Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 08, 1907, Image 3

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Tea, to
M (JoWenGate
if TeA
1 ne cnoice ot navor r .
i trotter or tt Proot cartons.
J. A. Folger Q. Co. San Francisco
Importers of Pure Teas
Household Goods and my stock is quite complete.. .If you
have anything to sell or exchange come and see me, or if
you need anything in my line see my goods and get prices.
Write to us for Catalogue and Prices
Are You Interested In Fencing?
If so let us figure with you. We sell
Page Woven Wire Fence
Cattle. Sheep,
Goat, Poultry, or
Hog Fence,
Buy the PAGE and Start in Right
We buy direct from factory and our prices are right. SO miles
of Page Fence sold in Jackson County siuce January 1 H)7.
EVie Page Fence Men
Of Jackson, Josephine and Klamath Countie4.
. m a a A
Main Office -
I can still furnish first-class one
year old rooted Tokay Vines
at reasonable prices. Plenty of
all other varities-
Courier and
be Good,
should be free from artificial
coloringit should be pure.
Folger's Golden Gate Teas
are pure healthful re
freshing. Six flavors
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Gunpowder Ceylon
Oolong BlacK OX Green
Packed flavor-tight in dust-
How. go.
Lawn, Garden,
Cemetery, or "brou
ght Iron Fence or
Olfice With
Oragonian $2
Many Mining Matters
, Grants Pass has a resident in the
' person of J. H. Williams, who was at
one time intimately associated with
! August H- inre, the Montana niulti
; millionaire miutng man who hai been
in the lime light, on account of the
(treat losses be sustained in the Wall
Street ianio. Baca" in 1S90 Mr. Will
: iams was at Butte, where be was the
foreman of the carpenters and tim
,ber work on the famous Burton &
raontana mines and Heinze was sent
oat from an eastern college, as a
mining engineer. When be began to
survey the property, Mr. Williams,
by showing him s:me little attention
and rendering hiia gome little assist
ance, gained his favor and erer after
wards he was quite confidential with
him. He requested Mr. Williams to
go his security for $30 bed lounge and
the request was going to bs granted,
had not another party helped Heinze
out in the mattar. Later on Heinze
remarked to Mr. Williams that he was
"going to leave Butle tlther a mill
ionaire or a d rascal." Mr. Will
iams remarked to the Courier man,
and in speaking of the loldent: "I
said to myself, only a few days ago,
here in Grants Pass that Heinze had
kept his word and had come ont
both a millionaire and a d rascal
as he had years ago boasted that he
would do.". Later on Heinze. finding
that Mr. Williams bad some money in
the bank wanted him to go in on a
deal, which would have required
abont fSOOu, bat he declined and
thereby lost the chance of gaining
$'.'00,000. He said he did not want
the money, if be had to become ras
cal like Heinze. He says Heinze,
althoagb he has lost millions, is still a
millionaire and that he is a mighty
shrewd, unprincipled fellow. He
seemed to have good lock, although
he bad to do a vast amount of real
hard bluffing and pass through a great
deal of litigation. He is a handsome
appearing fellow and whea things
began to come bis way, after he had
been as poor as a chnroh mouse, be
was "it" His money bought htm
everything then. So Mr. Williams
sees how, bad be not bean so conser
vative, he too, might now be literally
"rolling in wealth." M it is. be
has a pretty good share ot this worlds
goods and is living in the beat climate
to be found anywhere. He has much
property interests in Grants Pais, and
besides he and hit brothers bate gone
into the milling business, in the
vicinity of Glendale.'wbere they have
pnt in moch money 'and where they
will in all probability J make modi
Mary Ellen Leonard leaaes to the
Holland Mining Co., the east half ot
northwest quarter of northeast quarter
aeo 4, tp 40 R, r 7, together with the
ditch, kaown as the "Althoufe
Ditch," of the capacity of 1000
miner's inches, for a period of live
years, from July 21), 1907. The sec
oml parties were to fully equip said
mining premises with all tools, im
plements and machinery, necessary to
work said mines, on or before August
80, 1907. and carry ' ont other agree
ments, and pay first party 25 per cent
of all gross proceeds of all cleanups
for the first two rears aud Sj1, per
cenf for the other three years of the
said lease. The document whs quite
voluminous, the filing fee being $.". 45
X. J. Hussey whs in from his place
below Gritits Pan this week and in
formed the Courier that parties were
I prospecting on the Rijrue River, in
: this neighborhood, with the idea of
! putting in a big dredger there. This
I may prove to be a rather bis: thing
for that region. There is but one
other dredger in Southern Oregon,
that one being located on Foot's creek.
Much attention is again being paid
the Gold Hill district, where, shout
three miles above the town of Gold
Hill, the first mining in Southern
Oregon was done.
Notices of locations have bejn filed
with the county clerk, as follows: J.
i O. Larrahee and A. C. Vrown, the
"Larrabee" quartz claim, being ao ex
tension of "Sky Lark" ledge, in the
Canyon Creek district; S. N. Rarnch,
the "Baroch" quartz claim, In
Canyon Creek district; H. O. Andar-
anu, the placer claim, in the Althonne
uTining district ; f Geo. A. Tee,r a
quartz claim, tooaii. jvueeu, (uu
Illiuoia nver, being located in both
Curry and"" Josephine oountlea; John
Galloway and E. W. Fowler, affidavit
of having performed the assessment
work for 1907 on the'."Katie Ayers,"
ropper mine, on Rancherall creek, in
theIHinoi mining district.
O. A. Thomas made an extended
business trip through the (ialice dis
trict, last week and! be informs the
' Courier that be was greatly pleased
' with what he there beheld. He
' found things In good shape and
j much interest being taken inthe
' many fine propertiea of that camp.
T' ere are a great many new and
promising properties being opened up
and among -others, he particularly
mentioned the following: the
"Urio," Mattison & MUcell, owners;
"Gold Finch," an extension of tbe
"Orio," bonded by the Erkenbrecher
Syndicate of Los Angeles, Cal., under
the mangement of Wm K. Tonkin;
"Golden Wedge," owned by eastern
parties; "Argo," Biiukerhhoff's Cop
per proposition.
The Alameda Mines Co., which! has
some fine property in the Galioe die
trict ii planning to put tip a smelter.
Sorerinteod-ot Wickham says that
folly 100 toug of ore per day could be
furnished from this mine, alone
They have opened on different levels,
a vein 18 feet wide and of high grade
W. C. Eelman, of Shasta county,
Cal., has, for the sum of $100,
deeded to Elmer F. MoCool, of the
same'plaoe, his one-eighth interest
in the following quarts claims, lo
cated in the Dlinois mining district:
"Belle of the West," "Pnszle,"
"Twilight." "Shamrock," "Mala
cite" and "Thistle."
Work has been resumed on the
WhiteHorse mine, located' In the
Water Gulch, In the Gold Hill mining
district. J. R. McKay has taken the
contract for ruining a lot of new tun
nels aod he is now working two
Price Copsey has, for the sum of
$200, deeded to Henry Starke, 20 aores
in the Galice dUtriot, adjoining the
Dean & Corless claim.
The way to buy tea is in
packages ; somebody is
responsible for it.
Your groctr returns your'aoDer if roe Soe't
Uki Schilling'. Bt.t: w. par bin,'
Ladies Attention!
, Ladies attention I Dresses, wrap
pers shirt waists, skirts, chemiie,
drawers, underabirts,stockings,. night
gowns, aprons, corset covers and
pieoei, child, called for, washed,
starched, dried and returned at 85o
per dozen. Piel's Elite Laundry,
phone 873. Stovall & Oowdrey, Mgrs.
That Hvomel Will Cure all
forma ol Catarrhal Diseases
Testimonials oonld be printed by
the thousands, many of them from
Grants Pans and nearby towns that
Hyomei is an absolute oure tor aii
catairhal troubles, bat the best proof
of its unusual curative powers is the
guarantee that Demaray gives with
every outfit that he sells, 'Money
back if Hyomei does not do ail that
ia claimed for it "
Hyomei ia not a secret remedy. Its
form o la is given freely to physicians
who want to know what they use
when thev prescribe Hyomei. It is
guaranteed under the Pore Food and
Drug Law by serial No. 1418.
By breathing Hyomei, the healing
medication goes directly to every
uook and corner of the air passages
where the catarrhal germs ma lurk,
and disinfect and heals. To be con
vinced of this yon have only to give
it a tiiul, remembering that if it duet
not cure Deuiaray will refund yonr
TIih complete Hyomei outfit costs
but $1 anil in niott cases is sufficient
to cure the disease, making it not
only a scientific treatment but one
that it highly economical. (Jet ao
outfit today from Deuiaray if jou have
any catarrh.
Good Aim.
flous -So young Coldrox has taken
a wife. What was her maiden name?
Joax-Iler nmlilen aim KeeuiH to have
been to iniirrj Coldrox, mid she proved
an unusually good shot for a woman.
London Answers.
Hia Mistake.
"Tea, sir." said the man in cell 711.
"time was when I was admitted to the
very best houses."
"And what brought you here?"
"They caught me coming out"- Jon
kers Statesman.-
Delay Has Been Dangerous.
Do tbe right thing at the right
time. Act quickly in times of daa
iter. Backache is kidney danger.
txian'a Kidney Pills set quickly
Cure all distressing, dangeroos kid
ney ills. Plenty of evidence to piove
A. D. Houston. Hardware mer
chant, livhig on the north side, Jack
sonville, Ore., aays: "About a year
hbo I suffered severely with backache
and Ikiduev disease. The action of
the kidnuvs was very irregular.
ororured Doan's Kidney Pills and
ince nsine this remedy I have not
bad the slightest symptom of kiduay
trouble and have felt lietter in every
way. I am glad to endorse a remedy
of such great merit as Lvn'a Kid
ney Pills"
Fruitgrowers of Rogue River Valley
find the Courier of special interest
Tbs OI4 iwllabla Taa Weekly Oreatea.
Sugar Pin Store Voting Contest.
November 9, 1907.
City Teachers.
Mrs. M. Belding Ml
Mrs. Lillian Denison 1404
M iss Nona Bridge 810
Miss Olfon 84H
M iss Lucy George 10.S3
Miss liar tin an .... 1H1
Miss Horteu 121
Miss V. McGratb .... fi
Miss Blanche Crane 609
Mine M. Tuffs 190
Mis J. Paiauiore 2rt
Miss Dement 133
Miss Kubiev 0
Miss Kahl.y . M
Don' fail to get votes with every
purchase aod then caat them for the
one yon favor.
October S, 1907.
County Teachers.
Mias Augusta Parker 494
Miss Bes-ie McColm 471
MissMyrle Moore 810
Miss Alice Smith 274
Miss A. O. Mnlkey 95
Miss Addie Kobioaon 148
Miss Wilna Giikev 87
Miss Edna Diabrow 237
Mias Florence Barrett 45
Mias M Seovllle 67
alias Oro Wilson 106
Mias Iva Mo Arthur. . . 87
Alios Bacou...- 8
Miss Stella Peddoos fo
Mias Deardoff... ; 80
Grans Pass High School and Col
lege Pennants 25 votes lor the teacher
with each Pennant.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo
Lucas County.
Frabk J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partuer of the firm F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing busiuess in the
City of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, aod that as id firm will pay
the sum of $100 for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the nae of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Frank J. Cheoey.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this nth day of De
cember, A. D., 1886.
(Seal) A. W. Gleaaoo,
Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Core ia taken iuter-
nally an.i act direct! yon the blood aud
mucous surface of the system. Send
for tetimonials.
' Syatem Naedad.
Working the highways as commonly
done in many states Is 'a very unprofit
able expenditure of labor. Not that the
farmer and his teams do not do enough
work, but It Is often unwisely man
aged, aays Motor News. Seldom do two
men In tbe district have the same Ideas
of how tbe road should be made or
mended. A patnmaster or overseer
may be elected ooe year who will fix
the road according to his Ideas. Next
year some one els may be put In of
tee who will proceed to undo what has
sawn done by doing things bis way.
The result la that we have merely
been mending Instead of making high
ways, and there are thousands of mile
of road that art very little better than
the trails and paths followed by our
Payment of the highway tax In mon
ey win -put and keep tbe highways In
better stupe. If there are not too many
onVeheldera to support
Job work at Portlaad prices at the
Courier office.
Placer blanks at the Courier office.
The Youth's
It Comes Every Week
Among tht contend of th New Volume
for 1903 will be
250 Good Stories
Serial Storiei, Slorira of Charac
ter, Adventure and 1 ieroiun.
350 Contributions
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ces by Famous Men and Women.
1000 Graphic Notes
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Inventions in Nature and Science.
2000 One-Minute Stories.
Biti of Humor and Miscellany,
tlie Weeltlyliealth ArticleIimely
aapU f "H fff Im rfwr nS kttvmmt
Ur l.w. tteb riw to ki. U4NU,
Every New Subscriber
who rata ont and send thin ellp
at uoca witti num mnfX itldfeM
and Si. 73 will tcclva
All the lnea cf The Companion
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TheTbankairlrlnir. hrlatmaa and
New Year's Double Numbers.
The Companion's Fonr-t.r.l Hang
ing Calendar for lyu, tueu
Tbe Companion foe the Sa weeks
of iqoH m library of the h-at rend
ing lor every member ul tbe fatmlljr.
. aP
11 M
To Sustain
JDuf Name
We place in our windows today
these leaders
Ugulla Estate Ceylon Tea
Fresh pack just received
Defendablo Vacuum packed
Coffee Nothing better.
Clevelands Baking Powder
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And this is not all, there is more
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In Plain Black & White
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work, have the best equipped establish
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to lie favored with your work, and
shall do our best to earn your con
tinued patronage.
Pell's Elite Lanndry
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1 Load Blocks .$3.00
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1 Tier Pine $2.00
1 Load Sawdust 50
1 Load Kindling 75
Courier trial subscription,
weeks, 10 cents in stamps.