Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 01, 1907, Image 7

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    . . ..tPiuliint to know that the
K1 Z vouug creature, who had kick
Junterpaue to the foot of the
V nd had mauled the pillow out of
J.r had slept for less than thirty
t! How was she to know that
.ZieA face and frown were born
course of a night of distressing
a ,Xs? Sbe knew only that the
,.nV beauty who lay before her
he fairest creature In all the nnl
rt' For some minutes Aunt Fanny
off and admired the rich youthful
Tn of the sleeper, prophetically re
rtlnt to disturb her happiness. Then
obeyed the Impulse of duty and
Zjte the summoning words.
Tm-what time Is It?" demanded
. newco'er from the land of Nod.
etching her flue young body with a
' lendid but discontented yawn.
''Sen Mis BcVly. Wha' time do
Vpose hit Is? UK'8 d' reg'lah time,
"co'se I'id yo' nil have a nice sleep,
' e5V- ml Aunt Fanny went bllss
Ilv about the business of the hour.
i didn't sleep a wink, confound It,"
ambled Heverly. rubbing her eyes
Z turning on ber back to glare up at
he tapestry nliove the couch.
wiiikiu' any when Ah
rust come into do room, lemme tell
. cackled AMU rauny, wiui caus
ae freedom.
See here, now, Aunt r anny, i m not
,lug to stand any lecture from you
,18 niorning. When a fellow hasn't
?Iept a"
"Who's a-lecturm' anyoouy, m o mk
1X0 luu" ' -T0'
was a-dolif when Ah came Into de
i A n iu les teniii yo wuui
room Yo1 was a-sieepin- perry nog-
Lone tight, lemme tell yo'. Is yo' goln'
r . ...,ai hA..A4
IWlt 10 yO waiK. UCIU u CUHIUB , UUUCJ
'Cause If yo ls. J' 011 ue ouieegea
L climb out'n dat baid maghty quick-
hike. Yo bar 19 reauy, ansa neviy.
Beverly splashed the water with un
reasonable ferocity for a few minutes.
trylDg to enjoy a diversion that had
not failed her until this morning,
mnnt I'lmnv." she announced after
looking darkly through her window
Into the mountains above, "if you
.. hmsii mv hair ouch! any easier
ttitn this I'll have some one else do
It that's all. You're a regular old
To 111' honey," was ail the eonl'
Lucent bear said In reply, without al
tering her methods tn tue least.
"Well," said Beverly threateningly.
with a shake of her head, "be careful,
that's all. Have you heard the news?"
"Wha' news, Miss Bev'ly?"
"We're going bntk to Washington."
"Thank de Lawd! When?"
"I don't know. I've just this instant
made up my mind. I think we'll start
let's see, tills is the Cth of August,
Isn't It? Well, look and see if you
don't know, stupid! The 10th? My
goodness! Where has the time gone,
anyway? Well, we'll start some time
between the 11th and the 12th."
"Of dls inonf. Miss Bev'ly?"
"No. September. I want you to
look up a time tuble for me today. We
must see about the trains."
'Dey's ou'y ouo leavin' hcah daily, an'
bit goes at 0 in de mo'nln'. One train
iday! Alii' dat seuu'lous?" '
I'm sure. Aunt Fanny, It ls their
business, not ours," said Beverly se
'P'raps dey uiought be runuln' a
Hcuhslon rouu' 'bout Scptembeh, Miss
Bev'ly," speculated Aunt Fanny con-
aoliugty. "Dey gen'ly has 'em in Sep-
"Yon old goose," cried Beverly In
spite of herself.
"Ain' yo' hubln' er good time,
".No, I am not."
"FV de lan' sake. Ah wouldn'
s'plcloned hit fo a mlnnlt. Hit's de
Fiyest place Ah uios' eveh saw 'cept
Wash'tnn an' Iicx'ton an' Vlcksbu'g."
"Well, you don't know everything,"
said Heverly crossly. "I wish you'd
take that red feather out of my lint
right nwny."
"Shall Ah frow lilt away, Miss
"We II, no. You needn't do that,"
said licverly. 'Tut it on my dressing
table. I ll attend to It."
"Wlm's become o' de gemiuan 'at wo'
bit In de fust place? Ah nln' seen him
fo' two- three ilnys."
"I'm sure I don't know. He's proba
bly asleeji. That class" of people uevei
lose sleep over nnythlng."
"E's er pow'ful good lookin' pus
son." stii; Aunt Fanny. Beverly's
yes brightened.
"(Hi, ,1 it you think so?" she said, quite
indifferently. -What nre you doing
with that hut?"
"Takin' out de featbeh Jes' as"
"Well, leave It alone. Don't disturb
my th;n-, Aunt Fanny. How many
Cffies must I tell you"
"(! "1 Lnwd!" was nil that Aunt
Fanny could say.
"I'on't forget about the time tables,'
aid Heverly as sue sallied forth for
"er walk in the uark.
In the afterudou she went driving
lth Princess Yetive and the young
Duke of Mizrox, upon whose innocent
nd sullicientlv troubled head Blie was
'eaplug secret abuse because of the
news he broueht. Later Count Mar
1&W appeared at the castle for his first
less..m in Doker. n looked so Bure of
himself that Beverly hated him to the
Point of desperation. At the same time
he was eager to learn how matters
ood with Baldos. The count's threat
till hung over her head, veiled by Its
ridiculous shadow of mercy. She knew
nlna well enougfr by this time to feel
avlueed that Baldos would have to
ccount for his temerity sooner or
pr. It was like the cat and the help
$s mouse.
"It's too hot," she protested, when be
anounced himself ready for the game.
Nobody plays poker when lfi 82 In
"But your highness." complained th.
count "war iny break fa
cannot cnnv,iu ,ii.. 1 '
'? ink .t!!ere'S " game ca"l 'shoot-
-o .uKBteu she serenely
"It seenu to me it would be
larly good for warriors. You could
shooting something all the ,l,ne
He went away In a decidedly irascl-
It. but Baldos was soon afterward set
to work In the garrison stables, am"
loathsome occupation. In addition to,
duties as a guard by night
After mature delMieration' Heverly set
K, jl" SIX
tenflon , ! lll'r 8,",ro' In-
Z S , l0nT,n "" that she would
S? r e States ,n ""i".i..g y
short time. The major
tte let tcr three week, later found noth
Ing In It to warrant the belief that she
was ever coming home. He dj ob.
serve however, that she had but little
use for the army of Graustark and
was especially disappointed In the set
of men Yetive retained as her private
guard. For the life of her Beverly
could not have told why she disap
proved of the guard In general or In
particular, but she was conscious of
the fact after the letter was posted
that she had said many things that
might have been left unwritten. Be
sides, It was not Baldos' fault that she
could not sleep. It was distinctly
her own. He had nothing to do with
"I'll bet father will be glad to hear
that I am coming home," she said to
Yetive after the letter was gone.
"Oh, Beverly, dear, I hate to hear of
your going," cried the princess. "When
did you tell him you'd start?"
"Why-oh-er-let me see, when did
I say? Dash me, as Mr. Anguish
would say, I don't believe I gnve a
aate. it seems to me I said
that's all."
"You don't know how relieved I am,"
exclaimed Yetive rapturously, and Bev
erly was In high dudgeon because of
the Implied reflection. "I believe you
are In a tltt with Baldos," went on Ye
tive airily.
"Goodness! now foolish you can be
at limes, Yetive!" was what Beverly
gave back to her highness the Prlncesa
Of Graustark.
Late In the evening couriers came In
from the Dawsbergen frontier with re
ports which created considerable ex
citement In castle and army circles.
Frlnce Gabriel himself hud been seen
in the northern part of his domain, ac
companied by a large detachment of
picked soldiers. Lorry set out that
very night for the frontier, happy In
the belief that something worth while
was ubout to occur. Geueral Marlunx
Issued orders for the Edelweisa army
corps to muss beyouu the Boutnern
gates of the city the next morning.
Commands were nlso sent to the out
lying garrisons. There was to lie a
geueral movement of troops before the
end of the week. Graustark was not
to bo caught napping.
Long after the departure of Lorry
and Anguish the princess sat on the
balcony with Beverly and the Count
ess Diigninr. They did not talk much.
The mission of these venturesome
young American husbands was full of
dancer. Something in the air had told
their wives that the first blows of war
were to be struck before they looked
ogaln upon the men they loved.
"I think we have been betrayed by
some one," said Dagiiinr after an al
most Interminable silence. Her com
panion did nut reply. "The couriers
say that Gabriel knows where we ure
weakest at the front and that be knows
our every movement. Yetive, there ls
a spy here after nil."
"And that spy lias access to the very
heart of our deliberations," added Bev
erly pointedly. "I say this In behalf of
the man whom you evidently suspect,
countess. He could not know these
"I do not say that he does know,
Miss Calhoun, but It Is not beyond rea
son that he may be the go-between, the
means of transferring Information from
the main traitor to the messengers who
await outside our walls."
'Oh, I don't believe It!" cried Beverly
"I wonder If these things would have
happened If Baldos bad never come to
Edelweiss," mused the princess. As
though by common Impulse, both of
the Graustark women placed their
arms aliout Beverly.
"It's because we have so much at
stake. Beverly, dear," whispered Dag-
mnr "Fonrlve mo if I have hurt
Of course Beverly sobbed a little In
the effort to convince them that she did
not care whom they accused if he
proved to be the right man In the end.
Thev left her alone on the balcony.
For an hour after midnight she sat
there and dreamed. Every one was
ready to turn against Baldos. Even
she had been harsh toward him, for
had she not seen him relegated to the
most obnoxious of duties after promts
lug him a far different life? And now
what was be thinking of her? His de
scent from favor had followed upon
the disclosures which made plain to
each the Identity of the other. No
doubt he was attributing his degrada
tion In a sense to the fact that she no
longer relished his services, having
seen a romantic little ideal shattered
bv his firm nssertlous. Of course she
knew thnt General Marian x was alone
Instrumental In assigning him to the
unpleasant duty he now observed, but
how was Baldos to know thnt she was
not the real power behind the Iron
Count? ,
A light drizzle began to fall, cold and
disagreeable. There were no stars, no
I...I..M. nam tilncll
moon. ine grouuu
wltJi shadows, but shimmering In spots
touched br the feeble park lamps
COoii. ov-i.-lS
re rented through her window? deter
mined to gJ , 0Hi. ner nbtAlaaM
brain, however, refused to banish him
from her thoughts. She wondered If
he were patrolling the castle grounds In
the rain in all that lonely darkness.
e'ei ny a sudden Inspiration
uirew- a gossamer nlwiiit
an umbrella and ventured out unon th
balcouv once moro nii.n i 7.
ed tn . uGull,"y sne searcb-
eu me night through the flue, drizzling
mm. iter ears listened Bnnri t.
the tread which was so well known to
her. :
At last he strode beneath a lamp not
far away. He looked up, but of course
could not see her against the dark wall.
For a long time he stood motionless be
neath the light. She could not help see
ing that he was dejected, tired, unhnp.
py. His shoulders drooped, and there
was a general air of listlessness about
the figure which had once been so full
of courage and of hope. The post light
fell directly upon his face. It was:
somber, despondent, strained. He wore
the air of a prisoner. Her heart went
out to him like a flash. The debonair
knight of the black patch was no more. !
In his place there stood a sullen slave
to discipline. I
"linldos!" she called softly, her voice
penetrating the dripping air with the
clearness of a bell. He must have been
' 'iigiiig rir the sound of It, for he start-1
1 !!,! loo!;eil eagerly in her direction.!
t !! f'irni straightened as he passed
! h itnl o -er his brow. It was but a
' Vo from his dream, he thought '
'Aren't you afraid you'll get wet?" ask-i
'J same Ijw, sweet voice, with the1
:g. siioti of a l.mgli behind It. With
long strides he crossed the pavement
atnl stood almost directly beneath her. j
"Your highness!" he exclaimed gen-1
tly, Joyously. "What are you doing out 1
'Wondering, Baldos. Wondering i
what you were thinking of as you
stood under the lamp over there."
"I was thinking of your highness," he
called up softly.
"No, no!" she protested.
"I, too, was wondering wondering
what you were dreaming of as yon
slept, for you should be asleep at this
hour, your highness, lustead of stand
ing out there In the rain."
"Baldos," she called down tremulout
ly, "you don't like this work, do you?"
"It has nothing but darkness in It for
me. I never see the light of your eyes.
I never feel the"
"Sli! You must not talk like that
It's not proper, and besides some one
may be llsterlug. The night has
thousand ears or Is It eyes? But lis
ten. Tomorrow you shall be restored to
your old duties. You Burely cannot be
lieve that I had anything to do with
the order which compels you to work
at this unholy hour."
"I was afraid you were punishing me
for my boldness. My heart has been
sore you never can know how sore. I
was disgraced, dismissed, forgotten"
"No, no; you were not! You must not
suy that. Go away now, Baldos. You
will ride with me tomorrow," she cried
uervously. "Please go to some place
where yon won't get dripping wet."
"You forget that I am on guard," he
said, with a laugh. "But you are a wise
counselor. Is the rain so pleasant to
you ?"
"I have an umbrella," she protested.
"Whit are you doing?" she cried In
alarm. He was coming hand over hand
up the treliis work that Inclosed the
lower veranda.
"I am coming to a place where I
won't get dripping wet." be called
softly. There was a dangerous ring in
bis voice, and she drew back in a
"You must not!" she cried desperate
ly. "Tills Is madness! Go down, sir!"
"I am happy enough to tly, but can
not. So 1 1. the next best thing I
climb to you." His arm was across the
stone railing ly this time, and he was
panting from t he exertion, not two
leet from where she crouched. "Just
one minute of heaven before I go back
to the shadows of earth. I am happy
again. Marlanx told me you had dis
missed me. I wonder what he holds In
reserve for me. I knew he lied, but It
Is not until now that I rejoice. Come,
you are to shield me from the rain."
"Oh, oh!" she gasped, overwhelmed
by his daring passion. "I should die
If any one saw you here." Yet she
spasmodically extended the umbrella
so that It covered him and left her out
In the drizzle.
"And so should I," resonded he
softly. "Listen to me. For hours and
hours I have been longing for the dear
old bills In which you found me. I
wanted to crawl out of Edelweiss and
lose myself forever In the rocks and
crags. Tonight when you saw me I
was trying to say good by to you for
ever. I wus trying to make up my
mind to desert. I could not endure the
new order or tilings, iou uau cast
tue off. My friends out there were
eager to have me with them. Io the
city every one ls ready to call me a
stir even you. I thought Life was
black and drear. Now, my princess. It
In as bright as heaven Itself."
"You must not talk like this," she
whispered helplessly. "You are mak
ing mo sorry I called to you."
"I should have beard you If you had
only whispered, my rain princess. I
have no right to talk of love-I am a
vagabond, but I have a heart, and It ls
a bold one. Perhaps I dream that l am
here beside you so near that I can
touch your face but It Is the sweetest
of dreams. But for It I should have
left Edelweiss weeks ago. I shall nev
er awaken from this dream. You can
not rob me of the -Joys of dreaming."
Under the spell of bis passion she
drew nearer to him as be clung strong
ly to the rail. The roses at ner uiruui
came so close that he could bury his
(To be continued. )
rA3, Oom,v FEBRUARY 1,
doctors MiratfE:
Are said often to bo buried six feot nnocr
ground. But many times women call on
their family physicians, suffering, as they
Imagine, one from dyspepsia, another from
heart disease, another from liver or kid-
ney disease, another from nervous pros-
trauon. another wim pain neroanu men-.
l ' this way they present alike lo
themselves and their easy-going or over-
busy doctor, separate diseases, for which
he, assuming them to be such, prescribes
h! nills and notions. In reality, they aru
all only impfomg caused by some uterine
disease. The'phiclan,isnorant of tho
cuuseof suffering,K!;ps up TtvUreatnieiil
until large bills are nnide. JT&fHlTerii:K
patient gets no betterJrT.isHtjHithe
wron? treatment, but probably worMT;
? roper medicine iik" "r. m""!
'n scniition. liira tnl to thr rmisc xvoiiTJ
r, piuvcil tne tnscase, Uiiru-
n all tlioe uisiTesaiiig syni-
prolonged misery. It has been well said,
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Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is a
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It is made of native. American mudicimil
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As a imwcrful Invigorating tonic "Fa
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rr iireR' Pleiisniit Pellets Invigorate
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three a dose. Easy to take as candy,
The Joy
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Dyspepsia." Kor sale by National
Drug Co., and by Rotermond.
In the Connty Court for Josephine
County, Oregon.
In the matter of the 1
Estate of Wallace
H. Close, Deceased. J
Notice is hereby given, that Adaline
Close, residing at Grants Pass, Jose
phine Connty, Oregon, has been ap
pointed administratrix or tne estate
of Wallace H. Close, deceased, by or
der of the County Conrt for Josephine
County, Oregon, dated January 22,
1907, and all persons having claims
against raid estate are hereby notified
to nresent the same, dolv verified, to
said administratrix at the law office of
H. D. Norton in Grants Pass, Jose
phine County. Oregon, oa or before
six months from the date of the first
publication of this notice.
Date ot hrst poulloation, January
20, iwt.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1H78.
Roeeburg, Orenon, November 19, 190.
Notice is hereby itiven that in com
pliance with the provisions ot the act
of ;onuress ol June 3. lni, entitled An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public Land States by
act of AuguBt 4, WM,
of Uoseburg, County of Douglas, State
of Oregon, has this day filed in this of
fice bis sworn statement No. 7581, for
ilie purchase ol the NE' of Sec 34, in
Twp. No. M S. Range No. 5 V, and
uill fiU'r urniif tn hIiow tlmL the lund
or htone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish bis claim to said land
before the Register and .Receiver at this
oilice at Roseburg, Oregon, on Wednes
dv, the 3d day o' April, l!H)7.
He names aa witnesses: L S. Ship
ley, of Roseburg, Robert Medley, of
Roseburg, Oregon ; Frank Kennedy, of
Roseburg. Oregon; E. P. Tynan, of
Roseburg, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands are
requested to file their claims in this
olliee on or before said 3d day of
April, 1907. Bknjamim L. Eddy,
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
R.An,., I Iriinnn Vliv 10 I'.tOTI.
vii,. i. i.ur'uh. uivan it, t in cnmnli-
ance with the proviaiona of the actol Con -
jressof June 3. 1878. entitled ''An act
for the sale of timber lands in the States
of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all the Public Land States by act of
August 4, 1892,
of Placer. County of Joeepbine. State of
Orenon. has this day filed in this oilice
her sworn statement NO. 7009 for the
nurchase of Lots 5. tt. 7 and hEJ of NW1
Section No.O in Township No. 35 South,
Range No. 5 W, and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish
her claim to said land at tnis oince
at Roseburg, Oregon, on Wednesday, the ,
10th day ol April, l'J07. She names as j
Henry O. Williams ol Placer, Oregon ; i
William T. Turuhain ol Grants Pass, ;
Oregon; Henry 11. Conger of Placer,
Oregon; W. A. Long of Placer, Oregon. !
Any and all persons claiming adverse- i
lv the above described lanua are re'
nn or befor said 10th dav of Aoril
1907. Ba.MjAai.i L. Ennr, Register.
Timber Land, Act Jane 3, 1878.
United States Land Office.
Rooeburg. Oregon, Dec. 8, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
An act for the sale ol timber lands in
the States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington ' Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public Land Stale by
actol August 4, 1892,
of Wabpeton, Connty o Richland,
State of North Dakota, has this day
filed in this office ber sworn statement
No. 7ft60, for the pnrchasa of the WW
of NW and N,S of 8W. of
Section No. 83 in Township No.
85 South, Range No. 4 West, and wil'
offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber
or stone thau for agricultural pur
poses, and to establish ber claim to
said land before Charles E. Alaybee,
United States Commissioner, at bis
office at Grants Pats, Oregon, on
Monday, the 8th day of April ,1907.
She names as witnesses: A. W.
Silsbv of Grants Pasr, Oregon, William
Spalding of Grants Pats, Oregon,
Ella K. Chapman of 1803 7th Ave.,
Seattle, Washington, aud Elbert V.
Kellogg of Grants Pass, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the above-described lands are requested
lo file their claims in this oltice on or be
before said 8th day of April, 11)07.
Bknjauis L. F.ddy, Register.
In the matter of the
estate of G.W.
fhktiln Tl anuu u.ul
Nntina la hnrohv iriven to all neraona
having claims against the estate of
G. W. Chapln, deceased, to present
your statement of claim, with proper
vonchera, within six months from the
first date of this notice, towit:
November 80th, 190H, to Lucy Chapin,
Administratrix, at Leland, Oregon.
This notice is published Ly order of
Stephen Jewell, Judge of Josephine
county, Oregon, in the Rogoe Hirer
Courier for four weeks.
By H. B. Htmdrioks, her attorney.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, Eatberlne Keenan, adminis
tratrix of the estate of Nancy Lot,
deceased, to the creditors and all per
sons having claims agaiust said de
ceased, to exhibit them with the
neceeiary vouchers, within six months
irom the first publication of this
notice, to said administratrix at her
residence on the corner of 8th and J
streets, Grants Pass, Oregon, or at
the office of Hendricks and Johnston,
opposite post ofiloe. The same be
ing the place for the transaction of
the business of the said estate.
Dated November 16, 190A.
Hendricks & Johnston,
Attorneys for the administratrix.
In the Connty Conrt ot the State of
Oiegon for Josephine County.
In the Matter ol the
Estate of
Alpheus E. Holl
oway, Deceased.
Notloe is hereby given to whom it
may concern that I, the undersigned,
have been appointed adimuistrator of
the Estate of Alpheus E. Holloway,
deceased, and that all persons having
claims against said estate are required
to file the same, properly verified as
provided by law, with mo, at my
office In Grauts Pass, Oregon, within
six uionhs from this date.
Dated January lltti, 1907.
Notice is hereby given by the nn
dersignud, Nina B Lnthrop, adminis
tratrix of the estate of C. M. I athrop,
deceased, to the creditors of and all
persona having claims agaiust said es
tate, to exhibit them, within six
months after the first publication of
this notioe to my attorney, J. N.
Johnston at his oilice in Grants Pass,
Oregon, the said being the place for
the transaction of the business of aald
Date of first pnblication, January
25, 1907.
J. N. Johnston,
Attorney for Adtu.
In the matter of the I
Estate of Lewis
Hayes, Deceased. J
As per order of Hon. Stephen
Jewell, jndge of Josephine County,
; Oregon, dated January 8, 1107,
j Notice Is hereby given to all persons
j having claims aaainst the said de
ceased to exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers to F.M. Hayes aduiiuis
trator of said eatateat Murphy P. O.,
; Josephine County, Oregon, within
, six mouths from the first pnblication
of this notice to-wit, January 11th,
By H. B. Heedrlcks, bis attorney.
Notice is hereby slven that I have
ieen appointed
administrator of the
: estate o
f J.
Hons, deceased. All
persons having claims againtt the said
estate are hereby required to file the
' same properly verified, with my
attorney at Grants Pass, Oregon,
within six mom lis from the 19th day
; ot iNOvemoer, iwn,
Oliver S. Brown,
Attorney forAdministrator.
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Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Olliee,
Roseburg, Oregon, Dec. 8, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that in compli
ance with the provisions of the act of
Congress ol June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the Public Land States by act
of AuguBt 4. 1892,
of Seattle, County ot Kthg, State
of Washington, bas '.tin day filed In this
office ber srOrn statement No. 7059, for
Ibt purchase of the SE', of Section No.
30 in TownBhip No. 35 South.
No, 4 w., and will offer prtwi to thai
that the land tougbt li more valuable
for iti Umber or Hone hm tor arb
cultural purposes and to establish ber
claim to said land Chas.B.Maybesj
U. 8. Commissioner, 4t his office at
Grants J'aea, Oregon, on Monday, the
8tb day of April. 1907".
She names as witnesses: A. W.
Silsby ol Grants Pass, Oregon; William
Spalding ol Grants Pans, Oregon ; Cora
E. Chapman ol Wahpeton, North Dak
ota; and Elbert V. Kellogg of Granta
Pass, Oregon .
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested to file their claims in this office
on or before said 8th day of April, 1907
Bknjahin L. Eddy, Register.
In the Circuit Conrt of the State of
Oregon for the Ooonty of JoBephine.
J. D. Drake,
Charlea H. Johnston, I
Defendant. J
Notice Is hereby given that by
virtue of a writ of execution, duly
issued out of and under the seal of
the Circuit Court in and for the
Connty of Josephine, State of Oregon,
and to me directed and duly attested
by the olerk of Bald Court on the 17th
day of January, A. D. 1907, upon a
decree aud judgment duly reudttred,
entered ot record aud duly docketed In
the office of the olerk of said Circuit
Conrt.on the 21at day of January, 1907,
in a certain suit then pending In the
aaid Circuit Conrt wherein J. D.
Drake was plaintiff and Charlea H.
Johnston, defendant in the sum of
Seveu Hundred anil Seventy-Eight aud
61-100 Dollars (778.1) with Interest
thereon from the 21at day of January,
1907, at the rate "of 6 per cent perjan-
oiii, aud the further sum of twenty
Dollars (t'JO) costs aud diaborfomentB,
aud the coats aud expenses of, aud
pon this writ, commanding me to
make sale ot the following described
real rrperty towit:
Utna rive vuj oix voj uiiu ouyeu iij
in Section Eighteen (18), Twp.
Thirty-six Cl(i) Booth, Rauge Six (8)
Wast of Willamette Mer. Also all
the right, title aud interest of the de
fendant in and to Lot Five (5), Heo.
Thirteen (13 1, Twp. Thirty-Six (!))
South, Range Seven (7) West, of
Willamette Mer., ail la Josephine
County, Oregon.
Now, therefore by the virtue of said
execntiou, judgment, order and de
cree, and in compliance, with the com
mands of said wrn, I will on, Hatur-
ay, March 3, 1907, at the hour of 10
clock a. m at the front door of the
County Court house in the City of
Grants Pass, said Coouly and estate,
sell at public auction subject to re
demption, to the highest bidder for
United Hiatus gold coin, cash In hanil.
all the right, titln'and interest which
the above named Uolenaant bad or
now has in and to the above described
real property or any part thereof to
satisfy said execution, Judgment,
order, decree, interest, ousts aud all
accruing costs.
Dated Urauts rasa, ure., January
24, 1907.
Sheriff of Josephine County, Ore.,
First Pnblication February 1, 1907.
Last Publication March 1, 1907.
Harmon Blk up stairs
Promptly and of the best material
and in the latest style.
Still doing business at the old stand.
Cor. Sixth and D streets.
Ubahts Pass, Oasoosr.