Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 13, 1907, Image 8

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The Christmas rush is now on in full blast; seasonable goods are on display in all departments. Never before in the
'11 1 I I 1 M U r I A V WwS lr M V hAXlfl va mM f
vear we will oe aneau or any previous year way suuuiu wc tct vuy auuuiu yuut vve are not poino-
We are preparing tor a big Holiday Business. We are going to sell Holiday Lroods cheap. , We shall look for you;
don't disappoint us. Will save you some money on everthing you will want to buy from Dolls to Donkeys
M C?- .Wo Men's $15.00 all Wool Serges and
CHS VjllllS, VVer French Worsted. Single or Double
a 11 j PMnfiA44o Breathed, Black and Blue,
istorv of the country has there been so much money in circulation. I here has been work and better pay, less call for
and higher prices paid tor tarm products than ever known betore in the history or Uregon. 1 he banks have more
i . 1- 1 1 J It A 4- 4. i
on ticposii, ine people nave more money in cueir pocKcis, auu n wc uun i cl uue lciu more uusiness this
Splendidly Tailored' Reduced to
SI 2.50
10 doz kid body, bisk .head, closing eyes doll
Automatic Cash Register Saviygs Bank .98c
Drums all complete l'K' to $2 50
Toy Trunks. ..50c to f2
Real Steam Engines $1 to $2 50
Magic Lanterns all complete with 12 slides
48 pictures $1 98
5 dm. go-carts and doll buggies. ,6c to $2 50
Naval box kites 50c
S.liM Rubber Halls 5c, IQc. 15"
Hoys No. 22 Winchester Air Gun 9Hc
All styles, all kinds, all prices
Big stotk of Fiction, Juvenile, Poetical aud
Historical works, cloth and leather bound.
Don't fail to visit our big Toy
School Children
Good pay for live workers. We will pay
25c in cash for every new subscriber vou re
ceive to the Delineator from now until Jan. 1st,
l'H)8. The cash must accompany each order.
Holiday Novelties
10 doz. Handkerchief and Glove Boxes, big
bargain . . . . ; .25c
100 Plain White Hemmed Stitched Handker
chiefs. Per doz 25c
2 doz Ladies'. Solid Leather Hand Bags
Special for Xmas 79c
5 doz. Handsome Pearl Bead Necklaces, worth
25c .15c
2 doz Ladies' Plaid Silk Waists, all colours
Ladies' All Silk Taflata Petticoats
.$5.98, $6 98, 8.98
Ladies' 1.50 Gold Pens, Pearl Handled Plush
Case 98c
Boys and Men's Hand Forged Steel Blade
Knives Warranted , 25c, $1.00
15 doz. Ladies' Plain White Hemmed Stitched
Initial End Handkerchiefs 10c 3 for 25c
Shoe Department
Ladies' fine dress Shoes, Turn or Welts,
..Majestic $2.50
"Gloria" Shoes, the pride of the American
Lady, equal to any and superior to many $S
shoes. 25 different styles.. ...$3.50 and 14
"Governor". . Pingree $4 and $5 men's dress
Shoes, the shoe with a record we.huvi just
received a special shipment for Holiday trade.
The style, fit and wearing quality of this shoe
knows no compeditor.
Furs! Furs! Furs!
The largest stock of Furs ever shown in ihis
city now on sale at Unmatchable prices.
Pont buy until you see them. .
10 doz. Ladies and Men's Fine Gold and
Silver Plated Handle Umbrellas $3.48
Evtra Values $5.00
10 doz. Ladies' Solid Leather Hand Bags At
Special Bargain Prices For Xmas Presents 79c
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: i . .i ' : . I i ! liM'iial
. .1 Ii :.; .1 w.i i ii:i lli.l il
i ' . .r. i' . ,i tor!.; uiiU routo
' . mimiiylni; 11 lnnto
I" r.iiirliM.ii yrnix Hlnrc
i i.l' 1 '.i t'O was iiimle
vl'.'i tin' ir.ici't of
i IV . . !) S lilt' ltostoii
. . ::;i.v us tfii farH tii
.ii fur thii new porvlri
' . iu uiM. .;,st vM It
' ; ..imo n, -o. v lilli tills
. i I'iUi-n will rust j:t7..
'.iiioliiii' nt IMp-moor,
I'r.ral mall rarrlrr In
I hi-1'nltii' tlic oihiT ilny,
'4'nii il'rl I ili.s(ialill.
I'Mirt-il Sainili'l Sti'Wilft,
;io prtsniu'r, at tho
hit Sti'wart ami two
. iti' arrt'sti'il for not Inn
Hit' lalKVtuoor f rt-ljjlit
Vtmsylvaiitn rallrouil.
::'llH' I.h Uisl them III
inm Stewart JiitnoJ
w mul ihiHlioil aorooM
'M Jiiurttin Mrs. IHju
miii tlic riitlroad eta
I hat;. ltuniiliiK tu front
i i Isoiut, flic ilrow a Ih
i"iiih Ii'iI hi m to liolil up tila
I'lif ati'tiinnti tlii'U capturtM
.-liia. hut., bna loug bad the
tiavlni; a woman rural mall
Willi t ho Installatlou of rural
ilvory Mrs. V. V. CouJo be-
gan work nt Alcxamlrla on route 10
ami with but a few days' exception,
whllo III, lias not inlawed a wevk'a serv
ice for luT patroua. She la one of the
nioKt palUHtaklnK aud popular of the
rlcht rural carrleni with routes eon
liTiiic In Alexandria, lu the years
Mrs. Coudo has carried until she baa
Kot uoRlected her household or social
duties, bcliiR one of the most active
uieinU'ra In two of three literary aud
social clul. TlrltiK of horses, Mrs.
Coudo iltvldtnl to surprise her patrons
with un nutouiobtle. Without cousult
Iiik any one except niciuU'xs of her
family. Mrs. Coudo iKHiKtit an automo
bile buccy. In ft few weeks she ui)
'eretl the uianaKcmcnt of the convey
mice. Mrs. Coudo Is financially Inie-
"cinlent ami tlellvers mall for the bii-1
llt the work and open ulr trips are to
her health.
Mini Ll.CK. i
Il looks cr.i iiiiii ii as tluiiiKh some I
Hoplc arc I'oi'ii to ill link." sighed the'
ld lady.
"Why do you tliiuk no';" yuerled the
clialiiv calli"
"Well, lake myself, lor Instance," said
the old laiiy "I liae collected nearly
lti.iHKi inedn al recipes and pasted them
lino a t.iHk iliiilii the last tlfty yr.
ami I have iumt ln-eii Rlik a d.y In
my life."- I'lilcan" News.
"Here's a letter from the boss," said
th machine leader's henchman. "H
said you'd give tue a Job."
"But." protested the merchant. "I
hsve absolutely nothing for you to da
'That's all right. I won't mind tbat
so long's I Kt nit pay ref'lar."
Curious Machine For Preparing a
Road For Oil.
A new aud curious kind of roller or
"rolling tamper" has been devised for
use with a type of road Invented and
used In California. This road ha been
railed, from the place where It origi
nated, the Santa Monica system and is
little more than an oiled road In which
the oil Is caused to penetrate deeply In
stead of being merely spread over the
top. The top soil Is loosened to a
depth of several Inches, so that the oil
when applied may penetrate for ipalte
a tllstance below the surface. The
earth thus oiled Is then rolled and
thoroughly compacted and practically
forms nn Inferior kind of asphalt pav
ing. From the circumference of a large
roller project a considerable number
of tamping poluts, and the effect of
this is to compact the soil from the
bottom upward, these poluts sinking
Into the depth of the loosened earth
and rising nearer and nearer to the
surface as the bottom layers become
contracted, until finally the tamping'
point sinks but a little distance Into
the surface of the roadway, says the
Municipal Journal and Engineer. In
using this method of road construction
the earth Is plowed to a depth of about
six Inches and Is properly surfaced
with a road machine, the clods or
lumps having first been broken up
with a harrow or similar machine
Asphaltle oil Is then sprinkled over
the roadway, the endeavor Iving to
give about one gallon of fll to each
square yard, and the oil and earth are
theu thoroughly mixed by a cultivator,
after which tho roller tauiplug begins.
This process of oiling and tninnlnir U
repeated three times, until each Bquare
yard has received alKiut three gallons
of oil, when the surface Is smoothed
down by the use of an ordinary roller.
In the construction of reservoir era
bi.nkments In India the British engi
neers substituted for the roller, which
uon "DM the Stomach to Cure
Ecreme. and Other
Skin Diseases
Is commonly employed lu England as
well us In the I nlted States, flocks of
goats, which were driven continuously
back ami forth across the earth as it
:is placet! in thin layers by work
men, who brought it there In baskets,
and It Is probable that the compacting
etTeoted by the small hoofs of the goats
,M,,r thorough than that which
would result from a grooved roller It I
is said that the idea of the rolling,
tamper was suggested by seeing the j
effect upon the soil of the passing of l
oera or sneep, and It would appear :
u uioogn tne errect of the two might
be very similar. It Is well known that
an ordinary flat roller will not give
nearly so solid an embankment at will
a grooved roller. f
Those afflicted with Eozema.
psoriasis, salt rheum, or other .n
diseassi of a similar nature, fhoold
never aose the itotnach to ri.l .
selves of the tsrrlble itch. ThT
should doctor the itch where the itch
is core the skin throuch thA Vi.
not throngh the stomaoh.
Eozema and other disease of a kind
red kind are skin diieases not 1,1
fliseses. Science has i.
Eczema is caused bv norm. i .w.
skin and that the
eradicated only by killing the germ.
ur. locator D. Dennis w. nn.
of the first physicians to follow out
me germ theory in skin oi...
Then he discovered that by mixing oil
of wintergreen with other soothing
agenta he had a liqaid prescription
which killed the germs and cured the
afwul itch, leaving the skin white and
smooth. Slots that time this U D D
Prescrition has been the standard
remedy for skin diseases, just as'D
D. a soap is the standard high
grade skin soap.
The first few drops of D D D
give instant relief from the terrible
icth and from the frightful burning
of the diseased skin. So r iliable if
this D. D. D. remedy tba hundred
of physicians prescribe it It is
wash as thlu as water and as mild andt
as pnre, which is applied to the di
leaied portion of the skin.
Mrs. Francss Bichtnond of Milton.
Trimble county, Kentnck, writes:
"My little girl's Augers were bot
almost to the bone from E aema. I
used part of the aamplx b ttle of D.
D. D Prescription receit jd from
you aud now they are wnl. It is
wonderfnl kkin remedy " vVe care
fully inveftigated this !. IX D
Prescription before reonmi. ending it
to our neighbors and patrons, ani
after a long experience t are more
than ever convinced cf it wonderM
You needu't decide now, hot call at
our store anyway and w will sno
yon how this D. D. D. Pieecripwi
gives iustant relief from itco.
Walt Whitman on Car'yfe
I am not sure myself abont Cartyla'
nJal place what he must Dually eom
to whether to be acknowledged, be
yond his present fame or fall short I
am disposed to think of him at mo'
algnlflcant than any modern maav-ia
In himself a full answer to the cry of
the modern spirit for expression. TM
chirpy, self satisfied age, full of vaunt,
hoast-ao certain of all facta or a
f acta stood In need of Just such a -a
man full of scorn, complaint,
tempt, lashing it into good manners if
Wa fury.-Horace Trajjbel's Record "
"Whitman In Old Age" In Century.
Mrtxblaiik at the Conner office-
-J ,
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