.iv he had eveued up with
the earl, but not ,iUIti
"How i!M your machine happen b.
run lnt this man' cart? continued
the officer.
"Don't kn ,v. Shied at something. 1
reckon." r. i i.Hl ttio iuvoiuatary cbauf
eur farcin: uily.
This w,is ut.t teclmicai. but it ac:us
ed the otH.-er. when-ttn, at Crov
lands ad.M: -estiou. Klchard pre
sented h!m v ith a twenty dollar bill -his
own. i, ,t. way-aud asked hi:,,
- toe m:,c::,e towed to the ne,ir
est gnrs-e s ,n.,t lf Mr Wllllatpv
were pr. 1r,y u ot
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