Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 07, 1906, Image 4

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' WwiW I !
Published Every Friday.
Subscription Rates!
One Tear, la advance,
Six Months,
Three Months,
Bingle Copies,
Advertising Rate
Famished on application at the office, or
by mail.
Obituaries and resolutions of con
dolence will be charged for at Sc per line;
card of thank 60c.
A. E. VOORHIES, Pbopr.
Entered at the post office at Grants Pass,
Oregon, as second-clan mail matter.
Illinois Vsvlley Cree-mery Com;
pelted to Increase
Newman M. E. Church.
In tbe morning at II the pastor, O.
O. Beckman, will receive tbe cum
of probationers into fall membership.
This will be preceded by a brief ad
dress to the class. In tbe evening
at 7 :30 tbe subject of the sermon will
be "Near to tbe Goal" Tbe Sunday
school meets at 10 a. m. Class meet
ing 13 m. Junior League at 3 p. m.
Epworth League at 8:80. Strangers
and friends are ever welcome.
That the Illinois Valley creamery la
Increasing the number of its patrons
is proven by tbe fact that 2T large
cream cans were received at tbe depot
bare Monday from Portland and
billed to Matheson & Johnson, Kerby,
who are the owners of this, the only
creamery in Josephine county. I. was
only two months ago that a previous
shipment of cream cans was received
by the Illinois Valley Creamery and
that another lot was required so soon
is proof that tbii creamery is a suc
Matbeson & Johnson started their
creamery last Spring and only had
tbe ceram from a small number of
cows, but the number baa steadily in
creased and it Is certain that with the
opening of next Spring that the cream
from fully 300 cows will be bad. Many
farmers are planning to be able
to snpply cream to the creamery dur
Ing the Winter months when tbey
have more time to care for their cows
and to deliver the cream, and the
price is also better then than in the
Spring and Summer. So far the 111!
noia Valley Creamery baa not been
able to send but little batter to the
Grants Pass markets, the local de
mand taking all that can be made,
and at a good price.
Rev. Travis Resigns.
Rev. Joseph B. Travis, at tbe even
ing service last Sunday announced bis
resignation as pastor of tbe First
Baptist church, to take effect October
1. He will then take month In rest
and preparing to leave for San Fran
cisco, where he baa accepted a call as
superintendent of the Baptist city
missions. This call was extended to
Mr. Travis last November but at the
time be declined, preferring to remain
with the Church at Grants Pass.
Since that time he has been continu
ously urgel to accept and finally
yielded to the appeals. Since the ac
ceptance of the call he has received
ao urgent call from Seattle to come to
that field and take charge of the Bap
tist city missionary work.
Mr. Travis has been pastor of the
Baptist church in Grauts Pass for
over two years, preaching bis first
sermon early in July, '0-4, ccniicg to
this place from Rochester, N. Y.,
where he had been laboring in the
Parcells Avenue church since lfiJ,
from that time up to 1809 while
studying in the Rochester theological
seminary, and in May of that year
Incoming its pastor. Since coming to
(rant Pas Mr. Travis has Vei n able
to aoctinplish a gnat work for bis
dumb ami for the community at large,
and liis h aving will ln a n grc t to all
irrespictive i f creed or dcuoniit ation.
This Summer lie completed building a
handsome resilience on Seventh strict
and he and his family have enjoyed
living miller their own roof only a
few in out lis.
Tie Couriir cflice this week has
lut'ii favored with fruit and water
melons. E. V. Adams a few days ago
brought iu a goodly numU-r of as Hue
flavored peaches as it has been our
good fi.riau" to late. Of tin ir keep
ing iiuaiitiea, however, we are un
able to sptak, inasmuch as they ouly
laoted a part of one afternoon. As we
go to press this week there repose on
a shelf under the composing stone,
two two-foot watermelons that will
weigh in tbe neighborhood of 85
pouuds each. The melous will be
carved w hen the paper is on the press
and J. II. Lawton, and J. C Christie,
the donors have our thanks. These
melons and the one brought in by A
Umphlette a few days ago, help'ua
to realise that Rogue River melons
are tbe best that can be grown.
A Guaranteed Cure for Piles.
Itching, Blind.; Bleeding. Protrud
ing Piles. Druggists are authorised
to refund money if PAZO OINT
MENT fails to cure in 6 to U days.
) entv
Miners' blinks at the Conner office.
Presbyterian Church.
Next Sabbath tbe themes both
morning and evening will be practi-
oal, timely and bearing a vital educa
tion to present day conditions. Evan
P. Hughes, the Pan tor, will speak
morning and evening. 11 a m tbeme
"Tbe Greatest Truth of all Ages
Tbe Utilisation of Waste Prodncts"
:80 pTm. theme " Honest Speech
and a Clean Straight Life." 10 a.m.
the Sabbatb school, tinder tbe sup
erintendency of H. O. Kinney; (1:80
p. m. Devotional Hoar of tbe Y. P.
S. O. E. Servioes in this church are
short, bright, helpful. Good mnsio
always forms a prominent feature,
and a hearty, cordial welcome awaits
everyone, especially any strangers in
tbe oity.
Jurors For Sept. 1906 Term.
O O Edwards, laborer, Grants Pass.
O P Harvey, merchant. Grants Pass.
J O Gibson, clork, Grants Pass.
J D Fry, banker. Grants Pass.
A O Ford, farmes, Merlin.
Ed F Hathaway, fanner, Dryden.
J W Leitb, farcer, Murphy.
C E McLane, merchant, Grants
Hank Parks, farmer, Eerby.
Carl Johnson, farmer. Holland.
P. P. Payne, farmer, Holland..
Albert Lovelace, farmer, Williams.
Bert Adams, miner, Eerby.
8 A Carter, farmer, Eerby.
M H Gates, farmer, Holland.
James Hocking, farmer, Wilder
J D Drake, carpenter. Grants Pass.
George S. Calhoun, merchant,
Grants Pass.
A M Buncb, farmer, Murphy.
F E Barrett, farmer, Eerby.
W O Anderson, farmer, Wilderville.
Sherman Jees. farmer, Wilderville.
T P Cramer, merchant. Grants
David Brigga, miner, Holland.
A. 8. Barnes, jeweler, Grants Pass.
W R Nipper, real estate agent.
Grants Pass.
J L Pierce, farmer. Grants Pass.
RP Cheshire, mill man, Grants
Pass. ,
F M Miller, miner, Grants Pass.
Joseph Rauch, blacksmith, Grants
David Hoack, Jr., farmer, Holland.
Advertised Letters.
Tbe following is a list of litters re
maining uncalled for in tbe post
office at Grants Pass for the week
ending September 1st, 1906. Parties
calling for the same will please give
date advertised.
Adams, Oscar.
Banard, A F.
Hanberg, D G.
Laharty, Mrs.
McKissick, Mrs.
Newport, Roy.
Oliver, MatMe.
Oliencbain, Mrs.
Pernell. Mrs Nancy.
Sherman, H S (2). "
Turck, G.
Tot ten J J.
J R.
geologists Climb to Crater of Mount
Collma Volcano.
City of Mexico, Sept , S. With
Jhelr bodies severely burned by the
fires of Mount Collma volcano, four
teen adventurous delegates to the
International Congress of Geologists,
which meets In this city this week,
reached here yesterday. The trip to
the crater of the volcano was a peril
ous oae. It had never been accomp
lished before by anyone, although
several attempts to scale the precipi
tous mountain had been made.
The members of the party of
mountain climbers went about tbelr
work methodically. They estab
lished camps at different points on
the ascent and made a certain
amount of progress each day until
tbe summit was finally reached. The
volcano was pouring forth great vol
umes of smoke, but this did not deter
the erplorers from advancing to the
very edge of the crater. A hot and
sudden blast of fire from the depths
below badly scorched the bodies of
the men, and they beat a hurried retreat.
Railway Company Big Loser by Fire.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. . Th
loss on the power house of the Kan
sas City and Leavenworth Railway
Company at Wolcott, Kas., fifteen
miles west of Kansas City, which was
destroyed by fire last night, ta placed
at $150,000. The Insurance la Tl
per cent of the loss.
Hood River After Foreign Trade.
Hood River not content with cap
turing tbe markets of the Eastern
States, England, France and tier
many, getting the highest price paid
for apples for their fancy pack of
Spitzenbergs and Newtowns, is now
after the Trans-Pacific trade in tbe
big cities of Siberia, Japan and;
China. Their latest scheme to build
up tbelr sales in tboee countries is
putting fancy printed labels instead (
of plain labels on tbe apples. A large
shipment that is to go to a big firm
in Vladivostok, Siberia, has on the
wrapper for each apple printed in
Russian a description of the apple and i
where grown and the firms name and
address that Is to sell tbe fruit
When it comes to successfully ad-,
vertising their fruit and pushing it
tales the Hood River orcbardists lead
tbe growers of the country and tbe
fabulous prices tbey are now receiv
ing for their apples proves that lit
pays to advertise and to do it thor
oughly. Why Fret and Worry
when your child baa a severe cold.
Yon need not fear pneumonia or other
pulmonary disesea. Keep supplied with
Ballard's Horehound Syrup positive
core for Colds, Coughs, Whooping
Cough and Bronchitis. Mrs. Hill of
Sioux Falls, S. D., writes: "I have
used your wonderful Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup, on my children for five
years. Its results have been wonder
ful." Sold by National Drug Co.,
aod Ro term nod.
1. "T
The above illustration repre
sents one of our new shoes for
fall wear. It is a perfect fitter
and never fails to give the best
of satisfaction as to service.
This Shoe is made of the best
grade of patent colt, welt sole
and medium military heel,
button and lace.
Many Other Styles for $3.50
Howard Building Sixth Street
Fine Shoe Repairing a Specialty.
MRS. H. W. STARKE at 423 E St.,
is prepared to do dressmaking ; will
" also color and renovate old clothes
' at reasonable rates. 2t
GE1 September prices
srouDi. U'Dinets ana
work at the New
Front Street.
on Family
all portrait
Pboto Studio,
9-7 2t i
Rextee to Buffalo.
International Convention of tits'
Christian Church, Buffalo, N. Y., Oc
tober 12th to 17th, 1906.
For the above occasion round trip
tickets will be on sale from Gruts
Pass, nnder the following condition!
One way through Portland, and out
way through California, 98.00; botl
FRANK BURNETT Upholstering, ways through Portland, $93.45.
mission furniture made to order.
Soldiers of Warsaw, Russia, last !
night killed four citizens and made
wholesale arrests In different parts ot
the town.
Official announcement was made by
Eagene E. Schmlti of San Fraoclsec
yesterday that he was not a candi
date for Governor, on the Republi
can ticket.
The west bound Los Angeles limit
ed on the Union Pacific railroad, was
wrecked yesterday morning at Red
Butte, Wyoming. None of the pas
sengers were Injured.
r. Francis R. Beattle, one of the
most wlijfly known ministers in the
Presbyterian church, and President
of the Presbyterian Theological Sem-
GOATS 60 Angora Goats. M. Braat,
Grants Pass, near Wilderville. 9-7 2c
cottage on A street near Second.
Apply on premises. M. D. r'ollctt.
8-81 2t
! ESTRAY Six head of bogi came
to my ranch, known as tne cnaosse
place on Jerome prairie, about July
25. Sow marked with crop on left
ear and double cut on right ear.
Owner pay charges and -damages.
Lee Simmons, P. O. box 66, Grants
Pass, Ore. 8-10 5t
hogs for sale. J.
Poland Cbina j
H. Robinson, :
8-81 tf
Sale dates October 6th and 6'A
Limits : Going transit limit ten din
from date of sale, final return limit
November 15tb, 1906. t
E. Voorbies.
Typewriter agent-A.
FOR SALE S-in Bain wagon and i
single seat Studebaker buggy.
Both nearly new. Address Box 600,
Grants Pass, or call on F. J. Rosers ;
on Wheeler place. 8-31 tf
Chicago 17 Hours Nearer Via This
Popular Route.
FOR SALE Firstc lass Water fan,
cost 12. Sell for to. Courier office.
Inary. died suddenly yesterday at hU j FQR SALENew honw
and two lota, fence and outbuild
ings, good residence; corner Walnnt
aod Pine. No. 204. price (650. M.
residence In Louisville, Ky
A street car crashed into a heavy
van yesterday, between Ulmer Park
and Coney Island. Six were badly
hurt, several of whom may die.' A
score of others were severely Injured.
Motorman Hanson says he did not
see the truck.
Floods have devastated a large sec
tion of the Behar district la India.
Whole villages have been obliterated.
great areas of crops have been de-1
stroyed and the Indigo crop is ruined. j
There are nine feet of water on the ;
low lying lands. The inhabitants
have sought refuge In the hills. j
Neither Cans nor Nelson made I
their appearance yesterday after j
their terrible battle of Monday. Nel- j
son Is badly battered and will stay j
indoors until he can leave Ooldfield. '
Gans will go to San Francisco to coa-1
aider a theatrical engagement. Gans
says that he was offered flB.000 to
let Nelson win, but he wouM not say
Who made the offer.
Franklin was right when he said
"Lost time is never found again."
The O. R & N.. in addition to giv
ing you 200 miles along the matchless
Columbia river, saves you 17 hours to
Chicago. It U the
Short line to Lewiston.
Short line to Palonse country.
Short line to Spokane.
fthnrt. linA frt tha Pianr A AlnnA
810 tf country.
Shoit line to Salt Lake city.
Short line to Denver.
Short line to Kansas City.
Short line to Omaha.
Short line to Chicago.
Short line to all points East.
Three trains east daily, 9:15 a. m. ;
8:15 p. m. and 6:15 p. m. Tbe"Chica-
ROOMS Two donble and two single ' go-Portland Special" is ai fine as tbe
rooms newly furnished, with orjfinet. Every comfort of home,
without board. Ida Hurt, 719 D j For particulars ask any agent of tbe
stieet. 9-7 2t Southern Pacific Company or wvte
; ; WM. McMURRAY, general passenger
FOR RENT The only hotel in Cen- agent, Portland, Or. 8-24-5t
J. Young, P. O. box 178.
GOATS Two thoroughbred Angora
bncks, oney?arliog 7 lb clipper, and
one 2-year-old 10 lb clipper, for sale
at a bargain if taken soon ; address
F. A. Pierce. Merlin. Ore. 8-24,tf
tral Point Oregon. Address Dr. C.
R. Ray. Tolo, Oregon. 8-17 4t
TYPEWRITER Almost new type
writer for rent by the week or
month. A. E. Voorbies. 810 tf
Economy Jars and Caps, tbey are
self sealing, for sale by Cramer Bros.
or J. YT. Howard
rent Courier
8-3 tf
State Morma.1 School.
wibIi to commend the Normal
Are a part of every prescription it
fill. The doctor doesn't write then
down with the other ingredien!
because of tacit understanding tlu
they are to go in always, and In
knows that they will go in who
you bring his order to ns.
Model DrugStoff
Front Street.
building. Apply to A. E. Voorhies school at Ashland to those desirine to
fit themselves for teaching, for bosi-
ness or to add to their general cnlture. '
FOR RENT The McDonough ranch
of 500 acres, theO'Hara ranch of 280 The school is vigorous in tone, health
ful in morals and effective in results.
Account Oregon State Fair at
Salem. September 10th, to 1.1th inclu
sive, tickets will be ou sale to all
points at one ami one-third fare for
round trip on Sopteuibet Uth, 10th.
Uth, I'Jlli. liltlt. Uth, and loth, with
a An ul return limit of Sept uiber lrtth.
Children of half fare age, one half of
the iilnive rate. Wiu. McMURRAY,
U. P. A. 8-10 f t
National Convention Knights of
New Orleans, " Louisiana. October
rth, to -.'Mb, 11KW.
For the above occasion round trio
tickets will tie cn sale from Grants
Pass under the following conditions :
(a) Both ways via Southern Pa
cific and El Paso, f75.85.
(b) Both ways via Portland, Den
ver and Texline, 13.
tc) Both ways via Portland, Kan
sas City and St. I aid is, or St. Paul
and St. Louis. flM.SO.
(d) Both ways via Portland and
Chicago, 1101.10
Going transit limit 10 days from
date of sale, final return limit No
vember 15th.
Stopovers will be granted in either
direction within limit of tickets at
points west of St. Louis.fruid Chicago.
Rates fortickets goingvia routes
B. C. cr D, returning via California
or vice versa, will be 113.50 higher
than tbe Portland, rate via route
used. Wm. McMURRAY. O. P. A.
Lights of I rlsco.
Miss Grace Aylesworth, the talented
young leading lady who will appear
at the Opera House next Friday night
in the big tcenio melodrama "Lights
of Frisco," is sn actreai of more than
ordinary ability. She is gifted with
strong personal maKnetiaui and physi
cal beauty. Miss Aylesworth has
played many star pirta in big New
York productions during the past six'
seasons, and was especially engaged to
play the part of "Rose, the flower
girl," iu "Lights of Fris-o" this sea
son. "I-ighto of Frisco" is a big,
new scenic productii n. written by the
well kiRiwu Eastern author, Joub P.
Lockupy, and his plays are always
interixtiug to lovers of mtlodrama.
The principal scenes of "Lights of
Frisco" are laid in tbn big Pacific
Coast metropolis after nightfall, aud
record the ftrans duincs of the peol
iar Chiuatowu inhabitants alter dark.
The appeal a lice of this attraction
here will I one of the theatrical
events of the season, and people who
wish to see the prrfcraiaucs should
secure their seats early. Reserved '
seats are on sale at Herman Horning's.
acres and the Bardeo ranch of 804
acres, also smaller ranches. These
ranches rank among the best in
Southern Oregon and are adapted
for alfalfa, grain and general farm
ing and stock purposes. Address
Dr. C. R. Ray, Tolo, Oregon. 8-17 4t
WANTED To rent for several mouths,
larties' wheel iu good condition.
Cull at Courier office. 8-31 3t
WANTED Grain Sacks, Tools and
other second-hand giola. Harrison
Kros., Second hand-store, corner
Sixth and J streets. 2-a tf
C. L. -NOEL of Odsa wants lopjrers
and timber cutters to deliver 2,oo0.
ino feet of lops to null by contract
before snow flics; short haul, level
roads, cne 4 -horse teniii, two trucks,
chaius, etc. furnished. Also left
band 3-iians filter wanted. Write
Last year thirty four young people
graduated and are already engaged to
teaching the schools of the state in de
sirable positions. Next year should
I rove the best f f the school's history.
Large improvements are being made
in the way of library, apparatus, wa
ter system and heatinR plant amount
ing to some ?S0O0.00. The training
school is well equipped and the vari-,
ous departments throughout presided
over by specialists. Board cane had
for i.50 per week. A catalogue can
le had by addressing !
B. T. MULKEY. Preisdent, or
W. T. VauScoy, Secretary. ,
Fruitgrowers of Rogue River Villey .
Commercial College
Complete and thorough
training in the Commercial,
Shorthand and English
Every New, Up-to-date Fea
ture. Individual Instruction
The expenses are the lowest
and the advantages the best.
Our graduates are employed
and more demanded.
Note Our Special Cffer 1
Students who enter Sept. 4, and
secore a nine months' scholarship
for too.Ot) will be entitled to at
tend to July 1, HK)7.
Aihland Commercial Collect.
or call at mill Odessa. Ore. 8 8 tf tnid the Courier of special interest
at the Rehkorf yard. Address J. T.
Payne and Berry, Aplegate, Ore
8-3 ot '
Children In Pain
cry as do children
HOP FICKERS-100 Tickers wanted
at my yard, six miles down the
river. Pick inn to commence Sect.
. I. Addrers Mrs. M. Ranzaa. tt-3 ot
WANTED First class farm band who
also understands the care of orchard;
good wages and steady job to right
man. Dr. C.R.Ray. Tolo, Ore. 8-17 4t
Grants Pass Feed Store
t All Kinds of Flour, Feed, Mill Feed, Hay, Grai
, Poultrv Foods, Etc.
never cry as do children who are
suffering! from huoirer. Such is the
cause of all babies who cry aod are GOLD WATCH-Ladies small site, jOT. 6th and T Sta
. . .. : huntins cane, nraimnm T.W n-
bunting: case, monogram LMV on 1
case. Return to Billiard hall and '
receive reward. g-8i tf ;
treatea for -sickness,' when tbey really
are suffering from hunger. This is
ransel from thatr tiirtA nnt twin . -
initiated but devoured by worms. A , FR,M 'r,1in, '..few "".'I below .Jnt8
few do of White's Cream Vermifuge i dil&.Zl
will cause them to cease crying and che.-ks, etc Retorn to Mrs. Edwin !
begin to thrive at once. Get a trial 1 McCormick. rare ths paper and i
For sale by National Drug Co, and ' re,ve reward. j
Grants Pass, Or
The Courier is the
Josephine County.
farmers' paper
1 TO TRADE A fine horse, of
pounds, for sheep
P. O. Box 643, Gi
or goata. Address
School upplie
urn GMBiii