Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 05, 1906, Image 7

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    k a Hyomel Treatment Four
Time a Day and be Cured. ,
Hyomei has performed almost
incuiuus uuios ouu la wuay reCOg-
ized by leading members of the
euiuni jjuicbbiuu ae Hie OOiJ BU-
irrined reined far thin Hiaanaa tv,d
m be relied npon to do just what it
Until recently yoor physician would
ive saiu me onjy way to cure
tarrh wonld be to have a change of
imate, but now with Hyomei yon
n carry a health-giving climate iu
ur vest pocket and by breathing
a few minutes four times a day,
re yourself.
rhe Hyomei treatment is simple
d easy to nse. It destroys all ca--rh
germs in the air passages and
riches and purifies the blood with
ne. When osiog Hyomei the air
a breathe will seem like that on
) moontainB, high above the sea
a. complete Hyomei outfit costs but
00, extra bottles. 50o If it dues
BHNKe-ALKR ft bind
T ttllir t
6nrolhnnl. Au (3.lioo4 -Aut5.1io. lA?; mnsk
wiMTg tot cmaioQuc
Photo & Music Store
FAfullj stock of Kodaks and'Photo Supplies,
MusicalJGoods, SheetJMusic, Talking Machines
Kodaks in stock $5 to 20 00
Brownie Cameras $1 and 2 00
4x5 Film Pack Camera 6 50
Developing Machine 2 00
Tank Developers $2 50 to 6 00
Kodak Albums 15c to 2 00
Post Card Albums $1 to 1 75
Edison Phonographs $10 and 20 00
Edison Gold Moulded Records 35
Leather Music Rolls $1 to 3 50
Fountain Pen Ink 25
Artists Paints 10 and 15
Souvenir Post Cards, 150 designs, 2 for 5c, per doz. . . 25
Leather Post Cards, 50 styles 10
Tank Developers Call and see them.
5x7 Plate Camera, cost $17 $ 7 50
4x5 Cycle Poco Camera, cost $12 6 00
$50 New Home Sewing Machine (if taken this month) 30 00
We receive advance copies of new music from the
Eastern music publishers and during September we received
nearly 30 pieces Call and look them over.
The complete mothly additions of Edison Phonograph
Records will be in stock in a few days.
hotoSLIusic Store
.GUB RIvbk, CUAia,K, oivrthTS PASS, wen-OCTOBER 5, 1906.
SIMPLE CATARRH RFMFnYl00 b too satisfctio.,. iw J i . .. , . .J,
' will refund your mener Yo E MAINAULMENT OF SERVANTS VI-i. 1 TxL n
rgTftRy$ tow
- viiiuo, irtffom,
tarm mmA -J Z lor tft Cl
uw rauLii nn OI iahh. r- .
ratorlss. H.rb.riun and Mineral Cabinet Th.
North.... u ""aw s"n"rr ' th. Pacife
h?.?)"",'""!l.i:'pui,'io '
In. a. T ' ' ana mcrml train-
tar and delop,n- tm womanhood. Equip
I non-C,tholic. u tcnipalouilr avoided. Academe
to Ideally located, imid impirinr Kenie
tagee. Social opportunitie. iuch u are available
to no other cit or ih rn.. n...i.i; . .
. .... uuiiuiiig large ana
commodioui. well-lighted, heated and ventilated:
-uimuuMM ana private rooma aupplied with all
modern conveniences. The institution it liberal
and progressiva without KarrifiH,,. h. k.
and traditions of age and achievement. Terms
modest. Satisfactory references required. Write for
announcement booklet. Board and tuition $180 per
Tear. Address Sister Suinor. St. Mary't Academj
quipmcnf ttf.OOO",. unsurpassed
west of Chicago
enrollment AuUpoj-AuLipoe, 681 pupils
Chav onfile.opplicoiiona from business men
5pt.l,ioc5 toAul.poa , 607
Pupils placed in lucrative positions durinxi
this time, 287
Grndualea all employed
we vill not only equip you fop life vork
but Trill place yov in a poatf ion Mrhcn competent
You need us as a school and vre need you
as a pupil Nov is the time to act !
To Cure a O11 ?a One
rt . . .
rake .uaxauve uromo yuimne
Seven Mfflon Ik mM in pa months. This Signature,
How t Eagaia a Maid aa laatraei
Her Intelllareailr.
When enpaglng a servant be cartful
to explain her work to her; also show
her that the work must be done in
rour way and not hers or the way her
former mistress had It done. When
she iloes well In her work encourage
hor by a few words of praise. Never
reprove her In the presence of others
ami above all while she is serving a
men I, says the New York Journal.
Ketaln your temper at all times.
(!'n-a j-our orders for each day as early
03 possible, and if It seems necessary
write them down very distinctly and
clearly on a piece of paper and fasten
It up In the pantry, kitchen or some
otlur convenient place.
Sea that she Is extremely neat In her
tlross. hair neatly and simply aminced,
no jewelry worn, a perfectly cloan
lipron. collar, cuffs and cap and a
spotless gown. It is well to give strict
orders in regard to the hours wheu the
servants are allowed to have visitors.
Tell the maid who opens the (Ivor
never to let the visitors stand In the
hull, but to show them Immediately
Into the drawing room. Instruct her
carefully what she must say In reply
to messages left at the door or when
persons who call are uot to be ad
mitted. Most persons prefer to have the mijUl
say that "Mrs. Brown is not nt homa,"
meaning that she Is not nt home t.i
callers. It Is nurclr a fnr-i
and Is not considered an untruth.
However, some persons are scrupulous
In this matter and prefer to have the
maid say, "Mrs. Brown begs to be x-
cusea mis afternoon."
How to Clean Malting!.
To cleau matting It should lie flr. '
wept thoroughly with a stiff broo:r..
following the grain of the straw, the::
swept across the grain with a soft
broom that has been dipped In warm
water, says the New York Telegram.
Then wash thoroughly In warm wa:er
In which a handful of salt has been
dissolved. Nothing brightens colored
matting so much as the salt, and,
moreover. It goes far to prevent It fad
ing. The light colored matting should
be washed In water In which borax
has been dissolved. If any grease
spots are noticed liefore the matting
Is cleansed eorer them with a mixture
of prepared chalk wet vt Ith turpentine,
which after being allowed to remain
on for two days should lie removed
with a stiff brush. In the event of the
grease having sunken In about one
eighth of washing soda added to the
mixture will be effectual. Sweet milk
Is said to keep the mutling In a good
state of preservation, aud it is only
necessary to ust the application about
once a year.
How in Cnre Inaomnla.
There are sn enil common sense
ways of olitaliiiu sleep. One of them
Is the applicati'in of cold wet cloths to
the back of the bead and ueck. This
treatment will uot be followed by a
reaction if It t continued for a number
of minutes, and it ofte.a works surpris
ingly well, mys a writer In World's
Work. Another way of solving the
problem Is to soik the feet In a hot
bath until the lns become dilated
with blood, or tun whole body up to
the hips in i.v be given a hot soak.
With some people a two or three min
ute hip bath Is tliij mosit effective rem
edy. Others find help In a few slow
exercises which do not Jnr or excite
the system, 1" nt simply bring some fa
tigue to the big muscles of the trunk
aud limbs. Friction of the skin, espe
cially of the lower part of the body, Is
another means.
How to Care For a Moiling- Canary.
In handling n molting canary keep It
very warm, at ltlst at 0 degrees, and
carefully protected from drafts. A bird
tonic, purchasable from nny good drug
gist, should be given until the little
pet recovers health najl spirits. Usual
ly a bird stops niiiglng through this
period, and the rest Is beneficial.
Heavier food should be given, such as
hard boiled yolk of an egg, with finely
powdered cracker crumbs and a little
cayenne pepper or a whole hard boiled
egg chopped very finely and a little
pulverized sugar. Opportunity to bathe
every day should be given and the chill
first taken from the water.
How to Make Lemon Sherbet.
For lemon sherbet put to boll In a
clean basin two scant quarts of water
and one pint of sugar, says the New
York Telegram. Cook until clear, skim
ming if necessary. Meanwhile squeeze
six lemons and grate a little of the yel
low peel Into the Juice. Dissolve a ta-
blespoonful of gelatin In a quarter
cup of cold water, heating It over the
teakettle. When the sirup Is clear
pour into the lemon Juice, add the gel
atin, cool and freeze. The beaten
whites of two eggs may le used In
stead of the gelatin to give the ice
body If preferred.
How to Malca Homemade Paata.
A homemade paste that never sours
or dries up Is made by adding to one
pint of smooth, thick very thick
paste, which has been thoroughly
rooked, one teaspoonful of powdwed
ilum and ten drops of ollrt oil.
Core Crte
In Two Days.
or. every
Ladies' Home Journal.
Sending truth after lie. It Is an old
maxim that "a lie will travel seven
leagues while truth Is getting its boots
on," and no doubt hundreds of thousand
of good people read the unwarranted anil
malicious attack upon Dr. R. V. Pierce
and h is " Favorite Prescrl ptlon " publ ished
In the May iwni number of the Ladies'
Home Journal, with Its great black dis
play headings, who never saw the hum
ble, groveling retraction, with its incon
spicuous heading, published two months
later. It was boldly charged In the sland
erous and libelous article that Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, for the cure of
woman's weaknesses and ailments, con
tained alcohol and other harmful Ingredi
ents. Dr. Pierce promptly brought suit
against the publishers of the Ladies'
Home Journal, for k'OO.OOO.OO damages.
Dr. Pierce alleged that Mr. Bok, the
editor, maliciously published the article
containing such false and defamatory
matter wit the Intent of Injuring hit
busincsrfiirthermore. that no almhnl nt
other Viurlous. 'or habit-formi
er were, contained in bis "Fa
I'sufi ptlon": that said medlrlnp
, . UQH
frfin native medirlnnl rrvin onH
no harmful Inirrpdi Pllta urhnt.
id that Mr llnb't malltln,,. eaA
tvprp Whlkllw a4 I., f-t..-'
ly I
.milCM r.Kt ion printed hv S:li. .InqrnjJ
Qri ''.'re luived to ackuov. ledire tlpil tli.Ty
had !'ta i nedanalvscs nt "r'aviir J.
timitjoiifnjm eminent chemists, all of
v. hum TtiMnTTnat it .1 i.l mil. .lijW.ijT:
:ojiuiuymnL.nie alleged liarmfid drugs'
These facta were also niuven in the trial of
the action In thn Siiitr.,nia fi.,.. I,
business of lr. Pierce was greatly Injured by
the publication of tli llbeloua article with
Its great display headings, while hundreds of
thousands who read the wickedly defamatory
article never saw the humble groveling re
traction, set In small U lK' and made as Incon
spicuous as iKwsilila The matter was. how
ever brought before a Jury In the Supreme
Court of New York State which promptly
rendered a verdict In the Doctor's favor.
Thus his traducers came to grluf and their
base slanders were refuted.
In the county court of the State of
Oregon, for Josephine Cow y.
John Herges,
A. Richard, "gra
IJelendant. I
io.A. Richard, the above named de
feudant :
In the name of the State of Orenron
yon are hereby required to appear and
auBwer tna complaint tiled against
yoo in the above entitled cmrt and
cause within six weeks from the
date of the first publication of this
summons, which said date is October
5, 11106 to-wit on or before the tilth
day of November, 1006 and if yon fail
so to answer or otherwise plead, for
want thereof, the plaintiff will take
Judgment against yoo for the sum of
Fifty Dollar, as specified in his com
plaiut, and for his costs aud disburse
ments in this action and will at the
same time apply to said oourt for an
order of salo of the real property
tierein attactiea to-wit: Lot six (u)
in Block Fitty-five (.V) original town
site of the town of Grants Past, Jose
phine county, Oregon, and that the
proceeds of said sale be applied in
payment and satisfaction of said judg
ment. This summons is publu-hed pursunat
to an order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, Judge of the county court of
the State of Oregon, for Josephine
county, made October 4, 1101, order
ing said summons to be publislitd in
the Rogue River Courier for six sue-te-sive
weeks from date of the first
publication hereof.
Attorney for the plaiutliff.
Notice is hereby given that pur
ant to an order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county Judge for Josephine
(Inntitl- llFHffiin itiuita ami milarail
August 28, 1U0", iu the matter of the
estate of James Lyttle, deceased, di
recting the sale of the real projwrty
I eteinufter described, and providing
aud specifying the terms and con
ditions thereof, that we, the under
signed, t e executors of the lust will
aud of the estate of James Lyttle, de
ceased, will, after Friday, September
28, m(S, sell at private sale to the
highest aud bett bidder, for terms
cash iu baud, or for one-half rasii
balance on time not exceeding three
years, beariug interest at eight Der
cent per anuum, aud sscored by first
mortgage on said real estate all the
right, title and interest of said estate
iu and to the following described
premises to-wit: the S. W. if of
Sec. 14 Twp. 40 S, R 8 W of Will. 1
atnette Meridian also the S. ! of the I
N. E. J4-, the N of the S. E. M, the I
S. E. 4 of the N. W. i aud lots
3 and 4 Sec. 16, Twp. 41 8, R 9 W. of ,
Willamette Meridiau all n Josephine
Couuty, Oregou ; subject to confirms-!
tioa by the court. !
Executors residing at Kerby, Jose-:
phine county, Oregon.
Contumptlvu Made Comfortable. j
Incipient consumption is cured by
Foley's Honey and Tar, but we do not
hold out false hopes to consumptives
by claiming that it will cure this
drtad disease in the advanced stages;
but if the lungs are not too far goue
Foley's Honey and Tar will effect a
care, as it stops the racking cough
and soothes the inflamed air passages
giving them a chauoe to heal, aud
even in the advanced stages it always
gives comfort and relief A. A. Her
rn. of Finch, Ark., writes: "Foley's
Honey and Tar is the best preparation
for couligs and lung trouble. I know
that it has cored consumption in the
first stages." For sale by H. A.
A Badly Burntd Girlr
or boy, man or woman, is quickly
out of pain if Bucklen's Arnica Salve
ta applied promptly. G. J. Welch, of
Tekouslia, Mich., .says: "I use it in
my family for cuts, sores aud all skin
injuries, and find it perfect." oik
est Pile core known. Best healing
salve made. 20c at all drug stores.
la the County Court for Josephine
jounty, uregon.
In the Matter of the")
Estate of Margaret
Hughes, Deceased. J
Notice is hereby given, that Mar
soerttte Kiddle has been appointed
administratrix of the Estate of Mar
garet Hughes, deceased, by order of
the County Court for Josephine
county, uregon, made on September
3D, 1906, and all persons caving claims
against said estate are hereby notified
to present the same duly vert And to
the said administratrix within six
months from the date of the first pub
lication of this notice, at the law
offloe of H. D. Norton in the City of
grants rass, joaepnine Uornty, Ure
gon. Date of first publication October S,
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregou for Josephine County.
In the Matter of the AsO
signmeut of the South
ern Oregon General
Hospital, a Charitable
Corporation. J
Notice is hereby give that the
Southern Oregon General Hospital
Charitable Corporation, organized
under the laws of the State of Ore
gon, has made an assignment to the
undersigned J. K. Peterson, for the
benefit of all of its creditors, and all
persons having claims against said
insolvent corporation are herbeby
notified to present the same, properly
verified, to the undersigned assignee,
at the law office of H. D. Norton, at
Oranti Pass, Josephine Ooauty,
Oregon, within three months from the
date of this notice.
Dated October 6, 1906.
Assignee for the Southern Oregon
General Hospital, a Corporation.
In the matter of)
the Estate of I
Marie Redmaa
Deceased. J
Notioe is hereby given that the
undersigned has been duly appointed
administratrix of the etsate of Marie
Redman, deceased, and duly qualified
as the same, therefore notice is hereby
given to the creditors of and all per
sons having claims against the estate
of said deceased to exhibit them, with
the 1 ecessary vouchers within six
months after the first publication of
this notice, to said administrattix at
her resideuce at Kerby, Josephine
county, Oregon.
Dated this 1st day of Septomber,
J. H. Austin,
Attorney for the estate.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, by virtue of an order of
sale made by the County Court of
Douglas County. Oregon, will on and
after the liOtb aay of October, 1900,
soil at private sale for cash in hand,
the lollowing deecribed real property
belonging to the estate of E. I.. Gray,
deceased, to-wit: Lots 7, 8 and 9,
or Block 62 in Grants Pass, Oregon.
Inquire at ofiice of Joseph Moss.
Dated this 2'ith day of September,
Administrator of the Estate of E. L.
Gray, Deceased.
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon, for the County of Jose
Ire J. Ball,
Michigan Mining
and Milling Com
pauy, Dfendaut.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of a writ of execution, duly issued
cut or, and under the seal of the (Jir
cult Court in aud for the County of
Josephine, State of Oregon, and to uie
directed aud duly attested by the
Clerk of said court on the gt'.th day of
April, a. u. luun, upon a decree and
judgment, duly rendered, ent red of
record and docketed in the office of the
clerk of raid Circuit Court, on the 1st
day of May, 1U0H, in a certain suit
tliea pending in said court where
in Ire J. Ball was plaintiff, aud the
Michigan Mioing and Milling Com
paoy, defendants, in the sum of
One Hundred Sixty-three aud 44-100
(116.1 44) Dollars, with Interest there
on from said SOth day of April, 1906,
at the rate of 6 per cent per annum
aud Fifty (toO.OO) Dollars attorney's
fee, commanding me to uitke sale
of the following described real prop
erty situate, lying and being iu the
County of Josephine, State of Oregou,
and described as follows, to-wit:
The 8' of the SW of Section 16,
Tap. 87 K, H 5 W of thn Willamette
Meridian in Josephine County, Ore
gon, together with the tenements,
hereditaments aud appurtenances.
Now therefore, by the virtue of said
execution, judgment, order and decree
and compliance with the oommaudi
of said writ, I will on
Saturday, October V, 1906,
at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m , at the
front door of the County Court Hoase
in the city of Grants Pass, said
County and State, sell at public auo
tiou, subject to redemption, to the
highest bidder for United H ates gold
coin, cash in hand, all the right, title
aud intereat which the above named
defendants bad or now have in and to
the above described real property or
any part thereof to satisfy said execu
tion, judgment, order, decree, inter
est, costs and all accruing costs
Dated Grauts Pass, Uregou, Septem
ber IS, 1906.
Sheriff of Josephine Couuty, Oregon.
First Insertion, September 11.
Last insertion, October 12.
It pays to advertise a useful article.
Nine times out of 10 there'll be a
buyer before the (nk is dry. Try it.
The Courier is a clean, family paper.
Xil v . . rfi TV
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Specific,
Sure to Cive Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes,, and protects ths
diseased uioinbmne. It cures OiitnrrU and
ttnvesawtty a Oold iu thn Head quieklr.
ltestores the Senses of Taste anil SmelL
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied iulo tlio n.wt-ils mi l absorbed.
Large Sire, M rents at I 'moists r by
mail: Trial Sue, lilce- Js I.v 1 .nil.
El Y BROTHERS, f- ' " V.
"To Cure a Ftlon"
says Sam Kendall, of rfhlllipsbnrg,
Kan., "just cover it over with Buck
leu 'a Arnica Salve and the Salve will
do the rest." Quickost cure for
aurns, Boils, Sores, Scalds, Wounds,
Piles, Eczema, Salt Rheotti, Chapped
Haunds, Sore Feet aud Sore Eves.
T)uly 25o at all drug stores.
House Moving
If you have a building
that you want moved,
raised or leveled up,
call on or address
A. E. Holloway.
Residence 2 miles west of
city, north side of river.
Harmon Blk up stairs
Promptly and ol the best material
and in the latest style.
Southern Oregon Contract
ing & Construction Co.
Estimates and bids fusnished on -Ditches,
Dams, Bridges, Tunnels,
Office, Room 3 Masonic Temple.
W.P.Sharman and E.F.LeMisux
Full stock of Wall Paper all designs
quality and prices.
Paints, Varnlshos, Oils, Brushes
nB'i vil Artists a'lnpl'e.
Mall orders promptly filled.
Palace Barber Shop
Shaving, Hair Cutting
Uaths, Etc.
Everything neat and clean and a
work Hrst-Class.
Dry Goods, Underwear,
Notions, Ktc.
Front Street
west Palace hotel
No sensational or questionable mat
ter allowed in the Courier.
S Dr. William.' Indian Pile
ointment will cure lllliut
llleeuln aud luiUluf
Plica, llabaoruatbeluiuura.
allays tbe lltulun at once, acts
aa a DoullLce. fflvna luttaot re
lief. Ur. Wllllama' Indian File Oint
ment la prepared for 11 lee and iu n.
Ing of the private part. V.'rry boi Is
warranted. Bv druirfUUI. br mall on re.
aiu of price. M nnuia and fl.Ott. wUllfMS
NiicsrTiiRjiiK tn . vrops.. JlevelUid Ou
5 a. fa aud rellivble, thay
overcome waavknaaa. In
crsaee vigor, banish palna.
No remedy aaucvla OK.
J Sold b? Druasiiia and Dr. Molts
Cb:mira i Cleveland Oblb.
10)11 E
I la
u I