Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 19, 1906, Image 7

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That will be all right. Take it to '
.Paddock's Bicycle Den.
and Jud Taylar will fix it. He re
pairs anything fixable, makes keys,
grinds knives, scissors, etc., etc.
Grants Pass Feed Store
a L. GILLETT, Propr.
All Kinds of Flour, Feed, Mill Feed, Hay, Grain,
Pou!rv Foods, Etc.
Cor. 6th and J. Sts.
4 Throflgh Trains Daily From Portland to the East K
Make it a point to try the
The only Electric Lighted first-class Train from Portland to the East.
Pullman First-Class and Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars.
EsZ3 W$ Dining Car night and day and Observation Car.
ZTTIt is the train of little luxuries hot baths, barber's services, library,
private smoking compartment, clothes pressing service, all the little things
that add to the comfort of a journey. Its beautiful observation car is a reve
lation. The dining car service is superior; the menu varied and satisfying.
From end to end it is pleasing, comfortable and beautiful a train which
makes friends and keepsthem.
isiT,l Leave Portland daily running via Tacoma, Seattle, over
the Cascades, through the Yakima Valley, thence to Spokane,
along Lake Pend d'Oreille and over the Kooky Mountains to
j ' Helena. Butte, Liviugxtou, the diverging point for lhe
thence to Minneapolis, Duluth, St'Paul and the East.
Wonderland'lUOC can be had.for the asking,
or by mail; for six cents .postage.
Insist on ticket agent routing you via Portland and Northern Pacific
For any Information call on or write
Assistant General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
I' W I
BGHNK6-0AUO. ffcekinc?
jfquipmenf $15,000
I west of
CT.niWff AuAlioo4-AuAliop5.
ervrollmnt.Aul,ioc5-Au$.l.ioo. 681 pvpils
(j hav on file, applications from Dusmesa men
Spt.l,ioc5 toAul.voa , 607 . '
Pupils placed in hjcrattve positions dvrrt
ihis time. 287 ; :
GroduoJcs all employed
c villnot only equip you for life vork
hut yrffl rihee vou in a position yhxr conpelew
i "i . J - - A. . r
You need u os a scoow emu . j
as a pupil . . . Now
wru ivr
Take Laxative Bromo Smnme Tawets.
seven Mutton boxes sons m pa?- imm - :
Grants Pass, Ore.
"t unsurpassed
483 pupils
js toe nmc
Ta Tnrft a C" fn One Dav
Denver, Col., Oct 17. The Ameri
can Mining Congress met In annual
convention yesterday In the Broad
way Theater. Several hundred dele
gates and many interested auditors
were present at the opening session.
President J. H. Richards responded
to the welcoming address delivered
by Governor McDonald and others,
after which five-minute speeches
were made by a number of prominent
delegates and directors, including
Governor Pardee of California, and
Cutler of rtah.
After the appointment of commit
tees President Richards delivered his
annual address. He advocated the
establishment of a department of
Mines and Mining of the Federal
Government and the creation of a
new member of the President's Cabi
net as lis head. President Richards
submitted a resolution urging the
passage of such a measure by tl.e
National Cunp;res3.
Another important matter M eome
before the Mining Congress is a b.!l
recommended by Governor Pardee f
California to prevent mining frauds
by Slate legislation.
Every Outlet of Xyack Is Guarded to
Ket'p Criminals Out.
New York, 0t. 17. No one can
enter the village of Nyack now after
dark without being held up by an
armed officer anl compelled to ex
plain his business. Every outlet of
the town is being guarded in an ef
fort to capture the burglars who have
been spreading terror through that
and other villager of Rockland
In Spring Valley the streets are
patrolled nightly by self-appointed
vigilance committees. The same con
dition of affairs prevails In Talamna,
Sufferln, Pearl River and Piedmont.
Over seventy-five houses have been
robbed since last August, and in
every Instance the burglars escaped.
Moors Are Ready for Holy War.
Paris, Oct. 18. The imminence of
a formidable native rising In Morocco
and Algeria is growing. The French
military authorities In Algeria are in
a state of apprehension. The com
mander of the troops in the district
of Aln-Sefi-a has cabled to the Min
ister of War saying that the prepara
tions among the Moors for a holy war
are proceeding energetically. Mouly
About, a cousin of the Sultan of Mo
rocco, has visited all the tribes and
has Induced them to cease their In
ternal quarrels and prepare to take
the field In the middle of November.
A point of concentration has been
chosen on the Wady Ghir. where
arms are being collected. The Ben
gull tribe ha9 been approached by
emissaries from the Insurgents at
Taclella. who are urging the former
to join In the movement.
President Will Take No Part In Stnte
San Francisco, Oct. 17. In reply
a letter written to President
Roosevelt by R. C. Dale of Kern
county, a furmer Assemblyman, ask
ing If the President Intended to de
clare his ini'Test or prof', fence In the
Stale Gub material campaign, the
following l'-tter has been received:
While Washington, D. C,
Oct. 8. My Denr Sir: The President
has received your letter of the 1st
Inst, and directs me to express his
regret that It Is not possible for him
to do as you desire. He has been
asked to Interfere In the local con
tests in a!:'H3t every State in the
Union, but has declined to do so In
each Instance. The President Is sorry
he cannot do as you wish but he Is
sure you will understand how Impos
sible It would be for him to respond
In one case and not In others. Very
truly yours. RALPH FOSTER,
"Acting Secretary to the President."
Will Indict Accomplice of Thaw.
New York, Oct. 17. That anothei
person may be Indicted with Harrj
Thaw for the murder of Stanfor
White was Intimated by District At
torney Jerome yesterday. Mr. Je
rome Indicated that such an Indict
ment might be found during at
argument before Recorder Goff at
to the right of the Dtftrlct Attorney
to Issue turther Grand Jury sub
poenas In fhe case.
Cares Crip
la Two Days.
or. avery
Great Hoel for Yoeemite.
Riverside, Cal., Oct. 1 7. Frank A.
Miller, the proprietor of the Glen
wood Hotel here, returned yesterday
from Washington, D. C, where he
was successful in securing a conces
sion to build a million dollar hotel
In Yosemlte Valley. The Southern
Pacific, Santa Fe and Salt Lake Rail
ways are all said to be interested In
the project.
Raises Bananas ny Electricity.
8t. Louis, Mo., Oct. 17. W. K.
Bixby has suceeded in growing and
ripening bananas In the heart of the
city. He has three banana trees, the
slips having been sent him from
Florida about a year ago. All of them
are In a flourishing condition. They
are cultured under electric lights.
Legal blanks at the Courier office.
Do Yon Open Your Mouth
Like a young bird and gulp down what
ever food or medicine muy be offered you ?
Or, do you want ti knew something of tho
comK)sition and character oi that which
you t-il a Into your stomach whether as
fonl or iiiediriiie ?
Most Intelligent and senslblo people
now-atiays Insist on knowing what they
employ whether as food or as medicine.
Dr. Pierce believes they have a perfect
right to Insist upon such knowledge. So he
publlshcs,Mitadcast and on each bottle
wrapper, whatjp"ndjclnes arr made of
andvftjfics jTfn"JtT oiulS This he feels
he can wMlJlford to do hecanse the more
theltn.Telients of which his medicines
are "made an studied and understood the
more will thefr superior curative virtue?
Tor the cure of woman's peculiar weak
nesses, irregularities and derangements,
giving rise to frequent headaches, back
ache, dragglng-down pain or distress In
lower abdominal or pelvic region, accom
panied, ofttlmes, with a debilitating,
pelvic, catarrhal drain and kindred symp
toms of woakness. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription Is a most efficient remedy.
It is equally effective in curing painful
periods, in giving strength to nursing
mothers and In preparing the system of
the expectunt mother for baby's coming,
thus rendering childbirth safe and com
paratively painless. The "Favorite Pre
scription" Is a most potent, strengthening
tonic to the general system and to the
organs distinctly feminine in particular.
It is also a soothing and Invigorating
nervine and cures nervous exhaustion,
nervous prostration, neuralgia, hysteria,
spasms, chorea or St. Vitus' dance, and
other distressing nervous symptoms at
tendant upon functional and organic dis
eases of the distinctly feminine organs.
A host of medical authorities of all the
several schools of practice, recommend
each of the several Ingredients of which
"Favorite Prescription" Is made for the
cureof the diseases for which itlsclalmed
to be a cure. You mav read what they
say for ymtrtelf by sending a postal card
request for a free booklet of extracts
from the leading authorities, to Dr. It. V.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical In
stitute. KutTalo. N. Y.,and it will come to
you by return post.
Consumptives Made Comfortable.
Incipient consumption is onred by
Foley's Honey and Tar, but we do not
hold out false hopes to consumptives
by claiming that it will core this
dread disease In the advanced stages;
bnt if the lungs are not too far gone
Foley's Honey and Tar will effect a
core, as it stops the racking cough
and soothes the inflamed air passages
giving them a chance to heal, and
even in the advanced stages it always
gives comfort and relief A. A. Her
ren, of Finch, Ark., writes: "Foley's
Honey aud Tar Is the best preparation
tor couhgs and lung trouble. I know
'hat it has cured consumption in the
first stages." For sale by H. A.
A Badly Burned Glrlr
or boy, man or woman, is qoicklv
out of paiu if Bucklen's Arnica Salve
U applied promptly. G. J. Welch, of
lekonslm, Mich., hays: I use it iu
my family for cuts, sores and all skin
liijones, and hud it perfect." (Juirk
est Pile curb knowu. Best healing
salve made. 25o at all drug stores.
Notice is hereby given that I will
ou Saturday, the 17th day of Novem
ber, 19l)ii, at the hour of 2 o'clock p.
ui. at the front door of the Court
Houfe iu Grants Pass, Oregon, sell
so liucu as remains unsold at said
dnte of the hereinafter described real
and Kirso'jal property, to the highest
bidder, for oach in band, to-wit: The
Northwest quarter of Section 6, Town
ship !I4 South, Range 8 West, W. M ,
containing 152.41 htos; the South
west quarter of Section 34, Township
33 South, Range 4 West, W. M., con
taining 100 acres, the foregoing being
timber lauds situate iu Jackson
County, Oregon. Also the undivided
oue-half interest in aud to the North
west quarter of the Norhtwest quarter
of Section 83, Township 83 Sooth,
Range 6 West, being mineral land
situate in Josephine County, Ore
gon. The foregoing described real
property has been patented by the
United States. Also all the notes
and book accounts uncollected.
tv, . ,., -i j ,.i
luuuri i , in mo iu iriir lui iiitii it
owned by W. F. Kremer, an insolvent,
and conveyed to me by deed as as
signee ef said estate; expressly re
serving the right to reject any aud all
bids for any and all or said property,
and the right to sell any or all of
said property at private tale prior
to the sale hereby advertised.
J. (). BOOTH,
Assiogee for the Estate of W. F.
Kremer, an insolvent. 10-19 fit
dd. AI
ii tESTATh.
Notice is hereby given
that pur -
scant to an order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county judge for Josephine
Connty, Oregon, mode and entered
AUgosc Z3, ivun, in tne matter oi tne
estate of James Lyttle, deceased, di -
reeling uie sale or tne real proiieriy
I ereinafter described, aud providing
and specifying the terms and con-
ditiona thereof, that we, the under -
signed, te executors of the last will
aud of the estate of James Lyttle. de
ceased, will, after Friday, September
28, 190(1, sell at private sale to the
highest and best bidder, for terms
cash in band, or for ont-half rasb
balance on time not exceeding three
years, bearing interest at eight per
cent per anuuin, and seonred by first
mortgage on said real estate all the
right, title and interest of said estate
In and to the following described
premises to-wit: the 8. W , of
seo. 14 Two, 4U S, K o W or Will
amette Meridian aloo the S. i of the
N. E. i, the N of the 8. E. W, the
8. E. 4 of the N. W. W aud lots
8 and 4 Seo. 16, Tvep. 41 S, R 9 W. of
Willamette Meridian all in Josephine
County, Oregon subject to coufiriua'
tion by the court.
Executors residing at Kerby, Jose
phine county, Oregon.
In the county court of the State of
Oregon, for Josephine Conuty.
John Herges,
A. Richard,
Defendant J
To A. Richard, the above named de
fendant :
Iu the name of the State of Oregon
yon are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint Bled against
you in the above entitled oourt and
cause within six weeks from the
date of the first, publication of this
summons, which said date is October
5, 11KMI to-wit on or before the lttth
day of November, 1U06 and if you fail
so to answer or otherwise plead, for
want thereof, the plaintiff will take
iudgment against yon for the sum of
'ifty Dollar as specified in bis com
plaint, and for his costs aud disburse
ments in this action and will at the
same time apply to said oourt for an
order of salo of the real property
hereiu attached to-wit: Lot six (6)
in Block Fifty-five (AS) original town
site of the town of Grants Pass, Jose,
phine county, Oregon, and that the
proceeds of said sale be applied in
payment and satisfaction of said Judg
ment. This summon a is published pnrsunat
to an order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, Judge of the ooonty oourt of
the State of Oregon, for Josephine
county, made October 4, 190(1, order
ing said summons to be published in
the Rogue River Oonrler for six suc
cessive weeks from date of the first
pnblication hereof.
Attorney for the plaintiiff.
In the Connty Court for Josephine
County, Oregon.
In the Matter of thai
Estate of Margaret
Hnghes, Deceased. J
Notice is hereby given, that Mar
gueritte Riddle has been appointed
administratrix of the Estate of Mar
garet Hughes, deceased, by order of
the County Court for Josephine
Connty, Oregon, made on September
39, 1U0A, and all persons having claims
against said estate are hereby notified
to present the same dnly verified to
the said administratrix within six
months from the date of the first pnb
lication of this notice, at the law
oftioe of H. D. Norton in the City of
Grants Pass, Josephine Connty, Ore
gon. Date of first pnblication October 0,
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Jotephiue County.
Iu the Matter of the As-
sigumeut of the South- I
eru Oregon General
Hospital, a Charitable I
Corporation. j
Notice is hereby give that the
Southern Oregon General Hospital,
a Charitable Corporation, organized
under the laws of t lie State of Ore
gon, has made an assignment to the
undersigned, J. K. Peterson, for the
benefit of all of its creditors, and all
persons having claims against said
insolvent corporation are herbeby
notified to present the same, properly
verified, to the undersigned assignee,
at the law ollice of 11. D. Nortou, at
Grauts Pass, Josephine County,
Oregon, within three months from the
date of this notice.
Dated October fi, 190fl.
Assignee for the Southern Oregon
General Hospital, a Corporation.
In the matter of i
the Estate of
Marie Redmua
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been dnly appointed
administratrix of the etsiite of Marie
Redman, deceased, aud duly qoallfitxl
as tne aame, tnerelore notice is hureby
given to the creditors of and all per
sona having claims against the estate
of said deceased to exhibit them, with
the i ecessary vouchers within six
mouths after the first publication of
: UUHUB, w BHIU wiiuiuMirau ix ai
Kerby, Josephine
couuty, Oregon.
Dated this lat
day of September,
J. H. Austin,
Attorney for the estate.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, by virtue of an order of
sale made by the County Court of
Douglas County. Oregon, will on aud
after the 30th day of October. lSHifl.
sell at private tale for cash In baud,
; the following described real property
belonging to tne estate of K. I.. Uray
to-wit: Lots 7. 8 and 9,
of Block A2 in Grants Pass, Oregon
inquire at omce or Joseph Moss
1 Dated this 2itb day of September,
j Administrator of the Estate of K. L
, Gray, Deceased.
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Specific,
Sure to Clve Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, herds, and protects tlis
diseased membrane. It cures Cutimh ii'ul
unvessway a Cold in the Head quick'.-.
Ilostores the Senses of Taste and Smell.
Easy to use. Contain no I ..j -(Hons drc.i;..
Applied into tho nostril u;el si -ntie-i.
Larire Size. fc( cent lVn .t. l
mails Trial Size, 10 ee ! w i ,
"To Cure a Felon"
says Sam Kendall, of Phillipshorg,
Kau., "just cover it over with Buck
len's Arnica Salve and the Salve will
do the rest." Quickest cure for
Burns, Boils. Son's, Scalds. Wounds.
Piles, Eczema, Salt Rheum, Chapped
Hannds, Sore Feet and Sore Eyes.
Only 25o at all drug stores. .
House Moving
If you have a building
that you want moved,
raised or leveled up,
call on or address
A. E. Ho Ho way.
Residence 2 miles west of
city, north side of river.
Harmon Blk,, np stairs
Promptly and of the best material
and In the latest style.
Southern Oregon Contract
ing & Construction Co.
Estimates aud bids fuanished on
Ditches, Dams, Bridges, Tunnels,
Office, Room 3 Masonic Temple.
W.P.Sharmart and E.F.LeMieux
Full stock of Wall Paoor all doalirns
quality and prlooa.
Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Brushes
a'i 'e- vd rit-tii nmd'es.
Mull orders promptly filled.
Palace Barber Shop
Shaving, Hair Cutting
JKilllS, IC.
Everything neat and clean and a
work Kirst-Class.
Dry Goods, Underwear,
Notions, Etc.
Front Street
west Palace hotel
No sensational or questionable mat
ter allowed la the Courier.
rr. Wlllltma' Indian Pfls)
.uimnmiu will ourc Hllnd,
IJlMiUlnir and luihln
Hies. ItabMorlHitlietuiaorB.
ailaya the IuiIiIuk at oime, tota
llifl & DoulLlca. lva OmtAnt M.
Hot. l)r. Wllllmi'lnclln f HeOlnw
nifmt in nrmrd fnr Pll.&nrt lu-h.
Ins of tha Drivat4 nurta. Kvtrr boi la
warranted. By drului, h, mall on r
fif of prte., M mnta and II. 0. WIILUKt
ailmtirtiiaisQ (o . (,, ,nevela"a
Savf sxnd reltavbla, thsy
overcame wnknui, lr
cram visor, banlah palna.
No romody oquavls DR.
Sold br Dnif lm and Dr. Motts
Cttsulnai W. Cleveland Ohkh
frTill F
II i
u l
-.' I
: t'."-'.