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"The Satisfaction Line"
I Can Show You
Sold On Meryt
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"Sold on Merit"
J. A. Folger & Co., San Francisco
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appears these items which are of
general Interest to the publio:
1. Only lands chiefly valuable for
agriculture and not needed for ad
ministrative purposes by the forest
aervioe or for some other publio ase
will be classified and listed nnder
the act.
3. Lands covered with a merchant
able growth of timber will not be de
clared agricultural eioept npoo the
strongest evidence of its value for ag
ricultural purposes, both aa to pro
ductiveness and accessibility to a
8. Areas koown to have been oc
cupied by actual settlers prior to
January 1, 1906, will be examined
first, and when such areas are tonod
chiefly valuable for agriculture they
Will bfc listed, in order that the oc
cupant may make entry nnder the act
The mere fact that a man baa settled
upon the land will, however, not in
fluence the decision with respeot to
its agricultural character. ' '
' 4. Application for classification
-and listing nnder the act most be for
warded by mail to the forester,
Washington, D. 0.
5. All applications must give the
name of the forest reserve and describe
the land, examination of which is re
quested, by legal subdivisions, if sur
veyed; but if unsurveyed, by refer
noe to natural objects, streams, or
improvements, with suflloient accur
acy lo identify the land, and when
convenient by a sketch map.
ft. No examination of more than
one quarter section will be ordered on
the application of the same person ;
but if an application is withdrawn or
rejected, a second application may be
made for other land.
7. The question of prior right to
laud applied for can be determined
by the department of the interior
only, and the forest service will not
investigate to determine whether
such land is appropriated by a prior
right. The applicant should satisfy
hiniHclf upon this point for his own
a The Brut, application received In
Waxtiingtou for any new tract is the
une on which examination will be
made, and all applications received in
the tiiuiiu nun I will tie treated as
NiniultiinentiM. Not ire will lie given
of all simultaneous and roiitlicting
U. The allowance of entries and the
issuaiK e of patent1! upon them, nnder
the net, are entirely within the juris
diction of t'.e secretary of the inteior.
111. Special at tint ion is called to
section i of the act, which provides
that nothing therein contained shall
be hrlil to authorize any sett lenient
lifter Hu-eiiihcr ill, llUVi, on any lauds
within forest reserve until mien, lauds
have Ih'i'ii opened to settlement as
provided in the act.
II. Settlement after Heceinher 81,
l'.Ui.'i, and in advance of opening by
the secretary of the interior, will ecu
fer no right and will constitute tres
pass. Such trespassers will be
Alwiyi Wu Siik.
When a iiihu savs he always was
Hick troubled with a cotiirh that
lasted all Winter what would you
think if he should say lie never was
sick since using llallard's llorchouud
Syrup. Such a man exists. Mr. J.
O Clark, Denver, Colorado, writes:
"For years I was troubled with a
severe cough that would last all Win
ter. This cough left me iu a miser
able condition. 1 tried Mallard's
Horeliound Syrup and have not had a
sick day since. That's what it did
forme." For sale by National Drug
Store and Koteriuund.
Fimoul Strike Brtakcrs.
The most famous strike breaker iu
the land am Dr. King's New Life
l'ills. When liver ami bowels go on
strike, they quickly settle the trouble,
amid the purifying work goes right
ou. Hest cure for constipation, liead-i
ache and diiizuess. i!."o at all drug I
stores. g
Insurance Kate Raisers.
The following article taken from
the Roseburg Spokesman is timely
and to the point Grants Pass has
the same complaint, but what's the
use? Following is the article:
"This is about all that is necessary
to say in regard to the periodical
visits from a lot of insurance in
spectors who come around to inspect
and find fault or a chance or apparent
reason to raise the rates that are al
ready too high. One man couids
along and represents himself to be an
inspector and requires that oertain
changes be made in the wiring of
buildings and in about sis months
another one tramps into town and
condemns what his predecessor has
reoommsnded and says that changes
must be made or else rates will be
raised. In some instances the changes
recommended are not feasible or possi
ble to be made with the result that
another chance is found to cause a
raise in insurance rates. This seems
to be about the real object '4hese
perlodioal visitors have in view, and
they always succeed in accomplishing
their object ,
"The wiring of. Rosoburg was
made under the supervision of in
spectors and with their approval but
these later days we find there are
those who are wiser in their own es
timation and so what was done in the
years gone by is Improper and must
now be done over. The whole thing
is one of those disgusting grafts that
cause people unnecessary expense and
trouble." i
A Ycsr of Blood.
The year 1908 will long be remem
bered In the home of F. N. .Tacket, of
Alliance, Ky. , as a year of blood
which flowed so ooplously from Mr.
Tacket 's lungs that death seemed very
near. He writes: "Severe bleeding
from the lungs and a frightful cough
had brought me at death's door, when
1 began taking Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, with the
astonishing result that after taking
four bottles I was completely re
stored and as time has proven per
manently cured." Guaranteed for
Sore Lungs, Coughs and Colds at all
drug stores. Prioe AOo and fl.OO.
Trial bottle free.
Teaching Agriculture,
Elementary Agriculture is one
the subjects just now demanding con
sideration at the bauds of educators.
In order that the pupils of the Med
ford publio school may have some
practical rending matter along this
line, i'rof. Signs lias secured from
the U. S. Bureau of Agriculture the
following bulletins, which will lie
used for supplementary rending and
study iu the Sixth and Seventh
The Homo Fruit Gardes, How to
Htiild Small Irrigation Ditches. The
Control of the Codling Moth, A
I'rimer of Forestry, The Sugar Beet,
Fowls Care and Feeding, Asparagus
Culture, Some Common Birds, Mar
keting Farm Produce, Potato Di
seases, and Toatiuent, The Apple and
I low to Grow It, G iod Roads for
Farmers, Irrigation in Field and Gar
den, Detection of Oleomargarine and
Renovated Butter, The Angora Goat,
Practical Suggestions for Farm Build
ings, Orchard Enemies, Celery Cul
ture, Strawberries, Kaspherrit s, In
cubation and Incnltators, The Lawn,
Feeding Farm Animals, Standard
Varieties of Chickens, Poultry Rais
ing, Pruning, Weeds, Ho to Kill
Them, Weeds Used iu Medicine, Au
ual Flowering Plants.
Had s Clou Csll
"A dangerous surgical operation,
involving the removal of a malignant
ulcer, as large as my baud, from my
daughter's hip, was preveuted by tlie
application of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve," says A. O. Stickel. of Mile
tus, W. Va., "Persistent use of the
Salve completely cured it." Cures
Cuts, Burns and Injuries. '.'.V at all
drug stores.
I bl inks at the Courier office.
All matter for this column Is supplied
by the Josephine County Woman's ( taris
tian Temperance Union, Y. and L. T. L
15 ranches.
Scientific Temperance Instruction
meeting at Baptist church (this)
Friday, November 9, 1906, 7:30 p. m.
Don't miss Rev. Beckman's address.
Merlin W. C. T. U. met at usual
boor in M. E. church, October 26,
1906. Program consisted of select
readings on temperance and woman
suffrage. Mother's - Temperance
Special prayer was offered for the
mother and children of Merlin.
Mrs. D. W. Mitchell, Press Snpt.
Mrs. Lanterman, President of Mer
lin Union reports them ready to or
ganize Y and L. T. L. branches.
County T seoreatry, Mrs. Savage, and
others will go to Merlin to assist in
th e work.
"At the State Convention it was ar
ranged for Mrs. Henkle, of Grants
Pass, State Secretary, to plan a trip
for Miss Clara Ansorge, National
Associate of the " Y" branch. Her
terms are easy t) meet. Write to
Mrs. Henkle for further informa
tion, "-W. R. Review.
The regular monthly business meet
ing of the ;Y. P. C T. TT. was held
In the Presbyterian church parlors,
Friday evening, November 2. After
the regular business was transacted,
the following officers were elected for
the coming year: President, Kittle
Loughridge; vice-president at large,
Ioez Howard; vice-president,' Presby
teriau oburch, Harold O'Neill ; vice
president Baptist church. Roy
Hackett; vice-president, Christian
church, Amy Isaacs; vice president
Methodist church, George Harper;
fecretary, Errcl Gilkey ; correspond
ing secretary, Anna V. Harmon;
treasurer, George Birdesye; organist,
Emma Loughridge.
The executive committee met and
the following superintendents were
appointed : Superintendent press de
partment, Robert Kemp; superin
tendent evangelistic department,
George Birdseye; superintendent
publio meetings, Wllna Gilkey; super
intendent socials and entertainments,
Amy Isaacs; superintendent floer
misslou, Electa Chspman; superin
tendent prison purity and physical
culture, Mrs C. O. link man; super
intendent n'ietitilic temperance in
struction, Ella Savage; Miperintetid
ent parliamentary work, George
Harper; superintendent Sahhath ob
s rvanco, Eugene Scovill; snperinti ml
ent good citi.culisip and legislation,
Hoy Hackett.
Errol Gilkev,
Press reporter ro teiu.
L. T. h.
Mrs. Jane M. Donaldson, State secre
tary, !Ul) Fremont street, Portland
Mrs. Myrtle Cowdrey secretary of
Grants Pass L. T. L., will meet the
children, who are interest' d in the
work, at the Baptist church, Friday
afternoon, November 16, iu mediately
after school. A short program will
be giveu, also a physical culture null
by Mr. Clements. Regular course
will be followed as found iu the tem
perance "Lesson Manuals." Girls
and boys are iurited to attend the
This branch, through its junior and
entor grades aims, by a regular course
of study, scientific, ethical and govern
mental, to make our boys and girls
intelligent abstainers; to develop, bv
thorough organization, business meth
ods and practical helpfulness, an army
of disciplined temperance workers aud
enthusiastic temperance givers; to
ideutify its members through their'
payment of dues and consequent
representation in State and National
convention, and through their drill
in department work with the interests
of the W. 0. T. U. present and future.
Its Normal Grade aims to deve'op W.
C. T. U. leaders and teachers for the
L. T. L.
" Don 't send my boy where your girls
can't go,
And say, 'there's no danger for boys
yon know,
Because they all have their wild oats
to sow, '
There is no mure excuse for my boy
to be low
Than your girl, then please don't tell
him so.
Don't send my boy where your girl
can't go,
For a boy or girl, sin is sin, you
And my baby boy's bands are as clean
and white,-
And his heart as pore as your girl's
tonight. "-W. R. R.
The special work of the Purity in
Literature and Art Department of
W. 0. T.' U. of Grants Pass for the
year will be to erect a drinking fount.
ain. At last meeting the committee
made a favorable report and a goodly
sum was subscribed by those present
Press Snpt
' Men Put Sixty in Dinger.
More than half of mankind over
60 years of age suffer from kidney
and bladder disorders, usually enlarge.
ment of prottate gland. This is both
painful and dangerous, and Foley's
Kidney Cure should be taken at the
hrst sign of danger as it corrects ir
regularities and has cured many old
men of this disease. Mr. Rodney
Beurnett. Rock Port. Mo., writes:
"I suffered with enlarged prostate
gland and kidney trouble for years
aud after taking two bottles of
r-oley's Kidney Cure I feel better
than I have for ao years although I
am now 91 years old." For sale
by H. A. Kotermnud.
Copper Mining.
The miuing of copper at the rrefeut
time is somewhat different from what
it was a few years ago Not many
years aao copper was selling from
II to 14 ceuts per pound. At tiresen
it is worth 22 cents a pouud in New
ork City. The increase in the sell
ing rrice simply meuiiB so much ad
ditional profit for the producers, for
there is no increase in the cost of
production. Iu fact the cost of pro
duciug cooper is considerably cheape:
thu it was a uuuiber of vears aim
because of the improved methods aud
machinery. Ihe importance of tl
present high prices of copper can be
mote readily sren by putting two au
two together; for instance, a l.t pe
rent copper ere, such ns is produce
in the Oregou copper mines iu the
southwestern part of the state, con
tains !I00 pounds of copper to the tou
Thus making the ore worth, at tin
present price of oopper, I'itt per tou
just double what it was worth at the
old price of 11 cents a nouud. But
the $:!) a tou Increase is all clear
gaiu. This means an iucrease clear
profit of fit", 000 a month to a com
psuy producing 100 tons of ore per
Counterfeiting the Genuine.
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated
nouev auu lar as a throat ami lung
remelT. Hllil nn ueemtnr rt ... nr.....
merit aud popularity of Foley's Honey
mm ir uiaiiv imitations are ottered
for the genuine. Afk for Foley's
Honey and Tar and refuse any substi
tute offered as no other preparation
will give the same satisfaction. It is
millllv Ulrttil-W It rnnliin, T...
j w i vii iw iua t-i J (tl
and refuse anv unhfttltnra nttaroA
no other preparation will give the
same satisfaction. It is mlidly laxa
tive, ll contains no opiates and is
.... t .....
rwn-oi lor cniuireu ana delicate per
sons. For sale by H. A. Rotermuud.
Job work at Portland price at the
courier oiiicc.
The Courier it the farmer paper
A Better Bargain in
Farm Lands and
Citv Property
Than you could find
in a year by yourself
The Real Estate Man
Hello 393 Office, 611 Residence.
516 Street Grants Pass. Ore.
St. Paul
St. Louis
They are bound together by the fast and
comfortable service of the Burlington
Route. Superb trains via the Burlington's
Mississippi River Scenic Line! No other
way as satisfactory !
If planning a journey via the Twin Cities
you can get from us information of value
to you.
Postal card inquiries receine careful attention.
Passenger aad Ticket Agent,
Burlington Ronte,
Cor. 8rd& Stark Sts., Portland, Or.
Photo & Music Store
A full stock of Kodaks and Photo Supplies,
Musical Goods, Sheet Music, Talking Machines
A Gift Worth While
The money siient for trinkets by the arorajfe family at Christmas
time would buy an Edison Phonograph The trinkets last about as
long an t hrlctmaa does. The Edison Phonograph affords enjoyment
day after day and yar aft.-r year The trinkets please only the indi
vidual recipients. I he Edison Phouograph offers a continuos round
of pleasure for the whole family.
It is the greatest music-maker of the age. It brings into the
home circle all of the world's music, rendering with wonderful faith
fulness whatever song, instrumental piece, or orehestral selection is
Make this Christmas the merriest of all by having for its chief
feature au EDISON PHONOGRAPH euiei
"hi Tin's vaier
Photo Ik Music Store
i'. '