Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 25, 1907, Image 1

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NO. 30.
Interesting Report as to City's
Standing In the Mutter
of Finances.
At the last meeting of the citv coun
cil City Treasuier Col. W. Johnioo
made a report, cor ering the period
from September 1, back one year and
among other interesting items in bii
report, were the following : Received
. for liquor licenses, $:I900; fines in
police court, $350.50; taxes (6 mills)
$59,867.53; circuses aod shows, $70;
tnm 1 J an t nn. '
fund, $5340.96; merry-go-round, $90;
and other sources, making the total
come to $20,316.18. During that time
he paid ont $14,061.43 for warrants
outstanding; interest on same,
$3229.83, leaving a balance of cash on
hand, September 11, 1907, of $4,084.92.
Other foods were reported as follows :
Main sewer bal on hand, $5273.36;
, sewer assessment, $120.40; tax (3$
milli,) $3492.26, while $5340 96 has
been transfererd to the general fond
and $3000 to the sinking fund, and
- $732.64 waa paid out as interest on
bonds, leaving a balance on band of
. $1935.63, received for road tax $216;
hauling cement, $43 and paid out:
warrants, $15112, leaving a balance
on hand: $653.41. Special Fund
Bal on band $251.23, which was trans
ferred to the general fund. Sinking
Fond $19,000 Issue on hand, $1000,
tranferred from Main Sewer Fund,
$1000, leaving on hand, $2000. Sink
ing Fund $6000 Issue, transferred
from Main Sewer Fond, $1000 paid for
bonds No. 11 and 13, $500 each, $1000.
The outstanding warrants foot up
$40,818.37, with interest estimated at
$3000, making total warrant debt,
September 1, 1907 as $43,818.87, while
i the outstanding $19,000 issue of bond
$19,000 and $6000 issue $O00, making
the total outstanding bonds against
the city at $28,000. '
Other matters ' coming before the
cooncil were as follows :
An order waa made for the con
structing of a new granite sidewalk on
the south side of L street, between 8th
nd 10th streets.
A petition by H. C. Ackerman et
1 for a lateral sewer, connecting with
; the main sewer on 5th street and run
ning into the alley of block 83. O. T.
8. was presented and the work was
ordered done.
An ordinance, fixing the rates for
. the water works was read for the sec
ond time and was referred to the
Judiciary Committee. No rates were
named, but these will be inserted aud
acted upon at the next meeting.
The petition of T. W. Sjhallhoru
et al for a lateral sewer, tapping the
Pine street main sewer at the junoiton
of the alley and extending up said
' alley 125 feet, wa referred to the
Sewer Committee.
In accordance with the petition of
Joseph Moss et al a new granite
sidewalk, beginning at the corner of
L and 10th streets, on the south side
and running to corner of L and 8th
streets was ordered bailt.
A request was made by Messrs.
Williamson and Maton, who are open
ing a new addition, facing the new
factory, requesting the council to
have the Southern Facifio to open op
t leeal one more waterway under
their tracks, to carry off high water.
City Recorder Clements was in
trocted to proceed and compile the
various city ordinances and then have
the same properlv printed for fata re
160 Acres
land, about Q acres of Al grape land, south slope,
abundance timber. About 2000 cords of oak, fin
and pine wood on the place. Fair buildings and
fences. Price .2o00 One half cash.
If you want a good place for a little money, look
this up.
W- ZEj. IK-BIj-A.2SriD
Ground Floor, Opera House Block
Friday evening R. B. fiaber of this
city reoeived the sad intelligence that
bis brother, W. H. Biber bad died
suddenly at bis home in Junotion
City. Deceased was a native of
Kiles, Mich., and came across the
plains, locating at Jefferson, Novein
ber 25, 1852, later removing to Junc
tion City where he has resided ever
since. He has been prominent in the
making of Oregon history and was
highly respected. He was one of the
pioneer merchants of the Willamette
valley. He leaves a widow, three
sons, two daughters, two brothers and
one sister. He was a member of the
A O. U. W. for 20 years, also of the
Masons. His old frind, Rev. W. R.
Bishop of Portland, who was with
him his last day on this earth,
preaohed his faneral at Junction City
Sunday, where the remains were in
terred in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.
Famous Kiser Views Displayed
And Greatly Enjoyed by
Lovers of Art.
A few days ago Henry B. Corliss
exhibited the Kiser views in Grants
Pass in the Hall Art store. The en
tire wall space .was covered with this
famous collection, green burlap being
need for a background to give the
pictures an artistic setting.
But the views themselves were
each and all works of art, well worth
the close and careful inspection that
was given thsm by the numbers who
took advantage of this exhibit. Not
only were the scenes shown in the
usual black and white of, the photo
graph, out. they were further en
hanced by water color artists so that
they appeared in their natural colors.
Mr. Corliss stated that Mr. Kiser
bad made photographic art his life
work and that this collection repre
sents eight years of work, as well as
an expense of $10,000. The views all
were taken in Oregon and Washing
ton and are verr diversified, showing
all phases of landscapes from the
placid lake sceues to rippling water
falls and tumbling cataricis, with uj
occasional iniriue view, al;o sunrise
and suoBet views with their beautiful
colorings aud cloud effects are excel
leotl depicted in their natural color
ings and not the least bit overdrawn.
One of the most wonderful of the
scenes is that taken from Mt. Jeffer
son in which can be seen live snow
capped peaks, Hood, Adams, ht.
Helens, Raiuier, and Baker, the latter
being distant 400 miles from I he
camera. Mr. Kiser statei that the at
mosphere was very clear when this
negative was taken. The collection
includes soeues from Columbia River
points, Oregon coast, Lake Chelan,
Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Jeffer
son aud the Crater Lake region, these
showing nature in her wiliest moods,
while a few views from the city parks
in Portlaand bring us back to civili
zation. Mr. Corliss is exhibiting
this collection throughout Oregon and
Wanhington, before taking it east,
where it cannot help but impress all
those who see it, not only with the
beauties of nature in this far north
west, but of the wonderful artistic
talen', of it creator, Fred H. Kiser.
Mr. Kiser is considered among the
foremost photograpio artists .of the
world, and many critics as well as
world traveled tourist, have pro
nounced this collection the finest they
have ever seen.
Order your Tokay Grapes from
Geo. H. Parker. 01-18 6t
on Rogue River close to (irants
Pass. 20 acres of first class apple
Interesting Statement Showing
Condition of Affairs in These
Public Offices.
Cherk Cheshire's Showing.
Showing the amount Of claims al
lowed by the County Court of Jose
phine County, Ore., for what allowed,
(he amount of warrauts outstanding
and nnpaid from the first day of April
107. to the fitst day of Oo'ober, 1SK)7.
Warrants outstanding April
1. 1!H)7 $109,213 50
Warrants issued from April
1. WO? to Oct 1, 1907 :
tonnty ceurt and com per
diem and mileage
Cirouit court, jurors, wit.
bailiff etc
674 30
684 S
897 66
1,402 66
Justice courts, jurors, wit,
constable and joetioe fees..
onerin s uroce, Sherirr and
Clerks' Office. ilrk n,l
deDntv . 1 ami u
irensurer s vjince, salary
UOO 00
Coroner's Office, Coroner's
fees, iurors. wit.nexi etv
84 30
891 60
6 00
1,061 26
225 00
40 84
School Sunt. 's office, sal.
assistauts. eta
Stock Inspector, fees
Assessor's office, assessor
aud denntien
Assessment and collection
of taxes
Tax rebates
Current expenses, printing,
DOOKs, postage, etc. all
of noes .
1,246 14
1,410 38
698 90
Crt bouse. Janitor, water.
liirht. rerjairs. fuel atn
Jail, Board of prisoners.
med attendance, in
Cars of poor, coauty physi
cian, nospital charges,
board, etc. .
3,843 26
60 00
105 00
10 60
11,046 70
86 65
600 00
Indigent soldiers.
Insane, exam and exp
Election, registration.
Roads and highways, labor,
supervisor, eto
Juvenile court, commitment
and oouvevanm .
JosepUins County. 1907 fair,
County Board of bealth, sal
ol seo'y, eto 93 00
Estimated accrued interest 9,000 00
Total $142,864 36
Warrants canoelied from Apr
1. 1907 to Of 1. 1907 t 23 483 SH
Cash in hands of treasurer
to anulv on warrant 4. 711 f.H
Taxes unpaid 1906 roll 10,900 91
Aint doe oouuty Iroin tax sale 2,696 79
Net liabilities 101, 0HH 69
Total S142.864 85
State of.Oregon
tjounty ol Josephine S
I, S. F. Cheshire, Coonty clerk of
the County of Josephine, State of
Oregon, do hereby certify that the
foregoing is a true and correct
statement of the number aud amount
of claims allowed by the county court
of said county for the six months eud-
iug October 1, 1007 on what account
the same are allowed aud the amount
of warrants drawn, and the amount
of warrants outstanding .and 'unpaid,
as the same appears upon the records
in my office aud iu my official cus
tody. Wltuets my hand and official seal
this lth day of October A. D. 1907.
The County's Finances.
To bal from last report $ 5,24.) 50
Amt Co clerk fees I.Krttt Mt)
State aud county tax 4 J, 4 a J 27
Poll tax 254 50
Warrants on taxes 814 tin
Fines 133 W)
Liquor L'ceime 1,300 oo
Sale cemetery lota. al UJ
Total 61.845 47
Bv amount tran ferred to
school fund 2,08 HO
State Tax 9,22i 00
Cancelled Warrauts 18,851 78
Iutereit rn same 3,815 29
Sal on baod 17.8H4 tto
Total $51,845 47
To bal from last report 867 9S
Traosfened to Co school fund 2,08 80
From State school fund 4,476 07
Institute fund . 88 to
City tax 9.WM) 4H
For road dlstrnti S,16 2
For school district 12.251 44
Total $34,689 44
To amt ( aid Co school orders 2,074 10
Amt pd State school orders 1,993 "0
City treasurer B.800 48
School dist, saccial tax v.8n It)
Road dlst 5.094 16
Bal on hand ... 5,860 2.0
Total $4.68t) 41
I. J. T. Taylor do hereby certify
that the foregoing is a true and cor
rect statement of the amounts re
oeived, paid out and remaining on
hand in the treasury of said count'
lor the six months ending Sept 30th,
1907. Witness my baod this 21st day
of October, A. D.. 1907.
Treasurer Joej bine Co.
They Are Organizing Granites
fvll Oyer Oregon for This and
Other Good Purposes.
The Orange movemeut is reaching
Southern Oregon and Hon. Jacob
Voorhies, the state deputy has been
getting the farmers for Josephine
oouuty in line, in good shape, during
the past week or so.
On October 9th, he perfected the
organization of the Illinois Valley
Grange, with au enrollment of 'mHt
members. Officers were chosen as
follows : W. L. Baboook, W. M ; M.
M. Kohler. W. O; Mrs. M. E. Leo
nard, W. L; Mrs. JIary Babcock, W.
S; Robert George, W. A. S; W. H.
Gorner, W. 0; Jno. W. Husse. W.
Tress; R. P. George, W. Sec: J. E.
Howard, U. E ; Miss Elsie R. Kohler,
Poo run a ; Miss Ada Hart, Flora ; Mils
Edith Holland, Ceres and Mrs. Hattie
E. Miller, L. A. S. The meeting
was held in the Sucker Creek school
house, with a large attendance and
niaoh interest was manifested in the
The next day, October 10, he met
the people of the Selma neighborhood,
at the Central school building when
Deer Creek Orange No. 47, with 47
members was organized. The officers
selected were: A. T. Shoeman, W.
M; O W. Walton, W. O; Ed. F.
Hathaway. W. L; Mrs. J. R. Clark,
W. ft; Mrs. Minnie J. Wimer, W. A.
3: J. R. Clark, W. C; Jacob Han
Beth, W. Treas; M. F. Crooks, W.
Sec; Jno. W. Biard, G. K; Mrs.
Lottie Tolin, Pomona; Miss Myrtle
Tuttle, Flora; Miss Phrona Sauer,
Ceres ; Mrs. Etta Shoeuiake L. A. 8.
At Wilderville the assembly was
held in the Methodist church aod 69
members signed the rolls. Officers
were chosen as follows: Chas. Smith,
W. M ; Jas. T. McCann, W. O; Miss
Emma Hocking, W. L; J. M. Hoxie.
W. S; G. L. Robinson, W. A. S;
Schubael E. Robinson, W. C;C. F.
Lovelace, W. Treas; E. A. Hampton,
W. Sec; C. L. Woelffls, O. K;Miss
Anna George, Pomona; Miss Maude
Hampton, Flora; Miss Minnie Neath
amuur, Ceres; Miss Besie Robinson,
L. A. S. Deputv Voorhies informed
the Courier that the was nieetiDg with
no opposition, whatever, bot, on the
contrary, the people seemed anxious
to take hold of the mat:er. . He ex
plained that there were, primarily
speaking, three objects for which the
order stands. First aud foremost, it
kirivrs to promote greater sociability
among its members, then it is a strong
advocate of educating the people and
lastly it fa'or the co-operation of its
nietnbeTrthip. He remarked that the
members are takug a lively interest in
securing good, wholesome legisla
tion, but that partisan politics and
sectarian religious are tabooed, as
these things would disrupt any such
organization, lbe ordur proposes to
do all in its jiower to eradicate all
forms of graft in public places. It
desires to equalize the tax burdsu aud
tn this eud it labors to keep dowo the
expenses in public offices. It also
uses every effort to get its members
to keep out of debt and its motto is :
"Pay as we go." Mr. Voorhies
firmly believes that It is to the In
leresti of the businiiss men through
out the state to encourage the forma
tion of Granges, for when its ideas
are carried out," it will make better
customers lor the dealers and these
patrons will not be asking credit,
but thev will boy more goods and
pay more as the? go.
This week lie is orgauizieg in Jack
son county, but soon he will return to
start Grangei at Missouri Flat. Will
iams Cre-k and perhaps wesc of
Uraut Pass, near the Dimmick school
Surprising Growth of New Indus
try Requires Much More
Floor Space.
Out at the big Grants Psas Can
nery things are progressing uicely aud
lots of good work is done. Now it is
found that the present quarters are
wholly iuadeqate for conducting the
husiess io a satisfactory manner and
another addition is already being
built to the plant.
The department heretofore used for
the making of cider as been vacated
and in iu place will but ud a neat ad
dition to the structure, while other
quarters will be provided for the
making of the older. The uew addi
tion will oe 86x40 feet in size aud
will for the present be used for store
room. It will be .two-story and well
equipped for being of much use. The
entire building is being fitted with
porches and thus made much neater
and pleasanter for the workers.
Just now a large quantity of toma
toes, pumpkins aud squash is being
cauned aud lunch nice jelly is also
being put op. There is quite a brisk
demand for these things from all over
the west aud the cannery ' manage
ment is sending off shipments right
along to various points on the coast
lbe valuable services of J. G.
Webber of San Francisco have been
secured to conduct the canning de
partment He was for some time con
nected with the Alaska Packers As-
sooialon., where the was regarded as
a valuable man and Manager Sampson
is to be congratulated unon bains hM
to indues him to stop and have charge
or una important branch of the work.
boon the mannfactnrina of Sanin.
son's Spray will commence in earnest
ana already there have been a number
of large orders booked for this Donolar
proa notion. Manager Sampson made
little trip through Douglas oountv.
me otner aay and succeeded in aelKno
four cars of the ontput in short order,
with others to follow. He finds that
the froit growers are well lnfnrmH
as to the value of the spray and in
many oases he did not even have to
explain its good properties, the
farmer telling him that he knew all
aoout it and that he wonld tk -,.
of the spray jU8t as soon aa he nnnl.t
get It One of the leading stores of
Roseburg will be the distributor for
that section and the demand is already
very good. And this is oat a starter.
Mr. Sampson pronoses to km th-t tl..
snray is ussd all over the state. He
is making large plans for turning
ont lots of the prodnot and hopss to
be able to sqpply all the demand
right from the start.
Celery at Pardee's.
10-18 It
Our Customers
For they always find in our big
store the latest designs in the
housefurnishing line, and then
we sell at prices which are sure
to please the people. : : :
Every lady wnnts her liouso nicely fur
nished mid that's whero we shine. You
should come iind see for yourself the
many useful and attractive articles
which we oiler, another carload just ar
rived and wo ask you to corno in and
look them over. All we ask is that
you come and see our goods and com
pare prices, we'll risk the rest. : : : :
Your's to Please
Furniture and Car-
U, Linoleums,
I.s C'urUum, Por
tieres, MattresneK,
Pillows. Coin, Wall
l'aier, Clocks,
Mirror, Window
Shades, l'iirtures,
Picture Moulding.
R. H. 0 tleill
f ront St., bet. 6 and 7
Some Interesting Reports from
Municipalities Regarding this
Most Important Mevlter
Eugene is in the mlist of a munici
pal waterworks campaign. That
thriving city has several times voted
upou the matter and in one or two
iustances the vote was overwhelm
ingly iu favor of the idea, bat for
some unancouutable reason it was not
carried out Now the advocates of
the measure seem to be In downright
earnest and'they won by putting sp a
strong fight.
Mayor Matlock of that oity has
withiu the post week or two sent to
various cities in the Pacifio North
west where there are in operation
municipal water plants a series of
questions in regard to the cost of
building the plants, the net lnoome,
eto. So far figures from Cottage
Grove, Oorvallis, Pendleton, Oregon
City, Portland and Walla Walla have
been received and in each Instance
the plant Is a financial success and a
the ratesfor water to the consumer are
much lower than in those cities
where the plants are owned by private
Pendleton has a pumping plant
whioh was built in 1878. Ths net .
profit to the oily from the plant in ...
1906 was $4919.86.
Cottage Grove's gravity system has
been in opsratlon for IS years and the
city has surplus water fond of $5000
from its operation.
There is a gravity system at Oor
vallis and the net lnoome Is $6250.
The oity recently purchased the pump
ing systsm which had been in opera
tion there In addition to the oity sys
Oregon Oity has a pumping system
and uses filters. Ihe gross income
there Is $1100 a month and the ex
penses of operating the plant are less
than $500 per month. The rates for
water there are said to be lower than
In any oity of the stats.
Costlnued ou pegs 8
Stoves and Ranges,
AKteware, Tinware,
Willoware, Cutlery,
Crockery, Lamps,
Glassware, Kancy
China, (lo-CarU,
Baby Carriages.