Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 25, 1907, Image 5

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V." American (froctr.
Y Items of Personal V
I Interest. l
South Sea Blend at 20c is
ter than most so called
a and Mocha at 40c to 50c
lejiember we have En
h Breakfast Tea at 25c,
our best of course, but
Pith best wishes for a
ppy New Year, we are,
White House
Courier give ail the county
5 Dr. HoUod of Merliu was a visitor
to Grants Pass Wednesday.
Mm. Edith Behkopf left Thursday
for San Francisco, to select her, Spring
stock of millinery.
Mrs. Fred Gunipert left Wednesday
evening for York, Neb., where she
goes to visit relatives and friends.
Mrs. Geo. S. Callioon went to Ash
lan Wednesday morning to visit rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. James Gunning and son left
Wednesday evening to visit friends
and relatives at Portland and Wash
ington points.
Mrs. Alioe Carlon left Wednesday
evening for Stoning, 111., to spend
several months with ber sister, Mrs.
Hattie Cook Young.
Frank Barrie retorned on Sunday
fiom Portland where he has been at
tending the Benke-Walker busines
college for some months past He
will remain at home for the present
Mrs. O. A. Thomas and little son,
who have been spending the past few
weeks with Mrs. Thomas' parents at
Seattle, are expected to letorn to
Grants Pass this Saturday.
A olass recital was given Tuesday
evening by the pupils of Miss Ethel
Palmer. Ia this, as in former recitals
the pupils acquitted themselves in a
very creditable manner, which speaks
highly for the efficiency of Ming Pal
mer as a thorough musical instructor.
Cure Without Drugs orMedicine
I can remove Cancers, Moles, Birth-marks, Warts
and Corns with Sun-Rays by science of light lens.
I treat Rheumatism, Paralysis, Stamache and Bow
ell Trouble, Kidney and Bladder Trouble, and also
Spinal Trouble, Successfully by German Massage
Science without Medicine. Have best refrences
from Oregon Physicians (Regulars)
Do not fail to come to see me at my office on P
and 5th st. Grants Pass, Ore.
!;! A Brief Record of jj
Local Events. i
Will help you to spell Suc
cess in the poultry business.
Our experience in .the last
year shows what anyone can
do, and we are now ready to
deliver Machines for 1907.
We will batch settings of
eggs at the rate of 50c per
setting, and have for sale.
Brown and White Leghorn
eggs at $1 per setting.
We sell choice Feed.Oyster
Shell, Bone Meal, Granulated
Bone, Grit etc.
Cramer Bros.
Odd Fellows Block
Poultry Netting Garden Tools
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Hall of Me-
ohaniosbrug, III., ant visiting in
Grants Pass this week, the guests of
his brothr, L. B. Hall. Mr. and Mrs.
Hall are making a tour of the coast
and will return to Illinois by the
southern route, visiting San Francis
co, Los Ageles, New Orleaus and 1
other points of interest. -
Alao do the Mechanical
Work of tha Bohemia.
oantyjaf Josephine
I hereby certify that I have been treated for Rheumatism of Neck and
der by Prof. L. R. Valeske, very successfully; II. B. HENDRICKS
A. II. Bannard
At the Big Store, North Side
Finds too much Wall Paper
on hand, and will cut prices
25 to 50 per cent
for thirty days to close it out
A large Stock of every
thing in our line at low
est price.
It is with a feeling of personal loss
and deep regret Jthat we bid goodbye
to H. V. Meade, who for more than
four years past has been foreman in
tbe Conrier office, and personal friend
of the' proprietor for the past 13 or 14
years. Mr. Meade left Monday even
ing for Cottage Grove to take posses
sion of the plant and destinies of the
Cottage Grove Leader aod also Me
chanical management of tbe Bohemia
The fact that there is always an
opportunity awaiting the right sort of
a man is clearly demonstrated on
this occasion as it was a esse of a
good opportunity seeking a reliable
H. O. Bobzien was taken sick at
the store Wednesday eveniug and
since that time be has been coufiued
to his bed with grippe and its com
The real estate firm of Nipper,
Crane & Smith have had their office
rooms in tho Courier block repapered
and painted and this week added
a large 2300 pouud safe to their fur
nishings. The rooms now present i
very neat aod attractive appearance.
A. E. Voorhies Is still oonfined to
his room with grippe and its varia
tions, which have leanings toward
pneumonia. He Is confidently hoping
for bright, sunshine which will en
able him to enjoy the outer air by the
first of tha week at latest
A number of the friends of Mr. and
Mrs. A. O. Hough and Mr. and Mrs.
F. D. Strieker were entertained on
Tuesday evening at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Hough in a progressive
whist party. Some 65 guests were
present. Refreshments were served
and altogether the evening was one
of universal enjoyment
P. P. Bilhorn, who is now engaged
ia evangelistlo work in Ottnmwa,
Iowa, with Evangelist D. W. Potter,
writes to W. L. Ireland that there
were 115 conversions as the result of
the first week's meetings and that the
piospeots for an extremely success
ful meeting appear favorable. Mrs.
Bilhorn also is assisting in the meetings.
Brakeman R. S. Mitchell was in
jured quite severely in the rail
road yards here on Wednesday by
falling from the caboose of a moving
freight train. As ho fell, he was
struck br the car behind the caboose
and was severely bumped and bruised.
It was first thought that one of his
ribs was broken, but closer examina
tion disclosed no fractures. He is
now improving and will in all proba
bility not be incapacitated from work
for any great lengtli of time.
The Jasper Jennings case is still
banging fire before tbe supreme oonrt,
on a motion by the district attorney
for a rehearing. It had been expected
that the re-trial of his case would be
pait of the business of the January
term of circuit oonrt. Mrs. Jennings
went to Salem Tuesday evening to see
ber son.
Tbe social and general good time
advertised to be given by the Modern
Woodmen next Tuesday evening,
January 29, has been postponed until
the following Toesdav, Febuarf 6.
This change was made on aooouot of
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" which will
appear at the Opera house Tuesday
evening.. Admission fee to this social
is 25o. Details given in the paper
next week.. 1-25 It
Owing to the illness of District At
News) Notea From the Business
Men to R-en.ders.
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist.
Go to Corun for Plumbing.
M. Clement, prescription Druggist.
Sheet Musio sale at the Mnsio Store
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges atCoron's
or photographs that are PIO
TURES, go to Loveridge Studio,
ror a e'eau bed and a good meal
try the Western Hotel.
Hundreds of varieties of Post Card
at the Musio Store.
It you want your kodak work care
fully finished, take it to Loveridge
uammock will make you a arood
pnotograpti for reasonable money.
opposite postoffloe.
jaaps or uregon Washinton and
California at the Musio Store.
some pretty things in Damask
Lunch Cloth at Mrs. E. Rehkonf.
Victor Talking Machines and ren
ords at the Music store.
Report oards for school
sale at the Musio Store.
Corn and Beans from Illinois, wh
the good ' kinds grow on sale at
amy cue a.
If you hae thought that one photo
graph is as good as another try Ham
mock's studio aud see the difference.
Ask Mrs. Gamble, at 8nith'a
vuauiy enop, wny "Ye Country
Gentleman" com is the best on this
Have T. E. MoKoin's cab meet your
friends at the train 25 cents to any
part of the city. Meets all day
trains. Phone 051. 12-28 4t
On account of the increasing busl
ness atl Hammock's studio he adver
tises to take an apprentice at half
price, see him on Sixth street, op.
postie post office.
use are ou
Try a can of "Ye Country Gentle
man corn, It meets the requirements
of the Pure Food Laws at Smythe's
vuaiuj, soup.
During his 10 years of residence in
Grants Pass, Mr. Meade and his ' to,De' Bke". t Representa-
family have endeared themselves to j tive Bin8er Hermann, lu Washington,
the hearts of hundreds of our citizens 1 whloh WM Mt for Ferunry 4, has
and they will be greatly missed when ! ueeD PPnei until rebruary IB.
the family finally leave for the Grove, mKBr injured in the railroad
which will be after school closes. j wreck Bt Terri Cot,a 00 December 30
Mr. Meade iB a thoroughly reliable ' lftHt' 8ud haa been oiHtWe to attend
man in every way, honest and upright cmut- The trial of tha Hyde-Benson
and worthy the closest confidences. c"e Wtti 18 postpouad until March 4.
As a newspaper man he is thoroughly
capable of handling every branch of
it editorial and mechanical depart- 1
nients. His associations with the
force have always been the most
pleasant, always ready to take up 1
anothers work in a pinch or lighten
the duties of the machine operator, I
and while we legret to lose him from
he force, we congratulate him on the
larger opening and the opportunity of
being his own boss.
Merchants' Carnivtvl. j
The Merchants Carnival to be given
at the Opera House next Wednesday
and Thursday Evenings promises to
jedirse anything ever attempted by,
i local talent in this city.
I All the leading merchants and busi
ness interest of Grants Pass are to be
represented by young ladies in beauti
ful aud unique costumes. The carni
val program will be a most elaborate
oue consisting of striking representa
tions, laughable situations, funny
farces, brilliant and astounding elec
trical effects and many other features
of equal merit. This ever popular
entertainment is given under the
auspices of the Ladies of the Episco
pal church and it must be flattering
for thete ladies to note that they have stte. The
A basket social was given at Red
men hall Tuesday evening by a num
ber of the young ladies of Grants
Pans for the benefit of the Basket
Ball team. The social proved a suc
cess both financially and socially. No
basket was sold for less than fl. The
Basket Ball team has had some
diflicalty in securing a hall for prac
ticing, but are now nicely located in
the A. A. C. hall aud have everything
in order for work.
A large cowd assembled at the
' depot Friday morning to see aud hear
Hon. W. J. Bryan, who was on the
' morning train and who spoke for 15
or 2H minutes from the rear platform.
' Mr. Bryan's speech was nun-political
mill was full of hearty and wholesome
; Americanism and wai listened to
i with inteuse interest and close atten
tion. Tho ad'lress was full of opti
mism and Mr. Bryan spoke his appre
ciation of President Roosevelt in im
pnssive terms His speech aud ap
pearance justify the opinion that he
is among the greatest men of our
country at the present time.
The graduated Ax bill proposed by
Representative Jewell is attracting
considerable attention throughout the
A. II. Bannard
Sixth and D Streets
received the hearty co-operation of
all leading business interests iu the
city. Seats on sale at usual place.
Admission g.t and 85 cents. 1-25 It
A "Poverty Party" was given at
Guild hall by the members of the
Philharmonic Club, at which about
85 uiemU rs and invited gtieuts were
present. The costumes of ail present
were in harmony with the occasion,
aud a "poverty luuch" was served.
Dancing and various amusements
were the order of the evening and a
thoroughly enjoyable time was re
j ported tiy tbe guests.
measure will provide an
additional tax of 25 cents an a're for
land holdings of as much as 10,0(10
acres in one contiguous tract, held by
one person or corporation. The tax is
in''reaned for greater holdings. The
inea is to compel the railroads'aud
other holders of enormous tracts of
hind to break up thier holdings and
di-i'ose of a portion at iea-t of their
lands., giving an . fipjortunityfor im
provement. It is a good equalizing
measure but it is doubtful" if sucha
bill can be got through the legislature.
Quartz blanks at the Courier office.
ol Southern Oregon.
Though tbe weather of late haa been
more or less Wintry, there are be
ginning to be signs that Spring is
waiting behind the clouds and is
nearly ready to make her appearance
in spite of the fact that tbe calendar
declares the season to be midwinter.
The Spring flowers are growing.
The "grass widows" and the "bird-
bills," though not so early bloomers
as some others, are announcing their
presence by well developed stems and
leaves. If a "red lily' bulb is dug
up, it will be found to have a growth
of two or three inches toward the
surface. The leaves of the lamb
tongue" are nearly ready to appear
above ground. Daffodil steams are
growing rapidly. Nature is awaken
ing or at least she is yawning aud
stretching her arms after the Winter
House in Grants Pass, January 21,
1U07. Leo F. Parker and Miss Agnes
M Grant, Stephen Jewell officiat
home of the bride's brother at
Grants Pass, Ore., Sunday, Januaty
20, 1907. Erick Erickson and Chris
tina Cliailaon, Rev. O. O. Bock
man, nlllciating.
HELMS Near Grants Pass. Thuradav
January 17, 11)07, to Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Helms, a daughter
Woixl Fir. Oak and
orders at Music Store.
MS tf
A large orowd attended the social
Toesday evening given by the, Re
bekahs at Odd Fellows' hall. A
splendid program was rendered aud
rereshmenta served and a good time
enjoyed generally.
Onnrga Brand Red Kidney Beans
ready to eat. Buy them at Smythes'
Quality shop.
Old Virginia Corn Relish, Some
thing good as a dressing for nearly
every thing you eat at Smythe's
Quality shop,
Rebekaha Install Officer.
Etna Kebekah Lodge 41), held their
installation on January 14th and In
mailed the following o (II cers""" with
Mary Smith, deputy president, in
stalling officer :
Sale of
Some people do not buy a
pair of Shoes until thev ab
solutely need them and many
buy. Shoes whetfttioy can sret
a good Shoe at Id than reg
ular price. SinctJ we have
been in business in Grants
Pass we have had a semi-an
nual olearance each year and
as this is only our third semi
annual it will be readily Boen
by the reader that we could
not have any shop-worn or
antiquated styles of shoes in
stock. Our entire stock is
all up-to-date in styles. We
are not making these reduct
ions on out of date goods.
Uur bhoes are all bought
or cash direct from the best
manufacturers in the country
and wo regularly sell a little
ess than others and when
wo make a cut it means
something to the purchaser,
"We fit the Feet and Finance.
Tho following are just a
ow of the many bargains we
lave to offer. You will have
to call at the store to see the
many sacrifices we are mak-
A lot of Ladies 3.00 and
2.C0 Shoes at $1.60
A lot of Ladies 2.00 and
1.60 Shoes 1.00
A lot of Ladies 2.50 San
dais at 1.30
A lot of Misses 2.25 shoos
sizes Hi to 2 at 1.30
A lot of Misses 2.00, 1.75
and 1.50 shoes, sizes
Hi to 2 at L00
A lot of Childs 1.76, 1.60
and 1.50 shoes, sizes
8$ toll at 1.00
A lot of infants 1.75 nud
1.00 shoes, sizes 6J to8, 1.00
A lot of infants 1.60 and
1.25 shoes, sizes 5 to
8 at 75
A lot of Baby shoos at J prico
Shoes for Big
and Little JVlen
N.O. Chrintena Goodnow.
' V. G Jeanle Benk. - ff
Rec. Hei- Minnie Mathews.
" Treas. Frnrei Martiuo.
Fin. Sec Delia Ilaveland.
War. Anna Glaus.
(-'ou. Gertrude Gunning.
'"I. G. Kuitna Ilufstadr rr. ""'
0G.Rosa Smith. ""
IirS."N." G. Jennie Davis.
L.'S.JN.O. Jennie Smith?
R. S.fjV. O.-Elsie Green. "V
L. S. V. G. Lottie Mathews.'
Chap. Dora Cleveland.
- t
.i -i
lot of Men's 3.50 and
3.00 Hhocs at 2.60
A lot of Hoy's 2.50 shoe8733
sizes 2 to 1.00
lot of lioy's 1.75 and
1.60, sizes 2 Ho 5 at.. 1.00
lot of Youthn 1.50 and
1.25 shoes, sizes 1 to
2 at 00c and 1.00
lot of little mens 2.00
1.50 and 1.25 shoes
at 75c and "1.25
Soft solos and Moccasins
at 10c to 30c
Buy a Seller
Sell a Winner
Win a Buyer
is our mottojanu that wo live
p to our motto is attested
by all who patroni.o our
store. We have the goods
and noil them at tho right
price, all wo ask is an oppor
iunity to show them to you.
"No trouble to show goods"
We carry all the leading
makoB of Shoos for, men,
women and Children.
Ufe Placj is "
Churchill's Sh;e Store
North dth'st Oranti Put, Orejos