Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 09, 1906, Image 4

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Heavy Shoes
J for
Hard Service
We liave just received
another shipment of Men's
High Cut Shoes. The stock
is complete and we are aUe
to give you anything in the
lino cf HEAVY SHOES.
Miners know the Strong &
Garfield Shoe to be the best
Water Proof shoe made. Other
makes from $4.00 to $6.50.
R. L.
Published Every Friday.
Subscription Rateai
One Year, In advance,
fiix Months,
Three Monthi,
Bingle Copien,
Advertising Rates
FurnlHbed on application at the " or
by mail.
Obituaries and resolutions c. con
dolence will be charged for at 6c per line;
card of thanks 60o.
A. E. VOOBHIES, Propr.
Entered at the rout office at Oranta Fsss,
Oregon, a second-clan mall matter.
Birth Greatly Exceed Deevthe
Few Cases of Contagious
D. P. Love, health offioer of the
coouty board this week turned io bia
report for the mouth of October show
ing that In Josephine county there
were four deaths, of these two were
adult and two oh i Idem ; 14 births,
eight male and six female. Several
oases of contagious diseases were re
ported, a number of them having
come here from outside districts for
There were 30 marriages reported
during October but the number of
4.00 per H.
Iowa Lumber
No other boot has as many
Water Proof Qualities,
10-in. $8.00.
14-in. $9.00.
oeremonies preformed during the
month was 10, the other 10 having
been performed previously but not
reported by the person officiating.
Altbongh the law provides that all
returns must be filed with the county
clerk within 80 days. The penalty
for failure to com ply y with this law
Is a fine of not less than 110 nor more
than $50 for each action for every five
days of saoh failure to file returns.
Man of of the returns were not
made nntil 60 or 90 days, while some
of them dated back as far as April and
Mar. The clerk is making an effort
to have this law oomplied with.
Advertised Letters.
Letters remaining in the Postoffloe
at Grants Pass, Ore., for the week
ending November 10, 1900. A charge
of one cent will be made npon de
livery of same. On calling for same
please give the date advertised :
Andrews, Lelsnd.
Allen, Wm H.
Bunayrd, D J.
Browne, M C.
Brawn, Mrs I B.
Boosey, E A.
Bingamon, J F.
Bllton, Grants (3)
Clark, O H.
Clark, Fred.
Carter, Will.
Carey Sam'l.
Davis, Cbas.
Deg, Jim.
Everett, Miss Louise.
Fuller, James O. Fowler,
Miss Edoa (3)
Hog, Frank.
Jewell, B L.
McAntire, Earl.
MoLaughlln, Thomas.
MoElroy, J.
Nelson, N J (V L Herriman.)
Speck Felix G.
Simmons C.
Walker, Mrs J J.
Wilson, Mrs. R. A
& Box Co.,
Teachers Institute.
The Josephine coouty teachers an
aoal institute will be held in Grants
Pass November 14-16 and promineDt
educators of the state will be present,
among them being J. H. Ackennan,
state superintendent of schools; B.
K. Malkey, president of the Normal at
Ashland ; R. F. Robinson, superin
tendent of Maltnomati county; P. H.
Daily, superintendent of Jackson
county; Cornelia Marvin, secretary of
State Library Commission ; Prof.
Sweetser, of University of Oregon,
and Chas. H. Jones, editor of the
Oregon Teachers Monthly, who will
lead the singing.
The publio is cordially invited to
attend the sessions of the institote
which will be held in ssembly room
of the High School. Following is the
program :
WEDENSDAY, 9.-00 A. M.
"Home Oeorgaphy" Mr. Molkey
"Development of Nature Study In
the Schools" Mr. Sweetser
"School Libraries" MissMarvin
"Spelling" Mr. Mulkey
1 :15 P. M.
"PractloalWork in Nature Study"
Mr. Sweetser
Mr. Mulkey
"Teachers' Reading". . .Mr. Sweetser
Questions and Discussion
8:00 Lecture, Selected, High
School Assembly room
B. F. Mulkey
THURSDAY. 9:00 A. M.
"Langnage" Mr. Robinson
"School" Miss Marvin
Selected Mr. Ackerman
"Georgaphy" Mr. Molkey
1 :1S P. M.
"Language".... Mr RoMnson
"Reading" Mr. Mulkey
Selected Mr. Ackerman
Questions and Discussions
8:00 Address, High School As
sembly room
. .Superintendent J. H. Ackerman
FRIDAY, 9 :00 A. M.
Physiology Mr. Mulkey
Civics (Treaties and the Treaty
Power) Mr. Robinson
Arithmetic Mr. Ackerman
Mr. Daily
1 :00 P. M.
Civics (Initiative and Referen
dum) Mr Robinson
Selected iP. ....... Mr. Molkey
' RE ""ESS
"Mud Pies" Mr. Robinson
Questions, Discussions and Reports.
The Cold Storace delivery borte on
Monday evening dashed down Sixth
street and across the railroad tracks
driverless but he was stopped at the
Calhonn corner by Owen Thomas
who roshed out of the store and grab
bed the horse just as it was slowing
up to turn the corner. Ia crossing
the tracks the horse jast escape' I
being ran down by a freight train
that was being backed up, the wagon
clearing the track about two feet
ahead of the cap.
For Golden Gate Coffee go to J.
HOLMES At Grmts Pass, Ore.,
Sunday, October, lltofl to Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Holmes, a daughter.
MOORE At Grants Hues, Oregon,
Sunday, October, HMMI, to Mr. and
.Mrs. iiarvey Moore, a sou.
Rl'SH At GrantB Pass, Oregon,
Sunriav, October, 1906, to Mr. and
Mrs. Waller Hush, a son.
LAW TON At Grams Pbks, Oregon,
Saturday, October IS. llHMi, to Mr.
aud Mrs. H. C. Lawtou, a son.
McBRIDE At Grants Pass, Oregon,
lUfNdiiy, October 16 HUM), to Mr.
and Mrs. John M. MeKnde, a son.
COE At Grants Pass, Oregon, Thurs
day, November S, HKliS, to .Mr ami '
Mrs. Albert Coe, a son.
SILL At Granite Hill, Oregon,
Thursday, October IS, tiloii, to Mr.
and Mrs. lilenu O. Sill, a daunhter.
FIELD At Provolt, Oregon. Satur- i
day, October 20, 1906, to Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Field, a daughter.
KNIGHT At Grants, Oregon. !
Sunday. October 21, 1906, to Air. '
aud Mrs. W. Knight, a son.
WILSON At Wonder, Oregou, Thurs-
nay, ucioier im, r.itiii, to. Mr. and ,
Mrs. Wm. Wilson, a daogliier.
G K A H A M - FIT. M I LLE R A t t he
1'rerbvterian Mmi'-e, Wednesday,
November 7. HUM, Thomas W. Gra
ham of Woodviile and Margaret A.
Fitziniller of Los Angeles, Evau P.
Huiihes officiating.
JENNINGS DAY-At Applcgate, Or.,
Wednesday. November 7, ItHMi, Mvron
A Jennings sud Miss Dorothy Day,
Rev. C. O. Beckmau, officiating. "
The young coopls will make their
future home in this city.
CURTIS-MASSIK-At the home of
the bride's parents, at Merlin, Ore.,
Wednesday, November 7, 06,
Arthur & Curtis aud Mary I. Mas
sie. Rev. C. O. Beokman officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Cortis will make
their home in Stockton, Cal.
LOWELL-At Woodviile, Ore., Sun
day, November 4th. 190H, Ruth
Lillian daughter of Mr. aud Mra
, B. A. Lowell, aged 15 years.
Salvation Army Newt.
Major Frank Walte, District Officer j
for;the Oregon & Washington Division I
of the Paciflo province, will visit
Grants Pass on Friday, November
16th to conduct a special meeting in
the Salvation Army halL The major
is a good singer and musician ; those
who hear him sing and play always
come again.
c. McDonald, Capt.
j Attorney A. U. Hough retoroed
Sunday from his eastern trip; Mrs.
Hough and little daughter are still
. in Detroit owing to the fact that Mrs.
Hoogh's health would not permit
! taking the jonrney. While in New
i York Mr. Hongh secured a relio that
: is of great interest, being a notice to
the sheriff of Montgomery county at
Albany to call a jury for the purpose
of presenting a case at law. The
document is a genuine parchment
and bearing date of April 17, 1790.
1 The qualification for juror as set forth
I in the doenment is "free and law
j fal man who shall have in his own
right or in trust, or in his wife's
: right the value of 66 pounds, free
from debt or incumberaace."
FOR SALE 14715 takes 10 acres of
well improved land, with good
buildings, close to city, inns' be
sold before December 1st, 1906, this
is a rare bargain. See Joseph Moss,
the Real Estate Man, Office 516 E
street. 11-9 It
FOR SALE Four year old mare one
boggy and harness. Lewis Livery
Barn. 1036
hogs for sale. J. H. Robinson,
Wildervlile. 8-81 tf
FOR SALE 1 bock of Pasha stock,
clips l pounds; 1 bock of Cape
Town stock, clips 10 pounds; 1
grade buck, clips 7 pounds; very
cheap if taken soon. F. A. Pierce,
dealer in Pure Bred Angora Goats ;
flock headed by South African Buck.
10-36 t.f.
FOR SALE By E. Steele at 2d ware
house west cold storage plant
Sugar Pine Shakes, Plymouth Rock
Cockerels, Fruit, Vegetables, all
kinds, fresh ocean fish, crabs,
shrimps, clams, oysters by the pint,
quart and Halloa, also in cans. Cash
paid for fruit and produce. E.
Steele. 11-2 tf
WANTED Two or three furnished
housekeeping rooms. Address L
box 658, Grants Pats. 11 9 2t
WANTED Wood in exchange for
Wftcrnn and rarrtnirn arnrfc hv .T T
Newman, successor to G. M. Cald
well. 9-22 tf
WANTED Grain Sacks, Tools and
other second-hand goods. Harrison
Bros., Second hand-store, corner
Sixth and J streets. 8-9 tf
C. L. AOEL of Odessa wants loggers
and timber cutters to deliver 2,000,.
000 feet of logs to mill by contract
before snow flies; short baul, level
roads, one 4-horse team, two trucks,
chains, etc. furnished. Also left
hand 8-gang edger wanted. Write
or call at mill Odessa, Ore. 8 8 tf
LOST Thursday, Ootober 25, 80 head
of weathers with a round hole
1 punched in right ear, two pops, 8la
! mouths old, one bitch, body while,
head blue or mouse color with a white
streak iu fornheid, body white,
a spot of bine or mouse color on his
hind leg.age 3 mo. and 8 weeks; goals
aud dogs last seen ou the divide be
tween Merlin aud Grave creek ;
tinder will notify F. A. Pierce, Mer
lin, Oregon, aud receive reward
112 It
BOY'S COAT, 13-year-old size, grey
mixed, Harth 's mark inside. Re
ward at Courier Office. 10-5 tf
FOUND Ladies waist, left at Hart
ley's Shoe store. Owner call at
Conrier office. 11-9 It
WOOD chopper W. L.
Courier building.
11-9 tf
GIRL WAMED A school girl who
is able to cook aud assist in light
housework can get a pleasant place
to stay by writing Box 4i8, Grants
Pas. Work is very light. Only
two iu family. Close to high
s.-hool. 1019 tf I
WANTED Salesrren. Many Make
100 to 150 per mouth ; some even
more Stock clean ; growH on Reser-1
vation, far from old orchards. Cash ,
advanced weeklv. Choice of terri-'
tory. Address Washintgon NnrserV '
Company, Toppenish, Washington."
9-2H tf
FASHIONABLE! Dressmaking and 1
Ladies Iailoriug at reasonable'
Trices. D street. 4th from bridge!
ou right side. 11-2 4t
ART SCHOOL of Grants Pass, room I
a, .Masonic leinple. Day classes in
painting in oil colors, water colors,
pastels, tapestry, etc., evening
classes Monday and Thursday.
Drawing Free hand and mechan
ical, architecture, perspective, eta.
Call at Studio for particulars all day
Saturday or Monday, or Thursday
evenings. Prof. Geo. O'Brien.
PIANO TUNING Leave orders at
i the musio store. D. F. Armstrong.
9-28 tf
FASHIONABLE dressmaking and
tailoring, Mrs. T. O. Horr, 107 C
street. 9.14 tf
FRANK BURNKTT-rpholstering,
mission furniture made to order.
We have our usual complete supply
of Rubber Foot-wear, Gold Seal
Boots in Rubber and Leather soles.
Woonsocket Boots Rubber and
Leather soled, also the cheaper
grades in all sizes and lengths, Rub
ber Coats and all kinds of Oil Cloth
ing. If you are going to be in Ore
gon this winter don't fail to call and
6ee our line. The most complete
Prices that are Right.
P. H. Harth & Son. Inc.
Exclusive Men's and Boys' Outfitters.
If you are going to be in the mud
try a pair of our Ottowas.
-The. Holy City."
"The Holy City" Clarence Ben
nett's great play was given at the
opera hoas' on Monday evening and
was attended by a very large and
ience. As it is seldom that a Grants
Pass aulienoe has the opportunity of
listening to so fine a production as
j this, the progress of the play was
j followed with keen appreciation
j which wonld, however, have been
considerably enhanced by a supply of
programs which we:e for sime reason
' lacking.
During the progress of the play
I some very beautiful sceniu effects are
produced and the tragic parts are
impressively thrilling. One of the
most noteworthy things of the play is
the ability of each actor to impress
; the audience with the character of the
personage represented. Thus the play
s'iows King Herod weak and helpless
among his scheming couuselors;
Pontius Pilate, a politician without
scruple; Judas Iscairot, avaricious,
unscruplous aud yet vaccillating;
; Marias the patrician, a atrong, clean i
enaraoter in the midst of corruption.
The leading part is that of Salome,
impersonated by Luella Morey, who
portarys with wonderful skill the
; passions and traits which dominate
an d inuke op the formidable character
ot tnis semi-Kavage princess.
The tone of the play is elevating
and the purity of the new religion of:
Christ is set in sharp contrast with !
the barbarity, fierceness and corrupt- i
ion of the age.
H Street betweenifth andixth Phom 881 K'.Granto Pass.Oregon
Patent on Bicycle Attachment
Jodd Taylor has recently received
notice of the granting of Patent No.
838,649 on a bicycle attachment,
which was filed Maroh 14, 1906, and
patent issued October 16, one-half in
terest in the patent being assigned to
W. A. Paddock. ,
The attachment is for the purpose
of converting a rigid frame bicycle
into a cushion frame, and cm be
readily attached to any bicyole. Mr.
Taylor has been riding a wheel
equipped with the spring attachment
for some months past and has demon
strated its practicability and value
not only to his own satisfaction but
to the satisfaction ot everyone who
has ridden the wheel. By the addi
tion of this appliance rough places are
made smooth and a corduroy road
woold be hailed with delight by the
These geutlemen have not yet de
cided whether to dispose of the right
or to enter the manufactoring field
themsel ves.
Still doing' business at the old stand.
Cor. Sixth and ll streets.
Gbants Pass, - . Okkqon.
. . . FEED
T U. 1