Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, August 24, 1906, Image 6

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Vnder Autplcea of St'&ta Agricul
tural College and Fruil
Urowen Vnion.
Tbe orchards that caD be seen la num
ber! in Josephine connty in which the
trees are diseased and dying and the
froit inferior aud fail of blemishes
and worms and covered with scale is
proof that the farmers of this county
are badly in need of education in the
art of horticulture, tbat they may be
able to make their orcharls a profit
to themelvea, instead of a loss as so
many are. With this end in tiew the
Grants Pass Frnit Growers' Union
has arranged in connection with the
State Argiculture ' College to hold
a series of farmers' institutes and
frnit growers' meetings In Josephine
oonuty I ho first week in September.
Td arrange and bare charge cf the de
tails for these meetings the Frnit
Growers' Union appointed a com
mittee of three at each place.
Ihe following is the schedale of the
places and date of meeting and the
names of the committeemen :
Grants Pass, Mon lay, September
8, in the Opera bonse; committee,
II. C. Bobtlen, Charles Meserve and
Joseph Moss.
Provolt, Toeiday, September 4, in
the chorch bulldiug ; committee, K,
N. Provolt, E. Badger and R. F.
Murphy, Wednesday, September 8,
at the school hoaie; committee,
A H. Carson, J. W. Gilmors and H.
S, Wynant.
Wildurville, Thorsday, September 8,
in tbe church ; committee, . J. H.
Uobinnou, R M. ftobinsou and C.
V. Lovelace,
Lee District, Friday, September ?,
in tlie school home ; ooiumittee R. A.
IT. Koytners, Samuel Christie and
H J. Reed.
Merlin, Saturday, Heptohiber 8, in
Rosenbaum's hall I committee, A.
S. Rouen ha o in, . Obarlos . Crow and
Chaa, Dora.
These meetings will have the best
array of talent ever at a frnit grow
ers meeting in Rogne River Valley
and the instructions that orohardlsts
will receive on all phases of their
business that embraces selecting the
right soil for an orchard, choice of
varities, manner of planting, cutliva
tlng, . pruning, spraying, thinning,
picking, grading, packing and market
ing will be from specialists, each
thorough in bit line of work. It
wooold not be possible to gtt the
practical pointers oo fruit raising
that can be had at these meetings at
the cost of bat one day's time spent
in attending, even though a person
should spend $25 for books and paper
and spend 30 days in hard study.
From the interest that is being shown
and with tbe effort that is being made
by the Frnit Growers' Union these
meetings promise to be the largest
attended of any farmer gathering ever
held in Southern Oregon. At Grants
Pass, Provolt, and probably Morphy,
Wllderville and Lee district evening
sessions may be held in addition to
tbe morning and afternoon sessions.
This matter will be decided in the
near future by tbe local committees.
At Provolt, Murphy, Wilderville and
Lee district, basket dinners will be
had, so that farmors and their wives
may attend tbe fall boars of each
session. Then it is tbe plan to have
a social hoar at noon that the far
mers and their wives may know each
other better and to talk over the
points thev bave heard in the meeting.
A question box will be a strong fea
ture in tbe program.
How Hood River bas become so
famous as a froit district as to
be better known to some people in the
East than the state of Oregon aBd its
frnit land should sejl from 1250 to
$1000 an acre is a matter tbat Rogne
River frnit growers are interested in.
Two of tbe leading Hood River or
ohardlsts bave been secured as speak
ers at the Josephine county meetings.
E. H. Sbepard is tbe manager of the
Hood River Growers' Union and will
tell bow tbey oonduot their union,
one of the most stioeeesfal in the
United States, aud how they market
their froit in New York, London
and othor big markets at prices that
seem fabulous to farmers who have
only dealt ' wltb commission men
Mr. Bhepard id also one of the pub
iUllbrS of Better Froit, published at
Hood River, conceded by orchar
dista to be the best all around fruit
paper in the United States. A. J.
Mason,' the other speaker, will tell
how they grow the famous Hood
River froit, and as their methods are
thoroughly np to date and Mr. M .son
a practioal orchardist tbe fruit grow
er's here will find bis addresses of
great value.
The Agriculture College will be
represented by Dr. James Withy
combe, diruotor of the oollege ex
perimental station. Prof. A. B. Cord
ley, entomologist and Prof. C. I.
Lewis, horticulturist. Dr. Witby-
oomybe, well known to tbe farmers of
this county as a practical man, up-to-date
on all farm methods, will talk
on the specialist as exemplified in
the unsuccessful fruit raiser and be
will also Ml of tbe world's markets
tbat ever expanding will take all the
fruit that ever can be raised in Rogue
River Valley. Prof. Cordley is author
ity of national repnlation on froit
peats, will tell of all the latest meth
ods . in fighting tbese destroyers of
the orchard, and bo will tell of the
now pests tbat bave appeared in tbe
United States. Prof Lewis is author
ity on soils and on the work connected
witb growing an orchard and his ad
dress will be of great value to every
fruit grower.
It is expected that Prof. A. P.
Stover of tbe bureau of irrigation
of tbe Department of Ariontlure, will
be at them meetings to tell tbe farm
ers how to get the best results when
irrigating thin lands and bow 'to
make the water do the greatest ser
vice possible. Prof. Stover is an
irrigation expert of national standing
and he is an authority on all that
pertains to irrigation.
State of Ohio, City cf Toledo,
Lucas County j 88 -'
Frauk J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for eaob and every case of
Catarrh that cannot be cored by the
pge of Hall's Catarrh Core.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this 6th day of De
cember, A, D. 188fl.
(Seal) A, W, GLEA60N, .
Notary Public.
Hall Catarrh Core is taken inter
baity, ttbd acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free '
E. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Drnggists, 76o.
Take Halls Family Pills for consti
pation. i .
In Self Detente
Major Hamm, editor and manager
o the Constitntionalist, Eminence,
Ky., when he was fiercely attacked
four years ago, by Piles, bought a box
of Bocklen's Arnica Sale, of whloh
hesavs: "It cnrd ma 4n in ,!,,.
and no trouble since. " Quickest
healer cf Burns, sores, cuts and
wounds. 25o at all druggists.
B. 'F. Carter made a .trip to Bybee
Springs last Friday.
Mrs. J. B. Hair went to Grants Pa-s
Saturday evening to spend a few days
witb friends and relatives.
Aitken & Leverioh's nay baler is in
this neighborhood now, having ar
rived at A. Shindler's Sunday evening.
C. E. Sams is busy picking pears
and packing Gravenstein apples fur
shipment He reports a good froit
There is to be a Sonday school picnic
at tbe spring near the tbe ranch next
Friday. All are cordially invited and
a pleasant time is anticipated.
Fred Dodge and tbe others who were
hunting on upper Evans creek returned
Monday. They report the slaying of
seven deer, aud a good time In general.
Pbil Simpkins came down from Cen
tral Point last week witb a load of
watermelons for market most of tbem
were disposal of at the saw mills above
S. S. Myers bnoght the land recently
owned by J. W. Wimer and ha9 part of
tbe material on the gronnd for tbe
erection of a cottage, which he and
bis family will occupy as soon as it is
completed. 1 t
Arrangements are benjg made for tbe
painting of the Inside of the school
house. It will be done before time
for the opening of tbe tall term, and
other necessary improvements will al
so be made. Tbe board has secured a
principal, Jas. Martin, and as primary
teacher, Mi?" C!r9 TetT'U- T-e latter
taught here last spring, giving excel
lent satisfaction, and Mr. Martin
comes highly recommended.
War Against Consumption.
L All nations are endeavoring to
check the, ravages of consumption,
the "white plague" tbat claims so
many victims each year. Foley's
Honey and Tar cores coughs aod colds
perfectly "and you are in no danger of
consumption. Do not risk yonr health
by taking some unknown preparation
when Foley's Honey and Tsr is safe
aud certain in results. Ask for
Foley's Honey and Tar and insist up
on having it. ' For sale by H. A.
Send the Courier to your friend, so
he can learn tbe facts in regard to the
famous Roane River Vallev
New Mill at Braden Mine.
Tbe new ten stamp mill at the
Braden mine began running on Wed
nesday morning. Operations have
been delayed for some time, owing to
the non-arirval of belts aud ether parts
of the mill. The Braden mill is the
newest, aud most up to-date mill in
Southern Oregon and in a later issue
we will gir$ a more detailed ac
count of tbe mine and its equip
ment. Gold Hill News. .
The mine was acquired last winter
by J. W. Opp, aod associates, who
have equipped it, and it bids fair to
become as big a gold producer as the
Opp mine of Jacksonville, that was
formerly owned by Mr. Opp.
Children in Pain
never cty as . do children who are
suffering from hunger. Such is the
cause of all babies who cry and are
treated for sickness, when they really
are suffering from hunger. This is
caused from their food not being as
similated bot devoured by worms. A
few doses of White's Cream Vermifuge
will cause them to cease crying and
begin to thrive at once. Get a trial.
For sale by National Drog Co. and
Keduced Round Trip Rates East
ern Points Season 1906.
On and September 8th and 10th,
1906, Round Trip tickets will be on
sale to points named under the fol
lowing conditions
Both ways through Portland, to
Chicago, $S0.45; St. Louis, $76.45
Milwaukee, $78.65; St. Paul and
Minneapolis, $118,65; Omaha, Council
Bluffs, Sioox City, St. Joseph, Atch
ingoc; Leavpn" worth Rod Kansas City,
One way through Portland, and
one way througn California, to
Chicago, $85; St. Louis, Mil
waukee, $33.20; St. Paol And Minne
apolis, $81.40; Omaha, Cooucn Bluffs,
Sioox City, St. Joseph, Leavenswortb
and Kansas City, $73.50.
Tickets will be sold to Milwaukee,
only on August 7th, 8th and 9th.
Limits: Going, 19 . days; tickets
must be used going on date of sale;
final return limit 90 davs from date of
sale but not beyond October, 81, 1906.
Stopovers: Stopovers will be i rant
ed in either direction within the
transit limits, . west of Missouri
River, St. Paul, and Minneapolis,
also New Orleans, when through that
point, except that no stopovers will be
permitted in California on going trip.
Tht-re is no sickness to report.
Oscar Kennedy is working for Mr.
Ruble of Golden.
Mrs. Kennedy of Golden is work
ing at Wolf Creek. .
Mrs. Marie Hoxie is working-for
Mrs. Penny of Grave Creek, Ore.
Miss Mamie Miller of Golden made
Mies Hazel Perkins of Wolf Creek a.
visit. ' . '
- We are having some hot and smoky
weather here. A little lain would do
th ings good.
George W. Hoxie came home from
Kennet, Cailf., but left for Cottage,
Grove Oregon to work.
Say Wide-awake what has become
of your girls? . I was down that way
and did not see one.
Brvcn Are ihhu in nii-ugu r ronv-
Prostrations. is
Phtcneo. Aue. 23. Seven nennlp t
dead and twenty prostrated as a re
sult of .the intense humidity; Is the
record for the twenty-four hours end ing
at 2 a. m. today. The thermome
ter only reached 91 yesterday, bur
the humidity stood at 83 per cent fot
the day and was the chief cause ol
the suffering and discomfort. Thou
sands sought relief from, the intense
heat at tbe various lake resorta and
swimming pools in the city, and the
ponce estimate that 25,000 peopjlt
went in bathing by alectrlo light last
The End of the Wk5
Of troubles that robbed E. HVWolfeV
of Bar Grove, la , of . all usefulness,,
dame when he began taking Electric
Bitters. He writes: "Two years ago
Kidney trouble caused me great suffer
ing, which I would never have sur
vived had I not taken - Electric Bit- ; L
ters. They also cured me of General
Debijity. " Sure cure for all Stom
ach, Liver and Kidney complaints,
Blood diseases, Headache, Dizziness
'and Weakness or bodily decline. Price
50c. Guaranteed by all drng stores. H
A Guaranteed Cure for Pitem.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protrud
ing Piles. Druggists are authorized
to refund money if PAZO OINT
MENT fails to cure in 6 to 14 days..
n . - - . . Til I
After Supper
Jinrgatn No. 1
t lot 25, 50, 75c
and $ 1.00 '
Pillow Tops
one only
to each person
Placed on Sale
Sat. night 7 to 10
1 '.S .iT
Next Saturday we shall begin the last xveck of our great August" Bargair Sale. Every vest
age of Summer Goods must go. Loads of new Fall Goods are now crowding in upon us and we want
the room. U.o following list will give you but a very limited idea of what's going to happen at the
Rig Store during this, the last week of our great August Bargain Sale (come and see) The
store is topsy-turvy because of the great crowds congregating at the Big Store early and late- every
one is kept on the jump from tho time the doors are open .until they close. If you have not yet
taken advantages of this great bargain event you alone aro the looser.
Only One Week More-Next Saturday wo open the last week of our great August Bargain
Sale. Everyone, rich and poor alike, profit by this sale. Don't miss this, tho last week of the Bi-
Store s great August Bargain Event. Wo don't tell all wo know about them and many other bar
gains now on sale, but assure you that every department of tho Big Store is crowded with bargains
and buyers.
After Supper
Bargain No. 2
1 lot Men's 12c
Black Socks
Seamles -Double
Heel and Toes
4 pr only to each
P laced on Sale
Sat. night 7 to 10
- nrrrnai
After Supper
Bargain No. 3
1 lot 12,'a and
15c Mt -inch
Tlaced on Sale
Sat. night 7 to 10
25 pieces all wool Tricot Waistings plaids ami stripes, wool
Liui-y .-Minings, quick wool satin liurher This is
the biggest bargain we ever bought in dress OK
goods at iOU
1 lot about 2000 yards Summer ilress Goods', Lawns, Silk
rimamas, Silk Dotteil Mulls and Swises, wool fin
ished Check and Stripe Suitings, 12,'jc Ginghams,
Waistings aud Cretons.regular Uc.l.xMc 25c goods!
This is a great bunch of bargains think of Ql
the price Any piece in the lot at. OC
1 lot Kxtra Heavy Kcru Vests and Pants, ladies
and cuuureu s
1 lot Hoys' Wool Suits Big Bargain at
98c, $1.48, $1.98
1 lot Ladies' 1 2 ' j cSeatnless Hose, fast black,
at. . . . .' .
1 lot Men's and Boys' Felt Hats, regular prices
50c to $2.50 August Bargain Sate ptices. . . wOC
1 lot Light and Dark Colored Outing Flannels.
1 lot Children's heavy Seamless Hose, all sizes Ql
. 8!c
Shoes I
For Ladies
For Men
For Children
Beginning next Saturday and continuing until the fol
lowing Friday night we shall place on sale some Shoe
Bargains that will give some people, at least, the cheapest
.footwear they ever wore. Come in and look over the
Shoe Bargain Counters at
.. 49c, 79c '98c, $1.48
'1 - IS
After Supper
Bargaii No. 4
1 lot Boys' Long
rant '
Cove rtSu its
Placed on Sale
Sat. night 7 to 10