Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 12, 1907, Image 5

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Ounlity & Price
jjmona Tomatoes 10c
cans extra good sugar Corn, 25c.
cans early June Peas, 25c.
Icaoi string Beans, 35c
1 can Ashlaud Pears, 20c.
1 an yellow Crawford Peaches, 25c.
lean sliced Apricots, 20o.
lean sliced Pine Apple, 25c.
j aw American Sardines 25c
1 ij-pocnd can mnstard Sardines, 15c
Tay you should try our Canned
1st The price is right.
M The quality is as represented
Jd They are the new seasons pack
Eijle Cove Oysters 10c
icsns little neck Clams, not minced.
co Clam in ice, 15c.
loos, Campbles Soaps. 25a
lean Booth's Broiled Mackerel, 25c.
on Abuka talmnn Iflr
iFinett Columbia River red salmon.
15. 20, 25c.
platers and Fresh canned orab, 25c.
jtnoioe Bine-Point Oyster. 1 and 2
pound cans.
$m River Salt Salmon per lb. 10c
jUte Superior White Fi.b, 2 for 85c.
t Mackerel, to 15o.
jported bloaters, 5 cents each.
I Ban (5c size) fine toilet soap 25c
)tr regular Oregon fall cream Cbeese,
can t be beat, per ponnd, 20a
iood comb Honey, white, 15c.
W Persian Dates, per pound, 12
We keep them under, glass nof
Olives and Olive Oil
arc srle agents for The Amer-
M R.-il Prras Olive Oil. recom-
soiled by ihysician? osed iii oor
Jost arrived in stock American
j'e Co., finest Ripe Olives In pint
3quart cans.
Mst Ripe Olives in cans full, pint 35c
wive Ci! full pint 65c
" r I . I
May 7-8, Tuesday and Wednesday
Adjutant and Mrs. Story will speak
at Grants Pass.
July 4. Thursday GraDd Fourth of
July celebration at Grants Pas..
i ' t .11. I - 1
Teas and Coffee
We run .l t-o .l .
6"" ju" e nest vaioe in
an coffee from L0
the finest Mocha & Java at 40 cents
tad in the City.
Carves now at their Utv..i,
wJ dozen.
White House
J. W. Howard came np from San
Francisco Tuesday and left inime
distely for Williams.
Oene Cobnrn returned hnm tj-
from Portland, where he bas just
completed a course in basiness college.
Clauds Davis retn
Portland this week, bavin? Mn.r,kt.H
his course in bu.iuess college at that
Mrs. Herman Heitman and little
son arrived here this week .'mm Pnrt.
land 'for a visit to 'Mrs. Hitmn-.
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. NiDDer
M. D. Wood, of Centralia Wash..
spent a few days here visitina hi.
daughter. Mrs. M. Enbank. of tbe
Salvation army. Mr. Wood is on hi.
way home from a trip to Iowa.
Mrs. J. N. Voorhies left for W
home in Portland Wednesday evenino
after having spent several weeks
with her son, A. E. Voorhies. and
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Leverich fnr.
merly of this place but later of Wood
ville, left Monday for Terlington,
Nevada, where they expect to reside
in the future.
Miss Cora Chapman of Wahneton.
N. Dak. and Miss Ella Chanman of
Seattle, were in Grants Pan thi
eek proving np on timber lands.
Miss Cora has spent the Wlntsr n..
Oregon City with her aunt, Mrs. Cr.
Beard, formerly of this place.
H. Gier has sold bis place about
two miles north of town and will
leave Monday with his seven children
for their former home at Cbillieotbe,
Mo , where tbe children can be
properly cared for under the guidance
of relatives. Tbe mother died here in
December, leaving the husband to
care for a large family, the youngest
only 2 tears old. Mr. Gier thinks it
probable he will return to Grants
Pass later on.
A. W. Moon bas resigned his Dosi
tion with the Railroad Co. and will
engage in lumbering in company with
the Williams brothers in their opera
tions at Reuben, Douglas county.
He has shipped bis household goods
from Portland to Reuben and as soon
as they arrive, he and Mrs. Moon and
his mother. Mrs. E. L Hnxn in
make it tbeir home. The ladies have
been spending the past week in Grants
John Sparlin, wife and child re
turned last week from Startup, Wash.,
where Mr. Sparlin has been emrlored
in tbe lumbering camp. Startup is a
little place with good prospects but
too much snow and cold weather for I
Mr. Sparlin, who bas spent the I
greater part of his life in Southern I
Oregon. They visited Mr. Spirlin's
brothers at Williams for a week and
left Toesday for Myrtle Creek where
they will probably locate.
N. 13 Shasta Express for Port
land and intermediate
N ,r tttlion!, v. 4: a.m.
ro. lt Oregon Express, Port-
land and way stations . 6-20 p.m.
Ho. 14 Portland Kipres, nyer 11 :35 a. m.
orTH RorsD.
No. 11 Shasta Express, Sacra-
niento.V San Krancisco 10:15 p m.
o. 15 California Express. Sac
ramento and ban Kran-
V( 'i00I, .- 9:05 a. m.
o. IS t-an Francisco Express,
".ver 11:00 a. in
The Masooio lodge at Kerby is to
uuuu a iwo story concrete temple
oiiinu reet and are now receiving
uiub oi me construction of the edifice.
A - .
wo go io press the news comes
I o. 15 California Eiww,. Sm. r uTer me wire that the jury in the
now world famous Thaw murdor trial
lias failed to agree. This will nr.
fitate a rehearing at great expense to
me state of New York but to con
siderable profit to attorneys and the
big dailies.
The members of the Christian
l U ;
ureu give a farewell reception to
r j ,ce'r Pastor, Rev. Clark Bower and
...u.n,IDHUIV,n undM iamily on Monday evening at the
, church to which all friends are cor-
dially invited. Rev. Clark Bower ex
ipects to leave Grants Pass fcr hia
j new charge at Colorado City. Cola,
"The Hanging of the Cane, " one of j next WeJndy morning.
Longfellow's beautiful poems will be ! A r'ght wreck at Dillard early
illustrated from life at the Opeia Wednesday morning in which four
Houfe. Tuesday evening, April 16th, ! freight rare were ditched, caused the
nnder the direction of the Medal Con. ! delay of paseeui;er trains No. 11 nH
tesr Department, Superintendent and j 18 tne trn due here at 10:30 Tne.
Physical culture Department Super-' daT D'8nt D0 ""riving until 2 in the
luienaents ot trie W. C. T. U. for the "eruoon Wednesday. The north.
purpose of raising funds for the 1)000(1 Fsengers are still running
drinking fountain. The program is as ! from t to for boors late.
!"T 'Adjutant and Mrs. Story write
RC.V. MeMM- ChMh,I Wharton 1 Captaia Eubanks of the Salvation
rpSrVWmarVsV. be in Grants
Reading. Part First Rev. Bower Tuesday and Wednesday, May 7
Song "Oh Promise Me"..Mrs Walkr D1 8 in the interest of the Yonn
Auspice of Public Drinking
Fountain Committee.
New Notes From the Business!
Men to Reader.
Wedding March "Melodv of Love
,, Miss Palmer
Tbleau Wedding Scene
Reading, Part Second
Tableau Rnnnri Tahlo
Song "Home, Sweet Home"..
Mrs. E. Veatch
Readinir. PartlhirH
Tableau, First family Scene
ooog - i.uuarjy" Miss Wicken
Reading. Part Fnnrth
Tableau, Second family scene
Recitation "Since mv bahv
brother came" Anna Calvert
PD- Male Quartet
Reading. Part Fifth
Tableau, Loog table, grown family
Song "Old Folks at Home". .Family
Readirav Part Sixth
Tableau Two Alooo
People s work. Mr. Story has been
in Grants Pass a number of times
and always bas an enthusiastic
audience. He has recently been pro
moted from Ensign to Adjutant.
G. W. Clement who started hia an.
prentlceship at Grants Pass five years
ago, reoently successfully passed the
mechanical and pbyiscal examination
for promotion from fireman to ensri
neer at Dunsmuir. Mr. Clement baa
for the past three years been a resid
ent or Unnsmuir. He is a son of
Mrs. A. M. Rule of WoodviUe and
soo-in law of A. N. Holbert, of. Gold
Hill, and bas many friends in thia
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist.
Go to Co run for Plumbing.
M. Clement,. Prescription Druggist
Sheet Music sale at the Musio Store
Souvenir Postals one cent at Dema
nd's. 8-22
A splendid line oi Royal Charter Oak
Manges at Coron't
If you raise chickens use a Petaln
ma Incnbator sold by Cramer Bros
Ses the big line of watches and
chains at Letcher's. 2-22 tf
For a e'eau bed and a good meal
try the Western Hotel.
rie port cards lor school nse are ou
sale at the Muslo Store.
Victor Talking Machines and reo
ords at tbe Musio store.
Special soap sale, four 10c cakes
Andrew Jergens glycerine soan 25o
at De ma ray's Drug Store
- - V. V. 1, tUO UU' .
more Piano house is giving this offer they grow rapidly and VOU
will never be duplicated again In i n. ... , ..
Southern Ore, . UB,B " irOUOie W1UJ ObStlU-
Is the result of our
with the
Petalama Incubators
fit our store. With half a
dozen different kinds of f "9
we averaged SS. this show s
again what good results th
PETALUMA willing. We
have three sizes ofl'ncubator s
in stock,
54 Egsr Incubator
126 . " "
100 Chick Brooder...
200 " "
Your chicks will be
. 20.0 0
. 27.0 0
. 6.0 0
. 12.0 0
thy, free from all vermin,
ate setting hens.
T- . w i
jiesoames rwtes e Barnes r,l
Riutdins. Part Rik . V"
raDleaa Golden Wedding, I James Dickey, well known here
Aumissioo v cents. , died at the St. Franoes Hospital in
"Mrs. Jean Morris 'Ellis cava tnnr ' rancisco, from injuries received
lectures at the G. A. R. Hall this ! ra,n wreck mt Sim' bont
week on Phrenology and Character I brf week! ga Mr- Dickey was
reading which were .tn- wiident bf Grants Pass seme seven
reaoing wnico were well attended.! . "
Mrs. Ellis display, a thorough know- i g0 when he
ledae of her r,mfHi R i.. : W1 P'08 ln
tnree carry conviction and are of
benefit to her hearer.. As a reader of
character she is an expert, her read
ing of parties selected from the
audience was always true to life.
Sold again Classified
Courier did it.
Ad in the
April 16, Tnesday Drinking fountain
Entertainment at opera bouse.
April 16, Tuesday Entertainment at
the opera house for beneta of Public
drinsing Fountain, by W. C. T. U.
April 17, Wednesday Adjourned term
of County court.
April 22, Monday Regular term of
the Circuit Court.
April 23.
Tnesday Norris & Rowe's
Fine wedding
Courier office.
stationery at the
Have you ever
seen a Sunset?
A beautifully illustrated
monthly magazine of the wide
awake West with fascinating
short stories, picturesque personal
pomt-of-view descrption of the
interesting development of the
West, and the romance and his
tory o' the wonderland of the
Ask your local newsdealer
for current issue or send $1.50
for year's subscription. Thebook,
''Road of a Thousand Wonders. "
120 beautiful Western views is
four colors will be included
FLOOD bcild:c
an rtAasco caupoiiu
was firing out of
service of the 8. P.
Co., Fireman Ed Olmsted, was killed
in tbe same wreck, bis body was re
; cohered from the river a week after
' the accident, and tbe remains were
interred at Sacramento, where his
mother lived.
The Photo and Musio House has
purchased tbs Talking machine stock
aod business of Paddock's Bicycle
Den snd henceforth bis customers
will be supplied with machines and
records at the music store. A short
time ago the talking machine stock of
the Geo S. Calhoun Co. was pur
chased and his costomers have since
be-n supplied at the music store. A
large stock of Victor, Edison, Colum
bia, Talk-o -phenes and Z;nophone
machines and records are on display
aod several good bargains are offered.
Machines sold on the easy paym nt
Cramer Bros.
Odd Fellows Block
Poultry Netting Chick Feed
Farmers, make your wants known
by inserting a few lines in the Class!
fled Ad Column. 25 cents spent in
this manner will sometimes do more
than a whole day's talking.
Having moved to the Hammock
Studio on Sixth Street, opposite the
post offie, I would he pleased to have
my old customers to oontinoe with me
and I will aPDreciate as mint new
ones as I can accommodate. I will
make you anything from stamp
!... uV one mcnes. Hand-colored post cards of loca
..-u.g ,ou ,ur jour pass patronage views at the Musio Store, two for 5c.
uu uipiuiu) juu m auTucn mr yoor 25o per dozen,
future support. I am respectfully.
Doweaell ood. Oh .... A ,n ,D- N: Walker, editor oftbat
t . - spicy journal, tbe Enterprise. Louisa.
nave so nave some scneme to attract Va. says: "I ran a nail in ray fool
customers? u no jost have the class weei aoa at once applied Bock
of goods that speak for themselves !".' Arntos Suit. No inflammation
that's all. Our year, of experience oULA
-uvn.cUBC u. uu ,,iu uiwh. uuranieea at an
wnat our people need aod as we boy orug nores. So.
...... . . i
direct irom the east and have no mid-
d'e men to pay, why of course our
prices are right, certainly. Come and
atiafy yourself. We can furnish
your lady with wearing apparel from
head gear down to hosiery complete
and theo complete the sale with your
cboioe of medium or high grade
piano, ail standard makes. Remember
tbe Coss Piano House at Mrs. Reh
kopf's Millinery store.
Bids Hsvnted.
Bids wanted for clearing 10 to M
acTee of land Dear Grants Pass. Oall
on me at tbe Colonial HoteL Grant
Paea, Martin Angel. 4.11 if
fl If 4 V V
w .
School began Mondy. ADril 1. andfla
progressing nicely nnder the manage
meat of Miss Dora Peony
E. M. Light of this nlaM n.tri.
begins yoor city a visit Monday of this week.
Roy Jordan of Wolf Creek was see a
Baptist Church,
The morning worship
promptly at 10:30. At this time the
pastor will begin 'a series of sermons on the streets of Or... u...
on tbe "Biography of Jonah." The
first message will be on the topi
"Summoned to be a Foreign Mis
sionary." The other services at tbe
church are the session of the Bible
School at 11:45, the Young People.
Meeting at 8:30 00 the topio 'Lessons
from the Patriarchs Jacob. " and the
evening song service and sermon on
the topio "Stumbling blocks." You
will be cordially welcomed to these
The North
i 6th St.
In cleaning up stock for Spring trade, we find quite a
few odd peices of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc.
which are offered at reduced prices until sold, some
Rockers exceptionally cheap. The Wall Paper sale has
been a success andwill continue, it is the largest stock
in the city to select from.
Stock of Furniture, Carpets, Rujs, Linoleums, Art
Squares the most complete in the city and new arrivals
constantly receiving.
Goods Sold on Installment Plan
U. Bawd
Sixth and D Streets
JOHN At the tamilv home at Will-!
iam, this county, on Wednsdov, !
April 10, I9T. David John, ail 73 j
years, six months, 2i days. i
The funeral services were held 1
Wednesday with the interment in the:
family lut in the Williams cemetery,
with a large attendance of neighbors '
and friends from a distance, who camel
to pay their reelects to the memory of j
a man whom they all respected. Mr.
John had ben an invalid for some'
months throch a con;i.!ication of,
heart ard stomach , trrnblo. He
leaves a wife and five children to j
mocrn the loss of a kind huranfl and
loving father. The children are W.
I). John. J. M. J. hn and Mr-. G-r-trcle
HerrinH if William". Mrs.
Mullie Da!, of GoMfiedl. N-vada.
Mrs. Stella Strain, of Oakland, i
Cal. Mr. John was born in Wale and '
came to America in 159 and to this
county in lvi-i fettling at the flourish.
ini mining camp of Williamsburg on
Williams creek. The camp soon after
was abandoned by incst of the miners
and Mr. J .hn txught a tract ( land
two mi!e and txi' to irjand
made of it 'n f the flner frms in
that fertile valley. He had received
t!,e arpnintment cf jcrmi-ter f,..r
Williams and rn moving to his firm
Ce . nw a -tore a:, 1 ct.angcd the
r-', fTi'-e to it, and for the 43 yar
tiu-x be has kejt the c-prVe and it. re.
Notice to Contractors.
Kid, will r(re:v.d f' r th
i-ci'ticn cf a
Krry, Or.
cn.-L' e Li-re-
t ry. AH t;d
l."'T. Add.-e-i
i .. a c m ,
, : v
J. K
e in
T-m;le at
t. b- . f
i'-'.. tWv
1 V MT 1.
M C, Church South
The following program will be used
next Sunday, April Hth : 10 a. m.
to 11. Sunday School hour; 11 a . m.
to 12, publio worship including a
short sermon by the pastor, (t :30 p.
m. to 7:30, devotional hoar of the Ep
worth League "Subject ' 'God Re
vealed in Christ." Miss Clara Tabei
is the leader. 7 30 p. m. evening ser
vices. A real, hearty welcome will
be accorded to all who attend this
Christian Church.
Sunday, Ajril 14th, is the clrsirg
day in the minietry cf Mr. Power
wiiich hns (it'nded ever a p'riod of
VJ-j motths. Morning tl.euio "V.'hat
the Clinrch is to its uiniilxrs "
Kvning " Wh:.t this uiinistrv and
this rhnn-h have triel to emphaiz. "
Hnndav SchooL Koys' Club, Junior
C. E. and Y. P. S. C. E. met at the
regaalr times All are ccrdlally'
invited. 1
Presbyterian Church.
DAY at the Rethany Church next'
Smd:iy. II a. m. the pastor will de-!
Iier an Addr on "The Mettle of
America to the World" to he followed 1
by a fractic:il demor.'tration of;
j.itriotipm by mi mrrs of Clmrch and!
coriirreji ,tion.
7';o p m Eveninjf worship.
Thome " 'VI t is a Minister in'
irLU t't?" Thiv. is the way
Mr. H"he t,,kes to culernte his
tirthdiy ir.n:vernry nrc-irrd
the k io'i r. f. '.'. t.-j. Ivo-1
ticnal H .or A the Y. P. S. C.
f,iX:d rrr;ic, heljful sorvire-4, 1
-f ic. n.rd.'il wej. awvt th
who er.ter tl:s chcrh to w r-h:;.
The Placer girls were so very sue
cesoful with the dance they nve that
they have decided to ;try again and oa
Saturday night, April 13th there
will be a dance at Placer halL Every
one come.
Mrs. Mattie Tbomlson, who has
been employed for tbe past two
months at Leland hotel baa returned
to her borne at Grave.
Misses Silvia, Myrtle and Minnie
Irwin of Placer were seen on tbs
streets of Grave Sunday of last week.
O. W. Farleigb his returned from
Portland and brings the news'that his
daughter, Miss Lotca is slowly re
covering. We are all very glad.
Wm. Light oor road supervisor has
quite a crew of men working tbe
mads and we will soon have some
good roads; this weather is very bad
but Mr. Light does his work so it
will stand the rains.
George McCormirk of Hogo had
tbe misfortune to have both of his
horses killed in the barn laxl Sunday
night thy evilently being knocked
in the bead.
Memrs. Ifaae and lihone the n?w
mill men sent fur thlr t.m an.t It
'having arrived Siturday they will
' make l a-te to Mart their mill as soon
as poMitle.
theif w car. ond weor
ond wear.
Levi Slraii ft Cx