Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 08, 1907, Image 1

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No. 45.
0uthern Oregon Weather Hat
Been Mild and Pleasant With
Warm Rains.
Hewe Added More Pumps tvnd
Now Largest Centri
fugal Pump.
Determined to Put ctn End to
Frauds in Acquisition of
Public Lands.
Discontented With Exchange of
Gctmo Showed a. Decided Im
provement Over the On
o. Week Before.
Applicant for Stevte tvnd County
Paper Will Have Hearing In
Grant Pae. Feb. 13-16.
Levnds on Klamath
1 Reservation.
Those who ara dissatisned witn the
nter weather or sontnern uregon
Ly find profitable reading and food
r reflection in ine iouowiug gnsi
dispatches dipped from the Port-
nd papets and a11 bearing date of
braary 4, Monday or this ween.
tQ weauier ueio an ituij uiuo wan
d or the week past had been, rain
tg but mild ana warm, me oniy
Lpieasant quality Deing tne wetness.
Vitally different conditions prevail
Northern and Eastern Oregon,
jehington and Idaho.while Monta-
, being east of the Rockies, is in a
worse climatic condition, JTol-
wing are some weauier uoibb oi
fferent points:
An avalauohe of slash ice, snow
d 8le''t rushed down the mountain
Itle at Oneonta station at midnight
Lt night and buried a rotary snow
loir and two looooiotlves tbat were
lying to force open a passage west
ard for three O. R. & N. passenger
tins snowbound at Bonneville.
'lie operating department bas conoen-
ated its efforts today in digging the
tary and locomotives oat, as they
le at present blockading all main
ne traffic.
Oneonta is S3 miles east of Port-
Lad on the main line of the O. R. N.
timpany. &ignc miles beyond is
oonerille. There have been no
nios from the east to Portland since
ntnrday, and as a oonseqaence three
I est-bound passenger trains are held
p east of the blockade. They were
bnsolidated at The Dalles this niorn-
g and ran to Bonneville, where the
faaier Harvest Queen took the pass-
gen aboird and started for Fort-
Arlington, Or. Storm conditions
roaglioat eastern Oregon are nn-
Uianged, snow, rain and sleetfollow
mt the recent ohinook, and it has
risen storming - since February 1.
Itockmen admit feed will be scarce,
Ind expeot reports of serious losses
u the range.
Heppner, Or. The worst storm for
are visited this section Saturday
nd still continues. About seven
tidies of suow covers the ground.
oiay has been one of continuous
Jeet. Fears are entertained that the
ectric wires for Heppner will be pot
fat of business nnless the storm ceases
vfore morning.
Pendleton, Or. Snow, which bad
ln falling nearly continuously since
Saturday morning, this afternoon
hanged to sleet, which is accotu-
inied by a very cold wind, making
e storm by far the niott disagreeable
f the Winter.
Lewiston, Idaho Suow continues
k (all throughout the Pauhaudld sec-
on of Idaho, with nroenostications
Uuia evening by the weather Bureau
" rue storm will continue tor at
-ant 3(1 hoars longer.
From all over this section of the
onntiy there continues to ccme in
Males of dead and dying sheep and cat-
1. ... i .i . mi. 1-
f'o lutti sirew me ranges, itere i
bsolutely no succor for them. The
rang' H are covered with a coating of
frozen sleet, and upon that snow is
panging from two to four feet deep.
(hero is not a section of the state,
from tin! Canadian border to Moscow
n the sooth, but what is boried in
from 2 to 20 feet of snow.
$ 9 Acre Farm
$ 5 Acre Tract &f J
V $600 fmitland. Excel
. vrF- MAM S
? THE REAL t5ii
The Golden Drift Mining Company
has completed extensive improvement
aud added additional heavy equip
ment to its mooster power and hy
draulic punininir nlaut in the Drv
- - !
Diggings district near here, and now
bas oue of the very largest hydraulic
mining pumping plants in the world.
This company bas amply demonstrated
that where proper facilities exist,
such as are afforded by Rogue river
and the Dry Diggings placer Balds,
surface mining can be profitably done
by pumping or forced power, thus
overcoming the embarrassment of
long seasons of idleness through the
Summer or dry season.
The company has a monster five
step centrifugal pump, the largest
high pressure pomp ever manu
factured. It operates two giants day
aud night in the Dry Diggings, forc
ing the water through four-inch noz
zles nnder a pressure of 160 pound to
the square inch. The pump bas a
capacity of 13,000,000 gallons every 24
hour, or 9000 gallons per minute.
Tliis immense volume is delivered
through 1500 feet of 22 inch steel
piping, and is lifted to a height of 165
feet before dropping into the digeings
and forking to the 11-iuch giant pipes.
The monitors hurl their streams 500
feet Mining is done, however, from
a distance of 150 or 200 feet. The
operations require 1200 horsepower.
The gravel banks of the Dry Dig
gings are from 25 !to 05 feet high, are
of red olay and decomposed strata aud
carry their values in coarse and
'floor" gold. The coarse gold and
heavier nuggets are found in the
lower strata. The finer or average
gold occurs in the pipe clays occupy
ing the layers in the oenter of the
banks, and the "Boar" gold is found
in the red clay capping.
Mow's Thi?
We offer $100 reward for any case of
Catarrh, that -cannot be cored by
Hall's Catarrh (Jure.
F. Jj CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheuev for the last 15 years,
and believe bim perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, and finan
cially able to carry ont any obliga
tions made Dy ms nrm. ,
Vt aiding, lunuao Aiarvin.,
Wholesale Draggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nallv. acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price, ioc
per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. Havre. Mont Winter weather
throughout Northern Montana has been
more severe than it has been at auy time
daring the last 27 years. Not a wheel
is taming on the maiu line of the
Great Northern Railroad. No freight
train has passed through Havre for 48
days. In drifts west of that point
seven Oriental limited pa'seuger
trains are stalled and to the east 15
more are similarly situated.
The temperature in Great rails for
the past 24 hours has ranged from 14
to 22 below, in Havre from 28 to 44
below, aud it is reported that in Val
ley County the temperature yesterday
wag around 50 below. At most
points in Northern Montana a bliz
zard lias racd for honrs past.
Portland is recovering slowly from
the damage caused by the storm of
sleet last week bot it will take
several weeks yet to get th tele
phone system into shape again.
one mile from center of town. Good 6
room house, large ham and chicken
c..;i ;B first-class for earden truck or
water thru place. Terms H
from city limits. Small cottage.
all cleared, good garden ana
lleut place to raise poultry.
President Roosevelt has determined
to put an end, if possible, to frauds
in the acquisition of public lands by
individuals and corporations. He has
directed that hereafter no patentshall
De issued to public lands until an ex
amination of the ground shall have
Been made by an authorized officer of
the government. The president's
order is in the form of a letter to Seu-
retary Hitchcock, and under its pro
visions orders are being sent out to
officials of the General Land Office,
Following is the letter:
"The Secietary of the Interior To
prevent the frand now practiced in
the acquisition of publio lands of the
united States. I have to direct thut
hereafter no final certificate, patent.
or other evidence of title shall be
issued nnder the publio land laws un
til an actual examination has been
made upon the ground for or by an
uthorized officer of the government.
but the following shall be excepted
from the force of this order:
"First All claims which have
heretofore been examined npon the
grouud by an authorized officer of
the government whose report is found
oeoona ah claims wbere an
officer of the government other than
officeia authorized to take final proof
shall have been present at the taking
of final proof to oros-examine claim
ant and witnesses, if such proof is
found satisfactory.
'Third All claims where claim
ants' compliance with law has been
established by contest or other regu
lar proceedings.
"Fourth Entries which mav have
been confirmed by virtue of any act of
'Five Selection and entries in
which no residence or improvement is
equired by law, when the lands
embraced ara in agricultural dis
tricts, or when character bas been
fixed by investigation and classifica
tion made in accordance with law.
"Sixth Cases of re-issuance of
patents because of some clerical error
occurring in the patent heretofore
'Seventh All Indian allotments
which have been regnlarly approved
n accordance with instructions of the
secretary of the Interior.
"You will issne all necessary in
structions to carry this order into
"This order is in lien of my orders
of December 1, 11)03.
Informa:ion is wanted by Calvin B.
La Shells, Soldiers Home, Cal., in
regard to the whereabouts of his
uncle, an old miner named W'm. It.
Souimers, familiarly known ad "Bill
Sommers. " Last heard from at Reno,
Nev. iu 186S). He would be if living
about 76 years of age.
Streams on the Rnmpaje.
The heavy rains of last week caused
a general nign water rnrougnoui
Western Oregon. Iu the Willamette
valley, that river aud its tributaries
reached an alarmingly high stage.
The Southern Pacific trains were de
layed but only minor damage was
done to the road.
In Southern Oregon the water was
not unusually high except in certain
stream. Rogue river reached about
the same mark that it did in Jauuu
ary. The Applegate river was pro
portionately somewhat higher.
The rain in Southern Oregon was
warm and melted a considerable
amount of suow from the mountains
which augmented the flood. Tie
water reached its highest stage on
Monday. On tbat day a considerable
amount of the water of Rogoe river
was running under the south ap
proach of the bridge at this place aud
some of the south bank of the river
above the bridge was cut away.
"His Master's Voice."
Tbe Photo and Music House has
been appointed selling agent for
Joseuhine county for the Victor Talk
ing Machine and a full stock of ma
chines and records will be in stock
early next week. Come in and hear
"His Master's Voice."
Ouarga Brand Red Kidney Beans
ready to eat. Boy them at Srcythes'
Quality shop.
A petition, signed by several chiefs
of the Klamath Indians, bas been sent
to President Roosevelt direct, request
ing that he cause an investigation of
the 'recent land exchange on the
Klamath reservation, commouly
spoken of as the Booth-Kelly deal,
The Iudiaos feel they have uot been
justly dealt with, and, while an in
vestigatlon may not disclose any
fraudulent transaction, there is a
possible chance it may be shown that
tho Indians did not receive full value
tor the lauds they deeded to this com
paoy in exchange for other lauds.
Reliable timber cruisers and estima
tors make the statement that the deal
was a good one that is, for the
Booth-Kelly people. The Indian
Agent approves the exchange of the
lands, aud expresses tbe opinion that
the Klamath Indians received ample
consideration for their valuable body
ot timber deeded to the Booth-Kelly
Comrany. Tbe deal has now reached
a point where nothing but a thorough
investigation by the government will
satisfy all parties concerned as to the
propriety of the exchange of these
Neighbors Got Fooled.
"I was literally coughing myself to
death, aud had become too weak to
leave my bed ; and neighbors pre
dicted tbat I would never leave lt
alive; but they got fooled, for thanks
be to God I was iuduoed to try Dr.
Kind's New Discovery. It took just
four 1 bottles to completely core the
coogh aud restore me to good sound
health." writes Mrs. Eva Uncapber,
of Grovertown, Stark Co., Iud. This
Kins of coogh and oold cures, and
bealer of throat and longs is guaran
teed by ail druggists, 60c and If.
Trial bottle free.
Advertised Letters.
Following are the letters remain
ing in the Grants Pass, Oregon, Post-
office, for the week ending February
2, 1907. Persons calling for the same
will please give tbe date advertised.
A charge of one cent will be made
npon delivery :
Athens, H.
Bill, Mrs. LoBter.
Bennett, William T.
Brown, KMT.
Brown, Mrs E.
Carwell, Mrs Carrie
Curtis, Mits Grace.
Edwards, J D.
Eaton, Mrs J D.
Fulton, J G.
Fuller, H J. '
Fletchur, O H.
Heaton, J W.
Hanen, Cliae.
Hughes, M H.
Jons, Miss Winnie.
Kiuny, J. C.
Kenworby, Glenn, 2.
Keuimer, L C.
Kyes, J M.
Morley, W B.
Marshall, Miss May.
Maruou, Dr. W. B.
McKtnzie, M.
McDowell, Mrs. C P.
Niessen, Fred.
Obyr, L W.
Plower, Geo.
Ralph, L.
Smith, Mrs J.
Smith, H N.
Smith, Mrs A.
Smith, Warren.
$inith, Mrs. Augusta.
Stoddard, Mr.
Stevens, Levy.
Stand ley. Mrs W S.
Sargent, Willie.
Stanley, O H.
Werscbkul, S.
Wright, Morris.
Tbo city council held its regular
meeting uu Thursday evening. Full
report of proceedings next week.
A chicken pie supper was given at
Bethany church parlors Wednesday
evening by the C. E. society. There
was a good attendance and au eioelleut
sapper was prepared.
Frd Knight, formerly in the de
livery business here 'has gone to Port
laud wbere he bas the delivery agency
for one of the dailies.
As we go to press word is received
of tbe death of Mrs. Marion Seavey,
who has been ill for some time at the
South Pac-ifio Hospital.
Last Friday night a good game of
Basket BalL was played between the
Grants Pass team and the Grants Puss
High School in the A. A. C. hall.
The local boys started ont to do their
winning at the very start aud kept
the good work going until the end.
In the first half tbe local team scored
7 points and '10 in the seooud half.
Stephenson substituted Fanbion in the
seooud half.
The High School Boys were out
classed in every turn of the game.
Cheshire scored one foul and five has
kets, Wertz five baskets, and Stephen
son one basket, making a total of 23
points. The High schools made four
Following is ths liue-up:
A. A. C.
G. P. H. S.
Wert a
Wallace .
rg Dean
Thomas. Scorer,
Referee, O. A
R. K. Turner.
Another game
will be played be-
tween the same
teams this Friday
evening at the opera boose.
Visit of AUska. Miner.
G. H. Waud, a mining man of
Rampart, Alaska, was in Grants Pass
a part of this week, a guest of P. H.
Harth, he and Mr. Harth being
former neighbors when they resided
in Winneiska, Minn. Mr. Wand is
oue of the owners of a big placer
mine near Rampart, oue of the objects
of his trip to Grants Pass was to get
pointers on the latest improvements
in handling tailings from deep mines
by elevators aud derricks. While
here he went to Waldo to eiamine the
elevator in the Deep Gravel Mine, one
of the most oomplete in Southern Ore
gon and embodying some new feat
ures devised by Manager W. J.
Wimer. Mr. Waud alBO went to Jack
sonville and examined the very com
plete derriok equipment in the Vance
mine on Forest creek.
Mr. Wand stated that Alaska was
developing very fast and the gold out
put was being increased each year.
Mauy big dredges aud hydraulic
plants are being put in and properties
are being made to pay that coo Id not
be handled in a small way. Qnartz
mines are also being very largely de
veloped aud Alaska has the credit of
haviug the largest quartz mill in the
world 'Jt having 1200 Btamps and Is
the famous Treadwell mine on
Doaglas island. Tne copper and coal
of which there are vast deposits are
being developed as are also the tin
Alaska is beoomlng a great fruit
market and Mr. Waud stated that
with building of railroads now
undi-r way or (irojected together with
the coast and river steamers is giv
ing transportation facilities to the
growing towus and mining camps
chat will make it possible to ship
fruit as readily aa to the East. As
it is the plan of the Grants Pass
Fruit Growers Union to gut into tbe
Alaska market this ooming year Sec
retary Meserve obtained ot Mr. Waud
the names of a number of reliable
dealers in that section to tho j fruil
can be shipped.
Pouring Down Bargains
A spot cash offering in rut prices on Carp
eta that means many a dollar to tho pros
pective house furnisher. Note these priceB
then Act, for these figures are only for
Prompt Purchase now
If you are going to furnish a house or
rooms this summer, it will pay you big to
anticipate your purchase and tako advan
tage of this sale.
Cottage Brussells regular G.",c for 4-Oc
Cotton and Hemp Ingrain regular "j for 35c
Ingrain, 731 G regular 80c for 5()c
Ingrain, 4CJ81G regular 1.25 for K)e
8-4 Table covers, heavy Tapestry reg. 4.00 fo..2.75
Couch covers heavy Tapestry reg. 7.50 for 4J5
1 lot of Lace Curtains at Cost
Thomas O'Neill,
Headquarters for tilings for the House
Notioa is hereby given that the
County Superintendent of Josephine
County will hold the regular exami
nation ot applicants for state aud
county papers at Grants Puss, as fol
lows :
Commencing Wednesday, February
13, at 9 o'clook a. m. , aud continuing
nntil Saturday, February 10, at if
p. m.
Wednesday Feuuianship, history.
spelling, physical geography, reading,
Thursday Written arithmetic the
ory of teaching, bookkeepiug, physios,
civil goverumeut, grammar.
Friday Physiology, Geography,
mental arithmetic, composition, al
gebra. Saturday Botany, plane geometry,
general history, English literature
school law.
Commencing Wednesday, February
13, at 0 o'clock a. m., and continuing
until Friday, February IS, at 4
o'clock p. in.
Wednesday Penui ansb i p, history,
orthography, reading.
Thursday Written arithmetio, the
ory of teaching, grammar, physi
ology. Friday Geography, mental arith
metio, school law, oivll government.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthog
raphy, arithmetic, reading.
Thursday Art of questioning, the
ory of teaching, physiology.
County Supt.
Business Transfer.
Several important business change
have taken this city lately,
the following "being among the most
C. H. Demaray, druggist, lately of
Iowa, has pnrohased the drug business
of H. A. Rotermtind. Mr. Demaray
is a pleasant gnutlenian whom we are
glad to welcome as one ot our oltzeus.
Spalding Bros., formerly of Wiscon
sin, have takeu au interest in the
Southern Oregon Supply Co., F.
Fetsoh retiring. W. ' F. Horn retains
bis ineterst and will be manager of
the business.
Williams Bros, and J. Willard
Denison have purchased the Grauts
Pass Grocery of J. K. MuKnight and
will taku charge on the 1 of March.
Fund Now on Hand to Mevko
Payment on Warrants
Interest Ceases.
There are funds in the treasury to
pay all warrants protested to July 7,
lUO.'l. Interest will ceaso from this
date, January 1H, 1U07.
Treasurer of Josephine O o. , Oregon.