Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 15, 1907, Image 7

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Woodburn Trees
Are money makers every time, absolut
ely true to manie, unirrigated, they al
ways grow, not the cheapest b-t the
, best. Folly guaranteed.
Woodburn Nurseries
School Books
We can make the
exchange at
They're very different
the little Preferred Stock Green Lima
otdiaary lima beans. There ii not a more
or more wholesome food than these little
are dainty and deliciout, too among the
all the vegetables on the long list of
Preferred Stock Canned Goods
rlM Wkwm U are trm
Senre them hot. seasoned with butter.
DCDPer. (alt, a bit of cream and a couple of
teaspoon! of beef extract, or two tablespoon! of
beef or real Juice, from roaster or trying pan.
Jut try tit little grttn limat-Preferrtd Sttct -
auxst s uwn, thiwiiiumi, Manias,
OILMORB & BOEEN, Proprietors.
H Street'between Fifth and Sixth Hrnnie tiranta Pan, Grego
Are You Interested In Fencing?
If so let us figure with you. We sell
Page Woven Wire Fence
Cattle. Sheep,
Goat, Poultry, or
Hog Fence,
Buy'the PAGE and Mart in Right
We buy direct from factorv and our prices are right. 80 miles
of Page Fence sold in Jackson County since January
&A fence Men
Ot Jackson, Josephine and Klamath Countie4.
Main Office - Medford, Ore.
Thli is Said To Help Many X
Get from aoy prescription pharmacist
he follnwinir -.
i Fluid Extraot Dandelion, ouehaif
anon; Compound hargon, one ounce.
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla. three
4 Shake well iu a bottle and tike
easpoonfat nose alter fac t ineilmid
rt bedtime.
The above U eontiderrd by an uii
ot authority, who writes in a N w
ork daily aper. as the fluest ire-
riptiou eer wntt u to relieve
Backache, Kiduev liouble, w
Bladdtr aud all forui ut tnnarv
fJilfloolties. ibis luUiaf cts
Pmaiptly on the eiimiDatiTe (issneii ol
. Hie kidueys, ena iimK t", ui
and s.raiu th urio a ii ,l ' '
rte mtte. 'rum ne b xod -lii
Causes Rheumatism.
Souie pef.u wlin a.ith-r with ti.e
fcfflittions ui. ..nt ie l c.i.t.
) ttac ui it'll o'i"iU' " T '
toixtarejei tine wn.i nuve ir cl '
ay the result, a e eiiupi uriui-i 'i'.
Hie relief bei if 8 -te '
theslitrhie t .ujjit n ma sU-'Uun'l m
ther oraau. , . , ,. .
! Mix sjtue and give it trial. It cey
' iaioly eom highly reroiimnniled. "
is the iTHScriptiuii of eonnuj
authority, whose entire repuUtiou,
la amid, wa- tstablisbed by it.
i A drongist here at home when
aked stated that be ooold eitbr nu
Iy the iogredientl or mix the pre-
swipUoa for our readers. l.recom
laenda it as harmless.
Sells Drugs and
e. My 1 t . M
Bean from
beam. Ther
most delicioua of
oxisosv ia.
Cemetery, or vVrou
iht Iron Fence or
Thtrt Is No Reason
why vnnr baby should be thin, aud
fruful during the uight. Wor n are
the cusi of thin, sicklv bbie. " is
ma urnl H at a h-althv baby s'loulrt be
f,.t and sle-p well. If your bby d e.
nut retain its fuol. d in t exoennient
wit i colic cur'i au i ui t k.iib
bit tr a tmttle of White's Cet
VermifJae. and you will -non ee
y.u.r rab bae color and laauli it
hould For fale b Natioual Drnu
C i. and Demaray.
U due in a lrge uieaaare to sbnse
I tin bnwels, by euiployitig drast c
,,n.. Dr. Kina'a Nw Lila Pills, the
af'1, .eutle cleaii-ers ana invigorior.
vt ali Jruii motes 2jc.
Always rVu Sick
When a man sari he always was
si, k-ttoobled with a cough that
lasted all wioter-wnat woom yon
It ha .knnld 1T be OeTBT WB8
aick ince using Ballard s Horahound
Syrup. Sue a man exiw. v
rl.-J r.. rv,ln writes: "For
vean I ws troubled with a severs
1 . . tjk 1 -... 1 1 wintjki
cough tnai .
Thii cough left me io '
condition I tried Ballard's Hore
hound Srup and have not had a sick
daysioce. For ale by National Drug
Co aud by Demaray.
vi it. I in
X. ) I !
m sL UiKMI
hw? : - ii i
fti 'wawawawewawawawawawawawawawawawai IIU 'III
Don't Buy
ground coffee order whole
roast and let vour grocer
grind it, or, better still,
grind it at home.
'k tm t.'f alien
is Whole roast packed in
aroma-tight tins. Never
sold in bulk.
J. A. Folg'er (SI Co., '
San Francisco
The Burlington's
Diverse Routes
In planning your trip, you don't
want to be confined to one gateway-
If your ticket reads "Burl
ington," your route may be
Ufa St. Paul,
the Mississippi River JScenic way,
three trains daily, or
Ufa Billings,
the direct way to the Southeast
with complete trains all the way
through, or "ji ..
Uia Denver,
and -either the Billings direct way,
or else through Scenic Colorado.
Get hold of a Burlington folder;
the map shows what a desirable
portion of the through route the
Burlington trunk lines form. Ai
intelligent inquiry by you as to th
Burlington routes and service wi.
add to the comfort of your journe
aast or southeast.
Let me help you.
Gen I. Agt. C. B. &
100 Third Street.
Portland, - Oregut
Bgpaymui i
ri 'f OollwlMak llll eat) OlIIIMII lets
ElSail, aittwlk -. ea ike
toutUlcaUil hm wee. lelel liiimi fo oar
Waa kaJsi akwiw ik
Ua fot girls, mmdm wr mt mm-
T fot puttlf- Mid etaloii
i si
Capital $00,00), e..rbUM'inl 27 years.
Gold, lia-m bullion, Cyanides, Hujli
Or-, etc, boattht, tipnt ctsli on acuity
value. All wurk by expetts.
HI Fifth Street Near 1 S. Mini
A Hard Debt lo Pay
"I owe a debt of grjtitudn that am
ueer b Jpaid off," writs O S.
Ciark, uf. WeHtflrld, Ioa, "fur iu
re6CU-i froi'u deHih by 1T. King s New
UiHOOvtry. Both lung were o
seriously affected that ileatli swuiwl
iinmiu nt, when I i ouiuirured takiuti
N-w Disjvery. TIih oiuiuous dr,
liaking counh qnl' before the tirHt but
tle &i DKrt, and to more hot I leg
made a C'lmidete cure. UJra itee1
by ml druggist. 50c aud fl. liial
bottle frse.
The National Grang. For Good noaas.
At a grange picnic held at Verona
Lake. N. J., on Aug. 15 ex lioveruor
N. J. Bachelder wna the principal
ixnker. Mr. Haehelder. who In nlno
master of the national graniro, among
other things declared that he thought
It was the duty or tne i nneo aiauti
government to eHtuhliHh good roada
over which mall Is carried In all parts
of the country. He thought that this
rnnM he done under the clause or the
constitution authorizing coiigrens to es
tablish post roads aud that It would lie
fairer and much more beneficial to the
people than to appropriate money to
dig canals, deepen rivers and harbors
or to build railroads. He urged that
the era nee use Its influence to have
congress appropriate $50,000,000 anna-
ally for the purpose or road improve
ment Mr. Bachelder stated that the
national grange maintained a legisla
tive committee during the sessions of
congress an that this committee will
work the coming winter for a nation
al appropriation for road Improvement
No sensational or questionable mat
ter allowed ia the Courier.
tr -
Ii ""P r.
A Lucky Hit.
A man sat on the' brow of a bill and
kicked himself. Incidentally he was
smoking a cigarette and watching the
Why. oh, why, had he ever thought
that he ueeded nbsolute rest aud quiet
tha't he diclu't saut ever to hear ap
plause again or to look Into people's
faces? A solid week of this coveted
solitude hud uiude him "a sadder and
a wiser inii." What wouldn't he give
this very moment for something to
He Jumped up suddenly: Something
bad happened, something very aggra
vating. As he stooped down to yick up
the little green apple that bad lit him
square ou the shoulder a boyiJb laugh
rang out ou the other side of a nearby
lie threw the apple back over the
fence again and reversed bis opinion
on the value of absolute quiet.
The uext ,night the same thing hap
pened, only this time when the apple
roused him from his reverie the sun
bad been some time set and darkness
aud silence were stealing over the bill.
"I'll catch that kid this time." he
said. Jumping up.
With a run and a bound be made the
fence aud landed lightly on the other
side face to face with a young fellow
almost as tail an himself.
"Well, bless my soul!" he exclaimed.
"I expected to find a kid. I was com
ing over to lick you."
"Forget It" returned the youth, lead
ing the way to a seat under a luxurt-
ous gi'iiK' iirlHir. "I've lieen watching
you every night; thought H-rliiips you'd
like company, so threw you an Invita
tion." "You atruck It, or rather tne. Just
right, young man. I do like company.
What's your name?"
"TUiit's easy to remember."
"Kliort for Nixon. What's yours?"
"Vlii-Hhort for Vincent."
"Oh, I Hce." And the boy laughed
merrily and shipped his kuee.
"Itonrilliig down ut the farm?"
"Yes. anil UMHtly 1 1 nil of It You
live here nil the year around?"
"Good gnu-Ions, no! .lust staying a
few weeks with my grandparents.
Dead slow! You're the only civilized
man I've seen since I got here."
A brief silence followed, lu which
Vincent struck u mutch uud lighted a j
cigarette. . i
"Have one. Nix?" ,
"No, thanks."
"Too young, I s'pose. I contracted
the bublt long I fore I was your age,
"Oh. 'tlsti't that," answered Nix
carelessly, crossing one well shaped
leg over the other. "But the grandpar
ents, you know they think It's a
"They won't lie out here, will they?"
"Oh. uo. lint I have to kiss 'em
good night. I'm their sou's only son,
you see the baby of the family."
Vincent laughed heartily at the boy's
tone of disgust
"Any pretty glrla In the neighbor
hood?" be asked after a puff or two.
"Y'ou seen any?" returned Nix.
"Not one uiore's the pity."
"Y'ou like 'em, then?"
"Het your life! Don't you? 1
"Oh. so-so. I get on better with fel- 1
Iowa, though."
"You'll get over that." laughed Vin
cent. "But I must lie going. It's near-1
ly pitch dark, and I II lose my way
down to the farm." 1
fomlng up tomorrow night?"
"Sure thing! You won't hare to
waste any more green apples on me. j
Good night!" i
One night a week or so later, In j
which time Vlnci-nf and his young
friend bad become crest churns, the
former proKed s fishing trip over the
mountains, but NIioii shook bis head
"No bit Vln," be replied. "Never 1
could stand Ashing. Gets your hands
so messed up taking the flapping
things off the book."
Vincent looked at the boy't fastidious
white handa and could hardly btaase
"I'll take 'em off for you," urged Vin
cent "Come on."
"No, thanks. Besides, I've got to go
np to town tomorrow afternoon with
"I've a good mind to go myself."
said Vincent "This country life's get
ting on my nerves. What train art
yon going ont"
"Give It np," answered the boy re
signedly. "Grandmother changes her
mind every Ave minutes. But you'll
find country life all right after to
night old man! I'm going to bring my
.Bister back with me."
"Didn't know you had one, Nix.
That's Jolly. What's she like?"
"The freshest ever."
"Good! Is she pretty?"
"People tell her so. She pretends
not to like it but I bet she does."
"Introduce me the very first thing?"'
"As soon as you like."
Then the boy sighed.
"What's the matter with you. Nix?"
"Oh, Just thinking how It will be all
over with mo after she conies. I can
see you falling In love with ber now.
What does It feel like, Vln, to be In
"Tell you, my child, when I've been
"Oh, fudge! You've been there a
dozen times."
"Honor, I haven't; thought I waa
sometimes, of course, Just as you will.
Nix, when all the girls begin to run
after you."
"They never will," sighed Nix.
"Don't you believe It Girls adore
eyes like yours. Are your sister's eyes
that same wonderful blue, and baa she
curly brown hair like yours?"
"Oh, quit It!" Nix replied petulant
ly and walked off toward the bouse la
the darkness.
The next night. In order not to seem
too eager, Vincent let the sun disappear
and waited for the young moon to
hang up her crescent before be took
his usual way up the hill. He discard
ed the short cut over the fence and
made very proper entrance through
th garden gate.
As be neared the grape arbor ho
could see the white folds of a woman's
skirt and his heart fluttered with an
ticipation. "Mr.. Vincent?" asked the young glrL
standing hesitatingly at the other end
of the arbor. "My brother waa detain
ed In town. He asked me to"
"Nix, you witch, come here!" laugh
ed Vincent, crushing the girl to him In
all her freshness and kissing away ber
little gasps of expostulation.
"When did you find It out?" she
managed to get breath enough to lay
at last.
"I knew It all the time," answered
Vincent softly.
"Oh, oh!" exclaimed the girl and hid
ber hot cheeks In her bands. "How did
you know It?"
"I had seen you In those charming
boy's togs before, little actress, and
recognized you the moment I Jumped
over the fence, though I could scarcely
believe my eyes."
"Y'ou were tit those theatricals?"
gasped the girl. "Goislness gracious!
Y'ou aren't John Vlnlnti, the actor, are
you, the one we girls rave over?"
"The very sa I meoti I'm John Vin
cent, the actor. But, honor bright I
didn't expect to And my own particu
lar stur"
The girl gave hltu a reproachful
"1 wonder why I didn't recognize
you?" she asked.
"Probably," he answered laughingly,
"because I'm not a lady, on the stage.
But tell me. dear, what made you play
such a prank?"
"Well, you see, grandma" (here they
both had to laugh) "Wouldn't let me
go out In the evening. 8o I used to
pretend to go to bed early, and then I
put ou those clothes and climbed down
over the shed and oh, you know the
"But what made you throw the ap
ples at me?" persisted Vincent holding
ber little bands captive.
"B6ys always throw apples at peo
ple," was ber unexpected reply, "and
you acre the only man -1 mean person
-In sight."
"It was a lucky hit for me, dear
est" commented her lover, drawing
ber close ami kissing her boyish mouth
again and again.
Delay Has Bean Dangerous.
Do the right thing at tie right
time. Act quickly in times of dan
ger. Backache is kidney dan iter.
I) pan's Kidney Pills act qulcklv.
Cure all distressing, dangerous kid
no? ills. Plenty of evidence to prove
A. D. Houston. Hardware mer
chant, living on the north aids, Jack
sonville, Ore., says: "About a year
ago I so tiered sev' rely with back Done
and kiiluev disease. The action of
the kidneys was vrry irregular. I
procured Doan't Kidney Pilli and
since using this remedy I hare not
bad the alighjteat symptom of kiduay
trouble and have felt better in every
way. I am glad to endorse a remdy
of aoch great merit a Doan's Kid
ney Fills"
A Significant Prsycr (
"May - the Lord help yon make
Bnckleo's Arnica Salve known to
all," writes J. (J. Jenkins, of Chapel
Hill, N. C It qsickly took the pain
ont of a felon for me and cared it in a
a wonderfully abort time." Beaton
earth for sores, barns and wounds.
36o at all drag stores.
In th Oroa It Court ot the Stat of Or
egon for Josephine County.
Ella S. Basil. Y .
Wellington H. Bnell, 1 '
. Defendant, J
To Wellington H. Bnell, defendant:
In the nam or tne state of Uregouyoa
are hereby sammsoed to appear and
answer th complaint filed against
yon in the above entitled eonrt and
cause oo or before alx weeks from th
oat of first pnblication of thii Sum
mons, which Ural date of publication
is Friday, October 4, A. D.. 1907, aud
the last day of publication of said
luminous aud the last day for your
"Ppearatioe as aforesaid is Friday,
jn.. .ember IS, A. D., 1907. and yon
are hereby notified that io case yon
tail to appear and answer the com
plaint within the .time ,afor said, the
paiuiiffwiii apply to' the conrt for
'be lelief prayed for in the complain',
ii: tor a decree dissolving tlm lunula
of uiatrimouv now and heretofore b tween the plaiotiff and
defeudaut; that the plainiiS be
awarded the title in fee simple to an
uudiidod one third iu and to th
esterly one-half of Lots of Block 8 of
Bonnie' First Addition to the Town
of Orat ta Pass, and in and to the S.
h. yt ot 8ec. 28, Twp. 88 8, R 7 W of
Willatuut e Meridiau, all in Josept.lne
County, Oregon; that plaintiff be
awarded the care and custody of the
minor children, via: Clara, a
daughter, aged 17; Ray.a son aged 18;
Leslie, a son aged II; aud Ktbel a
daogh er aged 7; aud that plaintiff he
allowed a suitable provisiou by way of
1 lummy ia the coort may determine
lor the maintenance of herself and
miner children, to lie deoreed and s-
ablisbed aa a oharge against the ae
leudant'a interest in the real property
aforeraid, aud for such other and fur
ther relief as is equitable.
This summons is published by order
of the Hon. H. K. Hanua, Judge of
be above entitled court, duly made
and reudered in open court at Grants
Pass in Josephine Oouptv. Oreaou. on
Saturday, September 28, A. D. 1907,
ordering the publication of this sum
mons lor period of six l-oorsslva
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Department of th Interior,
Land.OfHce at Roiebnrg, Oregon.,
Novsmber Snd, 1907.
Notloe is herebv given that i
of Qrants Pass, Oregon, has filed
notion of his intention to make final
proof in support of hi claim, vis:
Pre-emption Declaratory Statement
No. 7081 made November 18th, 1898
for the N NWW Section I 13,
Township 87 South. Range W. W.
M., and that said proof will be
made before Joseph Moas. U. S. Com
missioner at Urants Tats, Oregon.
on Mouday, December U:td, 1907. ,
Be name th follow log witnesses
to prove hi settlement, inhabitancy,
non-alienation, eta, of said laud,
via: W. H. Flanagan, of Grants Pass,
Oregon; H. O. Dohiisn, of Urants
Pass, Ore., Clark Hathaway, of Ap-
plegate Valley, Ore, Oeorge W. Lewia,
of Orant Pass, Ore.
A Square Deal "
Is assured you when you buy Dr. Plere'
family medicines for all the ingredi
ents entering into tlietn are printed on
the hottto-wrnppera and their formulas
are attested under oath aa being complete
and correct You know Just what you are
paying for and that the Ingredients are
gathered from Nature's laboratory, being
selected from the most valuable native
medicinal roots found growing In our
American fore crsrnOjvh lie potent to curs
are perhlPtt harmlvnto th most
delicate wolllcvaWlllJPTTr Not i orni
in men in eniei- iimo m.-ir c ni i;iun
t an. ill Uih ore?
i. ij'.tf iN'Li ,11' ;'.l Mlif' ViIm cy'J'-jU
hem. yU.-oire.
This agent po
Intrinsic iiii a icliiat properties of Its own.
being a most vmiiatim antiseptic ana tuii
ferment, nutritive and southing demul
cent. (iWrerlne plays an Important part In
Dr. Pierce's (lolilen Medical Discovery In
the cure of inilltrestion, dyspepsia and
weak stomach, aileiiileil by sour risings,
beart-liiirn, foul breath, roatisl tongue,
poor appetite, gnawing feeling In sUnn
aril, biliousness and h I ml red derange
nietiU ol the stotiiiii'h. liver aud bowels.
Iteslilea cnrlMK all the atsive distressing
ailments, the"lolilen Medical Discovery '
Is a spei'ilic (or all diseases of tho mucous
membranes, as catarrh, whether of the
naal passages or of the stomach, bowels
or pelvic organs. Kven In Its ulcerative
sialics It will yield to this sovereign rem
edy If Its use t iiersevered in. In C lirouls
Catarrh of tho Nasul pa-sages. It Is well,
while taking the 'Golden Medical Dis
covery " (or the necessary constitutional
treatment, to Hranse the passages freely
two or three times a day with Dr. Sage s.
Catarrh Kmiiedy. This thorough course
of treatment generally cures the worst
In rotialis and hoarsen raused br bron
chial, thrual and luiur KT.vllont, ci,t con
sumption In lu ailfftncid stsiriis. the "(ioldeo
MfMllcal I)lciivery - la a pmi efnclent rem
djr. MiMM-iaily In thosa olsitlnatu, banv-un
cuuabs caused by Irrlifctlrm and cunsnsilon of
ths bronchial murium membranes. The Mils"
suver - Is not m ('kmI for scute nou tiris
fnff from sudden folds, nor must It be ri
pecled lo cure consumption In Its adram-ed
s:aaes no medicine will do ibat but fur all
Uie olMtlnaut. chronic cuuv hs. which. If neg
lected, or badly trusted, lead uploconsump
Uou. It Is the lM-t medicine that caa be taken.
T hen's No Us
talking, yon oan't beat tierbln for
the liver. The greatest regulator ever
oflered to suffering Humanity. If yon
softer from liver oomplaiot. If yon
are bilious and fretful, its your liver
and Herblne will put It in its proper
condition. A nositiv cur for Con
stipation, Biliousness, Dyspepsia and
all ills due to a torpid liver. Fo
by National Drug Co.,
StUJ doing business at the old stand.
Cor. Sixth and D straeta.
(JaiST Pass, . . OaseMM.