Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 11, 1907, Image 3

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We find that owing to extra large purchases last Spring of Fall Goods and the backward season that we are over
loaded on seasonable merchandise that was bought before the large advances that have since occurred in prices and
in order to reduce stock to the right point before invoice January 1st, we will offer extra inducements for the careful
buyer of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Caps, Shoes and Furnishing Goods.
When it comes to shoes,
consider this fact that our rep
utation for an honest, square
deal on shoes has been main
tained for years simply be
cause we have handled no
trash and have made it a study
to find well wearers and stick
to them as long as quality
was kept up by the manufac
turer. Think of this Ladies An
geles Shoe, seven different
styles, a shoe worth $3 today;
you can have them from us
for $2.50.
The Paris and Fashion Shoe, the equal of any $4 50 shoe of
fered. The price is $3 50.
The High School and Bonnie Lass, 2 to 7, for the old price
before advances, $2.50.
The gun metal blucher is a beauty and soft a9 vici kid, $3 SO.
Nurses rubber heel Juliette.plain toe Juliette andOldLadiesComfort.
Our box calf blucher school shoe, the Maryland, 5 to 8J3, $1.35;
8 to 114. $1 50; 12 to 2, $1.75. Cannot be duplicated lor less
than $1 50, $1.75 and $2. Sure Winnes. same sizes, $1. $1.25,(1 50
Our boys Menominee seamless
shoe, bull dog toe with "hooV:
ers," 9 to 12, $2; 12 to 2, 2 2ii.
Seamless vamp and best wearers
on earth.
A pair of 25c hose and 25 votes
with every pair of school shoes.
Our men's line, the Crusader,
the U.S. Army and Menominee,
Michigan seamless need only' to
be once tried to be appreciated
50 pairs of mens shoes.odd sizes,
' and unobtainable any more con
sisting of Hercules and other well known makes worth $2 to 4.50
all to be closed out at $1.00 per pair. You'll have to hurry to citch
these. Easy Street, best dress sho you ever saw for the price, $2.50.
Call on us for shoes and we will try to sell you what you want
and not try to sell you what you do not want.
25 votes with every pair of shoes of any kind
In addition to the bargains that we olTor this Fall we have
that will interest all.
Every Inly teacher in the
schools of Josephine county
has been nominated as a
candidate for one of the two prize? of $40 offered by us
The teacher in the Grants Pass district. No.' 7 who receives the
largest number of votes will be given on New Years day $40 00.
The teocher in any other school in the county who receives the
largest number of votes will also be given $40 00
Combined with the prize will be a request from us that each one of
the successful candidates give her school library $10.00 and retain the
balance, $30 00, to use ror her own personal pie isure.
Contest Opens Monday, October 15
And Closes December 28
No matter what you buy you get one or more votes with each pur
chase. With every pair of Shos of any kind 25 votes
With everv suit of Clothes of anv kind 25 votes
Vith every Trunk or S.iit Case ol any kind 25 votes
With everv Umbrella ,. 15 votes
With every yard of goods of ai.y kind 5 votes
With ever purchase in Crockerv or Grocery line. . 5 votes
With every spool of Thread (nd remember we
sell thread for 5c a spool) 1 vote
. With every I abl-t. pencl or bottle of Ink ....... 1 vote
You can kneel to the wittiest, bow to th' prettiest, and vote for
the one you love lst. or any other teacher in the county.
Trunks from $3 75 to 23 00
Suit Cases Irom M)c to $15.00
We carry Levi Mrauss, Mt H-ioH
Bo-s of the Road, and Po ot All
Oveialls and will j-ive yon what
you want at the rigl t tuice.
Tablets, IVncils and Ink. Our
Biif Five" is the largest tablet
sold for 5c One vote for teacher
with each tablet.pencilor bottle Ink.
A large line of Sateen, Moreen. and
Silk Petticoats 0c to $8 50.'
While we do not carry a heavy stock of Mens Clothing all is
new, up-to-date stuff and will be sold at prices never offered by any,
regular clothing store. Mens suits $6.50 to $14.50; Youths long
pant suits $5.00 to $10 00. A good Coaduroy for $6.00.- r --... :.
Remember, your choice of tie an da pair of suspenders with
each suit. -i .- . ? 1 1
We have an extensive line of short pant suits,' 3 to 10 years.big
values from $2 to $6.
300 pairs of mens odd pants $1.65 to $5.00 a pair, A pair of
50c braces with each pant costing $3.00 or over.
MAT rr u THC
tut Roy. twt u
.twill 0WWN
The Burson Hose for ladies unequaled, as hund
reds of our customers know, and notwithstanding
the advances will be sold by us during this contest
for 25 cents.
Buster Brown and Rugby Hose for children 25c.
A good wearing school hose worth 20c; for this
sale 2 pairs for 25c; sizes 5 to 9)4 ., ,
5 votes with each and every pair.
We have secured an extra large line of mens and ladies Umbrella'
direct from the largest factory in the United State. The variety of
handles and quality of coverings is unsurpassed; the price 75c to $8.
Every Umbrella at $1.50 or over has.'a detachable handle, , 15 votes
with each one sold, a
Childrens School Umbrellas, 45 cents, 5 votes with each one. . (
' J. idles Underwear ,
Our stock includes aty Ihe' best winter sellers at
25c, 50c and 75c in pure white, ribbed and fleeced.
. . See our' El Real.r the finest garment on the market
today. ,,,None 'of, these goods can be replaced for
what we are offering them for today. ' ' " ' '
. i. o . , . r in... ii - i' ! .t
A line of Gents Furnishings, that can be bought
for what they are worth or less no fancy prices. ,
Concord Golf Shirt, regular or coat style, $1.00- . i
, A' fair assortment of $1 Golf Shirts to close at 25cJ
Up-to-date Four-iti-Hand Ties 25c and 50ft '
' The best suit of Mens Underwear, fleeced.: ribbed,11
95c far a suit, or two of either shirts or drawers,. ,,
HcWI Pattern! Noi. '692704
Our Crockery Department is
doing the business because it
has the assortment and is giv
ing the value. The Japanese
line for the holidays will be
the most complete, and our
importation of new blue which
will arrive about November 10
will prove irrisistible.
The new Tipless Incandescent
Lamp is IT, for you and your
meter or fiat rate. No point of
glass on the smooth bulb to
interfere when cleaning, or to
break or destroy the lamp.
Made to stand the current of
115 volts, and will, therefore,
last longer, and cost you no
more than the others have
cost you.
We shall close out our Shel
by Lamps with tips, 16 cp 20c
32 cp 30 cents.
Remember, we have the gen
uine Maple Syrup direct from
the Vermont sugar orchards
with no foreign substance of
any kind in its make-up. The
real "Simon Pure" article
Try a can of Maple on
hot cakes and you will use
nothing else.
Heatherloom Taffeta Petticoats, equal of any $5 taffeta petticoat
will wear longer and have the same rustle and shimmering luster
and better still, they can be washed. The price of this genuine
"Hyde grade Heatherbloom"petticoat is $3. By the yd 36 in. 40c
Draperies, Portieres and Couch Covers: the largest stock in
Southern Oregon. Portieres. 75c to $S.50 pair. Art Draperies
and curtain materials from 10c to $1.00.
We are carrying this year the celebrated Silverfield line of Furs.
AH new. this season's goods, not one carried over from last year.
15 votes for the teacher with each Fur.
Our line of Fleeced and Kimono Fabrics is not to be equaled in
quality and variety of designs. The prices 12'ic, 15c und 18c.
5 votes with every yard sold.
Wool Suitings from 50c to 75c worth on the market today 65c
to $1.00
(tiiH&PYi Mfr, -
' - 1- ' . v ' s- .A m c -'I - 1 ;
-v . -?i -s u rn 'A V-
'' , . ' r: .- v , - . . . . yK . . . ., ,;
' ""'"S '" ' " - ' ''-- '''''
... ' . -.1.. . . .. . .1
Our Grocery stock - makes
quality the first consideration,
and no "just as good"s put in
to increase profits .at the ex
pense of the consumer
We carry the genuine Eu
gene White Star Flour, Blue
Ribbon Hard Wheat Flour,
Washburn Crosby Minnesota
Gold Medal. Diamond W and
Preferred Stock canned goods.
A complete line of ll-inz's
goods. Oregon full cream,
Swiss and Liinbcrger Cheese.
Star Hams and Bacon.
Schillings Best and Boston
Bouquet Tea and Coffee.
Carnation Crentn 10c a can.
Canned Corn 10c and 12,'jC.
Canned Tomatoes 10c and
ii ... .. 'i " t
McCtll Pitttriu Noi. 1582-ISM
An immense line of Blankets and Comforts, including the White
Crib Blankets in cotton and wool, the neatest und dan'iest thing
for baby ever shown.
A full line of the celebrated Stork goods and sheetings. Stork
Pants no rubln-r, no pins required, they are adjustable, thin, light
white, and will not sweat nor irritate tfie most tender skin, 50c per
pair. Stork Sheeting $1.00 per yard.
We have an unusually heavy line of children's dress pomls.solids,
plaids and fancy strijies prices 12jjc, 15c, 20c and 25c per yard.
42 inch Mohair with the brilliant luster found only in the iron
framed fabric sold in all the large city stores at $2 per yard, our
price, $1.40.
Our reputation for quality, value, and large assortment of Em
broideries, Laces and Ribbons is to be maintained during this sale
with double the stock we have ever carried.
J Don't fail to Vote often at the Sugar Pine Store