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No. 18.
The Cramer FtiLmily Will Reach
New York on Homeward
Journey' August 13.
Velp, The Netherlands,
July 10, jot!
Editor Courier: At last we are be"
ginning to get a taate of summer, and
it ia a grateful relief to os who have
been accustomed to bo much sunshine.
What would yon think of keeping on
winter underwear nntil July 15th?
We hope that the season from now on
will try to make np for what we have
not had previously. We have only
two and one half weeks more in Hol
land, and we hope to be in Mew York
again on August 13. We leave Rotter
dam on the S. S. "Statandam" on
August 34 and if we strike a hot wave
In New York we shall long for the
oool breezes of Holland. We have
jest returned from a few small trips
to various points in other parts of the
country, and were favored by the
weather, as the rain came almost al
together at night. We lived for sev
eral days in the Middle Ages, and
things we saw and spoke about hap
pened in a period ranging from the
18th Century Crusades, until the lib
erty of The Netherlands was well es
tablished. Wd first visited Haarlem,
which was one of the centers of action
during the Eighty Years war, and is
rich in memories of that famous strag
gle. In the park we find the "Span
iards Law" a magnificent lane one
naif mile Ionic, with four rows of cen
tury old trees making three avenues,
which remind one of the arches of the
large cathedrals. . Xbe large oburch of
.St Bavo etands in a square where is
a statue of John Laurens Koster ,a na
tive of Haarlem who was the first to
use movable type when the art of
printing was in its infancy. The
church Is probably six centuries old,
has a fine set of old chimes, and also
two small bells captured from the
Turks daring one of the late Cru
sades. These bells are rung every
night from 9 till 10:30, and their
plaintive melancholy note can be
heard for a long distances. The
churoh has been magafioently restored
on the outside, but inside it Is still
as it was many years ago. Tbe floor
is composed of large blue stone (labs
under which are the tombs of many
brave Hojlaudeix. who died in tbe
Spanish wars. The stones are badly
worn so that the inscriptions can not
be read, but often a date of 300 or 400
years ago can be deciphered. The
church contains one of the finest or-1
gaua in the world, and w"i were foitu-
nate to hear one of tbe semi-weekly
concerts which are free to all. It was
truly magnificent, and the effect pro-
duced by the grand climaxes will not
soon be forgotten. The city still
bows niaoy of the old canals and
'Toward Amsterdam there is the ;
Amsterdam Poort or Rate, one of the
few entrances to the city, which were
really small fortresses when the city
had a wall and moat, and the three or i
four gates were the only possible
means of entrance. We
through the streets and alleys, and as
the Bister we were visiting lived 30
years in Haarlem we bad the best of
guides. The oity has in its museum
some rich art treasures, and the room
containing the Franz Hals masterpieces
ii one of the'famous things of Holland.
We saw combers of Americans in the
art galleries, and it is remarkable how
easily one can distinguish between the
nationalities. In Harlam we raw an
35 Acres 8 miles from Grants Pa-s, 10 Acres in cul
tivAtion. A,-iv in Alfalfa. 15 Acres of first class Apple
land mi I Ihhc suitable for Peaches
about om lialf of plat e under irrigation,
fruit tree. House and barn,
taken Mitiii.
J thf REAL
Ground Floor,
American family of five who bad prob
ably been "doing Europe" withthe
usual rush. While seated iuthe"Frans
Hals room I overheard tbe husbana
say to bis wife "I hope I don't see an
other picture gallery for a week, and
the tone of ntter weariness showed
that he meant" it. Later" while his
family was visiting tbe rest of the
museum he sat in a chair and slept.
We were careful not to try to see too
muob and we varied oor sight seeing,
so that our brains and eyes did not
get too many impressions. We spent
another day in The Hague, and on tbe
train from Haarlem we went through
the heart of the bulb culture district.
There were few flowers to be seen but
the bulb farms are a show in them
selves. The bulbs were being gath
ered, aud the work is all done by hand,
the men moving along on their hands
and knees and grubbing out the bulbs
with their bare hands. Tbe soil is
very light and sandy. The farms are
divided by four foot hedges into piecss
of about one-third acre, and this ia
done to protect tbe flowers from the
strong sea breezes and to keep tbe
soil from being bjown away. The
bulb territory has been very muob ex
tended, and now reaches almost from
Haarlem to Leiden, the town with the
famous university.
The Hague is a fine looking city and
just at present is of interest to the
whole world.on.aocount of tbe ses
sions of tbe second peace congress.
We saw some of the delegates and the
building in which the meetings are
held, but did.not have the opportunity
of getting a look in. Tbe Hague has a
charm of its own and as the weather
was fine, we received the best possible
impression. The Maurits House is a
small art gallery, but contains some
gems by the old masters, and Holbein,
Murillo, - Rubens, Rembbrandt, Jan
8teen, Paul hotter aud many others
may be seen at their beat We saw a
beautiful Madonna by Murillo, tbe
famous Paul Potter's Bull, and Rem-
brandta "Lesson In Anatomy", with
faces tbat look as if they were able to
speak. The buildings where tbe 1st
and 3d Chambers meet are located be
side toe Manrita House, and tbe back
windows open above the "Vyver" or
lake, which gives them a beautiful
tetting. The Hague has a Prison
Gate wbioh is now a museum of in-
strumets of punishment and torture.
We saw branding irons, anklets, neck
forks with prongs, pillories, racks,
headsmens swords and axes and an ex
ecutioners block upon wbioh were be
beaded more than 200 people duriup
the Spanish Inquisition. One exqui
site torture was to shave the prisoners
head, fasten it so
that the crown of
tbe head was uppermost, and theo
allow a drop of water to fall about six
jfeet, there being a drop every thirty
seconds. The result was tbat the
prisoner went insane in 48 hours and
usually did the third day. We aw
the holes woru in the hard stoue by
the dropping of the water when there
was no head to receive it. We walked
thryogli some of tlie principal streets,
past the palace where the, Qneen lives
for at least three uioiths every year
laud visited soAeof Ike shops for cards
and photos.
(To be continued. )
a 1 0...nk . Hulrlanri C lift!
'hd onl j0D0 tj.udy and John
xdo. gix mlnln, cialail on Canyon
Advlott six mining claims on
creek abont 15 miles from Kerby,
which he will develops with a view to
installing ,msohinery for work neit
,Mr. The property will soon be con-
ntt4i witn the out-ids world by tele
, pl0ne M jjr. Baruch.will put up the
jioa for (h, forMtrj service.
Use Pruseisn r'ooltry and Stock
Tonic Cramer Pros.
and Grapes,
100 assorted
Price only $loOO if
Opera House Block
And Tell Our Eastern Friends all
, About the Superior Oppor
- tunittee W e Possess.
On April last tbe Oregonian pub
lixhed a special industrial edition do
voted exclusively to the exploitation of
Oregon. It probably contained more
speoial and miscellaneous Information
about Oregon than any one publica
tion that has ever been issued. It is
peculiarly useful and valuable to the
home seeker, because it gives tbe lat
est and most valuable Information
about so many different subjects that
tbe homeseeker is naturally interested
in. Almost every department of indus
try is specialised and both descriptive
and statistical information of a highly
valuable character is given exteosively
and In entertaining form.
Residents of Oregon who know its
advantages as compared with the con
gested and depleted East, and who
still have friends back there whom
they would like to see here enjoying
the good things of this favored state
can aid in a splendid work now without
cost aud very little effort If you
think your friend would be Interested
in knowing more about Oregon and
might eventually beoome a valuable
oitisen, send bis, name and address to
the general passenger agent of the
Oregon Railway and Navigation Com
pany or tbe Southern Pacific at Port
land, and a copy of this special edition
with a complete summiry of tbe sever
al subjects treated, carefully indexed.
will be mailed to him promptly. In
this manner you may be the means
not only of doing, yonr, frtaad a good
turn, but of helping to stiiuolatethe
growth and prosperity of Oregon.
Don't forget that oommencing Sep
tember 1st and continuing daily for
two months, tickets will be on sale at
almost every railroad station in the
East to all points in Oregon and the
Northwest at what has oome to be
popularly known as "colonist rates."
These rates are the cheapest generaf
long distance rates ever established,
and enable one to reach Oregon from
any part of the United States at but a
trifle more than one cent a mile.
They are the greatest incentive to col
onization and progiesslve home build
ing of any known agency, aud If the
resi lees, dissatisfied resident of he
Eat is made to know befure hand the
advautages he can enjoy beie, the
problem is solved, aud the siar of em
pire will continue to move steadily
Now Is the time to spread the gospel
of Oregon, ao that ll may bo heard
aud heeded by the time rates go into
effect. Send one name, or I wo, or a
dozen, and you will be exerting a
worthy mfluenoe toward the upbuild
itig of rot stale. S-nd them to vour
nearast Southern Pacific agent or to
Wni. McMurray, General. Paeseuser
agent, Pon laud. rtgon.
, .
"HI " 01 " -oaepmne.
Couniv Lime Stone Wonder
In Sunset Mezle.
Joquaia Miller, the noted writer and
poet, arrived ia Grants Pass Saturday
evening from Eugene where he has
ba for seme time ea a visit with
relatives. Hewas accompanied by Jeff
D. Myers, a prominent business man of
Port U, id and he wae unt at the depot
by a receptioa committee of tbe Com
mereial flub and by Judge C. H. Wat
Ma, of Ashland, wbo had come down
to join Mr. Miller and Mr. Myers on
a trip to the Southern Oregon liig
Cares, in the Grayback Mountain dint
rirt. Sunday afternoon the party wan
taken to Williams in a private rig and
early Mnaday John Kineaid, the well
known Big Cave guide, was on hand
with saddle and pack horses and a
complete camp outfit and took them on
to the Caves. They went ia by way
of the Grayback Mountain trail and
would reach the camping place near
the Big Caves that evening. They
expect to spend a week in the moun
tains during which time they will
thoroughly explore every recess of
Oregon 's underground wonder, which
promises to rival the Mammoth Caves
of Kentucky when they are fully
opened up.
It is at the instance of tbe Southern
Pacific that Joaquin Miller makes this
trip to the Josephine County Caves,
the company having decided to take
up au extensive campaign of advertis
ing Southern Oregon and ' Joaquin
Miller will write descripitive sketches
of the Big Caves, Crater Lake and the
other wonders of nature in this section
and bf the grand scenio attractions
that are here. These with theVriteups
of these resources of tihs section of
the state will be published from time,
to time in Sunset, the magazine pub
published by the company. These
articles will be illustrated and as Sun
set is' one of the leading and beet
magazines in the United States this
advertising will be of great benefit to
Southern Oregon. Joaquin Miller is
one of the best descriptive writers of
nature in the Tjnited States and his
articles will be highly interesting and
instructive to all who are interested
in the beauties and attractions of the
West. ,
Dig Delegation Co to Medford
Carnival Find It Drowned
by Heavy Storm.
Grants Pass showed its mettle
Thursday as one of the best hustling
towns in Rogue River valley when
200 of its hustlers in a speoial train
went to Med ford In a driving rain
storm, the heaviest ever known in this
valley at this time of the year, to take
part In the exercises on Grants Pass
day at the Medford Fruitf Carnival
and the meetlug of the Oregon Horti
cultural Society. As It bad rained all
night and bid fair to oontinue the
heavy rain all day the Medford people
did not expect a orowd f rom Ureuta
Pass ao tbe reception committees were
uot on hand to make tbe visitors ( wel
come bnt there were enough of the
Medford men, not daunted by rain,
who were on baud to represent the
city. Tbe rooms of the Medford Com
mercial Club wte made tbe beadquar
trees for the (fiauU Pass delegation.
The stove was tired up aud the room
made warm aud soon all were dry and
comfortable aud iu easy chairs whiltd
away tie day between strolls, made
in the heavy rain which never stopped,
about the town. ' 1
The caruival was washed down aud
out, aud looked as wet aud bedragled as
a lieu dipped into a millpond. In tbe
afturnoou a fruitgrowers meeting was
held at he Opera house tbat was iairly
well attended aud some highly inter-
eftinK addresses were made and papers
rad that were of much interest and
value to fruit growers. The eveniug
was so wet and disagieeable that no
evening session was held aud most of
die Urauis Paas crowd came home oo
tueir sicial train at 10:80 p. m.
Tbe Medford bosiuess men paid 400
o aet the carnival and are out twice
that sam in other expenditures con
ueoied with tbe caruival and the
breaking np of the entire program bv
the unprecedented rain storm will
ciaw a heavy financial los to thein,
but the fruit aud other crops will be
ao benefited by tbe thorough soaking
the gonud has bad that the gaio to tbe
agricultural wealth and greater trade
to be bad from Ike farmers will more
tiiau make up for loss ou the carnival.
Prof. J .8. Dillar, one of tbe most
noted aeoloicists in the United States.
aud who baa breu iu the field foaB3
Tears, wss in camp at Grants Pass last
week with bis party. He was in this
nectlon for geological work on the
Orauis Pass qoadrangla but was called
from regular work to take op the ex
aminiaton of coal lauds in townships
recently withdrawn on the sooth fork
of the Coquille river, leaving here
Motiday Prof. Oilier was acoompan
led by Dr. Kay, of tbe University of
Iowa. They will remain at tbe work
under direct ioo of the forestry service
during the preteut summer and fall
but tbe professor will maka Grants
Pass bis headquarters during It he win
ter when he hopes to make extensive
geological examinations of the hills
surrounding the city.
. Priees on Edison Phonographs ad
vance September 10. We atill have a
few in stock at the old prices. Photo
and Music Store. .
Josephine County Give $500
Stat Approprlatee $1200
Success Assursd.
The Rogue River Valley Industrial
Fair ia now a certainty for ample
financial backing has been secured aud
on September lu, 11, 13 will be held In
Grants Pass the first fair that will em
brace the entire Rogue River Valley
and show to visitors the splendid pro
ducts and variedresources of this most
favored of valleys And though the
time is short such is the willing co
operation of all towns and sections of
Josephine and Jackson counties that
the exhibits will be as complete and
the arrangements as perfect as though
a longer time had been taken with the
possibility of a slackening of iuterest
and neglect of work. ,
A full list of all the oomm!tteesill
be published next week in all the
papers of Josephine and Jackson coun
ties and the rules and regulations
governing the fair, Iu the mean time
it is expected tbat every person desir
ing to promote tbe development of the
resources and the prosperity of Rogue
River Valley will at onoe begin to aid
the work of securing exhibits of every
kind embracing agricultural, stook,
mineral, timber, manufactures and
other productions.
To finance this undertaking for a
district fair for Rogue River Valley
ia ooeiderable of an undertaking but
it bas been accomplished. The oounty
oourt of Josephine County at tbeli ses
sion last Wednesday appropriated 500
to the fond to meet the expenses of
the fair. The needs of the fair were
presented to the Court by R. W.Clark,
Joseph Hoes and R. H. O'Neill, the
flnanoe committee for the fair organi
sation, aod so clearly did they show
that this expenditure on tbe part of
the county would be ao investment
that would bring about auoh an addi
tion to the taxable wealth of the conn
ty thai when it came to vote on the
appropriation was made unanimous
without any hesitancy. Judge Jewell
and Commissioner Werta are giving
their hearty support toward making
the fair and the Irrigation convention
a success and they wire quite willing
to give the county's oo-operatlon aod
financial backing to these two under
takings tbat will have such Influence
In'calling the al tent ion of homeseekera
aod investors to the many advantages
aod resources of Josephine county and
all Rogue River Valley. Com tutu.
sloner Logan was not present at the
sasHson of County Court.
These arc Live Ones
You'll Have to Hurry
Regular 72 iu. Hammock
with cut pillow or vat
'ance, Ibc kind
Regular 72 in. Hammock
with valance and pillow .
$1.65 kind I. CO
Regular 11 in. Hammock
with valance and pillow . Af
12.35 and $2.50 kind. .. Z.UU
Regular 72 In. Hammock
with large val. and pil
low, strong and good A An
$3.75 kind 3.UU
Reg. 84 in. Hammock with
heavy, large val., taffeta
$6.75 kind 5.00
Sizes given above is the bed
Hammock only.
Furniture and Car
pets, Llnoleumi,
l.are Curtains, Por
tieres, Mattremes,
Pillows, CoU, Wall
Paper, Clocks,
Mirrors, Window
Shades, Pictures,
Picture Moulding.
H. 0 lleill
I rortt St., bet. 6 and 7
In addition to the appropritltra of
500 by Josephine oounty there- is an
apporplatlon of $1200 made by the
state, thelblll for which wa passed at
the eeskion of 1905 through the efforts
of Senator E V. Carter, of Ashland.
This its U appreciation is a continuing
one and Is available each year for a
Rogue River Valley district fair. To
secure this fund a commission ot five
members, three from Jackson and
two from Josephine oounty, has to be
created. Three of these members are
appointed by the Governor and the ag
ricultural society of.cacu oounty shall
each appoint one. To be recommend
ed to Governor Chamberlain for his
appointment on this commission the
Ashland commerlcal club bas recom
mended E. T Staples, aud the M d
ford commercial dob bas recommend
ed John I). Olwell. Grants Pass com
mercial club baa reoommended L.
B. Hall. There not being agricul
tural societies in either Josephine or
JacksoaVooauties, at least uuder that
designation, the fruitgrowers associa
tions of the two counties are held by
attorneys, who have been consulted, to
be legal oragizatlons, and have named
the fair commissioners for each county
For Joephlne oounty the Grants Pass
Fruit Growers Association has elected
Charles Meserve.and for Jack son coun
ty the Rogue River Fruit Growers
A ssoclatlon, of Medford, bas elected
J. A. Perry. The recommendations
and credentials of these men have
boon forwarded to Governor Chamber
lain and as soon as their appointments
have been made these commissioners
will meet aud organise In legal form
the district fair association for Rogue
River Valley. By the provision of the
act this 11300 can only be used for pre
miums on agricultural and other ex
hibits. This sum of money will enable
liberal cash premiums to be given and
thereby reimburse exhibitors for tbslr
ex Dense and trouble in making an ex
hibit. -
The Grants Pass Canning Oo. now
has everything In readiness for can
ning fruit and vegetables in large
quantities. - Last week a trial of tbe
machinery i. was made and a small
lot of blackberries, apples,' tomatoes
and pork and beans were canned ' ia
order to test the machinery aud tbe
work was fouod to be perfect. Orders
for large amounts of tomatoes, prunes
and apples have been placed with
Douglas oounty growers and soon the
cannery will be a place of great
activity. '
The Knight and Ladies of Security
weut all members present at their reg
gular meeting Tuesday night, August
1.1. Business of importance will be
brought op.
Now thst warm weather Is
here let us get down to business.
I waot to talk HAMMOCKS to
I think I have the blgKeet as
sortment of Hammocks ever show
la Orants Pass. I was tempted
br tbe low prlos at wbioh these
Hammocks were offered and' I
bought heavy. They are worth
more money in the market today
to buy than I am selling for.
The goods are perfect aud prloes
low My advise Is to order now.
Better send in your order today
by mail, or if in Grants Paas,
come in and ses us.
Yoors truly,
ptovea and Ranges,
Agtewars, Tinware,
WUIoware, Cutlery,
Crockery, Lamps,
Glassware, Fancy
China, Uo-Carta,
Baby Carriage.