Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 29, 1907, Image 4

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    New Spring Styles in Shoes
R. L.
Published Every Friday.
Subaorlptlon Rat:
One Year, in advaiwe, II.SO
HI I Months. - .7ft
Three Moulin, .40
Single Copies, .05
Advertising Races
Furnished on application si the office, or
by mall.
Obituaries snd resolutions ol con
dolence will he charged for at 6c per line;
osrd of thinks ftOc
A. E. VOORHIES, Pltoi'K.
K nle red at the pout ofllce at Grants Pins,
Oregon, second-class mail matter.
FRIDAY. MARCH 21), 1907.
very uiau has
"Ilesolvt-d, That every uiau
his prion", which is evldcutly a Bus
ter Drown way of speaking. But
really why la not that a good ques
tion for debaters to discuss In dead of
"Rcsobed, That firs is a more de
structive element than water, or
that there is more pleasure in ant i -oltion
than in participation?"
It does not do to make too general
statements and so it can 1 better
said: The niost of men have their
price though It must be oonfessed that
the prioe is not always a money one.
Many a man who wonld scorn a f'.OoO
hrilie ran he cajoled by a temptation
of Hiwer. Thso there is the mat
ter of social recognition and many a
man has sold himself to the Devil for
the smile of a womau.
The most sordid example lie fore the
people nt the present time Is San
FrHiiclscn. The festering max is
Just about 'reaily to break, thanks to
Rome good warm poultices Unit have
been applied by Dr Itciicv. And I lie
core that Is floating in all this rotten
ness is a Jew, AIhi Kuef, the Curler
Given a community where the ma
jority of the people believe Unit every
man has Mm price and mi Ah,' Kuef
Will be the product every lime. Hack
(if il all is Ilin ins me desire for the
almighty dollar. Tlicv would make
the dollar the end and not the means
of life. Not how you get it but just
so you get it.
Then Nature's law of couipcimi
tion steps in and mljiietn the balance
to a niee'y. The grafter think he is
Just finding money but there is a i
price that has to 1 e oi ill for all, the j
easy money, free telephones, free
gas, and the munition furnished in 1
luxury The price the grafters pa s
may well canto h I m to shudder
Shame, disgrace the striped suit are
what bring the the balance Use
Siiu Francisco is a hen u In ti,tiii le
of all of this Mavor. Supervisors,
Judges, County otliciuls, all vr
rti ted and lutouled and then when
they thotight theiu-evles the lined
secure, the luindw rittrg on the wall
savs i" unmistakable English
"Guilty as l barged. "
No Wonder Alt' Kind does not sleep
wrll Who would- Every uiau miv
have his price but I v tore y.ui sell out
ho ca cfu to rciiiciuh, r (ha: eft times
another package is ileltvonsl with the
I ro e.
Grants Pass
I 'ndcr 7S,'
(otinln Produce 1'
When you buy shoes in
which are embodied style,
fit and quality at the same
price as the other kind,
isn.t that a strong argu
ment in favor of the former
We have just received part
of our 6pring shipments in
sties and oxfords, the styles are
snappy and just what dressers de
mand and are made up in the fol
lowing leathers, Patent colt, Patent
Kid, Gun Mental, and Vici Kid.
Polonious said: "Costly they
habit as thy parse can buy for the
apparel oft proclaims the man."
But, thank goodness, he did not lay
anything about hats or women.
If the modern Paris gown has
evolutert from throe or four flg leaves,
what did the Eaater hat volute
from? There is a puzzle that might
well tax the ingenuity of any be
liever in evolution. It may well be
that some dusky maiden in that far
off long ago, in a desire to please her
lord and master went out on some
Spring day and gathered a flower or
two, twining them in her hair. The
result was ho charming and had such
a beneflolal effect on the lord and
master that he did not growl about
the stew for a whole week. Of a con
sequence the maiden was accustomed
to thus decorate herself every Spring
and others followed her example
until it became a world-wide custom.
The few flowers grew into a wreath
ami the wreath into a hat and the hat
became so elalxirate that it is a dream
of expeus'vH loveliness.
You have all seen the Easter Hat
and mayhap have enjoyed paying for
oue. That is one of the dntiea of
mure uiau. Mau finds his enjoyment
in mere earthly things; catching a
good string of trout, bagging a live
point buck, or winning seven games
of solo iu succession. But such
things do not appeal to the gentler
sex. The ambition that urges them
onward is to wear the loveliest Easter
hat of anyone In their crowd. Aud
so they plan and scheme and hop the
weather bureau will give them a
sonny Sunday. It comes and the
pews on Easier morning look like an
animated (lower garden with enongh
black coats scattered throughout to
make a contrast. Who cares anything
about the sermon with all this before
him Hats upon hits and (hen actus.
What can a poor man do but crouch
down ill the pew and gaze on his
surroundings iu bewilderment? He
can fee no preacher or choir; nothing
hut back hair combed in unheard of
wuvs, pink ears, hat pins slin k at all
angles possible and everything in the
flower line from cabbage roses to pins
Hut it pleases them, ho what's the
llarriniau has reached the cartoon
point of fame in his career, lie has
1 1 pictured as fox, pig, holm Mini
a whipped school hoy and more to fol
But it is too had that he cannot
cross (he S. P. right of wav on
Sixth Sirect on a rainy day and learn
some of the Ix antieH of docoiupos, d
granite as a pavement
Just think of giving
a lull in Giants I'll--, a
Salts That Is w I at
iu the S,,, lo ts Hem, at
Kansas had to tat.- on,
and all i n account of I
fst. Bin ju' 1, , k a
in m il t
I -e . f !';
n eM s '!,
1 t Jl n l
lay tl.:- v
t-U f '1 I I
III" ..
',S' pound-, cf , ,
potatoes, .01,1 fi
in making l a-h
- , f
n r hu-h,
tor a .
Read tie Ad
"inpanv en age
She, t Mil:,' -
i! It. lav
K. 1
Grocery Go.
I ; i n :, . .. ,,, ,,,
I lor
Mar. 29, Friday-Bethany Presby
terian men entertain at the opera
Marrh !!0, Saturday Fruit growers
meeting for Rcgue River Valley to
be. held to Grants Puna, to be ad
dressed by speakers from the Ari
cultoral College and Hwd River.
April 1, Monday Penalty avoided if
one-half tai is laid hi fi re this date.
Apr. 3, Wednesday Chicken Pie by
Christian Church Ladies at hall
over Hall's. 2t
April 8. Wedensdsy Regular 'easion
of coonly coort fr Josephine enmity.
April 5, Friday The Lady"Maoi.beeB
will liive a Hobo Social at the W.
2 ). W.hall. Everbyody invited. ',3-29 It
April 22, Monday Regular term of
the Circuit Court.
Christian Church
Morning address "A Thoroughly
Apostolio Church." Evening, Easter
Piogram in the interest of Home for
Orphan and Helpless aged throughout
the world. Sunday School at 10 a.
in Junior C. E. and Boys Club at
3 p. m. Y. P. S. O. E. at fi:80 p. ni.
All are cordially Invited to all meet- ,
M E. Church South
It will lie a joyous Easter occasion
for all who love the Risen Lord, at
this church next Sunday. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Epworth League
at (1:30 p. m. Preaching at II a.m.
and 7:30 p. m. Spiritual songs, short
sermons, brotherly love and a warm
welcome for all who attend.
Baptist Church.
The services at the First Baptist
Church on Easter will be appro
priate to the day. A varied program
of special music has been prepared for
both morning aud evening. The Pas
tor will preach on the following sub
jects : "The Easter Blessing" In the
morning and "If a Mao Die Shall He
Live Again';" in the evening. The
other usual services will be held.
, , D .4 xi ... ,. t 1
"Cuba and Porto Rioo is the sub-;
ject of the conquest meeting at the
Yotinir Peonies service: 'leader. Nina
Paddix'k. A cordial welcome awaits
Newman M. E. Church
Easter Sunday will be observed at
the Newman M. E. Church. A ;
special sermon appropriate to the day j
will be preached in the morning by
Rev. S. M. Nickell. Iu the evening
the services will lie under the aus
pices of thu Sunday School. A nice
program 'has been prepared to which j
all are cordially invited. No Ep- t
worth League services.
Presbyterian Church. !
Glad Easter will he here on Sunday,
and joyous song, sweet carol, nature's
flowers and children's happiness will
tell of the triumph of Resurrection.
In Bethany Church the day will he a
carnival of Song.
Subjoined is the musical program
for the 1 1 a. m. worship :
Anthem "Rejoice. I Sons of
Earth, Rejoice"... Frank I.. Kvr
Easter Carol "Have You Heard
the Wondrous Storv'"
. . .'.P. A. Snecker
Anthem "Sing Alleluia Forth"
Dudley Buck
Anthem "Siug'W'ith All the Sons
of Glory" . . I". . Snecker
'I heme of the sermon by Kvati I'.
Hughes "The Fir-t Easter Set men. "
At 7 Ml) p m. an Faster Exercise en
titled "Faster Dawn" will he ren
dered by the Bible School under the
leader-hip of H. C. Kinney, the
superintendent. Soloists, recitation
Ists and classes are preparicg d,,.
gently fjr the evening service. To all
a most cordial and heiity invitation
to attend tin s,. Faster K, rctses is e
i i ; K
II. H!
I. OS T.
!'' !:sk I
otei vti,
K : ' i ,
- I
s, il
r.,1 r
I S !'. r Mnnie i we ,
tlicroiiL'hlTi'd, White
at i , p. r do, en. C
i'i i : v.
;iV. hv.
I chom
all on ot
X I 1
''id Tail f it r.i,! i, , k',
. -t
' :r
'-' ;t
- lie
ik, s
l 1 1 as
Ke. ,1
N, iv
Se llig
11, VlT 11. ,
M i
1 o ';l
V :
o t. r
i. if
.1 1
' v 1
' ' l: ge .1, : l
't - i!e .it i ,
!: in.l K .Is
nt, r li,:.,
M I ' 'v'
VCiR SALE cheap, at Woodville, foor
acres fenced and under cultivation. ;
some bhihII fruits, new fonr room
house barn nd outbuildings Rood
chicken raueh. more land joining if
needed. Come aud Fee it. Geo.
W. Morton, Woodville, Ore. 8-8 it
P. Enterprise Marine Engine and
Boiler, one Stem Hoist complete,
one Rock Crusher, one Stoivisant
quartz mill, one Lot of Stem pipe,
one Cvanide Plant Complete, one
Solntion Pnnip,. The above machin
ery is new and in splendid condition.
Anvoue wanting inforruat'on in re
L'ard to it will pleae call or 8(J'
dress E. P. Duou, Grants Pass.Ore.
3 8 1 1
loam bottom land for cherry,
peach, apple, berry, onion, alfalfa,
small tracts. Ben A. Lowell,
Woodville, Ore. 4t
PIANO for sale at baragin. Inquire
at Thomas & O'Neill's, the House
luruishers. 8-lt f
hundred. J. H. Koliertson, Grants
Pass, Ore., R. F. D. No. 2. 3-1 2t
CATTLE 17 head of Shorthorn cat
tle, 5 2-year old and 10 1 year old
steers; two cows 5 and 8 years old
will freshen about May 1, for sale
at a bargain. Call on or address A.
A. Hunseth, Dryden, Ore. 3-1 lit
. . - . Jk
ANGORA GOATS 100 for sale cheap.
Address M. Biaat, Grants Pass. R.
F. D. No 2, near Wilderville.2-22 tf
BILHORN MUSIC-SoIob sung by P.
P. Bilhorn at the tabernacle meet
ings for sale at the Music Store.
TWO THOUSAND Second genera
tion. Black and Japanese Walunts,
also peach and apple trees at Knreka
Nuraerv, J. H. Robinson, Grants
Pass, Ore., R. F. D. No 2.
pay in
g small
lant for
newspaper bnsiness and plant
Inquire H.S.,Care Courier. 2-15
SINGLE COMB Browu Leghorn eggs,
10 for tl at my place near Appl
gate, Oregon. Clinton Cook. 3-15 tf
HUHSE, weight about 1200 lbs. four
years old, good worker. Geo.
Mirris, three miles north of town.
8 15-3C
COWS Three good gentle milk cows,
including one full blood Jersey for
sale; for particulars, call or address
a c. Kuble, Golden, Ore. 3-15 3t
'OR SALE By E. Steele at 2d ware
house west oold storage plant-
Sugar Pine Shakes, Plymouth Rock
Cockerels, Froit, Vegetables, all
kinds, fresh ocean fish, crabs,
shrimps, clams, oysters by the pint,
quart and esllos, also in csns. Cash
paid for fruit and produce E.
Steele. 11-2 tf
FOR SALE A few pair of bronze
turkeys, turkey eggs later at J. H. 1
Robinson's Grants Pass, Ore., R. F.
D. No. 2.
OOATS-F. A. Pierce, Merlin, Ore-.
Breeder of Pure blood Angora Coats ;
Flock headed by South African
import; corresiKindeace solicited
in regard to goats. 11-atl tf
POLA NdT'HIN AS Fstill have good i
individuals of both sexes. Sorini
and Fall farrows ; registered or not
as uesirea; lows hrert or open.
Hoars in service, Oregon's Pei fee
tion stU.M i and Chief Sunshine
(inua:i. i J. H. Robiusou, k f.
1) No. i. Grants Pass. 1-4 lHt
HOP YARD Two best hop yards in
the comity for rent terms to suit
customer. Phone 4S4. H-lo !t
rooms wi b heat and bath. Inonire
Mrs. R. M. Johnson.
a-1.5 it
WANTED Grants Pass business prop
erty in exchange for Hood River np
pie land. Al-o St). acre improved
stofii farm in Yamhill Co., fr sale
or exchaege. For an iculars mMress
W. 11. Al b tt, Hood River. l.Vlt
WANTED Grain Sacks, Tools and
other si mi-hand goods. Harrison
Hros . Second hand-store, corner
Sixth and .1 streets. S i) tf
WANTED-Salesmen. Many Make
IIiki to i;,o per mouth ; some even
more Stock clean: grown on Reser
vation, far from old orchards. Cash
ndvanc d weeklv. Choice cf terri
torv Address Wsshintgou Nursery
C lupinv. Toppeiiish, Washington.
piano contest it is
ad on page 7. S ill It
IS '
t l '.
' ' b
i e ti'ce to 1'iint vi.tir house
D Mowers figure with vou
" --'I. :i .'! n.
i 'HANi;i-:-Good city lot. will
cM'lonue for team, harm ss anil
iuon. Phone 4M. 0-1.1 it
Good luck and c portti'iitv for all.
"'tf.-t 1 1 r.i.iuien'ly l cited at the
ifh.ast ci no r cf bridge and Tin,,
u wish to learn how to control
vou ,.,., wtllt T0., iionld
m;, c, !.e: , vou should
Mho.o y. '1 v.o.iid 'nvcid: If
! at once mi Urownie - her
ave aim,..; -, M, belief You
ii-toipsl-, d, iiumhfo-in.l.Hl and
ir tie renin, 1 1,. tilings and
be t- !'s H ,,tr o i , .
Do v,
the cm
d i to !,.
SO. C.l
will I',
an a ,
seer ' s
itli '.lld, d. K. Prow ti. :t..s 4t
r , am, t,,
li, l!
,' ; r
i; - t
i ii i
'. rig!
i;e t
. irge
1 and
Swell New Suits
l r
WttlOSS DR5s. I CO.
-Fix rtalhVs Mjki.r
Billi,3urenS Ny ttrk
I i ? r?b '
1 ( i 7 j
. 1 ..-to""
wmoss dr5s. i co.
F'tnt rtAlki Mjki.r J
There's a lot of satisfaction in wearing Clothes like
thesegarments that will distinguish you in any
company, You'll find them the very latest ideas in
cut, fabric and pattern, and the tailoring of the neve
failing "SCHLOSS" quality.
Remember that we have size and
clothes, but In loss expensive garments as well. Prices 10 up. Our All
Rcadv Stock offores you the best values for your money you could find
anywhere, acd our Furnishing Department will complete your wardrobe
perfectly at little cost Come in.
. H. Harth
Our Motto Quality for The Price.
SIGN and house painting -Mowers,
P. O. Boi 2-l
C D.
Hundreds of varieties of Post Cards
t 'I1" Music Store,
Upstairs, opposite postoflice ham
mock Studio U where yon meet no
disappointment in Portrait Wort.
FRAXK BURNETT-U p 1 1 oTs t c r i n g7
mission furniture made to order.
EGGS This is the time when eggs for
setting are in demaud. If you huve
eggs for sale advertise t em now.
It costs but ' per line per week.
SHEET MUSIC The complete edition
of McKiuiey sheet music iu stock at
the Photo and Mnsic stor. Ali-o
popular music ;!."(l( sheets in stock.
DON'T let the rabbits ami the borers
kill your trees when they can be
protected by a Boss Protector at a
cost of 1'4 cents apiece and that
will last three years Made cf
Yucca wood, is prrous and requires
no fasteners. See sample at W. L.
Ireland's real estate ottice. George
II. Parker, Grants Tush agent for
Rogue River Valley. 2-8 tf
IT IS SPRAY cr cut down your trees
under the new law, but as fruit
will lie high in price
will pay you to save your tries.
We use the Sampsou spray and
guarantee to do thorough, honest
work with a power machine.
Special car given to the spraying
of trees and flower hushes in yards ;
and prices reasonable. Ci nt'tacis
taken to do orchard spraying at a
distance from Grants Pass if sufli- :
cieiit to justify tie trio. Leave'
ord-rs nt Geirue S. CMhoun's
clothing store, cr with Charles
Meserve, county fruit inspector, j
Dose a I'lilho-in. (-rants P.s.2-t tf '
Applications for Grazing Permits I
Notiee is hereby given that all ap- !
plications for permits ;o graze cittle, 1
lior-os and 'In1 p within the SISKI-!
the season of liiT must be tiled in
my i -f!ii e at Grants Pass ( he. , on or
before April 1, l'.,oT. full inhuma
tion in regard to the grazing fes to
be charged, anil blank forms to he
used in making applications, will he
f i. i n ; .-h. ,1 upou r, qui st.
:'-s -It Acting Supervisor. !
Cctiklm Puilding, Grants Pa-s, Ore. !
Mow to sjenism Younn
To continue young in health and
-tr.e.l!:, as Mrs. N. F. Hawaii,
Mcl'onoiigh, Hi, di,). she 'avj;'
"Tlire Ixtt ics of Eleciric Fitters'
cur. ,1 in, o ( l,r, Hie liv, r mid stomach
""'.! .e. ; etu Tented with such an '
nil a';'. e, n.'.ition i f the 1 1, j that
my ck'ii tune d red as tiuiml. lam1
now- priictie.-illv in years young, r than '
!. !, r, 1 lock Eh ctric Put. r I ran
now do all niv work with en-, and as-'
si-t ! ::,y hus'-and's -tor, . " Uirati- '
t ' ' a' .r, :. - -, - 1'rv
grade, not only in these fine quality
& Son, Inc.
Mop Um oovtfb sad be4loos
Itobertlne gives what every woman
meet desires a perfect complexion.
It brings that soft, smooth, fresh,
clear tint to the cheek that denotes
youthfulness. It will bring beauty
to those who lack It: it will retain
It for those who already possess It;
It will enable you to successfully
combat the ravagee of weather and
time. Don't doubt don't argue. Just
try Robertlne. Tour druggist will
give you a free sample. All Arug
clats keep Robertlne.
First National Bank
Of Southern Oregon
U'e Pay Interest on
L B. Hall. President
J. C. Campbell, Vice-Preeidont
H L GiLKEY.'Canhlor
R. K. Hackett, Asst.Casiior.