Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 08, 1907, Image 7

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' I
Woodburn Trees
Are money makers every time, absolut-
cijr uuo wujauMj, uuirngatea, tney al
ways grow, not the cheapest ba the
best Fully guaranteed..
Woodburn Nurseries
School Books
We can make the
exchange at
One piece is a portion
and i luidout dessert Preferred Stock Peachei,
(rom the Highlands of California. These
mountain peaches are univerully conceded to
be the finest peaches in the world.
Preferred Stock Canned Goods
fseks Wtanw tkt Iwt an 9 ram
In order to secure extra superior quality and
flavor for Preferred Stock Yellow Dessert Peaches
they are selected, when ust ripe, juicy and spicy,
olucked in the morning, then hand-peeled and
canned right in this mountainous, peach-growing country.
Ptri(r and quality guarantied Prtftrrtd Sttk at jiur Cesar
aLLM LI WIS, Wkolesale Grocers, POETLAHD, OKI 001, 0. 1. A.
- OILMORE AWOKEN, Proprietors.
8treet;between Fifth and Sixth Phokb 881 Grants Pats, Orecoa
' r tW T
ioUine0 ,ueti re
... a i
ital 100,000, established 27 yarn.
I. Bate Bullion, Cyanides, Rich
eto, bought, Spot cash on assay
. All . .
I'lll doing business at the old stand
lor. falxth and D street.
TS Pabb, . . OkBSH
All work by expetts.
i fifth Street Near 1 S. Mint
pn the Good Work at Home and Ex
tend to the Streets.
I'uprorenient wnrlr like charity,
fru'd legln at borne. First remove
nil'blsh piles from your own pretu
. that vim Inioir iu aiiio tn see the
' - - -----
'"f In your neighbor's. He that has
unclean yand can hardly 1 expect-
o convince Another that clenn prom-
are n ..! . w . Viin ar the
r Angeles Times.
rM engaging- la the work should see
V both his f,ont and back yards are
t and well kent his lawn In good
Mltlon, huntings and fences In re
p and well tainted and a general
t of prosperity and thrift In evidence.
11 wbo are Interested would fall to
these nutt.n i miM ha eaiv to
M the war. and It la br no means
beyond possibility that the "disease"
might prove contagious nnd a general
cleaii-up of the coiiuuunlty result.
When concerted action Is tnken look
ing to civic beauty there Is no question
but that the part of the town most
Been and used should first be mmle tidy.
There Is no question ns to where to
tiegln streets and sidewalks are most
In evidence nowhere else does rubbish
or weeds mar the scene so effectually.
Itesldents should refrain from putting
rubbish or papers In the street, nor
should they eveu burn it there except
It is refuse raked from the street A
clean sidewalk betokens general clean
liness and shows a nice consideration
for the general welfure, comfort and
convenience of the public.
When your own premises and the
streets and walks are well kept, the
planting of all streets with suitable
trees will do more to add Iteauty to the
community than all other uncompleted
tasks combined. There Is both mu
nicipal and private capital In well
planted and well enred for streets
tbat cannot be created In any other
way with a like expenditure of time
and money. Though comparatively a
newly settled country, southern Cali
fornia already has towns noted for
their well planted streets.
The organization may next look to
public buildings and their ground
The public sohoolhouses should first tie
considered. Pee that they are painted
and In first class repair. The proper
ty is yours as much as It Is anybody's.
Pee that your part Is well kept. Your
children have certain rights and priv
ileges In the school ysrd-the right to
a space devoid of weeds on which to
pluy. the light to shade from suitable
trees. Protect them In the rlphts and
provide as much else for tbelr com
fort, convenience and pleasure as you
possibly can, for they pas through
school but once, and with all the en
couragement you enn lend they will
scarcelv come through overburdened
with much learning. There Is so much
that an Improvement society may do In
making the lty lieautlful that the sum
ming up of these tasks serves bot to
call our attention to the shortcomings
of nil. f"r all are far from fbe sought
for gol.
There is No aioa
whvvoor bahy shonld be thin, and
fretful daring the night
th. cos, of thin. ..rkW tab.. I
natural thai a n-ejui' - ----- -
fat and sleep well. If your bafcy doe.
not retain its food, don't experiment
with colic cores aud othr m'o.cme.
; bot try bottle of White's Cream
I Vermifnge, and ya "iU soen tee
! yooTbaby have color and hub as it
I should For sale bv National Drug
Co. and Demaray.
' Th Coarie" ceal. family 99
Will E. Raoaon. RtAtsl dAnntv tnr thai
Uniform Rank, Knights of Pytbiai
win likely soon visit Grants Pass
and ooofer with the member of
Thermopylae Lodge, No. 60, with the
idea of organizing a branoo of the
Uniform Rank in this city. All over
the western shatea thia nrria. :
flouTIsiiing as never before aodjlie
lOCal branolTr ' hlTiiinnir..,''. ....
local branohwbeginn'intoj)ut on
new ur9, too.
The first Snnday in December is the
date when the Elks throughout the
land will hold their "Lodae of Sor.
row" when the departed brothers will
be remembered in a flttinir manner.
Grants Pass has reveral members of
this order and some of tbem will
likely go to Ashland and others to
Rosebnrg to participate in the im
pressive ceremonies. They are verv
much In hopes that ere another vear
rolls 'round they : may have an Elks
lodge established in this city
The Courier's lodge reporter is re
liably informed that the members o.
Golden Rule Lodge, L O. O. V., of
this city are really and truly making
plans to have some handsome furni-
tote for the local lodge room made
from native, Josephine county oak.
This is a capital idea and will doubt
less result in others doing something
of the same kind.
This evening the members of Rogne
River Camp, No. 65, Woodmen of the
World meet, the important matter of
fixing the. new grates trill be taken up
for consideration and other matters of
like' importance will be discussed.
Refreshments will be "served ml m
good time will be forthcoming.;
J. H. Fitzgerald, great seoior saga
more of the Improved67der of Reel
Men of Oregon lias gone to Coo
county, where he will round up a
large number of palefaces for inltla
tion. Fitz ia hard to beat on the
Monday evening Tak lima Tribe.
No. 29. loinrovad Order of 'RedmHU
. -
had big pow-wow. After some pale-
tacea had been "initiated, .the brave
warriors lnamsea in a arana 'teed
to which they did ample justice.
Grant Pass Coonoil, Order of
Fendowas reorganized tiatorday even
ing, with impressive ceremonies and
there was'a" large number of charter
members to go in at the first. ;
Tuesday eveuing Melita Commandery,
No. 8, Knights Templar conferred the
Mark Master and Past Master degree
opoo a candidate and there are several
others "iu line," tor a similar experience.
Takilma Tribe, No. 29, Improved
Order of Red men is making great
preparations for a grand Thanksgiving
Dance, which will be given in
Clemeus' hail, Weduesday eveuing,
November 27. . It promises to be a
grand affair.
The members ofGrants Pass Camp,
!?o"!S00;, Mjileru Woodui-m of Am
erica are expecting to have a "social
i-essiou, "in the near future, which
wi.l b a very enjoyable affair,
You are both judjjc and
jury for Schilling's Hest.
Your grocer it turm your Doner " rou don't
Ilka il: wt par bim.
Importance of Individual Character In
Town Building.
To the same extent that the pnrks of
a city often lHck Individual character
luuny of our municipalities frill to at
tract or satisfy In the architecture of
tbclr buildings, sajs the I.os Augeles
Times. Every town or city In the
world may adopt a stylo for public
tii;il('.lngs, which Individuals In sufll-ciY-nt
numbers will be glad to supple
ment, to enable them to have a civic
character which shall Immediately be
noticed by even the most superficial
Even small villages tucked away In
the hllln nnd not often reached by the
traveling hordes would ndd to tbelr
prestlire and hnpo-tance If they but
stuod for aoiiie style, though It might
not be the most suitable. As It is
with a man so Is it with a collection
of men. It Is always better to stand
fur what you lielieve to lie Is-st, even
thouch In the wrong, than to make no
stand at all. The world takes no note
of the Inactive, unprogreaslve. tactless
Tillage or city any more than It does of
that stripe of man. Strike out on
some distinct line. Aim high, whether
you hit the mark or not. An attempt
and a failure are far better for all con
cerned than no attempt, and your
chance are good for scoring high.
Having delivered a sermon. It may
be called to mind that a church Is
oft first built In budding village,
and the suggestion is that ft be built
on the mission, old English or other
style of architecture. Later, when a
school house ahall be thought necessary,
ee that It harmonizes with .what al
ready Is. Only by pursuit of such a
method may you approach reaaonably
near the goal. City Beautiful, and all
centers of population, no matter how
large, may have a distinctive. Individ
oal character. It should be stated, too,
that In all cities or towns now being
built on a thought of before plan the
municipal buildings are confined to s
certain area In one part of the city and
noted In the plaas as the "municipal
lone." This wise restriction la con
ducive In the highest degree to effec
tive civic beauty.
Garden Cities Promote Health.
The problem of race suicide will be
simplified by the better bousing of
working people, says the St. I.ouls
Tost Dispatch. As the result of an
cAi-iiiuriii cusiiug ai.uuu.ui) by an
English manufacturer a garden colony
for employees Is reported to have a
birth rate of nine per thousand, while
the children of seven are three Inches
taller and seven pouqds heavier, and
those of eleven years are flvo and a
half Inches .higher and twentv nounda
heavier than the average children of
tne same ages among tto laboring
1 .......... -. T , -
There's No Use
talking, yon can't beat Herbine for
the liver. The greatest regulator ever
ottered to suffering huuianitv. If von
suffer from liver complaint, If yon
are bilious and fretful, its your liver
aud Herbine will ( puritln it nroner
uuuuiuou. puaiuve cur ior uon
stipation, Biliousness, Dyspepsia and
all ills due to a torpid liver. For sals
by; National .Drug Co., and by
Curiou Westmorland Custom.
A strange custom Is observed yearly
In the small hamlet of Week, In West
morland, In commemoratiou of an In
cident that happened In the year 1841.
Tuat year there was a plague of wssds
and many persona throughout the
country succumbed to the poisonous
sting. The little hamlet holds the rec
ord for Its number of victims, and In
memory of the occurrence a memorial
tablet was erected on the moor there.
Now each year there Is a procession.
Most of the Inhabitants turn out, car
rying Insect powder and other devices
fer killing wasps, and march to the
memorial stone, where a short service
Is held by the minister of the parish.
hen the service is over a general cru
sade Is made In search of wasps' nests.
wnicb are Immediately destroyed.
Some carry guns, some rags saturated
In turiientlne, while others carry par-
sran, which is poured Into the nest and
match applied. The anniversary la
considered the most Important event of
the year. English Country Oentleman.
Wall Qualified.
'So you want the position of ad
vance agent for our circus?" interro
gated the manager. "Well, we need a
man who can stir up some life every
where he goes."
That's me. boss." hastened the ap
Had any experience In stirring up
Tou bet. I used to drive a street
sweeper nnd stirred up millions of
germs every dy."-l"hlcngo News.
Timber Land. Act Jane X. trt7tt
Rosebar;, Or., Jsly 39, 1907,
.ho wo i nrty given that in 00m
pnance with the provisions of the
act or uoogress er Jane . 187H. en
tilted "An act for the sal of timber
inus m toe State of ruiifnrnt
vrvguD, -nevaaa ana nasmngtoo Tr
rltory as extended to all the Pobllo
tna owsie ny act of Aogaat 4, 1893,
naniii a. mai.i.
of Cbico, oonnty of Bolt. State of
uamorma nied In this office on Mm
27, ISO", her worn statement No. 8449
for the purchase of the 8. E W nf
... i X- - . . 1 . . - io, in rowusnip wo. 00
S . Range No. 4 W, W. M., and will
offer proof to show that the land
sougnt is more valuable for its tiin
br or stoae than for agricultural
purpose and to establish her claim to
eaia land before Josenb Moss. II. S
I Commissioner, at his office in Grants
fas, Oregon, on Friday, the 8th day
vi noTewoer, iw.
one 'names as witnesses: Rosa L.
waters or Ubieo, Butte Co., Cal.
William J. Johnson of Oakland
Alameda Co., Oal, Kdwin O. Dry
burgh, of Medford. Ja ksou Co . Ore..
Walter J. O'Counell, of Eugene, Laue
x u. , vip,
Anv and all persona claiming ad
versnly the above-described lauds are
requested to file their claims in this
ottlce on or before said 8th day of
November, 1907.
Re g 1 ster,
Timber Land, Art June 3, 1878.
Rosebnrg, Ore., July 29, 1D07,
Notice is hereby siven that in com.
pliaooe with the provisions of the art
or uengress of Jane 8, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lauds
In the State of California, Oregon,
oevaaa ana waamnirtoa lerrltnrv" as
extended to all Ihs Public Land States
by act of Aagnst 4, 1893,
of Harrison, Oonnty of Kootnai, State
of Idaho, filed in this oflloe on March
16, 1907. his sworn statement No. 8447
for the purchase of the 8E of Seo.
No. 2R. in Tn. No. 87 South of Ramie
No. 7 West of WM.Ore. aud will offer
proof to show thai the land sousbt is
more valuable for Its timber or stone
than for a ricsltaral norpoees. and to
establish his olaim to said land before
Joseph Mom, U. 8. Commissioner, at
bis office at Oranls Pass, Oregon, 011
Friday, the 8th day of November, 1007.
He names as witnesses Martin A.
Congsr, of Grants Pass. Oregon,
William Ball, of Grants Pass, Oregon,
Emmett K. Conrer. ' of Wildurville.
Oregoa, Lillian M. Koaggs, of Harri
son, Idaho.
Anv and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands are
requested to file their claims In this
effioh on or before said 8th day of
November, 1007.
Be Charitable
to your horses M well as to yonr-
Sflf. You need not suffer from pains
of any ort yonr horses need not
snfrr. Try a lmttle of Ballard's
Know Liniment. It rores all pains.
J. M Roberts,...' Raaersfleld, Mo.,
writes: I base used your linitneut for
10 yenis nd find it to be the best I
l ive ever naed for 111 m or beast. For
-ale'lif National Drug Co, and by
I) maray.
Words of Praise
For the several iiinredlents of which Dr.
Pierce's nKHlicltii'S are couiKised, as given
by leaders In all the several schools of
medicine, should have far more weight
than any amount of non-professional tes
timonials. Dr. Pierce' Favorite Prescrip
tion has tuk BAOoK or honesty on every
bottle-wrapier. In a full list of all its in
gredients printed In plain Kngllsh.
If you aro an invalid woman and suffer
from frequent headache, backache, gnaw
ing dlstrift in stomach, periodical pains,
disagreyCuie, catarrhal, pelvic drain,
drai-'RiiWdown distress In lower abdomen
or pclv, perhaps dark spot or speck
dsncl5 before the eyes, faint spells and
kindvlsymitomscau!od by bvule weak
ness, JtMih'f derangement of the feminine
organs. yy can not do better than tak
Dr. Piereh Favorite Prescription.
The tiAiital, surgeon's knife and opera
ting lalfYruay be avoided by the timet)
use of favorite Prescription" In such
caei. Thwbr lh ohnnlpus etsmlri
s'onsain: .' Ui -ii'-'t1-1 V( I1"' farinly
i;m :.hi can in- aviHie'i ate, a t.'.ur'jjitn
Csj.r-e "f MKi .-"Iiii ire.:
In the Circa it Court ot the Stat of Or
egon for Josephine County.
Ella 8. Basil, -)
vs. !- SUMMONS
Wellington H. Btlell,
To Wellington H. Buell, defendaat:
In the name ot tne state of Oregonyoti
are hereby summeoed to appear and
answer the oomplaini filed against
yon in the above entitled uourt aud
oanee oa or bfor six weeks from the
date of first publication of this Sum
mons, which Ural date of publication
Is Friday, October 4. A. D., 1907, and
the last day of publication of said
summons aud the last day for your
nppearaiioe as aforesaid Is Friday,
November 15, A. D. , 1907, and you
are hereby notified that in case you
lail to appear aud answer the com
plaint wltnin the .time aforesaid, the
plaintiff will apply to the court for
'lie relief prayed tor in the complain,
viz: lor a decree dissolving the bonds
of matrimony now aud heretofore
existing btitweeu the plaintiff and
defendant; that the plaintiff be
awarded the title in fee rimple to an
undivided one-third in ami to the
sterly one-half of LoU of Block 8 of
Bourne's First Addiuou to tlie Town
of Orauts Pass, aud in and to the 8.
h ot Uec. aH. Twp. it 8, 11? W of
Willainet.e Meridiau, all iu Jotepi.ine
County, Oregon ; thai plaintiff be
awarded the care and custody of the
minor children, viz: Clara, a
daughter, aged 17; Ray, a sou aged 18 ;
Leslie, a son aged II; and Kthel a
daugh er aged 7; nud that plaintiff be
allowed a suitable provisiou by way of
alimony as tne court may determine
for the maintenance of herself and
minor children, to le decreed aud es
tablished as a charge against the ue
feudant'a interest iu the real property
aforeiaid, aud for such other and far
ther relief as Is equitable.
This summons is published by order
of the lion, 11. K. Hanua, Jodgeof
ibe above entitled court, duly made
and rendered lo open court at Uranta
Pass lo Josephine County, Oregon, on
Satorday, September 2H, A. D 1907,
ordering the publication of this sum
mon lor a. period ot six S'oorsjve
week a
Attorney for Plaintiff.
1 r:in;., nnl
" i avorite
Prescription " i. ol.iKoxu oTTTie verv tiet
native medicinal roots know n to medical
science for the cure of woman's peculiar
ailments, contains no alcohol and no
Lartnlul or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much tro:n "ravorlte
Always Was Sick
I When a man aay be always was
I sii k troobled with a cough that
lasted all winter what would you
think If be should y be never wa
ica aince nsing nninuu t uureuounu
.Syrup. Sack a man exists. Mr. J C.
Clark, D.-uvr, Colo., write: "For
year I wa troubled with a sever
would last all wiuter.
Prescrintion: " It will not tx rlorm mira
cles ; il will not Uisolve or cure tumor.
Jo meoicine will. 11 win ao as mucn to , j.,mn that Tigoi.iu, 1 ........ ".- Thla ,,,lf m in . n,lur.r.l.
nrases and ailments peculiarly Incident to
women as any medicine can. It must be
given a fair chance br perseverance in Its
use for a reasonable length of time.
V"" ran'i .I,! --r.-t r.'
tn.T. a m, -'.it' i" '," Um n -'t 'i
' wou.en are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by letter, frre. All correspond
ence is guardl as sacr.-dly six-ret and
womanly cotilidences are protected bv
professional iu-Ivhcv. Address Dr. K. V.
Fierce, Buffalo. N. V. ....
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant pelleU th bet
laxative end regulator o( the bowels.
Tney Invigorate uimch, liver and
bom-els. One a laxative; two or three a
cathartic. Easy to take a candy.
condition. I tried Ballard's Hore
houod Syrup and have not had a ick
day since. For sale by National Drug
Co aud by Demaray.
A Significant Prayer
"May the Lord help yoa make
Buckleo'a Arnica Halve known to
all," write J. O. Jxnklns, of Chapel
Hill, N. C. Il quickly took the pain
out of a felon for me and cared it ia a
a wonderfully ihort time." Beaton
earth for sore, born and woonds.
2'io at all drog stores.
Timber Land, Aot June S ,1878.
Roseburg, Ore., July 89 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that in 00m
plianoe with the previsions of the aot
of congress of Joae 8, 1881, entitled
"An aoi for the sale of limber land
io th State of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washington Territory' aa
extended to all the Pobllo Land State
by act of Ansnst 4, 1893.
rf No. 8SM Post At. San FranoUco.
ooonty of San Franoisoo, State of
California, filed in this office on May
81, 1907, her sworn statement No.
845S, for the norchase of the NEW
I WW and W of NEi.and HEl.of
NEW of Seo No. 9. in TowmIiId No.
35 South. Range No. 4 W. W. M.. and
will offer proof to ihow that the land
siught is more valuable for Its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural par
pose and to establish hes claim to
said land before Joeiph Mo-s U. 8.
Commissioner at his office iu Grants
Pass Oreeon on Saturdav the 9th dav
ol November 1U07.
She names as witnesses:
William Snnldinir nf Oram Pans.
Josephlue Co, Ore, Albion ;V. Sllsby
of Grants Pass. Josephine Co.. Ore.
Francis J. Snaldimr of Uranta Pasa.
Josephine County, Ore, Nellie Spald
ing 01 uranta rass, Josephine 00..
Any and all person olaiminar ad
versely th" above-derribed Uud are
requested to file their claims in. this
otllc on or before said 9th day of
November, 1907.
Timber Laud, Act June 8, 18.8. 1
Roseburg. Ore., July 89. 1907.
Notice i hereby iriven that in com
pliance with the provision of the aot
of Congress of Jane 8, 1878, entitled
"An act lor the sale of timber lands
iu the States of California. Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territorv'' aa
extended to all the Puhlio Land States
by act or Aogaat 4, 189!!,
of Grants Paaa, Ceunty of Josephine,
State of Oregon, filed in this office on
March '16, 1907, bis sworn statement
No. 8448, for the purohsse of the 8.
E. i of Section No. 6 in Township
No. 85 8, Range No. IW. 11. M , and '
will offer proof to show that the land
south is more valuablt for its timber
or stone than for agrionltnial par-
poses land to establish his claim to
aid and before Joseph Moss, U. 8.
Commisionsr at his offlo In Grants
Pas. Oreiron. on Fridav. the 8th dav
of November, 1907.
He names as witnesses: Curtis
Manning, of Wluier. Ore.. Erneak
Vroman of Wimer, Ore., Alphens
N. drou oh of Wtmr, Ore., George
H. Kcsterson of Oreo's Pa. Ore.
Any and all persona olaimina adver
sely tbs above described lands ate re
quested to file their claim in this
eflloe on or before said 8th day of No
vember, 1907. 1
Timber Land, Aot June 8, 1878.
Rosebnrg; Ore., July 99, 1907.
Notice is hsreby siven that in com
pliance with the provisions of th act
of Congress of Jane 8, 188, entitled
An aot for the ale of timber lands
In the State of California. Oreiron.
Nevada and Waahinaton Territorv'
aa eitsnded to all the Puhlio Land
State by ant of Augost 4, 1893,
of Woodville, ooonty of Jackson, Stat
of Oregon, filed la 'hi oflloe on
May HI, 1907, her sworn statement
No. 84."4, for the purchase of the
NW'i of the NWW, of Seo. No. 2, ia
Township No. 86 South, Range No.
4 West W. M., and will offer proof to
show that the land (ought Is more
valuable for its timber or stone than
for agiiooltoral purposes and to estab
lish her claim to aairl land before
Joseph Mos, U. 8. Ocmmlrsiouer at
hi office in Grants Paaa, Oregon,
on Saturday, the Sth day of Novem
ber, 1907.
She names as witnesses: George
Megerlo, of Woodville. Jackson
county, Ore., Daniel Megerle, of
Woodville, Jackson county, Ore.,
Charles V. Heukle, of Orauts Pass,
Josephlue oonnty, Ore., Go irge Biers
of Wimer Jackson ooonty Ore.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their olaims In Ibis
olllce on or before said Utli day of
November 1907.
In tho Circuit Court of the Bute of
Oregon for Joeephlne Comity.
A. L. Handle,
Sidney W. Handle
To Sidney W. Handle, defendant :
Iu the name of the state of Oregon,
you are hereby stimmoend and re
quired to appear in the above enttlod
oourt aud answer tbe complaint filed
against you in the entiled suit on or
before six weeks from the date of first
Subliuation of this summons, which
ate of first publication Is September
20th, 1907, and the last date of pub
lication and the last day in which
you are required to apiiear is Novem
ber I, 1907, aud you are hereby noti
fied that in case rou fail to appear
aud answer tbe plaintiff's complaint
within the time here in lief ore- specif
fled, or otherwise plead thereto, that
the plaintiff will apply to the oourt
for the relief prayed for in the oora
plaint, vis: for a decree dissolving
the bond of matrimony, now aud
heretofore existing betsreefc the plain
tiff and defendant, aod that plaiutiff
be divorced from the defendant.
This summons is published by or
der of the Hon. H. K. 11 aana, Judge,
made at Chambers at Jacksonville,
Or., and dated September 19th, 107,
and requiring publication thereof for
six sucoeenive weeks in the Hugtie
River Courier, a newspaper of general
circulation, published at GrauU Pa
in JoNepbioa County. Oregon.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
No sensational or questionable mat
ter allowed la tbe Coaricr.