Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 20, 1907, Image 2

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'' Prsctloo limited to
Glasses fitted and furnished.
Oflloa hours v to 12; 3 io S; and on ap
pointment. Telephones 261 and 77.
Res. Phone 714
Clt? or oourrtry oafis attended night
or a of i-Jmsii ann u, tun s Duuuing.
Oilioe Phone 261.
Gbanw Pass - . Oregon.
Praotloe In all State and Federal Courts,
Oflloe In Opera IIouho Building.
Gbants Pahs, Obeook
Praotloes In all State and Federal Courts
Oflloe over Hair-Riddle Hardware Co.
Gbakth Pahh, Orboon
Orfloe.'.upstalrs.'Clty HalL
Obamts Pahs, - Oriqon.
Practice in all State and Federal
courts. Banking and Trust
Company's Building.
Q basts Pahs, - OasooM.
Civil and criminal matters attended to
in all lbs courts.
Real tatojandninranoe.
Offloe, etli street, opposite Postoffloe.
6th St., north o( Josephine Hotel.
flBAirrs Pass, - Obxqon.
Charles Costain
Wood Working Shop.
West of flour mill, near R. R. track
Turning, Horoll Work. Hlair Work, Hand
ffewing.l'ablnet Work, Wood Pullsys, ban
Viang and gumming, Hspainng all kinds.
Hoes right.
The Popular Barber Shop
Get your tonsorial work done at
Ou Sixth Sheet Three chairs
Hath Room In oonnootlon
N. E. AlcGUEW,
Furniture and Piano
Dry (Hoods, Underwear,
Notions, Etc.
Front Street
west of Palavts hotel
riRE, life: and accident insurance
HUH doing business at the old stand.
Cor. Sixth and D streets.
Oum Pass, Oaaeoa.
litti lo u h t 1 n
Tl I0 It I IV O
Courier 111k, op stairs
ProrupUy sect rl (lie tvt aisixrlal
and u k.o iateet style.
Commercial Club
Will furnish iufortuutiou of
M Josephine county free of S
j charge. Correspondence so- h
I LB. Hau. President W
IL L. Andbsws Secretary
Items of Interest to the Taxpayers of Josephine County
From the Various County Officials.
Reward for McCumber.
"Jim" McCumber, the erstwhile
jail bird who made his escape from
the Josephine county jail one quiet
Sunday afternoon, recently, by sawing
off one of the heavy iron bars by
means of a case knifo, which he bad
made into a file, is still conspicuous
for his absence and Sheriff Russell
wants to know of his whereabouts
The fellow is one of those profeaaionl
criminals and has been in the toils of
the law before and if he can help it,
he does not propose to be sent up to
the state penitentiary this time for
"rolling" a drunk at Leland and
"touching" him for the sum of $10.
Sheriff RuhsiH offers a reward of 25
to any person who will furnish in
formation, leading to the srrest of
the fellow. McCumber may have
left this part of the country for good.
although be was ieen prowling around
the neighborhood of Leland, where
his last known crime was conimittsd.
If caught he will be summarily dealt
with and will doubtless Bud himself
behind the state prison bars, where
he seems to rightfully belong.
School Clerks Negligent
County School Superintendent
Savage Is making arrangements for
his tour of annual Inspection ot
the schools of Josephine county, as
be is required by law to mske. But
in planning for the trip he finds that
he is not sure about some of the
schools holding school, as the clerks
of certain districts have entirely
failed to comply with the law in the
matter of filing with the county
superintendent copies of their con
tracts with the teachers they may
have employed. This is a matter of
mnob importance and some school
clerks may find that they have made a
big mistake in not thus complying
with the law governing saoh matters.
Superintendent Savsge hopes those
officials who have not attended to this
matter will proceed to do so at their
earliest pottsible opportunity. Offlcere Nsvmed.
Io the rush of fair and oonveution
matter in last issue the Courier made
a few errois in reporting the names
of truant officers appointed to do duty
iu Josephine county. One was in
district No. 37. (Wolf Creek) sohool,
the name given as F. E. Logan and
it should have been T. E. Loban In
district No. 23. Winifred Savage is
the person intended and not Winifred
Sage. These official have an import
ant duty to perform and jost in pro
portion as they are diligent, will the
attendance io their respective districts
make a good showing fur the coming
school year.
Tn.ipB.yers Should Notice.
Elsewhere iu tins issue of the
Courier is to be found au official
notice which Sheriff Russell, as tax
collector of Josephine county gives
the taxpayers who have failed to at
tend to the matter of paying their
taxes for the pant year. If they wish
to escape paying penalty and interest
or having their property sold for such
taxes, they should look after this
matier at ouoe. The time is quite
short and a delay may cost them
Coming Court Calender.
Next Monday JuiIks H. K. Hnna
ill hold circuit court iu Josephiue
ootiuty and the caws to be beard on
trial, or otherwise, are as follows:
State'vs Goo Kay aud E Spanlding,
assault with daugenme weapon, E
Keauiet, prosecuting attorney, by his
deputy, Kd 8 Vau Dyke, for the state
in these cases.
State vs Wui Light, adultery
Mutiou to dismiss.
Slate vs Love Parker aud Cecil Hayes,
iudecent aud humor I acts. C II
Cleiueuts fo r4do feu il ants.
State vs J as McCumber, larceny
(defendant has "skipped. ")
State vs Frank Reusoo aud Js
Reed, larceny.
Law Caws.
Simmons, Cameron & Logan vs
Deep Gravel Mluiug Co, Hammond A
Hale attorneys for plaintiff, ;'and
Hoatnee A Reames for defendant
Objection to coet bill
Geo Kiddle v Order of Peodo,
actiou for mouey, 11 D Nortou, 'at
torney for plaiutiff aud A C Hough
for defendant.
T H Cornell vs J F Cochran, action
for money, J 11 Austin, attorney for!
T F Hopkins vs Calumet & Oregon
Mining Co, action for money, "R G
Smith, attorney for plaiutiff. Hough
& Plauchard for defendant.
A 1 I. aud vs Calumet Oregon
Miuiag Co, action for mouey, UD
Norton for plaintiff.
Grace F Lyon vs 8 J Lyon, action
for dsmages, Hough & Blanchard for
O R Ray vs Golden Drift Mining
Oo, action for money, R G Smith for
plaintiff and Colvig & Dorham and
Hough & Blanchard for defendant.
W B Sherman vs H B Miller, action
for money, O S Brown for plaintiff
and H D Norton for defendant.
A Winter vs Lews & Clarke Gold
Mining Co. action fur money, J H
Austin for laintiff.
Frank Heck vs Elmer Hayes, appeal
from justice court, C H Clements for
plaintiff and Hough & Blanchard for
Westinghouse Electric & Manu
facturing Co, vs American Gold
Fields Co, action for moner, Colvig &
Durham for plaintiff and H D Norton
and W C Hale for defendant.
Max Weiss vs Geo Strong, action for
money. J T Long for plaintiff.
F Cramp vs Mike Maloney, C H
Clements for plaintiff, H D Nor
ton, defendant, appeal from justice
Hair-Riddle Hardware Co vs L F
Scott, acton for money, O S Blan
chard for plaintiff.
W E Withycombe vs Chas Sanders
and Jas Phelps, appeal from justice
court, R G Smith and N J Johnston
for defendants.
J H Wittrock vs Gold Pick Mining
Co, action for money, J H Austin for
Jno B Thnrnker vs 8 F Schoenfeld,
action for mosey, H D Norton, plan
tiff and O S B lunch ard, defendant.
F F Johnson vs Wm A Fehely,
action for money, O H Clements for
Williams Bros, Door '& Lumber Co,
vs O O Lund, action for money, A C
Hough for plaintiff.
E E Moran, et al vs Firman S
Crump, aotion to reoover money, O S
Brown for plaintiff.
Nina B Lathrop vs Modern Wood
men of America, H D Morton, plaiu
tiff. ED Briggs, defendant.
R G Smith vs W L Montgomery,
appeal from justice court, O S Brown
for plaintiff.
F A Pierce vs Southern Paclflo
Co., suit for damages, O S Blanchard
for plaintiff.
Equity Cases
H 0 Bobzien et al vs Alice Culver
et al, report of referee F M Calkins.
Jas T Logan vs Deep Gravel Mining
Co, Hale & Blanchard, plaintiffs,
Reames & eames defendant, objection
to cost bill.
Mary Cobel vs Albert J Cobel, di
vorce, C H Dalrymple, for plaiutiff.
Jos Sams vs A M Jess et al, suit
for injunction, Hough & Blanchard
for plaintiff, Reames & Reames for
Mary D Layton vs J J Layton, di
vorce, H D Norton for plaintiff.
Walter H Eastman vs Mary O Hig-
gins, foreclosure of lien, O S Brown
for plaintiff, R G Smith fur de
fendant, i ,
Insolvency cans of Southern Oregon
General Hospital, J E Petersou,
Walter Tallmadge vs Maud Tall
madge, divorce, O S Brown, for
W J Curtis vs Chas Richtou, et al
suit for injuuetiun Reames & Reaines
for plaintiff and B S Pague for de
fendants. W T S Patton vs Mary E Pattou
divorce W C Hale for plaiutiff.
L H Teter vs Ira Train et al fore
closure of mortgage Ed S Vau Dyke
for plaintiff.
John Robertson and F N Mitchell
vs J O Mattesoa suit for injunction
Reames & Reames for plaintiffs, H D
Norton aud O S Blanchard for de
fuuuaut. James M Yocum vs Lee Yocum di
vorce O S Brown for plaintiff.
Harvey N Wright vs Nellie M
Wright divoros Colvig & Durham for
Ella Osbnru vs Ollie Onburn, di
vorce, O H Cleiueuts for plaiutiff,
Jos C Dysert vs Swastika, suit for
injauoton, B S Pague for plaiutiff.
Reames & Reames for defendant.
W V Ryan vs Rosie Ryan, divorce,
R G Smltb and J N Johuston for
Jos Lemar vs Cordelia Lamar, di
vorce, O S Brown for plaintiff.
Condor Water A Power Co, vs R A
Booth, trustee and American Gold
Fields Co, R G Smith for plaiutiff
aud Colvig A Durham for defendant
American Gold Fields Co foreclosure
of lieu.
Esther M ;Cook vs Amos H Cook
di vorce, II D Nortou tor plaiutiff
M M Murray et at ,vs Xathau
MerTitt, R G Smith plaintiff aud C
H Clements defendant report of re
feree F M Calkins.
Grants Pass Banking A Trust Co vs
F Wiseoarver et al forcloeore ofiuort
gage.A C.Hough for plaintiff.
Ella A Mortba vs James Murtba,
divorce, C H Clements for plaintiff.
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co vs
B W Baldwin et al A 0 Hough for
plaintiff foreclosure of mortgage.
E M Albright et al .vs Jas Lyttle
et al H D Nortonfor plaintiff A C
Hough ;for defendants, appeal from
Three Pines Timber Co vs Frank
Muntayue, suit for injunction,
Reames & Reames for plaiutiff.
Lawrence Wieland vs Police Court
of Grants Pass, writ of review, A C
Hough for plaintiff, Geo W Colvig for
August Belfrage vs F Downing et
al, foreclosure of mortgage,. H D Nor
ton for plaintiff.
Geo Porter et al vs SB Pettingill
et al, suit for injunction, Geo W
Colvig for plaintiff.
Edna Elnora Khinebart vs Ambrose
Rhinehart, partition suit, U'Ron &
Schnebel for plaiutiff.
Wm By Lee vs W H Flauagan, suit
in eqoity, R G Smith for plaintiff,
Geo W Colvig for defendant.
Geo W Wimer vs Cora T Wimer,
divorce, R G Smith for plaintiff.
Henry Gross vs Hattie Gross. divorce,
Geo W Colvig for plaiutiff and
Marcus W Robbins for defendant.
Addie L Blalock vs Norman H
Blalock, divoroe, H D Norton for
plaiutiff and R G Smith for defend
ant. Isaao Findley vs Rachel Findley,
divorce, Geo W Colvig for plaintiff.
State Land board vs Wm J Soverns
et ui foreclosure of mortgage, W 0
Hale foi plaintiff.
Some DeeJe In Dirt.
Transfers have been placed on record
with Connty Clerk Cheshire, as fol
lows: Jennie H Chaustee et mar to 8 W
McConnell et al, lot 7 block T ol
Bourne's add to Grants Pass,. consider
ation fltiOO.
Ore & Cal R R Co. et al to J H
Mills, SViyi of E4'. Seo 17, tp 84, S,
R 6 W,;40 acres, ilOO.
United States to Alexander Brown,
patent for E) NW4', E of W Seo
28, tp 89, R 8 8W, 180 acres.
FraDk Thompson to John Kirk
patriok, N Seo 4 and SV Seo
82, tp 85 S, R 6, 160 acres, t50.
John B Nelsun et uz to Ina M
Bunch, 8.73 acres in Seo 19, tp 88 S,
R 6, $1400.
Andrew Gigler et ox to R H Gil
Allan, lot 7, block A of H B Miller
aud Co's add to Grants Pass, fllOO.
Clarence Merengeret et nx to Edwin
fierce, part of Sec. 19, tp 86 R 6, W
Cupld'e McKchlnatlone.
Despite the fair aud m nvmifinn .
citement, Cupid was still doing busi
ness at the old stand and Clerk
Cheshire was issuinir mrrii7 11.
omses as though there was nothing
unusual happening. He granted the
coveted permits to the following
liiy MoAffee and Klnrnnra rinr.
neille, both residents of Grauts Pass.
urover Dorueille. of Grant P
aud Basha LlndBay. of Wilderville.
Mortgag as Recorded.
Mortgage records were made as fol-
H G Mitchell et nx. of Pnr1n,l
gave a mortgage to O Orlo Jefferson,
ot the same place ou SEV.' Seo 4 rn s
5 S, R 8 W, to secure a loau of f-.'OOO.
f MM Burrow et ox to Grants Pa
Banking & Trust Co, on S.Si of SV4',
W l4 of SKI., sW'i El,. Sec 8 tu 87 S.
R 5, 160 acras aud on one-half iuteret
on the hop crop on Seo 2, tp 34,
-K o to securs $2000.
Lucinda A Hnstimrs. widow, to H
Shepherd, of Aiihlaud, ou lots 11 aud
13, block 8, of Grauts Pass, for $S1.70.
S McConnell et al to Jennie H
Chausse, on lot 7, block T of J
Bourue's add to Grauts Pass for $1200.
T Dean et nx to Judida A Lind
say, lot 2, of Jud.on & Chan lor HnK
of block E in Bourne's add to Grauts
Pass. $1000.
The mortgage given Jaly vl lynj.
for $1000 by Jos.L Pierce"to71A
Savage and secured ou lots 3 aud 4.
Seo 24, tp 36 and other prosperty has
been satined of record and discharged.
Missel tneout.
E. 9, Veatch, who was for ahont
three years with the Grauts Pass
Banking & Trust Co. as bookke.n-r
has accepted a position with County
Clerk Cheshire, takinir the nlane
vacated by "Joe" Wharton, who left
to engage in the sportiug goods busi.
Judge Stephen Jewell returned
from Salem. Monday, where be has
beeu in attendance upon the meeting
of the regents of the state normal. n
which body be is a ueinber.He re.
ports a .very .suoceesful meeting and
says that they employed a faculty for
ine uoruial schools at both Monmouth
aud Drain, the oitizens of the insti
tution. D. G. Duncan, is a native of
Scotland ;has signified bis intention
of renoacing his allegiance to JKing
Edward aud at the next week's term
A. P. ARMSTRONG, LL. B., Principal
Educates for success in a short time and at small expense, and sends each stu
dent to a position as soon as competent. Quality is our motto, and reputation for
thorough work brings us over 100 calls per month for office help. Individual in.
struction insures rapid progress. We teach the loose leaf, the card index, the
voucher and other modern methods of bookkeeping. Chartier is our shorthand
easy, rapid, legible. Beautiful catalogue, business forms and penmanship free-!
write today. References: any merchant, any bank, any newspaper in Portland.
We iiaye Buyrs.
. . . FOR'.
Small Residences in Town
On easy payments. What have you ?
Ground Floor, Oonkliii Bldg-.
Here's a
He loob better and feels better
because his clothes wear better.
These are the guaranteed clothes
for school and dress that are
the most becomrnj and the most
Made from fabrics that won't
show the dirt or dustj carefully
sewed, tailored and strengthened
When a Wcarbetter boy romps
and plays, he knows his clothes
won't rip or tear or shrink or
We show a choice assortment
of these fine clothes in serviceable
fabrics pretty patterns and pleas
ing styles all sizes.
$4.00 to $10.00
Geo. 3 Calhoun
Get Rid of That Indiestlon t
Once by Using Mi o na.
Many people in Grants Pass are
slowly poisoning themselves by
chronic indigestion. Their neglect
to cure slugginhness of the important
crga..s of induction Hi Is the system
with fermenting and decaying food
that results in sick headache, heart
burn, bad taite in the mouth and
many othr smyptoms.
Mi o-na stomach tablets are for the
special relief of such sufferers. They
quickly cure the worst cases of in
digestion and when used a few davs
the pain and distress often felt after
meals will disappear.
Mi-o-ua stomacn tablets cost but 50
ceuta a box and do more good thau a
doz-n boxes of the ordinary digestive
tablets. Demaray gives ao absolute
unqualified guarantee to refund the
money if Mi-o-oa fails to cure.
Sht Found Relief.
v ""uuicu wuu nver com
plaint and have not; received help
read this. Mm M. v rr V
oody. Texss. "I was in poor heath
-with liver tronble-for over a year.
uu guou ana i tried
Herbine. and tnree bottles cnred me
1 Pan t aa t.m . 1- . . . v-
. , J , tuui-n ior net clue,
as it Is a wonderful liver medicine. I
-.-., .,, ,v io me nouse. Publish
where you wish For sale by Dema
ray and National Drug Co. I
For Thorough Education
and Character Building
is the ideal school for
A thorough education in all
standard branches assured, in
cluding literature, languages,
mathematics, science, history,
music, needlework, etc., also
careful attention to matters of de
portment and those accomplish
ments which mark the cultured,
refined woman. All courses are
thoroughly modern in subject
and system.
Devoted attention is paid to domes
tic comfort of students. No distinction
or interference in matters of religion.
Give your daughters the privileges of
schooling in this healthy, cultured town
Write for Circular TODAY
St. Mary's Acadamy
Jacksonville, Oregon
S. V. Moody's
(Formerly Lunds)
Dry Oak, Fir and i ine
always on hand
f-T immcdiat delivery
Office and yard. West II et.
Grants Pass, Ore.
Complete and thorough training.
Commercial. Shorthand and Eng
lish courses.
Individual instruction at about
one-half the usual expence.
Note Oxir Special Offer.
Students who enter at the beginning
of the sfheol ear. S't. 9, 1907, and
secure a montl s' s- hiarship for $.5
will he entitled to initrnotlou in any
and all the departments to Joly 1, '08.
This is yooroppoitunity to complete
the Comhifliwl nrtnM.. A.I. 1
-----wuioc-, IUI"
Will do your cement work in good
shape Give him a chance
Phon - 744. Cor. B and 5th.
Ool Ihim, Bfltmal uj Otnuanlal
JI 4 ?
fea4ttca ha n mfmtm mrmmm tat ou
ib mil