Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 27, 1907, Image 1

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No. 26.
Reports of the Various Committees
and Other Matters Pretaining
to the Occasion
Gold ores. Copper ores, Clay,
Stone, etc.
Gold bearing quartz The Harth
k Mine, Samuel Bowden Manager.
, Copper ore J H AoBtin, Kerby,
Cheoto Diitriot.
Clay Swastika Mining Company.
Marble Mr. Jones, Grams Pass.
Granite Mr Bartlett, Grants Pass.
Cabinet of ores Geo S Calhoun,
. Grants Pass.
I Mineral paint Orr Brown.
i Horses.
Stallion Aretta 1st, Grants Pass
) Breeders Assn ; Stallion Sharkey 2d,
. C A Harey.
Stallion Ellis A 1st, Johnson &
Mare-lst, P P Payne; 2a, Geo W
Lewis; 3d G P Owings.
Mare 1st John Taylor.
i. Colt EN Proyolt; 3d Henry Beat
3d John Boht.
Span draft horses 1st Baber Bros
JUL Baber Bros.
Span moles- 1st H McCaun.
Coach stallion-lst A W Walker.
Coach colt 1st A W Walker 2d,C
Brood mare-lst EN ProTolt;2d,
Henry Boat.
Pony 1st L McGrew.
Cattle '
Shorthorn bull 1st J H Robinson ;
2d J Robinson. '
Shorthorn bull calf 2d i H Bob
inson. Jersey bull 1st, M Wishmau i'i&t
M Wlshman.
Jersey calf 2d, J MoCann.
Swiss cow 1st, L Akers 2d; L,
Akers ; 3d, L. Akers.
Swiss calf-lst.W A Cobel.
Back goat 1st, F A Pierce ; 2d. R
C Chorchill; 8d, F A Pierce.
' Buck kid 1st, RC Churchill "2d";
F A Pierce ; 8J C E Harmon.
Nannie goat 1st, C E Harmon ; 2d,
C E Harmon.
, Nannie kid 1st, F A Pierce; 2d F
!A Pierce, 3d, U E Harmon.
- Fldbkof fie First, F A Pierce;
' 2d C E Harmon.
Milk goats 1st F A Pierce; 2d F A
Boar 1st, J H Robinson; 2d, .1 H
.Robinson ; 3d J Einkle.
Sow lsi, J H Robinson ; 2d C C
Kussell; Sd. J H Robiuscn.
' Litter of pig 1st. J H Robinsou ;
. 2.1 J H Robinson.
5 Poultry
1 Barred Plymouth Rocks 1st, B L
Lewmao ; 2d, John Summers.
. White Plymouth Rooks 1st J D
Brown Leghorn 1st, G P Crane.
,t Crpington's 1st, C E Palmer.
Langshans 1st, Jaoob Mirer.
Pen of ponltry 1st Thayer Yokom.
f Pekin ducks 1st. Jacob Mirer.
' Turkeys 1st, J H Robiuson.
t Collection poultry 1st, C E Pabxer.
Wyandotts 1st. Jese Cab ill.
Silterlaced Wyandotts Mrs Cbap-
'man. .
i White Leghorn 1st. J H Robin
awn; 25, J L F Fryer
8peclal-lst, 8 Mon'ch.
I Game
Hey FellOWS! Big Are Biting!
In tne Kucue River
I have tl.e tackle for them
Quail h o it'll l-pin
i c. 1. Dujon' IniaMble
or Hal nine with 7
chillel i-liot that's
the load. 1 liMve it
Joe Wharton
Prop In and see mePaddock's old den
Angora hares 1st, Florence Sch
midt. China and Golden pheasants 1st,
R W Veatch.
Cheese 1st, M M Kohler.
Creamery butter 1st, Illinois Valley
Dairy batter 1st, Mrs A M Jess.
Gram Wheat 1st, E F Meisaner.
Sweet corn 1st, R L Lewman : 2d
J T Morrison.
;Stalks of corn 1st D E Neuthauner ;
2d, C C English 3d Gilmore Bros.
Field corn 1st M A Wertz.
Best general display 1st C C Rus
sell; 2d Chtistie.
Cabbage 1st J F Bnrke; 2d C
C Rusell ; Sd M M Kohler.
Tomatoes 1st C C Russell ; 2d L D
Onions 1st Looie Seiteri; 2d F
Bnrke; 3d A A Hyde.
Pomtikins and qnasb 1st G P
Owiugs; 21 John B Hair; 3d, Ed
Potatoes lt, Hmry Boat; 2d, Mm
John Briggi; 3d On gun Obacrver.
Watermelons l't, Eisruan Bros;
2d, J Christie.
Mask unions 1st L D Allen; 2d,
Caabas-1st, Chrintie; 24 Edward
Tobacco Ut A Lewman.
Sunflower Ut W N Olesun.
Geoertl display (Illinois ValUy)
M M M K bier.
Peanut" 1- Jac b M-ier.
Apples 20 o. Pippins 0 awinden;
2d J H Robinson ; 3d H B Carter.
Ben Daris 1st 0 E Sams.
; Spitzenberg 1st A Bailey 2d Martiu
Angel ; 8d D Peterson.
Shannoo Pippin Ut, J H Robinson;
3d Thos W Pack.
Northern Spy 1st C E Sams.
Mammoth Black lit J H Robinson.
Bertigheimerr 1st Brooks and Son;
2d. J Einkle 3d, Brooks and Son.
Baldwin 1st J H Roinson ad Ela
mann Bros 3d, M Kinsman.
Yellow Newtown Pippin 1st Mar
tin Angel ; 2d Eisuiann Bros ; 3d, R A
N Reymers.
Virginia Beauty 1st J H Robinson;
2d J T Morrison ; 3d J Einkle.
Belle Fleuc r 1st Eismann Bros ; 24
D Peterson ; id C E Sams.
King 1st U E Sams; 2d J T Mor
rison. Fall Pippin 1st D Peterson; 2d J
Detroit Red 1st J A Perry.
Snow apple 1st Martin Angel; 2d
H A DiftVniierfer.
Jonathan 1st A Perry.
Layeur 1st A L Bailer; 2d Eis
oi an Bros.
Springdale 1st J H Robiuson.
Bartlett 1st M D L Crooks; 2d T
H Croxion; 3d F Borke.
Flemish Beauty 1st J H Robinson
Sheldon 1st J H Robinioo.
SauT. Congress Ut J H Robinson.
Clargo let T H Croxton; 2d, Jessie
One of the "Few" Medfordife'S who yisited the Big Grants 1'ubs Fair.
Orange cling -1st H S Reed; 2d
E W Shaddock.
Indian 1st and honorable mention
J H Robinson.
White Heath 1st C E Bauer.
Early Crwfotd 1st C W Triplett.
Lata Crawford 1st J T Morrison ;
2d A Jolmiton; 3d O H Sampnon.
Snsquhaona 1st A Morris.
Muir 1st C W Triplett.
Tokay 1st A H Carton and Son.
Malaga lit A H Carsnn and Son.
Rose of Pern lt A H Carsou and
Muscat lit A H Carson and Son.
Delaware lnt A H Car?oo and Sin;
2d E F Meis-ner.
; Coucurd -Ut A H Car-nu and Sou;
, 2J Oregon Obferrer; 8d E K Mei-nner
" Moores Diauioud 1st A H Ormn
, and Son.
j MuaooTat Ut A H Crson and Son.
' . Pocington 1st A H Caricn and Son.
Catoni U's Early Ut C H Sauip-oo.
j Niagara -1st C H Sampson.
Woodruff Red 1st E F Meissner.
i Concord Muscat lit E F Meiatner.
Sweetwater 1st E F Meissner.
Black Hamburg-lst A Bartlett.
Plums and Prune
Red SilTrr-lst J H Robinson ; !d
John Summers.
Z Petite 1st J H Robinson; 21 A
Crabapplea-lst J Kinkl.
NecUrines-lit J T Morrison.
Quince 1st J Christie.
Figs 1st C F Centner.
Huckleberries 1st Mrs Howland;
9 1 Mrs E C Mitchell.
Strawberries 1st J Kiukle; 2d J C
Domestio Science
Whit bread Ut Mrs O P Hall 2d
Mrs M L Opdyke.
Brown bread 1st Miss Karen
Borgen: 2d Mrs L W Hood.
Rolls 1st Mrs H S Presoott; 2d
Mrs A T Martin.
Cookies 1st Mrs M L Opdyke ; 2d
Mrs R M Johnston.
Donghnuts 1st Mrs L W Hood; 2d
Mrs J H Ah If.
G.ngerbread 1st Miss Alice Spald
ing. Layer cake 1st Mrs H S Diffen
Loaf cake 1st Mrs C L Clerenger
2d ; Mrs H S Presoott.
1 Angel cake 1st Mm R M Johnston;
2d Mrs J C Loons; 3d Mrs WL Ire
Coffee cake 1st Mrs J H Ahlf ; 2d
Mrs Anna Ahlf.
Fruit Cake 1st Mrs H C Bobzien ;
td Mrs A B Cornell.
Canned beans 1st Mrs A T Martin ,
3d Mrs Fred Mensoh.
Canned tomatoes 1st Mrs 0 E Pal
mer; 2d Mrs H S DirTenderfer.
Canned corn 1st Mrs C E Palmer.
Canned peaches 1st Mrs C E Palmer ;
2d Mrs H S Diffenderer.
Canned cherries 1st Mrs C L Cleen
ger 2d ; Mrs H Jj Defenderfer.
Canned blackberries 1st Mrs L Wood ;
2d Mrs M M Kinklo.
Pr served tomatoes 1st Mrs C L
Prenrerl waternu-lous 1st Mrs A
1) Cornell; 2(1 Mrs W Patillo.
Preferred pears 1st Mrs H S Prs
cott; 2d Mrs C E Paluirr.
Jflly (upecial) 1st Mrs D Crane;
2d Mrs A T Martin.
Plum butler 1st Mrs C L Cleren
grr; 2d Miss Etliel Bartlett.
Apple butter 1st Mrs C L Cleven
g'r. Strawberry butter 1st Mr C L
Canned pears (special) 1st Mrs
A T Martin.
Under 1ft jars of Age
Cakes 1st Elsie .Robinson ; 21 Rotb
Hread-lrt Iral. Day.
I C'auii1 fruit collection futwcial)
lnt Jinimie TofTn, U years oM.
Flow era.
Cut flowers -1st Mrs Geo Cronk;
2d Mrs J A Wharton ; Sd Oregon Ob-
Potted flower- -lit Mrs A Bartlatt;
2d Mrs A Ranlett; Kd Mrs Marie T
Neo'lli- work.
Haunsewiug-lai Mrs J Williams;
2d Mrs Noroott.
Eyelet ernbroiiWj i 1st Mls Blanche
Dran; 2d Mrs Fred Guru pert.
La- 1st Mr C L Cleteoger; 2d
Mrs J McKioiiey.
Hardanger (fpeclal) 1st Mrs J
Kendall; 2d Mrs Tom (Jalrin.
Tatting (special) Mrs J P Tuffs; 2d
Mlii Helen Hall,
i Con tinned on last page
Have You
Who is
If so, call his attention to the opportunities mentioned
below. I have other places too numerous to mention
in a small ad, that I will take pleasure in explaining
if he will call at my oflico.
! A AA FOUR ACRES iu Grants Pass with three room cot
PUU tage, woodshed, two chicken houses; one-fourth acre in
chicken park and about a dozen fruit trees some of which are in
bearing. Price only $400.
CI 3ftft EIGHT R00M N1w HOUSK with electric lights,
JJlOUU wash house, chicken house and woodshed, three
nice lots (about two-thirds acre). ! ine well and first class garden
patch. Will accept $500 cash and give easy time on balanoe at
seven per cent.
M fflft NINE ACRES of good garden or fruit land within
PItUU 1)4 miles from center of Grants Pass, nearly all in
cultivation, good 6 room house painted white, nice large barn
with vehicle shed attached and good chicken house. This is a
fine place for truck gardening, fruit or poultry raising. Will ac
cept one-half cash and give easy terms on balance.
C 1 .OH TEN ACRES close to city limits, good 4 room
y 1 UUU house, two barns, chicken house and other out build
ings and two good wells. Soil is adapted to grapes, fruit or
vegetables. Fine place for poultry. Stream crosses place.
$800 cash will handle this if taken soon,
AAA FORTY ACRES one half mile from station on rail
V 1 UUV road, all fenced and 26 acres under cultivation, bal
ance is timber land. Good six room house, and new barn 38x48
running water on place (from springs) never fails, 3Ji acres in
orchard (been planted two years and is in good condition), 800
strawberry plants, 150 gooseberry bushes, 300 red raHpberries,
300 black caps, nice lot of blackberries. Soil is especially adapt
ee to grapes and fruit. This is a SNAP and should be invest!-'
gated at once, can have time on portion of price if wanted.
Ground Floor, Opera House Block
i omorrow
Furniture and Car
lu, Linoleums,
Curtaina, l'or
tierea, Mattreaaea,
Pillow, Cota, Wall
I'ar, Clocka,
Mirror, Window
Uhadea, HU.turea.
I'lcture Moulding.
front St., bt. 6 and 7
HtoTes and KaiiKe-",
0 lleill
Agtewaro, Tinware,
Woollen ur,
Willoware, Cutlery,
Crockery, l.ampa,
(ilaaaware. Fancy
Cbloa, Uo-C'srU,
llaliy Carnages.