Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 28, 1906, Image 3

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J At one of the London public hos
pitals a speci.-.l point is made of eivint
&lnnhol U tilt T:lTlinta na ?
! r . u lairiy nc
; eparely as possib.e; and each time
! that one of the physicians does so ht
eubmits a special entry of the reasoni
ihat actuated h:m. In tie tliirty-twc
years of the extvnce of the hospita.
,Icohol has oa.y been given seventv
jone times. Tne cases received a'rs
xactly like those received by all the
fcrther hospitals. For VMi they unm.
tiered 13J7 in-patients only. Tlie
jjdeatb-ratc among these was 7.3 pt.
icent. For the same year the average
Sdeath-rate uuiong the other London
public hospitals was 9.1 per cent.
iTherefore tne use of alcohol in siclt
iies3 is not to be regarded as a neces
sity. Although most phvsicinns pre
jsenbe alcohol in solution with drugs
for their patients there was one phv-
jsician 01 national reputation who did
Jnot believe in using alcohol. Many
fyears ago when Dr. R. V. Pierce de'
Scided to DUt ud his vnlnnhlo lrun.;n.
tion " for the diseases of women in a
"readv to use" f.irm ha ..t.i .
solvent and nreservative rlipminn
pure glycerine of proper strength,
which is a hetter Milvnnt. nn t...
jtive of the active medicinal principles
o v 1. 1 iiiuiriiuua or
Jnative plants than is alcohol. Dr
A icic iuiw umi. me glycerine, oe-
st . r muuuich, possesses
fjintrinsio medicinal properties, of great
No woman who is suffering from
.inflammation, from the pains and
drains incident to womanhood can
afford to be without Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription. An honest medi
tine which has the largest number of
cures to its credit and a deserved popu
larity for two score years all over the
United States. Dr. Pierce tells you
Just what is contained in his "Favorite
Golden Seal root (Hydrastis Cnnn-
densis), Lady's Slipper root (Cypri
pedium Pubescens), Black Cohosh
j-oot (Cimicifuga Kacemosa), Unicom
jom (neionias uioicaj, bli
Toot (Caulophvllum Tha
j Chemically Pure Glycerine.
ji Among the prominent medical men
j Jof the country who recommend the
, above ingredients as superior remedies
n jjfor nervous conditions depending upon
D( disorders of the womanly system and
tfor the cure of those catarrhal condi-
tions in the affected parts are : Edwin
M. Hale, M. D.; Professor of Materia
i( Medica, at Hahnemann Medical Col
j, -lege, Chicago; Prof. John King, M. D.,
J( 'Author of the American Dispensatory,
j, -Woman and her Diseases; Professor
' 'John M. Scudder, Doctors Hale, Ives,
' Wood, Bartholow and others. Address
j a postal card to Dr. Pierce for a com
plete treatise on the subject sent to
j you without cost.
m J dr. pierci'b pleasant pellets
T .'cure biliousness, tick and bilious head
f -ache, dizziness, costiveness, or con-
Btipation of the bowels, loss of appe
tite, coated tongue, sour stomach,
ivj windy belchings, "heartburn," pain
ij I and distress after eating, and kindred
8 derangements ol the liver, stomach
'.Sand bowels.
. ;3 Persons who are subject to any of
these troubles should never be without a
Ivial ot tne "I'leasant renew at nana.
In proof of their superior excellence it
can truthfully Be saia mat tney are
always adopted as a household remedy
after the first trial.
One little "Pellet" is a laxative, twe
are cathartic. They regulate, invigor
ate and cleanse the liver, stomach and
bowels. As a "dinner pill," to pronioU
digestion, take one each day. To re
lieve the distress arising from over
eating, nothing equals one of thesi
little "Pellets." They're tiny, sugar
coated, anti-bilious granules, scarcelj
larger than mustard seeds.
How to live in health and happi
ness is the general theme of Dr.
Pierce s Uommon bense nieaicai ah
viser. This great work on meaicinc
and hygiene, containing over 100C
pages and more than 700 illustrations,
. ..;,. . . I atama tl rOV
IS seni- iree uu rri:i-in. u BiuiufD y-j
expense of mailing only. Send 31
one-cent stamps for the cloth-bound
volume, or only 21 stamps for thl
book in paper covers.
Mr mm I
sig hour
In connection with the
L. S.&M. S.. N.Y.C4H. R B.&A,
t and C. 4 0. Railways,
Maintains the FINEST SERVICE between i
New York, Boiton,
Philadelphia, Washington,
The Mountain! of New Enttland
I And
The Eastern Seaside Resort.
Address any Big Four Agent or
OenlPass. Agt. Cincinnati, O.
An Ounce ol Prevention,
is worth a ponnd of cure. Tlieie are
many poor snflVrers, consumptives
who are hopeless of getting well
who. If they had taken care of them
selvet, would now be well. A coiiBh
is the foundation of ConsuniptK.n. .
EalhnVs Hon honnd Syrop wil' cur"
that em-"h. Mr-. S. (ir-at ial.s
Montana writes: "I have nse.l Lai- I
Ja'd's l-.-.relmMii.l Sytop in my t-w-.i.y
for ye.if-niv children never
xrith cmiKliii. ' ror sale by National (
Drug Co. and li. A. Kotermi.nd.
Revolutionary Crimes Work Havoc
Among High Officials.
Paris, Sept. 26. Professor Alex
ander Ular, who is regarded in Paris
as the mouthpiece of Count Witte.
says that many of the higher Russian
functionaries are dying from fright
or are on the point of leaving the
country. In these cases bombs and
knives are no longer necessary.
Professor Vlar says that General
Skallon, Governor General of Poland,
with the drums of both his ears de
stroyed by the explosion of a bomb.
Is In a state of imbecile collapse, and
probably will be succeeded by Gener
al Rennenkampf.
Admiral Dubassoff, author of the
horrors at Moscow, whose leg wrs
blown off, has received a present of
1,000,000 roubles (1500,000) from
the Czar In compensation, but his
repressive zeal Is at an end and h
has dectded to spend the rest of his
life In foreign watering places.
Ex-Minister of the Interior Durno
vo took., refuge in Paris, but was
practically expelled by M. Clemen
ceau for trying to organize a Russian
police system there. His where
abouts are absolutely unknown.
Liberty, Ind., Sept. 28. A posse
composed of Sheriff Charles Weldner,
Marshal William Line, Deputy Mar
shal Snyder and others is scouring
the country about Liberty for two
robbers who took $400 from the
home of Mrs. Ora Miller last evening
after torturing her by burning her
feet and setting fire to her clothing
in an effort to make her disclose the
hiding place of the money.
Mrs. Miller is in such a serious
condition as a result of her aw.'il
experience that she could not tell
but little about her assailants to
day. Mr. Miller had left the house but
a few minutes when the two m-:n
walked into the house. Mrs. Mll'ir
says Bhe was dragged to the floor by
her head, a revolver was thrust In
her face, the robbers demanding that
she tell where her husband had hid
den his money, and warning her not
to scream. She protested that her
husband had left no money In the
house. When they saw that she would
not tell, the two men bound and
gagged her.
While one held her the other then
applied matches to her feet. Though
the pain was intense she refused to
divulge anything. One of the men
continued to torture her, choking
her, twisting her wrists, burning her
feet and limbs and setting fire to her
gown. The other ransacked the
house for the money. At last Mrs.
Miller lost consciousness.
When Bhe came to the robbers had
The magnificent me buildings ol
the Harvard Medical School were
dedicated yesterday.
Washams & Curtis' salmon can
neries at Blaln, Wash., were com
pletely destroyed by fire yesterday
morning. Loss, $40,000.
Dr. Joseph Saivnac last night, at
Ottawa, Kas., shot his wife and
mother-in-law, Mrs. David Mitchell.
Both women are in a serious condi
tion. Charlemagne Tower, American
Ambassador to German, was a pas
senger on the steamer Kron Prnz
Wilhelm, which arrived yesterday
from Bremen.
A boat containing 200 persons enp
stzed in midstream while crossing
the River Indus. The passengers
were swept down the stream iind
only thirty were saved.
Several hundred men and women
passengers In the Pennsylvania sta
tion la New York, saw a locomotive
run over and mangle Charles Tea
bout, a colored porter, who tried to
cross the track, yesterday, In front
of the moving engine.
The Mexiran Chamber of Deputies
has appropriated $750,000 for the
purpose of improving the line of ;h
Vera Cruz Railway, a Government
property. The Government has also
appropriated $250,000 to complete
the breakwater at the port of Man
lanlllo, on the Pacific coast.
MUs F;s!ry Pl'imb, a Goshen actress,
formerly of South Bend, Ind., Is pre
paring to enter suit against the West
ern I'ntnn Tel. -raph Company Co:
damages. The company failed :
deliver a message snt by her to .
th-atrie;.' .n.i.g'T, th-reby raws;:,
her to ! an engagement with
t !.,'.!:. . : ""!'
The lntest in c.-iTirg cards at the
Courier office.
Job work at PortlanJ prices at the
C'Urier office.
George Gregory Denies All Knowl
edge of the Departure of Young
Woman to Become Bride.
Johnstown, Pa., Sept. 28. Georgi
Gregory ot Cenerville, Cal., will not
lose his legacy, although his father's
will stipulates that he marry Cath
erine Emmerllng of Johnstown, Pa.,
before he could Inherit the fortune.
Although Gregory Sr. died but a
month ago. Miss Emmerllng has al
ready made up her mind to act Im
mediately and will leave for Cali
fornia tonight.
Miss Emmerllng Is an accom
plished society woman of this city
and Is acting under the full consent
ot her father, John Emmerllng, a
wealthy brewer.
At the Emmerllng mansion no defi
nite statement will be given regard
ing Miss Emmerllng's plans, and It
was from one of her college friends
that it was learned that she would
go to California. Other members of
the family are preparing for a trip
and it is possible that her younger
sister Stella will accompany her.
From another source It Is stated
that Miss Emmerllng is having an
elaborate wedding trousseau pre
pared. Oakland, Cal., Sept. 26. When
asked today if he was aware that
the bride picked for him by his
father was on her way to the coast.
George Gregory denied everything
connected with the strange provi
sions of his father's will, and event
went so far as to suggest that lie
would attempt to have the document
aet aside.
Man Brutally Rrats His Wife for
Spending Six Cents.
New York, Sept. 26. Because his
wife spent six cents without his per
mission William Leonard, of 91 Jer
sey street, Paterson, N. J., attacked
tho- woman, It Is alleged, and beat
her savagely with an ax handle. She
is In St. Joseph's Hospital, and '
said to be in a precarious condition.
Leonard Ih under arrest.
Only a few minutes before the as
sault Leonard and two of his child
ren were playing ball in the yard ot
their home. Leonard went Into tb
house and missed six cents he had
left on a table. His wife explained
that she had sent one of the children
to buy some household article. Leon
ard became furious, and nelghborr
claim to have heard him say: "You
produce that money or I'll kill you
before the day is over."
Weher Is to He Hanged.
Sacramento, Sept. 26. Unle;i
Governor Tardee intervenes, Adolpli
Weber will be hanged at Folso. i
prison tomorrow for the murder ol
his father, mother, brother and sis
ter. He was tried on only one charge.
Governor Pardee was asked todtj
if he would indicate what action h.
will take on the petition for a com
mutation of sentence and he replied
that he would not discuss the ca.;e
It is not believed the Governor will
take any action whatever, thus per
mitting the law to take Its course.
Want Five Pilotage for River.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 26. Fr-
pilotage across the Columbia rlvni
bar, the elimination of pilotage for
coastwise vessels carrying a
license, and free docks at Portland,
where all craft may moor to dis
charge and load cargoes, are featur"
of the program for the next session
of the Legislature.
The granting of these concessions
to marine commerce of the port f
guaranteed by the Board of Trade.
The Courier hat the largest corps of
correspondent? of "' na-vr in South-
Tne School that places
i w m a vuuu rusrnon. La
Wriu- direct to i'r;m;,j, itvuiu iu2.
W TU0 ua Tw 1
af wwnwwto mm rWtwC) M
Carers at Mare Island Lose Men
From Barracks.
Washington, Sept. 26. Mariuca
hive been deserting the barracks on
Mare Island at a rate which made it
L-icessat. for Brigadier General E.
F. Elliott, commanding the Marin?
Corps, to detail a second lieutenan'
and several experienced enlisted men
ai. a sqjd whose sole duty it Is to
search San Francisco for deserters
from the marine corps.
So great has been the demand for
laborers in San FranclBco that rep
resentatives of labor agencies have
been visiting Mare Island urging the
rmrlnes to desert the servlco and
engage In work In San Francisco,
where able-bodied men are paid r.
high at $5 a day for wheeling brick
and mortar and doing other neces
sary work to clean the city of debris.
Appeals by the marine corps to the
San Francisco police were futile. Th
policemen refused to arrest marine"
who deserted the service and en
xaRed In work In San Francisco.
Finally the situation became Eo
desperate that the commandant a,
Mare Island appealed to General El
liott for assistance, and he author
ised the creation of the squad, which
is patrolling the city and picking up
marine deserters.
New York, Sept. 26. The discom
fort of a night in a narrow and bed
less cot which was expressed by Paul
O. Stensland, the former president
of the Milwaukee-avenue State Bans
of Chicago, who was a passenger on
the steamer, was followed by addi
tional unpleasant details of police
examination yesterday. Stensland
was lined up at police headquarter
with a score of alleged pickpocket'
and others who nad been arrested
during the night, and was subjected
to the customary examination by th
detective sergeants. This ordeal over,
he was removed to the Identification
bureau, where he was measured in
accordance with the Bertllllon sys
tem, and later his photograph wa
taken to be placed on file at police
An early visitor was Stensland'f
son, Theodore. The former bank
president spent a sleepless night and
was In a condition of seml-pro-tratlon.
He tottered rather than
walked from his cell to the various
offices and leaned heavily upon the
supporting arm of his son.
Stensland during the night told
one of the officers who was watching
him that he wanted to go back tc
Chicago, and would have done so had
he not been arrested in Tangier.
"I want to straighten out mat
ters," said Stensland. "There Is a
good deal behind this case, and I
want to show the public that I am
not the black sheep I have hoc.
Stensland made a voluntary stat"
ment to Police Inspector McLaugh
lin yesterday. Trembling with emo
tion and tears rolling down hl
cheeks, the cx-presldent of the bank
"I made some bad investment"
and they did not act as quickly as 1
thought they would. They were not
paying. The man under me the
cashier I mean took advantage ot
the situation and he got more than 1
did. All I got was $500,000, but !
don't know what the other man grt
The money I went away with wni i
few thousand dollars that I made I
a real estate speculation last sun
nier. I had been always In hope of
paying the money back, but I sup
pose all is lost. I am Biifferlni?
from asthma. I want to get back tr
Chicago Just as quickly as possible."
Army to Cook Without Fire.
Washington, Sept. 26. I'nder the
direction of Commissary General
Sharp of tho army, experiments have
been made at the practice camps thl
summer and fall of a flreless cooker.
The cooker has been used by th
army for some time In an experi
mental way but this fall It has be-:!
tried under severe service conditions
The results have been particularly
satisfactory, both to the officers ot
the Commissary Department and to
the men In the field.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cures Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough.
bottles. Does this record
lw:lnvd with every
28. 1906.
Advance Sale at
Smythe's Quality Shop
We have just placed on sale an
advanced showiug of HOLIDAY
You may think Xtnas is a long
way in the future, but the wise
shoppers are already beginning to
look about them and make their
purchases so as to distribute their
expense over several months.
We have not lost sight of our
Staple Grocery, Tea and Coffee
lines, and are better prepared than
ever to fill your orders.
Yours for Good Goods,
412 Front street.
The Grants Pass Bulletin
It is illustrated with half-tone cuts
of scenes in the Rogue River Valley
and is full of descriptive matter.
It Will Cost You Nothing.
Just bring or send the names to me
and I will mail it free of charge.
The Real Estate Merchant
List your property witu me and I will
advertise it in the BULLETIN Iree of charge.
OILMORE & BOREN, Proprietors.
II Ktreet between Fifth and Sixth 1'iioms 8H1 Grants Pass, Oregon
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
of merit appeal to you ?
bottle is Tei Cent package of Grove's
Phone 431.
Miss China Lee
You soon will see
Is just as neat as she
can be.
The reason why
You soon will spy:
CHI-NAMEL is her
old standby.
CHI-NAM EL is a liquid finish for
floors, interior woodwork and furniture
that is far superior to any other made.
It is used by the Chinese to give that
fine brilliant finish to their bamboo and
other wares, which withstand bending
and banging, without cracking or mar
ring the brilliant and glossy finish.
It comes In all the hardwood
finishes, such as Oak, Walnut,
Cherry, Mahogany, Rosewood,
Satinwood, etc., and will withstand
hot and cold water and soap.
We will boil it In water for you
or pound it with a hammer, and
will guarantee that what we sell
you will stand the same test
Hardware Co.
. . . FEED
No Cure. No Pay. iCc, tl
Butrk Kwl Uer Mis.