Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 20, 1907, Image 6

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    -vytt onrcn nntioten ntJAVrTC VACC OB PflHUl DECEMBER 20. 1907.
KCXjUft V.OUlCHi uimil in nuwii ,
It Is Not Too Late
yet o get some of tlieso I
nice things wo have been
promising you
Wo do not claim to have a
complete assortment but we
feel confident that we have
some article of value for you,
and will bo pleaded to have
you visit
before you decide upon all
these gifts you intend to give
Japanese Assortment
Just Arrived
Mrs. J. C. Gamble
412 Front Street.
First National Bank
Of Southern Oregon
Some of the Services that a
Bank Renders the Public
The simplest and safest way of
keeping your money is by deposit
ing it in a Reliable Bank. This
Bank receives Deposits Subject to
Check, or on Demand Certificates
of Deposit or on Time Certificates
of Deposits. On Time Deposits we
pay 4 per cent interest.
The Best and Cheapest way to
Transfer Money is by Bank Draft
We sell Drafts payable in all; parts
of the country.
' One of the most important func
tions of the Bank. We udaavr
to supply all niiiwuMe necdf of
our customers.
Capital and SurpM .... $75,000
Stockholders' Additional
Responsibility $50,000
L. B. HALL.' President
J, C. Campbell, Vice-President
II. L. GlLKEY. CaHtiiei
K. K. HiCWTT, Abki. Cashier
Capital $00,000, established 27 years,
tlold. Pa- Hulllon, Cyanides, Mich
Ore, etc, Ixiti itht, Sput cash on assay
value. All work by expetts.
1)1 Fifth Street. Near V S. Mlrvt
Courtly Official Ta lor Finds He
Can Divide Cnh Willi Mold
ers of Warrants
There are fiimln in
tli Treasurv ti
i-nv nil w arrant s
n giMi u-d prior lo
July K'tli, lWt.
from tliis date.
Intcicst v 1 11 cease
Nov. ill, l'.io:.
Count v Treasurer
Many MiDing Matters fit
it .lij
Frank Jamen et al., have filed notice
! of tie ir location of tlie quartz claims, i
! "Mabel." "Hazel" and "Djigv" j
i located in the Galice mining district. ;
Tboiu 8 Lanuon lias located a water!
ditch, tarring tlie waters of toe Waldo i
Oulcb Cre-k. A placer location
claim, "Nugget," has been locati-d in
the Williams Creek mining district by !
E. S. Jackson et al. j
(l. S. Ociodnow has filed liis af-1
fidavlt, showing that be has done,
$400 worth of assessment work fur the
ye.r 1!I07 i n the "Yuba," "Rosebud"
and "Virgil" claims in the liriggs
Creek mining district.
E. M. Albright, the well kuowo
Josephine county mining man bus re
turned from his extended trip to New
Mexico and Arizona, where he was
formerly engaged In this kind of
woilt He thinks Josehine county
mines are going to be mnch talked
about in the near future.
E. H. Gething, who has a nio
place four miles oat on the Murphy
road alto lias come fine lode claim",
located in the Applegate disirict,
two mild wet of ProTolt. These
are the "New Years Gift" and "Key-
stono." The ore has assayed from i
10 cents in the fillings to $10 in the j
main vein, the latter being six feet
wide and he has a 75 foot tunnel com- j
ploted about GO feet down and is now j
doing some cross-cutting. He Is after;
a big shoot, which be thinks comes i
through the pocket. The lead does;
not show on the surface, but there is
a very fins lot of white crystallized .
lime, which mining men recognize as I
a very fine indication. This claim is j
in the same belt in which the promis- j
ing property belonging to Dr. Flana- j
gan and Dickson & Hall, and in j
which the famous ' 'Goloonda" mine is j
situated. There baa wen much
money taken out of this belt, In for
mer dsyg and the present prospects are
most excellent. That there is gold
them is Indicated by the significant
faot that in other days old Mr. Enoz
had placers, from whioh be realized
from $13,000 to 115,000 and one
pocket, the "Danoy," produced no
lets than 13000, itself. Other rarties
made good findings and Mr. Gething
feels confident that he is going to have
fully as good success.
George Vinlng has commenced
work on the" Eureka, " mining claim,
located in the Applegate district. It
is said to be a relocation of tlie old
"Dolphin," which was snob a prom
ising property in former days and the
indications now are extremely promis
ing. Work on the famous "Greenback"
mine, on Grave Creek, will soon be
started in earnest by the leasees.
Five of the 40 stamp mills will be op
pvrated at once and others later on,
as the demand Increases. Tlie de
velopment work done ou this property
during the past few ui.mths has made
a very nice showing and so good are
the indications that the operators
fully expect to see the other stamps
needed soon. In this immediate
vicinity are some 50 very promising
claims which are to be developed, thv
assi ssinont work showing conclusively
that they were of more than ordinary
value. The prospects are that, now
that the Nevada boom has blown
orer, much attention will be paid
this immediate vicinity by the out
side uiiniiitt world. 1 here has been
over $1,000,000 taken out of the
Greenback" and the men weie at b
depth of some 1200 foet when for some
unaccountable reason the wire was
shut flown very suddenly last year.
Kuiiior had it that this was done for
the purpose of enabling the owners to
purchase uearby prorerties. Other
reasons were also assigned, but it was
never stated by tlie management just
why the iniue was closed. New ore
bodies have beeu found in this re
gion ami tbe tributary placer fit Ids of
Coyote Crook, Wolf Creek and Grave
Creek are anotlu r excellent iudicatiou
that this is a very rich mining belt.
K. Win Russ, president and super
intendent of the Josephine-Klamath
Development Co., which has head-
! quarts a' Kith Portland and llrown
j town and which operates on a large
scale a roup of eight very tine and
promising lode properties in the A It -
house district, has been at the county
'seat, looking after some important
tusiuess matters, the past week Mr.
Knss informed the Courier that be
indications were very good for all ex
j oelleut season's run. Although bis
I company may not prorceed tartlo r
with some of its work of constructing
' flumes, owing to the faot that new
i the lumber is too wet to handle very
' satifaetort!v. His company already
Im. UOoO feet of luuitier in flumes.
He liss Wen demonstrating that that
is u rich district by working a small
piece of ground, nlvut 14 by I2."i fe t,
which was supposed to have been '
worked out iue years ago. Iu'su
i wiks time be 'ti-ek out fi7'- and nice
Roie River
Profitable Pointers Regarding
,' t i TUI-
The fruit groweis who reside in the
section tributary to Grants Pass have
come to the conclnsiou that thev re
ceived more r-muneration . from the
home consumers than they got from
the New Yorkers or people in the
other large markets of the country,
Here they have found a ready sale and
they did not have to wait very long
to secure their pay. But it will
likely be altogether different next
season, when the carloads of the lus
cious beauties are forwarded from this
A tree taken from
should be handled just
the nursery
as carefully
as a cabbags plant, should be moved
to the orchard with the least possible
exposure, and carefully set. In nine
rases out of 10, where a tree gives
poor results, the fault can be traced
back to the carelrss handling before
Prof. R. R. Turner, who is superin
tendent of the city schools of Grants
Pass, recently purchased 10 acres of
choice orchard land, west of the city,
on Rogue River avnuno and now
he has engaged Chas. Kingnell, the
well known horticulturist, and a force
of men to plant the land to pears, one
half to be to Cornice and the rest to
Bartletts. They are to be set out
hexagonal shape. This system gives
five l er cent, more trees to the acre,
with the additional fact that they are
all equally distant from each other
nd present a very attractive appear
ance. Prof. Turner la taking a lively
interest in the undertaking and he
will undoubtedly succeed in having
one of the prettiest orchards to be
found anywhere. He will thoroughly
cultivate and spray and spare
pains or expense in bringing
about the best possible relinks. The
piece of ground he has been fortunate
in securing is perfectly level and it
is the rich, loamy soil. Having made
a heavy investment he is more thin
likely to see that this newlr acquired
property is kept io the bes.t of shape.
In the course of 10 year's time be will
probably be shipping his own fruits
to the big markets in car load lots and
when It is taken into consideration
that one car of Cornice pears from
Rogue River this season brought, the
magnificent son) of 423.91 in the
New York market, while the lowest
was $1270 for Rogue River Bartletta,
it will he seen that he evidently has
an eye to the financial returns which
will certainly come from his effor's
along this line,
The latest of the fruit pests to make
its appearance on the Pacific Coast is
known as the "bud moth" and is said
to have originated in Japan. A report
from San Francisco says that the
fruit authorities of that city Wfre
recently compelled to condemn l!00
sized nuggets have been found, tang
ing from f 1.D0 to f."' each.
Had it not been for the recent finan
cial stringency, general mauager, W.
J. Mori by was lully ixputirg to
start up the "Grsnito Hill Mine " As
it is, be now contemplates ! ginning
operations early in tbe new year.
This mine h:is a very line equipment
consisting of electric turbine, a big
stationary pump and a sinking pump,
with which to pump our the hirge
amount of water which flowed into
the property. At first it came at the
rute of almnt ;HKI0 gallons per minute,
but later droppid tn about !." pr
minute. Tlos plant l as perhspsone
of the finest hoists in tlie state, worth
fully $.'0,000 Hud capable of going!
2000 feet deep.
C. h. Mangnm, the well known
milling man has jnst made a trip to!
tbe Galice district, wliiih he rttiruj
a buiN vsry rounsiug. He pre
dict great things for that camp asd I
that too, for the very near future.
He found lots of good, solid work;
beiug done on the fine properties. j
Mr. and Mis. Tbo. I.eith and
daughter. Miss IbsMc. Vis. UiUnore
and ue ice, Mis Mitchell, ofMcrphy'
were the nuests of Mrs. Daniels of!
this place Sunday. "
Ch no. "I'ucle Eben" 1 won't use
"Red Cloud's" anatomy for a fiotball1
because its too soft.
Mrs. Kva Burrows visited with her ;
mother. Mr. Stringer, Sunday. J
Miss Lindsay of Grants Pass visited
ithMrs.Me.Ningi'rf cHreitTSuu"-,
dnys a'.so Mr. Vyn.u7t " itinfdTugh" !
ter ami Mr.-. Walter and son. 1
We are having som,- !d weather
this writing. "" J"
-. . .
Fruit Notes x
the Industry Gathered From
Favored Section of Oregon
ITo .,nr..l Sartlnn of OretfOIV
boxes of apples shipped there from the
State of Washington, it being dis
covered on their arrival that they
were badly infected by the pest. The
apples in question were grown on Orcas
Island, which is just off the coast a
little distance from SeattK Some
moulhs ago the bud moth made its ap
pearance in British Colombia, having
been brought there supposedly from
Japan. When the moth was detected
on this continent measures were
taken to prevent tlie spread of the
pest, and it whs not known that it
had reached the states until evidence
of its ravages were discovered in San
Francisco in the fruit sent there from
Orcas Island. Front street fruit men
say that so far as they know the pest
has not yet been feeu anywhere in
this state, but they incline to the be
lief that it is but a matter of time.
deBpite all precautions, when tbe
nuisance will appear in Oregon. But
when it does come it will be vigor
ously fought.
-Tomorrow aftrnoon, at 1 :S0 o'clock
the members of the Grants Pass Fruit
Grower?' Association will hold an
important meeting, when new officers
for the ensuing year will be selected.
This organization is but in its infancy
and yet already the good effects of
the fruitgrowers pulling together in
unison are being felt and much good
will come to those who thus stand
together. "I propose to stay by the
Association, even though I am the
only man to ship with it," said one
of tbe largest frnit growers in the Val
ley, in speaking of the organization.
If this feeling ia prevalent to any
very large extent among tbe members,
the ultimate suooess of the undertak
ing is assured, for there can be no
question that the growers here, as in
other older and more noted fruit cen
ters, can succeed in bringing op the
standard and raise the prices by this
united effort. Everything has to
have a beginning and this is the try
ing period for tbe Fruit Growers' As
sociation. If the members can man
age to weather the obstacles whioh
have been confronting them this year
and go at it in earnest again, they
may feel confident of at last gaining
their point.
An entirely new kind of grape is be
ing developed at the Government ex
periemental station near Lodi, Cel.,
and Professor H. C. Husmann is of
the opinion that it will result in a
grape that will excel the famous
Flame Tokay, which has given Lodi
se much fame. The new vaiiety is
soxewhat similar to the Tokay in tex
ture and color, but is impervious to
rain, is much firmer and can be ship
ped longer distances without damage.
It appears to bo a cross between a
Tokay and Fererrt and is of an im
proved flavor. If properly developed
it is expected to become a most profit
able variety.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with local apt lications, as thev can
not reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and iu order to cure it vou
must internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cum is taken internally and
acts dirrctlv on the blood and muoo'is
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh '.'lire is not
a quack medicine. It was prescribed i
by oue of the best physician iu this'
couuiry tor years and is a regular pre- !
S'ription. It is composed of (holiest I
tonics known, couinliiirt with the best
blood purifiers, at ting direoily on the
mucous suri.tces. i ne pi rtect combi
nation of two ingredients is what
produces snch woiubrlul results iu
curing CatHrrh. Send for testimonials
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by all Drusgists, Price 75c.
Take Hall's tamily Pills for con
stipation. Tl-A
We couldn't moneyback
tea. if our tea weren't bet
ter than tea as you know it.
Vui crot f r rer-irns tour money if you doo't
like xhi.;ir. i In.-: . we-i ay him.
Just alwit this time of year a little ,
extra spending m m y for the holi-!
. yo'uc inhatid v. " What easier, I
i.icer way to yet'it "than" by'takTng J
scnptioiis for the Pacific Monthly!
II muld te ou "he reading table in
every house in the West, for isn't it
hi me magame ofj:oar own
county? Yon canconvinoe anyone of
thatL and ea-ujy, aiiilso dfveit some '
Uvse change to yourown"use. j
Write us; labour;' the commissions ,
yottj-anaru. , K,7, MlllW ifjw f ,
three business! iuena reference s " '!
-iTicm7nt nL"hvCcoi ;
u s f t Portland, Ore.
?otp. r'- v 'v irniRTs. i'' .-!
"'. - j. rni,.rd t .- Cok: ' : i
- -
There Is Nothing Nicer
For a suitable Christmas Present than something iu
the line of Good Jewelry That is where we "can
help you out, for we have a Fine assortment of
Choice Goods, such as all kinds of Gold and Silver
ware, Clocks, Watches and the like.
You Will
If we fill your orders.
and our prices are Kight.
We do all kinds of repairing and
guarantee entire satisfaction
Next door to
City Hall
About something for Christmas
? ?
Let me help you. There is nothing that a housewife
prizes more than her CHINA AND SILVER. Every
pattern I have in Silver is a Standard and my prices
are CORRECT. Pieces in China, Ilandpainted in Hav
land Blanks from $1.50 up. Every piece ia painted to
order and I do not carry duplicates.
Lownev s Candies
Gunther s Candies
Full assortment in all sized prckages to be fbund at
Formerly Herman Horninga.
Holiday Rates.
Reduced Boond-Trip Rates Account
Christinas and New Tears, 1907-1908.
Rates One firHt class fare and oue
third for the round trip between all
poiuts on the Oregon lines including
Children Tickets for children five
(5) years and over but under 12 years
of age will be sold at half the ex
cursion ratesVharged adults.
lixceptions Minimum rate for
whole fare tickets, its cents for hall
fare tickets, 23 cent?.
Sale Dates Christmas Tickets
December 21, 22, 2:t. 24 and 25, 1907.
New Years Tickets December 30,
31, 1U07 and January 1, IU08. Re
turn Limit: Januaiy 2, 1S08.
W. J. MA HONEY, Agent. J.
12-13 8t'
Breathe Hyomel's Tonic Healing
and Be Cured of Caterrh.
Nature has a remedy for catarrh, a I
treatmeut that ia far better than doi-1
ing the stomach with medicine. I
ii is me ncanng oils and balsams
of Hyouei which medicates tlie air
yon breathe, reaching ihe most remote
air cells in the nose, throat and lungs,
killing all catarrhal germs and restor
ing health to the mucous membrane.
Iu using Hyomei you are treating
your catarrhal troublo with the only
natural remedy, for it gives a cura
tive air bath to thu air passages that
has as powerful healing and Bntiseptic
effect as that found in the mountansi
where the pine forests give otl their
fragrant and healing balsams.
Breathe thu invigorating and heal
ing Hyomei. aud see how quickly yon
will get relief from your catarrhal
troubles. Demaray has seen so many
cures, even of the worst cases of
catarrh, with offensive breath, rais
ing of mucous, frequeut sneezing,
droprings in the throat and epasimxlic
conghins. that they feel warranted iu
selling Hyomei under an absolute
guarautee to refund the money it it
dees not do all that is claimed for it
Demaray takes all the risk
If yoawantJoseeaBne display of
Holiday' Silverware look at-Cramer
Pros, corner window?
Be Pleased
Our Goods are Up-To-Date
Come and see for yourself
& CO.
The Grant Pjia
? ?
THE Jewei-e
Says Sydney Smith: On meeting t
young ludy who had Just entered tl
garden and chuking hands with her
"I must," I said, "give you a lesson li
shaking bands, I see. There Is noth
Ing more characteristic than shakes
of the band. I have classified then
Lister, when he was here. Illustrate!
some of them. Ask Mrs. Sydney to
show you his sketches of then when
you go in.
"There Is the lilgh ofBclal tbe bodj
erect and a rapid, short shake near fie
chin. There is the mortniain-the C
hand introduced Into your palm anl
hardly conscious of Its contiguity; tie
digital ono finger held out, . awn
used by the high clergy. There la the
shaken rustlcus, where your bond b
seized in an Iron grasp. hetokeDinf
rude health, warm heart and distance
from the metropolis, but producing
strong sense of relief on your part
when you find your hnnd released airf
your fingers unbroken.
"The next to this Is the retentive
shake one which, beginning M
vigor, pauses, as It were, to tit
breath, but without rellnqulshini if
prey, and before you are aware betf1"
again, till you feel anxious as t tt
result and have no shake left la
There are other varieties, but thl
enough for one lesson."
HalrJinn ft-la Awn.
Scattered through the pine tl'1
mountains of California live some I
ly old miners whose dry wit Is
amusing. After many years' abse
certain gentleman returned to tbe IKW
mountain town that had been W
birthplace. ' The first person he '
was an old miner who bad known bH
as a hov.
Howdy. Tom?" he said as be at
hands. "How've you been gRi!l
fl Inn If fl 11 thuua rnn -o "'
The old fellow shifted his quid
tobacco, spat Into tbe dust then
In the habitual drawl, "Wnal. I dli
have a darn cent when I corne a1
forty year ago, an' I'm hoidln' W
own." Judge Library.
Mamma (at dinner) -Too 00,01
tare at My. Smith so, Ethel.
Little Ethel-I'm waiting to
take a drink, mamma.
r- m i 4
..... . .an
Lirae titnei cause pap . -
onnts like a Dsn, ana l nT"
Osh drink.